The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 14
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*~Atfi6na (Id.) Upp«r Dej MdiftM tuwdeiy, Aug. 2, Two Lone Rock Ladies Are Hospitalized Lone Rock '>— .Mrs Leo Ramus was admitted at St. Ann hospital Sunday. She is to undergo surgery Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Jack Marloiv are visiting with relatives' and are staying in the Mrs Lem Marlow home. Mrs Marlow is still in the St. Ann hospital in Algona. She is suffering from a stroke. i • Mrs. Marlow Honored Mrs Lyle Marlow gave a birthday party for Mrs Hugh Marlow of Hurt in her home. Those pre- sdnt were Mrs Edna Stowe, Mrs Vic Weyland, Mrs Mildred Stowe, Mrs Bill Stowe, Mona, Mrs Jack Benjiman and Karen, all of Dolliver, Mrs Wm. Marlow, Connie. Laurie and Ricky, Mrs Harlan Marlow, Donna, Shirley and Ter- — *• •"«• •••*-«/ -Ml AB*»«*JUf ^**1** VU V» * Ji OnjT llbAb) Mf\J J W14 Ull-lll Jfcf CIO -.» jj- •* JT * -• so many people do, that a person has to be a little wacky toi£ sa ' Mrs Merwyn Marlow, Mrs ' - - -- " George Kissner and Mrs Gladys O'Donnell. Shower Honors MrS Lyle Marlow was hostess at a shower for Helen Mammenga, daughter of Mr and Mrs W. D. Ley. Helen will be married to Gerald Bierstedt Aug. 7 in the Lutheran church, Lakota. THIS WEEK, WOMANJP WORLD HAS A BIRTHDAY, it is n years old, which makes an excuse for the annual Grace-to-Grace interview. This isn't done because it is world^shaking news, it's mostly because it fills a weekly need — something to write about. And it gives me a chance to lobby for my hobby. » * * * BECAUSE VERY FEW OTHER writers come, round to interview me, this is a do-it-yourself project. The first question Grace is gbing to ask Grace is, "What's the score?" I am glad She asked me this because lots of people think I don't know the score. With Woman's World it's, 11 years, 572 columns, and roughly 1716 hours of typewriting. This, it seems to me is an awful lot of time, even if you don't count the several hundred hours more I sit in this chair absolutely motionless trying to think of what to write. .'i • * * * TELL ME, GRACE, GRACE will say next, "Ij>o you think, as many people do, that a person has to be' a little wacky to be a writer?" I shall answer that no, I don't think being a little nuts is an absolute necessity but there are times when it certainly helps. You have to be a freak in other ways, too, for example you have to be a contortionist. They say the only way to write is to apply the" seat of the pants to the seat of the chair, but at the same time others are advising you tp keep your feet firmly on the ground and your head in the clouds. Other times YOU are supposed to be writing with your tongue in your cheek which is a little unhandy if you have to eat your words and later talk out of the other side of your mouth. . ' .*'* * . GRACE WILL THEN SAY TO ME, "I suppose you have an efficient workroom and regular hours for your writing? Yes, I have a workroom for my writing; it is a cupboard kind of desk in our bedroom. On the top of the desk is an alarm clock, two electric irons, six or seven piles of miscellaneous papers, two empty coffee cups, 'the belt from our daughter's good dress, Bill's pants I'm going to fix and one worn out lamp shade. I sneak in here at night, dig a hole in the debris for my typewriter and get to work. Work is always at nighf — when I first started writing this' was because it was the only time the kids were quiet. Later it was because '. worked at other jobs in the daytime. The first few years the column was written in the kitchen as Jeanie slept in our bedroom. In those days I fancied myself as a sort of "kitchen Kilgallen." ' • ' i * * * "HOW COME", GRACE WILL ASK Grace next, "you are always talking about your kids?" I ^shall answer, "Doesn't everybody?' I figure with as much time and love 'and money we. have invested in our offspring, the least they can do is pay me back by giving me something .to write about. It comes in handy, too, in another way. I always meant to keep a record of the youngsters when they were little, but like so many of us, I didn't do it. Now when I want ;to'remember when Mary Ann lost teeth, or when Jean took her first step,' I have only to look back in my files to find 'Mf and Mrt to get LeElfia, wh& arrived California. LefilH'a J011L Be-ftftAii ftfr an indefinate' vfslt. - :; " , " Loretta, lleen Kelly, Ward James%«a. tep, .. .. the event recorded in Woman's World. •.-•.