The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1940
Page 6
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;PAGE SIX (AM) COUIUEH NEWS Shows South American Way Grayson Even Believes Godoy Was Entilled To- p Dec.sion Over Champ ...'• .t'.V HAKKY GKAYSON j NL'A Service Spot-Is Kdifiir NEW yoiJK, Feb. 12.—Tlic Ar-1 turo Goiloy fight proved what »i few of us Imvc been claimini! nil j along. Joe- Louis is nothing more than the of a s'.rry lot. Louis might be able lo knock over lhe Statue of Liberty or the A ' lu ' Kmulre State building, but he's n Loul: loogan against a moving target, Tommy Ftur made that plain as early as Aueusl, 1U37, when the Welshman st-.:ck aiound for 15 heafs. " And now we have Godoy, n Hop against Ihe rank nml flic here two years ago, repenting the per- Tonnance. Hiwl Fan- or Goiloy been able lo dent a puddlns with a mallet he would have won the world heavyweight championship. Some of ihe Johnny - Come - L-atelys and "yes boys" art criti- cising Tommy Shorten, the Judge who gave Gcdoy 10 rounds. Ixiuij two and called three even. rnETTv sonicr WCFENSE OP HK.YVYWEIOUX CttOWN Tins against Die identical vole of the referee, Arthur Donovan, and ihe oilier judse, George Lcc- ron, wlio credited Louis with 10 rounds, were forced lo chalk up four for Godiy and ruled one even. Shorten, Ihe old lightweight. Gciloy bobs Into u (x-ciiiinr crouch and sets lil-i ;;i«hls un sltmncli I;, their bent i; l MadlKin .Square Ciarih'n 'in •.'.'iiMi iva'i lorc-wl lo KO the IC-iiUtnd limit to vi'lutn his title. vised lhe New York scoring system. He wns for years boxing instructor of the New York Racquet and Tennis Club. They can't say Gcdoy ran. as was the charge against Bob Pns- t:r.his first trip wilh Louis. Godoy crouched, but what is a fellow supposed lo do? stand and let Louis belt him? As Shorten says, If a couple of felows who hud never seen Louis walked Into the Garden and been told they had just watched him hox 15 rounds Ihey would have been terribly disiippclnted nml wondered wiint this heavyweight business Is coming (o. Where wns the supposedly vaunted Louis uppercut when Hie Chilean croiichftt.? Where wns anything? it wns positively lhe mo'st. •disgraceful defense of lhe" heavyweight championship in history. HAVE GOTTEN DECISION Of course, the fact that (he referee and one judge agreed to lhe letter was purely a coincidence. But I nfjree wilh Shorten. . . . That on the fight .ftugtu at the Garden, Go.loy should be the clmmpoin. Oocioy won nine : rounds. The te&t. I could pivfi ixiuls wns there apd I judged Ihree -others even. 'Godoy. lugged 'ihe trouble. Had he not been in (he ring there would, have'been no fight,. . Bui Louts'is oh top and liipre -he're- mains, Afte.r being knocked out by Max Schmelirig,'1111 61d man. he ascended the throne by stiffening Jim BraddOfk, another'old man with whom his handlers made a 'deal. Bmddock' .still gels 10 per cent of itouis .money. .- • Outside'of 'ids' 'quick' knee-taut of Schmeling. still an old man. in a rematch, Louis s record might be well matched by Tom Thumb. - . . Without an ax. LOUIS HAS FOUGHT' EVERYONE HUT A FIGHTER Pan- went 15 rounds and a lot of customers elill believe lie was entitled to the decision. L;uis knocked out Nathan Mann, who couldn'l figllt a lick, and Harry 1 Thomas, •who is sllll squawking, then came tlie one-eyed John Henry Lewis and Jack Roper, a veteran pulled out of a Hollywood studio electrician's loft. Tcny Galento. the human beer barrel, hurt Louis' and had him on the deck