The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1960 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1960
Page 18
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(la.) Upper- DM Meffiti Tuesday, Aug. 9, SO OFTEN WHEN I READ OR WRITE an obituary, I am struck with the thought of how difficult it is to sum up the contributions of, a long and useful life in a few paragraphs, Trying to get the essence of a human personality on paper is probably not only impossible, it is also unnecessary. For by the time our alloted years are up, we have already made our mark where it counts most—in the hearts of oiSr families, friends and associates. Such is the case of a beloved Algona lady who died this week, Edna C. Murtagh, ,For such a tiny person, Mrs Murtagh's passing leaves an awfully big gap. MRS MURTAGH WAS ONE OF THE FIRST persons our family .met when we moved to Algona nearly 30 years ago. The only house ., we could find was the most run-down one in the nice Thorington street neighborhood. Instead of keeping her youngsters away from us .until she found out what kind of a tribe we were, Mrs Murtagh .came over immediately to welcome us. And she did it in a practical way, with something cooked for our supper. . • '. ' ' ' • * * * '•'..\SHE- FOUND OUT THAT WE HAD BEEN attending the same church to which she belonged, and before we could ve6r to the Methodists or the Congregationalists, she enrolled us at Sunday School. She may have had a double motive for this, for these were , the depression years and the membership -was dwindling. With '•seven of us in the family, we swelled it quite a bit. I do know that if it weren't for the Murtaghs and a handful of others, the local church would have died out during this period. ' MRS MURTAGH HAD A STRONG FAITH, but she was of the belief that this faith should be backed up with good works in every department of living. She could, and did, teach'an excellent Bible lesson, .and, she also ran,-the phurch^ stand at the county fair. She Was good with the gavel at the many organizations she served as president, but she was also first lady with the mop when volunteers cleaned the church. I remember one time the job had been completed and ;the Building was; shining from top to bottom. But there was v one tiny hole-in-the-wall closet in which nothing in particular was stored and the rest of the group thought it could be skipped. This bothered Edna Murtagh. So she crawled in the small opening, dusted down the cobwebs, and scoured off the dirt floor herself! "'.' ''I:'.-. * * * MANY TIMES MRS MURTAGH WOULD take home clothing which was destined for overseas relief and missionary boxes. This was presumably so they could be''stored in her barn until needed. Biit Mrs Murtagh had a cistern. "There's nothing like real, natural ram water for woolens", she'd say, and nine times out of ten the clothing would emerge, not only laundered, but with the buttons so many people cut off their charity offerings, replaced. "The people who get these like to have buttons on their clqthes just like we do", she said. . . . . MRS; MURTAGH WAS INTERESTED IN'people, but she never indulged in idle gossip. She had better ways to occupy her time If she -found something with which she disagreed she said so, but she was even more quick with her congratulations for a good job, and, with, her. encouragement when things were going -badly. When she..called me about something in this column, as slie 1 frequently did, I;was yery; pleased, for when Mrs Murtagh said'she liked something I knew she meant if. I also knew that when she didn't'like something Bhe would say so,, too. < - • • • •'•••• • • SEVERAL CHRISTMAS DAYS. MRS MURTAGH phoned our house to extend greetings. One that I remember particularly was a holiday when their children couldn't be home. It was quite early in,the morning, and Mrs Murtagh said, "I suppose things are in an awful mess at your house." I assured her they were. "Well," she said, 'we've opened our gifts and cleared away the wrappings and its neat as a pin. And I don't like it one bit!" * ' * * A COUPLE OF YEARS BACK, Mrs Murtagh who had alvays been m apparent good health, had a spell of illness which kept her first in the hospital, and then pretty much confined to her home This was hard on her, not so much for herself, but because she couldn't be up and doing for her family and her friends She bounced back, not with quite her old vigor, but at least with a reasonable facsimile of it. Last winter she took a night school course in art at the high school and, though