The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1940
Page 3
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NEWS * HOLD EVERYTHING Shaven iMice Protect Milady's Skin From 1'oispnous Concoctions .. l\ IV.M) II. i: l.nSlin .!««<• M. , ,1,;,, n , . . H. It, l.:i.|,.,t. II. l'. M,.|... a ' U7"_ rAGE'T.FRER ^A 1 ;?^^^ > : < 5 w.»i /us IO.M JS.*( "' 7 " ''" n.:t:t 2'J.IJ I; Hy BKUCi; CATTON Courier Ktwi Wisliiiigion WASHINGTON, rob. 5. _ «i x floors ami a basement, in one wing of ihe hu gl . Department of A' j ri- cu|turi> building 1-. "home" lo a small army of 'skilled laboratory teclliilcliiiis ceaselessly busy dom» things like testiiiif tyelasti dye im'd, palming .shut-en mice rafn- bmy hues, ..This Is the bshiml-Ui staff of the Food and Drug Administration. Its job is to see that new products me safe when they go on the marltr-l, an i thai they etay that way. Since June. 1MB. when most of the, provisions of tlie new pure food, di'ii" und cosmetic* law went into effect. Ihe administration has been after Ihe inaiiiifiictdiets of dangerous cosmetics, NO COSMETICS LAW IN EARLY BAYS ' When the first food and drug motifs business was n minor affair nnd the law left the government, powerless to : do anythiin; about cosmetics. But'by 1MB it hiid become tragically apparent that protection was needed: The outstanding case was that of the eyelash dyes. Some eyelash clye.s had appeared containing a drug which could and; Ih certain cases did cause blindness. Not' every' user of Hie dyes suffered blindness of course. When the dye was applied carefully, so thai none touched the eyeball, there might be no tod effects. -Also, the sensitivity of different .Wrsons to the "dvii» varied greatly. Some illicit use the dye with immunity; some Jniglit not. i' dyes became the first objective of the Food and Drug AU- iiiiulstration under ihe new law. Since the law went into effect lite administration has made 65 seizures of eyelash dyes, involv- iinX several diff /em Iro.u'u Criminal prosecutions followed MOST OFFENDERS PLEAD GUILTY One eyelash case went to trial The others resulted either in pleas of guilty or in pleas of nolo con- lenurre. . p l in ?" ,9r s,"spcatlp<l prison term'; \vere-,.imposed,'-.the 'prison terms being suspended because these were thb first prosecutions uiider H'ncw. law. ... .At the moment, the administration is confident that dangerous eyelash dyes have been driven out, of. Interstate commerce, it sus- l>ects, however', 'that 'in certain L'a'ses the offending manufacturer may-be beating the law by establishing stale agencies, each ol tfhlch would distribute the product within only oiie ".^nte. The' eyelash ; dye was not the only, typs of' cosmetic 'against .which .t.te administration took action. It 'moved against n bleach- Ing•••' cream,- popular with colored women/ which co.iluined an over- slrqhg:. incrcilry .compound 'that toXiltl- arid, sometimes tiicl t-ikc the Kklri off..::', , ii..'purged markets of lipstick:, contatnlug poisonous metallic drugs. It-took ••action against r. certain mole-remover which contained nitric nml.acetic acid.s. This preparation undeniably removed moles but unfortunately