The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on September 18, 1969 · 38
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · 38

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1969
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tut: f is( ivv n fi Trnirri.iv. Srptrrnbrr IS, 1) Little Eddie, Teach' Score Big 1 DICK GOUSIL'S I, I? Now 5:30 A.M.-10 A.M. on RADIO 1530 Meet Us Tonight on if The Ghost and Mr s. Muir Ntw on ABC Sno'e hounimj comedy wiih ih co"'9i-.e'0'ji gO!! ol o in copiain ont) the spiri'd '"F w wo won'l tnift Km ierio nly. Storrinq Emmy g ej Avrrd .nr Hope lnne onH Edvord Mulhcre. A s r h n n 1 1 r nrher, tnp-notr'h sincr and a six-year-old hoy went under my "mirroscope" Wednesday nisht and my reaction to the trio was favorable. My reaction to the shows had reservations. , The teacher was Lloyd Haynes, top man of Channel 12"s "Room 222" which opened its ABC-TV season. Dionne Warwick was the songstress headlining: her CBS-TV special on Channel 9. The little "Buy" was Eddie of Channel 12's "Courtship of Eddie's Father." Haynes particularly struck me and not because Chicago Daily News columnist Norman Mark described him beforehand as "an extremely intelligent man of an astounding variety of trades." Denise Nicholas, who co-stars in 222, raved to me about Haynes on a promotional stop in Cincinnati several weeks back. He showed me Wednesday that he is a cool, dramatic actor who knows how to use the facial expression to a "T." A white female student teacher and a parent foss all sorts of racial bouquets at Haynes in the kickoff ANew Season on She's Hack! Mario Thomas debuts for the fourth season as Ann Marie in Channel 12's "That Girl" at 8 p. m. today. Danny Thomas' daughter plays a young girl on her own in New York City. Daniel Boone 7:30 In Color Indians, British Redcoats, unmapped forests! Fess Parker stars; Roosevelt Grier joins the cast this season. ronside :30, In Color ,'ow does a wheelchair-bound cop eal with bad guys? By being nervier, marter! Raymond Burr is our hero. Dragnet 1970 9:30, In Color High drama as the dragnet tightens! Jack Webb plays the dogged Sgt. Friday; Harry Morgan is Officer Gannon. The Dean Martin Show 10:00 In Color Tonight's guests are Dom De Luise, Goldie Hawn, Dennis Weaver. Even our Dino's .going to try to stay awake! IN COLOR TONIGHT ON III TV RADIO STEVE HOFFMAN, Editor J. f show. His manner of smiling back without a reply had more to say than words. Karen Valentine, who plays student teacher Alice Johnson and Howard Rice, student Richie, over-acted in the opener. They played extreme characters, possibly they were too intentional. Brandon Cruz is the young star of "Courtship of Eddie's Father." Hfc lines are meant to make you melt. His appearance does, too: His hair is long with bangs and parted down the middle. When he looks up, that's enough to get father Bill Bixby to do anything the boy wants. Eddie's opening line in the show stopped me: "If you do get married, Dad, am I in on it?" questions the boy about his widowed father. At the end of the 30 minutes, Eddie compares himself better than other boys and proclaims: "I have a father who is my best friend." Miyoshl Umeki, the Japanese housekeeper, offers good comedy and constant reference to Bixby as "Mr. Eddie's Father." Bixby, by the way, was the co-star for three years of "My Favorite Martian " Two sex dolls were tossed into Wedne sday's show along with a star-struck lass who ends up doing a burlesque-type dance in Rixhy's apartment. That, to me. was like trying to mix oil and water. The warm father-son relationship got lost during those moments. Possibly, any comment on Miss Warwick's show is out-of-order since only half of the show was observed. Her voice and style were appreciated Wednesday; her dress left much to be desired. They had her attired in clothes that didn't show off Dlonne's slender frame. Her costumes were bulky, long gowns with full length sleeves. Surely, Dionne's designers vweren't trying to win her friends by the visual vehicle. Except for her high cheekbones, Miss Warwick needs all the help clothes could give her. She failed to get this support in her special. DEBBIE REYNOLDS announced Wednesday she was cancelling her "Debbie Reynolds Show" because a cigarette commercial ' was shown during Tuesday night's debut. She said it was in direct violation of her agreement with NBC-TV. Nine segments of the series have been shot. "NBC is completely mystified," said a network official. "We couldn't be more surprised." Who's kidding who? WHO SAYS only the 18 through 35 set listens