The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1960
Page 14
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4-Alflttttfl flfl.) Dot tu«*day, Aug! 1.6, \96Q A STRONG TICKET Indicmola Tribune country can take satisfaction in the ticket pre- Kennedy and Johnson Is one''that should Inj two important areas - the deep s the' eastern states. By e&rnpalaninfc actively and effectively jn the Wd-west, tills ticket CcSrf well Inj two important areas - the deep 'south Democrats across the anc j ! ' •-' • - ...... .....».^i.> ---,- .-^ ; . anu ciictuvci/ pi ni« mi*- »._»«., •••>- r" f 1 . >, t sented to them by the Democratic National , a | Sb eap , Mre most of the elettofal votes 6f the Convention a few weeks ago. Although thd ;f a v m ' belt. The fact that neither candidate is midwest is not directly represented'by a candid- j rom this ' ^ rea ^3 not mean f h e y will be forced ate for either of our two major offices, the com bihatlon of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B |MDM iiiiowt ,„, „.,„ __ wo _ T Johnson is iri many ways an almost magica" e conorn j c plight of the farmer of today, team. Here wa rjave combined nearly all of the ideal qualificqtipns for a national presidential ticket, and it shou(d appeal to a-majority of the voters. , ' As a candidate for President of the United p hi|ade|pTlja , ed a fuM/ intare sting arid worth- States, Kennedy will present many of the char- whi | ei ,j/; He was . a grea f athlete, a successful adteristics the American people have been asking bosjhe ^ an a gOO d father; ian able amateur to forget the farmer. .More Important will be their interest in,'and suggested solution" to, the economic plight of the farmer of . , * * * HE GAVE THE WORLD A CHUCKLE Osage (lOwd) Press News: Johri B. ? Kelly of ilnrlplhhio led a full, mterestinq arid worth- ««.^,.-..-" ...- .,....-. , ^, ( . ui Dusinessman/ a guwu iumvi/ -,WM w^iw %-...«.— for. He is an intelligent, energetic, and capable | ifi - dan and a man ' w Tth great sense of hu- young man who is able to enter into such a task |^ with complete'confidence in his own ability to. , • •• ... nnrnit . ... «__, head . .,' ; lt was this last that garnered the final head- do the Job should he be victorious. He is not a politic'a'l strings",attached. Kennedy has that necessary elemept of popular magnetism that is children, most / prominent of Grace of Monaco. • 'John B.'Kelly knew, as do most o.f Os,? that ave OST m me i«»i uctuuc. m?- ..-..-,— - - r , , _^ ,,_,__w i to date* have proved him to be of the legal profession to make legal documents ' .... . . ii- L! ' u '—, kamncA he f e t that wi s were fnqhttully ling .,T Wltn'aood men to help him reach any because he felt that w, Is were ff.ghtf. goal he »h. His years in the House and Senate, ''dreary.'' He permitted h,s to read .^bj- have provided a valuable training, for these fore his death and in he will said. I can think nave piuyiucu ^ , = nn thir,n mnra nhnst v than their heirs sitting have been active years for Kennedy have Been active years ' r Kennedy's position in the b'pen a long-apd carefully charted course, one Ifciat was full of obstacles.. The record he- runs, upon is exceptional, and behind that is a story in itself. The history of'his'service to our country of nothing more ghastly than their heirs sitting around listening to some representative reading a will. They always remind me of buzzards and vultures awaiting the last breath of the stricken." '•;•,/''• The lawyers like, to refer to children as "issue," so .Kelly called the Princess, his son who followed J in his ' father's footsteps, and his other two daughters, "the kids." "Party of the first service, but rather in the ; offers for tomorrow. does each promposity and tfef ,'femembef when-round,'Steak^cast 1» <= - was th" of that community-after ™j"ffl»i{J7udi «s these.Watfpofflid-'bf- discoyefed -in a double garflgerffiV ' v. ot c 'nu by the wa$s juhitiod The fire had a 'good start b'efottf,'^""^ *j £ \ n/ - j 95 2 Ibut rfow discovery and firemen couldn't ' a £ erages out to about 