The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 12, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUME XXXVT-NO. 273. Blylheville Dally News lilytlievllle Courier Slays Two, Then Turns p'Gun _ (J HELENA, rtrkT f"< - .. . Hugo L. Black Delivers Broad Opinion Of Sup-; renje Court - Mississippi Valley Blyllunilc Herald MMvnwMM OP KOHTOWT ARKANSAS AMD SOOTHEAST ^J COURIER KANSAS ANn OriYlTTJl? iCI* + ncscsr\rm*- Ghost Ship Safe In Por .. I-V1, 12 (U p)_ NiVDolN, C0-year-old print- ( brooding ever family mini,., the death ol his brother two weeks n E o. firs!, .shot, 59, Was One Of City's Host Known Rcsiclenls ^*^™l^^'^:'™^"^ I" 10 ' nwt= UC >'" <" W»>'d, wide.y known "•"itvcraary of the birth Vl Ab - ' „,o ,«' Tl'ir i T' 0 ""' 85 ' S'T'7 ltml "'* »'» E mayor Jf Dam Mneoi,, today rededi-nu-d i .!!',-, '^ T 1>c '" ;m> " cli<-. B yl ifvlllc. <1|«| at Methodist Ho", self ^ a haven -of refute f (1 , Lv- ' Mc n ,- e " im ,"",,, f' 1 ' Ml ' ; 'Winnie l"tnl in Memphis Sunday af,,,, 001 who wlflu otherwise ku «rr be-INM, |/C ,lSr Tn ^ '"''''' ^ u°M ' Whprc hC ' " a " ljf " ue helulKs v.,.,,1. ,,,.,_i •*,,. .:" °.: !lll " Mlf '" ll »- mouth, jcnilcilly III MUM.- Friday. |{e was Mineral .services K .JH ue held nt «use they arc- help!e< s v'e, •" o u V^,.;'"""'',' m ' S[ ''< "' "'" " lc "' Ul ' , rar & ^£5-. ^-'V^a,. 1 -^ "• uniformly victims of prejudice and uiiblie. cx;iira>Mii •• Justice Huso i.. muc-k, spejy,,, as (lie fore of a unanimous court pledged the triliimal i,, eternal defense of American civil libcriies hi an oiiinion which reversed Die conviction of four Hoi-Ida negroes rile negroes contended their con-' lession of u murder and siibsenucnl sentence to death hnd been extracted by be.ati! )gs and torture. Lilt Black's opinion, read to ; hushed .i':d solemn chamber. nu ... . ., *••!..*UU,-> JIUJIii;. .,^1°' I!'.'" ( ; nll;er or » Promli.M.1 JlelfiiH family. W1 , s opei-iiior of Hi;- Nirholls Pruning coiiipany. .. -" " l " wt: uv'U UV the residence. 901 West Main streel, ays Ne\v Treaty p^^srrtrStSuiti! I ! ccaiise Of ce.iai,;co,; the court's roncmi ivitii ijrote"tin» CllllOIlS nnd foslering the i-.leals of equal! "J. justice and civil liberty. THE HAGUE Nelherjnrds r-^b .»% K ^ ;f- ^^±;;^r^ lv -Hri? ," "I?/ 1 "™ f ™" Uie <«"»'"ry C.B- of the Ncll^aid"^ 8 '^.:' torn of the court. Black reviewed four nearaps — i of —""t uimLit.-) ijn \Valter Woodward- and the! victim May 13, 1933 for the alleged murder of Robert Darsey at 1'oin- pano, Ha. He examined their sl-ile- with i-Lbber hoses, threatened with being allowed to sleep. He noted the stale's denial o/ any torture <.f arbitration and ecause , ie treaty it Tuesday alternooii. 3 o'clock liv George, w. 1'alter.son. ]ms tor of I'Ji-sl CJjrlsll«n diiirch. with burial in I-lmwood Cemetery. ; Active pallbearers will ha- Oilbeil Stacy of Liliic Rock. \v •[• n'm- nell, George M. Lee. K. K jj|o- meyer, Dr. Unji .Smith. K W , OooUman of Memphis. Cecil Shnne and J. c. Kills. Hoiioi-»i-y pal.bearcrs will be: M. T. Moon, E. M. Terry George W. Barham. j. Cecil Lowe, James Terry, C. M. Maddux, W. O. Gue- McCuislon, J. \v. Shoiise. Di- p' I>. Smith, n. A. Lynch, John c McHaney. tenesl Unlsell. A u Hall, C. a. Rodman, iltijh Harbeil. P. H. Acton, Tom A. Little, W ,S Johnson, u s. Uenlsli. James Hlli Jr.. Sam c. Owen. Kussell Green??*• J "". les Oate -' i ' v - °- Holland, Hie functions • " c ™-™'' \ of the 7hc ker . Jolni w. B. McMiillin, L. E. BII- T. D. 