she had done some work in water colors previously, showed a whole new talent in oil painting. Some of her work was on display at the exhibit last spring, and I thought it was lovely. * * * MRS MURTAGH LOVED HER HOME. I doubt if she would have been willing to move out of her "house with the gables" if somebody offered her a whole new $40,000 ranch house. She saw to it the house was kept in good repair. Her grandson, Tom Hutchison tells about the time, only a few months ago, when "Grandma" was supposed to be taking things very easy. Tom was horrified io find her one day, up on the roof, making minor repairs to the chimney! * + MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY GOES TO Mr Murtugh and her family, but I don t feel the least bit sorry for Edna Murla-h! Her lite was long and good and she lias undoubtedly gone to a richly deserved reward. According to my understanding, it is a place where .strength is unlimited either by age or bodily infirmities Us a place where there is infinite love and it can be expressed by fussing over others if one so desires. I hope it is not an immaculate piace so that Mrs Murtagh can polish up a golden door knob or two. And, knowing the way she loved all children, she will probably have a wonderful time with the cherubs. THERE WAS AN INTERESTING LETTER this week from Mrs Jessie Camp, a retired court reporter, now living at Friendship Haven in * t. Dodge. She also enjoys writing and the residents there have two classes in creative writing. The residents who so desire may have a plot of ground for a fluwer garden and Mrs Camp j s among the m:.ny who avail themselves of the opportunity. Friendship Haven sounds like a delightful place, and Mrs Camp sounds inter cstint* uIso. Algona Youth Attended 4-H Udder's Camp Dean Dodds Dean Dodds, son of Mr and Mrs William Dodds, Algona, has returned after spending a week at the 1960 Young People's Leadership Camp-at the state 4-H camp grounds near Madrid. Dean, 17. is Kossuth county 4-H president, a member of the Union township boys club and a lf)i30 graduate of Garrtgflfl. high school. There were 100 yourig fieople from all over the state of Ibwfli in attendance at Madrid, A \Veejt of educational meetlMs and ,fuft activities was sponsored by t Farm Bureau. (UBM fingraylft Lakota Youth Is •', Hospitalized At Rochester : Lakola — Albert Becker ,10 year old son of the Raymond Bee* ker's, reported back to the hos*' pital at Rochester July ,20'. Albert was Injured in ah auWmobfte accident April 18 near Suffalb, Center and after being treated in the hospital there was taken to Rochester for further trea't- ment. » He had the cast removed frdm his arm July 15 and the, next day entered Buffalo Center hos* pital With a virus infection. He was dismissed Thursday. While" he is in Rochester this time hV is to receive, further treatment on his arm. He spent a good part of last summer hospitalized with gunshot wounds in one leg ftftd ankle. . \ Mrs Frauke Schadendo'rf "returned Tuesday frotn^a visit of severaj weeks ill -Washington 1 and California. Mrs Mary ZoQer, r wh6 accompanied her on the trijj/re- fof fl longer VlSU Mr and Mrs Verne LieflVeld fiitd Susan of ttorthbrooky"ill, artived M&nday at the- J., fi, Ukena home.for a visit of several days. /Mr and Mrs Clarence K-oppirt aftd daughter Betsy of Charleston, S.C. returned home after Visiting at the home of Dr. and Mf-g P. C. Geilenfeldt and Mrs Amelia Koppcn o.* Lakota. Linda Hoeppnp" and Marsha\ Smith returned Home Sunday following a week's attendance at the 1 Junior Presbytery Camp at Lake Okoboji. Mrs Richard Dow and daugh- ter'of Mason City, visited at the iH. D. Mussman home. William McGovern of Cornfield was e Saturday dinner guest there also. Luncheon guests Thursday of Emma and Lena Gutknecht were Misses Ogeson, Alice Campbell, 'Clara Fagen, Lena Nicholas, Jefi- nie DeGrotte, Mason City,- and, Thelma Carlson, of Laurerts. : -Lorraine Christ, daughter or the Alfred Christ's, returned home Saturday after spending a week at Riveside Bible Camp at Story City. Mrs A. C. Biersted went to_St. Louis Park, Minn. Tuesday to' be -with her' daughter, Mrs Leon itremer, and new; baby for several days. ;•• ; • Sherry Claybaug'i,, R. N. of Chicago, . i'isited from Tuesday through Th'tjrsday at the parental floj/d 'eiabaUgfl hofrie.' Mrs V>A. Barrett visited." Sufi* day evening-at the 0, B.-Mayer hoitte itt Ledyard,' , .. , Mrs Jerry Schutter and David bf West fiend visited her c " Marihah- Heetiand, Sutiday. £ From Bancroft Suffer- injuries During Week — Several from' here have had accidents in the past week: • , , Fri., • Au&. 