The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1940
Page 4
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PAGE THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W, HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM 5UDBURY, Editor SANUEI, p, NORRIS, Advertising Manager (AHK.X COUWJail NEWS So|e National Advertising Representatives:' Arkansas Dallies, inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Sr. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered. as second class mailer ill Ihe pojt- office at Blylhevllle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United SUBSCRIPTION KATES By canler In (lie CJty of Blylhevllle, 15c per week, or 65c per month. By mail, within a radius of 59 miles, $3.00 I'er 'year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for three months: by mail In postal zones two to six Inclusive. S6.BO per year; In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In. advance. Russia's U.S. Friends Desert. The lost of Russia's friends amofij,' American liherals have sent their regrets that they arc no longer .just lil« that with the Soviet Republic and wondering how they ever not thai way in Die first |)hice. One of the most, devoted friends of the U. S. S. R. in (he clitys before the courtship of Adolf Hitler WHS John Haynes Holmes, pastor of the Community Church, New York. Getting up before- his congregation m Town Hall, New York, Sunday, ftlr. Holmes liffw- atively bowed bis head and confessed lie and his fellow liberals had been horribly wrong about Russia. "If we liberals wore right on certain single aspects of the Russian Revolution, we were wrong, disgracefully wro'ng, on the question us a whole," lie said. Most •sympathizers -.vorc jolted oil' by the Nazi-Soviet non-agtfrc.ssion treaty. Even fellow travelers and parly members fell by llie wayside in alarming numbers, a little confused still, but- aware that their attitudes toward Russia had undergone a delinitc change. A few stuck by Joe Stalin, perhaps hanging on to Hie faint hope thai this was all a delusion or that the pact was preliminary to a brilliant diplomatic coup against Fascism. In November, Red troops invaded Finland. There wasn't much left for sympathizers. .Americans who liatUspmehow stood by Stalin through (lie ; days 'of I he purges; : tlid Spanish civil war duplicities, the counterfeit ing rings, the inner espionage of the Kremlin—these American friends, who had swallowed hard bill had accepted all all-ceilies as unpleasant means to a desired end, were now sold out bv Boss Stalin. Clipped of their ideology, built up around the Soviet experiment, it wasn't easy for American liberals, who were not Communists, to flick off with the snap of a finger all the things in which they had believed for 20 years. They were left out in the cold. Like Mr. Holmes, they feel they "deceived myself as well as been deceived." Mr. Holmes did not spare himself. He recounted all the horrors winch liberals liifc himself and thousands of others who have preferred to remain silent were once able to justify. The despoiling of the kulaks, enforced collectivization, concentration camps, purses—they t,|l become real. Russia's ex-friends know now (bat they do exist. Mr. Holmes points his own moral. "What can we learn from this ghastly experience—not only we liberals bill everybody? That immoral moans can never lead to moral end:).' That power invariably corrupts and ruins those who use it arbitrarily and unrestrictedly for however good a cause." Fighting an Old Taboo Syphilis is still talked about in wliis- |)cr,s. it was taboo for so long, the word still sounds slightly indecent. Ami because of the <>vil connotation that lias,grown around the disease itself, medical men arc .still hampered in [heir efforts to combat it. No one knows clearly how many persons may bo infected. The spread of compulsory tests as a preliminary to issuance of marriage licenses has aided the light against this disease 11 liille. Most recejil estimate, reported by the American Social Hygiene Association, Inc., indicates fi per cent of the population in (his country is affected. Other estimates hiivc varied from \V-> to 10 per cent, None can be considered accurate. There is