The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1960
Page 11
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August 12-1 read in this morning's paper "Moscow radio said there are 5.000 persons 100 years or older in Soviet Armenia." I), probably just SEEMS they've lived Unit long. * * * Birthday greetings have begun to-arrive. One from Lela Peck (Mrs. Dara Mendenhall of Laramie Wyo.), said in part-Leona's boys (Lela's grandsons) are slii; with us. We took them to the Cheyenne rodeo nncf it was very good. We also took them to •Denver to see the Shriners' parade which lasted four and a half hours. Highl. now the boys are up in the- hills helping some friends of ours will) their haying. Alice. Ditsworth .-topped here a couple of days on ner way to her son's," Thank you Lela for remembering my anniversary and I recall yours is Aug. 10. Here are belated Rood wishes and many happy returns of the day. Greetings from my cousin Harry Goddard and his Wife Vinnie conveyed the information that Wichita, Kan., has been very com-, fortable this year. Plenty of rain to keep the grass tureen and fruitful, so Harry is kept busy with tin 1 mower-quite a switch front my ideas of Kansas. He says ground is being broken for a 28- story office building' down town. From the Abner Longs who are at Wellsvillt', Pa., "Everything good and green-just the right kind of rains. Lots of big peaches. Many hundreds of acres near hero." I had never thought of Pennsylvania as a. peach growing place. Had you? ' * * • The pictures of Audubon's re cent storm made me think of Algona's back in 1951. 1 thought of Pauline Norton Morrow and wondered if she had any property damage. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING GUARANTEES Green », _• Stamp Plan Now, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING has added its seal of approval to that of more than 35 million American families— including many thousands here in Iowa— who save S&H Green Stamps. Iowa housewives enthusiastically approve S&H Green Stamps because they : get something. extra in quality merchandise without' paying a penny more for what they buy, Pick up a free copy of the beautiful S&H t Green Stamp Ideabook— greatest ever published— at any store or service station that gives S&H Green Stamps and sea the famous brand-name products now available to you at no addqd cost. I \. Stncc 1696., • _._ America's Only Nation-wide SlOMf Ptait - \ -, IOWA DIVISION Ths S P E R R Y and HUTCHINSON COMPANY , '. ?0li fngrriofl . Dei Moinri (o\ - STAR STUDDED MUSICAL REVUE , 7BI6NITES Aug. 27 - Sept. 2 Iowa's shew of shows. Top show hvibiMi ston headlining • lavish production •• the huge close-in stages. NEW GO CART RACES AfttniMR, Aug. 2t Nation's newest racing seaso> Man. BIG CAR RACES Aftornaans, Aug. Mi Stpt. 19. Speedway-typo can, big name- drivers In searching duels. PRESENTING JANE MORGAN Tin rascinatitn Cirl SPECIAL GUEST STAR JOHNNY CARSON, STOCK CAR RACES Afternoon, Aeg. 17; Nlte, Sept. 4. late model stock can battUag whool-to-wkeal far top Monoy. Afternoon, Sept. t Soaped-ap hot rods to «fb spaed action for big parses, chanipionships. T MOLLY BEE Capitol Recording Artist THE FAIUIOUS 1OHNNY CASH OOtDON TNIV SEPT. 1-2 IE! '•ESI PRESENTING VAGABONDS THE THE CHORDETTES Cadence Recording Artists NEW EXHIIITS OPEN UNTH f MA. OAKY New, cent* out ilMr work or after school aad still sea hundreds •! fascinating tiMbits to tkt CM! of th« evening. NEW MODIFIED ilOCK CAB Afternoon, Sept. 4 UnllnUtecl nwdlfMs, sapor- powered for the last won to HORSE RACES AftorMOM.Aag.lM1 Harness racing classics of the America's Greatest Farm fair/ W*rM Hereford Conference ft Skew; NatlMal livMttck Skew; 4-H • IVA Fair; fftaamtotk Machinery Shaw; Carcass Stow; Cam.* Orofa Skawi Poottry ft Rabbit Shaw; Far* Oat |tt Stow; toby lanyard. . IMM to parses. THRILL SHOWS PIUS • leHerTlvi Haw Stat alvf Wflf g snm * v col- Hslsai, cVvtog crashes. ThrMb) ww WP 9j IfHWf ftVf Wild thrill show pUi camel races, ostrich races/ cars leap* tog over elephants. 'Ing Show; WUdUfo fibibftf State Pair Talent Cheijp|en ships; New Pree Acts to The Ptaiai (Wrack fAidway; Nightly Plroworkei Art liblbit; Photo Salon; Nona Show; National Shetland Pony Showi Contests sjalere; free Can*. ORNR RISIIVIt SEAT! NOWI Reserved seats, ft; hoi seats, No reserved or be* seats for Cart Races, Send nwney ardor, day and event desired. A Wonderland of Thinc's to Set 1 and Do On a recent trip down town I had n chnt. with Virgil Shiickol- forcl, who wasisiUing in his pnrk- cd car. It has bt-en a long time since 1 I hnd soon him. I used to ridfc with him occasionally when ho was driving a taxi. Much has happened to him since than. Just one accident after another and I cautioned him he'd bettor go easy or he'd have his nine lives used up. He is able to get around on crutches now, a hopeful sign. * * * Having waited for some lime to sec "South Pacific", patience was rewarded last week. 1 also saw "I Passed for White", but vote Ihe former picture much tin; better. > * * Friends of Mrs. Olive Thompson will be happy to learn she- is now in a Rest Home nl Portland, Ore., just two blocks from her daughter Helen (Mrs. Fran ft Lnthrop) uncl