The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1960
Page 11
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1 had a nice chal with Louella Baker the other day. It left me quite exhausted just listening to her activites. Of course, there is much to do in kbcping a home and yard ship-shape and acceptable to a fastidious person. It's wonderful to have the necessary vim, vigor, and vitality. She was in Tucson and California last winter. At West Covina, Calif., she visited Mr. and Mrs. George Free. Free is a pharmacist and- it seems natural that his Wife should assist him in the drug store they-have named "The Cpurtcsy Pharmacy'. • • • i I had a cute little caller the other day. Not so little by year old standards, but quite a husky little lad, who walks a little drunkcnly, I'll -admit, but very well for being less than a year old. He was brought by his grandmother Mrs. William Cook and his name is Vincent Volk. '» » • From Glenn Naudain, Rock Hill, S.C., came a sheet "The Rotary News". Glenn is- one of the directors. The paper had humorous skits, business reports and a four paragraph account of Glenn's recent sojourn in the hospital. Surgfery, but for what he didn't say. With the exception of some abdominal scars he mci^- tionerl, he will be as good as new in a short time. And during that short time he has been forbidden to drive his car. ' » * * This story contained in the sheet was so cute I had to pass it on. "A little boy making his first visit, to a large city was in the elevator of a skyscraper. They had shot upward at a breathtaking speed for 50 floors. The little fellow asked timfdly, "Daddy, does the Lord know we're coming?" '« • * • Fred Tiede, formerly of Lu- Verne, now a resident at Good Samaritan, has been visited by his daughters Mrs. Joseph Papps, of Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. John Spalding, of Midland, Mich They made the trip via motor and a very enjoyable part of the "Everything's okay at home- I called long distance'? PMC* of mind ... the happy knowledge that all is going well when those you love are far away. A long distance call brings you together for magic minutes . .. keeps you abreast of family news and plans ... gives you that priceless peace of mind you want. Whenever you travel, wherever you go, keep in touch with home by long distance telephone... the next best thing to BEING there! SAVE TIME! CoH by number, it's twice as fasf} SAVE MONEY! Caff ttation-to-ttation. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY journey was the Chesepeake and Ohio ferry. I love a ferry, too. Rode one in California from San Pedro to Terminal Isle, a short distance, and a nice long ferry ride at Houston, Tex. « ' * * Mrs. 8. E. McMahon and her great-grandson, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schmitx, and Peter is son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmitz, Storm Lake, the former Marian McMahon, have June birthdays, just a day apart. Now how is this for gen- eology? The rest of the story is that Marian and daughter Gretchen came from Storm Lake June 25, the son Maurice McMahon from Minneapolis, the same day, and all spent the weekend here. Sunday they celebrated Mrs. McMahon's eighty- eighth birthday. Mrs. McMahon is quite active for her years, has a large flower garden, does her, own housework, and drives her own car. She is mentally alert and interested in current events. Congratulations, Mrs. McMahon. and many more happy returns of the day. .• '« « Mrs. Bell Black was made great-grandmother recently when a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Don Cook at Iowa City. The infant has been named Kimberly Ruth. The maternal grandparents i are Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kain, the paternal grandparents are .Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cook. * • • I have just finished a conversation with Vaunita Rentz (Mrs. Russell R.) She said she hoped the family would be ready to take off Saturday for Crystal River, Fla., where they will visit Russell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Estel Rentz. She said their family of three, Dianne, Susan and Wayne, is pretty small compared with the traveling Louis Reillys, but like them,, they have their luggage carrier completed, and now if nothing interferes, they will be off July 2. They expect to be gone three weeks. * * * What has become of the big July Fourth celebration Algona used to have? Not that I crave one. I wouldn't go anyhow unless it was on "Main Street". But I just got into a "way back when" mood and remembered some celebrations I have attended. One at Bancroft I remember well. Zada Brunson is deceased but the other two participants (male) are in existence. I, who finished the quartet, must admit I am a has been, but it's nice to have pleasant memories. Some , dancing, a ball game, ice cream, and I might add, plentjf of 'h'eat. ^L miles of walking back and forth to and from one amusement to another. * * • • The pair of goldfish that have been passed around from room to room (except mine) decided life was no longer worth living. And I don't blame them. What i Pvt. Manser In Army Unit Sent Over To Okinawa acute attack OVCT - took Thanks for your inti-rcst. me. Doesn'l 51 make you burn a little, too. when you hear firo cracker:-; nncl you know they arc- illegal in Iowa 1 :' More evidence of adult delinquents a;ul .juvenile 1 delinquents. If the adults didn't bring them in from nc-ighbonnt. 1 states, the youth couldn't buy them. Isn't it odd that to be sneaky and out-smart the law is so appealing? So cute? * * » • On the lopic of names, which would you rather be. a Heffelfinger or a Hoopingarne.r? Yes. 1 am talking about real people with odd names. Pauline Heffelfinger, Mingo, has announced marriage plans, the bridegroom elect being Arthur Hoopirtgarner, Rolfe. Does anyone remember Max Spencer, who was a World War I veteran? I had inquiry from a Mi'. Spravers, East Des Moines. who came to West Bend July 4 and then on up here to try and find this war buddy. I referred him to Stewart McFaddcn. Later Esther Benson said there was a Spencer family here years ago who lived in the south east part of town. RETIRED L. T. Dillon of Northwood re •ccntly retired as an optometrist after practicing the profession for 56 years. He received hK diploma from Bradley Potvtt'ch nic institute in 1904. He alsc built a town clock which has stood in front of his place of business in Northwood for more than half a century. •• Tuesday, July 12, 1960 Algeria (la.) Upper DM KICKED Little Dcbra Joa'nn Wendling of Manchester suffered facial kicked by a cow. The lot wa walking behind the cows as her parents were milking and was bruises recently when she was kicked in the face. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain . f. (Sp*H.l) _ f or the first time science has found » new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching,.and relieve pain - without surgery. In case after case, whfle (rentljr relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results wer« M thorough that iuffereri mad* astonishing statements lfk« " have ceased to be a problem I" The secret is * new healing'- ttance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of • world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in tuppotitory or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back CuaranU*. •m*». v. g. fat. oc f rif* "fr Local information center ...always just ahead ! Standard OH Dealers say. Highway or by-way, a man ahead is ready and eager to help solve your travel problems. He's your Standard Oil Dealer who ' says "As you travel—ask us." Can't find a local address? A place to eat or sleep? Ask at Standard. He even has a free state-wide, sight-seeing guidebook for you, Along with finest service, top-quality Standard products, clean restrooms. Depend on that local information center, your Standard Oil Dealer, who says "As you travel—ask us." AS YOU TRAVEL ASK US ^u sxp&st more from Standard tndyou gg iff STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Army Pvt. Gerald E. Manser, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Manser, Route 1, Algona, la., tecently departed from the U.S. for Okinawa with other personnel from the 2d Airborne Battle Group, 503d Infantry. The 503d. formerly assigned to the 82d Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. N.C., will become part of the 25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Pacific's strategic reserve force. Manser, a radio operator in the infantry's Company C, entered the Army in October 1959 and completed basic training at Fort Riley, Kan. He is a 1959 graduate of Algona High School. ALL LEAD TO EAST END GROCERY future has a goldfish? » * » It's nice to have grandchildren as an excuse to attend circuses. