The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1960
Page 14
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«-i_ — ,. ..... .. (lo.) Upp*r DM Mo!ne» Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1960 . . *...... . ....... ..... . ... . ......... f ' . . r ' Wed Sept. 3 At Cofwifh tnr by her father, was attired i a gown of dclustered satin, fash ;With, A sabrina neckline tapering sleeves, ,and ex tending into a full train. Thfe sa brina neckline \va$ accented Wit; chantflly Ince appliques which extended down the center fron of the;: bodice and to cither side o the skirt in a rodingote fashion The bride's fingertip silk illusion veil fell from a pearl tiara. She carried a bouquet of white roses Attending the bride as mnic of honor was Judy Spongier. Jerry Elbcrt, brother of the >ridt\ serVed as best man. Mrs Vincent Graettinger, Madonna filbertand Kathleen Kai^- scr acted a* bridesmaids. Dean Elbert, Harlan Elbert, Carter Gregff and Elmer Livingston wrwd as ushers. Mrs Albert Merriam' played the nuptial music while Mrs Elmer Doughan and Mrs James Walmsley sang, Fr. O'Toole performed the double ring ceremony r.fid said the nuptial high- mass. Marjory Bonstetter registered the guests as they entered the church. ' k 4 A brunch recep«6n wfiS halt In the Algena tiotei. AlgdnlJ following tHe'weddlftg. Mi>: Mrs George , J f Elbert,-.' rttbre, served'aX host and .._ A fouMiered v»e'damg cake .... tered the bridal .table arid the bride's dhoseri 'colors! were t"-* ricd oilt in the decofatlofls..., Georgia Gaskill, Mrs __'_.„ Tindall and' Mrs Eugene Walt* man presided at the gift table. For going away > this bride, selected a putple silk 'printed acket dress with black acces 1 ories. The bride, a graduate of Cor with high school and lo\Va State 'eachers College, has been em ployed by the Waterloo schoo . f ystem for -the pjtst two; years Mr Drummond attended Mar-> tiette University, (received his. l.A. and M.A. degrees from the Jniversit.y of Minnesota ,and also ook graduate work at North* western University. He is presently associated with WRE3C* TV, Rockford, 111. where ( the couple will make their home. (UDM Engraving) Give Summary Of UnJon Slough Summer Activity Irene Kenne Of St. Joe Recent / Shower Honoree St. Mary's Catholic church, Corwith, was the setting for a fall wedding'Sept; 3 when Carol Ann Elbert, daughter of Mr and Mrs Leo P. Elbert,; Corwith, be- came the r bride of John D. Drummond, son of Mrs F. B. Drummond of Eau feiaire, Wis. and the late Frank B. Drummond. The bride, escorted to the al- New Gehl Biower 2-speed PTO, 9-inch pipe, 2 trough sizes This is the blower .with all the new ideas! Direct drive PTO at 540 RPM and optional step-up drive at 760 RPM. Get either the 10-fpot trough for any side-or rear-unloading wagon or the 3-foot trough for side-unloading. The 9-inch pipe adjusts to many angles, handles up to 45 .tons of corn silage per hour. Combination apron and auger feed licks clogging. Completely mobile on permanent wheeled transport. Come in and see this new Gehl Blower first—get our deal on the finest PTO blower you can buyl GEHL tan't bmif 0»h/'» lower price JOE BRADLEY By Harold H. Burgess Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife It has been an interesting summer at Union Slough Refuge. Precipitation has been near normal and waterfowl food and cover conditions have been gooc to excellent. Operator Bill Boyken completed two new conservation ponds in May, which were immediately taken over by several pairs of nesting ducks. Harold Prince, I.S.U. Junior, assisting with nesting and production studies, helped find 41 blue-winged teal and 7 mallara nests. Follow-up studies indicated that 34% of the teal and 33% of the mallard nests