The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1960 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1960
Page 7
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Tuesday, Aug. 16, I960 Afgona (la.) Upper Des Mota«-7 THE SURE WAY TO TfiE , FASTEST RESULTS I Algona apper fies, Moines Classified - Be Per Word, Cash. in Advance 7c Per' Word, Charged BOc Minimum Cdpy Deadline. Monday, 4 p.m. • PHONE CY 4-3535 • UBM Want Ads Reach 5,400 Families Each Week ! For Sale FOR'SALE — ROOT BEER BAR- rel fcrrd.' compressor, complete, good dotldition. Lakeside Drive- in, Crystal Lake, la.'Phone 4106. ' ' ' 32-33* FOK SALE '•— "L5CAX RAISED fresh drlssed spring fries. Agard .-Poultry Market, LuVerne. - , • ; 28-33* FQR SALE '—•" filGH GRADE , Guernsey heifers, due in Aug. and -Sept.; purebred Minnesota No. 2> Hampshire and Yorkshire boars and gilts, Feb. and Mar. pigs; 12 - 10-holis steel chicken nests, reasonable prices. Fritz Freyholtz, Fenton, Ia,» phone 409 or 116. ' 32-33* FOR SALE • — 10x20 STEEL garage, $125.00. Mrs, Bill Gustin, CY 4-35867 • ''32 FOR SALE — 4 DRAWER ART Metal filing cabinet, full suspension, with base — $35. Upper Des Moines Pub'. Co., Algona HEAVYWEIGHT TAHPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES. ,lf WE HAVEN'T GOT IT Oft CAN'T GET IT, IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED. DIAMOND'S. 46U FOR SALE — 1953 .CADILLAC* new motor, good shape. Call CY 4-4744 or CY ,4-4043. 33* - (SOON) The Residence of Mrs Addie Driver 109 North Phillips Street, Algona , (Partly Modern) 8 rooms, including 4 bedrooms and bath, extra-good full basement; convenient to churches and schools, grocery and service stations; friendly neighbors. For complete details and inspection Contact: H. D. Hutchins ' Phone CY 4-3205 (Noons or Evenings) :'.-...• ••:''' OR \ Ai Buchanan (33) THERE'S A MORE and MORE PEOPLE ARE BUYING and CARPET ING PETERSEN "FURNITURE IN FENTON Qualify Furniture With Realistic Prices COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF urray Feeds Why wait until it,'s too late? Start and continue your complete program for your livestock with Murray's feeds. No lower prices available. Use your own home grown grains and if you want it delivered and placed in your feeder, that service is available. We offer the complete setup. We can forniulqte any special feed you might also want. A Complete Bulk Spreading Service As Well As Bag Fertilizer and Uqwid Fertilizers. PHONE 476-1 For Details Murray Elevator Your Dealer Since 1894 ORAIN - COAL - FpPS Mixing & Grinding - Fertiliser & SpfcJs Adders 'and Typewriters • Smith upright, excellent .n.i>6!> R., C. Allen Upright .._•— 456 i-±-Kemington Noiseless Upright, $42.50. 1—Royal upright typewriter, $35. UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. Algona, Iowa 2fc FOR SALE — ENGLISH SHEP- herd puppies, 7 weeks old. Mfs. Clifford Waltman, Burt, la. Phone 2 on 95, Burt • 3& FOR SALE — FANCY PALOM- ino mare, 54 inches tall, golden color, kid broke; also Welch mares. Bill Lane, \Vhittembre. • 33» FOR SALE — GENTLE SHET- land pony. 622 East South St. Phone CY 4-3458. 33f FOR SALE — 2 HAMPSHIRE yearling boarsf Raymond' Kramer, Algona. CY 4-4718. 33* Real Estate JFOR SALE — TO CLOSE ES- tate, house, 7 rooms and bath 215 -N. Jones. Call Whittemore 8-4641. Theodore Bierstedt. :' - 32-33* FOR SALE—NEW 3-BEDROOM homb, 1204 East Call. Contadt Bud Robinson, CY 4-3374 or CY 4-2325. ' 12tfn "It's such a nice day, let's walk... To the taxi stand 1" FOR SALE — NEW 3 BED- room home on E. State St. Call Fred Hagen, CY. 4-2342 after 5 p.m. 33-35* FOR SALE — NEAR-NEW 3 bedroom ranch home, 319 E. Elm. Phone CY 4-2779. 33 tfn. FOR SALE — 2 BEDROOM home near Bertha Godfrey school, corner of Oak and Johnson Sts. Write Raymond J. Klein, 1212 8th Ave. N., Humboldt, la. . 