The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1960 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 13
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reporter as it is that, in one way or another? I've beer' askine and answering them for years in my. career as a wife and mother. SOME OF THESE WHOS. whats, whens and whercs, I ask rriy- ? elf> . U 5 d ,u har ^ ly over Set a decent answer. Some of the oucsttons ,": k .S^^^l!^ 1 ! ^eause he frequenVJhin^ram am tho k a | S £ n V? mak t lco " versa u tion ' Other times - 'a** he questionsof the kids and usually I might just as well be talking to the walls Often the questions are asked of me. Naturally, then the answers are lucid, quick and to the point! cinswcit, the Who, When, What^r?f s^n^^/^^" ^^^ stories they aren t always in the same order, and" fn editorialize a bit, and throw in a few whys and wm THIS ME SS? WHERE? In the kitchen. WHAT were you trying to make out of three eggs, some Rice Knspies and a package of chocolate pudding? W ,#££ f t? re you B°ing to clcan it UP? WHY? Because I say so, that's why! WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY I HAD GO? WHAT did I spend it on? Fenton Woman Suffers Stroke While On Visit Fenton — Mrs John Light suffered a stroke last wok while visiting in tlio homo of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Clyde Brooks at Iowa Falls. Mr and Mrs Light had gone to Cedar Falls on Wednesday the 13th for a visit with the Brooks family. Mrs Helen Widdcl is in Iowa Falls .helping to . care for her. M, S my next check Doming? HOW can I stretch it? W ,ti8 s j mp , ly Thas to have new shoes a « ain this month? WHY didn't I marry a millionaire? millionaire? * * up YOUR COATS! WHO? AU three hngers> that ' 8 where - WHO? o-, - N.' Right this minute. WHY? Because I say so, that's why| WHO WAS THAT BLONDE you were talking with? WHERE? At the party. WHAT did she say was wrong with her furnace? WHKN did you tell her you would fix it? HOW come you could talk business while you were Dancing? WHY didn't she wait and call you this morning? * * . * WHO STARTED IT? WHAT? All this lighting. WHO? She did! He did! They did! ' WH&RE did he hit you? HOW did you break it? WHERE did you say your sister should go? WHAT do you think the neighbors will think when they hear you? WHY should you slop it? Because i say so, mat's why! * * * WHERE DID I GET ALL THESE new gray hairs? HOW do you suppose I can get rid of them? WHERE do you go to have it dyed? HOW much does a deal like that cost? WHEN docs it come out? WHO eise did you say, colors hers? WHY do you think I could look better? * * * HOW COME YOU CAN'T GET ALONG on that much allowance? WHAT do you want to spend it tor anyway? WHY is a new one so important to your happiness? WHO are the other kids that get twice as mucn as you do? WHEN will you learn it doesn't grow on trees? * * * WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE IS wrong with my washing machine? WHERE is the thingama-jib that doesn't let the whacchmacallit through? VvrtEN did it break? Just as I had seven, lo«ds piled up waiting, WHO will I get .to lix itV^JiOW-.will 'f-kfeep my family-clean, until then? WiiY does this always have to happen to me? * * * WHAT DID YOU DO WITH YOUR bathing- suit? (Or your headscarf, or your report card, or your gloves, or your coin purse, or my comb, etc., etc.) WHERE do you think you left it? WHEN did you last see it? HOW can you be so careless? WHO do you think is going to buy you another one? WHY can't you keep better track of your belongings? » * * WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO GO to the family reunion? WHO will be there? Why Aunt Sophronia, Uncle Pete, ihird-cousm Elmer and his six kids and just about everybody on my side of the family, that's who| — WHAT will I tell them if you prefer to go fishing? WHERE did you say you wish they would all go? WHY do I insist that we go? Because I say so, that's why! * * * WHAT AM I GOING TO WHITE about next week?