The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1960
Page 11
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Red face department. Sorry — 1 Knve Andrew Hanson, San Pninet.sco, n wife by saying Mr. md Mrs. Andrew Hanson recently attended a family picnic held fit the Harley Hanson's. Andrew is n bachelor. * * * Mrs. Waller Adams called me the other day to tell me Mrs. .Katherine Dot-go is her aunt. She also informed me Mrs. Dorge is home from Fairmont, Minn. She has been hospitalized for a broken hip. • * • • Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hutzell were married 33 yetfrs ago, June 22. I asked Mabel if they were going to celebrate it in any particular . way. "Yes," she replied. She was serving an extra good dinner that evening, the menu so tempting I fairly drooled. » » » I saw "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and having recently read 'Act One," I saw David Niven's viewpoint. Enroute home Velma and I stopped at the O. B. Laings to see the lawn ornament Mrs. Gilles had found so amusing and quite taken with. It is a donkey and cart of flowers, a cute little follow 1 . Now, with an elephant across the' walk, the picture will be complete. The stop was profitable, for besides having a chat with Mrs. Laing, she gave me two lovely yellow roses, two white beauties, Mrs. Lindquist has some very beautiful roses, too. in the garden just a few yards You Know? that a five-year course becomes universal in 1960 in the 76 recognized schools and colleges of .pharmacy • . t with numerous future graduates becoming 'spe- . cialists* in certain phases of the apothecary's art SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST ... HIS KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO HEALTH RUSK DRUG Phone CY 4-2349 Algona, Iowa PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS from my west window. Then 1 might mention Iho lovely bouquet the Glim Honeys brought the other day. Huge, delicately colored peonies and syrioga. There is another name, but 1 am not too versed in flowers — but they arc lovely white blossoms, sort of orange' blossoms and quite fragrant. • * • _ Mrs. L. E. Linnan and Bernie a'rc back from Corla Gables, Fla., and made the trip from there to Chicago via jet and from one airport l.o the other by whirlybird. There was a bit of confusion caused by the pilot's strike, and delays, but not enough to be upsetting. Prom Coral Gables to Chicago the frying time was'2 1 /.. hours. », . * Beginning July 15, or there abouts, the Ortons will have a jolly time. The son Donald and children Connie and Michael will arrive from Cave Junction, Ore. Eileen (Mrs. Donald) is at Bemidji, Minn., and will have completed some studies. The family will pick her up there. Then Mr. and Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. Clark Orion's brother-in-law and sister, will be here from Brazil, Ind. A cousin Wayne Driver will be here from Eugene, Ore. Doesn't it sound like fun? • * * It's quite a job competing with the Louis Reillys who have a family of 13 children and who have had quite a bit of publicity lately due to their trip west. But the Don McGuircs arc to be congratulated, too, for they have a fine family composed of Janet, Patsy, Kathy, Betty, Susie, Dannie, Tim and Terry. Terry is the latest, addition and was born June 11. • * • Other July visitors will be at the Henry Guderians. • Henry's brother-in-law and. sister Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson, Sue Helen and Jimmie are expected July 1 from Seattle, Wash. They will also visit the brother Milo at Minneapolis. PLANTATION BALLROOM Whittemore, Iowa We dpn'l like our summer cold weather and here is a quote? from a rc'cenl letter from my cousin Molvin Henderson, associated with the 'Old Baldy Citrus Association • (Sunkisl) at Upland, Calif. "We have boon wishing that the heat would hit the mid west and east so that we could have a few good lemon sales. This morning on order came in from Hoxie at Mason City. Also have some buyers at Cedar Rapids,' * * * When 1 know of families of four girls and no boys, I always think of my favorite book "Little Women" with it's Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy., Algona had it's little women