before going 10 tlie most convenient shower. They'll now feed Louis Johnny Paycheck ol Des Koines for the Finnish relief, at lhe Garden, April 3, and will attempt to brln» back Galento in June. Louis' slrcngest point from a >nx office standpoint Ls that he has a glass jaw and can't fight tfo much. You can take your nearest teamster, longshoreman—anybody, pro- chances are lhat he would Louis a good right. Tony (Jalcnto was a barlendc Bob Pastor was a football playe: Arturo Godoy is a soccer playe: Maybe, somewhere along '|h Joe Louis. dips lhe pit i.f! T would au'o- for<-c-t a'jtnii There weretimes. «,o. wllC|1 S( . U01 . Oo ,, ov ,, cl|(1(| ,„„,., Jram ^ uprlBliI .Malic,". Here he works the woviird champion Into a corner and /Mvlngs away wilh bolh hands. never, been accomplished in -Blv- Uieiilte. ; .prior to Friday '-'night'sI umtch iii ji-hich they l'mmled"a good Coca Cola team its .second straight setback. 1 '"Red" Bickcrstall • of Martin's bowled the hljhesl score of match piny so fnr. 271, and his :.teammate. Gecnge Moore, compiled a record four game average of '-'20. Coca Cola was paced by L.iwrone Whittle with an Men's Team Sinclair Pepslcola Company ai Enford Martin Dr. Pepper , Coca Cola ' average of 211. lii-aguc W. "... 2 , '2 I 1 0 0 Season Opens SS®Ss Oilier Proposals To Ik Considered At Rule; )!y <;K»IU:K KIUK.SCV Unltoil I rr.?;<, K^tj OurjtSfO'id-i • KKLU-IAIH, I'la.. I'd). |;j " -i-,.,. i inU'iuionul bine cm hiilh, jn-o'.i'l.i: l lie m'isl unpopular play h, l - ;,.! uiCi the tans, will |>; U:sNi:"l j.r«iln.M nt i!u-,,n.(:li:ii< of ih'e'pi.',,- . i:u< riilr-.s tuiiHitlKcc v/hi;h ofi-in-d heir- tnday imili-i ihe Biint-nr'• nu |ol C-MimiksUmor K. M I A ,,,|' ,, lk,!i Qiilim. prradcm of (jit ,,,, .,,,, i lii-es. has his v;:\y. i Quimi. o-e of the H-ui- ,\ ; l.frifjiic';; t!ir«! rqiie>cnlal,iv(", H" ithi- : -ul(i.s i-niniii'.lteu. furors a > i> i'. iiitf t.vo hasf-j; instead oj baiter v.'ho'.s dcllluraU-ly ,.„ v,i:h tnt'ii on base. "ft III:; balK-r wns given l;:i«'.s Instea:! of one when lie';; in- I.' inio.-'ally fmraed v.'llh men n u I bases we'd sr-c some fti-dc-i- pitr:».- Jin lhs majors," s .;id Quit,,,. "IIn pitchers would gel smarter i.irl i.-. more often lo fool Hie clniv^em'1 Iiilt-cis rather llinn lake Ihe'i-i--, way out ami walk him. "And beside; the fans don't u in: to .see u c:a '.ijerous hitter walSr, in i pinch. They want t.o .s?e l>"i,ii liil or strike out. If a halt2r v,;u Kivc-n nil Inlentloiifil pas-.s wiCi :, man on second if.i knew the base-run; i ninth-ally score he'd walking him." Qulun's MiBijcslioii is one of i;« more radlsjl changes whisli \Ulllii passed upon by UnclU nnd ih" lilies comniittee here. Thi! otlu-i mcnibcis of the commitlaa bi"iili.- Quiim lire ,3,-iin Hre.i<loci, .St. L'.HU Cardinals, l-'ord Frlck, Natmii h League president, Eddie Coilii'is 15HSU111 R:-d .Sox, Chirk Grlft'ih Washington Scnulors, an;l 'will H'.UTi<li!F>. AmeriCAii League ivi'si- dent. Two umpire;;. Tommy Contiiilly ol the American Li-ague and 'Eruii' QuiSley of lhe National Lengut- v.ill sit In Hie mectlnj In un ndvUuv capacity. Landis, chipper nn:l in , .guo j iK^alth, \-/:js in a high dudgeon u-;- toulay over the dismiiMl of oni: 01 lhe hotel employes tur.l went off t< El. Petci'staurfl wiieic he made him. self imioumnuiicado. Quir.n. who'd be 10 Wednesday has ntiotlier sujacstion lo offa-. iii-.- commlttct' ivhl.-n would pcrmU i. batter hit ling a home -,-(,„ otlt „, tlie park to circle the uasiv; ratliei tiiiin be fun-i-ti lo lv.ii.