12 Johnny Kelilesen And His Cowboys Sal., - Au&. 13 Bob While Si Orch. Tues., - Aug. 16 - 8 io 11 Rockin Flames Jack Rockufeler & Records Coming Thurs., - Aug., 18 Swing & Sway ' • \ SAMMY KAYE And His Orchestra Adm. $1.87 plus lax Tot. $2.00 ,'.*, -, Jajilee Krtttier," small daughter bf 'Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph KranW, -'^ell -while play ing-* arid fractured her "'arm. ' John Mctiulfe, who plays baseball {with, the town team'," was spikdd ln;the ; harid while playing at Estheryille Wednesday' night. fls had,,,a;fi^gef nearf? severed with a big gash between tfie ' John $eb'e¥ 'had : Several- sti* tchis 'iaifen l"ri' M ti&M when 'he was injured 'dft tSe "ladder a| the swimming pool, tahn'ta 'the,' son of Dr. and Mrs. . ft, £. Weber. . 1 WAS SURPRISED SUNDAY morning to have a visit from my very first baby-sitting customer. She is Mrs Horst Zahn of Oelwein v±JrH? M 7 U ! Ch '' *™ ^ WCSt ""'^ Whcn 1 WaS "bout 7 yeais old. Mrs Zahn was visiting her niece, Mrs Elgin Allen who lives nght m our neighborhood. Mr Allen is the new high school pnnc pal here. Mrs Zahn was just over from Germany when I first knew her, and I remember a most unusual salad she made I asked her about it Sunday and it's this week's recipe- Boiled potatoes, cut in cubes Cooked or piekled beets, cubed 2 apples, cubed 1 small onion % eup chopped smoked herring (or ham, or leftover roast) salt pepper to taste ' 3 strips of bacon, fried almost crisp and cut in pieces J /4 eup vinegar Vz cup sugar. Mix together the first ingredients. Pour the excess grease off the bacon, add the vinegar and sugar and pour hot over the salad Serve at once. —GRACE. READ THE WANT ADS—IT PAYS Better living starts with \m mmmmm-,mm,.mm • , ,_* } » |t ., • >- f » ' i '•(:., ! area and upBtairspbedfoom^fflJaVe you jnany; a jdash ott the. stairway^ Everyone appreciates the convenience'; M having ', telephones in easy reach. End needless' i stair-climbing in your home; i: call the • Northwestern Bell business office and? order your low-cost extensions), '; * *•* PI S. Be sure to ask abobt the new Prtntitt. '•' ! phone, tt't littteljft lovely!.It UgMtt? >&. *. - 1 * -T— . , "I illiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' niiiiiiniiiii ' J ',';>, Cfceclc these A. O. Smith- : •' Wafer Heater, Featuresi _ PennJ!jiaHj*wlee(f«ii*-g)^ lined to oul^statt' v> you money from the d?y it's installed. Ampti Hot Wifer-quick Iteat action stays ahead of your needs. " t i- * ys I i it '-, .ft J.1 I The ^Water's Just Right. Thanks to f an A. O. Smith ' ; J ; : Water Heater ' and Thermogas Yes, mother, the water is ''just right" for every need when you have an A. O. Smith Water Heater fueled by Thermogaa. Its quick heat ^action assures you,of instant hot water.». even ' tjm 4^?d J $f iHeayy .washday ,traflSc. And 'ou'Il TJB' particularly'' pleased' yritji the'low low ost of modern 5 Thermogas. Get "the full story from your Thermogas man. irx M" color reprint of this Illuitratlon snltabr* Tor framing. Sia us or write for your free copy* , , ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^\ ^i-^-^: 1 :':;;::;:;';" 1 -'' nmm v:.v^^::;.;:;\.; ^•, r «,: T -i»^* s "-. THfRMOGAS CO. of ALGONA CY 4-2841 f : . rj fuel site Agreement end enjoy Metered Thermogas service. Gal per'rrio'ntti 60- i&$ SECOND POLAROID iirrng, Already - All Right, Rover, /li •.i- SS IF if $39.95 ELECTRIC EYE SHUTTER WITH EACH MODEL 800 POLAROID LAND CAMERA SOLD IN AUGUST! I'M JUST AS ANXIOUS AS YOU ARE TO TEST DRIVE THE IUXURIOUS NEW 1940 CHEVY. WB BOTH KNOW THAT NO MANUFACTURER OF AUTOS HAS DONE SO MUCH TO MAKE AND KEEP PEOPLE HAPPY. THESE NEW CHEVY'S HAVE GOT EVERYTHING - THEY'RE ROOMY, QUIET, EASY RIDING, ECONOMICAL AND THE MOST SPIRITED CAR ON WHEELS. FOR A TEST RIDE, OR DRIVE, STOP IN TODAY AT.... KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Southwest of the Courthouse Phone CY 4-3554 Algona If ypur family ha* wanted a Polarofd Land Camera NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY, Poring the, entire month of August, we ar« giving FREJ a |39 ? 95 Electric Eye Shutter with each Mpdel SOO Pplaroid camera we teJI ,. . np w you «n take your pictures and have them developed in 60 seconds, plus getting the shutter that will make all of your outdoor pictures absolutely clear and in focus for no extra cost , , . this offer good during August only so hurrv in to get your camera today. . r RUSK DRUG ' "Your Camera Headquarters"

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