The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1960 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1960
Page 10
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', Aoff. 9, 1960 Vvho know*'/ TfHS ma? lead fo big things and heatlHHes 1ft the sparts sections a -few years henee. Geoffrey, son of Mr and Mrs'tldyd Keith, Burbank, Cal., Is a little leaguer and his team has woh every game it has played, flte is grandson of Mrs Nellie Van Allen artd the late Marry Keith. Thank y<5u, ttoop 29, Boy Scouts; for your July 4 favors, fhey were a bit belated but enjoyed none the less. To the curious, rolls of Life Savers, wrapped to look like firecr&ckers were on the tray, of the residents here at Good Samaritan and enjoyed much more than the real crackers Would' have been. I am sure all of us have a sweet tooth but our firecracker days are in' the dim past! Bea Holt thinks it wasn't very sisterly not to let her know the relative had surgery a couple of weeks ago. Thought she had been notified was the excuse. Well, it saved Bea some worry, so she'd better say "Thanks for not remembering." Anyone who is so casual probably won't be sitting on the Verahda 'talking about my operation. . . Albert .Genrich, LuVerne, drop ped in one afternoon recently and' called on several former LuVerne residents ridw living here at G. S. He told me he is a second cousin of Ed Genrich and boasted he could out-talk Ed. At the rate he was Boing, I'd say he was 100% correct. •. • • . More cute callers Tuesday afterrtoon-Louise alack, her nine- month old brother, Jimmy, brought .by''••mama ;Lenora and grandnia Velma Ha'gg. Lovejy children on very'good behavior and Louise, • showing the "eternal feminine" by wearing beads' and bracelet of, which she was very proud. She is so pretty she needs no adorriment, but 'shucks-whai's the use of being a female if you can't 'have decorations?. Back in August 1924, Mr and Mrs C. -E. Heise ;had celebrated their golden wedding with all children' ' present.' Tornado - 'hit Frambach farm- in 'Lotts Creek and-.did much-damage. A ten- pp,und son .was born•• to Dr f .,an4 /Mrs A". W. Amun^-jn'— (1 saw - t)r: -arid ' Mrs ' A^'jdst 1 to '•'say "hello" to her as I rode with friends around'the Country Club recently. I was! curious about 'the improvements. They meet with my approval and when the lawn is again free of the workmen's equipment, it will be most attractive. The pools are a fine addition.) Mrs Mattie McWhorler has had a pleasant time. Her son and his wife, Mr and Mrs Richard Demaray were here from Joplin, Mo. and Mrs H. J. Crosby, Ocala, Fla.,. who has been visiting her parents the Frank Ryersons of Burt The Ryersons and Mrs McWhorter have family connections of a close nature, so all have been "hobnobbing" together. A recent letter from Mabel Livingston to Mrs Gilles and me. bore the reminder that we will soon be having birthdays. She failed to mention her own. She too is a "Leo". She and husband Charley have been at Prescott Ariz., to get away from the extreme heat at Phoenix. I always remember being parked in fron! of the courthouse there and admiring the band shell on the corner. I wonder if the shell is still there or if progress ha shoved it and the band to some remote spot, The late Frank Seeley and his wife Bcrnice, the former Bcrnice Skinner, will be -.veil-remembered here as well as their daughter Joan. The family lived in Florida for some time but not long after Mr Seeley's death, the women moved to Ames where a brother-in-law and sister of Mrs Seeley, Mr and Mrs Frank Thorpe, live, Joan took up teaching as a profession and this fall will teach in the Des Moines schools, She has had a delightful year abroad, teaching in U.S. schools at Ludvigscn, Germany. With a group, she has traveled extensively, Switzerland included, and has even been behind the "iron curtain" at Helsinki, Leningrad, Moscow and Prague. It would be interesting to hear her give a talk on her travels. Bernice is also a sister of Mrs Anton Didriksen (Oneta), the late Kate Skinner and brother Fred who lives in Illinois. me regular looxmg skm witn just a. slight depression the length of th« article. Peeling it revealed .twin bananas tucked cozily side by Side. Mr and Mf» Alfred Sehenclc have left for a month vacation at UlhdSi Norway, home Of Mrs Schenck and