Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on August 8, 1917 · Page 5
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1917
Page 5
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„** .**'"**. ' * '^ \ i#>T^ J ^'?S^^^4?%^fl<" '"? ' r , = v ,r'f " *' '<•'' 4 % ' • <• j ' ' a J > u .x i -'•^•zp'aiKpftggW fr=vsw£»* NEWS. X AM IN.fAVOrt Of* H&AR YOU SP&Nt A t 4Nv» } . WHGN YOU YOU ONfe Ofa TH& REUNION OF . i SHUEYCLAN ., AUGUST 13 Will Be Held In Philip ;• Boeshore's Pretty ,Grove BOYS BAND THERE Contests and Games for Young and Old f Arranged All arrangements are completed /or the Fifth annual re-union of tho Shuey family which will be held on Wednesday August 13, In Philip Boeshore's grove, situated along the road leading from Jonestown to Bordnersvllle, in Union township, about 2 .1-2 miles northwest of Jonestown. Re,v. I>. B. Shuey, of Ohio, and Edwin L. Shuey, of Dayton, Ohio, will he among the principle speakers Music by Boys Band A musical program has been arranged to / be furnished by the Boys Band, ot West Lebanon, assisted by different members of the Shuey clan. Competitive contests and games for young and old will be one of the features of the day, and everyone is cordially Invited to attend. Conveyances will meet trains at Jonestown. The Committee The committee of arrangements Includes the following officers: Ed- Ward Shuey, president; Harvey Shuey, vice-president; E. E. S,huey, secretery; and Jacob L Shuey, treasurer. COAL CENTER IN FRANCE IS BED BY THE GERMANS (Special to News by United Press, i London, Aug. 8.—An air of expectancy for big things on both land and sea prevailed in London today. Slowly, but surely, the grip on Lens, the great coal center of France held by the Germans, is tightening. The Canadians are now astride the Lens-Bethune road, and within striking distance of the positions In which the enemy will make his last stand to hold the present line. The official silence regarding operations in Flanders during the past 24 hours is regarded as probably holding greatest significance. In the meantime, speculation has STRAND Booking Through the Stanley Booking Co., Philadelphia. The House For Those \V1»Q Care TODAY CHAS. BAY, in THE PINCH HJTTER Also FORD STERLING, in HER TORPEDOED LOVE g Heels of Laughg "" been revived In London ftsto whether tho German fleet may not be plan* n'lng another sally Into the North Sea, Frequent appearance of small German vessels from their bases are being reported. British ecout ships and aeroplanes have brought In word of sighting these warships, though no actual engagements have been' reported. The Flanders battle Is following the course of the usual British offensive—a violent attack, then a period given Over to consolidation and new preparation, followed by a renewed assault. GERMAN SPY PLOT REVEALED AT BUENOS AIRES BY CHARLES P. STEWART, (United Press Staff Correspondent). Buenos Aires, Aug. 8.—An extensive German spy,plot, as a result of which ship sailings and other information has been revealed, was discovered by the foreign office here today* The miscarriage of a letter Intended for the head of the espionage organization led to the discovery of the plot. The letter fell into the hands of the foreign office. An Investigation Is understood to have revealed extended organization of the espionage system. Numerous suspects are under surveillance of the police today. No arrests have yet been made, however, owing to doubt as to whether the Argentine laws make Infliction of penalties for such offenses possible. Despite thie, It is believed the government will find some means of suppressing the spies. THEATRE NEWS AT THE HIP Wednesday and Thursday-^Woman Without Heart on Background of Bin —Her part In "The Siren" Is that ot an