33-35* FOR RENT — BY MONTH 1 OR 2 room units suitable lor light housekeeping. Utilities furnished. Cowan Motor Court, 1111 E. State St Ph CY 4-3523. I2tfn Wanted FOR SALE — 3 LOTS IN EAST Algona, all join, can split for ranch homes, bargain if taken at once. See Joel M. Herbst or Ted S. Herbst. 33 FOR SALE — FJNE BRICK 2 story home, 1 bedroom and half bath first floor, 2% bedrooms and bath' upstairs, """'possession soon; priced right at $17,500. See Joel M. Herbst or Ted S. Herbst. 33 8MV MYESW FARMS FOR SALE 120 A. near Fenlon. This is an exceptionally good farm with a very good modern home, very goo'd outbuildings. Will sell on contract. 109 A., near Algona modern house, good outbuildings, all under cultivation. Will sell on contract. 160 A; near Algona. Good buildings, 70 A. pasture. $200 per A. PAUL M. SEELEY ALGONA, IA. CY 4-3174 33 For Rent FOR RENT — 5 ROOM MODERN house. Havley nansbn. Phone CY 4-2983. 33 FOR RENT — MODERN 2 ROOM apartment, furnished, private entrance. Phone uf 4-4572 or call Arnold .Alderson at auditor's office. 33* FOR RENT — DOWNSTAIRS furnished apartment. Close-in.' Utilities furnished. Phone CY 4-3786 after 5 p.m. , 12tfn DIVISION SALr.8 MANAGER Exceptional position open. Good pay and a fine future. Old established Company. 'Duties include hiring and training me,n with top rated feed'company. Previous sales experience' valuable. Must have a car. Applications confidential. Write sale's Manager, 707 South 42rid Street, Omaha 6, Nebraska. ' 31-32 WANTED — MARRIED MAN. 23' to 45, living in or willing to move to Emmetsburg, to replace dealer being transferred. $117 week while training. This is a long established business. Recommendations required.' Write Personnel:, Manager, Box. 273. 'Gar?»er> Iowa; - • i ' 32-fSn WANTED TO RiuNT — 3 BED room home in' Algona "by Northrup King Supervisor. References if required. Write Box 69,-T, Algona. . 32-33 WANTED — TANK WAGON salesman to handle major oil company's products on a commission basis. Write Box 104. Spencer, la. 33 who helped in every way following the death of our loved, one. Mr and Mrs Frank Wieskamp & Family, Mrs Leo C. Miller & Family, Mr and Mrs Arnold Elbert & Family. 33 time nnd place for public hearing in the above docketed application; IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Bernard J.. Martin. Cluilfman Hay H. Thompson, Commissioner Harold E. Hughes. Commissioner ATTEST; Claude E. Dnvis. Secretary Dated at Des Moines, Iowa. August 9. 1960. Docket No. DLC-I58 (33-34) Farm Equipment USES FARM MACHINERY 1—1937 JD tractor "B" __ $125 1—JD wire tie baler $290 1—1939 JD "A" tractor, w/road gear, on rubber $295 1—J.D. "A" Power Trol cylinder with new hoses - — $45 1—New Idea 3-bar siderake $125 1—J.D. 3-14 tractor plow w/high speed Dottoms __ $350 bottoms __ — $190 1—Hydraulic loader, fits Int. '•' "H" or "M" ' $4i NEW! SPECIAL PRICES! 1—J. D. "45" Combine 1—JD "30" Combine Gehl Choppers and Blowers POW and Monsanto Chemicals i for the farm Speedy & Holland Hi-Test Baler Twine. WEISBROD IMPLEMENT Fenton, la. 33 menf, pamphlet ~- — 3.00 Arwell Inc., rat control 15.00 STREET Hanson, salary 233.36 Lashbrook, salary 160.73 Peroande, salary '• 171.5? Burtls, salary 1 i-_- 136.11 Motzen, Jr., salary 127.36 Prcw, salary . M9.27 Myers, salary --- - 115.39 Schneider, salary - 91.25 Andreasen, salary 105.97 Iowa State Bank, withholding .- 150.30 Cullen Hardware, mdse. 4.51 Ready-Mix Lbr. Co., sidewalks .. 120.00 Hanson, expense 40.00 City Clerk, freight 3.00 L. S. Muckcy Plumbing, mdso.- 18.57 Cities Service Oil Co., gas . 