in the John Caughlin family, Agatha, Ivadel, Drusilla and Mecla. Like Beth, Meda died when quite young. Ivadel is Mrs. Alvin Karr, of'LeMars, Drusilla is Mrs. Don Mertz, of Grand Island, Neb., and 'Agatha is Mrs. Andrew Hansen. The women and their husbands were present at the wedding'June 18 at Oakland, of the Karr's son 'Robert and Rosemary Fehr. * * * Another, interesting. Get-together was June 23 when a group of schoolmates had dinner together and an evening of reminiscing. Mr. and Mrs. George Baicr were here from Salina, Kan. visiting relatives. Mrs. Baier is the former Mamie Harrison, who will be well-remembered along with her parents the late Mr. and "Mrs. William Harrison. The group consisted of • Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. George Baicr, Mr. and Mrs Andrew Hansen, Mr and Mrs. Marc Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schenck and Stewart McFadden. . T * * Mrs. Albin Spongberg told me her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thompson, of Des Moines are on a tour of Florida for a couple of weeks. Doesn't that .sound interesting? * ' * * While on the topic of having seen a movie, the first in a .good many weeks because . of bad weather at the times . I wanted to go, I want to ad, there is no T.V. show that can take the place of a movie. When I get that million dollar check from "Mr. An'thony" I'm going to have my own theatre area and projection room. ..... • ; , ;* , * » MATINEE DAILY AT 2:00 E. M. "Kidnapped ' Wednesday and Thursday .-—7:.159:40 "Wild JUver". Friday and Saturday 7:15—9:2.0 Special Kiddies Matinee Saturday Cartoons al 2 P.M. Abbott arid Coslello "Lost In Alaska" —2:45 "The Greatest Show On Earth" Sunday— I:00-.'i:4f> — 6:35-9:25 Monday—"The Greatest Show On Earth" 7:00-<):4f> Porgy And Bess Tuesday-Wednesday - Thursday — 7:00-9:33. Tuesday Matinee Only. Circus Cartoon Carnival at 1 and 3 P.M. STARTING WEDNESDAY AT THE ALGONA THEATRE SPECIAL TUESDAY, JUNE 28 The Nation's No. 1 Old Time Band The 6 Fat Dutchmen SUNDAY, JULY 3 Marv Reedstrom = No Advance | Booth Reservations I Doors Ope.i at 8:30 iliiillllllllllllHIIIIIIinHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi^ SPEAKING: THE GIRLS ALWAYS LIKE TO COME TO OUR HOUSE I Because We Move ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING You can .be comfortable in your home, too. Your electrical dealer can show you the new refrigerated air conditioners that will cool a large or small space for you. The new attractive .air conditioners are less expensive and more efficient than ever before. You can keep cool on an operating cost of only a few cent* a day with Algona's low electrical rates. Algona Municipal Utilities hnrrl snrfnrrcl raids they lind) Mr. find Mrs. A. L. Hist and Emily left for trip on west roast. Peter KrpoldinK dropped dead at. ball game in St.. Joe. NOTES OF SERVICE MEN FORT BELVOIR. VA Army Pvt. Robert P. Lichler, son of Mr and Mrs Joseph G. Lichter, AI/Huia, completed the nine-week equipment maintenance course June 10 at The Engineer School, Fort Bolvoir, Va. Lichter was trained to perform maintenance on construction ("quirSmenl such .as tractors, grad- ers. and rrnnr shovMr,. He enterfd the Army last January and received basic train- inR at Fort Ord, Cal. The 18-year-old soldier is n 1059 graduate of St. Cecelia's high school. KARLSRUHE, GERMANY — Kenneth J. Hcldorfor. son of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Heldorfer, Route 2, Bancroft, Iowa, recently was promoted to specialist five in Germany where he is a member of the 25th Artillery. Specialist Heldorfer, a surveyor in the artillery's Battery B in Karlsruhe, entered the Army in October 1958, received basic- training at Fort Carson, Colo. and arrived overseas the following March. The 24-year-old soldier is a 1954 graduate of St. Johns High School and was employed b.v Bancroft Co-op Creamery Co.. before; entering the Army. Tuesday, July 5, 1960 Algona (lo.) Upper DM Molnt*-3 DEATH TRAP! James Mac-Arthur as young David Balfbur has one hair-breadth escape from danger after the other when he sets forth to claim'his fortune in Walt Disney's Technicolor version of "Kidnapped." , Alas — , my (pampered ivis were showered • With dirt' 'this morning. I never dreamed dirt would, sjft: 'through above the' ledge -where;. they ait, ;bjiil haa;vy blows - from the carpenter; -a-hd' a shower of fine sand and dirt fell on the plahts. I sent an' S.O.S. to Mrs. Fisch and she is roing to- pick them up, take .them home with her and give them a bath. 