The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, PRRRI.URY IS 10-10 isTiirs BLIGHT Man Iii the Woolen Mask NEWS Goose; Pinch Mils On Paris Moat loss Days ! ' Johnson Declared Reich Bled Ilsclf While In Lasl War 11V THOMAS .11. JOHNSON' NKA Smite Slalf \Vrili-r Adolf Hitler's speeches poun un Die principle that "Mem Kuinpr propagates: "If you want, people to Ix-llcvn Hie moon is made cif (•icon cheese, say mat is so, loudly moiifih :m:l Often cnoiiij))." Because cf the Versailles Treaty, Hitler f.ays—and Kays It again and flgalii—Germany was blighted, and forced lo seek safely in Hie arms of National Socialism. This snems so .simple, so face- saving, that, all Nazis eulhusinsii- cally .believe ii, Ami since aii:id this lllllerian ijreen cheese there is a slight modicum or truth, some Americans liave swallowed il whole 1IITI.KH VS. TDK I'Afrrs To isolate the truth one need not have .seen (as this writer sawi Hie traily evoked by the Paris Peace Conference of 19,9. One need only compare the record with the claims In Hitler's speeches. Tile treaty, Hitler says, was a "dictate" enforced upon nn innocent, Germany not allowed lo speak for herself. Now. not Germany hut Austria- Hungary was immediately lo blnmc J man in the woolen mask on the battlofront. 'Ibis is- (he busi,,,,,, „,„, r •mloers on the Finnish front lines. The mask ,,0,,', I,» ± T °' T. ° f "" *™' ls " ™l 'UPi.-.Motul.iy ami Frl- uoiuk's.s iliiy.s in r'ninee, 'lay h beeflrss.- but eve:i | -'' provisions In effect! some .surprlsi's. irailon ol "food rnllon- 11 « »l i IT live months ol war was olli-r.d nn „ vl-ill u, Hi,. Kni-iu-rlr l.ipp nn ilic Jiuiilcvm-d .Si (ior- '»•"» It wus Monday and mi Aiiii-ru.ii:: war i'ori'o|i(mdenl wa.s "I'll-, ivltli somi! friend'* ami PAGE THREE Bank Whore No Camo From wllli Irlmmiiujs, no i\imv Inn «| "'ill Irankfmters ami lu m - IK,-. luilKMes, iMlvrs' llvi'r, euld ,.'iH, n , | pork rlmji, „ ,<.„,-( „, ,..,,,,..,,,1 ( , j '" vvllh ma.shi'ii p,,[;, t .,, NI:'; II '11 'Teachers! The following second grade slu- dents were perfect the first, semester: attendancc Burks. Nancy Damon. Mary '(Catherine Dyer. Lucille' Harrison, Mar- . cie Lou McGrcijor, Melvin Cross- tor starting the war—but, Germany backed Austria-Hungary. And although Germany was not sufficiently consulted as to peace' terms, she was ull:re:l lo suggest changes, of which a few were made. : 'f'he treaty named reparations yhat were impossibly high, but Germany never paid 'miything life ail of ihem. She borrowed from everyone, Americans included, twice as much as she did pay— I ,, ami then repudiated the ^tlebts " ma:1: And this despite the fact that the ! follcn, mt students amount asked had been already I Flccmn "' s third grade had perfect attendance records for the first semester: Dennle Gentry, Charles Biiford Young, Jacie Phillips, Bet- SCHOOL NEWS Smllmry School News Kuhlcr ami frai;,': , ros- k«o. Kenneth Wallace, I3ert Lamb, Hopper and Hobble E<l- liuford wards. Mrs. much reduced through German negotiation and German inflalion. VERSAILLES MODIFIED I -. - • >» BEFOHK 1HTI/KH ' I l - v Jc:m Heed, and Billy Fnye By negotiation, too, ether "die- ' lllS ' tales" were repealed—like Allied occupation of the Rhincland nnd e.whision of Germany from the League of Nations. These ense- . - ments and more were won by the and (he pupils