135.98 W. C. Brown Supply Co., supplies 36.56 Asphalt Products Co.. premix — 469.99 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., telephone ^ ; — 13.85 North American Steel Co., hickory fibre .H 86.31 Gibbs-Cook Eduloment Co., repairs 75.82 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, salary 175.91 Hutchison, salary ---•- 157.60 Jorgenson, salary —:— 156.15 McBride, salary - 140.42 Schwarzenbach, salary 142.54 Bulten, salary 147.54 Volgt, salary -^ 135.42 Kohl, salary 20.00 Elbert, salary " 15.00 Iowa State Bank, withholding -- 101.40 Cities Service Oil Co., gas 93.27 John Chalgren, recharge C02 bottles 11.55 Cullcn Hardware, mdse. 1.65 Northwestern Bell Telephone, telephone -1 23.05 Trust & Agency Fund, pension — 12.01 SANITATION Johnson, salary 182.75 Baas, salary 170.60 Courtney, salary 93.50 Iowa State Bank, withholding 51.90 Herman Leek, labor — 44.00 Bulten, labor 12.88 Cullen Hardware, fan --- 23.88 Kossuth County Recorders, fee _- 22.90 Northwestern Bell Telephone, telephone 15.90 The Bayard News, bonds ..* — 185.00 Chicago, Milwaukee, S. P. 8. Pac. RR, license — 35.00 RECREATION itephenson, salary 113.15 Horbst, salary - 75.90 Kraft, Jr 68.00 Garry, salary 83.80 Cowan, salary 60.10 Smith, salary _-. 60.10 Juvali, salary — 101.82 .aBarre, salary 60.10 owa State Bank, withholding -- 71.70 .. S. Muckey, Plumbing, repairs 16.96 Tcdcrick Hdwe., repairs 4.91 Thompspn-Hayward Chemical Co., chlorine , ' 60.75 Northwestern Bell Telephone, telephone 2.00 West Disinfecting Co., showersan 29.90 : rederlck Hdwe., mdse. 2.33 Kelley Lbr. Co., bases 5.75 SEWER RENTAL .omkee, salary 163.02 Sronbach/ salary 118.10 Iowa State Bank, withholding — 17.60 Northwestern Bell Telephone, telephone 13.95 Water Pollution Control Federation, pamphlet - 3.50 PARKING METER Groen, salary 164.43 Sands, salary 40.59 Iowa State Bank, withholding — 14.90 Trust & Agency, pension 1.77 Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, August 11, 1960. NOTICE Of PROBATE OF WILL State of lown ss. In District Court Kossuth County No. 7764 March Term, 1060. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an iLsii-uiimni 01 writing purporting to be the Inst Will and Testnmont of Alvina Tledc, Deceased, dated May 10, iuai, mivmg been this day filed, opened and read. Monday the 29th day of August, 1MO, Is fixed for hearing proof IK s.imu at tna -Court House In Algona. Iowa, before the District Court o£ said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A.M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause. If any they have, why instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will ana lesiiimcni ol sfild deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August 11, 1!ia °- Alma Pearson Clerk ot the District Court. Shumway, Kelly & *'ristedt, Atlornpys Algoiia, Iowa g Difference between a poor man and a rich man is that one worries about his next meal while the other worries about his last one. A taxpayer is one who does not have to pas.t a civil service exam in order to work for the government. For All Sizes & Weights oi T A R P S You Do Better At WILLE'S CANVAS & Upholstery 206 West State, Algona TFN WANTED TO DO SPRAYING with high clearance sprayer. Andrew Miller. Phone CY 4-4054. 33* WANTED TO RENT — MIDDLE aged couple desires newer nice house or duplex, 2 or preferably 3 bedroom, with garage, best references. Write 3918 Aurora, Des Moines 10, Iowa. 33* HELP WANTED SALESMEN OR AGENTS Want to make $20 or more a day in pleasant route work? Can use man or woman part or full time. Write or telephone, FURST'Mc- NESS CO., Freeport, 111. 33* Used Machinery PLOWS 4 Oliver Plows — 214 — 216 — 314 $75 — $125 — $325, 3 John Deere Plows — 214 — 21$ $22.50 To $85. 8 IHC Plows — 214 — 216 — 316, 316 Mid. — 314 — $50 Tp $265, 3 Moline Plows •*- 214 •— 316 — 414 — $85 To $495. 5 Case Plows — 214 — 216 — 314 $25 To $125. 