The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1960 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 9
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July 19, 1960 glgona Upper Bes jWoines; July 19, 1960 GAS Seven year old fcanny Joe Mfitz of Toledo was badly burned on the hands and arms recent- ly when he poured some gasoline in n cnn, put some sticks in the can and lit it with a match. He suffered the burns when the fire flared up. Grace, yon trumped mjf ace! I'm sorry, Ruth... I was just thinking about sending my drapes for dry cleaning Algona Cleaners and Launderers CY 4-3265 East Across From Courthouse FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Algona LOCALS MM Earl Richards has 'been on vacation at Spencer and Spirit Lake visiting relatives. Mr and Mrs Glenn Burtis are being visited by Mr and Mrs V( rle Burtis, Denver, Colo. Mr/ and Mrs Herbert Lind- qulst and family have been vacationing 'with relatives in Indiana. Mr and Mrs-- R. S. Blossom. were visited Saturday by Mr and Mrs Sigrud Fardal and son Dan, Forest City. Janet Jergenson, daughter ot Mr and Mrs Harold Jergenson. has returned to her .home ai Aurora, Colo. Mrs Elsie Reed was visited over the weekend by Mr ana Mrs Arvid Dennis, White Bear Lake, Minn. Mr and Mrs Richard Burl recently visited the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Neal Burt at Cedar Rapids. Mr and Mrs Herbert Chantland are spending a few days vacation at Somers with Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bates. Mrs Frank Mittlieder was recently at Fort Dodge to see Mrs Don Blanehard who is seriously sick in a hospital there. Mrs Hugh Carroll had as recent guests her granddaughter and husband Mr and Mrs Russell Kromminga and daughter Mary Beth, of Sumler, S. Car. Mrs Anna Madson was visited j Wednesday by her son Raymond! and family -of Des Moines. She had been v.'isited previously by her grandsoin Chris Bowen and family, DCS. Moines. Mr and Bflrs Roy Hutzell had Mr and Mrs Jess Riddle, Clare* mont, Calif., as guests last Tuesday. The Riddles left the follow* ing day for their home. They are former well .known Algonans. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Huttell and Mj- and Mrs Roy Hutzell at? tended funeral services lasf week Saturday at Perry for Ray Robert, 54. brother-in-law of the man, who died at Perry of ft heart attack. Sup». and Mrs O. B. Laing left last. Tuesday morning on their vacation. They will visit their children arid grandchildren and other relatives and friends on the wesj coast. They plan to return via Arizona. Mr and Mrs Keith Christie and three daughters have moved to the house on North Garfield formerly occupied by Mr ann Mrs Phil Ballard. Mr Christie is baseball coach and teaches a class in personal typing at the high school. x William Baker and daughter Mrs John Schullz, Irvington, arc visiting a couple of weeks at San Diego. Calif., with Mr and Mrs Gene Hendrickson and family. Mrs William Baker spent Monday at Bancroft with Mr and Mrs Harold Presthus. Algonan Wed At Knoxville \ FIRESTONE CHAMPIONS & PROVED on America's Fastest offer you the { safety you need on a turnpikel & FULL SIZE...Firestone never compromises on Qualityl & FULL FEATUBEP...S/F cordiody* JFirestone Rubber-X, 7-rib tread. .SPEEDWAY PROVED FOR TURNPIKE SAFETY T 6.70-13 BLACK RAYON, TUBE-TYPI Plui UK and 'Reeapptbl* tire '***.'. ..""\ 'All Sizes Low Priced •IZB 6.OO-16 6.7O-1S 7.10-15 7.6O-15 •LACK* 1O.95 11.98 13.98 16.98 WHITB* • • • • 14.98 17.98 19.98 •Plus lax and rtcappabU tire NO DOWN PAYMENT. £ with trade-in tiraa •.. 6.70-15 BLACK NYLON. TUBB-TYPi Plui tai «n« < fttecppabl* Mr» All Size* Low Priced Little WEEK •IZB 6.0O-16 6.7O-15 7.1O-15 7.6O-15 •LACK* 12.98 12.98 14.98 . 18.98 WHITB* 18.8O 19.8O 18.98 ftO.98 TUBELESS NYLON Size 7.50-14 Fits popular i late model car* < M flLT ' WwHITI •PS* JOE BRADLEY ALGONA Also Available At These Firestone Tire Dealers • Ed's Charnplin S«rvic«, Algona • Chromt Sorvic*, Algona • Viking Oil Co., Algona • Lappo's D-X, fturt • Murray Oil Co., lane/oft Durwood V. Bowman, son oi Mrs Henrietta .Bowman, Algona, and Marilyn Lou Thomas, daughter of Mr and Mrs C. S. Thomas, Knoxville, were united in marriage June 19 in the Methodist church at Knoxville. Rev. Carl E. Wilson officiated at 'the ceremony. Maid of honor was Sharon Carpenter and best man was Vernon Hagg, formerly of Algona. Ushers were Clifford Carlson, Richard Taylor and Roger Hagg. Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the church. The guest book was in charge of Helen Walsh. Mr and Mrs Richard Brees were hosts, Mrs Clifford Carlson, assisted by Carol jjFe i nnybaker and Mrs Richard Taylor, cut -the cake and Miriam Melvin and Mrs Dalyce-Dee Kcmppainen poured. After a wedding trip, the: couple is residing at Milwaukee, Wis., where Mr Bowman is cm- ployed and the bride is a speech therapist. Ledyard School Is Undergoing Face Lifting Ledyard — Improvements being made at the Ledyard schoot this summer include a permanent partition dividing the school lunch room and the kindergarten room. The kindergarten room, kitchen and typing room are be; ng paintedr New lights will be installed OF HISTORY ^ The exact place and time of dis* J covery of the Russian 'Orloff* diamond are unknown, though it originated in India. It came to a weight of 199 carats, and a valuation of $450,000. The Orloff diamond used to be in the sceptre of the Russian Czar, and is presently in the hands of the Soviet government It was imported into Russia through Holland, where at first Amsterdam was | the world's diamond cutting center. A DUmoid Is Something You Buy OH Faith A Diamond si one of the moat Important purchases fa • liffltunt — fc sauat be mad* wfcfTgc** cam Iffyo*. •n; not • diamond txpert, «m must rely oa yon* trained, expenenced jeweler. VM oust haw compkt* confidence in your jeweler's lotegrity and knowledge off gems. We are at your service, privately if you wish, *» ffU§ foi ia du» most impociMi tilirrinn of • SHARP'S JEWELRY togtft*r.d J.w«l.r — American O.m Society A1OONA, IOWA !a diamond! Is forever t V 1 x THERE IS AN OLD SAYING that tlu- nicest pail ..f a vacation is filming homo. This may be true fur some people, but I am finding it a hie. fat lie. In fact, at this point, althoimh I had a wonderful lime. I am undecided botwrcn wishing I had stayed on vnralion, and wishing I had never gone. * * * MOTHERS OF NEW BABIES, NO matter how happy they are about the blessed event, frequently suffer a big let down four or five days after the child is born. Posl-parlum blues, I think they call it technically. Taking a vacation in my life is an event almost comparable with having a new addition to the family, so I ask myself, why shouldn't I suffer a case of post-holiday blues? * * * THE MOTHER OF A FAMILY OF NUDISTS shouldn't have any trouble coming home from a vacation, bocnuse nudists don't wear clothes. Clothes, and the washing and ironing thereof, are the major source of my current troubles. Ten days away from a washing machine, and I find myself overpowered with sandy sheets, oily work clothes, rumpled shorts, filthy blouses. 1 \' 2 do/on sport shirts, blackened dish towels and every last hand and bath towel wo own, unsalvageable without a complete tubbing. * * * 1 BECAME ACCUSTOMED TO EARLY rising on my vacation because about five or six o'clock I went out by the lake'and meditated, or something, a couple of hours before the rest of the gang got up. Of course, sometimes I soaked my feet during this time, and once I painted my loenails. but I'm trying to give you the impression that I was acting like a solitary literary genius during my vacation. I did get six book-length novels and "several articles rend during the early morning hours. Later in the day, when everybody else was going full blast, I hit the sack and slept for hours. * * * UPON ARRIVAL HOME, I STILL GOT up early. Only I haven't, had a, minute for solitary meditation since. Tuesday, the first day home, I was up at 6 a.m. and washed. Everything got rained on. Wednesday, I got up at 6:30 and hung out the wash from the day before, plus five new loads; and ironed. Thursday I got up at 7 and washed and Droned. Tomorrow, I am going to get up at 7:30 and wash and hit the ironing until maybe I may get it done. I will guarantee nothing, however, because I just looked in the clothes hampers. There's a whole new batch of washing and ironing waiting for me! * * * I THOUGHT I HAD GOT MYSELF a pretty fair suntan on my vacation. I'ni careful about burns since getting broiled several year's ago, but this time I was judicious and exposed gradually. However, after a week of bathing in the lake, the first time I took a tub bath, my suntan mostly went down the drain. Gosh, I guess you just can't win by taking a vacation! * * * HAVE YOU EVER noticed how ornate most of our homes seem, after coming home from a cottage vacation? This has been true at our house; even after we've stayed at quite a luxurious cottage. There