The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1960 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1960
Page 12
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eUAIflertd (In.) Upper ft«« Motntt Tuesday, Aug. 30, * | learned the other day that Mrs". C. NJ Robinsofl is a twin. -She has a brother Claude who £hymns with her name, Maude. ;His last name is Rickabaugh •knd he lives at Lc Mars. Mrs. Robinson Says he has always 'been known as "Pal" ; as the family didn't like the name Claude. 1 said, "What in the World did they name him that 3or?" She replied, "to match MaUde, h :name they liked." M . I •'* ' ; *'' '"''•' '" More birthday greetings came after I had mentioned them, in ,.;the column. ThanKs to the re.;l "of you who remembered. One from Connie Jergenson road' in 'jbart, "We had a wonderful tirnt- in the mountains Sunday. Drove through Chicago Creek Canyon, ,ihen cooked our supper over a tampfire by a mountain stream at the foot of Ml. Evans," Soun4s wonderful, and so glad to hear from you, Connie. * * « '-> Dorothy Butts, who is em- .'ployed at Washington, D.C., has vacationed here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butts. She was also in Chicago during .the Republican convention and stopped in Des Moines to visit a girl friend and relatives there. ,Mr. and Mrs. Butts have had many visitors and callers, among them their son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Butts, Attention deniWts: Dr. to Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Butts and Gary, also of the 'capitol city, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Stotts, Garner, and Mr and Mrs iVilliam Wirtjes, Lakota and their three grandchildren, Granada, Minn. It sounds like "old .home" week, but family gatherings are fun. patient, "You have acute pyorr- -hea," "Oh, doctor, I'll bet you say that to all Inc.- girls." Back in 1924 about this time — Jewell Patterson, Irvington farmer, badly injured by bull at county fair. Tillmoney store at Lcdyard entered and robbed. Eugene Murtagh returned from his European trip. Mrs. Nancy Yeamanns passed away in 100th year., She and her-son Ed had a house on the site of the present Mrs. Bill Haggard home. * • * How abput it ladies? "Women will never be as efficient as men because they don't have wives to advise them." • * * Ann Clark recently returned from Fort Worth, Tex., where she had gone to attend funeral Services for a relative, Mrs. Esther Hanson. While there she had the opportunity to see many things of interest, chief of which were the Will Rogers memoria the "theatre t>f tommorow,,' circular building, and the la: B-36 in existence. Ann marve ed that anything so huge coul be air borne. It measures 23 feet from tip to tip of wings We are living in a marvelou age. . « Hoseanne Berne,, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Roy Berrie, Mason City, and granddaughter o< Mi and Mrs. W. A. Barry,, has re turned from Spain and also visited London, Paris, and Rot terdam. She returned via New York City and Montreal 'anc was ,met there by her parents Enroute home they stopped at Exclusive at Olson's Variety AGNETIG Wrlsht-Prittorson Field nt Cay" ton, Ohio, to visit the son, David. During the absence of the Berries, Bill and Mary Barry and Coleen Barry and children occupied the Berrie cottage at Clear Lake. Roseunne will go back to Clark college, Dubuque. Dick Barry plans to enter junior college at Mason City at the beginning of the term and will stay with "Mr. and Mrs. Berrie. Now you can really say "This is the berries!" * * » Duane Wallukait and family now live in Fort Dodge and Duane is manager of the new store./I was told he has'SO persons working under him. Sounds like a wonderful job. * t * Nels Anderson told me it was very wet and sdggy golfing after the picnic held Aug. 17 at the city park in Spencer. Field- men of the north Iowa Farmers National Farm Managers and wives met there, but the weather man was not very cooperative. * * * A card from Tillie Hargreaves sent from Fort William, Ontario, Can., reads "We spent the day in Ontario at Fort Arthur. Are on :our way back Jo ; our cabin on Lake Superior near Duluth, Minn. Sure am having'a good time and rest. Hope 1 to get in some fishing tomorrow." It had a Queqn Elizabeth stamp > which I will save for Margaret