*« * • "YOU ACTUALLY SAVE ALL 1 THE STUFF YOU WRITE?", my interviewer will ask. I'll report thai I certainly do. All 572 columns are in a metal file in. this bedroom, and the neatness of my filing system is rivaled only by my desk. I used to save all my fan mail too, but a couple of years ago I had to weed it out and throw lots of it away. It nearly broke my heart. « * * "OF COURSE, GRACE, YOU NUMBER your family among your most avid readers don't you?", Grace will ask. I certainly do not! Not one of the 'four has read more than three columns of mine in their whole lives and then it was under threats. This makes . me absolutely furious, but it is an advantage in another way. I can lie about my family in the column and they'don't catch on to it. / * * * LATELY, HOWEVER, I WILL TELL MY interviewer, the kids friends have been telling them about items in the column so I am having to be more careful. For example, I am avidly interested in Bill's dating, so recently begun, and I found Mary Ann's adventures with a can-can petticoat at her first dance absolutely hilarious, but I'm not talking. You see, I still have a few scruples left after all! . , > "WHAT SUBJECTS THAT YOU have written about in your column do you find most controversial?", my interviewer will ask. Well, I wrote a column on sex last fall, and although Harlan Millar mentioned it several times in his "Over the Coffee", it didn't cause much stir around here. I guess everybody in these parts thinks sex is a pretty good thing. The few times I have written on religion, I must have chosen non-controversial issues or didn't get'my point across because they didn't draw any fire, either. But the times I have mentioned politics, from a rabid Democratic viewpoint — wow! A couple of people thought it would be most fitting if I were tarred and feathered. * * * "WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG America on the subject of writing?" Grace will ask Grace. Well, if you want to stay out of trouble you will not take it up, especially if you don't like hard work, and want a lot of financial gain. I could say that if you can help just one person with a laugh, or a sympathetic tear, you would be well repaid. That stuff is a very lofty motive, but, in my case it isn't the whole story. * * * I WRITE BECAUSE I LIKE TO EXPRESS my ideas on paper. If my listeners go away before I'm through at least I don't know about it. I write with the aim of someday getting into the big time and making a lot of money, but the few successes I've had have- left me with delusions of grandeur and I'm all the more frustrated because I don't make further progress. * * * A WHILE BACK AN ALGONA seventh grader said, "Hey, Mrs Sigsbee, I know about you and your writing. It's because they MADE us study you in school." His expression showed that he wasn't too happy about it. But, hey, don't they MAKE the kids learn about Longfellow, Emerson and Thoreau, too? * * * 1 SHALL CUT MY INTERVIEW SHORT at this point because it will probably be time I was getting supper anyway. But I shall not leave without a parting brag. The letters I have received from you readers, the friendships formed through the'column, the satisfaction over being able tu pop off, have made writing, though it is work, the most exciting adventure I've experienced. I would even, and heaven help me if The Editor takes me seriously, write if I had to do it for nothing! * * * EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, I am tempted to give up This Week's recipe in the column. This is usually when I have ru/i out of recipes to give you. But some of my readers say they enjoy the recipes, so if you want them to keep coming, please send me some of yours. This week it's the Peach Kuchen recipe which won a prize lor Mrs M. P. Haggard of Algona in the contest several years ago 2 cups sifted flour l /4 tsp. baking powder % teasp. salt 1 cup sugar ] /2 cup butter or margarine 10 or more peach halves (fresh, canned or frozen) 1 teasp. cinnamon 2 egg yolks 1 cup sour cream Sift flour, baking powder, salt and 2 T of sugar together Work in butter until mixture looks like cornmeal. Pile into an 8 inch ungreased square pan and pat an even layer over bottom and halfway up sides of pan with your hands. Place peach halves over pastry, sprinkle mixture of cinnamon and remaining sugar over and bake 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Mix egg yolks and cream and pour over kuchen. Bake 30 minutes longer and serve warm. Birihday Dinner A .birthday dinner was held for Mrs Maude Blanchard in the Gordon Blanchard home at Mason City Sunday. Those attending from Lone Rock were Mr and Mrs Harlan Blanchard and Jonathan, Mr and Mrs Jesse Blanchard, Mr and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family and Mrs Maude Blanchard. Enjoy Outing The Jolly Neighbor Club met in the Fenton Park Sunday. They enjoyed a pot-luck picnic dinner. Present were Mr and Mrs Ray Johnson, Mr and Mrs Wallace McArthur, Mr and Mrs Albert Shaser, Mr and Mrs JWVollmar, Mr and Mrs Walter Thompson, Mr and Mrs Bernard O'Donnell, Mr and Mrs Dick O'Donnell-and family, Mr and Mrs Ralph Thompson and Neva Thompson. Alec Dona van of Ferndale, Wash, is visiting the Ralph Thompsons, Walter Thompsons, and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Everett Hanna visited Patricia Gregson at St. Ann hospital in Algona, who Is recovering from an appendectomy. Mrs Everett Hanna was a coffee guest in the Mrs Clarence Brandt home in Titonka on Monday afternoon. Shade all of Omaha/ Neb.' Wefe Wednesday guests In the! Charles Morris home, Mr and'Mrs Fred of Leonard, Mo. s Mr' and"*Mr v s Dale Baxter of Algdna' .Sfld. Mr and Mrs Ronald B&xtef .