hatched. This is above the national averages for these species. From the 10% surveys-'made in grazing units and "idle" wildlife uplands, and the 100% survey made of July-mowed hayfields, we believe; that 116 blue- winged teal pairs nested on the refuge this year. Our breeding pair survey indicated' that 126 pairs of blue-wings were using the, area. / , The first wood duck brood appeared June 2nd and thereafter individual broods of 26 wood duck, 30 blue-wfnged teal, 6 mallard, 7 ruddy duck, 2 redhead and 1 shoveler were observed during the summer. Drs. Errington and Weller and Graduate Student Waller, all or I.S.U., have spent considerable time here this summer studying the relationship of predators to waterfowl. Dr. William ureen, Bureau Biologist, Winona, Minnesota, spent a working week here in June setting up additional vegetation transects to study the effects of our water management program on waterfowl food, cover and overall use. Dale Hein, I.S.U. Graduate Student, spent two days here in mid-August counting wood duck enroute to and from their roosting marsh. As that time we estimated a population of 523 wood ducks using the refuge. Clerk-typist Mrs Fern Dockstader resigned in June to move to Winona and was replaced by Mrs Fern Boekelman. William Boykcn recently received a Civil Service appointment and promotion. Migrant toal and pintail began appearing early and by August 26 had built our duck population up to about 2000. St. Joe — Irene Kenne was honored at a pre-nuptial shower Monday evening in St. Joseph school hall with relatives and friends attending the courtesy, The evening was spent playing 500, with Mrs Nick Bormann receiving high prize. Mrs John Kollasch received the door prize. VTiss Kenne, daughter or Mr and Mrs Joe Kenne, will became the 3ride 'of James Buscherfeld of Whittemore Saturday in St. Joseph's church. Priest Visits Rev. • Luke Becker, O.S.B. chaplain at St Mary's hospital, D ierre, S. D was a visitor here with relatives last week. Rev. Becker is a brother of Tony Bec- cer and Mrs Eugene Thiil and mlf-brother of Albert, Jerry and 3on Becker. PHONE CY 4-2421 HAPPY ANGLER Mrs Walter Stuber, of Spirit Lake, was an elated angler recently when she tangled with, and landed, a 10-pound walleye while fishing at the lake. The ALGONA, IOWA ' fish was 29 inches long and had Nurse, Graduate Catherine Hilbert, daughter of J$r and Mrs Frank Hilbert, has been here on vacation follow-; ing graduation from St. Joseph's Mercy School of Nursing '. in Sioux City Aug. 21. Two New Arrivals Mr and Mrs E. M. Gales are parents of a son born Aug. 30 in St. Ann hospital, .Algona. This makes three boys and two girls in the Gales family. Mr and Mrs Mike Bormann of Algona are maternal grandparents and Mr and Mrs E. J. Gales from here are paternal grandparents. Mr and Mrs Luke McGuire of Hurt are parents of a son born Aug. 31 in St. Ann hospital. The McGuire's also have two daughters, Nancy and Norma. Mr and Mrs Ted Wagner are the maternal grandparents and Mr and Mrs M T. McGuire are the paternal grandparents, all from here. a 10-inch girth. Mrs Gerald Frankl was a guest Wednesday evening at the homo of Mrs Milford Plathe when the latter entertained the Farmette 500 Club. Receiving prizes were Mrs Gerald Frankl, Mrs Delmer Plathe and Mrs Wilfred Kohlhaas. Mrs Adeline Wagner entertained the R-Nu 500 club Tuesday with Mrs Sylvester Wagner receiving high and travel prizes Mrs Nicholas Weydert received I second high prize. Rain or shine, all it takes is a few turns of the dial to reach any store I In town. No wonder busy housewives like to shop by phone , . , there are no parking worries, no baby-sitter fees. You can check on bargains, compare prices, order practically anything without