removed a good part of the adjacent skin as well. AGENTS HUNT HARMFUL COSMETICS Proceeding ajainsl a preparation of this kind Is not n simple job. Tile azent must first find- a specific shipment of the preparation, and must get the records by which he can .prove that it actually moved iu interstate commerce. . The shipment must be seized and samples analyzed. Alter Unit, the administration must compile convincing proof that the ingredient complained of is actually cinngcrous to the user. Some ol the tests made are a ittlc bizarre. There was, for instance, the lime recently when one Jabqrnlory contained a ''large number of once-white mice carefully painted in every conceivable color from bright ml and Christmas green to glaring ycll olv and modest the mice were painted because of a section of the law which became effective Jan. i. Tnls |)ro . vines that any food, drut- or cosmetic containing coal-tar" coloriii" Jimsl have government certification that the coloring matter is harmless. The administration's experts have during llic last few months tested nearly 600,003 pounds assorted coal-tar colors or color mixtures, in some cases a good way to find out if such a color will be harmless when applied cxtcr- Jially l.i to shave part of the fur off a white mouse and paint him what really keeps the laboratory experts busy, though, is a clause in the law providing that no new drug may be put into interstate commerce unless it can be proved that the drug will bo harmless if used as prescribed. The manufacturer must submit r his formula, plus clinical tests showing that it Is harmless. New incubator homes arc tried out by Alabama':; f ll;1 . ol . s «,„,„,,,„>,„,.,. |)lcl , lm , nU) fo °"" Cshmt - Clow<i£ s n "« ""* 10 Peering Pelley | Riflemen To Execute $20 Denies Dies Ties In Utah Death. Case William Dudley ['ellcy peers over his shoulder-<is Dies committee members PUR f|ursli»ns at him. lie dnnoumed as forgeries letters ihnt. had linked him to Dies. Mind Your Manners JlY MURRAY M, MOI.KH United Press Slaft" CoiTrs|iondei|t SALT LAKE CITY, Utah IUP) ^-Cn March 0, 25-ycnr-oUI John Mnrklinm Is scheduled lo walk from Ills cell in the Utah prlscu's condemned row, cross a" narrow graveled square, lake a sent against the prison's high stone wnll, facing live crack riflemen, and phy the extreme penalty for killing mi aged man in a S20 robbery. A district court jury 'convicted Mnrkhnm of first degree murder in tlie death of J. o. Smith, i:)-year- old proprietor of a lunch stand in Ihe building where the youth had been employed as n porter. The jury recommended life ' imprisonment, ihe .penalty asked , by Mnrkham's counsel, which hnd'iHl- mitted the defciKlnnt's 'guilt bill, contended his mentality'was'below normal. But Judge Oscar \V. McConk'fe over-ruled the jury's recommendation, exercising his iegiU right to do so, nnd condemned Mnrfc-' ham to be. executed by fjmulre dedal-Ing "you shall, en-'llic 9th day of March, 1040, l;o shot until you are dead. 1 ' : ' '' '. CUok'c I.cfl In Ju'dji-' ''•"" •Before passing . sentence. Me-' Conkie had jjiven ,M'.irkham his choice, under Utah's unique, cap, j • Not only did thcv i>'c» B il,,.'