The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1960 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1960
Page 10
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I../*- (Id.) Uppf t P*MoiqM Tuesday, Aug. 23, J 960 f HE "HEAP* OF STATE" Until recently, it appeared that Fidel Castro yy,as alrrtost in a class by hi r rnse,lf as a "head of ' Now it begjns to look as though the new of the Congo Republic, Patrice Lumumba, may give him a run for his money. Castro's antics we have watched for sometime. Lumumba has only been operating about six weeks. This former postoffice employee should visit his nearest witch doctor, just as Castro has to see his psychiatrist. Lumumba is mad at just about everybody, including half of the people of his own nation, who seem to reciprocate the feeling. In one breath He jails UN officials and castigates the Swedes Who have furnished UN troops to restore order; in Jhe next breath he is trying to borrow 8 to 10 million dollars from outside sources to meet the bills due in August. This is a problem that Lumumba never had to worry about 'when he was working in the postoffice under the Belgians. Well, we li,ve in a world hell-bent on making all men free . . . just as though they were not "free" before. Now they are free to make their own livings, solve their own problems, borrow their own money, and (given enough time for the white folks to get out) they will be free to kill eath other off as quickly as ihey choose. We doubt that even the Russians would get interested enough to poke a serious nose into the heart of hottest Africa and the problems of Mr Lumumba. Being a "head of state" isn't always the easiest job in the country. *. , • * ' ' * HP CRIME COULD BE LOWER! * ' . ' • ' ' « Qrtonville (Minn.) Independent — If the scandal in which heWds'ofjt{iie jester Kenny Foundation appear to be involved', proves true and the guilty are brought to trial and convicted of fraudulent use of funds subscribed for polio vietjjrny tHe Hrriif'bf 'the' 'penalty 'would be mild]. f 1 By cleverness and deceit nothing short of bold rojbbery has been committed, by men In whose confidence millions were raised ,djhdjplac-; ed for furtherance of the -benefits ', derived DIFFERENT NAME - SAME TUNE While presidential nominee Dick Nixon has gone to. considerable pains to dijasspciate himself as much as possible from Ezra Taft Benson, Ihe present secretary of agriculture, it isn'f .exactly an easy job. If you believe in Benson and his policies, you have nothing to worry about. It looks as though it is the same proposed formula under Nixon, but under a different name. A newly formed policy advisory group has been named, and one of the members is Dr. Millard Roberts, president of Parsons College at Fairfield, Iowa. The purpose of ' the group is "to provide original ideas for the Republican campaign." Dr. Roberts, because of his Iowa location, is evidently selected because, of his farm state connection. He' was .fiown to W,ashirtgton last week from Camp Ripley, Minn, \vhere he was presumed to be on duty with the Notional Guard, to present his v.iews. ' Dr. Roberts expressed his views on farm policy: "The only answer is a. completely' free market for agriculture."', , . Now this is exactly 'what Ezra Taft ;Benson has been saying for the past ei.ght years; this is exactly what the present administration has been advocating. Butjb^. implication an4 dpuble talk, the impression had' been given by Nixon that somehow and in..sorne way, .he:ha.d. better ideas, or ,dt least different ones. And while he has stated that he has not invited Benson to . speak for the party in farm states, Benson has refused to play dead and says he will be making speeches anyway. But Dr. Roberts has expressed himself. If his are the views of the party and its thoughts on farm programs, then they might Just as well use Benson. There is no difference in the thinking, and if there are any 'original ideas" we haven't heard them y'e.t. In the meantime, where is Mr' Benson? Iowa Congressman H. R. Gross called at• tention,tp;the..fpct t,hc#..Mr Benson, his ,wife M cmd one- daughter have just made an 18-day trip to Europe and the Near East, at government ex- pens'ej i •• >.