her mother Mrs Mary SoiUaf, who, because of her ad* vanced age was unable to accompany them. She is staying With Mt and Mfs Set Hough during their absencv. -fhe ScheneRs stopped at Bayside, Long Island,, to visit the Paul Hutchins and left thelf ear in the Hutchins garage. Paul took them to Idlewood airport, the first leg qf the journey. They will visit the Hutchins on their return home. At Oslo they will join a group of tourists, but the exact itinerary had not been given them prior to leaving. » *• # When fid Hough read of the! his helicopter accident tieMiy, he- w«s tfiafiftM daughter- Mary. Am «l , Ariz,, had fafed Bete \Wt6H-the took a "whlrty -ttrd" 3tafttt-fae airport to the other eh route hbfrse' from & visit herS. It'tafcef'-li minutes td transfer fi-ehr '6fte place to the otMf. "against mere than an hour via, laxh 1 -don't recall ever readier- of' .e'Hdther 'copter accident; Mary "Ann and her sister F>ahcfes,i Neto York City, recently returned from a vacation in Bermuda/ A* trip by jet which took just -I htiuriand 37 minutes from'N.Y. We may fhlnfe we havd had If hot heft, fcttt wait till you ,re&d what nijf eeusift MeMft Heftde?* son, UplartdVGallf,, has t* s"M Written July 2& f h& say%V!"lWhk this has been the most uncom* fortable two Weeks 1 have, evts? spent in California.'It ill §t arte d July 14, and the temperature was in the high 90*s, The next day it was iofl, the next 10?, then on consecutive days 102, 106, 109, 112, 106, 104, 101 The nights have been very warm, too, which is most unusual in California. Sleep was almost impossible and we would stay outside until after midnight trying to get a little cobl.'fhesfe fires hfiVe"',1ieehMet*' fible, OvW, iofyfiotf .acres" have? beeft toned, ant! they'aft nofi 'ttfider; central yet,' |an GWbMel ifid San Dinlas -were thl W6rst, One highl last weekvl Was certain that we-Would all be burned up. We could «se. this awful' burrtlng^from our house', arid it' seemed td be right Ih the north- part of Claferrtdtit. The sky was a mass of flames, All* of our plc^ kers were used to fight fire, and In excess of some 6000 men have been on the lines day a'nd night Now if we do get some rain this winter, it will make some real floods, for the trees and brush have ftit been butned, AH dufiflg the heal wave WS Had only flfle Ihtrtight) aftd that Was the cool October alf ifi Algofift." . M» Hen*? Ffohiinsr, cSfrte" to visit Her husband here Satufd&y afternoon, she was accompanied -by her brotheMn-iaw 'and sister, f / Sgt. and Mrs Arthur Gaghon atid children, Jimmy, Gail and David,' Williams Air Force tfase, Ark. They mentioned Percy Warhke, Emmetsburg, with Whom 1 was well '.acquainted years ago. Mr* Frohling's daughter married 'SSaZ'tiSS. J *' « * fhelffia 'Sires and, .., Jeanle/ fiflafift* "RMdita; wnye Hflflsttrt, - AftBfeMl - Mlfclrt ahd Mattie AtcWhoftef drove to' West Betid Wedheslfey afternodWi tftily !!7» r l6* fcalf bfl Jitiify V6rt fi&ftk who had been at Good Samaritan several mbnths^ Sh^, had suf* ferfed'ft bretesti hfp but was recovered' entsugh to get Sr&tmd with a-walker and left tt>t her home" two weeks agu • . N METAL "NO MUNWNO" SIONB available at Upper' DeS Moines GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW Bradley Bros.. South Hotel Algona Form Machinery — Trucks — Tires •^•^^.HH^MHWMnMM-^ri^i^ *-i -• -«e.^»L.iai*. ^-^rf*Jf-ia»^h ^. New lisa - OllT»r Ma««ojr-Harrli Allli-Chalmers CMC Truckt Firestone Tlioi Phone CY 4-2421 Algona Branson Building Service : • • . : ' .' j '** '. "Try Us And-You'll Like Us" , '. • Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK Builders' 'Hardware Tools 1 SIOUX Tanks & 1 i i- .Cribs • • | N. of Jet. ',Hwys. 1 18 8c 169 I Algona - CY 4-4369 | III' 1 saw something today I had never seen before. Identical twin bananas. Mrs Nettie Haag brought some to her husband and when ske investigated, there was a double fruit. It \vai Ernie Williams Machinery & Fine Automobiles , John Deere'Store — Pontiac - Cadillac ; John Deere Store on Diagonal St. at CNW Track* — Phone. CY 4-3561 Pontiac - Cadillac Garage ft Sho.w- room on Weit State St. — Phone CY 4-4681 Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales b Service . ,. . D HCA Freezeri at Alr-Conditioneri Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Algona Refrigeration REFRIGERATION - TELEVISION ****** PHILCO Refrigerator! Freezeri Television Range* Radio* Alr-Condltlonlng Commercial Refrigeration Phone CY 4-2(99 Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" v' * Plumbing - Healing Sheet Metal Ga* or Oil Unlli Pumpi Water Syiiem« Complete Flxlurei Phone CY 4-36W Algo«»a / • . • JHft mm _^^^|_|| ' \, Around The Town and Country YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR '^~^*~^~^-**^^~*^~~~ n ^^^^^^~*^~^^~*^.