adventuress who goes to death through act of man whose life she ruined—The life of an absolutely unscrupulous woman is portrayed In William Fox's, latest photo-play, "The Siren," In which Valeska Suratt plays the leading part. She Is an unredeemed woman, who "goes to her death steeped in the sin which has characterized her life. Her name is Vivian Courtney, though, five years earlier, she h^s adopted the name of Cherry Mlllard, and is known only by that designation. She has made the change after ridding her life, as she thinks, of 4 man known only as The Stranger (Curtis Benton). He has come hotn* unexpectedly one night, and found another man (Armand Kalisz) with Vivian. • At The Strand of the finest photo-Slays produced by Triangle wai sljown. fpf the first time at the Strand today with the popular young stir Chariot R4y In the Plnoh Hitter, a ba,»e ball Ptory that Is over flowing with JOT showing New Yor^ Giants In action find tho famous ball grounds. With' this feature Ford Sterling the of comedians in a rip roaring reel keystone coinedy Her ed Love, one ot the funniest pto wa in » Jw« time, thif wj}l b e |ft?wn today mjVu By Mayor, Council Members, and City Hall Officiate RECENT1?? WEDDED For Several Years Stenographer In City Clerk's Office Mrs. Lillian Shucker Steely, who hag been employed for several years as stenographer In the City Clerk's office at Clly Hall, and who was recently married to Stephen R. Steely, a mewbe/ of Company H, wae this morning presented wibh a beautiful chest of silver by Mayor • Spang, memibers o< City Council, and the officials of City Hall. Although the ceremony was performed about ten dayg ago, th« presentation of the gift was deferred until a desired chest of silver could be ordered. Highly Appreciated City Clerk Sharp made bhe presentation this morning, wlthofft any formality of any kind and It was received with manifestations of sin" cere appreciation by the young bride. KINGDON GOULD HAS CLAIMED EXEMPTION (Special to News by United Press.) New York, Aug. 8.—"I'm not a. bloated bondholder. I have to be very careful about the outlay of every dollar," Bald Kingdon Gould today, In defense of his filing fornr.ii application for draft exemption on the ground that his wife is dependent. 'I filled in that application because that was the only way to leave a loophole In case I couldn't arrange my affairs so as to take care of my wife," aald the grandson of Jay Gould. .Asked if he thought a rich man owed more to his country than a poor man, Gould said: From his puree, yes, of his blood, no." Editorially, the New York World today enumerated the list of corporations Kingdon GoUld Is connected with ana contrasted his plea for Exemption with that of an Bastai'de immigrant. "What different word shall fit the case," concludes the editorial, "when he -who, on the face ot the record, Is the slacker happens to be a son of George Gould and a grandson of Jay Gould " THE SCORE BOARD BY H. C. HAMILTON United Press Staff Correspondent New York, Aug. 8.—Whether the New York Giants are going to smash right along through the National (League from now on and nin into the -world's series out with a big lead to spare, depends today (entirely upon the St. Louis Cardinals. The 6t. (Louisiana tackle the Giants In a series that begins* this afternoon in the Missouri City. Since leaving New York July 2fi and opening a series in Chicago, the Giants have taade the going hard for the trailing club*. Aided by a series }n Cincinnati, the Giants shook off the Reds. The Cardinals, at the same time, have lost some ground, whili the.Phillies have -won back into second place. The Giants have won 9 and lost 4 game,s BO far on their trip, while the Cardinals have had an even break on fourteen contests. They •will have to play better baseball If they expect to stay In the flghtingl.