94 cehts-a INVESTORS STAGEY H, erages ol o snvcjthe building or-itsicpn.tmtt^ - | ^ t $10,income .tax bite itintuVHncr >n Iftflfl PVlPVtV»1f*t. tttfrt V u . . M v , .. Jt ' •*. ...i^t. with: ftglM "(a* ages bid) - ',, 'sounds , for teener lears. In fact; n i a fc es a rugged- uriart td play their "music"'is so novel that all aroun d with the type of livestock, age groups are betiding an ear th v, t cluttered front yarda Of cave and"Actually, enjoying this in- dwellers in the days when loV.e n'ovatSdn." ' ' < " notes had to be chiseled, on the .Out of the limbo of art imag- « u ter walls of a maiden's dom- inary.' age of 'petrodactyls ,ana j c j] e . prime-pelt pajamas, • the Fill- p el .- na p s that's why Universal downers present' a plotter of diose Ward ( R artiaey View, acting pieces presumedly predating to a Discovery, for his role in •"Dino-' primeval.toast. Thwr initial, smgle saurus » t he new Jack H. .Harris release offers >a~ wild. Bronto- ard's screen art film. \ Seleciing A Broker f *«f/-W ' ff*s •**••»! — -T—i- -j- -—- - ,- OvJ(-\> tlJlg Q JOI UIV Cl 1& illVv - - ta J « « ft lit ttT\/t X11II1«ALO ** **•*• " ** *•" " v "*•»*-"-" £^v»* u ''J^jkwafe for a man and. wife with c-Hodsing a bank. You pick'a bank saurUs Stomp" backed with Mo am },the script iurnishes.him with nt oet ,^, tn *r af'ftwo children earning $5,000 a mainly by reputation, by services, Doaatd's Cave" on its flip side. , t f O pp ot . tun ity to display S'andVebulKT wa ^ ai> ' In l92 !' ^ \^ b}1 .l; had -Ptoviid; by-<he pebple working Bbth etchings'are; unabashed K&VoS&M. $2000 and the buildrtig was - fl d lo $3 _ Another gl3f teen ih'the^ bank, and, by convenience, satirical excursions into the al- Receritly .Ramsey has beeh covered by fire-insurance. . >>ars ^^ 1945i the fi g ure ,had Bahks are opiated-and regulated leged dawn-of-history' ori 3 ln ot sh o W ing his friends orf the Uni. , , J risen to $755. By 1957 it was under. Federal Laws as are Stock- the • "nowadays 1 , 1 ' sounds , so dear vefs ^i i ot a s \^ ny rtew police • After iwo weeks of nearly t j own somewhat to * =oh rru " • • — *< •- - -•- *-• ±u_ i 1 _ _< t^_«.v« *„„««,.., veiscu ioi_ a onmj-, . w p ^ rJrtiN^ rnin ' fnir tvpnt.hpr returned '^. ,_ *5..^w-.. ..I...!*, i rain/fair weather returned ' C( . nsu - s . Bureau Kcfssuth coumy during the that ^£ „ „ tiiai 1.1 ie ni.^; cA^wviie****-^ v*. ^ ww v . regu.iuiury« • uuuy uttucu *nc j,^ei- «*****».»'- t i_.n.^^.v.j «. *».* *--«.*...... 0 week.-Cool weather also 'moved day , g j n f ants j s . 22 years greater* tiona'l" Association * Of Securities Baritone and, tenoi sa,Xes, electric in no 't VIP ln\JU" tf>mt1pratllr6 rCRQ" 1 1 .,_ ij. - i*. 1 ncin A **f\vr\ttA • li-fn i W_ ^ •»__>„ ', " n'tiitnn wUittl'ivhi iftiif«r« i^nitYtcf in as''the loW temperature road.. than jt was in 190 o. Average'life ' Dealers., guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, , j f WaJ , d Ramse y has .tniay ing f during the Period- hit_ 56 - expect ancy increased'from 47 to In or '(jcr- to insure that the piano and tympany. The latter } &l fans in ' H elena; there's a degrees Aug. .18, white tnenign 6g years , W omen lived longer Broker you pick'is observing the apparently approximates area vory goo( i reason. He was a mem- Was 91 Aug 15. Thresh ngxvnich than men by a n average of 2 h ig hes t of business ethics oick a agitation when a ctmosaurus japs b f thc lifce dena rtmeht ha - d - bee ?/^f rte l tf1u TstinS a nf fyea " I*'1900;'they, have §1 - nce mfmber'firm Of the Ne^York out the beat s of his earth-shaking ^ ^ bcfore ^^g His career rams, was again in full swing and wid - ene d the .difference to 5 years. stock , ExchaMge . Memb'e* tii-ms "Brontosaurus Stomp " • in television and movies, expected to be completed within _^ regulated by very strict'Hles _ •„ % ' t a a Ward 'should be careful about ?e3?d° f d?r Ab^f l^ th a fe n r ^| •*£,&*% 5£L2£ ** regUla ^ nS ' ' ..'.-, coS^n .^teln^ge tS^ Iosi ^ his ^ ^ ba^c. It SV^^-S^ ' HowT 0 0^,Accou nt may '-McDonald's Cave." '.More of the te. Dk. An estimated same mstriimental treatment ap- ha n dy at a f uturo show it to any director who hag just finishcd tell . •.,.'