isn't anything very fancy around here, but I always wonder after corning back from a vacation, if housekeeping wouldn't be lots simpler, if we borrowed from the cabins the custom of having linoleum on all the floors, instead of rugs, the habit of omitting saucers under the coffee cups at meals, and if we served plenty of filling one-dish meals without so much worry if they were well-balanced. * * * i ANOTHER THING I WISH WOULD BECOME a vacation hangover into ordinary life is the way the kids heave-to to get the policing-up done early in the day. It is true \that they squabble a bit on a holiday over whose turn it is to wash or to dry the dishes, but nothing like the rhubarbs we have at home. And, too, when wo are so far from the marts of commerce, there isn't the constant heckling for me to give them spending money. * * * IN ALL FAIRNESS TO THE youngsters, part of their angelic behavior oh vacation is undoutedly due to their parents having the time to relax and enjoy the kids. On vacation, there's time to play a game of cards with them, or to take a walk down by the river. There's time for them to try to teach their awkward 'old mother how to "oar" the boat, and for them to race against her puffing old swimming side-stroke. (I won!) * * * ON VACATION. THERE'S time to watch the sunsets, which are particularly spectacular over a lake, to discuss the days of long ago, "when we were little", but which don't seem so long ago to Mamma, and to merely sit in a boat with your husband while he fishes and the sound of water running over the dam takes some of the kinks out of the tension in your neck. * * * WELL, I'M A WOMAN OF ACTION, and I don't think I could stand to have a whole summer of vacation. I'd miss too much the events in my home town, and talking to people who have known me for ages. I'd miss, too, the checks from my part-time work, which don't keep on when I'm away, and which, heaven knows contribute much to our economy. I'd even miss the telephone much as I gripe about the way it intrudes on our privacy. * * # BUT SOME OF THE THINGS I would willingly skip that happened after our recent vacation are the sudden disintegration of our daughter's this-year's bathing suit, the bill for the repair of the family flute, the demise of our twenty-year old automatic coffee pot, the leak that developed in the cupboard under the kitchen sink, the bills that came due while we were gone, the news stories I missed out on, and, of course, the ever-lasting post-vacation wash. * - * * OUR GARDEN REALLY PROSPERED while we were gone. We've had several batches of peas, but no green beans as yet. This is because Father planted them under protest. He doesn't like green beans, and the rest of the garden was all planted before I could talk him into including them. » * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for scalloped green beans, when W get them. It's a dinner in a dish. 4 medium sized potatoes 2 tablespoons flour salt and pepper to taste 2 cups cooked green beans (save cooking liquid) 6 small cooked sausages 1 cup sour cream Paprika Peel potatoes and slice thin. Arrange a third of them in the bottom of a greased I'/i qt. baking dish. Sprinkle with a third of the flour, salt and pepper. Place half of the beans over the potatoes. Thinly slice the sausages, and arrange half of them over the benns. Repeat layer of potatoes; sprinkle with flour, salt and pepper, make a layer of the remaining beans. Arrange a.third layer of potatoes sprinkle with flour and top with remaining sausage slices. Combine bean liquid with sour cream, pour over top. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake in moderate oven, 325 to 350 degrees for 1 hour or until tender. Serves 4 to 6. —GRACE. in three rooms and next year will see the completion of new lighting for the entire building. The heating system is under^ going extensive repair and there will also be sidewalk repair. The largest project will be the tuck- pointing of the bricks on the old part of the building. The budget presented, at the first meeting of the school year is approximately $8000 over last last year's budget. Because of the change in. Iowa law regarding the time of school elections the board will not hold its reorganization meeting unJU September. INJURED Nine year old Robert Hnuer of Waucomu recently received a broken leg and skull fracture when he was hurled against the side of a barn after becoming, entangled in • hay

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