•(»•;•?'; <,;'••.''• ' ': •; The transpoVtatiari bjl( ( along,> to; be footed by the taxpayers, is a mere $44,000 for the through treatment at that famed institution. - ... • i. i j ^» D* - ' [i We have: more reject'for gUnman . .arid, ; four-motor nmhtary airliner .placed ;dt Benson s safpa-ackers! than t.his tyfce'of croa>lc. anjd.ioiir; \ disposal. ; : . ; ; > ??;;, . , ; J : , t . respect, an'd yours, natural,!/ is low, gutter-low fonwhatever type crook. ' : * * * No Explosion in North Dakota • **•„ * • ' > * Davenport Times: North Dakota has shown noWploding "revolt." The result . . . must be viewed in the light of the political situation pe- STRICTLY BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT OFFICE Around Algona, a bumble bte I was responsible for an accident, , but at Titonka a puppy proved to , be the cause of an auto mishap. A Claremont man purchased a water spaniel puppy from Merwyn Hansen. After leaving the Hansen home wun the pup, the man had gone only three miles when the puppy jumped into the new owner's lap. Now thc owner happened to be'driving the car at the time, and he swerved the auto into t-he ditch on the right, swerved again and went across the road into the other ditch. The car rolled over, but the man and pup were not injured. Damage to the auto was extensive. * • * A few days of fair weather were chased out of the area by rain during the week. A total ? of 2.10 inches of moisture was measured in the county during rain that fell Aug. 21, 24, 25 and 26. High temperature reading for thc period was 81 degrees Aug. 25, Iowa State Bank, w'holdlng tnx Hut7cU's, supplies Gary Kelley, pointing signs O'Brien Trucking Service, truck hire Pratt Electric Constr., labor Suds-Yer-Duds. laundry Thompson-Tiny ward Chemical Co.. chlorine DEBT SEHVICE \Vm. O. Anderson Gdu. G. W. Hayncs. interest - PARKING METER Groen, salary ." Sands, salary Iowa Slate Bank, w'holriing tnx Trust & Agency Fund, pension tied. -. Arnold Motor Supply, battery Darrelt Ludwlg, labor & parts Pratt Electric Constr., repairs Sherwin-Williams Co., mdse. -. Street Fund, reimburse labor .-. Parking Meter Repair Service, rebuild timers ._ -. TRUST fc AGENCY Viola Meland for D. Connie", pension Viola Meland for t,. " CounK'.v, pension » Bertha M. Egll. pension 140.30 21 38 30.00 •1.00 2.00 17.18 182.25 t 77.50 102.02 •16.77 23.00 2.13 18.23 10.16 3.00 0.50 72.20 23.52 20.00 20.00 73.00 woTicE on REGULAR SCHOOL ELECTION '.Notice Is hereby |lveri to the qualified electors of the Alffbnn Community School District of Alston' in the County nf Kossuth State of Idwft that the regular election of sold School District will he held nt room 144 hi the High School Building on ther twelfth dnry of September, 11)60 «t twelve noon and closing at 7 o'clock p-Jri. A director will be elox^ed f °r a tcrm of three yea-rs to succeed P£rry M. Collins whose torty extoireS September, 1900. A treasurer \ylll be elected for a term ol UvS yew*- to succeed E. A. Srhemel whose terttx expires June 30, 1HIH. Tne lonowmg proposition will be submitted: "Shall the Board of Directors in nnd 'for Algona Cftjnmunity School District, in Kossuth Coxmly, lown, be authorized to levy a tax not to exceed ftoo and one Half (2',4). mills on the dollar In any one year, on the assessed value of' property In the Algona Community School District with said tax to be used for the purchase and construction of high school building facilities for educational purposes, not Including Interest on bonds, as authorized by Section 278.1, 1938' Code ot Iowa, such levy to be made each nnd every year for a period Of, Ten (10) years." Inez Wolfe, Secretary Board of Education (34) "What do you mean my aptitude tctt »buw» emotional instability?" Washington •—' /^» . i i • igh lights A We«My Reportjrom the Nation** Capital by Rty culiar to the state. • "V • ' ' * " * * The, things that, will destroy America are 9r,qsperity