- The Phillies are now eleven and a h*Jf games behind the Giants, dm thfe Cardinals are still a game in the rear of the Phils. Ther.e is no reason to expect the supernatural from the St. Louis club, but jf It can take <a full series from the, Qtanto, the National League race -will be a whole lot more interesting and profitable. "The heart bowed /lown" is the personal property today of tae Whtfe So*. Ribbed up for a mighty ascent itt averages through en- coiinter's with the Athletics, they were, forced to watch the despised Mackmen pound a star pitcher off the 9|ab and win a game by a tremendous score. At the same time, tfce Re<} 6ox were winning, so today the leaders stand just two and a half games ahead of Boston. Homers (by mily PIpp and Frank Bajjejr Wjprjrplently ill themselves to Take No Chances in Tire Buying Th»r« U fuk In a thane*—trat not whoa 7011 bwy a tir* of known quality-—of known endurance. United Stotti Tire* —all fivo of U.MO, 'Royml Con*/ 'Nobby,' •Chain,' 'Utcot' 'Plain, 1 —are tire* of known, 4«uiMMtral«d and pr»r«4 t«rrtce MM! endurance. —tho mal|e of lire* that co«U lets p«r mil* .today than any •th«r make of tire—now or arer. Proof—the conlUtent and perttttent year-by-y«ar, month-by* month sales increases of United Staff* Tire*. Your experience, too, will profe their quality. United States Tires Are'Good Tires A Tire for Every Need of Price and V*e •Royal Cord" 'Nobby 1 'Chain' L 'l/wto* * 'Htdtf I/nttcd 5(o(e. TI/085 and T7AK ACCESSORIES llave All Uie Sterling WottH and Waar that Make United Stattt Tint Supnmt* A Complete Stock of United States Tires Carried By U. S. TIRE COMPANY 48 North Eighth Street Reading, Pa. Colored Giants Beat Myerstown At Hershey Park At Hershey park, on Tuesday afternoon, the Lebanon Colored Glante added another victory to their credit In downing- the Mrerstown team by the score of 7 to 1 In the presence of a large crowd of Myerstown picnickers. Plin- nlnR. to accomplish the defeat of the Giants, who hod twice before defeated them, the Myerstowii boys secured the services of t,efty Cn|iora.l and Johftny Zlnn, of the local Bethlehem steel leagrue. Whatever chance Caporal would have had of defeating the (Slants, was spoiled by the execrable aupport given him. The Giants played a strong gam» afl*M and at bat. Ooff pitched slrons ball and Clay mnde two great running catches of foul balls. Hushand, Weeks and Russell also showed up* strong. The Giants have secured the Herahey team for the Saturday afternoon attraction on the Lebanon fair grounds, play starting- at three o'clock. Score: Lebanon Giants R. H. O. A. 13. Clay. 3h, .............. 0 Goff, p.,- ............... 1 Weeks, sa. ............. 1 Husband. lh., .......... 3 Russell, 2h ............. 0 C. Gates, cf ............ 0 J. Gates, If ............ 0 Forman, rf., Smith, c. 1 3 2 0 3 3 3 12 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 7 Totals .............. ~7 II 27 Myervtown A. O. R. H. O. 1 5 A. B. ? 1 0 Newton, cf. 0 0 1 Mtohn, 2b ,.. 0 0 2' Spangler, 3b 1 0 1 0 1 Zlnn, If 0 0 3 1 0 Zlnn, If 0 0 3 1 o Tvehman, a«. n 0 2 2 t Caporal, p 0 1 0 1 0 flmoyer, o 0 0 7 1 0 Smith, lb., 0 2 I" n 1 Uhrlch, rf 0 0 1 0 0 Totals 1 3 27 6 7 Lobanon Giants . 09120102 1—7 Myerstown 00100000 0—1 •fcarned runs—Lebanon Giants. 6; Mverstown, 0. Two-base hits—'Weeks, Goft, Smith. Three base hits—nussel, Weeks .Sacrifice hit—C. Gates. Double •plays—Clay to Weeks to Husband. Stolen bases—Husband, Weeks, Goff, Smith. Struck out—by Goff. 8: by Caporal, 6. Left on bases—Lebanon Giant*, 10; Myerstown, 11. First base on called balls—Caporal, 1; GofT. J.-Hit by pitcher—'Spangler. Wild pitches—Geff, 1; Caporgl. 