The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1960 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1960
Page 13
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THBnfe toll, "Mft Elftei r 6f ..WafifeiitOn, Ore. for your note and birthday greetings. It was -Mice . seeing .-you, even though r&tHer briefly, on your visit here several Weeks ago.> We neVer did get- -that* farm visit, did we? Comettttffik'Bhd we'll work it in somehoW I , . , ' \ •*!-'»•"» ' •M*UW» *.*.a*«ui f .a,*«vijr we uaun. in tirnfer'for 'Mrs J Eason 'to resume her tfttifehlMg. ; 1 'haven't learned y'et wTidt -Mdry gttsan's pldrts ' are. Ifre chrd bdre a 'picture tff an InHifih* 'canip <rtid as one' is cautioned, "read '{Me 'fine print", I did and was rewarded 'by some interesting information. "Everything an Indian dbfeS 'is In a tir- cle because every"(lilng tends to be round and the 'power 'of the world always woYks in 'circles., An Indian camp is always a'cir- i cle of' camps." » » . '• Webster Orion 'dould well be called- "Bachelor 'father", 'bU't i unlike , John Forsythe (Uncle Bentley) "Web"' <has: ia'r more responsittilitfes-'tnan "Niece Kel-' ley." He fctfendfed 'the ! Iowa 'State , fair and ;tpdk with 'him *& groUp of young'*'folk" covering quite an ; age bracket, from -16 -to 7. With ; him were Elaine drton, ! Bill and Kay Thdhufs, '"BUtch" Sp&ht, Mary Lou, 'Lelahd, Marian, Barrel, Jean, 'arid Vfcki Brown. Arrangements were 'niade for camping and 'Web's '.truck had beeh| outfitted for convenient uses. , The girls slept in -'sleeping ';bags in the ,truck on which a little "house" had been built. The boys, slept in 'bags under the trees and were 'cam'iSed on 'the :grduhds a't the fair. Friday was spent oh the • grounds and Saturday was given, \ over to exploring, the /cityi At' the fair Bill Specht; won a" free helicopter 'Tide, f Web said the group Was "perfect; in behavior and all had a wonderful time. It was so 'succes'sfuf |he ! Is" willing to take them again in 1961, They returned homjei Saturday night, tired, but 'completely -happy over -a fine holiday.- •':•.'-* •• l , *,' '»»'::« My : attention was 'called to 'the Business and Professional magazine and an item in it on Kenneth Asa, "Man of the Month", in a recent issue. He is a relative of Mr and Mrs J. B. Asa, which will make it more interesting. * » • ; ; Bad luck pursued Mr and Mis Floyd Wilcox, Norco, ,'Calif., who visited Mrs^Emma Cr'buch, Gfeor- ge 'Crouch 'and Mrs -Hazel Seely a few months ago. From here they drove east *nd when they reached Milwaukee, the son •Bryan was taken to a hospital for an appnedectomy. He was hospitalized eight days, 1 • • * • The Arthur Jackmans have a "Little Women" family too-four daughters and no sojis. They have recently • been visited by them and a family get-together was held. Grace (Mrs. J. J. Chos- sy), Madison, Wis., Phyllis (Mrs Don Ryan), Orange, Tex., Marian (VIrs William Knoll), of Lone Rock and Carol (Mrs Russell Jensen). • • • Speaking of families, Mrs John -Claude has a brother and sister- in-law, Mr and Mrs Jack Lath- coe, Sioux City, who have five daughters, Kathy, Debbie, Rosie Nancy and Terry. Nary a boy in the little flock. The Claudes run to sons and have Tom, Tim, Steve and Robbie. The Claudes have recently beun visited by the Lathcoes. , * * • The Claudes vacationed at Spearfish, S. D. earlier in the season and saw the "Passion Play." Mrs Claude says it is a wonderful production. It continues till September in S. D., then goes to Florida for winter performances. » « • How lucky can you get? William Cook was asked to sign a card for a drawing at Mason Cky to be held later. Imagine his surprise at being notified he was winner of a fine unmounted diamond. Of course Mrs Cook •will be the lucky winner in the end, for her husband plans to have it mounted for her. * * * Mr and Mrs Gilbert Hargreaves and their son-in-law and •daughter, Mr and Mrs Dick McGinnis, Suzanne,. Michael and Janelle, vacationed at Two Har' bors, Minn., not far from Duluth on Lake Superior. They went to Canada, too. Suzanne set some sort of a record for a chijd her age-7, pulling in a 22 inch northern and catching two others, a walleye and a pwch. ** * * ' Mary Elisabeth Godden Lucey and five children, who have been Visiting Mary's father, Harry •Qodden, had plane reservations ind were to take off in a few Hours. A. phone call from her -husband Dr. Robert Lucey came Just in time for them to make ^cancellation. He was on a surprise trip, had landed in Minneapolis, hired a drive it your- wlf car and was in Brill. There fu> was stuck-thc- town was so ill of people there for Hobo -' possible." The family went to the Godden cottage at the. Oko- bojis -for -part of • the remaining. in Iowa, , i When I read Chris' comment?: on the bridal finery 1 of Mrs Ghar-1 les • Patterson and COra Fuller was mentioned as having made' 'tHe. 