«,.,, Ital punishment' statute of ijdliv*' mim"- -•"•••--» '••- ' -' co: "~ crime was commuted should carry out the sentence. Until » feiv mln- ulcs befcre execiillim tiiiir, Markham will remain hi custody of Warden Owen Nebc-ker of the'stale prison. The five marksmen who aimed mlh previously imlhed rides will shield themselves behind „• nmvns -sliroiidcd door and fire at the condemned man, «ji| |,c so i cc(c , , )v Voung, Identify of the e.vcculloners will be secret, Four of the rifles will be !" n<lec ' jy" 11 »l<-«'l-Jackete<l bullels. ! ic fifth _ but ntiiL- will know wlilch-wlll be loaded onlv wllh a blank. Only a selected group of oflkial wiliicsses nnd newspapermen will be admitted 10 (he execution which will be carried out shortly' after dawn. ,. Police take Night Off And Legionnaires Serve 1.71 V/ '•'» '.'I;* v.'j.'j -• • - SUM',' 7 •> ' M *!,(,' a •< • IIKAKH AOIXTIOIl' ' •./ - 5 j ""'•" *••-•'• »•<••• .kr. ni.on -.-:::..•:•«•••*? .? ',;!!; ' : fj 'g »| ^ •:;:•:.•:-::-.-.:] j ^ $ ™» ^.^; )lii,M!N"»i:cONJD AUDITION"''" 1 -'"''•*' lii.'AitN A«U V'fiit 1 |iv\nDiTioii j!t '' '•"•'•' ' M ''l*'"l.-. ... .; i in ir, -..; ifl , , • , . I :i IK/IH , „-, ' ••- * '•'•' XIUIIUNJ) l'l,Aoi: A))I)IT10>I ' '" - - - - -. :i:i,'ioT • • • - -. V>.I2' i ^ - • - ji..i 12. la : CJ2 ll.O'i • - ' «; ?; - 11 11 •.". SECOND •- t T, iH,7U '.'.II "And now, Uhlilics, you ss'ill hear from Hunny atvtl lioo, , your very own simsliiiic girls I".. u ii., ......... •' IU 111,113 1,11. ....... . . . n ij i<; r.ii JAM»,1 AUDITION • I A ... .1'.', -J A JOI.I.Y AonirioN ...... . .1 i; >>•< iBii 'AI>UITIOH' "" - .......... in i MiUllHI AUDITION ,illl 1-411,1 i.iii'l ;i,;'|i •11:14 »i in ii,mi ' .-,;, sii])|ioso!l lo linve b:eii bml The f^lirador duck first wns amf'llifl'"'^ 1 ", 10 S( '" 1 " W ' IU 11U8 ' '-"""»»'•• 1-ennu-l' bun iml Ititle Is known uf Its nesllnu blumed for If. ralluollon ImWts. Not otic ess wns saved,' Libnulor. hnnteis 1,' ... . • ,-;. „ „ ,, iu """MoYtRtS ADDITION . ------ ni:d only u few specimens or the bird me In today. It Is Vermont hail Ihe tirst school In the world. ,,,c jlncricnn Logiomiaires; tool: over tlic prelection uf tlie ( OW1 , while regular officers went in for a little riig-L-iittlh'. to his rfeath on -the gallows or,before a firing squad. •Markham, dismayed at the, judge's disregard of the jury rec- nmnendiitton, had replied,' "f mate cnro. Just. Test you,-• knowledge of corred icage by aiisH'(-i'in« (lie lol- iwlnj; qnestlDiis. ihcj, ciiocltlii" gainst .(he .authorilalivc .•m.jft-ors 1. If a family cats breakfast early ioi:ld house gu?.!U be awaksneci i lime to eat with the Tamil'.- 1 ? 2. Sliould .'a house gne.-:t be loid «>3t he is to lake [inrl in cert-xlu activities, or should he be given a chance to say whether or not he would like lo? Is it absoluloly iree;.«.iry for a house uuest to tnke lor s«>:l afterwards) his hostess a gift? 4. fs a brcud-:\nd-bult2r note a "must"? 