The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on April 5, 1973 · 16
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 16

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1973
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16 IliE CINCINNATI ENQtlKiR Thursday, April 5, 1973 ilV ANNOUNCING A BRAND NEW HOWARD EARLY MUSIC CENTER Congratulations Howard Earlyl CELEBRATE WITH US THIS WEEK FREE INTRODUCTORY GUITAR LESSONS (this week only) REGISTER TOWN inn week only) SUNN CONCERT BASS AMP SIGNATURE CLASSIC GUITAR "Chef Atkins ' fAME GUITAR OLDS D PROFESSIONAL TRUMPET Featuring the Tri-Stafe's Finesi in MUSIC INSTRUMENTS SOUND EQUIPMENT INSTRUCTION ACCESSORIES SHEET MUSIC REPAIR' Mon. thru Fri IQam-9 pm Saturday I0am-5:30pm HOWARD EARLY MUSIC CENTER, Ins. "If li's Musical, Think Howard Early" 5657 Creek Road (1 DiocK east ot Kenwood Road) iiljlVISo Anil' preach ibreatness Buy Bryant air conditioning now. Get a little Hoover for $5 more. Why wait until summer? Buy Bryant Quietline electric air conditioning now. You'll enjoy pre-season savings. And you'll get your choice of two Hoover products for the home. For $5 more. A Hoover Broilerette Rotisserie oven or the handy Hoover Swingette vacuum. Either one for $5 more. So before things get hot, call your Bryant dealer for a free estimate. He's listed below. The Great Indoors" ftople give you a choice. NAYLOR'S HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING 271-6258 CINCINNATI, OHIO 45227 4901 WHETSEL ONLY INCHES separated that 21 2 hours of Wednesday nigtit NBC-TV specials from attaining utmost class. Call It the class of being considered for TV awards. Those two specials came mighty close. In back-to-back block-busters, Elvis Presley and Ann-MargTet had stages of their own. Both maintained that plateau necessary for a one-man show to captivate an audience. TV Review When I think of award-winailng, one-man concert specials, I think of Liza MinneM's "Liza With a Z" last September. That's a certain Emmy nominee and I will almost bet Liza, producer Bob Fosse and the show share the Emmy spoils May 22. IN THAT HOUE, Liza was never threatened as the top, single attraction. There were no guest stars, no opening-closing fanfare away from the concert and hardly a non-musical moment. It brought out the best in Liza. But, in Wednesday right's two specials, there I . t ; C i . . j J Jgf1 ' 1 -u Ann-Margret . . .more than convincing were outside influences which took away from the principals. Im "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii," it was the opening, unnecessary segment. What Elvis lover, curious on-looker or fan of music saw in Presley's helicopter landing in Hawaii is beyond ma I wanted to see him immediately sing, "contort" and leer. The hula girls and his handshakes, etc. were trite. THE OTHER thing that bugged me was producer-director Marty Pasetta's use of rapidly-changing shots of the performing Elvis. It (infused my eyes. I was ready for a headache powder. Somebody told Ann-Margret she had to have Bob Hope and George Bums as guests to sell her special. That "somebody" ought to go back to selling soap, encyclopedias or what-have-you. She needed them the way Pete Rose needs two gloves to catch a flyball. Otherwise, Elvis and Ann - Margret captivated me. I enjoyed the insights into both of theim. The 90-miniute Elvis show gave perfect exposure to his staging and stage talents. Ann-Margret's hour did the same. JEN KXIPPENBERG, The Enquirer's rock critic, had a different viewpoint. "Elvis is to be worshipped from 'afar, like a god," he said