to WSAI? One of the prize winners in the station's recent promotion with a shoe retailer was 76-year-old Lawrence Lodt, 719 Clinton St., Hamilton, Ohio. For his winning effort, Mr Lodt will receive a motorcycle T-shirt. MICH AEL PARKS and his "Then Came Bronson" made their debut Wednesday on Channel 5 but the star and his motorcycle are only vehicles to powerful hour-long dramas. Young Mark Lester stole the kickoff show with his portrayal of an emotionally-disturbed child who doesn't speak a line except to yell out to Bronson who finally decides to leave him in the woods alongside a lake. Jack Klugman does well as a practicing psychiatrist and Karen Huston is a cute blonde as Bronson's gal. - X ' V' ',t- ' ry dozily New Hubbv Star Dick Sargent' is Samantha's new husband on "Bewitched" which makes its sixth season premiere at 8:30 p. m. today on Channel 12. Elizabeth Montgomery is back for another season as housewife, witch and mother of a baby -wltchling in the comedy series. Thursday TV Hi-Lites TV-Radio Briefs DAVE HOWE, WCKY morning disc Jockey, hit a homer with me Wednesday morning. En route to work on a dreary 1-75 under a heavy overcast, my ears delighted at Frank Sinatra's "Love's Been Good To Me." It was so appropriate during the heavy rain and the loneliness of the moment. Hollywood couldn't have done it better. PETE MATTHEWS, former "Midnight To Dawn" host on WLW Radio, was master of ceremonies Wednesday at the dedication of Channel 54's new transmitter at Taylor Mill, Ky. In real life Manthis Manchikes, Pete is now with the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television. The Covington area transmitter, in operation sdnce September 8, is one of 12 working under the KAE. Covington schools joined the station's educational programming Monday. Some of the same National Education Television programs on WCET are carried on 54. RICHARD CAWSTON, the Englishmen who produced and directed Sunday night's CBS 90-mlnute special, "Royal Family," "zoomed" through Cincinnati last Friday on a promotional tour. He was filled with great enthusiasm over his work. "The sound is the breakthrough; nobody has ever before made a live film of the royal fimily," Cawston said. "The queen doesn't give interview so you can see the whole concept of this film Is new." Cawston, a British Broadcasting Co. TV documentary expert, spent 75 days with the queen's family during the shooting. The realization of being so near the queen often startled him. "My God, I'm sitting next to the queen!" Cawston admitted thinking to himself oftentimes. "I wouldn't have believed It a year and a AM Radio BASEBALL: Cincinnati Reds and San Diego at San Diego, WLW, 11 p. m. WKRC 550; WLW WNOP 740; WPEB WSAI 1360; WZIP 1050; WCIN 1480; WMCN 1560. FM Radio WMUB-FM 88.5;; VVGUC-FM 90.9; WZIP-FM 92.5; WAKW-FM 93.3; WSAI-FM 94.1; WCNY-FM 94.9; WQMS-FM 96.5; WORZ-FM 97.7; WAEF-FM 98.5; WMKK-FM 100; WKRC-FM 101.9; WEBN-FM 102.7; WHOH-FM 103.6; WCXL-FM 105.1; WPFB-FM 105. half ago. Would you believe she'd say, for example, 'isn't the sugar tasteless?' with me sitting nearby." For the first time ever, the 7:30 p. m. Sunday special on Channel 9 shows the royal family is human. ."They're ordinary people; if i the prince would have cut himself shaving, he would hav; bled," reasoned Cawston. 7:30 p. m., 12. GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (Color): Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare are back for another season of the tale of the young widow, the 19th century sea captain's ghost and the haunted Maine seacoast cottage. Season Premiere. 7:30 p. m., 7, ANIMAL WORLD (Color): Alaskan seals, their mystery and , charm, tonight's subject. 7:30 p. m., 5, DANIEL BOONE (Color): Johnny Appleseed's aversion to violence helps him prevent a war. between the Cherokees and Boonesborough people. Roger Miller, guest star. Season Premiere. 7:30 p. m., 48, NO HANDOUTS FOR MRS. HEDGEPETH: A careful study of poverty expressed through the thoughts, opinions and dreams of a domestic worker as she travels between her employer's plush home and her dwelling, a shack. 8 p. m., 9, 7, THE TIME OF MAN: Examination of the creation of the universe and the evolution of life on this planet, placing in historical perspective man's position on Earth and his role in nature. 8 p. m., 12, 2, THAT GIRL (Color): Fourth season opens for Ann Marie in Part I of "Mission Improbable," getting hireo by Unfit Sleepwear to spy on rival Sleeptite: 8:30 p. m 12, 2, BEWITCHED (Color): Samantha climbs a beanstalk to recover runaway daughter Tabatha as series begins its sixth season. 