enjoy shoivin" visitors what they have done. ' fry: . Tne following students have had perfect attendance: sherrel Jolm- Eim. Leonard Mnllins, Billy wll- llnins, Peggy Jean Bmtclier. Neura Burks, Alloan Copelancl, Marilyn Dean, Nancy Parllow. Margaret nousli, Marcelyn Tinvnv.wn, and Ocrnldhic While, The pupils of Mrs. Fry'., fifth Qi'-lhnalz: Students who have perfect attendance records arc: Jack Mick, , Immet Snider. Luella Alley. Maxins Hill. Fannie Sue Render and German Republic before Hitler tame to power. Even t-j Hitler the Soar was returned as per contract. Germany did not recover her, , j.v.. o,,*.., Colonies, which before 1914 had | C| ' J "" [ i a -? " n netlvc part in this Belly Iiflon Tedder. Mrs. Quellmal/.'s third grade i.» , given her. less than one per cent of her trade. To them .she had far better moral claim than to al- . on a fair projicl. Eacli at tin unit of ivoih. The 'fair will be held the latter of March. There be be in- most all the land whence today l)cc| hs with each child's work dis- shc is evicting thousands of p;les , P)J>.ved. The parent.-; whose race has occupied it for vited. many centuries. And Danzig, for which she went to war. was a German city, governed not by Poland, but by the League ol Nations. The Versailles "dictate" of 1919 . ..omnie alluw . me sia"e has been had its faults, bufas' treaties,'go U. made and painted. It was made I'arham's: The fourth grade of Miss Par, ham's mom has ji;st begun a marionette show. The stage has been yniclc arc interested in Ihe "Study of Hags". They nre studying "How to Hrspecl (he Dae and How and When to Display It. 1 and also the -state and foreign (tags. This will continue through February. The Good Citizenship club formed by this .nith • grade group hns done some good work durlnj the first, semester. Ilie officers of the.chib lire as follows: prcsidi-nt, Peggy, Jean Hratchcr; vice president, J. 15. Harvey; secretary, Jo Ann Shanks; treasurer; Billy' Williams; reporter, Mary Evelyn E.mith; program chairman, Marilyn De en. This club is divided into .four committees, as follows: good manners committee, Marcelyn 'JeAvn- fcvvn, chahmnn; safely committee,, Billy Williams, chairman; thrift I CGiimiilu." Peggy Freeman, chair-. man; chariuiter slndy committee,' L'hiline Fisher, chairman. | -These committees are active and make splendid reports at each meeting. The five best citizens m Ihe group, as selected by the club members, have their names posted en Die bulletin board each Keck. Mothers-in-Law • • -K. 0. New Name IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR US/ ' was nol iiiim.ignaiiiinoits. It was fairer to Germany than the treaties she dictated In 1917 nnd IQIS to Rumania and Russia. Vcr.saille.-j crippled Germany not InconsHerably —- parlly by iakhis from her gains she had tniten from others—bill the crippling ,i ec[i m)l have paralyzed Germany, what did that was lhe aftermath of her war effort. ' ' - •- • - ' ; . . Germany had waged war "10- spendini; (rein nn old wooden box. All the children who want In may make a marionette. Marionettes are being made of corn shucks and dress-' .,„,, (; CIK . V .| ol with scraps of materials which are brought .from home. The bays [). (v ; s . vule.-l 'u onlcr liii' home's Innunis L'l.niti- uiirnle, nr saai'i'kraul iriumilng.-;, ilr.' iriuimiiiKS ;• "'uall.v u sitrr ol ham, "a •<lnru.r nml a purk ehoji. 