The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1960 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1960
Page 2
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(la.) Uftpflf De« Mblna* Tuesday, Sept. 6, I960 Ann Martin Of Burt Honored With Shower P I Butt, " -Ann Martin was ' , „ guest of honor/ at 'a \nriisce] lan- efius 'shower held- a't the Good IJope Methodist church Tuesday evening. Mrs -Ervin Lt^cdlke registered the many quests present. .A short prdgrani ^waS present- efl, which includecl' piano' selec-* t^ins by Gwcnyth Teeter, vocal duet numbers by Carilyn Hindk- Ifiy a^d Francis McDonald, accompanied by Gweriyth, and a htimordus reading- by Maybelline Ijovstad. •. ._. ' *Ann*w,as . assisted' in ppening her gifts by Mrs Ervin Luedtke, ijorbthy Slopn, Darlene Seiler and Diane Luedtke. '•Ann, the daughter of Supt. and Mrs Harold Martin, will became tfie bride 6f Donald Riebhoff at the Algona Methodist church Saturday evening, Sept. 10. i Hostesses at Tuesday's shower Were the Mesdames Earl Ackerman, Art Baker, Bill ; :Boettcher,l Q, A. BjUstrom, Arie Dittmer, Bernard Gifford, Nora Garner, dtlo Harlah,: Everett Hanna. C. W. Heerdt, t Al. Hinckley, Cliff Holding, Orville Holdren, Jim Knoll; Dale Lockwood, Larry Manus, George Manus, Viola Mc- pefttlald, Durwood Mao Arthur Dc-h Mitbhell; drval- Pfeterson Walter Heidel, Aoy Sarchet Robert Sarchet, Louis Scott, H A, Sfhidt, C. S. Shipler, Hafley Troutman and Alvina Hasse. W. S. C. S. Mesia The W.S.C.S. members will meet at the church Wednesday Sept 7. Hostesses will be Hazel Larson,, Dorothy .McKifti, Jenny Riebhojtt Doretta Abbas and Velma Dixon. ' Presbyterian Circles The circles of the Presbyterian church will meet Wednesday. Circle A will meet at the church with Mrs Mike Long and Mrs Bernard Gifford as hostesses. Circle B will meet with Mrs Ronald Ortman and Circle C will meet with Mrs Earl Shipler. Mr and Mrs Wallace Winkie and children of Cedar Rapids wfert recent visitors for several days in the home of Mrs Winkie's aunt, Mrs Lloyd ocnenck. Rev. and Mrs H. Smidt spent Wednesday at the home of their daughter and husband, the Tony Tompkins at Stpmn Lake. Gary Schlchtl left Wednesday for Laramie, Wyo. where he will criroll at the University of Wyor ming. Gary,' son of Mrs Flor ence Schichtl, taught the past three years at Calamus. Mr and Mrs Clarence^ Swab, Charles City visited Monday, at the home of their daughter and family, Rev. and ,Mrs Fred Samek. ' . • . , M ftmd Mrs Jerry Wiener BtftbSfra, dflrol Sud and Roseannc arid Mrs Hby Chfischllles, Fenton, *|>ent iKe &$& Pay week. end at the lakes near Alexandria, Minn., Mr and Mrs CHarles Davis moved this week from their home in Burt to a horte at Algona, > The home vacated by the Davises will be occupied by Mr and Mrs Eldon Tostenrud and family oi Dunnell, Minn. Mr Tostenrud will be employed at Garman's Gara'ge and Body S^hop. Mrs Lloyd Schenck spent .several days this past Week 'with her son James and family in Waterlog. •« Goodwin Bergerud spent Sunday with his Wife Who is hospitalized at Iowa City. Mt and Mrs Ray Hemmingson of Alden, Minn, called on Mr and Mrs Merwyn Cunningham Tuesday.- Mr and Mrs Henry Saucke^and Donald, Minn., were Tues- the Al Hinckley Senior Citizens ' Inquire Now ! Age 60 to Age TOO Send me information without obligation about your new hospital and surgical'.plan, guaranteed renewable for life, for men and women 60 years and over. : : Name Address. __:._ Town __ ;_ J-—— PHONE CY 4-4529 2 East State St., Algona Representing WOODMAN ACCIDENT AND LIFE COMPANY A. J. (Arnie) RICKLEFS; ' TFN Big 6 room Heating performance In a FL °c°oW CABINET! MODEL B870-UH Naturally, its a patented ^SEELER OIL, HOWIE HEATER • >-_..