5. Need a hostess answer a bread-nnd-bultcr note? What would you do il-_ Von have spent a weekend with friends in tlic country. Would you— tn> Write your hostess H note a week lifter the visit telling her how much you appreciate her hospitality? <b) Write her immediatelv tell- inj her how inunh joye;l the weekend'/ Answei-s you C n- no choice—/ don't you're satisfied."' Attorneys 'said iMdrkhinn's only hope of escaping dent)! Jay with the state board of pardons, which meets Feb. 19. The board hns tlie power- of commuting the sentence to lire iu pi-tan'. Legal experts doubled that . there., was grounds for appeal from the judge's sen tfnce_or from nny action th pardon board mf|!ht lake. Mnrkhnm wns nrre.sted (lirci days afler Smith died. Nov. 38 10^9. from injuries sufl'ercd whei lie was waylaid and beaten whlli feohiB home with the lunch stand', receipts - $20 — i,, a umchbox Markham confessed strikhiB HI nlly crime 'f lw rour „,,.„ as suspects l ihcfls. but I "f l'"t ..... k,.!,. 111yil,.'vill,., A, v». N., 1 l.-in.K. I. ';ii ''•,;.;:;"' "*;. n. (,. .v W',l' ' WAUHIMU I'! l'«iir.e Hi.Hi, I \a S ,,f lllylli,.\il!,>. . 'ri1,i"'l f "'> 1 ".";' ''•''-, 1 ;" ll "K '"' .'l.'ili'ilne .m lil '.I, ,',;,-, ',"' l ' 1 ;"^ 1 '"•""'•"'« "I. !""''. 'n "^ i '" i In ,,.y OV/KJII! D1ST. No. 2 UIHT. No. 3 I.ol Dili Tax l-niiy Tax Vrllty Al.LlMOS ADDITION ''" -- - I -.-- - .- tl.nn .1.-, UAIiKOK * LILLY AUDITION - Hi A ',.. . 0, 1', I'lyiil . .an [),>i)r^>,. M. i,,., Hri \S'i A', llvlml"!'!! "-" i!" .Mr«. Illll Cal.l.. .I'.'.'.". ',',, • I.T:I VH.Ki) J.BH is,]),) . - -"'.i« 2.52 ar.o.i - .. t-.l.!!! a>,j 27.HJ).- ••- -"'.ID 2,ft.l ^7.111 - '-'l.liu 2. .in ••Tin; I'AllK ADDITION M.IU l.ll ;iHj!| '.IK n'.ail i BI.YTI1K ADDITION K?*"^;,-;*;;-!;:- ; ; •} sir.-. ],. w. HUM,,]] ivi. "1:1 '21 '"','TI •"'.',« l"" 1 "'" * °- '•• (>Hi"i '.'.''. S "S |;,'(,„ ' ,'",$ 'lt-ifi"l i i" y \-'tl<\m '"''' " ' "~ '• iin ''^"" ''' J " linl'vrl ,\ ,l' ].;' lir/tllnu .'' '" " HrlKln i llnl<|.| _ 's""'>'-i nil- lliiU,.,,,! .... l!l..'.0 l.a.'i 2.1:1 'J.ui •2:1.111 '.'.:IK 2i.:«u a. 1:1 • !.ni 12,(ill l.jlil i.'t.M i.:i: HI Bi) | -IH a a;i. 1:1 3 if .7(1 in '» . " ivith a piece of ircn pipe. In .sentencing Murklinm, the judge .snid Die case is "one in which you, as a mature man, in full possession of his faculties planned a robbery wllh intention to kill if necessary; yon watched Rii elderly man. studied his habits until you had them thoroughly in muni, then yon laid in vvnil liirc waiting for Its pray." Murder I'icturc Drawn McCorkle added, " yau wcap:n you sclcclcd would , hc 1. Not unless they have asked to 2. He should be asked ir he wonlil' murdered be. youv vlciini if lie was struck hard enough; your prey C nmo along in the darkness of the ni a j,t. ; you grabbed his money and slruck him with that ike lo. 3. No. 4. Yes 5. No. deadly man weapon; without Would BO " £0 . you any cause; you did it, coldly. The Judge then disregarded n jury's recommendation in a capital cnse for the first lime in Uirh Win War With Snakes, . " -' "J 'VbJiIlK ' »> ham: | "You have literally thrcivii .your right to live under tlic ,„«., , N our state. Tlie judgment of the Naturalist Tells Allies'™"' 1 * tlial ^ !h *" ))e cwcllt ed." | Marklintn was stunned C. cral hours and when TORONTO, Out, frjp)_ v ^ ,.„, <w(lli , „..„ „,„.„ la Keachlc. naturalist and author of prison's condemned row iu> n llrtfll* rtl-l E-HI-llnvil.