-li L-:;cii (.ML- hi Older. "There's ^r.iiv; lo be a lot c,[ c-on- fiision i-oiiti' oi th;sc rt;ys aboui Iliat ru.'e when a, batter iuu a licmer wilb t; vo or three ,u:-:i or, base lo win a.-, linnoilnnl. (-nme in • lie late innin=s in a hoi pennant racv," said Qnimi. -I'lis ums are going- to be all over the field. ,« s they were when Gabby Harinou hit Ihnl hcmer ngnirst the Pirates two seasons n->o und no «,i:- will be able 10 make sure if inc- mn- ncr lom-hi-s all Ihe bases." Many oilier silascstlons h:uc been foiw-irdcd to Landis for consideration. Among them are Kd Harrovv't plan lo allow a better t;i bi- »-ven b;i.^t' tiuloinaiicaliv w!i--ii j four wide pit:hcs. Cl.irk Griffith lhe old fiix "Irom Wiishiiii-inn, is |scekliii- more help for lhe |,itth-.-r. Two years a$o Hie rules CDininlttc.E passed legislation poiiiiiltiu. n pilchi-i- in haw one tool off" Die rubber, (iriffilu now wa.'ls the rules committee to allow the pitcher to move the U-« in order t u (. e t mornetitiiin from a rnckln» motion Instead of having lo kec.i i: U ' fool stationary. Paul iVi-rlnser, Cinciniinii IJeds' big il^hlhiiulor who won L!> i-ames last .spa>ci-.. is highly in [ Uo r ol Griffith's suggest ion.' "I h.ipc: they (jilt (hat mi... in;said Dc-rrinycr. "And it's al;a:it time llicy cjave l;ie piu-liei-.s a litiv help too." Today's Sport Parade l!j HENF.Y McLEJIORS In tiilkln-,; lo any Amerlean Le:mui- inaniat:,- cthi;r tlian Joe M':C:irih'i 1 ulways try lo kircp from incntlon'- in-f tt'.c New york Viinkcts. It is ini: lame , l :ori of |jo!tteiu-s.s Ihat pi events one; Irvm lalkin-j uljaut 'I'iiank'ijjivina lo :i turkey, t.'io I'J'.iK ikcl'jiii! vuie to I4indi).i, or Chtv- lolct.s to llsnry Ford. .'Jo tin: oilier day when I ran a'.-ross Jimmy Dykes, niaii.i^-er ol liie L'Jilcugo White .Sox, I sisfrcti ili': coiive/salion a«-ay fro;n the Yankiri's us Ion;; as 1 toulil. We cli.s- c.iuied salmo.-i iishlnj In ihe u-iper Ho:-.iic iivi:r, iJniTjinoj-c's cliap.cci, uf :i piiiiihinent icconclliut'.on wiUi Mfiinc, the |iri:£i;iil whc: p uibimt:i o: Circvci- Wiialcn, v.-lietl'.'T tultin' 12, 10 Managers Of Various Heavies Clamoring For F. : tjlit Wilh Louis KV .IACK <:i:ni>v t'nitfd Press HlulV i:iirres|iondent NEW YORK. Ft-b. 12 <W)~ Al- tliouiili Proincter Mike Jacobs ncvei :«k"s any punches ici »ie ritms. he may ilovpluj] (•auli.'lo'.'.'wvd (,-irs- be- I'n-f June from thi> vjibal ham- mi'iiiij-s of iniinagers AI Weill, Joe Jacobs and possibly l-lityi-y C!(-or--c i iiud Cicorjje HU'ininan. :' | "Ok-iy," i --nicl. "And they can't j •:'• such a lou«h lenm. Yon br.-ii j ii:<-m four lime.- oul of lhe 22 limes j you played them last year. You I must have lud a lot of trjii'jh' i-.ii.-k I .n IhOf;-- 18 games you lost lo them." i "We did, and we won't lose that I sni-jiy to tliem this year." Dykes •saul with a ileliaucc, born perhaps of the knowledge thai the Imeb.ill season is a full two mouths awy •n i-iiri the thril bolhei (.•hite in the lenauc. but their kev iiKiii. Ij'jt them lo-ie Iheii- key nwii uiul the result would be >iv:iiib!c for the pennant." Dykes' line of reasoning intrijuijd in*.', and -braving tlie titnie.