The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1940
Page 6
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PAGI5 SIX, Louis Is Pushed For 15 Rounds By Godoy, 'Unknown' From Chile NKW YORK; Feb. 10. (i;P)_7iiiiro Godoy, Hie lion.l- stroiuf Chilean who chased Hi'iivywuitrht Clmmpion Joe I.OUM for mast of the 15 rounds nt .Madison Square (iunlon njjftit, deimiiitied a return Ixmt today to provu that the )•»)« oiJicjnls were M'roiijf when UK;.,, permitted Homier Joe to rctiiui his crown. . Godoy .snld: -I'll SIm -k j,, tjict-s* ccoiiiry until we fi^iu .njaii,. •(•| 1( . ll Mi.ssissirri , Girls iVARTlKO " 1. ( iHYt: 'MANILA M^fiKATtO* 'ItUHIiAim 3. I ISHAWNEE __ Lot Of Fon While It Last - ••»)««* victim, it III mUfii» lu-eiii joomp clear out ui that imiii. ni b.' c.'ioiiiitc'sn tht'ii —yesf" As if to invil; bomber Joe into the riii;; main, aitful Arturo yave him a lusty, loiul-snmcklng kiss on lhe c)iM>k .'.fie.- the decision wits iiiuioi|iicc-d---ftlu>r Ai-iuro's Ion 1 . l.m- in bo'Q and wave (with f:t:<; almtut (ouchlng the canvas* Imd made a .will-chump of the chain:) below the delighted fuiis. Arturo's nm.iager. Al WeiU went into a quick huddle today wilh.I Promoter Mike - (f«iiiilrr-|):jnriii!i-i has an nimunriil I In (iisl) (•>,;. f (irxtoy ivas hurl only once. 'Hint I was in i!,,, fillh round whf-n the i Clmmpion i on :;il Ills chin Kith, a j .'vn.'i.shl.'ij; i-| K fi( hook, 'i'jie eighth ' iin:l ninth i.junils vftt th« t ,,o,;t ! furiuu.-:. GoJoy v.on Hit-' eighth and wui beHiui- tli>. chainnio'i *'(/ lOfomtly in a corner, mlj.vt tlmn- diioiis thews from the crowd, lhat neither heaid iho bell and fiotow nonovnu bad lo rip them apart. I.ouls was virtually unm.irked left the rlnif, but ctodoy fWiy's 'I.KAC/IV/IJA' ( (Bll/VCKWATOH <OSCEOI,.\ ( 'I.ONI-; OAK • MANILA ' •' i • I i ll'Omotor Mike Jacobs regardlnx I f '" ll ° lf ' tl t!ic '''"If. l>ul Oodoy I lib reliirn mak'h which virtually I *"' s Wmfil >Sf sHjhfly from nn In", every one of ihe 15.857 f , ls |, ,,, IS(0 . j side no-:e cut mid n Hlllc fa-Ji (in mer.s nt lhe c.imlen nMu I '"'' lcfl ehcek. mors nt lhe Garden were demanding, now (hut thundering boos for thc champ were '-•"•• . into i) echoes. . A1(et ""' ^ Ocdoy went to n Ills bride of six - ....... *...„,..,. who dud followed Those fans booecl the split de- '. lls seiiil-t>1ii:nrih on ihe radio crslon at lhe Garden because lliev l " s wml . to Hie iipnniiuMii of friends in Harlem. One of l.'io nniazing . , IMIC , ., r , ~" «»i.-w.iiiu uuer- he lmd."V l " s of tllls ^ilMHiic-braw) rvas •- ' the divsshn. mom statement of ttioiight Godoy lintl turned in one of tile ei'«i(es< upsets In pugilistic history. They thought, he wrested (lie world title from t!i» Brown Bomber, after forcing hini 2C3 -Pouiul Utils. world, to mount (lie, despised "bicycle" nnrt bnfk-pwtal for most of the 15 rounds. When Gocloy entered the ring agabst trills lie was one of Ihc longest, shots in heavy title K:11AMPIO'-J ) ) -I Ixjnis would iaft In mlrl- cliarned into the snc |, ' 1L ' champion's chin with <ot ' n thllt L °nis started S 1 ' 01 "" 1 . "»<! never .stopjwd until " w lna » lll ln Hlli. . , gi cl """I)lon, who said. "I didn't take nny . d" 1 "" 1 .' of Imrtln 1 my imiids " Cloiloy, W li 0 staiw) only oiie ' :oullrt !l '^ Hmn Hie chnmplon , y e " mc °" 1 in lhc> <<"•>- found with history— an underdog at 10-to-l and s ' " ose so clo « ! lo Hie canvns liolnU north. The bookies wouldn't, UuU he lookl ''l '^c a Ijcnglc hound back the Clillenn at any o;lik | C11 thc lra " «' n rabbit. To «ct But Promoter Jacobs told Mann- BCO:I sllot " t - "is ger Weilt, "I am delighted at thc h . ftve intl to sl "k grand fight Oodoy put up Unfor- • "'* Thni ^rttira e tunatcly UiuU is contracted to make t ' 1 """" K ir tr >'iiis; lo M0 o,j hint his next title defense against "f, °» lllc ^^ of his no ZB !n. lie .Johnny Paychek of DCS Moines on ; " [l "' 1 5eoo P Jo ^ «l> but he did April 3 (or ihe benefit of (lie Fin- ' " M!1 "S« <° resile his head unde nish relief fund. And there are other contenders la thc offing what if Ue Snvold bsals Bob Pastor oil March 13 What If Victor Campolo cliamplon then. Jacobs wasn't kidding when lie said, "ir Louis Ls still champion tnec. because Joe turned in his worst iierforturoice last night since winning the <.;tle from Jim lirad- dock In 1937, . 'Louis' performance was so bad •that one. ol the Judees, Tommy Shorten,, rated 10 minds lo challenger Artiiro, lira to Louis and three even. But the other judge, Oecrge Lecron, and Referee Arthur Donovan agreed in scoring 10 rounds for Louis, four for Clodoy and one even. This gave the decision • to the champion. The United Press hnd the bout, scored exactly even Draws are not, allowed U chain-' plonshl,) battles in New York S(a(« Tlic. united Press card gave •each •lighter five rounds and registered five even. there were no Shawnee Will Be Scene Of •Toiirpey; Class A Site Undecided The Mhsiwijipl County b.iskelball lournaincnt for schciols in Class "])" will be held Feb. 22, 23, '>4 at Slmivncc High School of JoincYand date of tho tournament for schools hi Class "A" will be decided Int Today's Sjpbrt Parade By HENT.X MelEMOR* I OS ANGELES. Feb. 10 (UP,Due to the fact that I rjult school R.lerthc ntth sradc my c:mni!.iul of Innuunsos Is limiled to Enali-h Preiicli, OcriiKin. Italian, pig Lath and whatever It, Howard spoke in Willll. f nin not able "'(is that Leslie I 1 rank Hogan's Dog Ant i Duck Acl Wins 'Sports i men's Admiral ion ] Hy ji:rt!tv ititON'u111:1.1) .VKA Sfrvicc Spurts Writer ; CLF.VEl.AKn. Feb. a. — whni : you've see,] i.y a ,,j, jjogaii and hj< ,'duauod dots and Om-b; the,, UKI'VC M-en Miiiwlhliig iii.'tty toujli lr l"if »"'''' '" Ul<! V/ '' Y "' ' :mi "" ! ; Travclliiy UK; j.:uort:;nmii>.- ihcn i<'!«'Uil, Horn's p,a borders on u,r H!.: net—well, yon see It onio ;i yui Jievfi foiget It. Hi' has six Irtbitulor retrievers nnd 20 Kiisllsh c:ill dm-ks, all of which ln> bipeds himself ui BaiTlngloii. 111. t'nrely by whistle control-neviT by spoken word-these dogs u o into ,< i m » e lank of water ami iHrlr-w the dticbi. ! They have 'l<± mlimles In which 11« eft ihe bird. ;<ncl it isn't Jn:st i any duck Ibey' rtn snatch. Nor can any of lhe six do«s do lhe snalchlny. ! DUCKS HKITF.n SHOWMEN I THAN THE KETKIRVEKS ! By lhe length and strength of I Hosasi's mayic. whrslle lhe do^s know exactly Just who gets which duck. Never do they B el their signals crossed, even though as Ho- wilh tln..;B»" explains, the urge lo retrieve i is so great when do^s are in a pact;. tell von! " lat tlie 'r nerves me strained al•<*". IIIJLV nj iL'^i VOH i •••*"• HH.M uvivi::> Hit SIITIIJI what Aiitiro G:doy said In. Sp m-1 " losl '" 'he breaking point sh over the radio last nl K ht all Alld "'c ducks? "Say." Jlozan the finish of his fight' wti.h Joe! e»'>s. "they're the rein showmen -i for the world's heavyweight j l;ul the dogs. When I give the sl»- ooxngcharntilonsliip. But my giifss] 1 "" they waddle to the side ol the is Hint Arlmo, after staying flftren | Pool nnd flap their wings like a 1011IIOS IV it It t lin c-uiM-khr-^.ii.. _.- ._. = linvdi- •i^t-,\r,,,,\~,i^t^..