The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1940
Page 5
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. MONDAY,'FEBRUARY 12, 1940 PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rate per line for coiisecu- fivc Insertions: One time per line .............. lOc Uvo limes per Hue per day ____ uac Three times per line per <lay...(i(>c Blx limes per line per day ..... U5c Uonili rate per llnu ............ COc iards of Hunks ......... 50c & 15c Mmlinum charge 5Uc Ads ordered lor tliree or si* times imcl slopped beiore expiration will be charged lor Hie number ol limes lite add appeared una Adjustment. ol bill jnuuu. AII Wassihed Advertising copj ubmitleu by persons residing oui- IIQC ol Hie city must uc tiecom- tunieu by cash. Kates may be many computed iium aliuvcj uutu. AUverusniB oiaeied lor iriegular jiseruous uiKt's Hit one time nut. Wo responsibility \viii be liiKun lor more tliun one incorrect insertion of any classiliecl ail. Business .Directory FUI"LER"BRUSH'ES Cal) li.ui iMcI.Ciiii, i'lu-nc 1U5 C J For Sale Rooms or apartmpiil. Chickasawba near School. Phone 176. 30pk2-'.M uoii. A uaryani. Mrs. Kusseu All- 3 room furnished apar'.niL-nt and deison, Steele, Phone 47. 0-P--.-13 bath. Modern ami clean. Corner — -- Main and and. p. Simon, phone 25-ck-li Nine Fool Kriglrtnirr. Good eijiidi ion. A bargain. Mrs. Russell An- 7G4. 10 highly bred Jersey heifers \vilh young calves. Bought from Her. - ----- ........ __________________ schcll Smart herd. Inquire Games Nice bedroom convenient lo bath -- - • Market, a-ck-3-fl Good wood and coal. A. P. Burks, Chickasawba and n. H. I>nimu 067. 31-ck-'J-2!l Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Kiel; At Walker and Harris SUV " gggi::^^ For Rent 2 rooms, furnished or unlurnislu'd. 1 403 S. Second. 10-|>k-15| Modern furnished aparlmcnl with: .jirivnlc bath. Phone 08C. 9-ck-l-J 1 « HOLD EVERYTHING By Clydo Lewis Mcdrrn .1 room iinfurnlshed aparl- nicnl. Private bath. 1129 W. Ash. 0-ck- lii FurnLslied aparlmenl or l>edi'0om jj| t , for couple or Kenllemeii. HIS '" Main, Plione 125 or &W. S-pk i adviiutjijre ,,r (^ IA ,, ro . if!' ('loaranco. \\V havi! >o.-coupl p -VrEc«Ue,,i»."Hi6"w: !"•' ''"«„ *'"" I?'"' "' '"" • •-- -•- i-ok-15 l )n(t >'"! Willll lu ))JIV. Three room furnished apsrtmeiil' ' 3!> ''""' .'''" tl( "'- wilh private balli. 125 E. ASM. | '"*' llrlv(1| >- ^ s-ck-13] likr nen' ('fic\-. Cuai'h. I'ily Xew (lies, o^ ami runs 2 room fiinusiietl apaiunem. Aloci-! ''* 5 : ' lrv - (: " ;ll ' h - •'>'>• driven, em. 1315 W. Main. a-ck-li | UraliT iMiulpi'.cil. Clean ___ .................... Sleam heated bedroom. All enliven- ieiices. 818 W. Walnut. 3-ck-ll I '" ."" '" ! '" <l1 . ........... _______________________ ....... - .1 Hack. Mulni- iii voiiililioii. Clean Room for employed woman, 102B' W. Main. Phone 239. 2-ck-ll',,.,, „ |'SB (hev. Master <.'«ac!i. l)c- Ktce bedroom will) balh. ii:!0 W.! '»«'. N'ew pulm crcen <"l- Walntit. Phone 627-J. ij-ck-UI nr. New iipliolslcry. Mnlw - - ourliaulnl. A real lua;:iir, 3 rcom furnished aparunenl, Prlv- 280. , ate bath, Desirable location. Call 1-ck-H. Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on West, Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-lf I at this \irlcr 'HI t'lii'v. Spur! St'ilnn, lvi[iii|i- i:ctl uilh healer, railici ami \Vliili- Side Walls. ( I,MU rar al a l>:ii-yali» (irii'f. . . . Steam heal. Phone 2«0. 