- WHERE am I going to get an idea? WHEN will I find the time? WHO do yoti suppose will read it? WHY did I have to take up such axhobby anyway. . - * » * WELL, THE TRAVELING 15 REILLYS are back from their vacation "trip to California. Considering all the possibilities, they had very little trouble. Mike got his head cut while playing with his cousin after they arrived there and on the last night of camping out, their equipment all got wet in a rain. Mrs Reilly was drying out, and recasing pillows when 1 saw her the~other day. * * * , THEY FOUND IT WAS/A SMALL WORLD. In Los Angeles a came up to them on the street and asked if they were the Heillys from Algona. When they said they were he told them he was a Reilly from Algona, too. It was Bob Reilly, visiting his son out there, and although they've had frequent mix-ups in mail and phone calls in Algona, they had never before met. They also accidently met a former.neighbor out there. A Mrs Dearchs, I think she said. .'/•:' " ' * * " * ' A QUESTION I'M SICK OF HEARING IS. "Is it hot enough for you?" It sure is. I found some relief from the heat yesterday by going swimming in the Algona pool for the first time since 1 used to take the kids there when they were little. This was especially daring because of the fact that I didn't own a bathing suit! But Kitty Phillips not only supplied the incentive and the ride for the plunge, she also brought a bathing suit.' » * • * MOST OF US GALS WHO ARE CHARITABLY speaking, a little past the first bloom of youth', are quite self-conscious about display- jng our bulges at the pool. But swimming is wonderful exercise, and with all the svelte young bathing beautiies, who's going tb look at us anyway? Come on in, the water's fine! » • " • • » « * FRESH PEACHES ARE COMING on the market, and none too soon to suit my taste. If .you want a good recipe for Peaches and Cream Pie; here's one: . 4 to 6 ripe peaches • 1 9 inch unbaked pie shell t Vi cup sugar 2. tablsp. flour J /4 tsp. nutmeg Vj-cup sour cream , . ' J /2 teasp. vanilla Peel the peaches, cut in quarters and arrange 1 layer deep in the pie shell. Mix together the sugar, flour, nutmeg, vanilla and i sour cream.. Spoon evenly over peaches. Bake in a 450 decree ovejj for 10 minutes, then lower heat to 350 lor 40 to 50 minutes longer. Serve warm, Makes 7 or 8 servings because it is very rich, —GRACE. ' Nellie Circle The Nellie Circle met Wednesday with Mrs Fred Mortensen with Mrs Ed Loyd assisting hostess. Sixteen members and one guest, Mrs Darryl Householder and baby of Lone Rock were present. Mrs Lylc Newel presented the lesson. Mrs John Theesfield had devotions and Mrs Wilfred Laabs, the prayer service. The Nellie Circle will not meet during the month of August. In September, Mrs Harvey Walker will be hostess with Mrs John Theesfield assisting. Family Picnic A family picnic was held Sunday evening at the Nyles Hegegn home. Others present besides the Heggen family were Rev. and Mrs Gehard Vorland and family of St. Paul, Mr and Mrs Oscar Solberg, Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Bernard Solberg, Phyllis and Jerry ,of Cylinder, Adolph Solberg of Milford, Mrs Edward Solberg, Roger and Gary of Fairmont, Mr and Mrs Orland Solberg and Debbie of Ringsted, Mr and Mrs LeRoy Jacobsen of Ringsted, Mr and .Mrs Philip Solberg and children, Mr and Mrs Ervin Solberg, Linus and Lilith Good Neighbors At Fenton Give Helping Hind '',. T V • -^^^ ' '• *" : Fenton «*»' Eight neighbors' recently cultivated WO acres ia luur hours to help Clarence Wegener, who had been Ul for three we^ks. The neighbors vvure Larry Alt, Howard JJruhn, Wayne Barr. Lyle Hansen, Marlin Wegener, Lloyd Sundae, Paul £unmch and Marquis Saxton. Mrs- Barr, J^rs. JSynde and Mrs. Marlin Wegener helped to to (he men »t the Weg. ener home. IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT Farewell For Pastor Members of St. John's Luther- and church of Depew held a combined farewell for the Vorland family and a church picnic at the Ingham Lake Hible Camp Sunday. Rev. Vorland was in charge of the morning worship service held at the camp chapel A'picnic dinner was held at noon, followed by a program and recreation in the afterno—-.. Rev. and Mrs Vorland and children, Catherine, Bruce and Keith leave about August first, driving to the west coast. They sail from Seattle, August 10th, They ar due to arrive in Japan, August 23, where they will begin another five year missipn term. Mr and Mrs Paul Hecnt^bf Chicago are