^ .,_ _ Other Competitive Evenl Are Awarded By Distn< Body ^Hll" hU nkU "T"'* Lal>rad0r Relrlel ' m 8DU «'"•'«> ,,P | im u • ' -• ' ow, log beats duck in 2!i miunte n .„„ ,,.„, ------- ""•»•"••••.<:•. , er sayng fUtcr-unn ap heir wings like a Il«'a ...inounccd following a meet-1 Bounds with the supposedly „•„„•- boxer acknowledging the c,w<t l« of of the year Included representative perlntemlent" ns guest siwaker W, p. noil of Little Kock, ele- ^. .u>. unill ^ ,, intm.. ^ •f»i>ui> >i 11,11 LIIU •sunnQsCf.jiy the .SuiKiintendent :ind. (ltro <« champion, had this lo , iools,nt Osceoln . "'rlters up here don't have. ; -inv " iahl - I '»orc sense than they ,)o clown' in last . One of the largest f "~ «...,. Litt.j ul/ [KHV allendaiiccs Sull lh America. In fact less •' '- sportswrilcrs said I wouldn't Steele Beats Chicks, 36-21, Papooses, 22-8; Osceola Loses, 26-18 Two cage learns of Ihc'Missis- sippi Counly Amateur Uaskelball 1-enene, two teams of (tie o jioc downs the fans were on tlielr feet • "' mi. nu.Xili- Counly Association ' of 'the Arkansas Athletic Assoclallon nnd Iwo Slccle. Mo., sunlor and junior Mzn (rams participated at the ar- Hlghl In three here last °' from' first, lo last gong. Anil W i.n c-yer>. round, ihe urent negro chnm- plon's prestige slid t | 0 - lV n n, e to-1 boggan. - j *••••"••»• There were two explanjllons of ihevi'lh. ,M™I-, ^ the champion's poor showing «.„!„* ! '•'"',„?* t ' Bl « 1 Osceol «; ™-™- "> s challenger who ha:l been con- »lii,,? , , lc!1!!Ue; lllc S' 1 ' 01 " 1 sldered unfit (o carrv his rin. i^c i I 1 " 1 '" 0 * 5 '». !lle sel110 '' division won 'lhe Louis critics '•head-shy," lacking „,,.. ,„,.„ lo solve an unorthodox slvle. Deiiurtmenl of ipoke briefly. A report of the athletic commit'-' te was made by the cliiilrmiui, Carl Bird of Wilson,-who announced Ihal there will be 12 boys und 12 ilrls trams entered In the annual school basketball (ournhnirrU- for schools of Class "U" while there arc but Iwo boys tennis, -from scllools it Manila awl BlythevUI? to compete In the Gloss 'A'" county ton'r- nameiil, Dnle und place- of (his tourney .will be announce:! within Iwo week..;; . J. If. Midlins/of Deli, mi \ T j, Wilkliw. of .i.uxoni. wore other meinbers 'or. lhe commillee which' . planned these events. The next Btirdettc. will be heUl'at , wnlor lllgh the mcnlaiU-l , '' nm lle visltlll S "Is- T! f"*, W °" " Jllniof lllsh Bfll " e tot " C "" le ° !B ' 8 ' e These critics Uwuglrt he clwin- , Mu , Pto, just too. (oo careful about prc- v , n- , ^ "' his widely photozriD lied ^' B!lmCl Wnrrl "8ton made " """' ''' llullvltl " Bl '">nors for venting counicnance coming into contact with Godoy's a.y A re wI!'. l 'iT hcy Wtolcd out Hint U,,,u-,: nd b * "' ei ' U|> ' "'"'' cllcpl< -' i l lhat LOUIS st c >mm bo - vs wlllu ' Rst "* c * ' ^ "'"" "' "** nun. with H. was high for .'.-hlte Mtharx, with n, won on the Blythevllle team of tnior players. In lhe junior game, Doild, wilh Will Tig. It' Again At Arena Another exhibition of lag wrestling will be given here Afciidoy The >UIIK .-noiiuh to g c t introduced lia me lell you, Manmltn, niul Pi\|, a - sila, l made one hclva light Kiss grandpasila for me. Adlos." My sent for lust night's Inlo Ihc walcr they go. They stick their necks up high and eye Ihe <lfli's as much to say: 'Okay, chum —we're ready. Do your darned- est.' " English' call ducks arc note;! for their diving and Hognn has one fflloiv—n six-year-vc'.eran with Ihc troupe—who is 11 master. He'll catling. course ----- -..