. 10,000 persona Were attracted to the Kpssuth . . . quizz addicts will be arguing Opening an. account with -a plied to a familiar melody. Old jfi hjm that he , g not tlle t how many other senators member firm is no more difficult McDonald Had A, Farm. A hand- . , v , . ff - , , ^ likewise. We'll set the than opening a bank account. : jive b&atrs added for maximum to Play a poacc officer ipie. __ record straight, nere and now. Let us follow Bill and Grace .teen appeal. • • BETTER PRINTING for less Six senators' have been nominal- Smith, a fictitious' couple who , For the present, Cap is keeping — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., j, - • • * *t p7 - J OlA SvillUitUl O lltt V*i UCt.ll ilWllli*****'<l»| « i*\. bA biv/bAU ww v.^*-—- TT »v Sunday., A fine afternoon and ed , ma jor *pames since 1832. have decided -to invest their sur-' evening program ^as featured, T are; Henry C i ay o f Ken- plus money. They agreed together, with .Jimmy Lynch and nis ... fof the whig? in 1333! that with- careful management, -v "Cirous of Death- performing on * s Cass of Micmg ^n for the they could maintain their insur- the track before a packed grand- D rats in 1848; Stephen A. ance and a suitable savings ,ac- stand at both performances. u ^ mino . s for the Demo . ' count » and stin put $1,000.00 a Judging of stock and other items crat g in 1860 ; Warren G. Harding year into common stocks: Bill was-underway and Interesting at 7 f Qhio for ' the Republicans In called Bob Larson, the local re- traptmnR -u/prf pxnpntpd to draw •_ — , '» -^ n.*._ _c . A _AJ___ _^ . _ . u~- c: tractions were expected, to drav( 1920; Robert 'M. LaFollette of presentative ot a .member firm / , , * ,, f i ' iy*il/i JtUUUI t 1VA, i^aj.' uiicui-i-- . v* pi v^- \J*-' « jin_*•*«'-* ,j.**iim large crowds- throughout the nftr Wis(ionsin for the Progressives in and made ari appointment with of the fair. Among guessing con- g ^ d nQW Kennedy . -James, him to meet at his home. " . - i t, n ^ D . A. Garfield of uhio had been Bill knew that nob Larson was booths in the floral hall were, ejected to the Senate but was qualified to talk about all types how many kernels of corn in a• ^ a member of , the House of investments, because he had jar; how many nails in a . Ja^^ wh g n ,. he was vote d into the read somewhere that all men and how many bristles m a brusn;, id cy on the Republican women . working for member how many beans m a ]ar; the £'rT .>T " - ' ' " " " ' '---' -- J weight pf a pile of coal; and the^ "^ l J" weight of a hog: 1'he implement Wf e £, men, who had'the finest display of modern machinery ever seen,.. b'lnaviLT^ a T-r, be y f T v ^ e ..,,!.! m ^± 10 A °l, g °°,l° d <S! doing everything it can to find qualified to advise small Business- of investments, but ne could the last. ° To be sure, he firms are thoroughly trained and first two offices for carefully scrutinized about their knowledge and background by the New York' Stock Exchange. C3INESS — The Bill knew that a representative ol" member firm was not only types Sing ;Senato, Majority Leader Lyn-:, dullness shaken a bit. So we say "thanks" to don B.' Johnson'as.his running :mdte, Kennedy 'John B. Kelly. — ••• gjdded cou^less strength;to hisxqncjklacy on the^i^.'^ ., f *^, ,, national levelJfhere-0107 hove^beafij other cdn^, ? : 1 :j.j U|T , clos , NG . < , uf l,,EYgj^ >?l .,, ^.^^ . didates that would have added more strength ^v",. - :• >• ,-,•; ,-;:, ••.:.;•' .-, '.; ";''•'•, ih the farm bS but for the country as a whole, i ; Oes Moines :Reg ster - There is no b inking JohnLn sTand far and away the best choice. ,he .fact that the world Situation'has detenoraed By SeTecting Johnson, Kennedy also cast further in recent months. The president seemed ca m, insiqht into his polit caT freedom. He was not almost to the point of complacency, about the Sd by deals and trades with the big bosses -» re nd o.f affairs in. the Far East. He showed no 1 - . -• ..' i ".t . I ! lU A a_ or un y ea . the traditional president-makers in the dele- recognition of the.