visiting with Mrs Hecht's sister, Mrs Clara Fauerby and other relatives in this vicinity. Members of the local Walther League enjoyed a swimming parly at the Swea City pool Thursday evening. Following the swimming, Susan and Glenn Hantelman entertained them at a watermelon least' at' their home. Enjoying a picnic supper at the Nyles Heggen home Friday evening were Rev. and Mrs Gehard Vorland and family of St. Paul, Rev. and Mrs Oliver Johnson and girls, Mr and Mrs Meivln Berkland and family, Mr and Mrs Dick Underwood and family and Mr and Mrs Albert Mitchell The occasion hono,v«.;d the birthdays of Keith Vorland, and Mrs Heggen and was also a farewell to the Vorland family who are now returning to their mission work-in Japan. Mr and Mrs William Eimers Roy Hontann and Mrs Harold Carlson the latter of Estherville were Sunday gues« in the Car Larson home at Redwood Falls, Minn.'Other visitors in the Larson home were Mary and Rose Homann of Washington D.C., sisters of Mrs Larson and Roy Homann. Mary and Rose Homann had attended the \Valther League National convention held in Minneapolis. Roger Dreyer who attends summer school -i Morningside j College, Sioux City was home over the weekend. Also attended a get-to-gether Sunday at Iowa Lake. Others attending were Mr and Mrs E. H. Dreyer, Mr and Mrs Darrol Dreyer and family. Mr and Mrs Arlin Kohlwes, Algona, Emil Zenders and Tillie Kohlwes of Terril and Marilyn Walker, Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Calvin Householder of Phoemx, Arizona are visiting in the W. R. Wolfe home and with other relatives in this area. The Householders and Wolfes were Sunday dinner guests in "the Jack Tieman home at Burt. Mr and Mrs Pelper! Geitzenauer, Bonnie, Judy, Nancy and Douglas enjoyed a trip this past week along the Lake shore drive from Duluth, Minn., and to other points of interest throughout northern Minnesota. Mr and Mrs Alvin Thornton and family of Estherville were Sunday evening vis;cors in the Williarn—Hantelrnan home, Mrs John Kohlwes and Mr; E. H- Dreyer visited Mrs George Sanderfield of V/elcome, Minn. Saturday- They also called on the Ed Winks and the Arnold Sanderfields also of Welcome. Mr ani| Mrs Martin Htatfl man attended a tamily picnic at the Chris Weber nome near Wells, Minn Sunday. Mrs Weber arid Mrs Hantelman are sisters Attending the Bruhn family picnic at Truman, -:,nn. Sunday were Mr and Mrs Ed Bruhn, also the Henry Bruhn.i, rJrvin Bruhns, Alfred Bruhns, Rudoph Hannovers, Art BlecKwenns, and the Ed Tietz of Whittemore. Mr and Mrs Howard Boyer and Becky ef Des Moines were Friday overnight guests in the parental Joe Madden home. The Boyers had spent several days in Minneapolis and were en- route home. Mrs Clara Fauerby recently spent several days with Mr and Mrs Andy Fauerby at'their home in Ames and then accompanied them on a trip through northern Minnesota. Mr and Mrs Herbert Wieske and Paula of Cedar Rapids spent last weekend in the parental Frank McFall home and with other relatives in this vicinity. Kent Wieske whu .been visiting here since the first of the month, returned home with his parents. Mr and Mrs Harold L. Pedersen, Phillip and Miriam of Rockford, 111. were visitors this past weekend in the Homer Matthiesen home. Mr and Mrs Martin Ohm and Dennis, Mr and Mrs Fred Mortenson and family and Mr and Mrs Ervin Grcmmcls enjoyed a picnic at the Mortensen .home Saturday evening, in honor of Mrs GremmoPs birthday anniversary. Mr. and Mrs Gerald Madder and family of Yearingtoq, Nevada, have been recent visitors in the Joe Madden home. The Virginia Circle of the Methodist church will meet Friday July 29 in the home of Mrs Clarence Underwood. David and JDonald Matthiesen spent this past week at the Boone River Bible Camp near Scranton, Iowa. Mrs Matthiesen and Emily spent ' the week in Des Moines in the parental George Hildreth home. Four Happy New Grandparents En Seneca Area Seneca — Mr and Mrs Roger Osborn became parents of a baby son, Craig Roger, July 11. He weighed 7 Ibs., 6 oz. Craig has a sister Debra. The Russell Kauffmans and -the Clarence Osborns are grandparents. ' Entertain Visitors Mr and Mrs Pete Hclmers of Denver spent last week at the parental Everett Witham home. On Sunday the Jack Jensens of Algona. joined them and the group went fishing. They were al supper guests at the Everett Witham's. Mr and Mrs Lewis Lowman and son Douglas of Portland Ore. visited from Sunday until Tuesday at the Everett Williams. Mrs Henry Brown of Estherville spent several days last week at the home of her daughter and family, the Charles Beavers. They were Thursday evening visitors at the Virgil Gardner home. Mr and Mrs Calvin Vaudt and family drove to Hampton Sunday where they met the Forrest Hani- fans of Toledo for a picnic dinner. Enroute home they called on the Don Missel family at Clarion. Mr and Mrs Oscar Patterson spent last wee 1 .