'flu. l 'i imii'.l down the i-honcroiuc. ii'i( over conliileuily ex-' I bill Dii; diin'js would uvi'ipl a slid' of p,oo:,i' iiKi.'.ni ui H!,. n,,.,^ (/innituii', Mure 11 «••.. a mc.aie.w dny. II Isn'l Ku Hull '•'" we Invv lu submit In J;IK>SI-. bj'niii'i' fti . ;.,,„•! lmvi> „!,,„,_,. j.jj. ci:um:'ii [|) ( . Anierlcan, "U'i'^1 iin't [h:it Jus, i,ii) 1,;ut? iVunc,. |.^ ,,',,,.. l'»i>l.v 1:1 » bad way. In (;ermaii.v H '"> D! ruasi uaose woulil c urc ii rim." The i-liouciouk' came anil nliinij will, Uii- potulues w;is an uilipli- MVoiid joint nf ,-omi'. which wus eoiisiiuu'il will, mii[(s of finest Al- sutian ben-. 'Chat day Llpjrs had ollirr dellnu'lo.., hi -, m om , i,s lo, K us (iiu-'.s iirm. The colter- was ac- companlcd by u boivl ( ,f fil?Bflr Ijri'iiil wi,s plied U1 , | : , ,,011101, S ' C1 .; ions in a Inskel on the (able, and bint.; ()„. iinsalted kliul like they nun> in l-'rr.nce, vi-.-is lln're in bljf Ko fur (lien- Is no .evidence of am- fund shoilug. in p,i(is. Tues-Jd,, ham a,«] lamb: ti.^ether "ivilh"nli ki,:ds of fowl arc uvallable. vrl- du 1,1, Monday, i s meatless, |,,,t I'l'inu-e's hiirdy, flshi'iini'n hum and plckU's. ,, m ] „ I'als'i's' bruin ,|i s |, J" L'IC vcartiibl!- line in,. „„. ,„ oilers ci-e.imi'd wblii' bvjin..,, JH^|H<I l.'iitiKuis, 'ijiri-.i |i«i.s, spiiurl, "wiih oilli-r, li-inur ,,„(! vm i iv \, ,,, |u(| and beets. Th,. ,.i,,, (WS ,„,.',,.,„„ „„ "v, r Lump.-, 'i !„.,«,. [s ., >;ay Nm liKi'il li-iiM.., nml dcli-.u'!-,, ,. m t'. In c:;.pe driilcl!,,. u-.-h U Kind lallnnliii. | n v .. n . 1 1'V.inci'. Mr;;. J. S. German Dies At Stcelc Sunday Night i , -. ., ., , .., MU Model,,,- Mntuilii). <i!'H,wii, wife r,i Hie li'.H' .1. H. (iH-inun, ,ll,d ]M I'Ullil. Her dwith was the lift], «, Oi'fiir In Mili jiimlly v.lthd, Ihr jisiM IK innnuis. l»'i huslia:ul: I'.vo son-; iMvir "»<l Jclm. nnd Mrs. lii,.,',,' („.,,. 'iii'ii. ah of .<;,,.,.'),., liuvdiixi within Hie l!,M year and a hull. Mis. tli'i'inun, who \v<uiid Inw ('(•lebi'dli'd I,,.,- v:<r.l birlhd.iv t-rl- ! 'lay. VVUH burj) In,,;,! | J( ,( niuvt',1 U. Slrde many yeins uyx the *nd he, lale Imsbau.l were iinmiiB I !,<• curliest Keillors of Ihh; Iciwn a:-d n,ul lon s i.ron ncthvlv Identllled affairs, «ltl, , . laiinllv lnvo m>l. been stojipuil by HiUiiuilnis 01 mannetic mines, fur - 'I'. L llroolis. Slit- 'l.'/ iilsu -survived by a son, j. i,. German, "f .Slfs'lc. iwrnl «cjTlcis will be held at Melln>:l|.i| churi'h Turaliv uf- ii'iiiniin, a:n« oVImk. The ' llev 11.,i 1 . Itolley, |,a.;tor. will ulfli'lm,-,' atslsled by (lie n,. v . ,| (v Cmmln'i ham. iinstor of ilu- Kleek- Hainisl church, ami KUler p, c. WhlLlh-l:]. Olirlsl! i cem- pa.stor of lhe Ohureli of Hurliil will l;,, n i Aiiiunt '/ cl^ry here. rnneral Is In The following sixth grade pupils in Miss Peters' room had p;r- K.CI attendance lor the first semester: Charles Brown. Billy Hyde,. Stiles, Allene Diihus, i Harlcne Si'.llivan \ , class stoles ™,,e of (he ----o I'ci itri make up m:>c!e by u , e foMowinu tudcnlv best, of which Charles Prichard. Harold obe U , ares Prichard. Harold obe U »H1 he Hajed on the .stay Uui . cll[irk , s sta , c Oa . . .,„ - ' Mothers-in-law may not lj[ (c o be joked about, | n , t down iu tnc Texas panhandle they'll have no oilier name. Answering New Yorkers who seek (•lipnge to "kin molher," Mrs. '•• u. l nompson of Anririllo hi'tt president of National Molh' er-in-Lnw c l,ib, Siiys shi .