'riiompsou. Fre;l War- rcn, uiissell Hhi)iip.s, 'j. E. Green, Joe Isaacs, JcIT Roland. Dr J E Beasluy, R. p. Khshner. Dyroii Morse. Mr. \Vard had been in ill health for several years and seven weeks 'xpr-ssed: ago underwent an opeiulUm. Since ''feeing, COPIES FIVE Wo'nen Alleged To *'lt ll t Lily Two woiiira m-i. |,,.|,| ave I'D lire here In (he of . . X^'r'""^' "" VIIJU Vl'Jj (Jl #fex' | l '-"" ui linwny mid iwo lllyihevll c luxl drlvcrc tiro clitirvi'd with no- cc.'sory ,ii(,.|- iho i u «( ta grand liii'ceny und 'will probably fuel' o Her clmiges a.s Ihe result of Ihe iiHe"ed ihrfi O f j, 6( , n 1| . 0|]1 , w() ui'.sien, Missls.'-lpijf county furm- i";, H wilts umioiincrd Mils nflcr- ii'-"" by Fill-nil uni,, .inelison. • -.Wiuv c;illts, in. w ,,s arrested yftilerdiiy'imirufiiy at (he home ol n rdnllri: 111 •rriiiiiniiit. Ark., mill Mni'V Ulrsoii. 'K-,, was nnvsled ul 11 liomn of a velullve U ( HHilmvcr Ii Saturday, on ehuijies of Kriind iccny, nnd Murvlu Hiiey, W. fonner cafe owrnlor juid In.vl <lilv- cr. and flulic Elliott. m; liixl driver. M..-IV nnvsieil lain Saturday by sheriff's ufllc:r.s aller a search ivlilcli Imd rxlnided to Helena mid buck to Mlsslsslpnl coiuily. Chief Depnly SherUl John V. Ki'lnmlller. minoimced (his ufter- nucu Hint more eliai'Bes against (lie men eonccrnlni; ilielr nlle iictlvlllcs In aiding (he women .. escape woi'lil probably be filed lo morrow Maw pvclUnlmiry heur- lni!» were held. The women ure aliened lo have .stolen $5CO from (he two men Tuesday nl;|hl at u locill tourist i.-:imi>. The theft was mmilcd to officers Wednesday inonilii't uml s declare Hint the taxi dilv- Near East, Far North Developments Hold European War Interest (odiiy 'iy Ilnlleil I'rcss Allies jireiHiro,!. for any ovonliialily' in iho HI Nnv .Rtissiun- (M l niiUM 1 radc 'tTiily h IN car UIWI.IN, 1'Vli. 12. (tll'l —U wns here (odny Ihnl 11 neiv KiiMvc-Oennnu tradi' Irail.v would bo slntiHl tills iifleruooii ur lo- lltlU ItlW, N(-ucUutloii.s huvc been ccntliict- ed In bolli llerlln and Mn.scow lor the pusl ssvL'ii weeks. . ol Aii!i(niliitn nnd Mow ^ I....I..II lllltl i>CW «4UUXLJLM •nr Norlh Finns I'epurted thai " Ivtn weeks of vain Red army Tll p RlK! , lan 0 , fen3is , 0 Karelian' Isthnnis, now Die - oiHH-aion of iho war, had not yet wased but the Finns <.|aim^ ths'. Hie heavy -Ipacea susliUne.i by Hie Kovkit forces ),.'i<l gained (iiem nolhhig, in Moscow the Jiurib'i coniiiiimluuc -Mid tiiiil 18 il'-feilsiv- fwttlfiratliins |,i die •mi 1 hntl been taken. 'I'he KiiK-sInn ,,nil mi'iils (ltd not necessarily -i slncf Ihe Miiiincrlielni hiy. h - dwp nnd no dotted by scutfj'e-l small lorllllwl pwllton s .tliut t-ic wlMire of a S ;ort of them by -I'u Hcd Ariny might repnfee.'.l no real military gain iigalnai t.ij Jcfii-ijii/* ' J a«,nmn will consist „„ ,„„!„- luncliiiun-y m,d mmutrlnl prodt.ol.s while M K'lmn Kusslu will deliver clilelly hd Uc--i mr h r Kussli.i lu if.U, ores, loilder mid naplitha. ,.,.„„ i ullll U was unilrrstrod Hint Clcimany I.-IIHK nM ,. hns " • Ihe lev. he 1-one Hint ^ ,,»,.„ i. • > - 1 '"'--~'- u ' "S" imniii-went an oneraliim. Since ed lie nesot'aUciit ,S i'° W °" that . tlmc llc wns apparently re- ... " * ™* "*j t lurtu ad he rnct ( . hnt thrcc Umc . t| rlorlda supreme courl had reviewed be the case and declined to set aside ex,;,, e.-, , , the convictions. t f, „' , ,, , when he was stricken. Rushed to -^supreme court of F | 0 ,,da, ! ,*S iV^^ » K'^ffi ^=1^ S£ wS'^v.^^^ "'"• ^/—^an'^iSderHhan;, a ^-^r^^-!^^?