-i of the iiik'gcrl c:igar he was smakiny. I move:! clo;er an-} asked him tiie name cf this all Yankee man, on whose peifo:inaiK-e dc- RIlilH now. Weill is doing lhe loudest bc-llcring, Weill manngcs At'liifo Godoy, lhe c-anviis-sweepin-' swauei- iron: C'hife, who lost, a :-U->;e decisi:n to Louis Friday night Weill charges thin Louis iind his advisors "are afraid lo give C,odo> a return bom in Jmi t . and an' tied In' ready lo pull a duck-out." Joe (Ynssel-thc-niusdei Jacobs lent his voice to this comic opera or clout last nil-lit by yelling, "Whet's nil this yelling ' Officials For •Cage Tourney Are Announced M . Pickrcn referee R . ' the will Missis- give sippi County Amateur Basketball League tournament which will open at the armory here tonight, it was announced today by Joe Whitley, league suixjrvisor. line \ fisrhW"u--Vr"«.M""" s "u K ««non Taylor will serve as time!^,'i",l 8htCT "'" catc " llp K ' lth Deeper ami Roland Bishop and Martin's Win Over j Charles Brogdon as I The tournamc.U s:orm. will crilend Coca Cola Is Upset A dark horse came to the front last week as lhe Buford Martin bowling loam, supposedly one ol the "weak sisters" of tlie league, knocked down 4812 pins for an aveiage of over 200 points per man per game, a bowling feat lhat has TERMlNIX TERMINATES ,-'• TERMITES BftUCE-MEMPHIS | through tonight and Tuesday nlpht and possibly Wednesday. Tlie boys' winner will go to Jonesboro tor' semi-final district play an;l the girls lo Tyroma. The | district finals will be hcii at Jonesboro Feb. 27 with tlic winners going to the slato events. Cape Alava. Wash., is Ihe most westerly point \ <$*& ?£*»i&to Outfielder Uoy Wcnthcrly o( Cleveland Indians sings in thermal tub in Hoi Springs by way ot cjicjiing baseball bathing season. Ford Rotunda Visitors On 3-a-Miinite Basis BEARBCRN. Mich. lUPl -The to the Ford Uo'.unda. gateway world's largest single ir.ciiistrial mill, attracted nlmnst llu.r-cjunr- ters of a million visitor-, ni 193ft The Koliinda. in wiiiv-li photo- and riinrainiis di-pn-i i:u r m- dusliial activity di-corate ibr- Ivalls, has attracted t:nrists ai Ihr rato of three a minute since •; W as built iii in:;a. Iii the summer time out-xle the jilant. vl«itcis may ikli' in a;:tmno- bilrs made by Ford o;-er (!:;pjtcii- lians of historic h:sh-.v.iyv Among last year's vi-uoi-, -V-TC 10.-1CO tourists from -it; : < irei"n countiies. ° ic Yankees as ii team | Mike Jacobs promised Tony Galen's us and all the otncr to a title fi B hi with Louis in June '" """•'" ' '-' if Tony beat Lou Nova last Sep- tembei-. Tony net only ended mad Nova's wiimiiij; slrcak; lie rnoltier- ed him. Tony almost knocked cut Louis a coii])le months before that. He's the National Boxing Association's No. l challenger. He's the only man who'll draw any money with Louis." I'inky George of DCS started lo .scream last week bul was quieted Saturday by Promoter Jaccbs. "Uncle" Mike gave Pinky an "if" contract gitaiantce- - |:;i,dcd the groatne. 1 ^ of the Now sai Yoikers. "Weil. Hill Dickey." Dykes 'Or if not Dickey," Joe 'ni.\tig!;io. Or just let something happen to .hat second fesejiimi. JGI? Gordon, md v.-here'll they be? And don't overlook Red Roife at lhlr:l l:.ise a key nii'.n. K2 mams a lot to that team. And if you don't think Croseltf is a great shortstop u!Ki I' to the Yankee;' you'ro tntxy." "What about Red Uuffi:v<?" i asked. "Ivow you're tallims," Dykes said. "There is a real key man. L:t thai f:ore arm of liis go ciciui i.-.nd then watch tile Yankees. Or let some- thiiia huppi'ii lo Pcarscn or Donnld ir Ilia', sHigglng outfielvler, Charley L'.eller, and where'll thcv be?" When Dykes had ILiishe;! liain- li'S liis key "man" I (Sls^overed ihut lie had listed no fe.ic-r than' nine. :.nd it v.'iis easy la K?. lhat it somelhisiij happened" lr> these nine .11111 chmilUneD'.isly it. would make t ])U-l!y tanh lor the Yankees. Perhap.s it was this sort of I'ning '.hat Jimmy Poxx had in mind ivhi-n. ii-orii Florida rc:entiy. he sai;l the other American League teams siioul:! be ashamed of beiny Tag Night' Mat Card At Arena Four burly v.resl'crs will piny l Juvenile game of "lag", or at ler an adaption of it, lonigbl at I Le-{laii arena when Promoter Mi Morouey presents his seconj i & - sliowing of fj;i wrcsiliiK. The |i!