Seefeld, along with • some others I am kee.oing for her. * * Marguerite Gardner and Julia Taylor left July 12 from Hawaii and a 40 day vacation in that romantic and lovely fiftieth state. She reached home after stop at Escondido, Calif, with her brother Don Moore • and at Santa Suzanna with her aunt, Mrs. Nettie Barker. Mrs. Taylor stopped in Los Angeles to visit relatives and has- not come home yet. The climate is wonderful, Marguerite says, getting New Bride Is Recent Lakota ^ A. *- Lakota —• /Mrs ted . Wallentine and Mrs. Lav'ern KdWards were / hostesses for i a personal shower Tuesday afternoon 1 at the Wallentine home honoring Lucy Melz. Mrs. Alvin Swanson of SWea City w,as in charge, 6f *the pro* gram and gave ft reading, ,-Arin Wallentine and LolSi/Holeomb sang a duet, accompanied jbyjMrs tt A tT^I-._»_.•.!• TILidflti'L - 'Wfc.trtU-l _ BINDER * SAVES SPACE ON THE DESK * GOOD FOR LEFT AND RIGHT HANDERS * BUILT-IN PENCIL BOX * OPENS AND CLOSES MAGNETICALLY up to 86 in the dpy time but cool breezes making the nights most comfortable. Of the Hawai- anifood shetcan not be so complimentary, except for the pine- pple, which she enjoyed. * * * • i She brought home a muumu and if you can guess what it is, ou can do better than I. Marjuerite explained that it is a lative dress, a sort of "Mother Hubbard". / and worn for it's oolness. She promises that she vill not model it except in the privacy of her boudoir when she is entirely alone.'When she said she had brought liome a muumu, I thought it was a pet of some sort. However, she passed up the grass skirts as being all-together too common. Most of their -time was. s'pent at Vs-aikiki on the' island of Ohau. I complained of not . being able to spell these places. Marguerite confessed she had only learned since being there. They visited all the islands via plane and landed on three for closer inspection. They t also saw the volanco, which is still steaming and the havoc wrought by the tidal wave, a distressing sight. En route home Marguerite stopped in Chicago to visit her sons Mervin anti John and was brought home by the latter. She wishes everyone could visit Hawaii. * * * 'Tis said more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. Mrs. Galo Stockwell won't aue the point. She has been going around with a kink in her back all caused by doing some house . cleaning that required some reaching. A week of rest has helped the situation and she is again as good as new. * * • Did you ever know such a short summer? About five clays of really warm temperatures ana the rest J'allish. I'm not com- plainini!. I like cooler weather. Too bad my cousin Edwin Cady hasn't been hero. lie says Houston's August has been a bad one- so much rain and humidity. P. A. Holcomb. _.._„,— 1 . { „..»,„tine played "Hawaiian', Love Song" followed by a''reading'* By" Mrs. Swansorl. The bride-to-be ..__. in opening her indriy ^na « ay Mardelle and Jolene Grie'Se.'*'Mrs William Griese poured e'6ffee. Miss Melz became the bride of Carl Lofstrom, of Armstrong Friday, Aug. 19, at filmoro. Five Reunions Held , Attending the Pingel family reunion at Call State Park in Algona Sunday were the Russell Winters, Raymond Winter fami ly and the Jerry 'Heetlands. Mrs. Carl Gerzema attendee 'the Hippen family reunion a the Park in Buffalo Center-Sun day. About' 100 r,-ere present. Mr. and Mrs. Art Tietz attend ed the Theesfield family reunion at Armstrong Sunday. Anna Logeman' of St. Paul, Minn, visited several days las week at the Elmer Junkermeier home. Sunday they all attendee a Logeman family picnic at Elmore. The Lauren Thompson family and the Raymond Thompsons 01 Waterloo attended the Hubbard- Crosser family reunion at Clear Lake Sunday. From there the Raymond Thompsons left for their home in Waterloo afte'r visiting the past week with his parents. I Lions Auction Swek CUy ** The LionS Club will hold its secdnd annual'ftutr- tiort Aug. 27f Prbflts from" -the sale go to support focal Rrojeds of the 1 club. Items for (he auction may be donated or sold' on corn- mission. Anyone having articles for sale shduld contact Jack Van Norman,' Wm. -Boland of Paul Olson. ' LuVerne Couple Wed Aug. Observe Birthdays i 'Tuesday, members of .the Birthday Club met at the home of Mrs. Mary Telkamp honoring her on a birthday. Attending were Mesdames L. A. Nitz, Signe Nelson, Ella Ellman, Harry Rose- neau, Earl Thompson, , Fred Christ, Richard ^ielske, Henry Blome, George Heyes, Henry Olthoff and Miss Hannah Heetland. Canasta was played and lunch served. Guests at the Walter Christ home Sunday to help Arlis Christ celebrate her llth birthday were Mr. and Mrs. August Christ, the Paul Christ family and Mrs. Robert Aaay and children. Mrs. Kenneth Aukes was pleasantly surprised Wednesday , afternoon when a group of ladies came to help her celebrate a birthday. Guests were Mrs. Wi E. Meyer and JoLynn, Carolyn Blome, Mrs. • William Mabus, Mrs. H. 