The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1960 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 12
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I* ? >, * f , t'-fl S>. Iff , ' fa' E ifW 4-Alf*** (to.) Uppe* fat Melnet Tuttday, July If, 1960 M« Art Wisse is all packed and ready to leave at a mo- ttifeftt's notice when she hears from her husband that he is . winging his way home from McGuire Airbase, New Jersey. For the past six months he has been employed by the government a» Thule, Greenland. There might be a farrtily argument when he reaches home. Mrs Wiese doesn't want him to go back again. It is too lonesome, she says. And he may be in perfect agreement and content to stay in the good old U.S.A. Mrs Wiese will meet him in St. Paul, Minn. * * * Another man home from foreign shores is Darald Stalling, son of Elliott Skilling. He has been in Korea the past two years, has been in Nevada till further arrangements were completed for his 30 day furlough. He reached .home via Des Moines Monday, July 11. His new assignment will be in Oklahoma. * * * When Marguerite Dahl was in Perry a few weeks ago she called on Myrta West who will be well-remembered. Her husband was the late Bob West and they are parents of a daughtei Virginia, married and with children. The older residents here and 4tt Bancroft will remember Dr. and Mrs West, Bob's parents Mrs West was a close friend ot my aunt Eva Cady Goddard. Bob and Myrta lived here several years, then got the California fever. Bob and Myrta finally had enough of sunshine and oranges> artd came back to Iowa, settling at Perry. The Claude Samsons were also in California that year and they' settled at Glendale. What ages ago it was. Myrta told "Marg" she plans to visit Algona in mid-August. I shall look forward to seeing her. For the past Id years Myrta has been receptionist in a doctor's office. * • • The Don Asa family has had an interesting experience camping in the Rosebud tourist camp when they were on vacation at the Black Hills. The court is operated by Indians who are full of questions and anxiously question patrons on their reactions and are thankful for any advice offered. Well, we are almost rid of our fears of Indians, I can recall being in Tama many years ago en route home from a week at Mount Vernon. I had accompanied my aunt Mary Henderson and her sister Austi^ Pelleymounter who were guests of their sister Myrtle. We had to .change cars at Tama, ate breakfast there, and I took the outer edge of the sidewalk when I encountered a "brave", blanket-wrapped, sitting along the walk and leaning against the building. I guess I must havt. thought he had a tomahawk concealed. Contrary to one's ifleas, he never even glanced up as we went by. His "beauty" nap was more important than people. * • * "Bea" Holt is quite the "burnt offering", her neck and should- rrs being turned a beautiful bright pink for the sake of golfing, and two parallel burns on her arm when she wanted to see how hot the stove was. She found out, and soon. * * • I have frequently heard o.* water being added to the milk, but this morning I heard a radio discourse on adding water to the cow - all to produce more milk Now that is quite a switch. And bossy will do better on warm water. Well, what do ya know! * * * I had inquirv the other day from Robert Moores, Portland. Ore., for Louis Dickinson, Iowa senator and bavin? a son Call pnd daughter Ruth, for geneo- Iney information. I know it 1^ Losler Dickinson he was interested in. * * * Mrs S. E. McMahon came over the other day bearing a wicker basket of Regal lillies, delphen- ians and baby breath, so artistically arranged I thought of "Better Homes and Gardens". She told me I might share them if' I wished, so they were divided in four bouquets. From here she was taking some to St. Ann and then she said she was going hipme to do some transplanting. At 88 she is indeed a remarkable woman. * • * Ella Thompson has sold her house to Joyce Haydcn and has gone to Fort Dodge to make her fipme at Friendship Haven. I am sure she will like it but she may miss her Algona friends, of tyhom she had many. I am sure tjjiey will get there to see her Often. She knows several resl- dwts there, which will help immensely. Among them are Mrs I^aura Smith and Mrs Herbert Sjfedgwkk, nee Charlotte Sweeney. Mrs Flora Tiss has made her home with Mfss Thompson for many years and will continue a room with Miss Hoy- bowse itle of interest 'of Harold Hutchins, His B'8 LtO jfni'ge 'Whp wJfr move Dtf from John Ferguson had hand baelb More items 'way back in '24— injured in gtiri