-'We're Friday evening guests In' thd Les* lie, Baxter home. ' Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter ,w&fe Sunday guests in the Dale 'Baxter home at Algona. Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter and Mr and Mrs Holland Baxter were visitors in the Robert 'Baxter home at Ruthven. The couples called on Mrs Robert Baxter who is a patient in the hospital at Emmelsburg. • . Mr and Mrs James iSlchorn and family of Jqliet, 111., were visitors last week -in the Art Person home. '. ; '•'••'••':/•' <:,•'! Mr and Mrs Theodore Bierst^dt of Whittemore were', T*uesd'ay evening visitors in the Ortwin Tietz home. : .; ''•'.'"' Mr and Mrs Raymond Laabs, Gary and Janet Were guests in he Roger Jensen home Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Lawrence 'Hammerstrom of Ware were Sunday callers in the Ralph Hainmer- strom home. Laura Jane Deardorff of Yale spent the past week in the' home of hef grandparents, Mr and Mrs Roy Jensen. a Mr and Mrs Al George' arid Opal Brown "of Tampa, Fla^vilft/ ed Friday in the A.'D. Newbrough home. • •• ; ^ Florence Weisbrod visited in" the Art Priebe home Friday. V effete wetjtt the 1! A. Lee home with B"a>baf&,Fbf tney assisting. Mrs 1 AH,. gave theJeBSOhv' „ « -Charles fchd-Dliyid Beline, visit ed'fof iff' days with' their' grand mother/Mrs Florence Seh'ne, a Fenton.\They returned to the^Ar Priebe home ,in Lone Rock atic will spend the rest'of the summe: in the Priebe home. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbro< spent Suhday in the, Arnolc Kuecker hoffte at .Laurel, Neb Cheryl and Terry Weisbrod wil visit in the Kuecker home unti! Wednesday. > Mrs Clarence Kraft was hostess to a few ladies Wednesday, The group honored Mrs CI E, Nordine's ".birthday* Mr and Mrs Martin Smith and Larry were weekend guests in the Marvin, Marlow Mr 'and Mrs Donald Blanchard and family and Mrs Maude BlaVi- chard spent last week near Deer River, Miiin. Mr and Mrs Maurice Weisbrod visited Thursday evening in the Albert Shaser home. Mr and Mrs Clinton Rath were Sunday callers in the Orville : ardner home at Algona. Mrs Russell Thompson of Burt was a visitor in the Dale Wegener home Wednesday. Mrs Dale Sehroeder. arid chil- .dren were guests in the Merwyn Hurlburt home Thursday. They celebrated Candy Hurlburt's birthday. Mrs Hattie Weisbrod Of Council Bluffs visited the past week in the P. M. Christenson home Mr and Mrs, Harry Lenardson of Midland, Mich., and Wil Christenson were; dinner guests last Wednesday ."in the P. M Christenson hom«. Mr and Mrs Phil Inman and family of Bancroft were visitors W .?' fa V*<, u £,, .Ifi -the home. Mr, and Mrs Sehroeder ttftt family wttr vftitdrs Itt the Al bert.., Shaser>, hbnte TTiey eeltebwtiM 'M 'birthday, Local DAIRY QUEEN PRESENTED SANITATION AWARD The Dairy-Queen store at 20 East Nebraska, Algona, Iowa, operaN ed by G. A. Wittkopf, received this week special recognition, The Gold Seal Award, for their high level of sanitation, based on an unannounced .inspection by The American Sanitation institute, a prominent, nationwide, unbiased sanitation consulting firm of St. Louis, Missouri. v The Dairy Queen Association of Iowa, Inc., has retained The American Sanitation Institute t<J inspect and grade all the Dajry Queen stores in Iowa and to issue its Gold Seal Award to only those stores who maintain the high standards of cleanliness, son- jtation, and quality in the interest of public health protection. 'YOU'RE SANITARY iAFE AT DAIRY QUEEN" Load of Extra Miles Kossuth Sale Of Savings Bonds Behind Quota Sales of U.S. Sayings Bonds amounted to $79,354 in Kossuth county during June, according to L. W. Nitchals, Algona, county chairman. June sales brought the total for the year to $714,420 in Kossuth, 42 percent of the quota for the year. With sales of over $78,000,000 also for the first six months 01 the year, Iowa passed the 51 per-« cent mark in quota figures. Six month sales of series B anc H bonds and percent of gUotas reached in -surrounding counties are: Emmet, $473,447, 50 percent; Hancock, $565,759, '52 percent; Humboldt, $435,305,Y46 percent; Plum Creek Elite The regular meeting of the 'lum Creek Elite 4-H club was leld on Saturday at the home of Ann Stevens. Reports were given >y Glenda Gabrielson and Ruth Benschoter. Jean Keith and lenda Gabrielson were chosen or the senior demonstration team ^nd DyAnne Baas and Theresa ligsbee on the Dem r onstrations were given by Nancy Ringsdorf, Theresa Sigsbee and DyAnne Baas. Talks were given by Peg Keith ana-Gloria Miller. Mrs. Andrew Miller was a guest. TIME FOR A MEW CAR? Then check the advantages of - finandng the balance with our bankl 4 You do net need to be a customer at the present ttm& * * / 2 Rates are reasonable, Just about the lowest you'll find anywhere. 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