„..v.. light'through the water with a d(i° in i.ns act ns goo:! as it usually is hot pursuit, looking around wildly lor bouts m Madison Sfiunrc G;n- j for n means of cscap" den. U was 3,000 miles away from He'll lei the' do;; gel Just within eighth Avenue and Fifteenth snapping distance am! ihen suil- Street,, and for the second till his lail and plunge "bc- . "• ••'»- ai.k,uiiu innf v.^*.,j vi.i. iii.s uiii unu piun^e u n when Louis defended his title I hud "caili ths surface In a ma-iilUceiU t,o depend upon Marconi's gaclset crash dive, .find thc collective larynx of Snai 1>UCKS NEVER I1UKT raub ' ' Taub and Bill Slcrn ' (or Iji.rytiJtl or Larynxau or Ju tjirry 'for .short?). I saw Scablscult jilarl his Corne- ll, IVY BOOS' TKEVII Then he'll bob up behind the do» and cackle (o'nttnct ils :itteuUoii. When Die retriever 1 iimkcs '(mother -.. „ ^-> .,„.,, t, lt4 u ,-«t,ii L m^j LtJiiit- • * «.i f. i >-t ini[[.[:-> iiijuinei back nt Stmta Anita ye.sterday lim E c fur i>im lhe du:k merely dives alelmoon and (hen came home : tas ft s«in and pops up at tlie olher quickly as I could In order noul lo si( ' L ' of tllp I 100 '- (he nrsl round. ''Because my I "" '" prediction of the lijjhl, made .the' day nfter Oodoy was signed for il ' was that the Chilean would >'be :hlllcd while one arm came nsa nasty:shock lo me. Over bl \ llo °" Irnlling. just us Ihc dog THE PAYOFF UY HAIIRY CKAYSON Nt'A Service Sports Editor A. D. Beck intends to submit the honor system of rcfcrecing to the Texas High School Bnsketbull C;aches Associatton at its next meeting. Beck, youthful mentor of Wichita Falls High, would put each player on his honor to promptly report any rule violation mitted by him. Texans, who speak of it as Beck's Mea, will be interested in knowing the plan Is not new, and that It prcved highly satisfactory frequently went out of without realizing it, bin, thcs* a-v minor difficulties. " * Howe would like lo see Ihe coj» which wrrks so svell in tennis and golf, to a lesser extent, iriecl out in football, too. Benefits of the honor system include the promotion of more uniform otTiciatint; thrcughout thc country, since ethics and honestv demand (he same integrity without reference to locality. There would be an incentive for players lo think and praclice hon- I'he Fourth District Athletic A sotlation voted to sjwnsoi- a sol bull league tills sprhiij, ID ), u . coinpciilive tnu-k events for Ind j vidiial |-0f)rese:itntloii ratht-r Hit M'liucl narticipaijon and to lm j bnskcibail tonnuinif-nis at ,\ n \, j nr.u-d plr.ct's. in a ineeilng 'rniir i dny night ui osceoh wliiili was u , iciulfd by siipei-iiitendc-rus and oiln } repifcs»,italives trom sehools of Ml 1 sisslppl, .Crittcii. I'olriBcu Oral.' t licsd, Clay and Grceiw counties nils will be die Ihsl time Hi dtslnu of th t . AAA ,,„., sl)OIlsar(: n sotiball leaxue but popularliy l IB spoil was a deciding fact< : thul the group should ndopl sue! a pro^rom. r-l«M for this ever I will bi; worked oiil wlihin ihe i month. In deciding njm,, a tUsuitt i,a" meet, it was voted lo ask Arkansa State College ui Jo.'iesboro to b host lo tlie event, which would held the last week in April. Tho, would be no .sweepslakes but \ n dividual awards would be made. I Tills action was voted after it ' wa narced llmf track is fast dying on m this section tut thai a dislric meet,must be held for those nth Ictes who wish to enter state com pelilion but who would be barr.