->, fh. sweet n' low! Only 33' high yet it beats up to 6 looms? HEAT GUIDING Inner HEAT TUBES OUTLETS Capture hottest heat-. Just pull and turn Built in BLOWER lo guide the Guides it over floors. Super floor Heat. • Patented SIEGURMATIC DRAFT ends soot, smoke, chimney troubles * PAST IRON CONSTRUCTION and a great MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! this new CONSOLE SIEGLER that BURT HARDWARE Phone 58 Hardware & Appliances da$£risi; lome''. -ft Rev. John Riebhoff of ' New York is enjoying a month's vaca- ion with his parents, the Lance Riebhgffsi -j ' > . , \MrTand Mrs Edvin Ulses'- and 3ene, Mrs Wallace Hawcott and ars Al Hinckley and Jufl^i'atJ 'ended the State Fair, Fridayi Ganlyn Hinckley and Hos|rnafy Allies / presented their demon* stfation 'Friday. ' ,**,*• Shiela Rachut, who 4 * redeived her B. A. degree from Wartburg college this Summer, has 1 accepted the position as kindergarten teacher in Sari Juan schools at Carmichael, Calif, for the coming year. Shiela taught in the Algona • .schools f the past years. Mr and IprofliS, ?Mr and .Jhtto'SUM.? Visit at the'Ea Ed Kieniti had -t-etlirried Stoday-fronj- and •Mrs -Mfandt'Mrs two Irvington Marquerite M. Hayes . -•; The Skilling sisters and. Robert Bagur and ' daughter of Mason City were visitors ^at the 1 home of Mr and Mrs Bob Skilling Friday. Marguerite Hayes spent the weekend and Labor Day in Minneapolis at the home of her nephew, Mr and Mrs Donald Frankl. Mr and Mrs Gerald Frankl and sons, Pat arid Mike attended the wedding of Bonnie Spangfer at Janesville, Minn. Tuesday. Miss Spangler is a niece of Mrs Frankl. , ''•.'-. Mrs Joe Bird apd^ children re- irned'io> their hphie jnV.Iowp iy'"" Wednesday.i'-fThey-' hg'o" spent ' several weeks at'the E. Dole ho'me. • .. . Mrs Jim Stammer and children of Jackson, Minn, are visiting at the home of her brother, Mr and Mrs Tom Gronbach. Mrs Jerry Hobbs and daughter Julie are spending* this week at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Woodrow Johnson. daughter of _ __ Kienitz of liakoltV jKuchenreuther,r* Mrs LynfhKUch tonka, were married in the _ byterian church; Lakotaf-Aug, _„ Rev. Harlan*Kru& perfdrlrfe'd the" dotiblc ring, cerembrfjK * Paula Stickles w*as' organist, i Kddh'pnreuther, soloist. n , , The bride, given by her fatjier wore a floor-length gown "_ white nylon organza with hah<i clipped chantilly lace. She ,ctr< ried a v bc(uquet pf Whit^ gji and carnations with bliie streamers on a wnltfe Bible, wore pearl ear rings', a"glftfdr bridegroom. She was attended' by. Ruby. Darwin, Meyer man. 1 Ushers were ( ' zema' and bennls KrOL—,_,.. A redeption foUowed rftt/ afot 160 gUeife>Mrs Cariyfe ^.^ attendea; the 'guest- book/>*M! Orval' Kieniti ' and^ Mrs^S" " Krominga poured' "punch? Roger Thompson and Mrs^ty!