-, visiting with their son and family, the Wesley Pattersons at Dallas, Texas. Mr and Mrs Everett Witham drove to Perry Wednesday morning where they met their daughter and grandson, Mrs Raymond Greene and Darrell of Burbank. Cal. Mrs Burbank will visit here until Aug. 18. Seneca Woman Guest Of Honor On Birthday Seneca — The children of Mrs Curtis Olsen honored her on her birthday, Thursday afternoon July 14, by having relatives and fi lends gather at her home for a party. Hostesses included Mrs Howard Preston. Mrs Wanda Jacobson. Mrs Harriett Zitterich and Mrs Gaylord Olsen. . Guests included Mrs Mamie Eekhcrt, Mrs Bob Eckhert and Janet, .Mrs Earl Stafford, and Mrs Kenneth Larscn and son Ronnie, all of Mallard; Mrs Alvin Olsen, Stanley and Ronnie, of San Bernardino, calif.; Mrs Ray Goering and Sonia of Jackson, Minn.; Mrs Ervin Nerem, Larry and Jolleen and Mrs Sam Nerem, all of Forest. City; Mrs Cleo Classon and Sherry Crosswaite of Ringsted; and Mrs Bertyl J3crkl*Kl of Fenton. The honored guest was presented with numerous gifts and cards in addition to a beautifully decorated birthday cake. Tuesday, July 26, 1960 Aigonci (la.) upper Ues Moines—/ Lois Wilberg observed her birthday anniversary Sunday by having her college roommates at her home for the weekend. They were Sharon Schullz of West Concord, Minn., and Karen Morig of Lester Prairie, Minn. Vernon Wilberg, Jackie Geil- onfeld and Kenneth Beavers accompanied Merle and Barbara ITalvcrson to Medicine Lake Bible Camp, Minn., for the week. Jackie is spending the summer with the Wilbergs. Mr and Mrs Elmer Hannisch and Donald met the Chester Orvigs of Spencer at Spirit Lake jSunday where all enjoyed a picnic and afternoon together. Mrs Orvig is a sisier of Mr. Hannisch. Ronald Johannesen, son of the John Johannescns, accompanied the National Guard Unit from Algona to Camp T.IcCoy, Wis. for two weeks of summer camp. Dick Looft of DCS Moines, son of the Henry Loofts, is aiso at Carnji McCoy, for the summer training program. Alyce Petersen went to Fort Dodge last weekend where she will work with a corn detasseling crew. Minn. Mr and Mrs Fred Schullz visited Mr and Mrs Schultz's, brother, Herman SchiiHz who is a patient in a hospital at Cedar Rapids. Mrs Hattie Weisurod of Council Bluffs was a W«. dnesday caller in the Charles Morns home. Mr and Mrs Walter llowcliff and family of Orchard, Mrs Lc- Roy Cutler and children of La- Ptientc, C.-il., Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter, Mr and Mrs Dale Baxter and Darrell Dean of Algona were Sunday guests in the Rolland Baxter home. Mr and Mrs Earl Trask of Minneapolis and Mrs Elaine Coulter and three children were visitors over the weekend in the Lawrence Newbrough home. Mr and Mrs Clair Bollinger and family attended the Heiter family reunion at Emmclsburg Sunday. The Friendly Birthday Club met in the Wilfred Rading home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Radig was hostesses to a 500 club Wednesday. Mrs Merwyn Marlow received high prize and Mrs Ornic Beh rends received low. Travel prize went to Mrs Sam McCleish. Mr and Mrs Allan Bollinger called in the Ortwin Tietz home Sunday. Mr and Mrs Ortwin Tietz and Mr and Mrs Ray Tictz of Spirit Lake called on i.c Jim Voigls, Algona and the Louis Hack- barths. Mrs Frank Flaig entertained a few friends in her home Monday afternoon. Mrs Jack Quinn assisted Mrs Flaig. The get-together was for Mrs Hulda Schultz. Mr and Mrs Frank Flaig were Sunday callers in the Dean Jorgenson home. Algoua. Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter were Sunday guests in the Rolland Baxter home. at the home of Donald Hannisch Monday. July 11. The group voted to have a swimming party in the" nrar future with the Seneca Stars as gitcsis. Members who are taking pro- .Hrts to tlit 1 fan' cump!i:tcrl Iheii entry sheets an.) »a\e them io the leadens. Donald Hannisch and James Bei-Rum gave the demonstration which, they gave.' at the County Boys Demonstrations. July 25 They will compose the Seneca junior team. Representing tin Seneca senior team will be Jamie Jensen and Vernon Wilberg. St Mrs Ed Ohm and Mrs Art Priebe attended A shower for Judy . Jcntz in the Lutheran church at Fenlon. Mr and Mrs Gordon Ohm of Oakland are parents of a baby boy born July 11, He was named Michael William. Paternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs Ed Ohm of Lone Rock. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Rath were Sunday evening callers in the Emma Hurlburt home. Mr and Mrs Lyle Marlow attended the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs Clarence Macumber of Algona. Mr and Mrs Lylc Marlow were Saturday evening visitors in the Walter Sorensen home at Burt. Mr and Mrs Herschel Hartman are parents of a daughter, born July 12 in the Holy Family hospital, Estherville. The baby weighed 7 Ibs. and 6 ozs. and was named Julie Kay. Mr and Mrs Gene Blanchard and children and Mrs Ben Schmidt, Terry and uary attended a Christopher reunion at Fairmont Sunday. Janice Zumach :s spending the summer in the parental Art Zumach home after attending summer school at Marikato, ••••••••••••••••••I IIBBHBBBHIQ; H H Planning Improvements In Your Home? PLUMBING G Bathroom Fixtures, Installation S and Prompt Service S Plumbing I Heating Is Our Business! We Know How, Our * Work Is Guaranteed, And Our Costs Are Reasonable — Let Jj Ml Quote You! • , • ArlcFALL : ! Plumbing & Heating Coming Events Wednesday. Aug. 3 John's Lutheran Ladies Aid. Thursday. Aug. 4 — F;.irvill< Ladies Aid; Womans Society of Christian Service. Automobiles wore offered to consumers "completely equipped' 1 for the first time in 1910 THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Reliable 24 Hour Funerals May B* Referred To Us With Confidence "hone FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 Seneca 4-H Clubs Swim Seneca — The Seneca grcssive Farmers 4-H club Pro- met T LET YOUR BARN ROT! These Paints Protect Longer CHALLENGER BARN PAINT— Keeps its bright red color for years; withstands wear ana weather. Gal. $3.79 SUPERMIX BARN PAINT — Deep, rich red, tough, durable. Premium quality for longest service. Gal. $4.79 OUR OWN Approved Barn Paint — A quality paint at a thrifty price. Gal. $2.38 CREOSOTE WHITE FOR BARN AND HOUSE — Gal. $3.98 \ TO MAKE A GOOD LIVING FARMING! It takes a mighty good manager today to make a good living farming. Unless you are on your toes and take full advantage of every opportunity, it may be slim pickings. Joining with your neighbors in buying and selling. is one of the good management advantages you may be missing. Good farm management includes cooperation. Take advantage of the services offered cooperatively. Cooperate the JFELCO-waV ' ...... enton CO-OP Elevator FENTON, IOWA STOE HARDWARE FENTON FENTON BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE FENTON, IA. THE FRIENDLY TAVERN Invites You To Fenton WEISBROD Implement Company JOHN DEERE, NEW IDEA and GEHL EQUIPMENT Bus. Phone 3 Res. Phone 60 HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Building - Remodeling PHONE 125 or 17 Dr. E. W. Rusk* DENTIST Office Phone 79 Residence 25 Fenton, Iowa The Fenton REPORTER Is The Only Publication Printed That Takes An Interest In Fenton! LLOYD M. BERKLAND Licensed Real Estate Broker and Farm Loans And Auction Service Phone 233 Fenton, Iowa SECURITY Your Bank Is Here To Serve Your bank is here to serve. This means not only the usual banking transactions — checking accounts, cashing checks, savings accounts — but some of the more personal matters. If you have problems which may need the services of a bank, we invite you to talk it over with us. CONFIDENCE All deposits Insured to $10,000 By Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. First Trust FENTON OFFICf Fenton - Armstrong Savings Bonk

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