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves, their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Dick McGinnis and tots Suzanne, Michael and Janette went to Mason City Thursday to see the Shrine circus. In spite of "39 years" I'd like to see a good circus too. I am always interested in the trapeze acts and the wire walking stunts. « * * I was so happy to meet Mrs. Floyd Wilcox, Corona, Calif., Thursday afternoon for she and her husband are close friends of my cousin Carl Henderson and, 'his late wife, Fay. I was sorry to learn Fay had died June 2. She was such a nice little woman whom I met in 1939 while on a visit at Pomona. Carl is overseer of a large ranch at Corona. Mrs. Wilcox was brought here to see me by Mrs. Emma Crouch whom they were visiting. * * . * Mrs. Everett Barr and Mrs. Twillah Bartholomew should get together and compare notes. Both are suffering from "remodelitis" and from experience, I is an acute disease. The complete cure comes when the last bit of plaster dust has been washed away, the smell of paint and varnish has evaporated, and the rugs, furniture, pictures and curtains are % back in their proper places. 'Tis then one breathes a sigh of complete satisfaction and plans are made to have, the friends in for coffee to see what has been accomplished. * * * Meda Redfield, Des Moines, called me the other day and asked if I knew what had become of Nellie Graham. I haven't the slightest idea and my last recollection of her was when we were in. eighth grade. I- don't remember her features too well, but her beautiful dark brown curly hair remains in rriy 'mind. She and Nina Roney (Mrs. Jess Baker) were close friends. «'«••» • It was a wonderful weekend ,the members of a card club recently enjoyed .at Beeds Lake, Hampton, and participating were Mr. and Mrs. George Balluff, Mr. and Mrs. Don Jorgenson, Mr. and Mrs Howard Smith and the respective families, all numbering 14 persons. Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mino were unable to be with them. The only casualty was when the air leaked in George Balluffs mattress leaving him on hard ground. .This is a popular resort and'500 were registered when this party was there. They 'really went do luxe with sleeping bags and air mattresses. * •* * More news of 1924,— Over 400 guests attended the butlenriak- ers' banquet at the floral hall. Severe wind and rain storm damaged fields of grain. (1960 isn't too bad I guess. Nature is up tu her old tricks.) July is an important month in the Ed Hagg family. The daughter Dorothy (Mrs. Bob Tolsdorf) of Esthcrvijle was born July 2, the other daughter Lenora (Mrs. Hugh Black) has July 6 as her anniversary, Ed was Born July 'lit July 4 is the. day cljosen to honor these, birthdays. SONNY *«ir$ KIDIKIUS IT! EAST SIDE - WEST SIDE - ALL AROUND THE TOWN - SPESHULS ! BUT THE R-E-A-L-L-Y BIG SPECIALS ARE AT EAST END GROCERY in fit Wiont CY 4-3372 JQIUM In *n§w»r to tfyOM who have questipned end for those who might'wander, I did not have arthritis till I had been graduated from high Khool four 'years. J danced, and hiked and had a ry time till a very budden Not a single cracked egg since Chevy took over the route That '60 Fleetside pickup you see takes wliatever kind of road comes along, and makes about 250 stops a day delivering eggs house to house for Mr. Harry Hansen of Missoula, Montana. "With my previous truck," Mr. Hansen writes, "I always had some cracked eggs. Cargo damage always cut into my profits. But the 'new Chevy eliminated that problem completely. 1 haven't had one cracked egg with my new truck and I've had up to a ton of eggs in it without any difficulty. ... I didn't know a truck could ride so nice." Chevy rides nice, aH right: takes good care of fragile cargoes. Bui that's not even the lialf of it Torsion-spring suspension ' also means longer life for U*e truck, extra thousands qf v working miles, because the sheet me to] and body components take less • • of' Ai beatiwg. YoU can run .off-tbe-ruad .or. .over back trails at faster safe speeds, too; get in more trips a day, make more money. THose facts are as true of the big Chevrolet heavyweights as they are of the pickups. Any model you name. .Get one on your Job and you've got the world's'most efficient, most economical way to haul any load over any road..Your dealer will be happy to trove that ttatement any day you cay. 4 "I'm getting close to 20 miles to the gallon* Mr. Hansen states, "and tlwt's on stap-wd* go delivery* WORTH MORE BECAUSE TIIEV WORK MORE! CHEVROLET STURDI Bill TRUCKS Set your local authorized Chevrolet dealer _ .., KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY SOUTH HALL AIOONA.IOWA

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