afterwards. "Sticking TV-Radio Briefs Brutality Prompts Late W Schedule Channel 19 will delay Merv Griffin until 12:30 a. m. Friday (one hour) in order to slot a Metromedia special, "The POWs Speak Out," at 11:30 p. m. today. The show was originally produced at K M B C -T V, Kansas City. It is being slotted late because five American POWs in North Vietnam, just released, describe gruesome brutality that may be too harsh for youngsters. KMBC staffers John Price and Katherine Melcher host it. There isn't one commercial break within the body of the hour. Golden Oldies WLW radio will drop all 1973 REDS "OPENING DAY BASEBALL REVIEW" Special Section April 5, 1973 FOR OUT-OF-TOWN FRIENDS AND RELATIVES 25' PER COPY (includes postage) You won't want your out-of-town friends and relatives to miss this exciting Special Section of The Enquirer April 5. It's filled with team photos, facts and colorful background information on the Big Red Machine for 1973 and their first game opponents, The San Francisco Giants. Mail Orders To Or Pick Up It! THE ENQUIRER INFORMATION CENTER DEPARTMENT DDT 617 VINE STREET LOBBY CINCINNATI, OHIO 45201 PLEASE MAIL THE 1973 REDS "OPENING DAT BASEBALL REVIEW" SPECIAL SECTION TO: Nomt print or typt legibly Addrtu if RR givt Rood and Number op floor City TOTAL CASH ENCLOSED Stoti Zip I25e oer eorw. includes oostaae. If vou wish -. i i --r;' I j i the section moiled to other friends, attach separate list with payments for each. No stamps please). current hit records tihat haven't attained a million sales Friday for 10 consecutive days of "Old and Heavy Gold" music. The playlist will go back 20 years on all WLW music shows. The Crewcuts, Coasters, Shirelles, P 1 a t-ters, Bill Haley and his Comets, Beach Boys, etc., are just a few set for the promotion. Naturally, Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, Johnny Mathis, Tom Jones and their peers are included', too. Personal Appearance Stanton A. Waterman, who appeared on that CBS-TV National Geographic "Polynesia" special about a month ago, will narrate his film, "Call of the Running Tide" at 8 p. m. Friday in Emery Auditorium. It's a Cincinnati Zoo-sponsored program. Another TV wildlife performer, Jacques Cousteau, presented his 1968 diver of the year prize to Waterman. Bunce Booster Evelyn Jones wasnt happy to see Dave Bunce leave WUBE for KENR, Houston. Bunce's Norwood fan passed a petition to keep him at WUBE and 67 people signed it. "If he goes to Houston, Texas, we can't listen to him," wrote Evelyn. WUBE general manager Bill Jenkins said this week that the station has not settled on a permanent replacement for Bunce. Jim Beam has moved out of late-right to handle the morning drive-time slot for the time being. Radio Highlights NATIONAL PRESS CLUB LUNCHEON: President Nguyen Van Thieu, Republic of Vietnam, WMUB-FM, 1 p. m. AM Radio WRKC 550 WLW 700 WNOP 740 WPFB 910 WZIP 1050 WUBE 1230 WCLU 1320 WSAI 1360 WMOH 1450 WCIX 1480 WCKY 1530 WCNW 1560 FM Radio WLMH WMTB WCNE WRCJ WNSD WGUC WVXU WWEZ WAKW WJDJ WFOL 88.1 88.5 88.7 89.3 90.1 90.9 91.7 92.5 93.3 94.1 94.9 96.5 97.7 98.5 99.3 100.9 WQMS WOXR WLQA WSCH WHKK WKRQ 101.9 WEBN 102.7 WHOH WUBE WPBF WLYK 103.6 105.1 1C5.9 107.1 Educational TV Channel 54, Covington, Ky. 4:00 Sesame St. 6:00 Classroom 5:00 Misterogrs' 6:30 High School 5:30 Electric Co. Channel 14, Miami University 8:00 In-School 3:0OMisterogert' 3:30 Electric Co. 4:00 Sesftme St. 5:OOMisterogers' 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Making Thing Grow 6:30 Chalk Talk 7:00 America 73 8:00 Advocate! 