1 Fergnspn 314 MJd, ------ $95, 2 Allis 316 Mid. $150 — $195. 1 David Bradley 216 — $50. 1 Allis Disc Plow — 3 Blade $145, MISCELLANEOUS Olson. Bale Fcrk w/rop9 $27.50, 36' Galv. Elevator in Running Case F-2 C9.njb.ine — PTO. Gleaner Combine w/Mtr. Ready To Go. IHC Self Washing Cream Sepax T ' ator — $75. Anthony Wagon w/6 ply Tires, $150. New Qrainmaster {feint, Only $?B. New We* Wa 9 on «- 16" Til** $13,5 HELP WANTED WANTED AT ONCE! MAN OR WOMAN to service customers for famous, nationally advertised Watkins products in city of Algona. Business established. Full or part time. Weekly earnings starting at $65. No investment Write Watkins Products, Inc.. D-9Q, Winona, Minn. 33-34* OPPORTUNITY MAN OR WOMAN Responsible person from this area, to service and collect from new type automatic dispensers, No selling. Age not essential. Car, references, and $450.00 to $900.00 cash necessary, t to 12 hours weekly nets up to $300.00 monthly. Possibility fulltime work. For local interview give phone and particulars. Write Kay Distributing Co. 6305 Harriet Ave. Rich- fi<jld 23, Minnesota. * 33 SPINET PIANO: RESPONSIBLE local party can make real bargain on Quality Spinet Piano. AH details arranged without expense or obligation. Write Credit Office Iowa Piano Co., 1148 Polk Blvd. Des Moines, Iowa. 33* Steel WM W»i°R $J?.5J. JOB BRADLEY OKLAHOMA SERVICE STA- tion for lease. Special financing plan for right dealer. Call Mr. E. X E. .Merrick, Thursday Ayg. 18, at Johnson house. Phone CY 4-24,41 or GY 4-2442. 3 Card of Thanks THANKS We wisfr to, extend our mog sincere and. heartfelt thanks to friend^ «nd relations for fhp flora and spiritual bouquets, cards ape '' > "" arid 'doctor oia, Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met in adjourned ses- ion with all members present 7-20-60 at he .City Hall. • . The '1961 budget estimate was adopted nd a hearing was set for 8:00 P. M. ,MQU5t 10,. 1960. A bid for the alley In blk. 124 Call's ddltlon was rejected. # * * COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council' met in regular ses- loh with all members except Elberts pros- Cigarette permit granted to the cafe ocated at 114 N. Thorington. Gordon Hall came before the Council oncerning property in Wellendorf's 2nd .ddltlon. Reading of the minutes were waived. Ord. 415 was adopted. Residents on E. North street came boor the council concerning curb & gutter their street. Mel Bay & John Woods came before he council concerning Civil Defense. City Clerk was authorized to advertise or sale the alley in Blk. 124 Call's Addition. GENERAL FUND . Dr. Shlerk, salary 12.50 Smith, salary 164.00 owa Sfale Bank, withholding . 8.50 :ity Clerk, advance cas,h 6.b& 3r. Shlerk, expense 15.30 Northwestern Bell Telephone, telephone 24-05 Committee for Economic Develop- SERVICES Get Your Smoking Supplies et the NEW SMOKE SHOP Home For Sale Pleasant older home, at 441 N. Dodge. Downstairs living room, dinii.g room, kitchen, bath antj il bedroom, 2 bedrooms up, oil furnace, garage, clean, comfortable, fine close-in location. If you want low-cost home and comfort this is most for the money - price $6,000. ^See Joel M. Herbst or Ted S. Herbst. oo Brick Business Building • Corner Jones & State New Heating Plant And Interior Decoration ' SEE: BJUSTROM FURNITURE Algona, Iowa TFN USED OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA: Honakl Kclwai-d Duffy, DBA Ron Duffy, State Center. Iowa, Transferor and Duffy Transportation Corporation, Inc., State Cenler, Iowa, transferee, have filed a joint application for the Commission's approval of the transfer 01 Liquid Transport Carrier Certificate No. LH-15, which authorizes operations as a liquid transport carrier between all poirus in the State of Iowa. The Commission has fixed Tuesday, cvuuet t, luou, len UU:OU) o'clock a.m. at its office in Des Moines, Iowa, as TanU-Wagon Salesman For Algona, Iowa and surrounding area. Permanent For Right Party. Truck Allowance Of $100.00 Per Month plus Commissions — For Full Details Call CY 4-3407 OR Write P. O. Box 312 Spencer, Iowa ' ' Custom Drapery Headquarters By * n ~corating Consultant Be Sure Be Right See Bjustrom Furniture Algona KENT' A-l USED CARS "FAIR SPECIALS" 1959 GAAC % Too Pick up speed Transmission. 