at, any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, and love of soft living and the get-rich-quick thepiry of life — Theodore Roosevelt. _ ^l&tma Upper PCS ^Koines ill E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa Entered as second class natter at .. the postoffice •t Algona, 'Iowa, under Act of Congress of 3, 1879. Issued Tuesday in 1960 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. "- R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher - DON SMITH, News Editor » DARLENE KINSEY, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAI, REPRESENTATIVE, Weekly rJ.ewspaper Represeritatives, Inc. ' 4^94 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Yea'r. In. advance _ '. I3.QO Algona papery in combination,, per year $5.00 - ^pies ,.,.. ' — —: lOc up.T^qN, RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH ejar. in advane.e —,--- - _?4.o6 Djia papers 'in/combination, one year $6.00 ripticyi less than' 6 months. 'OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER, ADVERTISING HATES ON REQUEST VIEWS ON THE CONGO Sheldon Mail — The advent into the wortd's quarrelsome family of nations of the new Congo republic,, a sort of international', premature birth, has not only brought about another international emergency, but also raises, among several others, two interesting points. For one thing, it has been stated .that it will require about $200,000,000 to place the Congo government in operation,' of which the United States is expected to pay $100,000,000. This means that the American public will be footing this sizeable bill, and when you actually get right down to it, that seems a lot of money for something which a great deal of us don't care much/about. In fact, it represents the total federal income tax payments of a good round 400,000 United States families with average incomes of about $4,000 a year, families made up of four persons, and families tp whom, the federal income tax represents a lot of hard- earned money. Of, course, if we are being blackmailed into it, on the threat that if we don't help out the Russians will, the general public might think it a good bargain, .but of course the general public will not be asked. The other interesting point about the Coij- go is the trouble that government almost immediately experienced with Katanga province, which wants its independence.- We are evidently supposed to be opposed to this. In other words, the Congo wanted' its independence from Belgium and got it with ,the approval of the rest of the world. Katanga wants its independence from the Congo, but the mysterious powers who run things have evidently decided this is not proper. That brings up the troublesome question of who is supposed to deqide where the line of independence is supposed to be drawn, and on what basis such important decisions are made. * * * The press has been largely responsible for creating the impression t,hat farmers are subsidized over and over qg,ain, while little publicity has been given tp the subsidies and, price props that uphold the high level of all business. The facts ha ye been brought, tp -l.ight in 1960. but non - faijm people probably will not know the facts for some years to'come. The facts show that the average taxpayer has no conception of what he. is paying to prop business. and industry. - Marshalltowp, PUTTING ON PRESSURE — What Congress didn't do when it had the time — the long months before the conventions — it is now trying to accomplish in a matter of weeks. Matters which vitally affect all of us will be brushed aside without the deep thought and study which they des'erve. The art of legislation will not get the workout demanded in a democracy. Such serious measures as a nealth program for the aged, mininumi wage laws, school construction will either be passed or killed without proper consideration for the million. they effect. One thing Which happened here this week may have helped some Congressmen; think twice before supporting wasteful legislation. An Okla- 'fcoma City school teacher named Bayard Auchincloss nired an air- p\ane ; ,and 'pUot to write dollar signs in the 'skies: over 'the Cap- ttbl.'Jt,was{ his thought that the lawmakers, watching the dollar go up in smoke, might have more appreciation for the dwindling AiiTenca'h 'dollar. 