10:00 World Presi 10:30 Thirty Minute an NBC camera to his face and shooting away hurts the Elvis image. All those closeups knock out about half of the mystique." "Kndp" thought the TV sound was too perfect for Elvis. "He was made to sound rather distant and to have his voice mingle Just a bit with the rumble of Uhe, sound system. It's all too slick for the Elvis Presley we all grew up with." Despite those drawbacks, Jim "loved" the special, "for no other reason than the fact that it was Elvis," Jim's negative points were probably two of the reasons I enjoyed Elvis. To each Ihis own. . . FOR ANN' -MARGRET, it was her first TV since she suffered serious injuries last September in a fall during her Las Vegas ad It was an auspicious return. She isn't as versatile as Liza but she surely commands a stage as well. Ann-Margret h a s a singing voice that sometimes reminds you of the whlney kid next door. Although she will never sell a million records, her voice is acceptable enough to fit into a power-packed nightclub act. It comes across on TV, too. In particular, I liked her "Legend of the Lady in Red" production number, a spoofy recount of the death of John Dilllnger. I also liked Ann-Margret's "Take a Little One-Step" number. PRESLEY PLEASED me with his slow rock, balladlike numbers. "It's Over," "Blue Hawaii," "I'll Remember You," "Hush Little Baby," "Early Morning Rain," and "My Way" particularly turned me on. Despite his leers, body tVo! o-oratnrps. P!t.. ElVlS does maintain a semblance of good taste in his work. He even admits to giant dimples a sort of blush when the gals yell and swoon. He works hard. It was obvious on TV Wednesday night. He was that close to a n award-winning TV show. It wasn't his fault that it did not achieve that altitude. Thursday TV highlights Elvis Presley .he's no has-been 1:30 p. m., 12, GIFT OF TERROR: Young girl has power to see into future in ABC's Afternoon Playbreak. 7 p. m., 12, WILD KINGDOM: Close Study of the Japanese Macaque. 7:30 p. m., 5, MOUSE FACTORY: Harry Morgan is guest in animated "Trains." 7:30 p. m.t 12, SAFARI TO ADVENTURE: Africa's rarest animal the okapi. 8 p.m., 9, 7, .WALTON'S: Refugee family from Hitler's Germany comes to live in Walton's Mountain. (Repeat) 8 p. m., 48, ADVOCATES: Pro's and con's on establishment of an independent consumer protection agency by Congress. 8 p. m., 5, 2, FLIP WILSON: Johnny Cash, June Carter, Bill Russell, Albert. Brooks. 8 p. m., 19, WILD WILD WEST: Agents must protect visiting Middle Eastern despot from assassination. (Repeat) 8 p. m., 12, UNDERSEA WORLD: First film study above and below water of massive Walrus. 9 p. m., 5, 2, IRONSIDE: Doomed scientist can save himself, only by arranging release of prisoners held by police. 10 p. m., 12, STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO: Priest becomes target of gangsters searching. 10 p. m., 5, 2, DEAN MARTIN: Peter Sellers. 11:30 p.m., 19. POW'S SPEAK OUT: Five POWs tell of brutality of North Vietnamese. Thursday movies 1 p.m., 19. "RETURN OF OCTOBER," (1948) : Glenn Ford, Terrv Moore. Girl's affection for horse becomes basis of ploy by relatives. 3:30 p.m., 12, "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME." (1949): Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly. Baseball team owned by beautiful girl becomes target. 