1955 CADILLAC, Hardtop,' Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows. 1955 FORD Custom 6 Cylinder, 2 Door, Radio, Standard Transmission. 1953 DESQTO, 4 Door, Radio and Very, ' Very Clean Thru Out. 1950 DESOTO, 4 Door. 1948 PLYMOUTH! Club Coupe. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. GUARANTEE WARRANTY FOR 1 FULL YEAR On Above Cars EASY TERMS - LOW RATES AT BEECHER LANE APPIIANCE BUY OF THE WEEK! MAYTAG WASHER Square Tub $89.95 MOTOR CO. Algona, la. CY 4-3504 KEYS MADE Bt Coast-to-Coast Algona F-R-E-E LOANER TIRES We Retread or Replace Your Tractor Tires See Us For All Your Tire Needs low Pri«e» Easy Terrm BRADLEY BROS. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Headquarters For COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS for evening appointments Store — CY 4-3837 B. O. Biustrora — CY 4-3690 Frank Moulton — CY 4-4609 P. Burps — CY 4-2019 " ' MINNESOTA FARMS FOR SALE "SELECT MINNESOTA FARM CHOICE HALF SECTION" One of the outstanding farms in South Central Minnesota. Located 5 mi. from Blue Earth on U.S. Hwy. Full set up-to-date modern bldgs. $130,000. This farm is one of the very best we have ever handled. EXCELLENT HOG & BEEF FARM 280 acres with 225 acres highly productive plowland, balance fenced pasture. Excellent,, modern bldgs. with deep well. 2 miles North of Mabel on Hwy/No. 43 in Fillmore Priced for immediate sale at $56,000. Terms. MINNESOTA FARM BARGAINS 560 ACRES - $100. PER ACRE 300 acres tillable — balance mostly pasture. New well — good bldgs. Suited to a mixed livestock operation. 10 miles West of Madison m Lac qui Parle county. A real bargain at estate price of 556,000. Terms available. PRODUCTIVE 380 ACRES - $?6,pOO. 250 acres good cropland, balance mostly pasture. Vejy good modern bld§s. Located Northeast of Swift Falls in Pope County. Liberal terms. An ideal set-up for the young |armer. McNARY FARM MANAGEMENT CO. (33-34-35) KM5»»»S»»K?«W!»»»W«»SS5!»5SS»S«»!iB«ffl»«^^^ 410 Title Insurqnce Pldg. Minneapolis 1, Minn. TflfRhone: FNerpI g-6581 Regular$109.95 42" YOUNGSTOWN SINK - No. S-42 HBL L95 * Water Heaters 30 Gal. Natural Gas Watei Heater New $79.95 Ranges 1— Monarch Double Oven. Gas. Repossessed $99.95 1-Monarch Electric $25.00 Norge 40" Electric $49.95 Hclpoint Electric $89.95 L & H Electric $49.95 Assortment Of Natural & Bottle Gas Ranges — Your Choice $25.00 T-V SETS I Westinghouse 21" Console Repossessed Was $339.95 __ Now $199.9.1 1-Westinghouse 21" Console 2 Years Old $149.95 1 Admiral 21" Console __ $99.95 r errific Trade In Price Being Given On All New Westinghous< T.V.'s Being Bought Herel Refrigerators 1-Frigidaire 8 eu. ft $49.95 1-Norgs 11 cu. ft. $79.95 Freezers Used International 10 Cu. Ft. Chest 1- $124.95 I—Frigidaire 10 cu. ft. UprigW Type Frsezsr $199.9il Washers & Dryers Maytag Square Tub ,._ v $89.95 Hamilton Automatic Washer Re' possessed, new Guar. $99.95 Dexter Conventional __ $79.95 Vlqytag Automatic $89.95 USED ELECTRIC MOTORS tfe have them, all size? V4 H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H.P. all worl OK. ^_^ RECORD PLAYERS 45 RPM Record Player __ $9.95 2-Zenith Console Record Players EASY TERMS IF DESIRED ALGONA LANE APPLIANCE Phone CY 4-3613 VT

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