The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1960 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1960
Page 15
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THE ORIGINAL IS ACK! i i ! p •if Thursday, Sept. 15 ALGO A I'M HAVING IYDAY! For one day ... that's right ... for one day only, Thursday, September 15, Algona's original Dollar Day is back! The dollar takes on new value as Algona's merchants join in bringing you the most ever offered for your money. You'll find hundreds of buys at a saving you can't possibly afford to miss! This is well worth traveling several miles to get your share of the host of bargains offered in Algona this one day only . . . Thursday, September 15. ALGONA'S MERCHANTS OFFER YOU THE MOST SENSATIONAL BARGAINS EVER DURING ONE DAY OF SHOP THESE PAGES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES FOR THE THINGS A DOLLAR WILL BUY IN ALGONA THURSDAY TO PROVE THAT YOU CAN S-t-r-e-t-c-h Sponsored By The Following Algona Merchants: North Iowa Appliance Center Jaco Variety • t- Ready-Mix Concrete It Lumber Wlltaen Jewelen | Hood'i Super Vilu t ———-————• Xelley Lumber Co. Donovan Specialty Shop Smoke Shop * i ________ Waldron's Cafe Shtrwln-WiUiami Painta Funk Plumblaa It Healing Algona Plumbing fc Meeting Butcher Bros Implement - HuteeU Otfke - School iuppjy Algona Greenhouses Modern Dry Cleaners Sharp's Jewelry Rusk Drugs-Jewelry Christensen's J. C. Penney Co. Honsbruch Drug Algona Insurance Agency Blossom Insurance Agency Home Federal Savings It Loan Ass'n. Fowler's of Iowa Leutnold-WUUaiM (The Hub Clothiers) Shilta Brownbilt Shoo Store Algona Implement. Co. Bradley Bros, farm MachUerr Dau Garage It Body Shop - Coast-to-Coast Store Gamble Store Footer Furniture Co. Irons Heating it Plumbing L. 8. Muckey Plumbing fc Heaiing Jack's O. K. Tire Service Kotsuth Radio fc Electric Read's Furniture Struecker Conoco Service Algona Refrigeration Frederick Hardware Isaacson Studio Beecher Lane Appliance , North Genital Public Service Co. Kent Motor Co. Carson's for Color Algoma Fieur It Feod Kossuth Motor Co. Universal Mfg. Co. Percival Motors Schulti Bros. Oarage ft Oil Station Taylor Implement Co. Ernie Williams — John Deere North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. Kirk'a Shoe Store Security State lank Iowa Stale l*nh Algona Theatre Co. The ChriatmilUa Stote Post Transfer fc Storage Algona Hotel Reding's Davit Paints Zender's Leah's Bakery Algona Laundry It Dry Cleaners Cullen Hardware Lindsay Soft Water of Algona Hawkeye Bowling Lanes Viking Oil Co. Graham's Thermogas Co. Of Algona Botsford Lumber Co. Hopkins Super Service Algona Produce Co. Biustrom Furniture Co. ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1960 HOMEMAKING COURSES NOWADAYS include a unit on the care and feeding of children. This is a fine thing, it seems to me, because people nowadays gut married so young that there aren't many years between the time when they arc highsehoolers until they have children of their own. * * * HOWEVER TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE, parenthood probably seems eons avvj-y. To fit their more immediate needs, a guide to the care and feeding ot parents, is more in line. For parents, they have right now, and its up to the kids to cope with them. * * * ABOUT THE FIRST RULE IN BRINGING UP parents is for the <ids to use' lots of love with them. Parents may know the children ove them, but they need frequent reassurances of it, so don't forget :o be kind to them once in a while. Parents don't spoil quite so easy as some children think, and it is seldom from over-loving that they do. Most parents who are spoiled got that way not from too much love but from long periods of ignoring and then sudden lavish attention to make up for the neglect. Sometimes, when the parents need the mosc love it's when they themselves are acting the most unlovable. ' . * * * TRY TO REMEMBER THAT PARENTS aren't teenagers, and as such they tend to live in a world all of their own with their own little triumphs and troubles. It njay not seem like it to you, but when parents worry over the next mortgage payment it is just as important to them as digging up the scratch to take your girl to the big dance is to you. When Pop puts over a new business deal, he takes it just as big as you do when you promote a going-steady arrangement with the biggest wheel at school. * * * DIET IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE bringing up of parents. If you don't nag at them once in a while, some parents will try to subsist on black coffee, rich desserts, beer, cigarettes and tranquilizers. These are not only bad for their health, their figures and their complexions, it also affects their disposition's. Perhaps the best way. to get parents to get in the habit of good diet is to set a good example for them and eat every last bit of your green vegetables yourself. When they are suffering from coffee- nerves, try not to yell at them any more than is absolutely necessary. * * * MOST PARENTS NEED LOTS MORE sleep