- | n a district meet were 1101 hold i Marked Tree was awarded th tournament for lhe senior "A" 1111"B" boys; Mario;!, the senior ",1 ond "B" girls, and Joncsboro li Junior boys. There Is lo be n junior girls tournament Dates o bounds I 1 ," 1 ?, 0 cvo ! Us - wl "^ will attract al of the schools In thc .six countie' of lhe .district, will be nnnouncci 1 meetin •y Herring of West MemphLCi President, presided ut th.' , , • , . Iomacio « often carry small obi" J aml dl ' ive tllcm wil 'i terrlfk 1 c thr W l 50ii d -'sty, sportsmanship and fair play. Floyd A. Rowc and A. D Bock believe the honor system would be ' - --„.... sausraccory in a IUsL , as I'-p'Har ' with wlniiln" < dozen games last winter In Clev'e- - oaclles " s wi'l) character builders. 1 J" land, where additional experiments! Thc latter really would Invc' IVltt lln itinsln tl, l., ., ^^ _ '.. c--'"' •- ' ' - - "» ** FKEE DELIVERY •W. Main Si., Phone 15 "Once in n while f tic u balloon to a string attached tu his leg." snys Ilnsm. '-This lets the dog ...L-..H isuimi . ui;. know where he Is r.o he can dive chilled while one arm was still: hi n " C1 ' llim - Well, this duck will '"' - ne "k nloiist under milet with the the years .1 have proved .,„,.„ „ remarkable roreeasler of sports thinks lie has Ihe chick' oriented - „.,.„. " IK Writ will slip tins slriiiB nnd that to be wrong even Mils lenv(> llle bnlloon marking his v'a- n once did .•Mmethlns; horrible to champion V.liigh point man on the local team, lo I 'Ihe line ups: ' h i AMATEUR LEAGUE lo B'ville (2C) Pos. Osccola (18) ft-' Warrington 10 P Rn y 4 ic Hardin I p Tnylor 2 s Eowns 4 c Ramsey B m; Harberl 4 r, neall Price 8 ^X^r^^^ 1 ^-^ - kept out ot the rinc, several montlis. Substitutions: Pos. B'ville <2I) F Ulackwood \ F C (i G Stcelc. Travis, Mcharg 11 Copiiedgc Uoytl night at lhe American Legion arena, II was announced twlay by Promoter Mike Meroncy, Koiir o'f the toughest performers in this territory have been named on Die card. They arc Oene Blnkcly, the big headlock specialist from Texas Floyd Hyrd. (he old standby from Birmingham. "Lefty" Pacer Cht- cngo erapplcr, and Joe Welch, the Oklahoma terror. : These four will pair off selecting partners, by flipping a coin, (hen two opponents will enter Ihc rln» nnd wrestle. Each of the opponents will enter the ring and wrestle. & ICI1 of tile opponenls will have bis partner stationed at the ringside n'ml when one of Ihe wrestlers firms lhe gcing loo' tough he may have his'partner take his pince in the ring simply by going to the ropes and lagging him. when Ihc first such exhibition' was put on here recently local fans applnuded Ihc action so enthusiastically that Mnoney decided to stage another. •' v» y, 1 "' htill « a »y more IXAvm ^ J fn p but Farr W£ - n l> « <l!s- Dcrld 8 ance-10 rounds-ami almost took Wri,ht n " T ' C reC " also l!wt Picr « B°at tacti: s ; Eute C C, G B'ville 181 Dozler 41 Haines' Caraway 2 Little 2 Kouchins Sleclc. Wilson, Sikes Knocks Out Regan In Third UTTLE HOCK, Ark., Fcb 10- Bob Sikes' paralyzing left hook claimed another knockout victim ns thc southern heavyweight crmm- plcn stopped Joe Regnn; towering Ames, la., heavyweight. In the second round before a capacity crowd at the Joseph T. Roblmon Memorial auditorium here last nljiil. -, r " •-••• **."• iiiui. v^iis tne s?s. l .... ' ~ sloti iii which he danced sneeruvMy' All »o»3h it has b«n a Brillsh I Tlle Wat DeparlmtMit has picked about the ring, like a Chilean S 0 * 568510 " 'or more than a cen '" "'" '"""' " M '-~'-- »• - •• Maxle Baer, beckonin^ l/>uls to lury ' Adc "' °" lhc ~ : come in and fight-dcmanrfm" n,.° S^iWst British caled spot." I it takes Hojjan two years lo ! trnln n clog. They're only good for four ji-ars al the mosl because Ihej . . Hint I heard over Die radio wns really true, nnd not a transcription of the Jack Bonny hour, then even a man who hate.,- to arrive at conclusions would have'to arrlvf at this one: Either Joe , , Loiii;; hns lost some of the punch ld:s '" (!lc ' lr [t ' cll > Dint lifted him to the '-•- - ••• lni " In the v.