The Hearne Democrat from Hearne, Texas on September 26, 1941 · Page 8
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The Hearne Democrat from Hearne, Texas · Page 8

Hearne, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1941
Page 8
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THE HEARNE DEMOCRAT, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1941 ROBERTSON CO. RECORDS •V'W/W^-fV^^'wl' W*^S^^^ Ken! Estate Transfers A. M. Scott and wife to Frank Lc- vclls. south 43 feet lot 7, and north H feet of lot 8, block 3d, Franklin; $510.10 and other considerations. James Pierce and wife to Bonnie Lee Allen, 40 acres. J. S. McNucl one- third league survey; consideration $40.00. H. G. Martin and wife to E. W. Moore, 51.35" acres, J. W. Hill hcad- right league; $10.00 and other considerations. Tom Hears and wife to George Abraham, lot 4, block 63, Bremond; consideration $1.0.00. Harry Friedlander and wife to W. H. Anderson, lots 0, 7 and 8, block 72, Calvert; $1,600.00 and other considerations. Willie H, Mitscher and Arthur E. Mitscher to Miss Phillipinc H. Mitscher, lots 2 and Vz of 3, block 12, Calvert; consideration $1.00. Margaret Anderson, et al, to Bolden Anderson, lot 2, block 80, Calvert; consideration $50.00. Clara K. Winter to B. F. Killough, 205 acres, Jacob Prickett survey; consideration $180.00. Mrs. Orrie Brantner, ct al, to Seth Brantner, lots 1, 2, 10, 11 and 12, block 41, Bremond; $1250.00 and other considerations. Smart Styling Keynotes New Chevrolet FOR RENT—Apartment. Mrs. J. E. Maguirc. 27-1 tp LOTS FOR S ALBAY. P. Ferguson. -Block 70. Mrs. 27-2t|) FOR SALE—Good clean Ferris brick, $8.00 per thousand. 704 Magnolia. 26-2tp AY ANTED—Unfurnished room, close in, by elderly lady. Democrat office. Apply at The 26-2tp Will build business building to suit tenant in downtown Hearne. J. B. Oldham, Rockdale. 26-2tp FOR SALE—Sweet Clover Seed- 5c pound; 500 pounds or more delivered.. Bill Clark, Calvert, Texas. 25-4tp Agent wanted to sell monuments. 25% commission. Write, Robbins "Cattle" will be the central theme of the 1941 State Fair of Texas, which isn't very far away—Oct. 4 to 19. Two national beef cattle shows will be the feature of the $150,000 livestock division. In the National Hereford Show (the third consecutive year it has been held at the State Fair), $30,000 in prizes are offered and awards in the National Aberdeen-Angus Show total $10,000. The Hereford prizes represent ^ the biggest amount ever offered by any fair in a single classification of livestock, it is declared by this columnist's old friend, E. Paul Jones, publicity director. At least 400 head of Aberdeen-Angus arc expected in Dallas for what will be the first national show ever held for the breed of black cattle. But of course cattle are by no means all. When closely questioned, the officials will admit that the 1941 Fair will be the biggest and best yet—and they point to $17,500 in prize money for "the largest farm show ever housed under a single roof;" $7,500 for poultry, besides the hobby show, culinary, textiles, flowers, pigeons and others—the grand total of prizes reaching the breathtaking figure of $150,000. An independent Midway, made up of the cream of the attractions of many exhibitors and not of just one, including the popular Harley Sadler with two shows; Press Day when the editors of the state will be guests of honor; the Queen's Pageant; University of Oklahoma against University of Texas on the gridiron, so President Harry Seay and Secretary Roy Rupard have good grounds for hoping to see a new attendance record set for the third straight year, the 1940 mark being 1,116,487 with 215,000 children on hand for Children's Day. * * * Tom Phillips in the Santa Rosa Signal says, "Study is a wonderful thing—last .week we stayed up all night figuring out what became of the sun when it went down. Finally it dawned upon us." Far West Texans will be able to Distinguished styling, characterized by a new massiveness, marks the new 1942 Chevrolet, introduced to the motoring public today. Shown above is the Special De Luxe Sport Sedan, a roomy, luxurious, six-passenger model. A new grille treatment, with integral parking lights, and the smart new elongated front fender, which sweeps back into and opens