|| prove by u, e dictionary shea a "mother-in-law." .lerry w th- maiLi'is are fresh Ikb O n t'offi'e Simu-l|ii!,-s Si-arer Coffee Is nbaiil, Uic'only product which hns been rationed oul of KS so far. aild the recent cipuau o! a cJrjjo of 4,(K)l) Ions of coffee Inlembd for Germany 'hns started 1 tlie dark aromatic beun baek Into. Ihe storc.s. 'I'hcre is targe supplies of coffee In Hie cafes and restaurants. ' And Ilieru Is sugar, anil cither hot milk 'or real for coffee If clc'*lrc-| • , --.-, ,... Thp Cute du la Patx slltl serves Us , s " l lllp tu ' v "- ""'I' s;il;l. Is Maine Selectmen Urge Back-to-Land Move SKOWHKGAN, IMP. "back, to [lie land" movement I0 r relief recipients Is plume;! by Stavhcgna selectmen, The eiisl nf Icnslni; snvorul small Former^ Canitliersville Rcsiticnt Named Major CAHUTMERSVILLE, Mo, Fcb 12 -Capl; ,|. 1,. nanlnls Jr., formerly of this city and son of .Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Daniels Si', of her?, has ten promoted in the rank of.major 1" the U, ,4. Army Air Corps, il. was learned licm, and has been pliicml In cirji'i'c of the A;rontniti- eal .School for the National Guard 'if (lie State cl Mississippi, with I lieiKlinmrlei's at Meridian, Miss, i Major Daniels, onii of the yomiff- I «,l majors In iho air service, has I lice,i In Ihe service for 12 yarn lie , Innm-rly «u.s In chanje of Irainln? biimbln:< s,|imdj-ons ut Dartaditle l''ii:l(l. La. During ['resident Calvin Coo)ld(ji.''.s liumincr vacation In tha lilnck Illlh a miinUcf of years ago, banlebi was the nlr pilot rmi^ned lo ily the mill lo the form;., president, Dnnli'bi Is :ti. big cups of hoi clmcnhtc. Chocolate In bars or sweets ; Jnm i u ,.' " >l>n Flfiii |nlyln « reul in the .... —..,, —, ...,t LI Kl't'd I' 1 xhclvrs In tin- ~cn'n f ly "nnd"n;istrv ' r " scnn S:1 W that, us i,n cxperl- • u 'inent, one lamlly has bra, iai a ncftily a yiiur. sliops. A look al Ihe historic llalles. or ' . mnrkets, which now oper- . small farm for . ,'l'he cost to llm town fia- thp , lease to Die f,;rm, he ; WDS le , Covin K lon Lo ine n son " I10ra>ct ts withered; in the i " levi)les l'" bllc buildings on the 'Thomas' Sylvester. conomic nationalism J 1 "" 6 ''" b™" 1 o f "'e fourth gratia! ' stomers. To that is " le ( l uest ' on "What do you j 1'crfcrl Siiellinjr Scores • l ' know about your town?" The bov-S "*'""•'"' *•"--'••• e...n— and giils are anxious to answer tlie By their war eftorts, i all . Powers Were weakened, but Germany WIN bled white. To recover/she must, "expert' or die." But the market lor her exports face of the ccc _ of passible customers. To vlllll Hitler's answer,,is his "total 11 , economic , nationalism, -autarchy—aiui no\y. .war. " : : '. A .1UST 1'EACK— ' : ' it ':' OK MORE lUTUtttS , ...