than they get. Remember, they are still growing — if not in height, at least around the middle and this takes strength. Teenagers should try to provide a restful atmosphere after the .parents go to bed and keep the television volume down so they can sleep. It is also helpful to* keep parents informed of your whereabouts when you are out .for an evening. The parental mind doesn't operate with quite the realism that the teenager's does and because of this they may imagine all sorts of bad thinks happening to you just becouse you stay out until after one a.m.! * * * LEARN TO SHARE WITH YOUR PARENTS. Talk over your experiences, your school subjects, your friends, and your hopes with them. They probably won't be able to grasp much of it, but it stretches their warped little minds and quite often they can learh from you. It is also important to share the family car with them for, say, at least two nights a week, and the household telephone as long as it is not overdone. Three business phone calls, limited to IVfe minutes each, per day is about right. * * * THE LANGUAGE BARRIER IS quite a problem in bringing up parents, but it is not unsurmountable if you will remember that when Mom says a boy is "cute", she means he is neat; and when she says somebody is a "twerp", she means he is a hood. Sometimes parents try to talk up to the teenagers level and this can be quite amusing. Especially when Mom uses such expressions as "I dig you the most", when* everybody knows that expression went out ages ago. At these times it is best to be tolerant. The next day they may use an expression from the dark ages when they were young that is so old that it will be new when you spring it on your contemporaries. It works the same way with songs. Some of the tunes that are on the top lists right now were popular when Dad was a teen-ager. • * * * " . '• . MIDDLE LIFE. WHICH MOST PARENTS are in, is a difficult stage, but it too will pass. In just a few years you may find that your parents have improved remarkably. 'Parents at their present stage are insecure over many things. Their hair is turning gray, or else disappearing altogether; Mom's waistline, of which she has always been proud, isn't helped much by her new girdle; and Pop has a hard time buttoning his 15 year old suit over his bay window. The face cream doesn't help the crow's feet around the eyes, and on top of that some Moms even get pimples on their wrinkles! * *. * LOGICALLY. THESE THINGS SHOULDN'T bother parents so much because they certainly should be past the age when appearance matters. Why, lots of parents of teenagers are past 40 and even 50! But most of them can't get used to the story their mirrors tell and they persist in thinking it was only a short time ago that they were teenagers. They talk about things that happened way back in the 1940s as being only yesterday. * * * BRINGING UP PARENTS IS A TOUGH, but not entirely hopeless job. Some parents catch on quite quickly and become entirely tractable within a few years. If you can weather these times and still keep your sanity you may find that one day you have become parents yourselves. Then you can quote ancient history to your offspring and you can write a column on how to bring up teenagers! ^ -! , AM , E . VER ^PRESSED BY the power of the press but I didn t think it could bring me so many cucumbers! Dot Smith read in this column that our cukes weren't doing so well, so she and Don brought me about a half-bushel. I no sooner got the jars washed than Merle Pratt arrived with another big sack of cukes. With Pop's help I now have 39 more quarts of dills than I had last week and that just about aoes it for this year. However I am going to make some hot dog relish. You might try this repipe- 5 cups ground cucumber (you can use the overgrown ones) 3 cups ground onion 3 cups chopped celery 2 hot red peppers ground 2 sweet green peppers, ground 3 /4 cup salt IMs quarts water 1 quart vinegar 3 cups sugar , 2 teasp. mustard seed 2 tablespoons celery seed. Combine vegetables; add salt and water; let stand overnight} vntHJ 1 " eat . v '.negar sugar, mustard and celery seed to boiling. Add vegetables; bring to boil. Cook slowly 10 minutes and seal in hot jars. Makes 5 pints. I plan to also add some ground green tomatoes to my relish. —GRACE. Townsend Meeting Algpna Townsend Club met at the Chester Willey home Tuesday evening, August 30. The ne*t major project panned is Founders Day, on September 30. A let ter was read that had been re, ceived from the State Headquarters. A 'Thank you" Card was received from the C. B. Murtagh family. Later in the evening all enjoyed fames and luncfc. The next meeting is Tuesday eveninff, September 13 at the T. J. Fisher home. It will be proceeded by a picnic supper at 8:30. INJURED Nine-year-old Gerald Carstens was riding a tractor recently on his parents farm near Bagley when a barbed wire caught Sim. He was deeply cut on the f»c« and forehead. Twenty itltahoi wert tftfefn to clww tht wound*,

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