-^^ 1 ' 11 - 1 " .'Is case ' nsnliisl the WaUriinn I ' "^^ "~ J .: Canada Mourns Death i Of Lord Tweedsmuir! MONTREAL, Quc., Feb. 12. (UP) —Canada w> 3 plunged into seven aais of mourning for Lord Tweads- ,"i U .. B V y1car - 01 ' 1 B0veriior- 3 eneral lira died last night after a |!iird brain operation to relieve a con- ciLsscn suffered last Tue«l«v in „ fall in ins bathroom. Sir Lyinan Duff, chief justice of LECFUBE HERE Pound adrift in Ihe Gulf of Mexico, rudderless, without a shred ol Her nine crew members mysteriously missing, the British thrce-mnstecl schooner Gloria Collta . , • ' e , ° vc " 1 " n ° or hur Wlls lllkc " ..... l ' s °" 1 ° r Mobile toward her was lowed lo port In <*"'ip >«,s round CUianlnnamo Day Cuba ' . tlnelion. Jmlgins- from wrecked romain.s of ship, ' old »l,, «»nate that ,00-foot waves broke over llsr . waahlllg ,,e erew ove , „, d Will FU Tl ,;.,,! C i T «hieh hud braim? very extensive \/Hl DS ihlld Weaker io I» addlllon to flnanelal Investments Be Cillb R;< Rr.f->r- Uy Kotai)' The Ililrd free leclure in the In- ctltute of liiuuialloiicl Undcr- slanding. .sponsored by the Ulvilic- „ - -..». i...«:, jusuce 01 ville lio( i"'y club us a mil, of a ih^ : """•')'> l l"" :lly CmK the supreme court, took over the "fticiuil program will be plveu'U'' C °" y "" b " c offlrc lie R<ter llcl(i l« of administrator B f the do- »" >"8" school aurtltoriiiin Thurk-' ,If" ,,1^7' " nwas "'S', 0 '' of "'>'' (iay night when Eilc Illlnpv.'ortl' ! • - ll \.'91S nr.d 1920. Most of Grimwride of .Stoke-on-Ti-ent^ England, will r,[ieak on "Britain's'Slakr in Curopcan Crises." A .student of liitsriiatioiial affairs, jounulist End lecturer. Mr, Griiv.wnde has spsnt most of his family, his condition had since been crilbal ami no operation was performed. Born in' Carrsvillc, Ky., Mr. Ward came -to BIytheville in 1915 wltlv his brother-ln-'laiv.-j.^'vv. Shouse' after they had fiirme.1 at Bard's-' town, in .South Mississippi Countv, for several years. When Mr. Ward and Mr. Shouse established n Ford .Motor Company agency in Ulytheville this the . ' tnst^iep in b,,:ne.-, enterprue., Aged Resident, Renowned Local State Employment anamoii to flnanelal 1 ' ' u..-..- PI 'ii ix- ^ . he own:d and operated several farms, much urban rental property here and Camp Rio Vista a summer re.iort at Hardy, Ark.. era look Ihe women lo Helena for wife kec|mi([ and Unit they letmn- ed lo Oils section lifter ofnc?rs be- Unn a for (hem Ihcrc. Otnccrs .said Ihc women 'had lulinitlcil the theft and hnpllciited Ihe I wo. men but the men hnvo o, ' t i'tu' . nf -. J" a : Bli : l ' Wl * aid l?,! 1?'' ver rcce n n : v provided mi entire vlmit for crwcl-.^ ,•„ oi.,,i o! ,"t j .i. , -1 7 numitucliuv of H rlincb.l nib- witl.ln IOT m-nth, iw ,MI 1-icW,' 8he luid provided ulso fur 11 mnv ]•-. Klt! ,\ «. ... ;. - ' * ' 11J| lilc UI-RO n-mimty of the most mo,.- ^ O ff Mr I D en, cdUlDiiuul for oil ruHn.rles. > „„ Wl |,,st t,, e Ilc:1 ^n Ho r.lWwr mid R-llncry works rivjrc wa« (jrcnl interest lroi will l,e act up in H llfe i n rnuler out m,rq,e in the .uatude ™ e Ocrnmn cuijlncers nnrt siicclullsls United i la tca toward UIB ituila who whlla tn«l«nii,g .(he plnnl,, Fi m , ish wnr mu! «,. ially P c I ' .,IM,, «.in., tii.iiiiiniii; mi: iiuuiio, I'liuusii w'ar mul esjiccl will train litissliins in aucnile, them, dent Hooscvelt's spc-cli 'Industriiil (iiiailcivi Indluale;! Ihnl In 8 (|i t . u c ,| Army' lav (he tidily might be expanded la land. 'Ihe Ucnmn r Hn Hie iiiitl n liusslau mlrsloii iiiudc no sliilrmenl. Of (lie $500, i negotiated the lietvty . nf (leers nlleBedly recovered fioni tlic women who were rci (o liiivc said tliey Iind glvcil the «sl lo the men. , m:idc no mention of the v^'uni i Moscow in Ecaiullnavla tliere vvns v,'d-> In • llerlln speculation on whether one'result "he dcr-1 \ lo bolster demands , . 