no conclusive way of arriving at a llgnre. At leas! not until victims are less reluctant lo submit, to treatment. And until people, unaware that they may have the disease, permit examinations. To prevent the dangerous later stages, most people, whether they believe they arc infected or not, would do well to visit a doctor. There need be nothing more disgraceful about getting treated for syphilis than fur diphtheria or measles, Tiina for f/u; Climax iUost people love a good mystery, but they like to reach (be solution before the intricacies of the plot bore them to death. Wosl of us have enjoyed the suspense of the third term 'issue. Kveryoue has ventured a qualified prediction, even if he had no more to go on than the number of primes in the President's breakfast dish. But interest is beginning to thin, and irritation is likely to set in al any moment. The fun of speculating is wearing nut. The time i is over-ripe for ;ln announcement. The jokes are getting hollow, and the candidates who are waiting feverishly | 0 try for -their lirsl term are gelling sulky. H is just about time for us to reach the climax, whether the answer is yes or no. We're going to have to know sooner or later anyway. SO THEY SAY A Christian front, or the ciimtinif Chm-cli, t-murndng ami professing and practicing hi an' orgnnlKcd, stabilized nmnncr Hit- doctrinc.s of the Muster, is 11 political parly conic lo perfect, and not lo destroy.-The i(ev. Charics E. Coughliii. * ' * t There are at least 5COO ehls between tlic ages of 10 am! V2 hitch-hiking across the imlion and swiirmiiiR through liobo jungles. They're the. greatest mrnacc to American soc.iely.-Jch" I-lii- vis. king «f ihe huboc.s. The hysteria engendered by the Dies Com- iiiiltcc will gel us into war.-Kcprcscntallvc Vilo Maraintonio (Rep.. N. V.). v * * ' » The clays of pussyfooting, by Republicans the Nc«- Deal arc over.-scnalor n. Slj-les Bridges (Rep., K. If.), SIDE GLANCES by Oajbralth • SERIAL STORY THE CAPTAIN'S DAUGHTER meet hin lunch.' ing. «-R, iwo ay UEA SERVJCC. INC. T, M. RCC. u s r*rojr. . - »»< )), but don't get liun slarlcxl talking nboul it. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson on, Kay." Tlie two WAS CAPTURED IN 1939 THAT BELONGED TO XV PAAAILy SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEFNJ EXTINCr FOR. sees WSRS BROOSHT TO A/WERlOa, PROM kUROPE, AND THE INDIANS CALLED THEM " HAT \S /VlEANT BV THE IDES OF /AARCH -~^~<~^. ——~_ . ANSWER: The 15th of March, in the Old Roman Calendar. !? EXT: Arc ni:llc llbcl! widow spiders ilatificrous to man? SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON IMV, .iiuriu n-iim,, l"mu-, urii-r t'liiiljui; Tiuiiuir. Jler inirrt-r I* «ii i,vrr)i>)i-il In luivc lu-r I'.Rk *l,tl-ly ,(„„ ,„. ,)„,,, J|[|( M-II|I>. [„ | lie im,ri!l»K. Marie »»»l«-n« lo Had lire Multf limj- [i ]".", ' J ' l ' rl ' u "lver». Slje uiieu» CHAPTER xvi JJAN DONOVAN was growing angrier by the minute. Many Ilinigs had happened lo upset him. After a day's frantic search he still couldn't, find Marie La Poi'lc, That was bad enough, but (lie models ;il Varncl's had told him thai even it he did find her, they didn't think she v/ould see him. "Marie wns here this morning when you phoned," Kay Thayer had callily remarked. "She went off will) Tommy Ryan," Evelyn Marlowe added, truthfully enough. "1 saw her when I went out to Kay Thayer looked at him cx- pccUmlly, hoping after this news Ihilt Dan would ask her for a dale, but he just stood there in Varnel's glittering t-alon, faying Jioth: "g. ^ Evelyn palled him on the arm. "Cheer up, kid, you'll get over it," she said, not unkindly. "There iive plenty more fish in (he sea." She giggled. "So long. Don't for- ect my telephone number. Come — girls swished off, exotic, peacock-like figures in Varncl's gorgeous gowns, A cokl fury, followed the hurt in Dan's heart. .It was the first lime lie had, even been crossed in his life iind he didn't )ike it. H never occurred to him Hint he could want for something and not have it. Now, he wanted Marie La Tortc more (lian anything he had ever desired in his life and he couldn't have her. » * t AS he swung east on 57th Street he qualified that statement. Perhaps, in lime, lie could have Marie. But