^ Fraser pbui-ed coffee. ->Mfs-.D,ar- Meidecker and, fafrtiiy, AUSUSV L'flrid Alfred 1 ' 1 Mete/-,Were' at IM Dennis > Ltittnj Home ^ to helf Wih ,and' B&k- elman" tut and * served ' the v wed* ding cake. Mrs E v J. Johnson 'and Mrs Dick Farrow opened v gifts. ' The, bride is a gjaduSlfe rfil kota high Ychool. » . * • of E LAST. i Belmond, the last customer d Riggs, before he laid down his barber shears for the last time recently, was "Barney" Dillon — —who 39 years ago' got the first haircut administered by Ed. He called it "quits" after giving his old friend a final hair- gut "on the house." Shower Honoree ; A pink and blue Shower was 4 held in honor, of Mrs Richard Garrett at her ,, nome'; • Tuesday! evening. The evening was'spent playing 'games, after u ~which \ a lunch was served by the - h'6si f -, esses, Mrs Robert Ogren, Mrs' Arnold Karels and Arlene Stro'e- bel.. . . . Mr and Mrs Carl Lofstrpm ^of near.Armstrong-were chariyaried' Monday by Mr and Mrs Don .Kollasch and family, Mr arid- Mrs Arnold Becker and family, Mr and Mrs Harold "Olthoff, the-Robert Kollasch family, ..the Ray- Beckers, Mr and Mrs John Roelf- sema and Harold, August, and' Alfred Melz. fe Mr and Mr* Paul Christ arid* family, Mr and Mrs Albert Goetz and family, Mr ana Mrs Franklin Schutter and daughter and Mrs'' Will Rhode of Titonka, were Sun-' ,jiay evening guests at the 'EugerV Christ Home to help v ' **' r anl Mrs family, Mr and Mrs Alvin- ch'e'r and family, Mr 'arid Mrs Otto Hertzke and family, and Mr and Mrs John V. .' Dorenbvish. spent a week's vacation at 'Lake ;Janell celebrat 'day Sunday. » . r ,> , ,' ' Teachers ffom the,Mki^& -Sdhi •soliated School aftehdfed tjtl K6s*f suth County ImproVertieAts 'of Instruction Ihstitute which wail held at Algona Aug, 30. 'Mrs Mabel Mattison attended a meeting at the school in HUm^ bc4dt for special reading teachers. Teachers Were present at ifindi- •MrsVi"Slitde'tte / -MMF fiusselt- Winter.- ••• ,' "After 1 a Jjiveek's vacatid Bad Lanaa and sans and Kent Giwema spent the ' H at Des Moines they attended the" Iowa „,.»„..< , , ,, „ ,„ 7 , Mrs'- v Ra^ • , Becker • , ahd ^ Mrs ' v , , ^ OHhoff todk' Albert fleck- er to Rochester, Minn. FMday ENDS TONlTE (WED.) "THE LOST WORLD" FRIDAY - SATURDAY "The Apartment" — Thursday' thru Saturday, 7:15-9:35. "Fireman Save My Child" -^ Saturday matinee, Cartoons 2:00. "Fireman Save My Child" — 2:30. ..-.'.-. "Elmer Gantry", Sunday, 1:153:55-6:40-9:20; Monday 7:00-9:40. "Woman Like Satan.", Tuesday-Wed'-Thur., 7:40-9:45. ATTENTION KIDDIES ! ALGONA Special Saturday Fun Mat. At 2:00 »w?s Burt, Iowa WWYHAOnT-HUGHOWIAM AOttiJiRCiftS-TOMIItOWM PLUS 5 COLOR CARTOONS !! CHILDREN ONLY 25c - ADULTS 60c Coming FRIDAY SEPT. 16 ALGONA I km* MfcvJ tM nf tut *M admitted tu «<f IPmttr* *H»f Thl», of cou'tf, I* fe h«lp »?V SHOWN FRI.,$AT., MQN., TUES. AT 7:15 - 9:20 SUNDAY AT 1:'00 - 3:05 - 5:10 - 7:15 - 9:20 JACK SHIRLEY VICTOR LEO MATURE-GENN 2ND -: DESTROYER VS.. SUBMARINE SHOWN AT 1 9:20 ...;^T^ Hi« dettroy«f-Jubn)Orln» duelilo-lh«-rf«arti ROBERT THE ENE BEI-OW & *ci: CO'.O» by DC CUXfi ADVENTURE THRLLS SHOWN AT •'-"1.1:10.. SUNDAY AND MONDAY,.. BaSJAGGER. ARTHUR K . r .~ 75« TUIIPAY - WIDNiSDAY - THURSDAY woman //At,,, Plus Color Cartoon And Added Short Subjects — ' — —-' ,••-(;"-.y'TiT'Ti.Ti'p 'n'-'^^^V^IipP^^II STEVE BRODIE-LYN DMAS MARK DANA- JOHN DOIICETTE Plus Color Cartoon - Adm. 75c - Kiddies FREE THURSDAY is. eS Si'r ... YOUR CAR flND All ITS OCCUPANTS WILL BE ADMlfTED FOR ONE BUCK (A DOLLAR TO YOU ) COME EARLY ^ STAY.LATE - BOX OFFICE OPEN UNTIL 11:15 P.M. SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY 'heyre sitting on the perfect METRO-' - f '. llAs. Vi| crime having 60LDWYN-jj^,^yyi woncterfUltlmal MAYERi GLEn FORD DEBB REVnOLDS •{• 2N9 fHBiUWp fiAtujg ROCK HUDSON CYDCHARISSE ERNEST K GANH'S MIGHTIEST BfST SELIEH v '{ -u ,. ( 4 SiNCt 'THE HsLlH THE _________

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