with the front door, are design highlight*. Interior appointments are in the modern mode. Dauhter of Calvert Couple Succumbs Funeral services for Mrs. J. Willard Price, 3d. of Fort Worth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Stahl of Calvert were held in Calvert Monday. with interment following in the Calvert cemetery. Mrs. Price died in a Fort Worth hospital where she had submitted to operation. She was the wife, of an employe on public defense projects in Panama and had expected to leave in a short time to join her husband. Mrs. W. H. Davison, Mrs. R. W. Marshall, Misses Julia Ada Rhodes, Marinell Smith, Connie Fleetwood and Mrs. Cecil T. Rhodes went to Calvert^ for the funeral service. Monument Co., 2710 Washington Ave,, s , ec > horso races soon-even if they Houston, Texas. 27-3tn For Lease—169 acres good cotton land and 6-room house, Valley Junction and Highway 43, Hearne, Texas. Joe Loria .owner. Apply 6105 N Main, days" has caused the Donna News- Advocate to dig up this poem of World War No. 1 days: My Tuesdays are meatless, My Wednesdays are wheatless, I am getting more eatless each day. My home, it is heatless, My bed, it is sheetless— Southwesterner already is shown by the fact.that he says, "You all." And that's Sam Buron, who is going to give the Lone Star State a new and exciting sport, ice hockey. * * * Here and there: Sign "in a crossroads store, "If you must spit, be They're all sent to the Y. M.' C. A. | original; spit on the ceiling." Menu Houston, Texas. 27-5tp FOR ' SALE—Good second-hand clothes for boys, age 6 to 10 years. If interested phone 128 or call at 907 Magnolia. - 26-2tn 169 acres good cotton land and 6- room house,' A r alley Junction and Highway 43, Hearne, Texas. Joe Lo- do have to go out of the state to do so. Like the feller who said, 'I'm gonna have peace even if I have to fight for it.' New Mexico sportsmen will construct a track just over the state line from El Paso. There also comes a report {hatthe track in Juarez, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, will be reopened. President Roosevelt sent greet- ria, owner. Apply Houston, Texas. 6105 N. Main, 25-3tp MAN or WOMAN wanted to supply customers with famous Watkins products in Hearne. No investment; business established; earnings average $25 weekly. AYrite J. R. AVatkins Company, 70-80 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, TCIHI. 27-ltp WANTED: Au ambitious, wide- awake man or woman to look after renewals and new subscriptions for the popular, fast-selling magazine, The AMERICAN HOME. It's easy, pleasant work, and it pays big commissions. Spare time only required. Write today to Director, Sales Division, The AMERICAN HOME MAGAZINE CORPORATION, 251 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 27-lt FOR AUTO LOANS—See George Childress, Central Texas Loan Company, Cameron, Texas. The bar-rooms are treatless, My coffee is sweetless, Each day I get poorer and wiser. My stockings are feetless, My trousers are seatless— , Gosh, how I hate the Kaiser! Fleeing from the most severe blizzard that Minnesota had known in years, Sam Buron, highly successful young St. Paul business man, came to Fort Worth last February. When he saw the magnificent Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum, he exclaimed, "What a beautiful building!" And when he looked inside,.he added, "And what a place for an ice hockey rink!" And there you have the story of how Texas is to have a new sport this coming winter, ice hockey, said to be. the fastest game known. For Buron took a 10-year lease on the Coliseum and is spending thousands of dollars to install the machi.ijery for an ice rink—60,000 feet or almost 12 miles of pipe, and other equipment in proportion. The story of Sam Buron's career to date—he's only 31—is a Horati'p Alger success story. Born in,,St. Paul, he sold papers on the street after school; then worked his way through high school by getting up at 3:30 a. m, to carry a newspaper route. AYhen he married at 21, he .was a grain acountant at a salary of $90 a month and at night after 'work he built a home with his own hands. Then he started to build a four-family flat and before he knew it almost, he was in the construction business. And, of course, if you're