- !,„ _ . . - , _ j,. . "*; the for scv- to Ihe WARNING OltDKH IN THE CHANCKRY COURT 01' CHICK ASA WB A DISTRICT MISSISSIPPJ COUNTY All-' KANSAS. Bruno' Marazliin, PJnlnllir •VS. No. -7127 Mnrle Marav.luo. Dcfcndnnl. The defeiulnnt Mnrle Murn/imi , warned, to nppcjir within thirty «ays in Ihe.court named in Ihe cnptlon hereof nnd answer the coni- I'lalnl of the plaintiff firimo Mara•/Ino. Coaled ,hls 27 «h ,h, y of ., am u,,y.! HARVEY MORRIS Clf'V ! Uy lillzabeth ISlythe, D a.' Clnude F. Cooi«r, Ally, for PHf i Percy A. Wright, Ally ad Litom | II.IIII ..Ull ~'-i.*'ii 7.;..'. |:,.on i.ftn 2fi..'ifl 'J.i'r, HI.,MI i.,,/, •JD.Iil '.'.Irj lll.ll ].,i| Ii 2S Hl.«ll l.ll'J ..Mil, .,|,i ' IIJ .l!l..'.l> l.ll.-. (i.flii ( .u,,- ;i tilt L'.'i.MH L'.f.H 111.ftO l.ilrt •I '-if. '_V..HH ^.TL.S iri.nti i.r,ii I'.I.HO I.'JH .00 i.u; 5:i.iio of two ') parole France is the principal source of skeletons used by medical students.- .-.. "Snakes could win the war for Married and Ihe fnthei the Allies and pave the lives of children, Markham was c millions of men." , flom tnc mall prison'where he Kcachie says snakes could be hncl been serving a short sejilcnrp dropped from the air at ptints iu for burglary. HLs crimlnai record the enemy's line where most troops also Included two commUmenu o were concentrated - to affect the the state Industrial school ' enemy s morale. i f - cw choosc Gt ^ But Kcachie seems to forget Since 1«55, there liavo'been 33 ibi, T'"' ml(rhl "'"' Uie persons executed In Utah s ta" a .?d Wh i « » ^ C snakc -<*«mer.s.", territory. Five have \Vhat if the Germans did nol like!tog. 28-tlie last J0 nn Dee LL Afi a " d E rom P l 'v turned'executed on Oct. 31, ,038™$£J&ft,n STJU.^* -«•••- »• "^ — | u - sn.-^,,? *• s - The 13 American airplane en- Young of Salt Lake counlv S> gAne manufacturer.!; can build w,. «.«« llw Utah kw provide, ?he 000 airplsne ct»«lnos a yoar . . \ TMrW ,,f Uie county v ,| m he' U'ARMNO „„.,...„ I^? 'HtK CHANCERY COURT Ol'' CfllCKASAWBrt DISTRICT i MISSISSIPPI COUNTY AR- ; KANSAS. Ida Hughes, Plainlifl '• ,vs. No. 7128 Esca Hughes. DefendanL Tlie defendant. Esca Hushes, is! warned to appear within"" thirty' days in the court mimed in th'" caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Ida Ilughis. Bated this 27 clay of Jan 19-10 HARVEY MOftms, Cli'iki My Elizabeth Ulythe, 1). C. Dlaiulc p. Cooper, Att3'. for I'llf. , "crcy A. Wright, Atty. ud Llleii;. WARNING OKDKIl ] N THE CHANCERY COURT Ol': CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Bendona Jones. Plaintiff vs. No. 7129 David Jones. Defendant The defendant, David Jones is arncd to appecr within thiilv ays in the court named in til'.- nption hereof and answer ihe complaint of the plaintiff, Bendcna Jones, Dated this 27 day of Jan, 19!0 HARVEY MORRIS, Clei S i)y Ellzobeth Btytlie. I) Claude K Cooper, Ally, for pi, Perr.y A. Wright, Ally ad Lileni NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service T. \V. Siiil'ili.'.'.. '"" Mi^. MUM . . Mm. hln Jinn .. Mr-.. Maul Mill, r _ ' : " ll'lf.ltil Muni,, '..'.'.'.'..'.'. llii/urJ ilil^iln "L: ,jj i 'i- 11 ;""" ------ -_^,- K .,,,ll( 47 0. 