The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1960 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1960
Page 8
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-AlgorfM (td.) Uppet ftfei Mo'"" tjjeaday, AOg. 30, t960 BINGO, BONGO, HAIL f Ml CONGO] MIXED UF>, MAYBE? A recehl editorial In ihis area took•• .Ifs usual crack at GbVefffbr Hef&rYB'l loveless and eldiffied theft "}n hls/fiMffel-m «« t6vernofh'e vetoed a bill WrTlift vvouici give ct ' : Q<& tcf* refund to Iowa farmers." '•','•' The Govefri'of tlid fiot-vefo any "gftUflx for roads" refund. What he vetoed was a s€feVfcix on the gd|.in Ilto of the reguldr roetd fcYx, arid he vetoed it ori tft<9 g^otifids fh'af itrjt £|as ?6 the farmer was in fffe sdrfre class as em'y 6tKe> Ife'm of trade which he and everyone else paid tcixes on. ' . While this Is sOmethirig bf d minor If It wasn't so potentially tragic - and sb — It mlgh'f be funrty. Sol It isn't "the- Idlftfic mess that has resulted in central Africa in a headlong rush to make all the various tribes "free and independent" is getting to be a bigger headache every day. ' Now comes the payoff. The other day the senate passed a foreign aid bill, and Included in the bill was a little sum of $100 million requested by President Eisenhower for aid to the Congo. We wonder how many others feel as we do. We heartily object to seeing any taxpayers' - — - „ .-_. , ( ,. funds earmarked for such questionable use. One we would like to remind the fdrgetful that..if it hundred million may not seem like much in ' '"~ ""'•—-•-Washington, but from where we sit it could be used to far better advantage in our own country. ..',,* * .* SYSTEM OUT OF DATE? Since the two national conventions, there has been a great deal of discussion on the subject of nominating conventions. > The advent of T-V and its extensive coverage of conventions has tended to make the affairs a spectacle based almost entirely on how things will appear or look to the viewing audience. The circus aspect, the ham acting and the phony setups^which are bound to result, have detracted to a great degree from the former value of such conventions. It has been suggested that a national primary election be conducted which would determine what candidate in each party is the nominee. This'would be merely conducting cr primary on a national scale comparable to the state primaries in which candidates for the U. S. Senate and for govern6r are selected by each party. The candidate in each party getting-the most votes would be the parry's nominee .for 'president; The system of "electors" would be abolished. The electors are a hangover from the days when telegraph 1 and radio did not exist. The "electbrs" rode horseback to the early-day .national capitals ahd turned in the results of their states, This sometimes took several weeks or more after the election; the results were not known the next morning. The state electors to- day seem to be a useless nuisance. Probably there is much wrong with this idea, but it is worth a thought. . Possibly national conventions, too,, are as out of date as" the state electors. • £7- jL»i~ y * * *''•'' Something for young people Riceville Recorder: In a small town such as Riceville, it's usually difficult to find something for our young people to do. * * * If Mrs Jack Kennedy ever occupies the White House, we will for the first time have 'a First Lady who ccm speak five languages — English, French, Spanish, Italian and Baby Talk. had not been for Goverrtor Loveless, thS of Iowa would nOW be paying 3 percent Spies tax, or maybe more. It was only/a, fey/ shcjrt years ago that the gubernatorial battle centered on whether the sales tax in Iowa should be raised or kept at 2 percent. Loveless said he would keep it at 2 percent; Bill Murray said he favored raisihcj it to 3 percent, the Republicans likewise made dire predictions as to what would happen to Iowa if the tax was not raised. Loveless won, the tax was not raised, and today We have replenished the resources in the state treasury which were hitting rock bottom when he 'became governor. ' ,' Someone's a little mixed up, maybe? * * . * ' MOTELS GETTING TOO FANCY Humboldt Republic — When the motel icjed hit this nation the first ones were simple and plain. They offered a night's lodging and little iemv finance l«d IricTtfstry. to " ' Imltuai Itlhd invest! Mil pectus ,h# ?£4 So, & Iveii 186 of an ex» . . different*corporations., The explain the yiem .auuiuum*, .« - A "" r "o«i,,i^ a; «~ ,11st.. 6f .Investments Is . a.'cross ' the law. Investrriertt income re- gona S«««*& ^» & . .