500 inni> iniiuassndor lo Moncow enmOi Bencnil milled iront nraln^t lo Berlin last * week to report oulooviel union. "' '„ ' ~ -• ~""« "Jiaic LjllljJlUyillCIU J-or Hunting Skill, Dies Service Office Reports At 78 Year's Activities J, P. Friend's Father Dies At Shreyeport J, A., of ,)ol;iersyllle, Texas, father ol J. P. Friend of this city, died last, nlulil at the Ti-i-amtes Hospital In Shveveyorl, Iji., wlicrc lie lind been 111 (or some time. lie was 69. Mr. Pi-lend, who went lo Slneve- porl three weeks ii[!o when ills o nion. . outcome of (lie trcnly negolbtloiis The Nazis had not yet exm-c-eJ ' His nusxlnn cnpltnl, Immediate Needs Is ,1 which place. His civic and churoh i .„„ were always quietly curried out and -luhfon, 0 ! 1 !!:" 1 ^' 1 ' a rCsWc!U of TIlc unemployment compensation -l.\ lllf.\ 1110 lOr .<7 I'/IOK; rllarl 1,11,. .11..I..I .. . ' •>•-•«•• - ,™ iiuiuy, nrK..'_. ~ • " " -- .... M..^.. popular vacationing c-^,,,,., ,, ,'' 7 >' cnrs . died Inlc division or at (lie . . reliirncd home and HIIS here n week when he wnn ealleil buck Saturday mornlne. lie will pioliably Before Loii(> Range Pro- rams; Thousands Fed l<my oillclril ntUtti:ls! Jr towa'r.-T ul . j visit of Simmer Wc'lM, U. s undo;--" secretary ol K uue. lo' the European I belll3erent countries but It was reported In Be;-Iln [hat Adolf llltl-r ' IV:H! ItalLin Premier fionllo M'.ufo- i iml.hcd discussed tne.Amerhan de.-.y,J veloinnent ty t?!cphon: over t'« '1 week ..Mitt. ' The v.-jii- office at London nii- uoiinccd that the Australhrs rwcJi- hig Sue?, were commanded by Lieut. Gen. Sir Thomas Blarney anS Iho New Zefilnnders by MaJ. Gen.'B. C. Freybirz, wlmier of the Victoria minion which is .... war with Germany In Ijoih and a federal the death' ol" the Boveiiio''r- 8 en- eral, who had been unconscious since tin hour after I,LS fall at the vhc-rcgal residence in Ottawa time was spent In last Tuesday. Funeral rites « thi Die local office of tile Arkansas sidenc employment service, weekly benefit Cross and the Ui.ulnjulsncd Service Order for extraordinary gallantry hi action .in the World War. (The rank of HID ceimnan-'.ln;' officers would tscm la indicate .H,:, wm rc nem nl WCSL uroryia city ivnere ft vicioiii > l^nd^ ^-M''^ "," d ^f W '^' dliriivcport tomorrow mmnln« be- tornmld Saturday killed 17. Injured I sir/n-jf), J T» ti " ' 1lvl5lolui1 fore Ihe remains are taken l: Ter- hundreds and reduced much oil W.ion u imt«» brtm- So'j'ma stale Bovernmcnl I'C-liirh liere Wcdnesdav or AL1JANY. Gil.. Fell. 12 (Ul'> — belief work loo!; precedence over rehabl!ltn(loii today In this smith- be licit! at west. Ororyla city where ft vlclou Teras, for services und builnl (he liiiElness nnd residential dla- .^ & ... .cjinuiice n ottiwa ^Jur.v.mie nas su a nt nirist ^f hii .- .1 . «i^..«n.5 imn.n --^. ">. wised ,,o serious political prob: "m= ciurinj the > a s ,™ C ral vea"s T,', h ,f, e , lle c °™^ ' »ic ld=a ^f"; Crouch. ci !B1 - leins. althousl, es viceroy per onal t" do Furopcan co, tiirn as sti j ,° 1st : v , bllshlll 2 a "sort whleh grew Rn £ Rnndolph Smith. l-pni/>t.,nl«t , .- 3 I JLI - 11 J"'U .... "|J*.nn I-UIIILII^IIL as Sill- i, ic n niy run «f t\,~ i . IT n 11 r» r n i-TI ™illl.,. sport which first laok him to Hardy antl after spending much time there he conceived Hie Id2a ie lebuitative of Great Britain's dent, business man and journalist, in i , gralcst Brit 'sli domin- Experienced in the coiHemoorarv •on, ne iiaci power to sppalnt the European developments and' ten- Ci c .' 