>ri(;nnei!i caulalu win f Okluhciiiu Joe Welch -j n(ty» ,,} cer. Floyd Byrd and Gene Jilake! lhe men vslll pair off an-J ihc will be only uvo performer; ii t ntig at the s-ime time, but ra a li;iic « yrfevt!cr may obtain reh by cn'nvlin;; or iv.-ilkint to the -op' and tusgliiK hh pari-:nr w!m tii, 1 cnlers the i-in.j and lakes his p|j-i Ilcct-iilly, when Ibis form of crinu' was introduced here, the aciion v. lifltou-i raid i,i is v.rr-silin» wen i;l !ip)).-i)val 01 many of the'local The sworcirish is llic mioffi'j rpeed champion of ai: fishes. 1 no one evw has su:ccedcrt in iii in;- it. Helps You Omx-nme FA'LSI.? 'MRm Looseness and \\'an No lunger be anno.vod or feel at cnsi.' iiecaiisc of looa-. w-iblj. lalse teeth. FASTEETH, an h proved alkaline (non-acid! powcl .sprinkled on your plates hoi them firmer so they fet-1 1110 ccmforlabln. ffoothinj and cooli:' to emus made sore by excess,acid mouth, A\'oid einbarriu-sme; ciuisTd by loose plates. Get FA'., TEETH today r.l any drug slort Adv.: Tabbed as one of lhe brightest pros|ii=cts to come up this year, Jchn iincker, nephew of Hup Kuckcr. cld-time Brooklyn pitcher. Moines|C"st (he New York Giants $JO.CIO(I. The 23-year-old rookie outfielder liil .346 with Atlanta last year. title bout with Louis if Savold beats Bob Pastor at the Garden on March 1, and if Louis is still champiin in June. Despite tliis contract, we wonder what will happen if Savold loses to Pastor on a qiiestiomiblc decision or if Savold wins—bul im- prtsively. In cither ease, Little I'inkey's voice will hit, high "C" ami he ued lo win hog-calling contests in the tall corn country. Gcorce Slcjinmaii. who rose lo fame as the guardian of Madcap Xingflsh Levinsky, is now piloting Johnny Paycheck who get.s p. ••-!>"! at Louis' lille in lhe Garden"oil April :t. Steinnmii says. "1 can't understand all this" screaming. PaychecK wil knock Louis cold in April and then defend lhe lille against Louis -at the stadium In June. Hes a fast-stepping, hard- hitting ring general wno'll make a monkey out of Louis." lint just in case Paycheck doesn't knock the champ cold on April 3— j just in case he should be lucky Muscle will descend upon Promoter Jacobs when he returns from Miami Thuisday. "Uncle" Mike will do well lo stop off some place in Dixie and buy some c:llon for iiis ears. He flew to Miami Sunday wilh Gus Lesnevich of New Jersey, who takes another shot at Billy Conn's light heavyweight crown in Miami on Feb. 23. Hurglar Rakes In S53 BOSTON (UP) —Tills nocturnal "" harvested a S53 crop. While Sarah shain of Dorchester slept, a thief raked her bedroom ami snared .a pocheibook containing that sum. The rake Avas left against. Ihe .side of the house. " Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY , "EARL OF CHICAGO"! Kil'.t ftrlierf ATr.iilpiniery & Kilivard Arnold. Paramount Ki-ws K Vincent I.opiS Orchestra , TUESDAY - PAL Z admilterl for price of 1 ing the pennant to them evea be- t . : Louis-yon will hear Steinmaii fore the sjason opt-nr-d. Ailing fora June relmn bo a Altec nnmina the key mm on the „„ „,„, (lown Gorma Q,,,,?™'' '"' .<mi:,,v nvi-,,c ,.