The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1960 · Page 30
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 30

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1960
Page 30
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Good Recorts How would you like to increase your net profits by $30 or more per cow next year? That would mean an extra $1,060 profit on a 35- cow herd. A lot of dairymen around the country are doing this and their "secret" is making use of detailed production records. During the past two years a group of dairymen in a nearby midwestern state increased average annual production by 1,118 pounds of milk and 34 pounds of fat just by starting on a record-keeping system and making use of the records in managing their herds. The thing I was most surprised about was the number of cows 1 had that were not making me a cent," commented one dairyman. Since he began keeping production records, this dairyman has boosted the net income from his 24-cow herd by an extra $768 a year. Why are these records such a help? First of all. few dairymen know exactly how much milk their individual cows are producing. "I thought some of my cows were giving about 9,000 pounds a year, but when I started keeping records I found they weren't nearly that good," says a Michigan dairyman. It didn't take him long to cull out the loafers. By improving his feeding and management he has boosted the average of his 25 cows to 10,000 pounds of milk and at the same time has tripled net income. "If a cow doesn't now produce better than 8,000 pounds of milk a year she's not worth much to me," he says. Records are a big help in seeing that your cows are fed right, too. A number of dairymen have found they have been feeding some, cows twice as much grain as needed while others have been underfed. Both practices are quite costly. Take for instance a 50- oow herd being fed a concentrate mix costing $3 a cwt If each cow in the herd is getting one pound more grain than she needs each day. you're wasting $45 a month. On the other hand, a cow that's being underfed by one pound of concentrate a day will end up producing an average of two pounds less milk than her daily potential. If you're getting $4 per cwt. for milk Out's a loss of about $2.40 a month. Assuming that daily one-half the cows are being overfed and the rest underfed by one pound of grain each, this means you're losing a total of $8150 a month on a 50- cow herd. Through proper feeding you .would gain an extra $1.000 a year. Improve dairy profits Here's a central processing center set up to automatically tabulate dairy production records. While initial cost of these centers is high, charges to the dairyman are very reasonable since his are only a few of many thousands of individual cow records that are processed here each month. The information recorded for each cow at the farm is punched into cards. Electronic computers then make fast work of analyzing the data. It doesn't take much time to weigh each cow's milk one day a month and record it on proper forms. After butterfat tests have been made and all calculations completed you can' tell exactly how valuable each of your cows is to the dairy operation. Dairymen who make use of such records are quick to back up the value of such worth-while information. Many of them say, "We wouldn't be without these records if the charge was twice this high." Besides helping to improve profits, records can be a big help in obtaining needed credit from local lending agencies. purchase of this special 12-tube dispenser you And with the Ifcn •amycu for Mastitis. you'll _ _ _ -w . •Uvoritom^tktw.tiMot-tiieUrtmt.iliB, brand by £w • And a ran,3-hUded $1.49 value brow's knife mull want ----- •ftstod in actual X-t»jr stedias of liviai myeui for mastitis: • goes to vork fast • b raik throughout the udder to hit «wn • then mOke out fast and completely. Get some today and be ready for the

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