1nly ', ™' I " bcrs of th c senate slons, Mr. Grinuvnrtc traversed Eu- ^"^i^vS^r^^^l^L^'of'"^ '« « m « l^Tn'ujl.. Wilson nml Sco[l H a.i orjy '^^.^LA"« --!--.«— ^.p-is-^JiSs^Ts^ srrj f ^ | c»!r^ !na ,sn5?i n<i sss- later In the rlny. .jrlct lo nuilelnvo'ud. ''''"" j z«.UUO incii.) i.^'ni^'S' Mr i ™7 I -, B1W vlsJ ™eral. ...aie nnd iocn, «K»n-] Aurt Jhn cni i^ -^L"'.^ i^ 1 *r ™" vr y ,;^, r ^^^^^,^ i ^\ ™ <°r ta , V^- ^ - -BTsr^ r: eTr^rb^rr^i- -"- 1 —4S s.,,,,,,,,1. ^u.hcad ;;,r E«;; "^ ^ r.;'"i^nUv«» wTUr™T«r!l! ""^"''l 1 ." 0 ^v; 8 ," slcllt «I »..* by 0 person either in srarch "'-i, too, shop at ,:,i,er S vi,,e. n ^, ^ £, T^HS Firs lal in E'lniwnnd cimctcry H*k" v p <" K^'T u w r; r f 111 »"«««''* o™«™T«<5 c vwi"iwnicr H t i Ftoir Crtch^Ctarte*'^- ""^ "'"^ l ° - t -" C '° M! ° rncl! - Ml '' l>hlC01 ' A '' k " tui 1 - cliechs being Issued, U was .stated.) During Iho 12 months just ended i BUI -.-.-.. ' t ti'iii si « ,>n , "..-.. S n» 1If ... _,"• ,; """"-' I; y « rierscn either n srarch "" °" looi snop at Jcliicrsvl c u.,til it is now one of the largest "°" 01 " ' I 1 'Pallbearers «rc: of work or to niif lo to continue a He Is survived by live soni J p "--, ; ,in the Ozarks. Charles short, Arch Llnds'y. Hay- ,,„!,„ l(rr uiiein oy ,• at In u "ee >rlciid of D ythevl c Clieitcr I' 1 , ll ' C ° Uy l " l:lltarl "»> w ""= a J* ™, a ™ ln »" a( t!lc »«'«'»! "•"" £ om "'-' Znl B - "-«'»«• CuiorihcwWwi^^ w T Wtcte «,« -ct up lo scrw eollce UUK..V y. n.iy- ( ami i«r uiic-m"loyimiil Insunmce. '-"end of Dlythevllle. Clicstc ......... iiomnr, ^ n l n. Harrison, cut of Ihe 45.802 visits more than Pflciid of Wink Texas C W Er- "••"""' """. "*' hn^nr w ^"T; GCOtSC filM " n -'KATO visits were made prln> B r"l"' wln n " (l °' O.'™=i«l'of siueve- ;'"' nstv " cl ^"' nil. ur w. ,\. Orlmmetl. Clnriiicc In search of work I port. Ills wife died three vear; ", . (>".->•• »vn= U o>: U »»• — •• .— .. ..uuiiiiuiiii^ic sum ujn^ 11. Wilson nm i ScoU H anls. 1 A ,r.i n , .r ">, , ,,„., ,10,1 J sli '«'l'l»B quarters for many of Ihc 'several divisions" of tlie Red army- Mr. !»w»P^l.b S amm C rV:^^ Coundl of Boy ' ChiUvood e 0 ,,,e herein ^'.ft, m^lcd his i,H c)Uioi , 0 > ;eUrin"s'"'o^-^cnwim!^S ! t C r™^S ,!" ^''"'iT"" ""r'*" ' iC '™" S ' w '« nd then, u u-fl, nt .ha, time. ' I j, l *»>*,,. ""^er,«f '^Elythe- >W'»«tacc he had moved horn , owlllg A tctnl of CM employers called lor a total of more than WOO ] HELSINKI, Feb. 12 <UP)—Riis• ! ->" nrMlhrv today resumed bombardment of Vllpurl. Finland's GCC- ., .^ ..-..^ ^ u ..w^ -"• ''-^tjtst city, with guns em- and sandwiches. The auditorium I'lnctd at least 25 miles nway as ft school were used 'as ! ''""I'll \wr communique said '''" workers. Of Hits number. 2,:n« to his ujtivc Scotland'then.'u wfl , teheved that court circles in Lon don already hnU a sitccassor in mind, Lord Elgin atlcl , llc Dut:c of Devonshire having been most prominently mentioned. Oscw Karrjaway's Car Stolfn Sunday Night A. 19« black Pontiac coach bc- ',' Y ne , (0 Oscar Karflavvay wns stclcn from in front of his "bouse,! business '., o .« Walnu '- street, lust night! him to at that time. 'Educated at Harrow. England. Mimicli University, Germany, and llu> University of Chlcaso " where he is at present completing liis [Ts:areh work tor the doctor's degree in modern history. Mr. Grimwade obtained perso'nal contacts cf strained relations of the Czechs and Germans when he was ap- placcd in the fol vilL- committee of Troop"Sa"""^ byer S bur' B :" "" '" ""','T?? '" d "f lnl ; cl « )nMtl '"' s -.