~~^s*S*s^^^ Buscher Bros. Implement Buscher Brothers Implement;in Algona, owned and,bpsrated by Gib and Dick Buscher, has been ,\?*™ 1 W-farmers-in.Ibis a red) for the past five years. They .feature sales and service for farm equipment. Af their location at 1015 North Main Street, rone iblock north "of: the Milwaukee Depot, Gib and Dick are authorized dealers for such nationally known lines as Mirmeapolis-Moline and Papec and Kelly-Ryan equipment. Last winter th ey were named local dealers for New Idea Farm Equipment. Gib and Dick will have a display at the Kossuth County Fair this year and will be happy to tell you all about their lines of equipment. Buscher Bros. Implement is open 6 days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and personnel here are always ready and equipped to serve your needs. You'll find friendly, efficient service here always. • ' YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Meet Ronald Gardner Of Plum Creek This weeks country neighbor is Ronald Gardner, shown here, who is a lifelong resident of the Plum Creek vicinity. At the present time, Ronald, his wife, Ihe former, Eleanor Jenkins, and their two children, are farming the home place, about five miles northeast of Algona, where they have lived since the spring of 1939. Ronald WBS born on lhat farm and attended country An^ P V n io', h o e ,t re ^ F ° !lowin 9 his marriage t& Eleanor Aug. 26, 1938, the Gardners farmed a short distance from the home farm, then moved to the home place following the death of Ronald's father. His mother, Mrs Lela Gardner, is a well-known Algona lady. WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR •n,ou;. f ° u ? ws general farming practices. He milks 12 shorthorn dairy cattle, has a few pigs and sheep, a hatching flock of 300 hens, and has the following acreages m crops: corn, 110; beans, 75; and oats, 20. There is also 22 acres of pasture land for the cattle. Some of the corn raised by Mr Gardner is fed to the dairy herd. > t Ronald has served on, the board of directors of the r arm Bureau, on the Farm Service Co. board and has been an A.S.C. township committeeman. , , H ,'f ^ hildren attend the Burt school. His son, Eugene, 14, will be a freshman this fall and would like to try football, and, according to his father, has a pretty good build for it, l*jnda, 11, will be in sixth grade and is interested in music. Ronald's brother, Stanley, lives on a farm about a mile north of the home farm. Beecher Lane Appliances "Wher« Th* FAMOUS NAMES Greet Ypi»" In Admiral - Sylveala WeiUnghoiWf In APPLIANCE* |Robinson Construction Co, ( Sioux Steel Building; I Building Construction fi -SIOUX For size, strength, long life and taw of building, insist on - SIQUX — Another sdvance- ment in ?a»»r tarmmg. E. E. Robinson EMI Oa Hwy, i« , /" iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii Kelley Lumber Co. "Our Business Is Building" • LUMBER • •PAINT / • CEMENT We Aim to Ple*»e Near Milwaukee Depot - Xlgona Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardwa're Store" A Complete Line Of Hfdware • Housewarei • Tools • Bldg. Supplies Phone CY 4-4630 } ^ " ' ' ' • ' 4 -1- T ^ .f | ' Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service For the Farmei i • • Sargent Feedi • FertllUer • NeW Holland Baler* • Ferguion Tractort Phone CY 4-2701 Algbn* wnmiiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiuiiia^ Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline — Kelly-Ryan — Papec • Salei • Service • Friendly k Courteoui Alwayi N. Main St. ^ Phone CY 4-3451 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPIIIN Taylor Implement Co. and Taylor MERCURY fine Can and • full Una of New and J, I, CaM-Mercurr _. Kewanaa Pfcone CY «-24»7 Algona Algona And Kossuth County Neighbors Work Together For A Better Life.

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