The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1960 · Page 25
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 25

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1960
Page 25
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r»'. > . Sat' -•• 00.)Upf*f PM Melfttt Tuesday, July 12, 1960 It'l THIS IS THE COUNTRY OF THE Chippewa Indian, made famous in literature by Longfellow's poem, "Hiawatha". Now, according to all reports, Mr Longfellow is dead, so I can't apologize to him, but I'm going to attempt to tell of my vacation in the Hiawatha country in ihe language of the Chippewa. * * * ? BY THE SHORES OF CASS Lake's waters, Where the infant Mississippi Leaves the shining big lake waters, Leaves to wander to the sea. Stands a wigwam built by fishers, built by fishers of Algona, Built for outing by the lake. Here one sunny summer evening, Not so many suns ago, Came the Tribe with chief and squaw, Came with much papoose and baggage, Came to camp in wigwam small. * * * »»• u B , 1G «, CH L EF ' £ E DID PACK THE WAGON. Packed, Though Mighty Was The Feat. Packed with motor, rods and fry-pan, blankets, ice box, pounds of meat. Packed in box and piles, and suitcase, Stomped it down and packed some more. Papoose Small must take her wardrobe, Young Chief takes his bait and lure, Old Squaw takes machine for writing, Young Squaw, all she owns for sure. Big Chief stops amid his toiling, Stops and tries to close the door Turns unto his family, saying, ''Ewa-yea, my little pack rats, you must leave some house at home, We can't take it on our journey, Ewa-yea, not one thing more!" * * * THEN THE FIVE, THE TRIBE OF SIGSBEE, soon was joined by tribe of Cook, Joined by Squaw and Chief and Maidens, Joined by Doug, the Cook's papoose. Wigwams walls are filled to bursting, Wigwams floors are filled with sand. Wigwam echoes now with laughter, Screams and shouts and food demand. ?" 8 turn now to swee P the wigwam, Who will wash the dirty Chiefs all say that this be squaw work; they are going out to fish. * * » CHIEFS ARE MIGHTY, NOBLE, fishermen; Chiefs bring back the fish to clean, Chiefs tell tales of all their prowess, Our Chief caught a Northern great. Squaw and maidens clean the wigwam, All the tribe, they ate and ate, - "Ewa-yea, where does the food go? We should have a grocery store". One meal's food is cooked and eaten, One meal's dish is cleared way, Squaws sit back for just a moment, Tribe is back to eat some more * * * MORNING THEN MARKS*SWIFT returning, Of the Chiefs back to their work. Back to earn the tribe more wampum, Back for they can never shirk. Squaws and maidens stay in wigwam, Stay for four more days and nights, Stay to boat and swim and wander, Stay to settle papoose fights. "Ewa-yea, where does the time, go? How the days have slipped and sped!" Soon vacation days be over, Tribe be back in their own bed. * * * WIGWAM HERE IS FILLED With memory, Of the moon's now ]ong gone by, Of the tribes wrio stopped in passing, Of the friends, no longer nigh. Of the friends who shared our wigwam, Of the pranks and rest and fun. How the Old Squaw leaped from big bed, How she nearly broke her leg, How the skunks came to our back door, Look of lake when day is done. How the good talk flowed between us — Shirley, Betty, Mid and me, Ruth and Rosie, Parn and Bernice — I remember Celia's tree. Our dog Wienie slept in that spot; Grandpa sat is this old chair, Jane, who suffered from great big boils, Jack was sure he saw a bear. * * * HOME, SAY HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, Home's where happiness abounds, Home is here, though it be briefly, Mid the North Woods varied sounds. Moons may come when far I journey, To the lands beyond the sea, Still my heart will always linger, : In this wigwam dear to me. By the shores of Cass Lakes waters, Where the infant Mississippi, Leaves the shining big lake waters, Leaves to wander to the sea. * * * THERE WAS BIG EXCITEMENT HERE today. The Aquatennial Canoe Derby passed through the dam right where we are, on the way to St. Anthony Falls. The race had 45 two-men teams, is 450 miles long and lasts from July 6 to July 15. They have nine overnight stops. * * * WE HAD READ QUITE A BIT ABOUT the derby, and were pretty well informed on it excepting for one'thing. We got the date wrong! All day yesterday we kept dashing up to the dam thinking the canoes had started through. By night we had given up, and we learned that we had the wrong day. * * * THERE ARE LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF spectators gathered here right now to watch the derby. If we had only known, we could have set up a pop stand and really cleaned up for there is no place to buy anything. Lots of people brought their picnic lunch, however. * * * I WAS VISITING WITH an old time derby racer, Harvey Anderson, now of Mankato. *He and his partner once won a first in the derby and several other money placers other times. Mr Anderson said that he wired the Grotto at West Bend under Father Doberstein and also worked on Sts. Peter and Paul church. * * * WE WERE VISITED THE OTHER morning by Tedo and Helen Hutchison and Mr and Mrs Harry Ireland who were staying at Leech Lake for a couple of days. * * i * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR an all-purpose cookie. It was given to me by Bernice Cook: % cup butter 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 1 tsp. soda ••-... 