( Survivors are his wife. Mrs. Fran- Interested In several tmf,r«» 20 pnced" 1 domes Ic^..rt , J3 ces Shouse Ward; one son. Li.oyd durinj (he years, Mr. Chined ^^ 2m Zee l" - II d U Ward Jr.. and one sister, fe. i Mid not been active in business , C m sk J. M. Trussdell of Csrrsvlllc. Ky. for some lime , m'^iiil. When Mr. Wards condition be-' A great liimtcr he spent much' " M'rijuii; ijiKiiiL'is iur nuuiy 01 me . -^-vuiai invL'jions 01 tne ued armj rcfueces while rcsldcius who hud (mil renewed' with Center Inte-ii- |i-i'.u),ed ihe slorm's wrath look lii's'iy tbelr offensive against :ihe I others. I Mnnncrlielm line. ri'ioc At A^ DI CC' JIn " K W. Ciillen, Natlotuil lied! ,,' Ille '^^'nn lonsj range guns, . J>JC4 rtl rtge Ui 00 (;,.„,;,. oftlc | nl dli'tctli\K relief work, Ir lcm slncc ll «lr nrst destructive said a c ireful elicck of iirjrliiiii-ios Mrs. Dorthula Morgan came extremely critical, many.'of his spare tim'a in that .'.|)orl, , aiiui 11 circnii cucrx 01 iirjruiiii'ios _ Mrs Darlhula Morgan died laic nflcr debris had been seiirchjcl for ive" fnr m!n DCl1 wllo ' c shl! '""' vlctllns I" l1 "-' ruined urea •shOA'eJ i were conducted Ihls Shiver, 32-yrar-iiU while woman, Mr W iltcl"irt r,"wnlKl Him vi- " l; m " rltcs wcrc conducted Ihls Shiver, 32-year- ^rs 1 ncr ! :;!pS, ( , ^£»»™ - ;; -~ <»•«»—- nrtrh m mi f Ii i_j - -i • .. _ ' ' ab:l Iltj:-Scliana;i. as representative on Hie conllneiil of Gtinivuidc, Lts. potters of Sto!<e-on-Trent, his associations introduced (lie cross currents of ~-»«. ^-..v.uuy tniic.-ii, many.i" im spare lima ,i tlmt siiorl, nynnire of ->c,n ,,nv nnnllrntlm« • •* "'•""•'-"-" uapiiai -niircn an-. 0 negroes. -i-»i« cuujuwu-., ( , rtr^^teNmm^iSS family were Mr. nnd Mrs . j. w . illg t , 1B old davs wlltn mc WRS ^ h f ^ w "» ''^T I8 ^ f «"• fnncr pastor, will, burhl In "B con itlon D" lor, jml n-1rl : "" air raUI alnfm .S miisi? .i.-;d,. c-, n .,-^ ir, ,.],,,,,;r,,< ,,. ' _ ., e . ..... "° rcn.nin<5 tneir reiiislrnvions MIMA ni'ovi> /-.•.m,.tor^ n.. n ...i. * tuiu.niun. uo^iors jiui» an n |ii. r ,» ,,„„., prnitice in a glass faclory at Ten- ° o w "-I diul'ht,.? F \ ' I , rf , '!, UaV5 Wllt " Ei "" C WaS '' l5 rci >- wl1 ^ llwlr ^.islralions w p ]c orovc r-ineterv V , CIB ™»« il1 ™- O^K>« J'«l , liU-Schana,. as representa ive on l^^^'J^™ *£'^ ll %,™™*** 1 * lm <™: «" «"rk. At the end of .lanuary %™° > %Z r £" et *? r :° ""*»» »t P«U.ey McmorIM I.o,p,tal b;inbor<lnieiu of Vlipltrl sevqral weeks ago, shelltd the city at l«ast . twice loday.' dropping 20 shells into It each time. Vilpitrl, it wns learned also was being siibjecto-.l to air raids. Red jnrmy planes raided the city nl ulna ' 'it nnd there was at mlgnight and ^^-^^ W.'wu^in.5r: llm-cTto^rt „„,„. ^r » o. ^ S c nie'miXa V™" ol , 01 Mr5 ' Morw " ^ ^ ^ h '^w' i n1o^ ! .c1ne' S cn=.^ - ^ ^ ^--0^"^^^''l^, "^' „ to mM: sen, Mr. and Mrs. George Vf. Bu solved as p.ill- fielated to many families nl Dell, •'30 o'cloc!: . ... . l .••"••3..- ....v. .^^....^ nni. ^^l^l•^:lH^;L ..n, »iinin a f. w minutes,! tlie present central European ciisis; Miss Edwin Robin-].\U Hie Chilwood; 'two sons. Ous women aiid" 2« werc^^r'v'ekranVU,""'"; 1 , 1 '" l " mn:1> ' lnml!lcs Ki Dc ». and Bradford Chitwood. tah of ^^^^ %<XZi %£%£ &£%»"%, %£ , ,.,. utu , 5L . ,,. Dil . ,„„, ,, 1UU1UI( , unutvOOC , J'Jl 1 01 Mr Whllnhrnil rn'nlnl mil II hP.m. Mr and Mrs. W . T. Bartiett. Blylhevilfe, and three hnKJ.ors. s[r; ccs ^ V ^^ l ° „""''n" £,,. rL l!r. and Mrs. vjlaronnn u wn r ^,, T „„ <-I,LI,,.