•' ft is <i vicious circle, to be brck- en only by a peace that goes Versailles one belter. For Versailles was a compromise between". Allied Power politics in the Napoleon it spirit, and co-operation for future lieacc must be no compromise. Colossal though lhe task be, the next peace conference must achieve |1 .Europe in ivhich nil peoples can hve free, and as nearly humanly possible, content—and that includes Ihe vital German people. No matter what the temptation, neither Ihcy nor anv other people should again be pilloried f cr "war i"'"' " y: J ° Dycr n -rt, forj *>»V <-">™° ">- Braicher'aiid Green. Lucil e ackso, Killabrew, Wlnifre I M Her Bell ate in (hjtinjc instead of ill ni"ht i - "••> •<"> is 'evidence of an ordered aiici 1 '' i; " e " l '" lf of nn llv <'raue town abundant fresh food supply rent—mid the family niis'cd I'liousU A Bliinrr at the nvcrnne Vestau- I Bnl ' (lc " l"'"''"^ f'" 1 Its own II:K: rant niemi ij, parb j s sufflclcnl I Bathcrcd wood for fail. evidence Dial lhe German slorli-s nf frenchmen eallnj .syuthellr foods lire ex-ixgcratsd a i)it. fiU':ils IJniliT SI As a fnmplo menu, there Is Ihe dally list offered by ul , ,WL'rn«« medium sized restaurant, medium priced, popular, fmim.'iilfd j, y , . . ..., ...„.,.„artists, prolesslnnul iioophi a'ld Mil- ">B«l«i> c-lly Jiitl an:] result":] |n „ cllcrs on leave. H Is lhe Heslau- ' """ " "" de.s Heinix /,rls. on the rui- • t jUonaparte. just ojijioslto the jjjii,..'; """to the Academy of Fine Arts ,'. 1C ;i? C '"' lr ' the dllef "lisinler, docs mil "!do badly for n wartime menu. Great Thirst in Jail Leads to Tiity Flood LIVINGSTON. Cnl. (UPl - A fii'iit thirst caused ChurUe V:n- Ihc I.h- fine of I'olliT Jixli,-- W. F. Mccoiincll assessed lli lr n ni < after Vn.'ii|uiv. AMS urri'Kled on nn intosicallun cliame In ' "" !.',"",' • '"', """ "' " rt '"' ' S > ludcnls who had records are pcrfecl nl- Joyce Damon, Prances Field, An-' -v.» ... c:l Hfd. ii'slnln Kwe.ii-engen. f'ntij- follows:; Jra » Shclton. Agues Sue Bonton, In (lie midst of a collection of Gail u. Hawkins. Lawrence Hoop-! Charles Brown. Billy in (he midst of a collection of Gail U. Hawkins. Lawrence Hoop-! i-nanes Browi colorful postcard pictures of Bly-U 1 ", Marie Myers, ntct Shanks and' JllBni(a Evans Ktltust'd Trciti Siidhnry. The foltmving students had perfect, siwlllng scores for lhe first semester: Third grade: Luella Alley, Gnynell Crrcilious. Mnxinc Hill, Jonn Lutu, Ruby Myers. Graham Partlow, Fannie Sue .Reedcr, Moses . .. - ... Siman, James Cell, Christine Aus- ductrlnl centers. In ort, colorful j tin, Joy Bell Woolrldge, Virginia White. Pally June Nccly, Helen Argen, William Doss, Dennie Gcn- Iry. Mary Jane Haynes, Betty many questions that have arisen concerning important places of the town, 'they have divided the places into five tig groups for investigation. The centers for investi- gaticn are the civic center, educational, recreational, service and industrial centers. In art, colorful pesters have been made of cut paper letters which give slogans the study, some arc "Be a Good Cillzcn," "Visit Jean Jonc.s. Jackie Phillips, Norma Your Library". "Know Your Town) Jean Price. BeLly Jean Reid and Belter." etc. The group expects to I Ann Skclton. have an interesting project for Nannie Dimaway Billy Hyde, J. C. I-cathcrwood, Delia Peck, Rhodes, Earlene Sullivan, ] Lou Button, Wilnm Stone , nard Slllcs, Jane Shclton, Morris Kiny Thompson, Barta Alad"? astbintler, Geneva While Ann Wecclmnn. Fred Fought and Geneva Ehibley. ^uuls tln-oiiyilinut Prance. Tlie meal nmses iron, 2|| lo 40 fruins "15 lo !)l) ccj;(j,->. clopendiiiK on (In: wine and Ihi: exlrnt of Ihc -innc- tile. " Rene's wartime will) oysters nnd mr-m, bi'ijiii-, |,| K I KW ] ,, f rhiK of in, fnllicr of liu.wliin CVmmiun-, from Knvlcl Pavilion at New Vmk World's Knlr. liussln won't participate! building . rticipate! In Fiilr this yc ar. S[ | j 1'il.s frnnl: i ilding is to. be .shipped home ' wll ' c ' 1 ' wl " ' for reassembly In Moscow. ""I" 1 ? 