deep down in his heart he knew that he didn'l want her (lie.way he thought. He wanted her lo love him for himself, not for what he could buy her. And it she didn't want him this way— and she evidently didn't—he wouldn't have her, although it might kill him. In such a mood, he fitfed his key into the lock of the Donovan front door, furious with himself and fuie, "Your falhei- wants lo see you, Mcesah Dan," Ling told him, as he crossed the hall to the elevator. "He's in his own apartment." He nodded and pressed the third floor button on the elevator indicator. "I'm glad you've come, Dan," Mike exclaimed, looking up from his easy cliair as Dan walked into BY HELEN WORDEN • . uij.- iludy. "] sijii , ns , an W ) la [ ; said this morning over the phone.' Dan didn't speak, just sank down on the couch and lil cigarel. "I meant what 1 told you ovei the phone," Miko repeated. "No boy of mine is going lo marry a girl whoso father calls him a waster." He snarled as lie voiced the words. "Ignoramus! He must think we're pgmbskulls. Well I'll show him." He rose and began stalking around the room. 'I wouldn't worry, father," Dan held up a protesting hand, "II Marie doesn't want me, I don'l want her. she evidently doesn't- so that's thai. What have you got on your mind?" Mike slared in amazement at his son. 'You're amenable lo reason I must say, lad. Well, you ask me honestly and I'll reply in like manner, I thought you and myself, Lynda Martin and her fulher, it he can come, mighl have a quid dinner together tonight at the Hit/. After that, mailers can lake their course." Dan said nothing for .several minutes. Finally he spoke, despair in his voice. "I'll "call Lynda. What time is the dinner?" Mike's heart ached for his son He knew what the boy was going through. He also knew thai he coula only help hy not putting salt on.tho wound. Therefore he mentioned neither Marie not- Bat. "I thought we might have cocktails here," he remarked, "Ihen go on to dinner. I'd welcome Ihe chance to get uetler acquainted with James Martin." * * * jMONE of the effort which Lynda had exerted to produc." her falhor showed when she and Mr. Martin strolled into the Donovan library at 7:30. He was trimly iurncd out in black tie and dinner jackel and she wore an expen- "Wc'rc having a fine wine, lad," ho cautioned, "pop'l stunt your palate for lhal." Nothing but Dan's young constitution kept him from showing ihe c/leets of the oilier drinks on top of the early cocklails. Tin; only immediate warning, which ins father recognized, was an added courtliness of manner. He deferred to James Martin with tin; solemnity oj u judge. -He paid elaborate but circumspect compliments to Lynda and ho directed the waiters in the grand manner. In spite of the combined maneuvers of Miko and Lynda, no mention ol the engagement between herself and Dan was touched upon. Once Mike got to his fcel ,-ind was about lo lift his glass in a toast lo Ihe romance, bul Dan, with the uncanny intuition of Hie very drunk, anticipated his fallior. "To James Martin," lie stumbled to his feel and lifted his glass, 'America's real benefactor." Irritated, Lynda had also raised her glass. Bashfully, Martin remained 'seated. The Donovans were a good sort nftcr all. Ho must see Mike and Dan more often. Mike and Martin had winked .... one another and said good night earlier in (lie evening. Hut as soon HS he could, Dan deposited Lyjida al her door. Too light to clearly formulate his thoughts, he had but one idea in mind, to get to the rarge, Holly. He had completely forgotten his lesolulion earlier in the day. - sively simple, long-sleeved evening dress. "My dear fellow," cried Marlin, lolding out his hand lo Mike, "I'm so glad, you asked me." He shook hands cordially enough with Dan and then reached feverishly for a dry Martini on the ray which Perkins passed. "I've lad a hard day at the ofh'ce," he ipologized. Lyjida gave Mike an affectionate ;lance then slipped quietly to Dan's side. Appreciative of her silence, he lifted a cocklail from ?crkins' tray and took a second tor himself. » t * ALTHOUGH Dmi didn't show il, he was already tight when :licy left the Donovan house. His •iitlier cast a troubled glance al lim when he insisted on order- ng