2. Pased balls—Smoyer, 2; Smith, 4. Time 2:H. Umpire—Batdorff. 6|lehrate4 with four safe drives out ol five tries. .but they were good ?°r *or6 funs tban the Browns' seven. Keystones Break Winning Streak of First Warders The winning- etreak of the First Ward quoltlng club was broken last night when they met the Keystones, on the latter's grounds and suffered a defeat by the arore of 407 to 330, a margin of 77 points. This is the first time thin season that the Keystones defeated the Flrfet Warders and the game was lively and full of 'pel 1 from the beginning. Frlck. of the Keystones, was high scorer for the evep^ng with. 81 points. The line-up and «por$ follows: AlOBBIOAJf Yesterday'* Results Athletics, 8; Chicago, I. New York, 7; Detroit, 1. Washington, 3; St. Lois, 2. Boston, 8; Cleveland, t. ITaTIONAl LBAaUB 7<sterday's Results New York, 4; Cincinnati, 2. St. Louis-Brooklyn not scheduled. Other games postponed, rain. INTBBNATIONAL 1EAOUB Yesterday's Result* Toronto, 3; Providence, 1. Baltimore, 8; 'Rochester, 2. nlehmomi, 4; Buffalo, 3. Montreal, 4; Newark, 3 (14 innings) AKEBXCAH XiEAOTO Today's Games St. Louis at Philadelphia, Cleveland at New York. Chicago at Washington. Detroit at Boston. XATXOlTAb lEAOTTB Today's Oams* Phillies at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Chicago Mow York at St. Louis. Boston at Cincinnati (2 frames) INTBRWATIOHAIi UBAOUB *•••!. Today'* Hachester at Baltimore, Montreal at Newark. Buffalo at Richmond Toronto at Providence. BTAMDIHO or THB OLtTBB Y. M. C. A. Defeated The Colored Giants Lebanon Y. M. C. A. b&seballers made It two straight victories by .defeating tho colored slants on Saturday by the score of H to 9. Moore and Chadwlck hit hard for the winners, while Weeks, Russell and Husband, were tho loaera heaviest atlckers. Y. M. C. A. will play Myeratown at Myorstown on Saturday, and a great contest Is looked for. The local boys are desirous of arranging games with any amateur teams In the county, nnd also with Horahey, Ephrata and Kltzabethtown. Communications addressed to Earl H. Schrelber at the \. M. C. A. will receive prompt attention. The llna-up an<l score of Saturday's game follows; AMEEIOAM Chicago ................... --? 6 ,J Boston .................... 61 39 Cleveland ................. 56 50 Detroit ................... N «» New York ............. • ... 52 48 Washington ............... 45 57 Athletics .................. 37 61 SJ. I,ouls ....... ...... ..... 38 66 P.C, < .639 .810 .528 .0*4 .520 !377 Wlntyen. M 1 1 3 Clemens, r f * J } ° Holly, 3b., 1 12 M'oore, lb 2 3 12 SchreLber, 2b. 2 2 2 Chodwlck, cf., 2 3 X 1 Zimmerman, ss., 1 1 0 1 228 Senders, c., 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 1 0 2 2 1 yost, p. 2 3 0 1 0 Totals ............... 14 16 217 10 4 Ola-nts Lyons, 2b., Gates, If. Weeks, c. Husband, lb., ,. Russell, p., S3., Vaugn, P-. 68., . Fprman, 8b., .. • Brown, cf., Whttted, rf., ... H. 0. 2 2 1 2 2 4 2 14 2 2 0 0 1 3 0 0 W. L. P.C, New York 62 31 («6J Phillies 50 42 .544 St. Louis B? *7 •°3J Cincinnati 5562 .511 Chicago 61 62 ,49$ Brooklyn « <3 .W Boston 41 63 .43$ Pittsburgh 8167 .31(1 isAova W. L, J»f. providence «i \\ ;|9? Newark §« <? :B88 Baltimore «3 46 .683 Toronto 6246 .52.9 Rochester }Mf -*68 Buffalo <6 «t Richmond ................. 42 61 Montreal .480 •40| 67 .380 Seventh Ward Lost To Fifth Warder* Keystone B. \Vajrner . Auchenbach f. Weflt? .. Frlcic ,.';,.. 3,:; Went* Hollinger l8t Half 31 2nd Half 36 36 33 29 "782 27 48 je 26 |6 Fifth Ward quolters, on their .. , grounds, last evening, defeated the Seventh Ward hurlers by the acore of 400 to 217. Lentz, of the Fifth Warders, •yna high scorer for the evening with 78 points. The line-up and score follows: rlftti wwrd . 