the daughter Barbara also lives there. She had been in Good Samaritan and several months ago entered St. Ann. * * * The Lathrop house on East Slate street has- been sold to llyland Phillips who is making some changes and the apartments will be kept. An outside stairway is being added. Mrs. Lalhrop ha.; gone to Salem, Ore., to make her home near her daughter Meredith, Mrs. Dwight Parsons. * < * When I read the Burt gradual- ing class of 1910 had seven in attendance I wondered how many my class would assemble for a reunion. No one seems to have the urge to start proceedings for one. We are very scattered. * * * Agatha Hansen and I got into reminiscent mood the other day and our topic was grocery stores. I can go back to the Walker brothers who had a store just west oi' the Iowa Slate bank. E. G. Gilmore had the slore known so long as Sorensens. Prior lo that it was the Ramsey and Runchey slore. Long brothers and Henderson were successors to Langdon and Hudson, then just Langdon, next Langdon and Long. Then Intro was the Uoedcrs grocery in Ihe basemenl of the dry goods store where Fowlers now hold forth. Tom Akre was a clerk there. Soon thereafter he ana Mrs. Akre look over Ihe Heinshon business, feed and groceries, in the old college building which had been moved to the present William' Dau garage site. Patterson brothers, Sam and Jim. had stores on the south side of the street, Sam and. nis son Charley in Ihe west part of Ihe present J. . Penney'store, Jim in the west side of the present Graham store. Gus Sjogren was his chief clerk. Sam's place was sold to Joe Steil and Charles Kuchynka. Jim's was taken over by the National Tea. I've carried you back over good many years. At that time groceries were delivered b> Henry Lowe and his son Clifford. I believe .the Sam Patterson store kept their own delivery-a pair of mules' doing the calling. . While on the old times subject, let's go back to September, 1924, Julia Bourne made president of girls' clubs at the state fair. Officers discovered hootch plant in field east of Algona without owner. F. A. Corey won first prize on his goats at state fair, Bryant Ives married to "Edna iKraft • in Chicago * * • » Here's a cute one. "A Manhattan restaurant calls Itself Tower of Pizza." And another, "In rnost instances, all an argument proves is thai two people are present." ' * n * . When Mrs. Charles Schaeffer told me her son William Hill was working at Oskaloosa with a construction company, I thought of Burl Watson, who is a foreman with the company and was located there. • He and his wife were employed at G. S. last win-' ter till time for his work to open up. * • • Another greeting card this AM. Thank you, Drusilja Mertz. of Grand Island, Neb. * * . * This should be written in "who donit" style, and goodness knows I've read enough of them, I should be able to give it everything. However, I'll stick to my own style. Joanne Hutchison, who has been here visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutchison, had a disagreeable experience recently. A very • short time before she was to entrain for Algona, she discovered the loss 'of her purse, which she had left on the living room table while she stepped into the bed room. Joanne's ticket was in her handbag, along with money needed, on the trip. It took some telephoning and arrangements at the depot to secure Another ticket, a wire home to Dad for money, but things were finally set right and Joanne made it on time. * • • Police reported the purse had been found, sans money of oourse, and Joanne's ticket was left so it can be turned in anH' a refund made. They figured since it was a warm e"<min" •doors were «r>en series uo and the orowler nrohaWv had seen the purse on the table. * * * While watching the little bird's Mrs.'Giltes and * have adopted- I was amazed,at seeing a para- stop for lunch with them. I knew Claude Samsons had lost a bird and when they didn't answer the phone, I called their daughter Dorothy Parsons. This bird was green so it wasn't the Samsons. My birthday'fcrjsed with a fine finale, a telephone call from my cousin Melvin Henderson, Upland. Calif. r and u chat with the family, and a bouquet: of beautiful dahlias and glads from the Glen flaney gardens, bourne by daughter Meredith llol/.hammcr and son David. •» * * I mighl add that since Mrs. Gilles' anniversary was Saturday, we had a mild -celebration by having our dinners together Sunday. A little surprise, too, when our trays were Drought in, a serving of cake with lighted candle and the usual birthday song by the gills who served us. NOTES OF SERVICE MEN The squadron provides airborne early warning of approaching enemy aircraft and ships, and :issists in the anti-submarine protection of the Pacific Fleet. Legal Notices OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA Notice is hereby given that Commodity Trucking Corporation, 100 West 10th Street, Wilmington, Delaware has made application to the Iowa State Commerce Commission under authority of Chapter 327A, the Code 1958, as amended, for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to operate as a conlract liquid transport carrier of inedible tallows, lards and greases, soybean