'Au'criihcloss, a World War II air ace, is trying to get as many Americans as he can interested in stopping waste in government and 'halting the steady rise in the national debt. He would like people to write him care of Sound Dollar, Ltd., P O. Box 7651. Oklahoma City. Qkla. Winners of the Algona Merchants Goodwill Contest were announced and had headed for their tour of the Great Lakes. Shirley Vinson (now Mrs. Mei)le Pratt, Algona) won the Algona division of the contest, while Lillian Klinksiek of Lakota came out on top in the Kossuth division. About 100 persons went to the Milwaukee depot here to see the girls off on their trip, which was expense-paid by cooperating merchants. Miss Vinson wound up with 2,081,825 votes and Miss Klinksiek got 604,950. COUNCIL MINUTES Council meeting was held AUK. 10, co.'mci. FOR 97 YEARS,,, Kossuth County residents, and those vfjno lived in what e.qrlj,e,ii: >y<3^ ^'o.y<n. qs % "%per De& Moines country", ^qve b*fe" r«.qd^ t,hi> uevxipaper. It was "Upper Des Mpines Country" in 1863 — and stilj is. ^he prestige of 97 ye,a,i:« i| y9UCA*^ % W.'iwnos -9.1 THE ALQONA UfPER DES MOINES Read By Oyor 5^00 Families Each Issue industrial diamonds, the world's . , . c •* -arui-TK unu me icmowing council mcm- purest copper and much Ot US v>rrs present: Muckey. Whittemore. tin. Can the U.S. turn its back HaRKard and Furst. Absent: Elbert and on these startling facts. It certain- Pt R ecaec jing of the minutes of the last ly cannot. n meeting were waived. ON A LIMB — This could be I lie most ridiculous prediction in history but we'll make it anyway. The Russians will let our U-2 pilot, Francis Powers, get off with a light sentence if not free him altogether: .The Soviets have made too many concessions in this case and that's not the way .they do things. Admitting his parents, wife and friends into Russia is most unusual. And topping it all, Khrushchev has agreed to help the pilot's father. As we see it, Khrushchev will want to make propaganda hay out of the trial and its decision. They -could free Powers and tell the world, "See, .we aren't as inhuman as everybody's been saying." For thc sake of Powers and his family we hope this prediction comes .through. carry out part of the duties of the Supt. of Public Improvt. 1011-1 RAILROAD IN THE RED — A group of U.S. railroad officials have- jttst returned from Russia and some of their observations about the Soviet rail system, make interesting reading. Their findings, needless to say, are important to .our military planners who want to know more about the transportation capacity of thc Reds in evpnt of war. The Russian railroads are technologically at least 30 years behind ours. By U.S. standards the hazards confronting, the average Russia rail traveler add up to a nightmare. Russia's rail system has only about one-third of America's 218,000 miles of railway yet ap- handles IVz traffic, volum-.' It a work force of 3,500,000 — four ! FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPEM DES MOINES j AUGUST 27. 1940 f . , . f A truck driver, whose identity jwas not learned, knew better .than to focss around with a tumble bee after an incident reported in Algona Saturday. The main 'trouble seamed to be the •fact the bee was up the man's -'pants leg. The driver was rolling along in his truck a few miles south of town when the' bumble l>ee apparently decided to abandon a clover patch and go for a ride in the cab of the truck. All went well until the bee decided to take a trip up the driver's pants leg. While attempting to shake the bee out of the pants GENERAL GOVERNMENT Dr. C. C. Shierk, salary David A. Smith, salary Iowa State Bank, • vv'holding tax Dr.- C. C. Shierk, court costs .. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., legal publications Advance v Pub. Co., legal publications Hutzcll's, office supplies Matt Parrott & Sons. Co., office supplies STREET Roger D. Hanson, salary Jess Lashbrook. salary Pergande, salary Burtis, salary Metzen, salary Prew, salary Myers, salary Andreasen. labor Schneider, labor Iowa State Bank, vv'holding tax Bradley Bros., labor & mdse. .. Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., parts Algona Machine Shop, labor & mdse. Greenberg Auto Supply, merchandise Arnold Motor Supply, .merchandise Algona Flour & Feed Co., parts Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. — Hilton's Super Service, tire repair & mdse. Frederick Hardware, mdse. — R. J. Funk, Plumbing, labor & mclse. Illinois Auto Electric Co., parts Cities Service Oil Co., gasoline Norton Machine Works, repairs Asphalt Products Co., prcmix Gibbs-Cook Equipment Co., labor & parts Welp & McCarten, Inc.. chips .. PUBLIC SAFETY Albert Boekelman, salary Hutchison, 'salary Jorgenson, salary 1. McBride. salary Schwarzcnbach, salary wooden bunks is what Ivan lias to put up with to get from Petrograd to Stalingrad. CLOSING THE TRAP — Persons who lose their drivers license because or drunk driving or conviction of a traffic violation resulting in loss of life will ijirid. it increasingly tougher to get a new license simply by moving to another state. Reason for this is a new clearing house of information being set up by the y.S. Bureau of. Public Roads. Information on these loss of licenses will be forwarded to Washington and made available to any slate which wants it. The job will, be big to the road. The driver didn't get stung, and, as luck would have it, the bumble bee also escaped unharmed. • n a __.,',. rj- rr «, a «i nn ;„ Alanna • f, Y H 6 " 6 " 1011 ln Algona. was all set to hold an open house Uucust 30 at which time four ^TtawUng la±^2Tto S ^p ened to the public T h e new *^ le wnich cos ^ $6 000 were ^ nstructed to replace three ^ destroyed by fire the pre^ ding winter A > basement par ^ tion was rcmoved , to make room J» r an aditiona i alley prior to the i. ebll iidi n g project. A meeting of fa per sons interested in league g, wUng had becn ca n ed and it pension deductions Advance Pub. Co.. forms Jack's O.K. Tire Service, tire repair Percival Motors, service & repairs Rusk Drug, mdse. Schultz Bros., tire repair Tom's Radio 8t TV, repairs Greenberg Auto Supply, mdse. City Clerk, advanced cash — • - " ------- gasoline Department, services Motor q 0 .. , StouUe w » wr ' j nnson . *** an of l.QOO for every work day. This could result in about 20.00Q, inquiries daily, about l^e same number of fingerprint checks run by the FBI for pblice around the country. A QIANT AWAKENS — Any attempt to under estimate the trouble now spreading throughout Africa would be foolish on the part of anyone. This giant cpntHieat is coming to life. Igven world peace will be affected by events which unfold in Africa in the months ahead. Here's something 1.9 ^hiijg about: 30 per-, cent of the 100 nations in the V..^. by 19.05 will be from Africa. More central Africans are being educated and trained behind the Iron Curtain th.-.n on this side of it. The Congo contains half the world's uranium, 70 percent*, ot ito cobalt, bO percent ol its A total of liuO persons had signed petitions as.lting the Kos- j$$uth* county board of super- ^jsors to call ^r a special, vote on whether or not a new cour.t-, touse should be constructed. It yi[as announced, that a total of, 3JJ47 signatures would be needed tefore any action wuld, be taken, b^jt it seemedj prpbable the nee§ jry signers would be found in e for a vote »n the fall. A egation of interested parties ^ent to Humboldt during the \5(eek and toured ihrough the njpw $175,000 coui'thouse y*B£?All expressed themselves, i& *}vor. of a simila^ ^i^din£ ^jj [ossuth county. %xepal ^Wi*" ins, such as sac, shape and ital cost of such a building, were il^' v: 1^ : ''--'w«sf ? %"' v tt4 >rk for the project had been co Uuoncy. bond att'x BolslorU Lumber Co,, No. 