1 ' nbs . __ . Thoinlon fc j Persistent Fire Gets Valuable Tableware 1'irrSFIEl.u, M,^. (up)-when fire iliMroycd the home of Mr and Mm, William /i. wimtlatey. they siilVL-ji'd IU,,M of tlioir viiliiublo china nn:l uljsswure. 'I'jicy .siorcd il l u a warehouse unlll llu-y could e.slnbllsli a new home - but fire dp.slroyed that building and (In- china aloiw with il ii Ki'i'k later. FREE BOOK" EXPLAINS" ALL ABOUT PILES A lira- edition of an Illustrated book lias Just brcn publl,«licd by Ihe Thornton ft. Minor Clinic—the world's oldest institution spcclaliy.- IIIK In llu- treatment of piles and ulluM' rectal afflictions. 'n,ls book explains why rectal disorders fro- riticntly cause .such commoii all- menls us headiichra nervousness, stoiunch. and liver troubles. H ptilnl.s out lire dinner of nenlcclIni: even a minor case of piles . . . shows how lunlignaia am! Inciirablo conditions may result. The mild treatment at Thornton .V. Minor Clinic, by which more them 50.000 men nnd women have licim relieved during the past (12 years, and which remitrcs no hos- pllall/ntlon or the use of radical Miruory. Is fully explained, If yon nre aflllclcd, scud for a copy of tbl.T frank nnd Informative book, be sent you in plain absolutely free. Address & Minor Clinic, Suite H19, 920 McCli'c SI., Kansas City, Missouri. COURTS Will Present Show _.. "eraI months ns they strive to learn more of the community In which they live. Sila*: llie followin-f fifth grade pupils in Miss Silaz's room have perfect I record attendance records: James ' BCFS, Richard Harrison. Charles , „ I Wallace, Paula Covington, At taruthersville Plico and Jcnn Wllite - Fourth grade: Lena Brown, Joan iiawkrs. Hcniiy Johnson, Billy Lambeil. Barbara Monaghan, Norma Nimnally, Jesse Parks .Wiggins, Dorolhy Dcss. Peggy Ann Barker, Sara Pearl Brooks. Odic Jeanne Mrs. Clara Hood lias filed suit jainst J. E. Hood, asking for a divorce on the ground of irniK- intics. Nclll Reed Is her attorney. Millo.n Yarbro has filed suit rainst Ciois y.-irbro seeking a dl- thc ground of lnrli»iii- Reid and Evrard are his al- s Read Ccuricr News v.ant ads. soup. It then offers hors Including sardines a I'hiille, salad. of beets, potatoes or green olives, anehovii-s, sau.sjiue.s, rresli lorn,,- 1 'ocs. a boiled easj mayonnaise ami a few fish dishes, nol, the least of ii'liich L; a in.u-kcrci with white • '.vine sauce. From fish, ll^re is Ilie cluitre (if I a cheese omr-lcUe, shirnid '.'i;i;s with cream, foic yras I ruffe do I'erigord. I,, ma a 1'huilc nml n e.-il- anline de venu trulfcc. Since this is a meatless day menu, there arc in the \ v .iy of' eiHrecs, clioiicroute ifnrnlc n )'A!- sacienne, Langue de Bor\i( sauce I'lquante, foe do vcnu a IMimlalse, poulel f|-o|,| mnyonnalse. cole do pore, aux epinnrds. anrtoiilllelli- 3Ux pommes motiKselinc, jamhons cornichons. and ccrvHIe meunicrc. r Wlilc Variety nf Alc.its Which means, iranslalcd, Hint the mo in plates arc sauerkraut vjui n i •.