'f'fdtfsaeau, I wonder how .ttiany of you Will .recall '{Hat she Was -a 'sifter of Mrs' Hazel 'Lusby. Biclc fttirton he's ah itfteresi- Iwok he ! is compiling.- brought it 'over here /6fie recently. It,' cbntalAs some 'Very interesting thing's, data on family ge'neolbgV, papers' .of interest, maHy newspaper clippings' and coJJie-s of patents. It is a large 'book, well fnade ahd : jtlst the fight thing 'for his "pUf-j •pose. -Mrs Norton wus 'puzzled "as to where it could be storedJ E Suggested dne of'these Uftdef'thei bed Storage -chests. HoW -abodti it? , - ! 5 , i ? • ; > I" C" »'' > "fc 1 •' ' ' t j , When Mrs 'Sarah Smith called on 'me 'ttte other day the first thing I noticed was her forefin- thirfg,'! had, happened. She caUpt her fift'gef in the ,wtinfeef- bn the washing machine and (Strjbped v the 'skin back 'frdm tifr'lg 'bSSfe. Thls'is the'-Sedond'titee^he-lias had Sh 'IhjUfy 5 irtflibt8a^by' a Wfihg^'Tlie' 'first .IfivWey her flg'hPharid, iHjtlfed a'kttufckle so badly if Hevgr 'r^galrieU It's- ori- linW 'sha"i>e. f He <Hfippferie"d -sdme years 'ago. < '• • ; • * * •«'.-( The green parakeet 1 '! mentioned a 'Week '6r sb Outfit* We '>$tb- perty of Eya Wifie. I haVen't seen him^here since-, t,hen,' but he sure fets; around. He was flying arourid With Mfs 'Cfflles' arid my birds, fend )vas seen.a dtiy of Wo ago with a floik of blackbirds over in the Williams street area. Mrs Roy Haag reported he has been seen by John Haag and she saw" him, tpp. I hope he keeps! well and stiirdy-and perhaps MrX 'Wille can figure Soine vfay ,of getting him back. • •- • • ' • * « « . i Horace and, Mary king, Sunnyvale, Calif., ate really en 'route 1 here, according to information received by Harry Godden and; relayed ,to me. He had word GOOD frofa i them some .time : ago ( but When; thty didn't - arrive, < we flgured'thfey ilad changed jstans. Th6y aife coming i ie longest way rdUHd, Which according to ftte old song, !is 'the.'"sweetest." The card was sent from Cahada biit by the time, this reaches print, they may have arrived. ; .',•:':>.'•-* * ,'» , Now here is something worth shooting fpr-a* wheel chair that will climb stairs! Instead of shooting for the moon* and send* ing out Sputniks and Echoes, why not concentrate on this project. A' $6,000 award is ready for the person who can come up Tuyday, Sapt.^6, 1960^ Aljipna (la.) Upper Dai with fe Whlblchair df certain specifications. The National In- veh'tors CbtlHbll Jn {We depart- mant 6f Cbm'nierce, Washington, D. C. has bfedn designated as tHe Hgendy tb figdelve and screen •ideas bfesertted. -Now (he item i •rettH »h itHis (Hdh't iay, a'MytHiHB. but g^ttlhg down, ;btit it -is Sttttifed - ! thfe dhalr WUst *be able 'tb Wdi'k 'bdth 'Ways. 'P.ut ime' dowrn 'for- 'tth Wder! '* » '* .. • ( ; WhSh 'I found our tiiitle Prtit was to 'be ! go*he a few days, I -put 'Uvo atfd 'two toge'th^r afiH camb 6Ut flve^flazel ahd Frrfhk Verb, ! Ruth and=Mimer PhillipU and Diz' zte, fishing at the Vera cottage a't ^h Isaab Hoover df Gflnnell fs t[uite spread of the 6 f66t, 8 inclt Wmafo islaht he has gftiwirtg ih his ga^de'h. He dug the plaUt but of his garden last fall, kefit it by a Window in his house Jill WiHter, and replanted it in His garden this Spring. He had to build supports to keep it ffofln toppling over. ; WANT AiSS BHlNO HESULtS Around Town Joe Bradley South Hotel Algona , /' Farifi Machinery — Trucks — Tires Oliver Master-Harris Allls-Chalmeri CMC Truck! Flra»lon» Tirol Phone CY 4-242] ; Algona iinHiiuiiiiiiiiiuuiiii 1 YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Bronson Building Service "Try Us" And Ybu'll_Like Us" ~* Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL JVORK Builders' Hardware Tools SIOUX Tanks & /Crib's N. of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 Algona - CY 4-4369 >(.»- -v«<,,«r- . ' •* -pf WH$£X*33 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiii .Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Kelley Lumber Company, across from the Milwaukee Depot on North Main Street your "One Stop Shop" for all types of building materials and ser vices. ' NKW HOMES: Aluminum, asbestos, wood and other siding applied. All types roofing, flooring, windows, panelling/ ceilings and Sherwin William s Paints. KITCHENS: Fashionwood Cabinets. Custom built cabinets, Formica countertopping and built in appliances featured. •FARM "BUILDINGS: Conventional cribs, barns and other buildings. All purpose, steel frame buildings are here now. Laminated arch grain storage. FARMYARD EQUIPMENT: "Norton" Hog Feeders and "Lee" Cattle Feeders are now built and delivered by Kelleys. Kelleys distribute the Petersen Stock Tank in north central Iowa and southern Minnesota. ; "DO IT YOURSELF" SERVICE: At Kelleys you get top quality materials, friendly assistance. EASY TERMS: Kelleys offer 4 sound, types of financing with monthly or seasonal terms. Remember; Kelley Lumber Company in Algona, Sexton or Ottosen. At Kelleys "OUR BUSINESS IS BUILDING". YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR n ^^ t ^^^^^~^~^^^^^^^^^^ Meet Don McCarthy Of St. Benedict A well-balanced farm operation is the aim of many farmers. Don McCarthy, this week's Country Neighbor, who farms 340 acres of land at the south edge of the community of St. Benedict, fits into the balanced farm operator class without a doubt. eveiy- out of town, tiiiag. HI be wjth you as- soon as. lUIIPUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIM Algona Refrigeration REFRIGERATION - TELEVISION PHItCO Heffiger«»ori Fteeztr* Toleviiion Bangci Radio* Ali-CondiHoclng ft ComrnercUl Reirlgtratlon Pbone CY 4-«i« Algona jiuigiiiiiijippiyiiiiiiiijiiiiiwiiim WAT(:H THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR N*- Don has farmed at St. Benedict for the past 18 years. At the present time, he has 180 acres of corn, 30 acres of soy beans and the u -»lance of his acreage in hay and oats- He wal feed much of his own harvest to the 250 or 300 cattle and 200 hogs he will raise during 1960. His own crops, however, will not feed all of the livestock. He will purchase necessary amounts of corn to supplement his own supply, combining it with the necessary roughage to fatten the stock 'for market. • -Born, raised and educated In 'Clark county, S, D., Don met 'Marian Haan 'after completion of 'his high school education and later married her at Kranzburg, S. D. The McCarthy's have 16 children, ranging from little i tots to college students, including -J 2 now attending school, with most enrolled at St. Benedict and Garrigan high School. One daughter. Sister Mary Donald, is at Ml. lioretio at Dubuqu,e, a son, Leo,, has a degree in 'finance from Creighton U., Omaha, and wil) enroll in the college of law, and another son Eugene, helps his father on the 'home farm. . . , Irons Heating & Plumbing "Complete!? Ea,ulj»pf4 Serve Vo« Plumbing - H»a|ln$( 8hf*t M»l*l or pu Puropi mimiiiiyiiiiiiiiiiiiiir Beecher Lane Appliances Q«fK Vow- in ID A*»PtIANCIEH Wei Ullllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllillllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ eration & Air Conditioning Service 4-2702 333 South Sample Algona IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! Kelley lumber Co. , '"OUr Business -Is Building" , • LUMBER • PAINT CEMENT Near Milwaukee Depot '-•Algona <. Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete Line Of Hfdware • Housewaret • Tools • Bldg. Supplies Phone Cf 4-4630 'ALGONA Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service For the Farmei Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - 'killy-Ryah - Papec Idea Farm Machinery • Sale* • Service Mr McCarthy's main hobby is flying, He 'pilots his own plane on business and pleasure haps and enjoys "rubbing elbows" with other pilots wherever he sets the plane down. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW Robinson Construction C*. Sioux Steel 'Buildings Building Construction For size, strength, long Iffe and ease _ of buildihg, insist 5 on „ • = — SIOUX — | Another advance- H ntSrrt 'hi Easier 1 farming. g E. E. Robinson 1 East On Hwy. 18 ^ Phone CY 4-3374 I j^'iM s%.« I'M • : # •;£ u»*;|f||| • Friendly k Courteou* Alwayt N. Main St. Phone CY 4-34S1 Taylor Implement Co, and Toylor MERCURY

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