- new tough line xrf the of a few big states. The combination of munists or of the -relationship of the U- gallons dent to what happened in Japan He did not recognize a" need for change in the policies and procedures of the U.S. government, despite the events in Paris, Tokyo and 111 E Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Okinawa; despite the walkout of the Comrriunists ' -V^ . - from the disarmament talks; despite the uncer- ntaona 3 Twt. < ar£ - t «S^ <°^ and «"-»«'Wct«on O fw alll.. about U.S. policy. i lluucc ^C l W t H lLl c* ui March 3, 1879. THE UPPER? DES C MO'INES' PUBLISHING CO. 11. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor DAULENE KINSEY, Advertising Mgr. GEO. M. SMITH, Foreman arimmediaTeTychaTg- mc^. It pu^out a circular're- offer him all types of invejt iFwito SboS JSSer ^ ,gularly diowlng what's new in ments - mutual rands, stocks, Senior Cifiisens rre How ! Send me information without obligation about your new hospital and surgical plan, guaranteed renewable for life, for men and women 60 years and over; Name _. Address Town •— •PHONE CY 4-4529 2 East State St., Algona Representing WOODMAN ACCIDENT . AND LIFE COMPANY A. J. (Arnie) RICKLEFS -. " TFN e w saoage. noer ea,- f . - t P,- qnopo^tpH p-Ton soil the other i dcas and mvenuons. The latest bonds, and tax exempt ei suggested eacn sen tne omer ._._„, tv , n i ,„:„„ v, n v, v When the a tractor, in round robin >fashion(( would show a sale during s the booming '™ n l°°™ some, new baby When the Smitus met with Bob • " Larson, 'Bob had Bill explain income, ; now much,- he m u;illnninC a babv serves ~- P « "» • J • ' i ., ' „. .' , . i.i -I.' U A 1. M * M i"fm,nH $ iho'' &*&* that l " nls in » com P lete t^i afford 'to invest, what he No trace could oe found of the J * . m orrv-eo-rouna hoped to accomplish. He assured thieves, but a suitcase containing^ a merry-go-round hoped to accomplish, an up and down Bill that this information would- little of the loot was found made by Francis way threshing, at the Hugh Butter- M niiTHq ' 0 "™ wou](J be quito n fcw yoars before they would have to rely on income from their investments., Bob showed Bill and field farm, two miles nortti and >r ^^/Hf f "^ut U triat Amer- mnnts -' Bo . b showed Bill and one mile west of the junction ot 9 er y ° m> " lulllh °" i ,;; 0t i, , .... Grace a list of growth stocks highways 169 and 9,-.north of. lean families; spent $587 billion ^^^ by h f s firm . Togct . Bancroft. The Chicago men were on farm-grown food last year ^ the thrco ^^ cd QUI held up south of Spencer and But 1« e ^'™ e > ^\ °?l*?for a chemical stock to buy. While ,1..; , .... „ ..„;„, ,.«,,,v, ,,f \ui,;i. a third of this. Ihe lest went toi „.,, ..... _. . ., NATIONAL EDITORIAL UJI1HI«-.1J.-.1 NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. Oni Year, in advance Both Algona papers, in combination, per year ---- $s ou Single Copies ------ ....... ------------------ ....... 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTS.ID.E One Year, in advance ------ ..... Both Algona papers in combination, one. year ---- $6.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY; «?W,SPAPEH ADVERTISING RAT^S O« BEQUEST LESS CHANCE FOR RELIGIOUS ISSUE Grundy Register — With the nomination of Jack Miller as the Republican candidate for United States Senator there is less chance for a candidate's religion to influence Iowa voters. McManus, who has been nominated as a candidate for governor by the democrats is a member of the Catholic Church. Jack Miller, who the republicans have nominated for senqtor, is a member of the same church. The church affiliations of these candidates won't impair or enhance their qualifications for public oflice, and no conscientious voter will support or oppose them because of the church which they attend. Jack Miller won the nomination for U. S. Senator in much the same way as Jack Kennedy won the nomination for President. Both men worked long and hard for the honor that