«•>' i *-•• wwi^u, vyini: o t.iii ut _ ._ _^ Copclnnd, Ocorgc Groiner, Jimmic «»,i ci • rjT p~i7~7 Murdcugli. Vcra Nell Pantcr, W. V. m Y SKln "3S rull 01 . * *« CARCITHERSV1LLE, Mo., Feb. 12 * J lie Civic Pluj'srs lonl cirEiiniti' 1 group, will present "Outward Bound," stage hit in London and Kccn interest is displayed by the ' pupils of this room in their transportation unit which was started at the beginning of school. The pupils have made vehicles representing Ihc first mode of travel up Prnelt, Bennie Lee Walden, ncstiiie Williams and Billlc Wright. Filth grade: Peggy Brat- on Broadway, and which has also been made into motion picture to tlle !' rcwnl da > : - "^'V arc now form, at the high school auditorium W0!kln « °» a c!>r wlthall the lal- herc March G and 7, it was an- est fcalllrcs - Thcir w "rk Is dis- arc now , hool auditorium W0!kln « °» a c!>r wlthall herc March G and 7, it was an- - s - nounced here yesterday. The Junior ' )la3 ' e<t '" " ie frc " n of ll 'e room, Chamber of Commerce Is cooperating in the advance ticket sale. The cast comprises Judith J,fayes as Mrs. Midjet; Iklberl Harper' as Rev. Duke; Jack Langdon us Torn Prior; Leonard Limbaugh as ^^r. Ung-lcy; Mrs. Margaret Langdon f Mrs. fiiivden-Baiiks; Maul Ice >.Ma)in as Rev. Thompson; George t.ixik as Scrubby, the bartender; fid. Mlw Minerva rhillip.s and Wendell Mayes as Anne and Henry, lhe two young lovers. EXPERT BEAUTY WOIiK CALL 106 Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP REDUCE SENSliilY Swedish Passage, Vap. Ui(!,s Mrs. Kulh Uwhon Harry Deskin, Marilyn Deen, Peg- j BOTH' b gy Freeman. Leonard Mullins, 1 pornrv cc Frances Marsh. Lois Nunnally, 1 Br , nv ,ites Pimples and Blemishes" says Vcrna S.: "Since using Ad- lerlka the pimples are gone. My f kil !.,'il sl . 11B . ot h »nd glows will, U'.l sll Jo , Slnnfe n bnaiiKS, Billy , ation that often v- complexion ' s, Drug Co GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us Now Ceo. It. McFadden & Era's Acjcncij E. C. PATTOH, flgent P.O. Kox 218 Craml Leader I?|I!K. Phone IMS STANDARD TIRES Skin Itchy— rritafod? WO'TOIt OLD Till 4.40-21 4-50-a For ([iiiclc roliof from the ilchln - iu; -tilnir and noreness of ni • uso fammin liladt and Unite Ointment— tbo .vonllilnk' ami or minor Soiip. Kumoiia moro than 20 years. CPAtlE your chllu much of Ibo «J inlsiry at siilrilliiK. mirivln/ nml hinuiliury uoslrlJi ili,o lo ^''L'sr 1 "- Mcmii ° 1 ' 11 "' 11 'nils I'outlo ointment soothrs mil protasis IrrKnU'i, niucum tlJiM opctis lircntlitiiH ,iaG.snKcj wlilcr. H toon cliccka »aci7.ln,; ntm stiuiniiB. Als-j rui) Mcnlholulum on tlic .ri ",...''''• h:ict: ' n '"l nccl:. iuls \-j]\l liiiprovcloca, bloodclr- ciilrilloii nml holp relieve cold discomforts more effectively. Mcmiioiotuni l,c!n.i Incouinny v.'nj-j 1,1.11 you KiioHliI nnvnya rc- mrmlicr nils: For nlscomiorli or Colds—Mnitiiolntiim. Link Uicni toaclUcrln jo»r mlml. KICYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS Al',1, KINDS FIELD SEEDS UAHY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. niKiNA IT:I:DS I'lnnic IT, I LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As CAc Per Week r,ow As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. IHOHE HOW $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. $7 T 1'hon* 76 ya LOANS M Low Interest Rates We arc c(|iiip]ietl (o handle large or small loans on any sized trad of farm land, al low cosl, and a I a low irilcrc'sl rale. TERRY ABSTRACT 213 Walnut St. Rlylhcville, Ark.

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