8:30 p. m., 5, IRONSIDE (Color): Ironside and his staff swing into action with a masquerade calculated to flush out the criminals when Mark Sanger's aunt is bilked by confidence man, Season Premiere. 9 p. m., 12, THIS IS TOM JONES (Color): Barbara Eden, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chet Atkins, Salena Jones and Rich Little, guests. (Repeat of 12869). 9:30 p. m 5, DRAGNET (Color): Two officers, a veteran and a rookie, fight for their lives from bandits' wounds while their agonized wives find little comfort in each other. Virginia Gregg, Veronica Cartwright, guest stars. 10 p. m 12, IT TAKES A THIEF (Color): Mundy becomes embroiled with various factions seeking a Russian defector. 10 p. m 48, MAUREEN FORRESTER: Celebrated Canadian contralto sings in a recital of songs by Handel, Purcell, Schumann, Brahms and Debussy. 10 p. m., 5, 2, DEAN MARTIN SHOW (Color): Comedy, dance and song offered as Dino begins his fifth season. Goldie Hawn, Dennis Weaver, Dom DeLuise, guests. Season Premiere. 4 p. m., 9, "LOST IN ALASKA" (1952). San Francisco firemen of the gay 90s go to Alaska to help their friend with his dance hall girl. 9 p. m 9, "UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE." Jack Lemmon, Carol Lynley, Dean Jones, Edie Adams. A landlord who rents only to girls has his plans upset when one of his tenants tries an experiment. I iifflllWB,w TODAV'S GUfSTSTAtS: BARRY NELSON SAL MINEO CLEVELAND AMORY Music & McKay R ft (For Night Pop!e) rj? 55 8 P.M. 1 A.M. 700; 910; WMOH 1450; WUBE WCKY 1230; 1530; 8 Today Showt Herbert Werner Marlene Yu 9 10 11 :00 :1S :30 :45 12 :00 :15 :30 :45 1 2 :00 ilS :30 :45 3 :00 :15 :30 :45 Paul Dixont Ralph Kohnen WCP0TV 2 WKRCTV WLWD WIMV ty WXIXTV 48 WCIT Capt. Kangoroot Skipper Rylef Todoy Sh'owt .apt. Kangaroo't " ' " " a ,i ! i i Gourmet Bette Rogget Concentration Hillbillies Sewingt Movie "The Flying Nun" Phil Donahue iLucyt Hillbilliej't President President Nixon Nixon H'wood Squarest " Newst News Andy Griffith! it Dick Van Dykt 50-50-Clubt Fashion Show J. Reiounier Nancy Dawn Putting vis 0nt Noon Reportf u Nick Clooneyf ten Mink Mike Douglas Doug McCluri S. Leonard J. P. Morgan 50-50 Club't Love Of Lifet Tomorrow't Gary Dunaway World Turnst Lily Tomlin MakeADeal'f Putting Me 0nt Consequencest World Turnsf Days Of Livest Splendored Thing't The Doctorst Guiding Lightt Newlyweds't Dating Gome'f Newlywedst Doctors'f Splendored Thingt Guiding Lightt 4 :00 :15 :30 :45 5 :00 :15 :30 :45 6 :00 :1S :30 :45 SEE LAPIROW BROS. FOR BEST COLOR RECEPTION! UHF - VHF FM Geld Intennii, ALLIANCE ROTATORS, Hi-(iin UHF Amplifier Ctitwrtori, Complete slick el EVERYTHING yemisii" if LAPIROW BROS. Dncounl Itelrenio IMtl.HMr.l.rftiKt MI-12IS ? HllglKllll IS CHI'llll lilt 7 oo :15 :30 45 8 00 il5 :30 :45 9 :00 :15 :30 :45 10 :00 :15 :30 :45 Andy Griffith Lucy Romper Room -Science Melody Language Roundabout II Cultural Sesame St. Dennis Menace Jeopordyt Eye Guiss't Gomer Pyle Movii "The Juggler" Another Worldt Secret Stormt General Hospitol Another World You Don't'Soy " Larry Smith " You Don t Say Edge of Night't One Lifet General Hospital' Ben Casevt ' " -I " " P. Donahue Show Movie Dark Shadows't Moch Gomef " Dr. S. Sheppard "Lost In ' " " ,. .... ' Alaska" Dennis Wholeyt Mike Douglas't Batmonf pXKT.m ' " Youngbloods Pocketful of Fun Cont. Educ. Science Roundabout II Consonants Melody Cultural I Love Lucy TV 5 Newst Clev. Amory June Wilkison Barry Nelson Sal Mineo Flintstonest McHale's Novy Eighth Man M Ultraman Once Upon A Day Misteroger's . Huntley-Brinkley Nine Newst Cronkite'i Perry Mason TV 2 Newst Huntley-Brinklev Big Newst Cronkite'f Flintstonesf Patty Duke What's New Sewing Dick Van Dyke Consequences' f News NeT Gig Newst Mn gTt Daniel Boonet John Peluso Mrs. Muirt Quarterback Animal World Beat Thi Clockf Mrs Hedaepth Club " .History "TiGirlt That Girl1? 1 Gam.Gam.l TwTt Ironsidet I Bewitched't Bewitched - what's My Unit " Movie't TomJones't Ironside Movii't "Under the " " "World, Flesh- Drognett Yum Yum Tree" " " and Devil" " a U II I Movies "World, Flesh and Devil" 11 :00 :15 :30 (45 12 :00 il5 t30 :4S Dean Martint i V 5 Newst Tonight Show'f Helen Hoyes Tiny Tim C. Robertson Robt. Downey Takes A Thiif Wash. Riviiw Dean Martin Maureen Forrester Nine Newsi MervGriffin't Eartha Kitt ill 12 Newst Joey Bishop'f Oliver Newst (Tonight't ' 1 0'Clock Niwst Perry Mason Movie "Calling Bulldog Durrmond" Garson Kanin Zsa Zsa Gobor Orson Bean London Lei Brenda Bryers u m m 'Dinotn itttwtrk irojnm. flM.tti col.r. H m

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