going to build, it's nice to have a lumber ings when the Texas City Sun form-1 yard, so he acquired one. Then he ally opened its beautiful new home. "Jack Comvay and Clark Gable send you their regards,' writes H. N. Fisch, manager of the Justin Boot & Shoe Co., of Fort Worth, visiting in Hollywood. Conway was director of "Boom Town" and Gable was the hero. Your columnist was technical adviser. A reader quips, "There are no seals in Seary and no geese in Goose Creek; I wonder if there are any gals in Galveston?" * * * • AVord cameos: To be read in tears, a poem must be written in tears—(Horace, Roman poet). A prejudice is a vagrant opinion without visible means of support— (Ambrose Bierce, American journalist). • Tilly was one of those persons who arc too anxious to please to please. Gentle reader, meet the duplicate infinite—(0. Henry, Texas short story writer. * * * Mr. Ickes' threat of "gasless Sun- went into the storage and warehouse business, too, and not long ago he became also the owner of the South St. Paul Terminal warehouse buildings, which have even more floor space than the huge Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum. And with all .those business activities, Sam Buron has had time for civic work too. He is the major factor behind the unique Hook 'Em Cows, a fun organiaztion of the men of the South St. Paul stockyards, which has a uniformed drum and bugle corps and a troop of 40 horsemen, both units being much in evidence in all parades. Then Buron had charge of the banquet that was given honoring Governor Stassen when the Minnesota chief executive was acclaimed the outstanding young man of the nation. And only a week or so ago, Buron retired as president of the Minnesota Junior Chamber of Commerce. He has a ready smile, a pleasant voice, a hearty • laugh, tells a story well, is in demand as a speaker and has moved to Texas. That he is a real writers are "going Hollywood," as witness: "Prawns with crisp croutons swimming in piquant penguin sauce." General Pinky Francis, one of the best storytellers in the Capitol City, makes this comment when someone relates an especially ancient joke, "Columbus told that one to the Indians." * * * If you do go to Mexico and if you go by automobile (as this columnist suggests), when you arrive in Mexico City, put the car in a garage and leave it there. The many one-way streets and the swift current of: traffic are likely to prove bewildering and, though you probably won't have a collision, you will not enjoy driving in the business district. Taxicabe are innumerable—and the fare is very low. All you have to do is look as though you want a cab and one will pull up to the curb. But if not, then when you spot a car approaching with a sign, "Libre," signal to the driver. Most of the taxis are new cars and some are of the higher price makes, too". For a short trip, six or eight blocks, the cliarge is only one peso (about 20 cents) and three persons pay no more than one. Longer trips are in proportion. How a man can drive a fine car, 'buy gasoline and make enough at such a rate to pay for the auto and his own living expenses,—well, you figure it out. Conversational English in one easy lesson:. The first hun'dred years are the hardest. Is it hot enough for you ? Don't take any wooden nickels. Don't do anything I wouldn't do., 6 key doke. I just consider the source. So what? Oh, yea—you and who else? ..'.'.-. * * * Some fellows can get away with anything. There's one in our neighborhood that does. Morals don't mean a thing to him. He's unmarried, and lives openly with a woman he's crazy about; and doesn't care what the neighbors say o rthink. He has no regard for truth or law. .The duties of the socalled good citizen are just so much bunk as far as [ he's concerned. He doesn't vote, at i ing and entering the game on the fly; and the pace is so terrific that the two wings and the center are unable to play for more than four minutes at a stretch when three fresh men go in and the starters rest a while. Spills are frequent and sometimes fists fly. Popularity of the sport is shown by the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks, in 24 home games last year, drew an attendance of 379,000. Texans, who like football and rodeos, are expected to take to this new sport. .