21ckti For Sale or Trade SI'f'X.'IAI, KAIiGAINS l''OK KIUDAY, .SATURDAY AM), SUNDAY '.'i'l ClH'V. C'OHIIC. \Villl 1910 License ,S S7 ':« IVird lli-ftive Tuctcir Slflj 'lili t'licv. C'oaeh. Witl Bust Main SI. 13-pk2-ia Notice ' Bargains fa USED TIES AID Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'HONK .IS Land For Sale MISSOURI LAND-SO acres till r.vcr on Hidway 82, SI per acre rasli, balattre over periotl nf six years. Conway & Houchins lilyllieville, ArU. 12-cfc-tf Will I rude for Mules, Cows, Hogs, Callle, Orn, Hay .anil Lumber.' , Delta {niiilcmcnls, Inc. See J'loyil Simpsun 8-ek-.ll Farm Loans r 1S110 Utcirse '.'!2 Sludcliakcr Coach TRUCKS AT 1UHOA1N I'llHIKS | "(7 Clicv. t'.j Ton. S:iri Dual rears. 7:'>0 l-'i'onl. Only.. "Ifere's my iiu-onic Inx velum nlit-nd of lime l deduct (lie uniotmt from (lie social .security ' iasl ywiv!" Hilltlesniki'.s, tnuccnsdis and, coppc'rheads bdoni! to I he ww world lilbe of pit vipers, but onlv andi icfniliy Inis deflnlle projrcss bce'i RKMKMBKR LEFTY'S '('. Station for Mobiloil find Mobllgn* Now MimiijTcii hy Wnller Cox, ,lr, 'mil 1C. M. Mm-riiy See Us For Anti-Frecze! Jiwde In determining wlint part tadul play FOR SALE! One vised KOCH Rcfiijemlar Willie Melul Mi>«l Case with I'rlglclnlre Compressor. Disjilay frail vvlih MCCSS storage and I'oM drink &jmce, l,Ike new. Oilylnal, $U57. Cash price tor quirk sule $305. Terms arranged lo responsible pnrllen. OiH' umii paper lope iiinclilii),'. counter i-qulpmoni nut! candy caw. i'riccri lor rinlek sale, One ii.vfil Hervlce Slatlon /Mr Compressor. Uootl coiulllion, SJS. Cue rrilrlMtilui-Morsc Water I'limp without itiolor, ' Truce Clmliis, a few good mule c.ol- liii's, cotlon how. 30 Ijusliels Ce- IV.MIII trcaled Dl'L-ll-A Collcii R.E.WRIGHT 'I, W. Ill, One Mil,. So, I'llOllO '181.J I.oealeil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KmVAIWS, I'niprli'loi of WAI) COLDS, FLU, SJNUSI.TJS snake's they arc How 11 seems lh,,t developed sense , rciponding to heal, and air vltalions, Our Service IS YOUU Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe molorlne Is Iho aim of every driver. 'Ilien, ivliy nol assure yourself of this safely as fur as your automobile Is concerned. Drive In and lei our mrchiuilcs pul your car In shape for any driving. The cost Is reasonable ami Ihe work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ; ALL WORK GUARANTEED Large or Small Al Low Inleri'.sl Iiaics We are equipped lo handle ........ or small loans on any sized Iracl, ol farm land, at- !o\v cost, and alt a low interest rale. ! 5lh TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 2IS Walnul St. Blvlh Personal Strayed Hcrt Mavc Mule, weight 1000 Its. Day Mare Mule weight 1000 Ibs. REWARD. Lee Wilson Co.. Arnio- rel, Ark. Arouse Slugslaii Live r, iviirlt ciit Ihe bile lo rlu yourself of tonsil- palion, gas pains, and (hat sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIUUY'S ACTZVte fc,ivEit TILLS 25c at a!i Kirby Stores Wanted To Buy reasonable. 13ox R. Courier News. Wanted lo buy Government Colton Loans, BlytheviUe Giu Co. GREAT EMANCIPATOR HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous President Abraham ^ He was a self- ,_ educated 7\ (Pi.). 12 Average. 13 Silkworm. 15 Root edge. 16 Dress. . 19 Fruit.' 21 Self, 22 Barbarians. 24 Monkey. 25 Toward. TJ Slum dwellings. 2RSpnin. 29 Oceans. 30 Ready. 32 52 weeks (Pi.). 33 Wcl. 34 Sand. 36 Kxplnsivo sound. .17 Soul. .ID Stir. •10 Half an oni 41 Pint. 42 Rubber tree. 2 Adult insect. •14 And. „„ 45 Fish. '3 Roman •16 Splits. emperor. •18 Snow runner.' 