1. I'rr.vinci. • Wild- | X2 .j -, u Uiiknowi, ,. .... Jlwiii.r Wf,..«l ...".""". ,' .'J H. Vnrlm, --.".\'-"-."i"A S ill K«tcll» Slvwnr' "."!'..'."""'.".."""" ijj j!I ".'™. r Ak>ijii,l,.r ...'..'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'M ill ""•u','Z" "• '' ^ "' '-'- : " '." u " - I s •• ;|2 liLYTIIF. Ull ADDITION . K :.-, r, , , ., H.q.liM trhn'irl", "."','..' .".'_ I •• _~_~~_ ~'~ ,,|J' ELYTIIKVJL1.C LMl)it. OO. 1'IRHT ADDITION - -•--- -'•• - '"•" '•*>> >-•> ISl.yfllKVU.LK LMBK, CO. 3EOOHD AUDITION -i ,v N's :i :l .. ._ _ . :tii.-ji ;i.,,i - sli ;i \ l :i .. ... _ .. .JH..HI '» ,1, CIIIOAOO MIL'..' & LMlill. C0."2ml ADDtTION 0 " ' " CIIICIUSAWBA ADDITION ~" "" " " W 'J.'i' I !> 1I.IK1 .XI ,|..-, u lr , '•' 1 'i- . II* . i,.'.in "on li'iiii'm.*"''"' 1 '""' 1 ' ::: ""-""---""":::.» a 'ii'i'S A%:C ! ;,"£v : ii :::::::::::::::::: ,i ; --'-A. H, llnrlium * (•„ ' ' •V. K. llnrliiirii *• I',,. .".' ' ., ! "•'-' .'U 7.;i'.l M.irna.vl i,,,.v,,|| »•„!,, '; ' ld.:i« I.Ol 11,12 Kil .lnliiK.iiL I,. • " f ' -'- l!<1 ^- L| l IH.lilt l.«i, l;( .'if, Mnuil .liilinoii, iMr"""""" i 'f, ja^jj ''K ? '" p!i " I '"' J ; "'?' 1 Ui-ii' I'Ut.'i'r* ?.™..~~~~~ ',' !,' '"'"* '•"* *•"' •»•'' 'JT.'iiii- Urn Klul.vr M""' ., , '• : 7 -', u '"' '«t Iliililinri'l IlIt'.VvnT i'" K "°' ° " ''•"'' •" '-''iilS "17 10'10 A. B. l»,rl«,r,, *!•„'•• S ""' J " ''• lls •" •'••»•: ..18 nil . i" K !l"±": i c,"- ::::: "" : --"': ? i :::: ::: ,u» •;? ?^ n ' 0 ' M^I.^Vw^isr^ ^"' TI ^ ' ''''"" ' ui l " :ii ' 1 ....r. - f ,l.:;7r w rH4 i r cN i : : :.;!^.-" ^ MM. .1. K. Dillnl.iuily . ' - DI '!™!V, «... j. s. ..HI..,,,,,,,-..;::;;;;;;;-,;;;;; | .i;;; 1 ^ -,;,,!-,^ «•«?' w!i,,,,,. w , lr ,i ,;„.'... ""™ L *"_™™ SBO - 10 - lf1 -", , () '| o ' n ^"" AM.t'ii.l .*]' ^ " " "\~ -, - --, ill!,:*'} u.dl T.'i.tii) II A N«!M<II "' A ' Wl! "•'""' lUB-BWHtlOM lllIiBni.UAIl LOT l' '' "''"•'. .. II.'. 1 N fl.-lllnck s. liiyiin- AiiiHiiou. iiieiu'i. N ir, 1 r - -- ' . for ,t,"im- hniln .for . I'li'rk nf MM Cuiirl »>•: KIlMlidU IllylUv n. C. W/'lf Arinn M---'. >i..i. n;,iiinB>»orii,'>:.i. .:.;....?, i, :,,,,, ; ,, '"' ""'('rir.'l 1 '' ••--'•::>'.'•-•'-'-'-'•'-'-'•"-"-"- > l'> ".Vlii ~.!,~l •1.3 . •• . |l> If., - - . . W IS' I I HI . ., D.w.-s SCOOIID ADDITION' ~ Mr- O.llilr rr;;,,".""" W:i7'.i'ii _1 ||.IB 1.12 ,, . DAVIS TII1UD ADDITION f - A. ll,h],,M, n , , j n ,. . 0 . M ^,«^.K.An;,'V;:.-;:::.-.v..v::.v ! ;l i [^ '•" •vl''k . ,| ;i :> I ^7.1'J 5.7? 17.711 1.77 l:t.;VJ 1,^,-, .'•< r^.uii i.-jr, .11 11.71) 1.17 .11 IS.1)0 I.HG GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON I'hoiiu or Write Us Now Gco. //. McPadtlen & Hro's Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O. I!nx 218 r.rand Leader Hltlfr. Phone L'.kS :'A,!'2 I7.S2 1.7.-, 2'i.Kn 'j.r.a 1:1.8,;, 27.CI'. n I I I.B2 •I l.i) I 17.1.1 i-i.ri.'i HOHE NOW •i. i>. swiii ..''.'.'.".'.'.':.".'.'.n $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 ^ Phone 76 Y" ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest rinsing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this slate. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark.

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