leaving the house. It's another way your telephone.,, often taken for granted.., helps you do more in 9 busy day. NORTHWESTERN BELL Service First from heCS. uvuumpumea Mary Heglmd from Arm* strong and Mr aftd Mrs Roney fHllges from Tracy. Mihn, afe Standing* a toe6k visiting Si Watertown, S. D. with George 2eller and Mr and Mrs Ed But' ler and family at Wduby^S, •, Helen Berte, daughter of Mr and Mrs J63 Berte is Mt? Rochester, Minn., . r&feivirtgi'.medlcil aid. Helen (is-a'ri'8th gMde stu* dent in St. Jdsph'glgeHojbi. f \ Mr and Mri Gedrgef Sehaller from near- *LuVerri$ were r Wed-' nesday evening visitor^ 'of Mr and Mrs Ray'Gales. j™f* evening fit ~> ftrtd Mrs Paul ^^« 4 , ier Mrs Milterd Mathe and , «ffk Mrs Alvitt Kleffl, Mfs Richard Thiil'tina daughters and Mr Sylvester Wagfter, all froni hefe attending. P&rtfcip'&ntS iH the fashion show, ^from here were KHsitiM and f Kathleen $ this Efpeldthi anW *" flfoui. y| ^ 4; Mr find MtsY. Roge'f!> „ YV(1 and, sojtif from",'Fort fiodge^ wefe" Tuesday? evenllig, B yisitfars here in* We plferrtal Jofe-SirinWelr.home^ Mr and Mr/ Bob Anderson , f Milwaukee, 'Wli. arb»fl^ |}HirW'StftUfd'af f6r is Visit DIVIDEND CHECKS ARE BEING MAILED - TO FARM OWNERS WHO HAVE FEDERAL LAND BANK FARM LOANS Through the,Federal Land Bank Association of Algona. FEDERAL LAND BANK FARM LOANS Provide • Long term safety (up to 35 years) • (Privilege of paying any amount any time without penalty. • Low payments geared to income ' . : • Prospect of future savings with a cooperative organ- nation that has many times passed along to members savings in form of dividends and.interest reductions when money costs warrant. For further information see (or write Box 670) ' EUGENE HUTCHINS or MISS BREEN FLBA office, South of Penney's in Algona lr:j i(Preferably Mondays or Wednesdays) Mth the- fattens' 1 parehts, .Mr and Mrs .OXrtlle- Wagfl'te* and' farrilly* and btfter relatives ahd friends Mr Iftd^MtS' Orvtlld Wagher }W11 efite'rfain .relatives in their home" Tuesday evening' k in' .honor of the visitors' and alsd daughter Judy. • • t-Vohn B. Hedfeg atfd*iSy;lvest&- Wagrier froffl.heTe 'Sc'compafiied Ajvin and -fi^b IterieHzflLivef-ii fflibre r on 6 |wMk'S SflshWg trip- ' * 1 ' i . .' ' i, ta ,,, iMjrthetgu. ,Sfmi|«tta:. ^ ft.l CaM.' X- *?*. -H^Ut* -j ' her W diita ttay Qdlfes u'tf tf prizes ftedihg. Fof bet« , . bine;t{is the and Alp. UppWeS *,- ;& r P' ^ i 4I* '(i ?', .- .'' f ifi<- U "• "/tit rtfi Co.,<Algona. 4 !•*'$•> I Kf'• '• ... J.J.- .-A.*, 'if'f ^- s "i $24.60 ,, hljS Putt,' ' - 1 ' It, 1 * Clean, Easy-Picki V 4 .* \1» 1' i , i / }i )' ">> ,' >* >* •T J ii '^ • 5 'l -it. irJ B -:-"\,-," ! ' C>R oe R ''••'I '•'" •-:/.''*' . Your Local Pioneer Salesmen: ' ' ' • ' • ' ; . •'•,. • ' * ' "" • R. I. Mawdsley ______ 1. Algona Aaron Steussy .. ...... _. Algona ._ i _'• _ :• , '"' j»" *••"'••'•- - ; •• r-z i i • "'..,'jf'i f.'t •'•: v Ted Hoover, Sr... ..... -.Algona ' - : v ":'.' ; l ;:i ;; f '• >? : ?*•' 'i; ; '; s i- l '*.V!T''J- '"• Henry Schroeder . 1 U-. .llijbn^f Rotk .'•*.-• • •,:•('-- • '•'. f ; ' i'f-'f ; ''i|'f\ ,'S* Eugene Kollasch .-.._....., Bode Walter Vaudt ..!.... Whittemore i Robinson Produce ...... . Wesley v^ r Jock Dethmers District Sales Mgr. if us t ATTENTION;... HOC RAISERS! We Will Be In The Market From Time To, Time For Hogs For The Meat To Be Exported To England. These Hogs MUST Have Been 1 - Vaccinated for Cholera, and ' 2 - A Certificate From A Veterinarian Must Be Provided That No Cholera Has Been On Farm Past 6 Months. ; . ! \ WE ARE SURE YOU WILL LIKE'OUR MARKET! Be Sure And Call Us -Before.-Selling' Your Hogs WcoTbRN BUYERS 5 £ I Office At C, M, 5 t. P, & P. Phone CY 4-2411 Algona (3Q-37)

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