oil and molasses in bulk in tank vehicles from Muscaline, Iowa lo any and all points in the State of Iowa. The Commission fixed Thursday, September 22, 1960, ten (10:00) o'clock a.m. at the office of the Commission, Des Moines Iowa, as time and place for pub- lice hearing in the above docketed application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Bernard J. Martin, Chairman Ray H. Thompson, Commissioner Harold E. Hughes, Commissioner ATTEST: Claude E. Davis, Secretary Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, August 9, 1960. Docket No. DLC-156 (33-34) Lackland AFB, Texas — Airman James Price, son of Mr. an<t Mrs. Charles D. Price, Wesley, has completed his initial course of Air Force basic military training course here. He has been selected to attend the technical training course for Parachute Rigger Course at Chanute AFB. 111. Airman Price graduated from Corwilh-Wesley high school. (UDM Engraving), —o— ' SAN DIEGO. Calif. (FHTNC) — Edward E. Ncitzel, aviation machinist's mate third class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Def- ward Neitzel of Whittemore, is serving with Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 11 at the North Island Naval Air Sta'tion, San Die-go, Calif. Most Spectacular Night Show Ever Presented by Fair, Closing with Gorgeous Fireworks. Other Big Features are: • Huge Open Class Cattle, Swine, Sheep and Draft Horse Shows, First 6 Days. • 80-Acre Farm Machinery ft Home Appliance Shows. • Auto Races All 10 Days— 4, Speedway Type Cars; 5, Late Stock Cars; Midgets, 1. Thrill Show Supplements Racing, Aug. 28 ft Sept. 2. • FFA ft 4-H Club Livestock Shows, Cattle,, Swine and Sheep, Last Four Days. • Huge Farm Crops, Flower, Fruit ft Vegetable Shows. • 7 Nit* Horse Shows, Aug. 28 thru Sept. 2 ft Sept. 4; Matinees, Aug. 27 and 28, and Sept. 2, 4 and 5. • Dairy, 8ees, Art, Women's, School and State Ixhibits. • Royal American Show* on World'* Largest Midway. Grandttand, $2 A $1.50 Sunday Atornoafll, $2.50 • $3; mnd labor flay Afternoon, $3 A $3.SO). Norn Snow, $1.50 A $2. S«nd Check or Monty Ord»r (a M/nn»i9fa S'af* fair, Sr, foul 13. I960 Outiidt Col* Adm/H/oni, * Adult,, tOf, Auto, 7**, 10% MORI PARKING SPACI 1M6. Docket No. DLC-158 Tuesday, Aug. 23, I960 Algona (la.) Upper Des Molne»-J Hospitality ontheHigliiray! OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THK CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY. IOWA: KunaKI toward Duffy, DBA Ron Duffy, State Center, Iowa, Transferor nnd Duffy Transportation Corporation, Inc., State Center, Iowa, transferee, '>qvr> filed a joint application for the Commission's approval of the transfer oi Liquid iianbport Carrier Certificate No. LC-lfi. which authorizes operations as a liquid transport carrier between all points in the State of Iowa. The Commission has fixed Tuesday, October 4. I960, ten (10:00) o'clock a.m. at its office in Des Moines, Iowa, as time and place for public hearing in the above docketed application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Bernard J. Martin, Chairman Kay H. Thompson, Commissioner Hiifold E. Hughes, Commissioner ATTEST: Claude E. Davis, Secretary Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, August 9, When you travel-by car, your trip can be made more enjoyable by taking advantage of Phillips 66 .Hospitality along the way. Travelers like Phillips 66 clean rest rooms. They like Phillips 66 friendly, conscientious service. And people who are particular about the performance of their cars will like new Flite-Fuel, the gasoline that gives "the sweetest rhythm on the road." Your Phillips 66 Dealer believes that in service, as well as in products, it's performance that counts, Drive in at his station soon. 10 Good Excuses To Shop At CULLEN'S Thursday, Friday & Saturday We've got some real bargains on freezing and canning supplies but can't get that woman clerk to stop talking long enough to list all the big reductions. The appliance clerk had too many coffee-breaks and didn't list the big reduction on Monarch electric ranges. Ask him about them. We have a few stone jars, tin buckets, trash burners and garbage cans left, but couldn't find a piece of paper to write them down on. There are quite a few D-Con rat and mouse poisons'but it was too far back there to find out exactly what they were. Went over to the nut and bolt department and there were so many men running through those bins that I just gave up without listing them. Spent all afternoon in a merchants meeting and didn't have time to list the red- hot tool specials such as scoop shovels and wrench sets and saws. Glanced at the Pittsburg Paint prices and they were so low that it ain't worth listing 'em. We've got your colors too. We were going to advertise the prices on water houses but since it rained we v/ill just have to mark them even lower. Have some real values on 20 inch General Electric fans but we spent the day keeping cool and forgot to list them. Got a phone call about the time I was listing the Unbelievable features of our new oil heaters and plumb forgot to go back and write them down. MANY OTHER VALUES TOO HOT TO LIST!

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