-nti'r whistle. lop, or In from so much work and can't hear his Even though the dogs grab the '"•'•• In their teeth they' never them. They clamp on just loose. "That's - - -»„ . ..t,i lv j mt. IU|J, Ul II L i , , " m.iiLj. Vll J\I.1L Oodoy we have a shock much more , B l ell °"sh so that they ilon'l set where Ihc nerve.* coins ..., b ,,,.,iu.iu - ' explains. "A pnck of memenlos as soon as he can lay i relr ' cvi> rs will compete Jealously hlc hand on a chisel. H might' cnol 'S h '<> bring In a dead bird subslantial than Stone Mountain "«d one on which Oulzum Borg-1, linn should start carving historic :". I|0! "" explains. make a prelty picture'lo sec thc I tllnl h "s been shol down but when heads of and Jeff Jackson, Lincoln,! marching blandly '. °" 'em live ducks to bring it 'em Just 10 will be made this season as qtilck- ly as the high school race is settled. Basketball players first called fouls on themselves at lhe Kala- nuizoo Y. M. c. A., where it also Is agreed dial lhe plan improves lhe game. Beck, n grnminjc or North Texas Agricultural College, deplores thc present- system of olUclnting. "Tlie Ideal of teaching sportsmanship L.J n subtcriuise." he asserts. "The Sjmilnns were taught there was no harm in stealing, but lhat disgrace resulted In being ranght. fn principle, high school and college basketball players ore laught the same tenets. "They are taught, to play us close to Ihe lUles as possible, with i Ihc' hope that all violations will ( not be seen by officials" FEWER FOULS AND FASTER BASKETBALL Keck would reward a player calling n foul on himself with n lighter penally against his team lhan would be fiisessed it tlie icspcnsi- bllity had been left to an official. In the Cleveland tests, caphlns something wilh ia . in work. Dr. J. A. Saliba Announce tlie removal nf his office from the Ingrain Bullflinj lo Jiis Jionie. 12J E. Kcntucliy I'lionc 'HO Now In New Ixjcatlou J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION .Main A. Division I'fitme 500 rn B , ttmfsl"" 1 the rlslu >O:CM u f0111 leuinmate who failed to raise his ~ .~.. B ... Godov pick out which .national Idol he would like to hit first. And there w'lll be n next don't worry about that. Eve -- - —,., ,,un 11 Mil ciiniy UJnilClly _---.. a" 1 - tin jti.ii iu ncro-w the face of Arttno Oodov i ns I' 0 !')*'' «P." And It might confuse even louiV ! " A1II ' |: -" INTO COUKT tlie next time he fought Godov to i OX "CRUELTY" CHARGES , a „ nW- /,,., ...i.,_.. .....— ..-•. I Hognti admits he had his doubts if ° tt '°. naiioimlly known e niglil thc sho,v opened in ciuve- ',"" ; ' uprcrl " u ' Ii;icil t ^ Physic, id. He had lo rtriv,v n ii <\™ , n : a 5 c " llle Cleveland nor, In the Yankee Stadium. anil the has had, bite won't be cheap. Mike is not snys Ho =' 1 "- is lhe timf the humane Ihe sort of jnnn | O ive v , scclct y of an eastern cilv charseri lhe sort of jnnn | O give you , thing twice in a row without. jug you pay for it. Mi k e knows j that whatever Is worth seemo is' worlh |>aylug for. Radio is still tco eastern cily charged him wilh rausiiij lhe ducks great mental anguish. "They brought one of lhe ducks - into court but Ihe Judge looked at itamo is still tiro -cw i t .,ri,.pl ' !"") n" d ClMlclc:1 il wns 1 ">P os5lWc for mo to trust wlioi'eheartM " r i " d " Ck was M<ffcrln; won't know exactly wh!u ,,±cn-' ' ' °"'" "'" X " ed until my carrier pigeons net in! tomorrow wilh the round by round ' nierlal :mguis!i. missed," Case Goiloy~v.