— section Of American Industry,', eelved by the furid and passed play » l JP«J™™ES° tt ° frf W thereby, givlhtf (he shareholder on to you' ta the totth of divld- and TBOMB*ton^eis, Wh*V* * ' diversified investment, Thfc ends, by federal law cannot be ield * «*«* ffBM .th* star* rm sharenoldef'18 d part'bWhef W added to the capital gaihs divid- &U tHe^e tfomUanles.- • end given to you !6 give a,net J 1 "* 1 "^" The capital gains divld- la he is —— is considered a return oi of fe^'to <^£2f? * tfygfny whH ftppeai-ed » MOW . INVESTMENTS ARE SELECTED' , ' capital, Taxwise it'is also The inve^tnientS are A$le6W ed differeritly. and , supervised ,,by professional 1 *, ^ investment Specialists. In many ' instances, ,'the research departments are ,yery large, employing many people who ,are con- .stantly checking, and visiting 'companies throughout the' country. This is' 'why shareholders of mutual funds receive the same professional management as an exceptionally. Wealthy person who hires an investment ad- branch bf the family,. Kongo looked consi'der'flDiy rribre like a trained ape, sucH aS one sees in movies occasibnally. He had the knack of corrtbing his haft ahd wiping his" ffl&uth aiter '.eatihg a choice tidbit, fife drew quite a crowd, the magid wtfrd "gorilla" did the It was Just < like Jttne, only more so, ,at the county clerk's office- in Algona. A- total of 1^ wedding licenses- wore issued visor to select and ^supervise his FROM' THE FILES OF .THE during a flVg^day period, a* pace securities constantly. ALCfONA UPPER DBS MOINES which Was nevei 4 ". 'hl&iHtained dur'ihg Juh'e the sdme y'ear. securities constantly. BUYING AND Mutual fund ; snares can be securities ' dealer. Mutual SEPT, 3, 1940 * ». * *' * t A model airplane contest was fcv ^^VBW^p th Commission Washington Pr n, City, Glenn. Potter, 20, was and another 1 Masbk Cityan, -Am- held by the Algona Boy^ Scout °W Lavih. ' seriously "injured in troop Tuesday evening.- One of car-.truck' crash ' five miles the. winners was Gordon Winkel th of ' A1 ^ bna ^ Sdnday ' (n ° W S6rving " 8S ° 6unty attor -'•.•• north ' *• *!?'•' I high lights tost C> O th 0 Li ™ M A Weekly Repoi^ '* ' fft atidn'i Capital by R*& n* ' r Several good movies were ort CCC camp 'at Bancroft .and W6re tap at Algona's two theaters. In"''headed fdr 1 Mason' .City Where eluded were "The Lady In Que's- '?<"'one'wrfs to attend'a',family re- tion", with Rita HayWorth and • union that day: .It' wa's Very Brian Aherhe; "The Golden at. the'time of this •'mishap. Fleecing", with LeW'Ayres, Rita utb struck* the''Second'of Johnson, Lloyd 'Nolan and Vir° The auto t i» " a -fe e tSmi^oU two ti>ucks ' ' which ' i dse> > • • t •. t_ •. greW In °P ulant y becaus . e ' f easy to stop at one, there was no need to fight city traffic and your car was close by your room. \ , But as the years went by the motels grew in splendor and size. TV, air conditioning, telephones, and then swimming pools and patios were added. Today the motels near the larger centers are heroic in size and offer complete and luxurious- living. , Competition forced motels into an ever increasing race to provide luxuries that in the early days were not even thought of. Today the motels offer services that even the wealthy do not have in their homes. Most motels were built near the approaches to towns and cities. Now they are being built in WASHINGTON HIGHLIGHTS - to "Speak sdftly but carry a big Mr. Nixon and Mr. Jiennetiy stick." ......... deserve the praise of the Arneri- • ' ••*•*• can .people if for no other reason Whichever way the wheel than that they are willing to spirts on Election Day neither. 01 take on one of the toughest .r- these two men can be expected and possibly the most thankless to fade into obscurity if defeat ciiam jobs history has" ever demanded is their lot. Both have years of buvinc an J of a single individual. At no priceless experience in govern- y e time in the history of this coun- ment behind them and they, can try have so many problems contribute much in the' years loomed for the man seeking the ahead. It,is not at all unlikely asset value *"> ^dividing the tota line ' t0gether 3t the; travel- ginia drey; "Pride And Preju- time and dice", starring Greer Garson and 7was totally : demolished. Laurence Olivier; "Three Faces n^onto n e 4hn t,, „j u.. »i,„ „,,„,, ' was tuiaiiv uemuubjjeu. juctiueiiue wuviei. mice faced b^of°ts own ^sSaS ! o^s^ncf j P^ babl y e ^ d death^dUe to .West V- with; Jofi'ri Wayne and ?nc There ^ a saLTchar^^^ G V ri ^ ahd Sing You ^ ^h^ SSn? ^utu?, -82 '&?<£.