iheir party conferred upon them. Jack Miller was without a doubt the strongest man the Republican party ^ould name to oppose Governor Loveless, the contest between Loveless and Miller will be vigorous and close. During the last five years, says the Chamber of Commerce of the U. S., the nunjber of school classrooms constructed was sufficient no! only to house yearly enrollment increases, but to replace annually about 16,000 substandard or abandoned classrooms. held up south of Spencer and driven to a point ^outh of Whitlemore by the hold-up men. The labor, car then driven in a- ditch • and olnel und the Chicagoans esand transportation, packing items — about $39 these marketing charg- ,7 for the farmer. These in it. The case would probably hr a tough one to solve, due: to tin- fact it was thought all four labor, $4 men wore {.'loves, consequently - ,,,.,,0 fingerprints were expected to ho corporate profits and $14.3 scarce. and truck transportation W.2 such as For anyone in Ihe area who liked wild, thrilling, action-packed rodeos, the Humboldt County for other items electric power, other "packaging materials, air and water transportation, inter- picked buy. Bill filled out a new account form Bob called his Home Office and placed the ordei. wanted to know their stock two weeks", Bob answered. Tomorrow you will receive-our confirmation slip show- fuel m ^ y° UI ' purchase. On this slip ' will show the transaction dale IMSURANCE A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs ' Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire -•- Hail Personal Clahn Service 2 E. State CY 4-452U ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 208 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE' AGENCY All Lines of Insurance . Automobile - Furniture Loan 7.N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2738 DENTISTS DR. KABL H. HOFFMAN Office in Home Federal Blcjg. Uifice phone CY 4-434x and settlement date. In other BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance FOR 97 YEARS. f t Kossulh County residents, and those who lived in what curlier was known as the "Upper Des Moines country", huve been reading this newspaper. It wps "Upper Des Woines country" in 1<J$3 - cm^l still is. The prestige of 97 years is ypurs in the columns of IT'S GOOD BUSINESS TO THE ALGONA UPPEi PES MO1NSS By Over 5,400 Families Each Issue The slated to appear Aug.'29 and an overflow crowd was expccti-d. I-t was one of the finest rodeos on tlu- circuit and appeared in Algona several times. » » * Despite what was termed as unfavorable weather, the annm!. Harvest Festival at Bancroft v.':i c;il!t-d a success. t\ total of 1700 suppers wore si-rvi'd during tla- two nights and receipts from concr-.-isions amounted to S2.HUO, nol including an auction of farm jocls Monday. non-corporate profits. —o—• TIMELY REMINDER — The U.S. Public Health Service is on the fourth business transaction. Naturally we expect your payment to us within the same period. The certificate will be sent to your company's Transfer CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION ii.-5 I LIUIH- l HJcli Hi fcj^iv**-^ *•> . ,. i ..1 . ^-. — —-—.---, -r — ___________ _-,— _, making an urgent plea to the Agent, which will issue a new Over $74,000,000 worth of in- iii it •*>•»£, «•« «--t3 • i f*v^f\ t-i-.nic't £.tvcif\ in xrr\i if n*\ in* i n nH m t nn vinn i« ti-tnnn A l^^i*.^n American people to speed one registered, in your name, and is peak n ' late ing corporations HAPPY BIRTHDAY .merican Social Securit. i now 25 years oid. Its The ysSm Girls Achievement Contests Start 111'.- since 1911. Next week we will talk. "How much do brokers charge?" - "How to read newspaper stock, tables" - "What makes stock out of four persons over 65. Born P l ' ice ' s 8° up and down." amid threats it would wreck th.e country, Social Security has survived, economic storms, political crises and two wars. Some 1-t million beneficiaries now receive old-age, survivors and disability insurance payments totaling about $900 million a month. Nin,e out of every ten workers in the United States are covered by the program. WATCHFUL EYE — Weather Scientists are fluted over some of thti pictures taken by our Behind The Movie Sets BUDDY ~ flow, achif.'Yi.