„„,.,,„., ,„„ .,..,., Bot]] Wclu ^ ^ Ynnkeis- n.vkes expressed the opln- on ni:ii while tiie Yankees were very i)!f^:;.ive to Ihe oilier, seven i-lnbs in Ihe Ii uvjiio. their n>al jrcjinoss rejtcd in I heir deftnslw pei'ection. '•The Red Sox have pawer enough. Jisd S3 liav<! Delroil an:l Clcvc- and." nycs sal:l. "Uut they l.-:von't (he ds-teme. The Yanks h-Jve j-ivsu pitching and il's next lo Impossible Ui i;i'l -.1 b-ill through thai Inlirld ur eve, 1 tiie outfield. But they won't beat ii; ,-my IB times this year. I'lny've ROI to slip sometime and maviie IhU will be the season.' 1 Dr. J. A. Salibn Atinouiiccs the rciiwnl of bis oflice from Hie In*rain ISuildinj; tu his home. 121 E. Kentucky ' I'lioiu -110 NOW PEPPV, FEELS NEW, YOUNGER ''' ' '' Now In Now I.ocalion J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Division IMinnc 5110 ^ii''n^:^^^i" i ii?;/"'.>!x!'ir!«-"M < **'ii 1 "?r- , si. o< ri. iK^y .,T .- vi-r tt. J'lla IIAl 1'r.r,'. Vrai [M-pTOll VY i..-.-i t;-iin« tKn [M-pTll VY 0.51REX— tor ttist "alter 4b" letdown ai all Kirov Stores. Wert Optometrist i "UK MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Stfire Phone 5-10 States. the United Freshest Stock Guaranteed licst Prices Kirby Drug Stores "TAG" WRESTLING Gene Blakely, Floyd Byrd, Lefty Pgcer and Joe Welch Partners will l>c selected from amemp; these four tot!«h grapplcrs. l.cginn Arena Monday MISSOURI City S LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS— LONG TERMS Busiest closing service of any morlgage loan company doing business in (his slate. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. S1'ENI> YOUR GASOLINE t WISELY SAVE 3c fo 'lc Per Gal/oii ON GASOUNR Valuable Coupons With Eacli Purchase OASOMNK— atOTOR OIL KEKOSENE Wholesale Jt Koiatl AVITH JOYNER OIL CO. Iiuleiieiiilenl Dealer TANK C'AH TO VOIJIt CAB Higlnray 61, .N'orlh, Illyllievfllc We Deliver I'lionc 1S^ Alsa .Sflceicir'Slinrls Coming Tuesiliiy, Marcli 261 For a Week's Run : '"GONE Wi'l'H THE WIND 1,AST TIMES TODAY : 'THOU SHALT NOT KILIJ u-llh Charles Hiehford Oivcn Davis, Jr. Fux.Xcws & Comedy "HERO FOR A DAY" »i:h C'hailcs (iritiicu-iii ,t Allit:i Lr-ui.=e Also Sclectnl Shorts US'I'KN TO KLCN . a.m.— 12.-15 ii.m. — 4:30 p.|l| fhnne Kill 224 Fhone Roxy 3'a BUY YOfJIl USED CAR FROM TOM UT1'IJ<; Chevrolet Co. AND SAVR THE DIFFBKENCK. Due the i;re<it iiopularily of Ihe new Chevrolet \ve ai'e forced lo lUiuiilale our slock of line recontlitioneil Used Gars at once, to make room for more and more trade-ins. Every Used Car in our stock has been drastically reduced in price to sell now. Don't miss these exceptional "liuys" Trade up today.! 1!)S9 Chevrolet Town Sedan iUasler Deluxe. An excellent car, family use, roomy interior, large luggage space, upholstery, paint and (ires in good shape. Special S5S!) I!).'!!) Plymouth- 2-door Sedan. This liargain won't last long, hurry! Finish excellent, pood upholslcry, driven only 10,000, five good tires, convenient terms 558!) Ui:!D Chevrolet Coupe. Deluxe Model. A licnuty $5-lii l!l,''>8 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe. A real luirgain. $115 19.1S Chevrolet Sport Sedan. -1 doors & trunk S125 H>:!7 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan. Nc\v Tires S.'!5!! l!W7 Ford V-8 GO Tiulor. IMcnly cf miles lo the gallon. Only S^il5 1!).'{? Dodge Sedan. New paint. Run slike new. !>,'J2il We have many Cars Under SI 00. You need a second car. Come lo see us. We trade, fiasy G.M.A.C. Payment I'.an TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 033

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