*££ a £ ST-' ^ * nh ™ S ^ , f ims cnarge averages_in ^ ^^ Wreclca |r e wgs ^r ewn - - ;^,, • *. .. • hnt'h ' tho along the highway for more than ' Carl Mbrck returned ' to Al' DOU1 lne '100 feet. ' ! gona from a Minnesota fishing * * • trip and told" how he hauled in A total of 1.97 inches 'of rain a 26 pound Northern, among fell in this area during the week,- other things. The boys at the but citizens were happy because barber shop told him they'd be- iTj VuS (temperatures,- became vvery ^ mo/ .lieve 4t .vifh'en they saw it. (The " i^ the arnni<5ition nrir-P derate.'The high during' the'per- boys at tfie 'barber shop haven't . „ I^^^! 1 .. 0 ."^^ 10 . 6 ; iod was only 81 degrees,; while changed a bit in 20 years). you ;ll/ng costs. , see mutual fund loomea lor tne man seeKing ine aneaa. ii^is noi ai an UIUIR.CIJT fl ,, __:„„ oiup «R;J» i. fu p n highest office in t.-.e land. Ever, that 1960 can come ^Pf fa ^ ; ttfe, "fc^J ft Roosevelt, Wilson and Lincoln— back ancTbe lne winner in 1964. with the tasks facing them as Whatever the case may be, let they prepared to enter the White all Americanos throw their __,7"!u' rt J 5 '^'^"^ ^wY«nf«T the low was 54 - Heaviest rainfall House — were not to be cast in wholehearted support, behind the to take bade oougaiea ^ ac Al1tr , R u , Vlf)n t . ft -, : j,,^^. the -hole which seems almost man in'Whose hands all our des- _. h _,- H ;} certain to become the 'lot.''of tinies will~be placed. : price . oa. ,ea. | either Mr. Nixon: or Mr. Kennedy, depending oh whom the voters choose in November. Today, the entire Free Worjd looks to the United States to maintain peace if, irideefl, peace is what we are now enjoying. In other times a United States heart of cities. Luxury is the key word, arid | President could share, this bujr- rj-itae u/^t,A ^nn a im i n n ^n Mnv i: A » 4^ *U A 'den- with. KnglanCi, .or- ^perhaps, i France, but no longei-'^is this' rates have services' higher than hotel rates. until .motel' 1 rates Upper PCS jHRoincs 111 E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Does it pay? We don't know, except that we do know the mortality rate among motels is high. Some die because of relocation of highways. Some die because of poor locations. But many die because they cart't attract enough customers who are willing to pay the high prices 'charged. We believe that motels ore getting too fancy and that the average tourist is more interested in a clean, quiet room, with a good bed; and a nearby good eating place. After a long day's drive more tourists want good food and quiet rest, and, of course, courteous service. Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Issued Tuesday in 10RO By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. H. 13. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor DAItLENE KINSEY, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman - - FARMERS FAVOR KENNEDY AND LOVELESS NATIONAL EDITORIAL N . ATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE y Newspaper Representatives, Inc. Fifth Ave., New York 18 N Y SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. On* Yuar. in advance ______ " _ SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Yi-ur. in advam-e ................ 1400 Both Alsona papers in combination, one yeir ..... $600 No subscription less Ulan 6 inuiuns. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST Grundy Register — The first statewide poll in this campaign reported by the Des Moines Register shows Iowa farmers favor Kennedy over Nixon for president, and Loveless over Miller for United States Senator. In the poll 4fJ per cent of the farmers favored Kennedy as against 45 per cent for Nixon. Kennedy was low in the towns and cities of the state. McManus, the democratic candidate for governor, trailed Erbe, the republican- candidate, in both the towns and on the farms. For United States Senator there was a wide spread between Governor Loveless, the democratic candidate for U. S. Senator, and Jack Miller from Sioux City. The poll gave Loveless 51 per cent, of the votes and Miller but 40''. Loveless ran strongest among the farmers where he received 58% of the votes to 36 per cent for Miller. The first poll shows a close race in Iowa for president, a favorable showing for governor by the republicans, and a decidedly long lead for Governor Loveless for United States Senator. It looks like a very interesting election in Iowa. Predicted close races always help to bring out a good Vote. * * * It took a "Letter to the Editor" in a state paper to disclose the fact that lov/a's Senator Tom Martin will be on a leave of absence from the U.S. Senate for the rest of this year and will miss all remaining Senate sessions. He is now in Europe with his wife as a member of the Battle Monument Commission. Which means that in the U.S. Senate for the balance of thi? year Iowa is only half represented! true. The decisions Which American President makes INVESTORS CORNER by STAGEY R. HENDERSON PHENOMENONS OF OUH TIME — MUTUAL FUNDS Why value at the fi ,.... _ ( , holders 'are ( kept ( iully' a as to " and th mutual J.MVV»>: i - ;. i ^ CbM?. AC5T 6 ; ' i; U ff? ? The Investment company Act of 1940 is administered by tfhe Securities, and Exchange Commission. The law is desjgnQd to at , tne plant , at- that; have festopns. Answer: Out afternopn. contribuU Js^a little confused. ANY ' 'i prevent abuses in the investment t£'2&L]if trust field and to give investors »*^.T-«*T-' have so many pedple U, m\ •• • i *-. • -j t>. 