-tiienl shows art ::h<'duk- for the KOS.-.IH!) County 4-l{ Sirl.s. Here llu- girl.-. t-.ui a chance to ru:n.- li.L-ir projects jud&c-d. and those M-lccii-d arc sent on to the county fair. Style revue uirls and;!- tiun teams aie also chosen from each club. Those club;; whic.-i have in 1,1 llivir shows an Hand/oil Blue & White, Lakola Luckies. Wesley Wixaj-ds. 1'raiiie l'al;i. Gyrfii-ld (lem.s, Irviiij 1 ,!"!'. Ideals, LuVerne Peppy Pa's and , Bancroft Busy Bees. The other : clubs in the county will hold | tli'-'ir .shows ihis week. Judges for the local achieve- I nienl shows are the member.; u; ! the county 4-II committee, Mrs. ttenry Luoft, Mrs. Wayne Keith, IVJrs. K. L Audovsyrj, Mrs. May- narct Jensen, IVJi's. C. A. Gut- knccht,, Mrs, August Sludev, fttrs. .«.«««« -,wf>-*' .»>.-,.»- ... •-..-.-., ....... ,,.^ ... . ,„..,.,„...,.„,.„.„ ... Rylph Thompson and Mrs. Ben closer to the day when man can purchase of a stick of chewing Aniiket. start cojitroiliHB weather, gum. BUT — despite a time gup pfa. Q«. surance in force. A home company. Safe, secure. ,, , Phone CY 4-3756 Cola ScuHham, Sec'-j HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household r**wds, and, Many Other i'or«ns Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Heibst Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co, Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 , HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. YOU So. Phillips St. Ugona . Phone CY 4-234i AUTO—LIFE!—FIRE—HAIL DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. DeniisJ New Location On Corner Phone CY o.Mri* At 622 E. Stale DOCTORS MEL.VN G. BOURNE. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St, Office phone CY 4-23-19 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. .Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Offirre phone CY 4-2353 ^Ut'sideiH phone X CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M.D. iiU N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Oflice Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-48G4 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore • Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, MJD. Physician & Surgeon 22U No. Dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2333 OPTOMETRISTS DR. L.. L. SNYDER Optometrist 113 East State Algona Telephone CY 4-27H Closed Saturday Afternoons HC-LLYWOOJP, . satellite. Studying some you can say, "I've hearcl evt-ry- nhotographs taken over the thing!" Southern Plains area of the More, you can, make this, obser- country tliese scientists spotted vation in, a convincing tone of an isolated gi'Qup of clouds stand- truthfulness. ing out & an otherwise cloudless Wti'd prefer not to make car part of sky. About two hours payments for the length of time aftef these pictuii.-s were ta.k'en that's fia^sed between the Cavu p^oes and hailstorms struck Man eya and this d.ay of stereo- tb* Te^as-^k^homa border, phonic; reeprdings. The interest on Is (rYSVX ?C%sy|> to believe such, p'ajfwcnVs alon^ would make t iaum-'fe^Jg WikW* P^ture^ og$ ;nafe* al de ^t ajppar smaller '"''' %* PALE W. LOCKWOOD Representative The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of The United Stales Purt, Iowa Phone 201 Chiropractor Dr. D. D, ArnpliJ Cljiiopractor Over Penney's Office 1'hoijc — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9;'O.Q — 5:00 Open. Friday Night Pr. William L, Clegg Chiropractor 4-467V Res. CY Drs. SAWYER and ERICK8QN .Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2198 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. C. M. O'CpNNQJl Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training 108 South Harlan St, (Home Federal Bldg.) PHONE CY 4-374f Farm Management Carlson Management Company 12, V^ N. Dodg« Ph. CY 4-2831 Hoacock, Palo Alto & Kossuth Countief

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