1 tsp. vanilla % teasp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 2 eggs 3 to 3% cups flour. Cream together the butter and sugar, and soda, vanilla, salt, and eggs, Add flour. Roll in balls, then in sugar, flatten on cookie sheet. Bake 357 degree oven 8 to 10 min. Alternates: 1. Add 3 tsp. cocoa, and two or three peppermint candy sticks. 2. Add a %' cup chopped gum drops. 3. Nuts. 4. chocolate chips, —GRACE. Former Wesley Woman Passes In Colorado Wesley — Lawrence Wingerts received word last week r>f the death of his cousin, Martha Wagner, who was in her late sixties, died July 3' at. Denver. Colo., of a heart condition. She is survived by her sister Rose Wagner of Milwaukee, Wis., and a brother Leo Wagner of Wesley. His parents. Mr and Mrs Joe Wac- ner, and two brothers Tony and Joe preceded her in death. They were Wesley residents many years ago. Hospital Report Mir Ilalvor Flom was brought homo Wednesday afternoon from the B-ilt hospital where she had ;m ar. oendectomy. Mrs Bill Goctz had surgery at the B-itt hospital July 6. Lou Lickteig took his daughter, M.-s Paul Berger of Corwith to IcA-a City Thursday to get the 1:-.tier's baby who had been a patient in University hospital severai weeks. Ray Smith has made frequent visitj to Fort Dodge for treatment of stomach ulcers. Pnirie Pals 4-H 'Prairie Pals 4-H girls met Jin'y 2 with Becky Lickteig, Patty- Loebig assisting. Reports on camp were given by Julianne Kunz and Anita ] .ickteig. "Fun with Accessories" •vas given by Mary Ellen Ludwig, a talk by Paula Fisher and a discussion by Merle Ann Harig, Melissa Nygaard and Ruth Wise. Plans were made for achievement Day July 27 at the Methodist church parlors. Pink-Blue Shower Mrs Will Koppen at a pink andi b}Ug 30 in the home or her sister, Robert Lickteig at Algona.iGbuft whist was played and Junch-served. Wesley Wizards Porriond News BV. end Mrs Max Goldman family were Sunday evening g\iests at the Howard borne. Mrs Howard Sparks, ^im attended a family and supper'at the home, Mrs WiWs JPhelRg wriv««l Wednesday tfon, Coip., and fcw days visiting at and Ch«|. Phelps Mr and Mrs Roscoe Stewart spent the Fourth with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Robert Donnelly at Fairmont- David Stewart spent the Fourth of July weekend at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs W. J. Stewart. "Religion doesn't necessarily keep you from doing wrong but it makes you feel uncomfortable while you're doing it". There are only two kinds of parking nowadays — illegal and no. their 2 with Mary Ann Nygaard .gave a talk,-, Marilyn Skow gave a demonstration and Elaine Goetz gaveWtalk. ; "' ' The group planned achievement Day for July 22 in the Methodist Church parlors'. .Mrs George Seaberg and : Mrs Lee Goetz were guests.' Marilyn Skow and Ruth Wise reported on .their camp .altend- Mr and Mrs Richard O'Hal- .loran and Jerry of Detroit, Mich, spent several days last week with her brother, Marcel Med- zielski and family.' Mr and Mrs Ed Thessen and family of Waterloo snont last week in the Martin Hamilton home and- with ..•the Iwbmdn'ip mother, ,Mrs ,,H,p.len jJohnscfri i^tad other relatives. ' ' Mrs Harold Flom of Langsford, N$D. left/ for heif J-jcyfiejirjjursHa.v following a' visit with 'Flbm land Nelspn relatives.. : • , • Isabell •. Kerrins 'of 'Bricelyn, »Minn., formerly of Wesley, visif- ed friends here last week^ ' ! Hannah Nelson-'arid.^^ Henry Engstrom of Algona were ,£u*a|s : at the WSCS meeting July Mn ? the Methodist Church parlors. Hostesses were Mrs Ben and 'Mfs Fred Eden, Mrs Ray Smith and Mrs Fred Scefeld. ', Nell and Minnie Frimml : anti the Mesdames N. F.'Wcbu, Jihu Richter, Leo Hanir. 'up- u..,.' f and Harold Weber spent Tbn-^. day afternoon with the lattor's mother, Mrs Louisa SeimcT HI Algona. Sister M, Ur;;|i"". '-r ' i ' • Mary Canisia arrived .I'ti, i-, the parental August c;,u'n •>; home for several weeks visit. Sister Gratian teaches 5th grade in the St. Brendan school in Los Angeles, Calif. Ruth Wise and her grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Voss of Algona returned Wednesday from a 10-day visit with relatives- in Rock Island, 111., and Arlington, la. Mrs Flora Bowling of Jefferson, Okla. spent Tuesday with her cousin, Herman Wise and family. Gloria Wise spent July i ."