more cocklails at the Rib. PUZZLED taxi driver deposited him after 2, on Pier Six. Unsteadily Dan made his way lo •. .lie place where the La Porte boat lad been lied up the morning before. A strange barge, grimy and imkeinjil, bobbed, at anchor 'in its ilace. "Where's the Molly?" Dan yelled al a policeman leaning against the barge pier lamp-post. Jerry McGiiire untwirled his light stick. "She pulled oul al 12 o'clock," he said, "tor Canada." "Was Marie La Porle aboard?" "I'll say so. I saw her gel on ibnul 8 o'clock." Dan sat down on the pier and icld his head in his hands. "When will the Molly 'be back?" he inquired. ."In about three weeks or a nonlh. Them Irips are slow this '.ime of year." Within- an hour, Dan's long •oadslcr was purring along the lighway to Albany. The cold light; air clcarcjl his befuddled brain > as htt>.rtrbve4t$au : gh the larkness. He had but" one idea— o gel lo Marie as spoil us possible. '' (To Be Conlinucrt) The Perils of Rejecting Christ the good, neighborly action of car- Ing for n victim of thieves on the road Iran Jerusalem lo Jericho, He did not moan to imply that n Samadltm was better than n- scribe or a Pharisee; hut He did want, lo emphasize U)c truth (hat a. Samaritan, despised, unorthodox aiid outcast, according to the Jewish estimate of (he time, might in reality l)c a much better man than poor and insincere person of orthodox profession. It was precisely this fact that, smugly religions people were in liiiipt'r of forfeiting. We arc all so wont lo judge men by their lab;!K ami outward profcsskns. So. here, Jesus tafcos the case ol ttt'o SOILS whom the father lias .iike<l to go and work in liis'vlne- li'ard. The one son, so far ns words ire concerned, Is very willing and Tc-xl: Mallhciv 21.-25-I3 Tlie title of Ihis lesson is "The 1'erlls of Rejecting Christ," it might perhaps be move properly called ••Rcnllly in Religion." The lesson consists of several parables, nnd Ihc first of these Is most, strongly in emphasis of ihe matter PI reality. In religion. \vc are sn much clis- OUT OUR WAY woivls ratlin- than deeds that ft-w things are more diniciill than to establish the fuel that it is what we are nnd what we do, rather than what we say or profess, that constitutes cm- real faith artel our real religion. Jesus was accustomed to emphasize (ruth by stories that centered about extreme situations. • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. BEQ. P. S. »>AT. OFf Keaclio.ii to '606'' in Syphilis Gases Immediately Halts Spread of Disease IIY lilt. MORIU5 FISIIBKIN Kdilor, Journal of Die American M f i! \ r. a I Assoriation, ami of If.vffdn, tin- Health Magazine One of Ihe great .scourges of mankind—at least since Ihe fil- Lceutli century—has been the venereal disease called syphilis. Once fully established in (he body it every organ ami' (Is- DING1 OH,NO--1 JUST n UEARKJ SPANISH WHILE IM DOING THIS-I I EVER.TRAVEL IM THOSE. COUNTRIES, WHY- BUENOS DIAS-- COfvlOESTA USTED ? --M STUD VIM' OUT LOUD so ms MOTHER: LL / TOO MUCH PER S\G.' IT MAKES HEAR HIM—AM 1 I SHE'S GOT A KID { OUTSHOVEUKl'HIS SMOW--HE'S A FOXY LOAFEK, FAWCV AMD PLA1M lOAFIMG By J, K. Williams OUK BOARD1JNG HOUSE wilh Major lioopie m Compliant. He ivnswors very readily I For years, medicine attacked -lint he is going, but he did net go." tin's diseaw with the use ot u va- Tlie other son, in some mood or rMy of tlmps. principiilly mcrcurv. tiisposltion of do- Hut even mercury was iiol so ef- licirnl that the disease was regularly cured For long, il was a common superstition that this disease was never completely curable. Then, in igit), Paul Ehrlich in- .