accident! Rotar ians defeated Kiwanis in gem tournament. . * * \* ' . More He and She stories — "Do you like winter" sports?" She, "I certainly do if they, have money." I wish 1 had as much faith in cider vinegar and honey as a cure for ailments as a friend of mine. Have you read that book on Vermont old fashioned homo cures? I've forgotten it's exact name, but it is in the libnuy. * * * I can sympathize more now with Lizzie- Post who isn't quite recovered yet Cram the sprained ankle she suffered in a fall on the basemffyrt stairs. I hurt my big toe a couple of weeks aso- stubbed it good and hard, and I've been getting around with less agility ever since. I am happy to report it is improved, but it is still rather a sick toe. John Prew hat been visited by his son Bernard, Bellevue, and went for a ride afotmd town with him the other day. This is the second little trip John has had in about two years, so of course it was quite a treat both times. He is an amputee, both legs, but remains cheerful and uncomplaining. He has been an active man in his earlier days and it must be said to his credit, he has adjusted very well. « * » Louis Reding was here July 11 to visit his old neighbor Casper Thilges and since I am right across the hall, he called on me too. It has been ages since 1 have , seen him. kis calls were rathef brief. He explained he had tb get home for a picnic supper irt the back yard, A farewell fof his niece Bonnie Ross who is leaving (has left) July 12 for Ne\v Jersey, thence to Turkey to join her husband who is in service. There are five children and we commented it is quite an undertaking, a trip so far with so many youngsters. She had Ann Segar, daughter of Mr and Mrs Glenn Segar as companion. Ann will visit relatives, an unc*o and aunt at Haddon Field, N.J. * * * Another caller Sunday after- noon was Vevft Lease, of Wesley, who had a letter recently com corning Mr' and Mrs Otis Pad* dock, PRoenlx, AH/., aftd their Alaskan trip. I will report ex* cerpts later. Mrs Paddock, nee Gladys Tribon, is very wen known here. Police To Begin Crackdown On Bib Licenses Loenl police officers are beginning to check bicycles in the city for valid license plates. It wa» noted by Police Chief Al BoekeU man Friday that only about halt of the bicycles in town have 1960-61 plates, which should have been purchased Jan. 1, 1900. The charge is 50 cents for the ?wd year plate. It was also announced thaf bicyclists who insist on riding their vehicles on sidewalks in the downtown area will be hauled into the police station, and \t necessary, court action taken to halt this dangerous practice. Several near mishaps, in some cases with a bicycle and pedes- 'trian involved, and in others! with s bicycle anfl alita have been brought to the attention of the police. It is agifnst the Iftw to rfde a Bicycle dfl walks here. TtACHfcH The LynnVille 6ftd Sully cdm- munities in Jasper county recently bid fafewell to "Miss Howoll" who for the past 45 years served as English and history instructor 1ft tne high school there. Her retirement at the end of the last school term Completed 40% years as a teSchet fdf ftfisa Howe!. NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW TO Around The i ^ Town and Country . They do not expect to till toll. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiRimtmniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitniniiiiiiiiiiiiiiinir Bradley Bros. South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Hew XAea - Ollrw Meuer-HarrlB Allli-ChalmeM CMC Truck! Firestone Tire* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR ••'"v^>^•^^•^x^y•^^vv•v/>^-^>•^-'^^^ '-'•'•'•^•^-'^-'^>'^-'•^•Nx^^^^M*s»^x^^ Robinson Construction Company Expands To Facilitate A Growing Business Kelley Lumber Co. "Our Business U Building" Bronson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK 1 Builders' Hardware = Tools = SIOUX Tanks & i Cribs | N. of Jet. Hwys. 1 18 & 169 1 Algona - CY 4-4369 i • Lutnn • FAIN* • CEMENT W* Aim to Meese Near Milwaukee Depot - AlffOM Cullen Hardware Your" bur Owrt "Hardware Wore" A Complete Ltne Of Robinson Construction Company, pictured above in a new location, has successfully served this area in farm, commercial and residential construction since 1945. The company began 15 year^ aqo i the home oi owner E. E. (BudrjRbbinson. It later moved to Diagonal Streei, and in a few yTars th expanding business moved to ikrger quarters on North Main Street. July 1, the company moved aga < Ernie Williams FBI.U Machinery fc Fin* Automobile* John Deere Stove — Pontiac • Cadillac John Deer* Store on Diagonal St. at CNW Track* — Phone CY 4-3U1 Pontlae - Cadillac Garage at Showroom on West State St.