^«.I _r *,*_„,.,. .,-„,„ ^'"ccs of his oftice aie tree Livestock EAST -T. LOUIS, ill.. F( , b .,• ««£-«.«: ]5 . 5 =0-13.0=0 0 n '«£ 170-235 Ibs.. 5.6C-5.75 15u ! k sows. 4.20-4 75 Cuttle: 3.500 Steers, 9.35 CliUHhter steers. 0.51-11.50 .M.'.-ciI yearlings, heifers, 7.50-875 tlaujhler heifers, f,.25-lo.S,i Cutlers and lo.v cutters. 3.75-5.0J New Orleans Cotton ... ^-•^^jys^mKsns^^fs. st. s s « Sffa-JtSS.'-? fity m 1B32 anfl 033. he was nn-! Bloir.cyer, Mr. and Mre . c . O. ' Holt Funeral Home was in charge. ,?, r;..^^«__, ^-^ lo sUlcl >' Hie ideology and Redman, Mr. and Mrs J c Ellis L ', ,, " melhcdclcgy of the National So- Miss Mary Hollc Patterson ' ''M n Li. ». ~~- 3 l!>sl ycar ' Mrs. Trucsdcll was to arrive thl-, "° y °UOl, Marriage tftcnioon accompanied 'by other i j s Rj,^ H-js-'ness GcSHell Boy Dies tud mcre are ls JvloiiV Djiiliv.a!> l thought and feeling that underlie!.Mr. and Mrs. Clarence I w „ Ln Cl, Uvcod ol Pryor OJt To.n T, ^ T" ",''' T" , " y movcd to Mlsslsslpp - ' " -•- ' -•-•' Nell Harris. Mr VnH -V. Chiiwco' of IllM/n n' n ' md ?' CI "P |o ^ r nllU CI "l' lo >" c ln (llc marc than 20 years ogo CO of M ' llco '°^'; • ind Ptoment sen-ice Ihe co-i She is survived by five'daii«ht"rs """^1™ injury Util from I of Dyer.sbur.', • crrmtinv. nt h.i«i,,n. ; « ,,,n,, n,iih i:i« i.— ...... , .... i "H,.H^IS. „,_„„,,,,„ , . ' ,,_.. tlnue.l to treat Iuni:ir2;ls of Injured but- most ol them hnd miraculously eiiaped with cuts a'.v.l bruises. Only tlie fast that the" tomato smashed down ivhlb nost of the cituwrs v.'cra inle;u k'cpt death Ctbj Funeral Home is In charre ! ' v ; EMFHrs > Tc » n - Feb. 12. in caargc. ._ Mrtrr i.,g c ls a rlsky ,....,.. i(JP)j cislisl movement at the climax of ils ".niggle for poiver. As a journalist coverinrr the Spanish Civil War dmin; 1937 i, e came to reali/.e the precarious political conditions of the European icene nml [13 also attended the : v '. A l T n , Nycn confrrcncf. (he Kurctn-er- "aail And TWO Safes Parteitag. nnd the Assembly cf tl'e League cf Nations. l-™«o«-«i'Tv l 'Si 11 ™' Wl " Cl1 Wl " rCRSYTUE. Mo Peb !2-B lf e ""•"•-'"" "" l '"™- "' C " l ""° a ' U L. ic«o«c l by ihc answering of cro , kcl . s MP v n vnni. . i . not '">wevcr. Nor did the bride, qUCStlClls. IS C.VpMtM to h» nnn nf f. "*.," „.„* a .." lllt an<) '"'0 S.-lfe-S „,„„„, ,,,,, Mlm ,, , 5 m , AQ , c ... '-, slie made her home, Mrs. Ezma I Henderson and Mrs. }. V. Henderson, nil of Dell, Mrs. C. P. Floyd of 7'ruinnim ,iu<f Mrs. John Mc| Lcary cf Potts Cnmj>; Ihrcc sons I anollicr at nooti today. One person' In Vllpuri wns Reported dead as result of the long i'aug5 shelling. Extent of material dimmsc we.s n:t known. Funeral Rites Held For J. J. Smith Today funeral services were held this Rfterncon for J. J. Smith, 49-year- old fr.rmsr who died suddenly Eat- •••-•--=- .-' " .i^j. UIUI..I-.-.-. i Virgil Jet-sen, two-vear-old son ,„ ?r „ , m a " Cl g '? a '" mlko;1 ! or Mr - a"" ««. H. C.'Jesse,,, died „ • r - to^ird R waiting preacher m a "e-i Saturday nt the family home near ntl ° wllol » «™ here. R ro v,-edd!ng last nijht. Ihe piano r GosncU In II! healll, ntr snm, " M ^»"«1 Home Held In Jail , ; . „,,„ On Charge Of Murder . mi 7 mo "' i ^ - ~ -•* his farm home a mile nnd .1 hiilf CARUTHER3VILLE. Mo.. Feb. 12 j "Vile Rev E J.T Wool,,ian, pastor , .., „ , . | L ™r> ci i-otls Cnrnj): Ihrcc sons, At Home Saturday i c. n. Morgan of ueii, o. w. Mor- j gn» of Manila and p. D. Morgan Jet-sen, two-year-old son °[ Ouncan, Miss., and one sister, v.