'i bricks Al8 ° naTr: " : SEWER RE ilfeu, sjjjaj-x i, salary • ;c Bank, w.'hoUUnt tax ,--. - Clea.neis, laundry Frederick Hardware; mdsc. -Greenberg Auto Supply,' Honsbrucn Drug, "AS A BREADWINNER... I know milk helps keep me at my peak of energy. I drink plenty, because I can't afford Met-downs'l" LOW bid by Fairbanks of Algona for ^tension ^^K^St #34500 was accepted. Mr Carlson and Mr Agena came b0etf °g & e n %? l g$ a $g%£* n &$£h? n * sjogren's Groc. and East End Groc. were granted class C beer permits. Mayo,. was authorized to confer with F. Laing. Jr., about the Laing Hotel properly ' COUNCIL MEETING special council meeting was called f- Aug. ,4;,^ w'^MajVo^ShicrR pre sent: Muckey. whittemore. Elbert, Haggard and Peirce. Absent: Furst • The meeting was called to discuss tne vacancy created by the resignation of the Supt. of Pubi'ic Improvt. The' Mayor was instructed to contact poss- jb]( ; Bource;s that woulcl glvc thc infor . mation on engineers that would be CONSOLIDATED CO-OP CREAMERIES Daily Delivcrim In Algona Phone 8-3361 Whittemore, Iowa 112.50 164.00 8.50 ; 159,00 105.45 105.65 10.20 4.63 485.15 168.36 170.00 134.09 152.50 150.83 140.21 102.44 98.13 202.30 4.70 1.59 2.00 23.46 13.33 19.45 25.92 1.64 .37 113.12 2.25 63.54 67.87 431.50 237.28 181.70 17U.67 166.21 160.57 Professional Directory 14.58 34.50 1.50 43.UO 6.41 1.00 11.35 13.61 4.85 390.00 .. 182-75 35 50 . :: wioo Advak-e Pub. Co., publications 3' G S? 1 ?-oiw I t? CM 45472.50 Wallace & Holland; ......... ."' , ,„ ^ 830,00 Reiner Hdmers, labor (f material 63.25 335.00 & J. (Arnie) IRickiefs Bospitalization Health & Accident Life i— iAuto — Fire —: Hail Personal Claim Service 2 E. State CY 4-4529 ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Siirety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St Phone CY 4-3178 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PARSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. A home company. Safe, secure, Phone CY 4-3756- Lola Scuffhanv Scc'r HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Hoods, and Many Other fe'omu Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbs! Iowa Farm Mutual In*. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-33^1 HAROLD C. SU.NDET Representing State Farm Ins, Co. 706 So. PhilliRS St, Ugpna Phone CY 4-234^ AUTO—LIFE—FIREjr-HAIL DALE W. LOCKWOOD Representative ThQ Equitable Life A.sjs'urance Society Of The Vniteji States B,urtj Iowa Phone 201 acid Huueii's cities Service, 2.15 U.30 4.35 1.30, Andy Crawford All Types Of Insurance 0}f ice Phone' CY 4-2279 DENTISTS PR, KjM, R. ste : Corp.., sewer cicaner .. las-'lcl, DH KJ «^JP*W u,,* tfjgti Gurry Cowan, salary 1*8.06 Cw\t*K'' e-*1aii«\/ JV 1I&.14 PR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. WUU Ntw Loc.tton^0n Corow Phon* CV 4-«3!I4 At 622 £, tiUtl Chiropractor Dr. D. p. Arnold ' Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY'4^-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 ' Open Friday Night Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Ret. CY 4-3469 DOCTORS MELVTN G. BOURNE. M. D. Physician, & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-234S Resident phone. CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M.'oi Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2358 Resident phone CY 4-2814 CAROL L. PL'OTT; M.D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYprcss 4-4331 Residence JOSEPH M. ROONEY . Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 t Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. 8CHUTTER, MJX Physician & Surgeon 220 No.- Dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2338 OPTOMETRISTS DR. L. L. SNYDER Optometrist 113 East State Algona, Telephone CY 4-27U Closed Saturday Afternoons SAWYER «nd ERICMOM Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 0 East State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CXpr«u 4-2194 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed, Saturday Afternoona Optometrist . Analysis & Visual Tr 103 Soutn-Haxlan St (Honitf Federal Bldg.) -3743 Eqrm 12H H^ ncfck, Pal« Alt* A K»uvHi C*vnH«t

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