4 Taxi. 51 Muse of o Upon. , 'f" T - , 6 Menial 53 Manner of , (v en g th. walking. . f 54 Deportments. v Loyal 56 Draft nninwls. 8 You and I. 57 The great 0 To bark. ..- . M ^ ^ issue of his 10 Ipecac shrub. 50Will "i- vcna lop . - as a 1>!T ° boy. countersink. 55 South Carolina. ami Boan [ 0 Kent or a ix'om fuiinslu.'rt aiwrlmciH. ,.. • , ,, C)OW J";.. C "" SB! °"'- v v; " N ' urt *S. NllilS & NIIOS llllll»vUlo. AiV :!li Kurd !!:• Ton, Onl) IT I'onl I'ick-np Iilternaliunal I'.uicl 37 G. ill. C. I'ick-Uii A SMALU OLACK BUT \sJHf DOM'T HORSES G3ME OW 1 RfDER. WATCHES HIS PRISONER t'ouii'd Female Ccckcr Kpaniel. Has sluildod Irnlhe r limius, v,iih Memphis Ooj Ijcrnsc. inquire f.'I W. Kentucky, plionc WO. 10-ck-H False Iccth. upper plate. Found In I'. M. Jiursl's yard. N'RrtJi !0lh. Owner may have same by payin;; cost of Iliis ad. Courier News Office. Soiiie£liing_ IK ,/UK( ftcfiirc It: "-• _._- , \ IM III t\ llf HI? IH »Y V. T. h AMU IN fjo D AMES I V'CAM'T FOOL ME CWJ'T COME IM HERE!/! THAT Vaj 1 l& SISTER.. SAID? NO CAW'TCHA SEE THAT FlMISH-POLl: J Ladies belt of green fabric, round Thursday morning or. Main St. fit Guff. Hotel. Owner ffmay have belt by [laying cost of (his r.O.. THIS IS WHERE AI.LI NO DAMES.' IMG HAIR / S MEETS HIS DOOM Key lo Willys Overland .•uiloaiu- bile. Owner may have same by paying cost ol Ihis ad. Courier .s Office. WITHBBOUSOMAWP OCR ALREADY Vlc7TIM& OP THEOREMS,OOOLA HAP WO CHOICE OTHER. THAM TO BE/\CH THE BADLY LE^KIMG VESSEL OM THE DANJGEHOU ISUAWD MEM ONLY a-iz I'rai'littil Side rorn. t?io or Hl*aiR-ricc. inc. r, *j,Bf<i u. s. fir. OFF. !!Y KIIOAR MARTIN ^'b ^^ .AHO'T: KI.KCTRIC & ACE'I'YI.KNh' v BORHOJOED \T OTFA Charles Long. lormerly \veldei- 1'or Bhihcville Machine Shop DIIAGLINK auU HEAVY \VKI.ll- i\c; OUR GARAGE , Ark. - K-F-il T KLKCTKIC AM) .'CICTYLIONK WASH .T(J,JFJS f!Y ROY CRANK PURVIS WUR MAT BUT MOTOR STACTEO SWAMPED, THAI'S A BETTES • WAL, I AWT SURPRISEt) AT AMVTHM6 CflbMfReLS t>0. BUT HERE, I BETTER RUM i-YOU UP TO MV ^KACK WHERE THERE'S A FIRE, /WE OR. VOU'LL, TAVCE yoDR DEATH Or PHEUMOMIA / SURE APPRE CIATE II rug line and heavy welding a Oarksdaie jgfg. 69, riionc 19 or Itcs. 1015 WaiVlcd TO ME LIKE IT OIL FELLERS TOW W ND HIS J-KIKND8 ItY MKKUU.L IGliis most famous speech, "The Address." 17 Marriage notice. 18 Lnir. 20 His fame or increased after death. 22 He.ishores. 23 Headlong imper. irtli. 27 Killing ulcnsil. 20 To sink. 31 Poinl 35 ChiUI. 38 Assumed name. 41 Thin melal plate. 43 Bad. 45 Cab. 47 Greek letter. 43 Courtesy (itlc. 43 Lock opener. j Expel t ;:t.'ii repairing. Sec li M I Damon al Ihe Ijlytlievillc Anil[ ory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. ! Lost ! Vivo Months Old I'cnvdc -S-'ttci 1 ' : white v.ith !li!jlu l-inon mariiefl hrad. Noilly Prank Whiiworlii. Kc«•'>'•'!• 3-pk-15 Wanted I Will |.;>v r;i>]i [or 21) (..i- ;ji) .,,., r ., ,, | :civ miles out, oi Hie eilv. ];>•- iseiil)! 1 fully. Write "l[. <_;;• c , ( i Courier News. 9-ck-i:j ONtY STARTED THIS MOVIE BU5IM6SS OM AOCOUMT OP JUfJF: ! I BsHRro IF ACT ' AMD trVERYiXING'S GONE HW-WIRE .' I.ARO NEARLY DROWM- eo; OUR STUOO BURNED DOWN, AMD WE'RE ALWO5T OROKE ' OM TOP OF THAT, WE HAVE TO KEEP HECTOR IM THE PICTURE IM OROEK TO GET A DISCOUNT OM FILM ' MO WONDER 'i CANT, SLEEP MIGHTS ' L BET' IF i 1 STARTED COUNTING SMEBP , HFC WOULD SUDDENLY APPEAR WITH A WOI.F'

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