•lures thiit In- not go, hut irterwun(K he repents and he actu- Jlly tloes go. not even lake .he trouble lo It'll his father that lie has repented. Nevertheless, he iocs and he does the work. Jesus .is!;s the very sensible question: troduccd new method of treatment bused on his new drug combination, called : "60S." Scicntili- •— v • • • • .'V-iLliKlv. IplLOL HVI I - UJIKllUldl, I !1J ICC] . (JUll OClClHlll- iVhieh of these did Ihe will of his call}- it was caller! salvarsnn. Dur- fathor? Tlie iinplicnlion of tho tcauhing is very plain. He nsks us, in etrecl. wliicli of these two ntli- ing the World War. when it camp necessary to manufacture arsphcnamlnc, but also ncoarsphc- nmnlne anrt clruss containing bismuth, mercni-y ami arsenic. These are the preparations wuicl: can attack the spirochetes anc. cllininalc Ihcin from the body. Because of the specific character ol arsnhcnnmine, however, it is in- /!lndcd ainong Ihe ton most important drugs developed by medicine- Crowd Shrieks in Horror But "Suicide" Is Dummy LENOX, Maw. (UP) — A crotvd attracted to the base of the 50- fool geodetic survey lower iu Triangle Park shrieked wlicu a body plummeted from the top. State Troojicr Willinm Kirtney rushed over to (he spot where it fell only la Icam thai the body was a dummy. Trooper IF YOUR DOME WASN'T OM CEMTGR, YOU'D HPWE FOUND IN 15 MtNUteS/ LOOK"— TME DOG WHAT MAPPEMS? BAXTER'S CHICKENS STRUT LIKE GAS noose BULLIES AMD THE CAT COMES OOTOM THS FEMCE AS RELAYED AS A CONDUCTOR IN AM EMPTV - DID vpu EVJER HEAR. OF,-THE OO& POUND? CHICKENS THE POUND DOESNfT RXLOW w, TIFFANY/ sou BUT SUCH VILLAINV "• "s ni uiu umiuu aiaifh uu- tildes are uc ourselves taking in cause, it could not lie obtained from relation to our Heavenly Piithcr, Geiin.-iiiy. the drug was renamed who has asked us to BO to work | ar.'.jihcnaminp !o ^ SitM!" 1 " 1 „£';' K "V idi -T ; ills Jf mm of religion cvcrvwhcrc- „,"?;. ' l u;lr : ll !''" C(1 <>v «' ° , a ""?'could put the emphasis,upon re- ?™inu « ^ .""T „' "^- '' United States^ be- j Kidney had Konc to the tower when it was reported that a per- very e fact cf man's regard of a loving Father and Ihe rebelliousness of men, even against ' Ood's own son. i " i-. a tnA slor.v of life and - but it is no' more saci limn v.-lint is sniritnnHy happening in Hie world today, where niinr.. about the use of this tin's is Hie facl lhal. it acts almost immediately and controls the pos- sifciliiy or spread of the discasf. , I mm lor tl;,> most part continue to 1 reject the love of Gotl anti Ihe Icliiim:- or Christ. The |i»rablc of I lie stone which the buiWots rejected is slsp (incitus ils in.inilr.'.taiioii constiinlly in lilc. Wht!!- 1 mm and v.-omeu whom Gotl calieii lai) in their duly, others aiiw. iiODH-limos lew privileged and lefts JalHcd with the sanctir.ns of U'ligiiMi. to perform the tasks of - und mercy and IHUh. • ZV&f, worri> . The irteiil is to make both our oul - ( i ccc i s alike In their imi of truth and gooti- | ne.-.s. The complete life will not be | lackiiiu in cither. Nevertheless. II Is | Ui the discovery of chcniisls aiul physiciBtisi ' throiiglmut (he world -have gradually making mortifications ofj Ihe rii-ug and introducing other | rtniPrtirs. based on a sliniliir line ol attack. Today the doclor has a vait nriiuimcnlariiim of rcmc- oin whirl) can be used ill Ihe lieutmeiu ol the syphilitic patient. " is known today that the pro-s- l lr ' :l of a complete euro drops abom 20 per cent if one waits ton long bc-iorc beginning treatment, therefore, the chance of a. cure of syphilis is much greater if the liaticm Rets good medical lieat- iiieni i in- moment the primary - tol °- tt'hicii is [he manifestation '"<' an;I Ihc deed that mailer, i ot nvbl nppears ;'";' «•'-!- o ml profcwioiif. :"'c very i 'i«l:iy | ]u . rc . u . c ., numbcl . of j holluiv unu-ss [hey are reflected ill i Musii,; u u | lc i s , lEC , nl iu . S ypi,n i3 ,| Lnmacicr and action. I uicltitliiig not only the original! son, apparently inebriated, dangling over a mil on the lookout, perch. Boakes climbed lo ihe lop. found (hat, it was a hoax, so toppled the (lummy over the edge. Announcements Tlie Courier News has teen formslly authorized to announce the following candidacies for office subject to the action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi County Judge ROLAND GREEN Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON Treasurer R, L. (BILLY) GAINES' (For Second Term) County and 1'robate Clerk T. W. POTTER (For Second Term) The Courier News has been authorized lo announce the following candidacies for election at the Municipal Election, to be held April 2. Municipal Judge DOYLE HENDERSON (For Second Term) OEORDE W. BARHAM City Clerk FRANK •WHITWORTH UHARLES SHORT' JOHN POSTER noy NELSON tERCY A. WRIGHT

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