• with her parents, Mi and I\\L± You're glad now that you used SIMAZINE OR ATRAZINE pre- emergence corn herbicides The wet, nasty weather this spring was made to order for weeds. They ran rampant—except in those fields sprayed with Simazine or Atrazine at planting time, Farmers are thanking us for recommending Simazine and Atrazine and we are glad we did. ALGONA FLOUR & FEED 28-29 Herman. Wisp and family. Rhr is a student at Upper Iowa in Fayette and was on the Dean's list for the past semester with a grade point of 37. Mrs Robert Jones, counselor and Chris and Mavis Nygaard, Linda Nowbraugh and Jackie- Fox spent July 3-9 at Camp Mct- hoji at Lake Okoboji. Mr and Mrs Lorc-n Lease and Susan of Rochester, Minn, spent several days over the 4th weekend at the parental L. L. Lease home. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Wingert returned home July 6 from Rolfe where they had spent a week with their son. Father Gerald Wingert. Mr and Mrs Bill Studer and children were Wednesday and Thursday guests in the parental Mrs Viola Studer home. Mrs E. N. Kaloplastos and children of Mankato, Minn, visited her parents, Mr and Mrs George Vitzthum, her grandmother, Mrs Ella Dnlan and other relatives. Mr and Mrs A. C. Dischar,, son and daughter moved last week to the H. E. Hemmingsen house. Mr and Mrs R. E. Newbrough and daughters, Mr and Mrs G. M. Studer and children and Mrs Viola Studer enjoyed a picnic in the Rich Reiling car port July 4. , A group of relatives enjoyed A 4th of July picnic at the Clair Hildman farm home. Mr and Mrs Gene Wolfe and daughters left Friday for their home .it Annhrim, Cal. . Mr and Mrs Hubert Bowman left Thursday for Mississippi ,to visit his mother. They had recently arrived in the States from Paris, France. Mr and Mrs Curtis Querin and Marilyn were 4th of July guests in the Francis Quinn home at West Bend. Burt News The American Legion Auxiliary will hold their July sewing meeting at the home of Luella Schenck July 13. Rev. and Mrs Fred Samek ana Cheryl Ann spent from Wednesday until Saturday at Cedar Rapids where they greeted his father, Fred Samek Sr, on his return' from a 2-month trip in Europe, which took him to the place of his birth. He also visited with members of his family he had not seen for years. Ruth Hassc R. N. is enjoying a short vacation with her folks at homo. Ruth is on the staff of University hospital, Iowa City, Mr G. H. McMullen spent sev- Fri., - July IS Frank Buhr And Ramblers Sat., - July 16 Jules Herman And His Orch. Tues.. - July 19 — 8 to 11 Rockin Flames Jack Rockufeler It Records 1 PLANTATION I I BALLROOM| H I I Whittemore, Iowa I 1 1 | Sunday, July 17 | I Don Hoy i | 1 | | Wednesday, July 20 I i"Come as you are nite"i == * : Frank' Buhr ! SUNDAY, JULY 24 \ Clem Brau ' [ SUNDAY, JULY 31 ) Guy Deleo I \ No Advance | i Booth Reservations | i Doors Ope.i at 8:30 I oral dnys t.hls past week in Rochester, going through the clinic. Mr and Mrs F. L. Tellier returned to their home this week after n month's vacation which they spent with their daughter, Sharon in Colorado, and with Mrs Tellier's brothers find sisters in California. S/Sgt. Gordon and Mrs Wcg- per and family, Belton, Mo., Mr and Mrs Vern Ban, Esthervllle. Mr and Mrs James Gefford and family, Bancroft were Fourth of July guests at the Jerry Wienor home. PRINTING Upper Des Moines Publishing Co, 111*. Call St. ALGONA phono CY 4-3533 vvw^ya*®^^ Ed Wolf Rides Again! Koast-2-Koast Ranch Owner Rides TALL IN THE SADDLE! Ed Coyote (formerly Ed Wolf), owner of the infamous Koast-2-Koast Ranch, has popped the stuffings from his crazy cork-gun and relayed orders in no uncertain terms that his ranchhands get on their doggies and present some zany action this Friday and Saturday. Coyote's trusty steed, Flatfoot (formerly Fleetfoot) is rested (minus one chunk of lead) and ready to tear up ground as Ed cuts loose with his most ridiculous self. . . IV • :.. l. i. Beware, oh nobje citizen, when coming within range of the Koast-2-Koast Ranch. Bargains are flying low and Ed's flying high: Lasso these buys, pardner. Rustling is next to legalized here. For Practical or Decorative Use -You Decide ! Closet Seats WITH COVERS! All Colors T-V Sets Large Assortment of HAND TOOLS Values To $2.49 980 Sold To The Highest Bidder •IMHMHiMH 2 Quart Water PITCHERS i Aluminum or Plastic 69* 20 Quart-Cold Pack CAHNERS si69 24 - Pint FREEZER CONTAINERS 98* Koast - 2 - Koast Ranch (Formerly Coast-To-Coast Storo)

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