* * , * A newspaper editor writes: It is reported that one of the fastidious newly-married ladies of the town kneads bread with her gloves on. This incident may be somewhat peculiar, but there are others. The editor of this paper heeds bi-ead with his shoes on; he needs bread with his pants on, and unless some of the delinquent subscribers of this old rag of freedom pony up before long, he will need bread without a thing on, and.this town is no Garden of Eden." Mumford PTA Elects Officers Members of the Mumford PTA held their first meeting of the new school year at the Mumford school house on Friday, September 19, for the purpose of perfecting an organization and electing officers to serve for the year. The officers chosen: President—Mrs. Frank DeStefano, First .Vice President—Mrs. Sam Scarmardo, Second Vice President— Mrs. • Bonnie Woodyard, Secretary— Miss Anita Phegley, Treasurer— Mrs. Norcross, Recorder—Miss Annis Kiber and Parliamentarian—Mrs. W. C. Vines. Our soldiers, sailors, and marines need planes, ships, tanks, ammunition, uniforms, and food. You can help to supply them by buying De fense Savings Bonds and Stamps. Quick frozen cottage cheese will soon be available in many metropolitan markets, following successful ex-^. periments in New Jersey. Although it is supposed by many to be parasitic, scientists say it has been proved that Spanish moss lives entirely on the plant food which it derives from air and rain. To "Keep 'em Flying" you must _ o ; _ I "Keep on Buying" Defense Savings The quantity of wool shorn and to | Bonds and stamps regularly. be shorn in the United States in 1941 j 0 is estimated at the all-time high of | Ranchmen can help prevent grass 399,941,000 pounds, or three percent fires by plowing one or more furrows larger than the previous high of ! just inside the fence where pastures 1940. are near highways. either tne *he general Approved Dealer Sinclair Products (CREDIT CARDS HONORED) We Do All Kinds of WELDING, BODY and FENDER WORK Also METAL PAINTING GULF and SINCLAIR GASOLINE & OILS P. L. Brady Garage & Service Station COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Day Phone 64—Nile and Day Wrecker Service—Nite Phone 132 and 189—107 Cedar St. election. He never thinks of paying a bill. He won't work, a lick; he won't go to church; he can't play cards, or dance, or fool around with musical instruments or the radio. So far as is known, he has no intellectual or cultural interests at a'll. He'neglects'his appearance terribly. He's so indolent he'd let the house burn down before he'd turn in an alarm. The telephone can ring itself to -pieces and he wouldn't bother to answer it. Even on such a contro- versal subject as the liquor question, nobody knows exactly where he stands, because one minute he's dry, and the next minute he's wet. But we'll say this for him, in spite of all his faults he \comes of a darn good family. He's our neighbor's new baby. So many folks have asked for more information about the ice hockey (which will be played for the. first time in Texas this winter in Fort Worth) that here are a few facts about the sport: It is played of course on ice and the players wear skates; they skim over the ice at a speed of 40 miles an hour; there are no timeouts for substitutions, players leav- ...what's a quartet without harmony? When folks gather for a good* time there are bound to be a few who, lift their voices in joyous song. Yes, and to inspire such a fraternal spirit, there's nothing quite like smooth, grand-tastin' Grand Prize to help harmony reach a new high! For just such gatherings, the brewers of Grand Prize have introduced the giant quart bottle—32 ounces of ice-cold liquid refreshment—four generous servings of a truly great brew. Is it any wonder, then, that Grand Prize gets the call first when friends and family thirst? Now available in three convenient containers . . . quarts, 12 ounce bottles and Keglined cans, grand- tastin' Grand Prize meets your every need with a convenient, economical size. Tonight- introduce your friends or family to the beer without a peer—grand-tasting Grand Prize. GRAND PRIZE GRPND-TflSTIN'BEER! \ • Gulf Brewing Co., Houston

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