— Phone CY 4-4611 in the company moved agam designed b • Took • Mdg. Supplies Phone CY 4-4*30 ALOONA . axing with the customer to see that the finished job is what he wants and expects. The dCalitv of materials and expert workmanship done by this company can be seen in the many finlr homes fn Algona; Two recent examples being the Ted Chris chilles and Jack Chrischilles homes on Ove?nteyer « ! Ti!- an r arY -' 196 °' Robil «on Construction was selected as distributor of Sioux Steel Buildings for this bl done n wl S tn 3e s e te n eL raP 9 On *""* *" ' hiS miL Bud inviles you to come in «nd?ee what ^iieiimiHiiiiiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiiiiiiiw Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service for the Farmei Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT "MOTOR TRUCKS Sales ft Service n H RCA Freeiera •> Alr-Condltloneri Phone CY 4-3501 Algona rnT«n,JE«f !i P i^ i 9 «u b » lld - «n»<>de> or redecorate in the future, see Robinson Construction Company of Algona for the finest work that can be done. Here you will find friendly, efficient oer- sonnel cooperating with you in every way to see that you get no less-than the best! emcient P er ' •~"~~~-~~~ ~~~— ~ ~~~~ ~^~^s. YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR --~~~~~~~~<~- ~~ ~~~~^^^^^^^ Meet John F. Weber Of Rural Irvington • Sargent Feee* • Fertilise! • Hew Hound Baton • Fergus**) Tractor* Phone CY 4-1701 Algona Algona Refrigeration REFRIGERATION - TELEVISION PHILCO Retrlgeraton Freeiera Televitloa Range* Radios AU-Conditionlne • Commercial Refrigeration Phone CY 4-2S9I | Algona s IllUfllllUUUIIIUlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltwi This week's country neighbor is John F. Weber, well- known Irvington area farmer. Mr Weber, shown here, and his wife, Dora, have lived on their farm two miles east of Irvington since 1936 when they moved to Kossuth county from Illinois. WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR «/ v ^5 er , w l* ^IfL •* Pontiac, 111., son of the Frank Webers. Mrs Weber didn't change her last name when she married John in 1921 at Irvington (Hey. A. English officiated), because her maiden name was Dora Weber and her father's name was also Frank. So Mrs Weber wound up with a father and father-in-law with exactly the same name — Frank Weber. And the families lived 12 miles apart in Illinois. Mr and Mrs Weber purchased their 160 acre farm from Mrs Weber's father and John has specialised in raising purebred Duroc hogs for many yrs. He has ISO healthy spring pigs housed in his modernised barn at the present time. A huge furnace heats the barn during the winter months. The barn, built in 1896, was re-built, insulated and ii.terior walls installed by the Webers to give the little pigs perfect living conditions. He has sold hogs to buyers from all over the United States for use as breeding stock. On the crop front, John has 80 acres of corn, 40 acres of beans, 20 acres of oats and the balance in pasture. He is a firm believer in crop rotation, a practice he follows each c. I he , Web « rs have « daughter, Shirley (Mrs Robert Stephens), who teaches at Center Point where her husband is superintendent of schools, and a grandson, Douglas, who is the apple of his grandparents' eye. A son, Dick, was killed several years ago in a jet flight at Sioux City. He had been in the hog business with his father. Mrs Webej has three brothers, Dr. R. E. Weber. Ban. croft; Henry Weber. Corwithj and Alvirt Weber, LuVerne; and a sister, Mrs Walter Barr. Algeria, living in this im» mediate Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Fapee • Sale* • Service • Friendly * Courteeus Always «t. Main II. Phone CY 4-J4JI Taylor Implemeiit Co. and Taytef MtftCUtY [irons Keating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped Te •erve You Completely*' ;>«#%':!& Plumbing • HeatUi ~'i$ Sheet Metal Gu or oil Uattf Pump* Wela* •ysleaW Complete Fixtures Pbe»e CV 4-Mtt Alfoaa Beechtr Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Oteel You" I»f APPtlANCCt) pllllllllllllllllllbtilllHIIIillllHIIIIllllllllllllllltllllllllM = . § | Robinson Cnottruttion (to, \ | Siuo* Steel BuiMlngt f | • Building Construction | SIOUX /0 'I »M For slit, strength, long life and ease of building, insist oh — 6IOUX — Another advancement in easier farming. E. E. Robinson} Phone CT ?'^Jt4* \ • <i • • i • ^ • , ••,. Alfooa And Koswtli County Kviobbers Wtrfc Ttgether For A Better Uft.

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