'MJIU uisiitutior" """ world. The • next Presidents their surplus muiiey in mutual maximum pe=sible;-Jprptac- . . , , . . £f -i , , i. • vviiy nave &u many puupie ---- --------------- * * ----- *~ «,«r decisions which affect the whole >, nd institutions cnosen to invest tlon against -' malpractices.: 4 ' < work is already well cutout him — he will hav'e to deal wijth Russia and . a Cold War that shows no signs of abating for TYPES : OF. MUTUAL FUNDS INSURANCE consider years io come. . * funds? What is the attraction? needs of the He has .. .-~-j-r ,- - r .- - . short of itimc; he doesn't have types are> concerned; priniaHly . . i L the tir " e to follow market and with sta ' ha 'PP e ' lin '9 , in _ Cu ** general economic trends to the extreme and in the, Congo — along with extent nec'essary if he were to stress other trouble spots which will handle his own .nvestmcnt ac- lay emphasis on capital appre- crupt before long -- arc situa- COU nt. He realizes that he is an ciation. tions that will magnify and cause amateur at investing and that greater headaches for the United he doesn't have i are: concerned; .; " ;Persqnal'Qlaim Service ' stabilityjand strive foUyoJdil E,.. l S.tatjp>£ i >': }; ; t *9T;4-'4§H y me t'luetuatifans; c|5h,' 4 y s 1 1 ^ -. ~ t. . . .^ v :; h ——' i ^' f '"' .— '—. i income': 1 .''aha some > tvrjes t j •'*' ALfJQNA iMRiTn'&"MrR' ' ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP s< . , , , , — «.»- the experience name implies, consist p|irriarily |. ; * ; ' J. n '» t ?4^* n S?-lt e o*' States and consequently the man O r qualifications to choose stocks of investments.' Un,: common* - • < •' nu ; ^f,v a Aiw > ' " or bonds wisely. stocks. Since bonds; andi^bfertj -H.P«H>W.tGY 4,3178 > The amount of money he has reds are conservative in'nature, ' Common stock funds, . as ' ... .••..,. who runs the government. Even more foreboding 'is the way Red lit- China is flexing its muscles, ah- xious to outdo its Russian pM- ncr in fomenting trouble wheiV- ever it can throughout the world. The next President will to invest is often moderate. He this typo of fund appeals to the doesn't have enough capital to conservative 'investor. buy ten or Uvi;i ve stocks to spread out his investment risk. Mutual funds are designed for have to be a master at playing • the average American. the aame of international guesswork. It will be up to him and MUTUAL FUNDS — WHAT THEY ARE BUYING MUTUAL FUNDS Like many fast-growing., inv dustrics,,.thc -mutual fund i)idu- stry has 'attracted many now salesmen. Most of these new salesmen arc qualified to offer investment advice, but a few are BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4.-273I ive Audience ... A Newspaper is bought volunturily because people like to read it. In whet better climate of receptivity can an advertiser preterit his message? * IT'S GOOD BUSINESS TO DO BUSINESS AT HOME THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Read By Over 5,400 Families Each Issue the men who advise him to out fox an enemy who is ever so A , , ,. , • . . clovi-r at discuisinc his novr A mutllal fund ls an invest- ~~,.^, ~~. u ^,, «^ move aisguismg ms next me ^ t company whoso business is not qualified nor do they: have to invest shareholders' money in your best interi'sts at ,heart. How ; securities and manage these in- can you prqtect yoifrse'lf against : vestmehts tor a me. this type "of salesman? Listed '. The mutual fund collects the below are. a few gulflapos^s to , , , .. , , income from the investments in .follow: . numerable domestic problems fthe fund . Afu . r deducting ex- 1. Consult a well-established ' with winch he will have to cope. No less encouraging to the man who enters the White House in January are the in- t BOHA.NNPN INSURANCE •'•' " ' SERVICE N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-444:Home - Automobile - Farm Poliq Insurance < CHARLES D. PAXSON - >Dwellinp, Auto. Liability, ' ... Life, General. '• • Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL •• INSUHANCE ASSOCIATION wiih winch he will have to cope. pcnst>8> including management investment firm that,is aMth 9 ri- J tiver $74,000,000 'worth of in While not of the magnitude of ,. n -. s nn A fiislonmn f<>ps. it zed to sell virtually everv load- ' •''! curancc in fnrnp A hnma costs and cuslocuan fees, it zed to sell virtually every' lead- the international problems pre- pas s es thc shareholders' share in« mutual fund. A''firm; sthat'' viously mentioned they are to thcm in thu torm ot re gular is, therefore, free to recommend problems nevertheless which dividends, usually four times a the particular funds that, in its judgement, are right 2. Consult, a. salesman that is BUSINESS FORMS must be solved. The bitter wran- ycar • unbiased gling now going un in Congress If the mutua i fund sc n s any f or you. shows quite clearly the ureas secur jties and realizes ; of weakness in this country the shareholder receives a fifth well established 'in your corrir which knaw at its vitality ano dividend, called a capital gain munity ?o' that you will know which slow down the progress dividend. The management or he will always be there to ser- we have all come to expect. The fttfgtees are made up of men vice your account, list is long and complex. What w h'o have wide experience and 3. Be sure the salesman pro- do we do about medical aid for k now i e dge in the field of man- perly explains a particular fund the aged? Where is the answer 2. •. " ' — for a Nation which produce's more food and fiber than it can consume? What properly is the role of the Federal government in providing more teachers arid adequate classrooms for a bust* ling population? Ht>w do we take care of communities where unemployment is rising us industries move o'tit? These are afl. matters witft whifch the neift President must concern himself. * * • * No maUer<. which candidate i^ elected tne next Administratitfit promises to be one of vitalify und aggressiveness. Nixon and Kennedy are young men and the accent will be on youth whpn they pick their cabinets a*4 advisers. And with youth there will be born new ideUs, hew apr prouches to old problems. It ca*J be safety predicted thai neither will be afraid to tred down new paths when the old ones no Ion- Ker seem to satisfy nee'd. Ill their youth they will not hes«» tate to call the Wuff of an ene Whicjh thrives oh felaff. til _ youthful Teddy Roosevelt they muy also adopt hia udiuouition • Durance in force. A , company. Safe, secure. ! '. Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Seuffham. Sec'y Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold • .-' Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 ,.-'•. Open Friday Night '~ 'Dr. William L. Clegg • ' , . Chiropractor -.,.:> 521 •-.£.'Slate St. Hours: 9:00"— 6:00 thru Sat. " ' 9:00 i-i. 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4^4677 Ren. CY 4-3469 DOCTORS HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, .1 • Ted S Herbsl neioai Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life , Hail -, Tractor , Phone CY 4-3351 HAROLP C. SUNPET Represe"nting / State Farm Ins- Co. 7Q6 So. Phillips St. Ugone Ph'one CY 4-234J AUTO—LIFE—FIRE—." ' SAL?S BOOkS, Plain or Imprinted LEDGERS And 1EDOER SHEETS FILING SUPPLIES tAWQN PAPlrtS - ADDER TAPES TYPEW8ITER - ADDER RIBBONS * * * SPECIAL FORMS, STATEMENTS, RECORDS PRINTED TO ORDER YOUR BUSINESS SUPPLIES AT UPPER DfiS MOINES PUBUIMINO CO, DALE W, L0CKWQOD Representative Th.e Equitable Ljfe Assurance Society Of The United States Hurt, Iowa Phone 201 CRAWFORp INSURANCE SERVICE Andy Crawford All Types Of Insurance Office Phone CY 4-2279 PH. KARL Hy HOFFMAN Owice in Home Federal BMg. Phon« CY 4-33-14 Al m E. Slflf G. BOURNE. M. P. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 X N. KENEFICK, M. D. P/hysiclan & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phope CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M.P. ill) N: Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 .N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CV 4-2232 JOHN M, SCHUTTEH. VUD. Physician-. & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge. Algona Office phone CY 4-4400 Resident phone CY 4-2333 OPTOMETRISTS^ PR, L. L. SNYPER Optometrist 113 past-State Telephone CY 4-27U Closed Saturday'Afternpons Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East l^tate Street Algona, Iowa Phop-e CVpress 4*2196 Hours: 9;00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Aftemoons. ., PR. 0. W. (Home Federal PHONHCIY4 Pole Alfo Ko«wth Covntiw

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