4 p.m., 9, "TALL STORY" ( 1960): Jane Fonda, Anthony Perkins. Husband-hunting coed snares basketball hero. 9 p.m., 19, "CONVICTED." (1950): Glenn Ford, Dorothy Malone. Young girl attempts to clear her brother of murder rap.. 9 p.m., 9, 7, "DON'T MAKE WAVES," (1967): Tony Curtis. Spoof of love and life among body-building cul-lists of southern California. (CBS Movie) (Repeat) 11:30 p.m., 9, 7, "LIZZIE," (1957):-Richard Boone, Eleanor Parker Woman learns through psychiatric care that she has three distinct personalities. (CBS Movie) Thursday TV-Radio sports PRO BASEBALL: San Francisco at Cincinnati, WLW-AM, 2:30 p. m. COLLEGE BASEBALL: Xavier vs. Thomas More, WVXU-FM, 3:30 p.m. I ' A 1 I If III "V A F?s V.. fK4 1 1 1 1 1 i'f1 1 1 1 1 1 IT1 r. I r J (t ::(' i i a, i dm Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Til II II CWLWTTV nWCP0.TV4AWKRCTV AWLWD-TV JWHIO-TV -iAWXIX-TV Q WCET IlUn dNBC UcbS ILaBC ZnBC fcBS lUlND. lU PBS 8:00 Today Show Capt Kangaroo Dinah's Place Today Show CapL Kangaroo j :15 :30 - - Who. What. Where - (Sigi Oi) , M " ; - (In School 9:00 Paul Dixoa Uncle HI Jeopardy PaolDuoo SI 0.000 Pyramid Programming) :1S . - :30 - - Love. Araericaa - Medical Hotline :4S style - 4 " Joker's Wild Somerset - Perry Mason : . I 11:30 Baffle $10,000 Pyramid life to live Phil Donahue - if'ffioday I w:4S Dick Gregory - n:00 Sale of Century Gambit Password Gambit New Zoo Review , Sesame Street :15 - - . (at 11:10) :30 Hollywood Squares New Price Is Right Nick Clooney Hollywood Squares love of life lip Bunny fS " Gerard Nierberg - t friends 4 fiQ0 Boh Braua local News - BobBraun local News Gomer Pyle Future is Now 1 U Governor Gilligao - - Governor Gilligai - (at 1210) s30 Young Holt Trio - Split Secotd Young Holt Irio Search Tomorrow Andy Griffith 845 : : - - in school 1:00 " Search Tomorrow UIMyChtidreo - Where Heart Is Movie Electric Company i!5 - - " - "Return Of :30 Three oo. Match World Turns Movie Three oi Match world Turns October Commonrtr of . 45 tilt of Terror living Thugs 2:00 Pre Baseball Euiding light - Days of Our lives Guiding light . Ii School :15 Sai Francisco it - - . . :30 Ciociwati Edge of Night - Doctors dge of Night 45 -n . . . 3:00 - Secret Storm General Hospital Another WorJd New Price Is Right tarry Smith Makiif Things :13 " " - - "Grow :30 " Hollywood's Talking Movie Peyton Place MtrvGriffii Popeye Antiques , :45 - lake We Out to laye P. Morgan - 4!J " , IheBaligame4 Somerset Jan Michael Vincent Fbotstones Sesame St 1S " "IH "if! - - Richard Dawson :30 . Movie Kenny Kingston tilligan's Island , lli I ' --The Taker . ' 5SJS Mim " " " Andy Griffith petticoat Junction !?? " " Ileal News - I Dream ot leanoie Gomer Pyle Electric Comean " 6:00 Local News local News ABO News local News local News Eddie's Father Ohio This Week :15 i30 NBC News CBSNews Slogan's Heroes NBC News CBS News Andy Griffith Making Things i Z " " Z i Grow 7:00 Beat the Clock Consequences Wild Kingdom Beat the Clock local News I Love Lucy Too :1J - . - . - . . ' ' . :30 Mouse factory let's Make a Deal Safari to Young Dr. Kildare Consequences .That Girl Sewing Skills j4 " Adventure Tailoring 8:00 Flip Wilson waltons Undersea World flip Wilson Waltons Wild Wild West Advocates :1$ " "Smile of Walrus :30 :45 " - - 9:00 Ironside Mo.lB,Hjk, Passl,0 MM "" , American Family 1$ " Don t Make . . Oon t Make 'tiKXted follow Oi :30 " Waves . w,veJ" :45 - - u a:00 Oean Martin . Streets of San Dean Martin ii Talkin With loid I 1 1 :15 " . francisco . . family 111'30 " " . n:00 local News local News local Hews local News local News Alfred Hitchcock (lM) :1S . , :30 Tonight Show mt jack Paar .Tonight Show Moyil POW'sSpeahOnt I :45 foster Brooks -Lizzie" John Scarne foster Brooks "lizzie" I ai :0 Daphne Davis I slS Miles Burton I M i30 - lack Leslie Melville - I nani'a4S A

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