-no had beea slated to r ° r<| . A1! ™' be executed quickly and ruthlessly- ! Oiiicinls: Referee. Ranwv ' ' ' essy- forced the tl?htlng in every round < cx-cept the Hth. That was the ' ' the Red Sea. Is the o ......v..^ Ihn ,' uu " !l: . sl BntLsh colony, havln? (Ha -killer." who had knocked out bce " g>verl " 1Rl stat « s *» »37. Ihe last seven of his previous eight f ~~' ! —^~ w.c challengers, come in and lead.! The n site near Holyoke, XJass.. for the army's , nc-.v northeast air base. Initial construction, lo cost $3 - S13.000. hns been started. Tlie base »ill cosl more than $8000,003 when completed. Bermuda has no suaHcs, but frogs and lizards abound there, a challenger v round, waving t o I.ouls Ing "come on and tlaht." Note on Seablsciilt champion: He finlshM i Heeltly and Sun Regret at ls and ,-,n. Head Cairier News \\nnt ads. when jjullly of n violation. , The result, according to Floyd i I A. nowe, nationally known direct- j :al wel- j Board nf! t'ducf.tion. was a swifter game and i an n'crage of 16 less fouls. Games j workrd by olllelnls averaged ^2 fouls, those in which the boys called their own 20. , The honor system makes players conscious of what they're d:Ing." explains Super in te'ndc n t Rowe. refuting the argument that the game can't be half as speedy with the athletes handling It themselves. It Is quite natural to suspect lhat a player not wishing to foul will not drive as hard as he Kotllci otheruise. . • • Rnskelball is so fast that players have mile time to think. In Ihe heat of combat, they do things without thinking. CLEVELAXI) ,1MN' WOUM) TRY PLAN IN - FOOTHALI, Cut while there was less b:dy contact in the Cleveland Barnes under the honor system, this made the game cleaner and faster, in Howe's opinion. There \vn s a little trouble wilh SPEND i'OUU OASOL1NIC nOI.L.\R WISELY SAV 3c (n .ic Per Callnn ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons With ijafi, I'ui-cbase OASOLINE-MOTOIt OIL KEUOSKNK Wbclrealc ,1 Ueluil TRADK WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Independent Dealer TANK CAK TO VOltR CAR IliBlin-ay GI, North, Ulylhevillc We Deliver . rhone 153 STANDARD TIRES MO TODt OLD Till 4.40-21 440-21 PROPORTIONATELY IOW// LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As Low As CAc Per \Vecri On Our t BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Urd to a mile, lit 1 finish a but he was wing|,. 8 at II,,. lmlsu mid picking up lurscs. Another furlong and all of II H- O I,|,J hnvc been his. You can tab him -,, „ good thing in the "hundred s rand Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM 8KB' O\-er Joe Isaacs' Stort Phone 540 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed ttcsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS fee Blakely, Floyd Byrd, Lefly Pacer and Joe Welch I'artners »il) );o seleclctl from nnmnrr (hcse four loujh );o selcctctl from amon Ri'applcrs. American Legion Arena KEYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS AI,L KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAHY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. I'l'RIXA FEEDS WANTED man hchvcen thc ages of 22 and 35 | 0 represent one of (he largest and olriesl firms of its kind in lhe country. Must havs experience in mcelinti the |iiil))ic. I «fcr a man that is now employed in sales work. 1ms will be a permanent position with n desirable , salary and n wonderful opportunity for advancement Ai Write to Box 887, Memphis, Tenn.

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