'D. Mussman, Mrs. Jasper Smidt, Mrs. H. J. Boettcher, Mrs .Ted Aukes and Mrs. Betty Heyer and children of Buffalo Center. The guests brought and served the lunch. LuVerne — frf ti service Sunday/ Aug.' 14, in the, Immanuel Lutheran C h U r,c h Livermore, Mrs.. Eleanora Eustace was unrt- ed in' marriage' to Adolph Koe's^ter, both of LuVerne;'The double ring service was "rdad by Key. Donald Heck. ::\ "^ ' ^ ' r • .. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Frederiqjt .of Livermore. . • •'- > • . ~ • A dinner Was served at Fort Dodgt following the 'service for the. wedding party and the children of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muellen, Cedar Rapi'ds, Adeline Koester,- St. Paul. Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Herman 'Koester, Livermore. Their wedding trip included a tour of the Dells, Highland, Wis. and Saginaw, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Koester are now at home on the groom's farm west of LuVerne. Three Graduate The Fifty-Eighth Annual Commencement Exercises of Hamilton College, Mason City, .were held Aug. 21. Gary E. Whittmeier, son oJ Mr. and Mrs. K C. Wittmeier a 1958 LuVerne high school graduate was graduated from the accounting course. He now employed at Fort Dodge. Judith A. iferfziger, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Naffziger, 1959 LuVerne high school graduate, was graduated from he machine course. She is employed at Fort Dodge. Terry L. Tobey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn ,A. Tobey, Waseca, Minn., formerly LuVerriex a 953 LuVerne high school 'graduate, was' graduated from the unior executive' course. He is employed at Phoenix, Ariz. Mf. flfid MrS. Dfttd Herbcrgcn and children hqve had 'as guests 'ifie past ttoo months hdK'pW* entt'Mf'.ian'd Mrs. Jfack'1 &lulk of' :Moni'oviH; '.Calif. Mr. • Slultf came here 16 have cnthfacfc from his eyes removed at Mercy hospitalf Mason City. Tho opera* Won Was'a success. Recent visitors were brothers of Mrs. Hcrsbor- gen Mr and Mrs Hans Sluik and, Mr and Mis Bernard Sulk and) girls of Mohtovid. M> 'and Mrs Burrtett Heine and 1 family of Fenton visited his sistef, Janice Heine, Saturday. Chiropractor ,, Above Permey's / ' ' ' CY 4-3373 Home CY 4-4836 Binder Loose-Leaf Fillers also available Your Initials Monogrammed on Your Binder -- FREE! OTHER SCHOOL SPECIALS! PENCILS With Your Name Imprinted On Them 40C Doz BOY'S SOX For Going Back-To-Schooi Vi Price Olson'sVariety Your Back-To-School Headquarters Next To Foster's — Carrying 9 Complete Line of School Supplies Ringsted Entries Win Top Honors At Emmet Fair Ringsted — Hurley Madden, 15, son uf Mr. and Mrs. Loivn Madden I'inds that 15 seems to be a lui'ky number for their family. Last year brother Michael was 15 when he- won the Emmet County Grand Champion steer award. This year Harley walked off with similar honors with his Aberdeen Angus caif which weighed"9GO Ibs at time of sale. It was sold for $40 a hundred. Harley is a sophomore at Ringsted Independent School and a member of the Denmark Dandies 4-H Club. Fred Christiansen, 15, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Christiansen copped reserve honors with his Shorthprn calf weighing 930 Ibs. and sold for $29 a hundred weight. Fred will be a junior in the Ringsted Independent School. The State University of Iowa ranks 22nd in enrollment among the nation's colleges and universities, a recent survey showed. New Arrivals Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steckcr are the parents of the;r first child, a daughter, Annette Joy, born Aug. 11 at Buffalo Center, weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. This is the 43rd grandchild for Mrs. Greta Stecker and the first for Mr. and Mrs.' Otto Hertzke. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bauman of Hanlontown are t,he parents of a son born Tuesday, August at the; Forest City Hospital. He has been named Steven George and weighed 9 pounds, one ounce. This makes them a family of four sons. Mr. and Mrs. George Uauniiin of Lakota are the paternal grandparents. Lotts Creek Leaders The Lotts Creek Leaders met at the home of Dale and David We^ener August 8. Plans for the Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Norcross and family attended a picnic Sunday in the ; Belmond Park in ; honor of her ! sister Mr. and Mrs. George Larson and son Rbhald of Tulsa, Okla., viSiting relatives. Supper - guests Wed- .nesday in the Norcross'. home to honor her sister were their mother Mrs. Sam Mikelson and sister Mrs. Lairy Gceenwood and' children, Beimond.' Weekend guests in the Edward Lindebak home were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fox of Austin, Minn. Mrs. Kate ' Barton returned from a week visiting her daughter, . the Dwight' Hardgrdves in Fort Dodge and her son'the Howard Bartons, Livermore. Their son and brother Mr and Mrs Neal Barton and sons,, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., visited over the week ..end. Hospital Report Mrs. Ja.mes Stahl underwent an appendectomy Tuesday at Mercy hospital Fort Dodge. She returned Sunday to her home in LuVerne. Mrs. William A. Marty was at Hancock Memorial Hospital at Britt the past week for x- rays. Mrs. Fred Frost was taken by ambulance to the Lutheran hospital Fort Dodge Monday morning. She suffered a fall down her stairs and suffered a fracture of the shoulder and many other bruises. Linda Agard visited Sunday to Wednesday with her grandparents Mr and Mrs Cyril Wood- were discussed. Barn duty son at ' Eagle Grove, Mr. and fair list was made out. Larry and' Mrs. Ray Agard and Gary met David Peter had recreation, j them Wednesday evening for a Lunch was served by Mrs Weg- dinner at Fort Dodge to honor eiu-r. the birthday of Mrs. Woodson. HHEMMmW^h* NTING The best..for less THI Upper Des Moines Publishing Co. 111 i. Call St. ALGONA Phone CY 4-3535 xrxrWtcesffl^^ 1961 FRIGlDAIRE IMPERIAL AUTOMATfC DRYER • YOU DRY FASTW, 5AKR • them sunshine with exclusive Wowtog tf«ctf« • DON'T OVlRDRY or under* dry—correct drying Ume't automatic, or you choose th» right time for special loadi, • GIT RIGHT HEAT for any ^ fabric with 5-position Fabric Selector, Including Wash & Wear. 4 . ' • /'STEAM SPRINKLE" AUTO-] MATICALLY and do a more. even Job for easier Ironing. • TRAP LINT in the big lint screen handily located on the. door. HAVE OUTDOOR FRESHNESS from Ozone lamp.Aufomaticinteriorlight.j As little as SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT PRICES ON ALL 1960 MpPEL|! Beecher Lane Appl. ' • . i •-•: i*(\" L ; •-• *i ' - ; "• S '. '"''• it £ T **i V -'? "* ' ' >' S- •!'%••+ : l ^ -~ V' t' -JjK ','V -i** . t| ; dS^ ; L- .*. '• ^»vr *****»*' : • • ' • f T 5 •-.•:. 1 , »" • J .«' * . ; J* 'f- ,_ *• -- >.._ *>,< . • weeft after down payment CY 4-3613 ' " Algonai EXPANDABLE, ALL-STEft CORN CRIB CONVERTS TO SMALL GRAIN STORAGE, TOO FOR THE 1000 BUSHEL KEYFRAME CORN CRIB SHOWN; 8-ft. WIDE, 24-ft. LONG, U-ft. HIGH PRICES W .*««''• .tw PRICES ON If you buy the Keyframe materials and do it .all yourself PRICES ON If we pour the foundation and you buy and Request build, the rest See what the new Keyframe Corn Crib looks like at our yard. The great thing about it is, you can get one in any size you need. Just tell us how much corn (or grain) you want to store, and we'll 'figure out the size and price for you. If you want to do all or part of the work yourself, you'll find Keyframe is easy to work with. Ifs galvanized steel with a special pattern of holes that per* mits fast, easy construction and adjusta- jf .y»«'» p9 busy to pother with the build- Request ^TJjJjfX Reque$t bility. You just cut it to length( we'll lend you a cutter) and bolt it together. If you want to convert the Keyframe Corn Crib to small grain storage, you simply add a few Keyframe reinforcements and line with hardware cloth or plywood. If you want to make it bigger, ifs easy to build onto it. See the new Keyframe corn crib at our yard, soon. Burt Co-Operative Elev. Co BURT, IOWA

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