-mu int-uovjijUii. .\;o.. Feb. 121 Tlio R«v J L Woohnnn ua'stcr Mrs J. c. Gates of Duncan. Miss.. -Kbuli ami Robert M.ilais, broth- of the First Church c tlh- Nm! nil of whom are here. crs. of w.irfirli Mr, n r.. !,,;„„ i, n) ,i L ...1 .. J:...... .. "V."? 2 * " h' u %.tu\i:..5 L.V.-»V lujiit, me j;i;nm III Courthouse Blnivn |l! " ! ' ( ' r kcg ' 1 " the famlllnr ''Here c U1UW " Comes the Elide." Suddenly the procession stopped. The piano did Mar. May July Ocl. Dec, Jan, Cprn Ki-h . 1IC5 11C9 . 1076 1079 . !041 1C42 . 9157 869 . 952 955 . 040 DS2 u, c»,, SS questions, is . ,..._. Ihe moil interest!]! of four which arc Cook, 0 [ 1U75 1038 9G5 1 of hi ihe Taney v , u ,,,, vy ^ ;] the series here early yesterday hv :ng much c ,, ;] ,. rccpivcd no rc ^; afd1 ' ! All of the tool, $3000 Chlc.ipo. nradlcyvllle school bi of Avia- mcrous road, school ri i,n noovt 75 guests. fset lo the went with away. The wtddin? csrcmony floor—which had Riven re, , , - —• "*-',"ui «nq e.ountv Relations" warrants, was taken from a sate en Jan. 13, In Treasurer Sherman Bray's office. turned at a neighbor's home after county 15 guests were trcjlcd for cuts and bruises i s si^^i%^£^z&?&s~~z ™ 9* 9,7 |f .tn,gele For Raw Materials." .iStoriJS. ^^ ^ mtca «^^ lhe - «'"» °< *™"~ f , , ' u.u*..-|ui me rirdi i^lllircn Cl 1118 INazA- crs of Wardell, Mo. are being held ; r .-iie. conducted the rites v.-lt:i uiir- t:i hi Ihe county jail here under bond . lal in Elmwcod ccmelerv | of 510.000 won, following llieir j He is survived by\vit« Mrs — i pi-climlnaiy hcarlne before Justice Virnie Fmlih- ,\\ «OIK Albri-t WEATHER i f,,»' H '*«T «', Wartcll. in which jobf ^Id Car! Smith of B 1ythc- -.n.L.oitji \n jjiiwi UKJVU, cuiumci- } I llie > wore bound over to circuit vi'lp Pycon c i»Uh cf STwhi'* " Ml funeral rites at the residence' Arkansas-^rtly cloud v colder ' f™". 1 , °" d ' m ^l of " w "' cr Iollow - Lonnie Fmilh cf Ihe United Slat's M^SLl" 6 -™ 90 .?.* 1111 bnrlrt '" cxccpunextrom^ttp^n X STa mS* L^i-S^ Z nvf *\, FM *™^' Cn " end • tonuiil; Tuesday mostly cloudy, wTdell died R ' X Cmlt!l Ct the Urlt:rt £t ^ tes colder In eist ami south portion, LO.IE died Jan ^ nf wmnri l,, " r "' y """i stnticne(! "' «"* H »- Mrmphls and vi;ltilty - v ';lou 'y flHcrt «''rn wL», M ?M ," ' ' ltina " Is ' sllds: ;llrw flr "»>fcfi, „ --- and somewhat colder to-il^,!' |"'v , [id, ,„ J , ^?' 3 ls I 1 * Mrs ' lorralne Bell of Hnytl, and Holt Funeral Home was In „„ temnerstur lo-nht abut 4» > h%a -1"' S l™^ hn ' ov , er Ul ° ««• '-^''- P«civ a i of BIytheville. .Tuesday cloudy andTo'd" v h'n r . um c t i-f 1 " K °w" S /,? MrS ' •"" ini:c Tllcm>ls <"' ir « m P h ^: cccaslonal rains. ! "*™ ^ " '» oU ' oom » l w ° rd f»• his /alher, J. P. Smith of DrU=e, . i i™, .,.!,„ „..„, Rlonc> madc his Mi£>q .. OIM brother.-. Frank' smith , ,„,,.,„-, n ..^ of T(-xarkana',,:ahd;r;ne : s!ster.'Mrs. Ora Logan, of Bruce. Miss. _„.„... .-•- — •- » ••- Hanna Fimeral Home. • WAS ••• in posure, oytnj two days later. clinrge. • •'.. •• — vki\,ii, in 111 i ti. ii n it MII .^uiiit: . lime, the child's condition had been Cll " r 3 c - serlors f;r 13 days. ! The Rev. Mr. Pillow. Baptist j minister of Diivcr Grove. conduct- North Sawba cemetery. Besides his pnienls, Ii; Is survived by two sisters. Liicile and Inez Jessen. :bnrge. A swine-like animal, the Hum, that lived c lions of years ago, more than 3 lect in

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