1st 2nd Half Half Lengle J4 7 Auchenbach 41 18 Arnold 36 39 F. Sllke ....; 40 86 Lentz •• 88 8? a. eitko •... 38 st Totals ,(,,.......,., 225 176 Wood .. Schoener cheJb • eJsWe JClpunel iS i? A. E. 2 ! 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 Totils ..,, 9 10 27 8 4 Two base hits—Holly, Chadwlok Mqore. Schrelber, Russel, Weeks. Hua band. Three base hits—Moore, Chadwlck We?ke, Huasel. Husband. Strike outs- Yost, 8; Vaugn, 3. Bases on balls— Yost, J; Vaugn. 1. _ LETTERS GRANTED Peputy Register Hoke haa granted letters of administration on tha estate of the la~t e Azer Smeyne, of this city, to Morris Bmeyne. E. D. Siegrist, eaq., is attorney for the estate. Special Excursion TO GETTYSBURG Special Train Sunday, August AMERICA 725,000 MEN UNDER Does Not Include EitH^I Marine Corps or "X Sailors * TO CALL FOR MORI; Service Demanded-! From All Who Can »• Be Spared Washington, Aug. 8.-— Pt&ro$t "• Marsha] General Crowder Aftd old assistants are at work ott the flflftl sot of regulations to be profflttlgftt* od this week to complete the orgaa- zatlon of the selective draft attny* They will govern' actual mobUuatloii of the men selected. ' ; > Statements Issued on Tuesday toy .ho war department show that pire- imlnary figures place the total force' of national guard taken toto the fftd*.^ oral service August 5, at 13,08a offt- -^ cers and 410,834 men. An0" statement showed that 180,76ft .. — „ volunteers have been recruited lor-. the regular service since April eavlng only about 2000 vacAS n the regulars at war strength. _ These figures men that apj mately 725,000 men are now' army, exclusive of the navy attd, tf«^|i rlne corps, to be supplemented^ ' in the next few weeks by """" raised under the (elective d Of the latter number about will compose the third great elato'ent^ of the war army, and the remoj! will go to flll up the regulars the guard and their reserves. The mobilization regulations" show how the drafted men are to ,b assigned. Already the war depari ment has received countless appllca- §j Lions from men certain to be ealtedV'% In the first increment of 'the- draft^ Forces tor assignment to some par* E tlcular arm or branch of the aer- ;•? vice. . , t f-f Where a man has been summoned,; by his local board for physical',oft-<„ amina'tlon, no method exists whereby J? tie may enlist' in the regulars , an,df have his, service count on the home, quota. It is probable, however, tlj some effort will be made .to me the wishes of the drafted regard as far as possible are mobilized. The war department haa over recruiting .for the national guar'dl as well as the regulars, the entire^ guard having now become a, pact,; •the army of the United States;i{i having no connection with * J states. ;_-:>,, ' Tuesday's statement lay? the fact that the country •\ the men It can get who can.ba spar at home. " • MORB1SON—SHOWERS Rev. i. Calvin Fisher, pastor 'o Mark's Reformed chur«b» on- flay evening, at the parsonage. formed the .ceremony uniting'"'' marriage Miss Mtnnio M, daughter of John Showers, GullfOrd street, and^Monr aon, a drayman, son, of son. of the Exchange hotel;, •"' TRANSFERS ' Milton HersbJberger, to iBrlghtbill, jot on Church av the First ward, CwMidera.tJ.OB, - ' * SEASHORE Atlantic City " ^ Ocean City.. Corsons Inlet Sea Isle City Stone Harbor Wildwood t OP ? Cape May SIXTEEN DAY TICKETS Good Going on Any Train SATURDAYS, August 18, Sept, I PROM Hershey «• •« .....•(>•«•«•• i AimvUle « «'t •' •«1»| Stations Trip Fare Norrletown (DeKalb 8t.) 12-00 Phoenlxville 2.00 Royersford ... , . 2.00 PottBtovn .. St.. Round Special Train Leave* 2.00 1.75 Avon. • • Myerstown UicJilaud t One Day Seashore Excursions Sunday, Aug. 19 :%?• r T'^i FROM Annville Cleona . Lebanon Avon FARB »«»«ite,u:

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