'I was mistaken. It was a pink violet she gave me to keep the purple one company, not white as I reported. I am anxiously awaiting some blossoms. * * * Mrs. Hilda GronwaH has been visited the past two weeks by her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ebel, of Brooklyn, N.Y. It has been 10 years since they have seen each other. Back in 1950 Mrs. Gronwall made a visit to her . homeland, Sweden, and visited her relatives in Brooklyn at the time. * * * There is a lovely spot I never knew existed till Glen and Ruth Raney took Mrs. -Gilles a'nd me for a ride Sunday evening. It' is just my ideal of a picnic spot, shady woods, a pretty river and a dam. It's a good fishing spot, so Glen said, and whe"n we got there, sure enough, there were a few fishermen. They must haye had much stamina though, for the mosquitoes were there in flocks. We closed the car windows but couldn't hold out against them for long as it was a sultry day. But we drank in the beauty in large gulps. The drive back was hasty as the car had gone a bit tempermental and Glen thought it wise to get closer to civilization. Once on Vie highway, the car hummed along smoothly and normally. Must have thought the area too rustic to suit it's modernity. It's a perfect place for that much toated "bread, wine and Thou under the boughs," All we could think of was fried chicken and root beer, Mrs. Martha Adams was recently 'visited by her cousin Frank Deoring and his wife, of Los Angeles. When he came to the door, Mrs. Adams was' prepared to give him the brush off thinking he was an agent. And it is no wonder she did not recognize him; it has been 62 years since they have seen each other. Mr. Deoring is a mechanic. His father was the late August Deoring antj ran a foundry near tlie Northwestern depot years ag9-.., . * * - * The family of Mrs. Sarah Smith is practically falling apart. She has been visited by her daughters Mrs. Harry Kranz. Lockport, 111., and Mrs. Vivian Olson, Wellington, 111. Mrs. Kranz expects to have surgery when she returns home , Mrs. Olson is on crutches having suffered a broken leg some time ago and June 26, another daughter, Royetta (Mrs. Lloyd Steinman) fell from the back porch, suffered a broken left arm and cracked ribs. Mrs. Olson's fall was from an unrailed. porch too, and Mrs. Smith advises them to have railings put up at once. * * * More July 1924 items — over 10,000 people attended the program July Fourth. Supt. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer and June Adelo' made an automobile tour in the east. (Wonder how much FRI-JULY 8 Orlie Workman And Sunset Play Boys SAT-JULY 9 Charlie Trussell And The Airliners TUES-JULY 11 Eddie Randall 8 to 11 • Teens THURS-JULY 14 LES BROWN And His Band Of Renown Featuring Butch Stone Adm. $1.87 plus tax Total $2.00 POULTRY FEEDERS Are High Feeding Costs Discouraging You? Let Us Show You Now To Make Hotter Grower I Layer Rations For Loss Money! For More Egg Profits - See Us Today. "In Our 36th Year Of Building Better Feeds" RISING'S MILL & ELEVATOR ALGONA, IOWA JUST TELLING FINANCIAL TROUBLES TO HIS BANKER I WAS ALWAYS A SAVING MAN.J iW^K' 26-27 YOUR VISION- is God's most precious gift . . . ana, your optometrist is a member of thai only profession dedicated exclusively to the cara of your vision. Call at his office regularly for a complete vision check-up. He knows best what' lenses or training your eyes might require. When glasses are needed, your optometrist will help you select a style of frame with just the right , ' shape, color, and decor to help you look your . best ... or he may recommend contact lenses. Your Optometrist is a Vision Specialist Have Him Check Your Eyes Every Year Published in the interest of better vision by AMERICAN VISION INSTITUTE ME'S SMART — BECAUSE A BANKER IS ONE OF THE BEST QUALIFIED PERSONS TO ADVISE ON FINANCIAL MATTERS THEY'RE SO FRIENDLY , AND HELPFUL. E. Locust Box 963 Des Momes 4, Iowa We Are 'Financial Doctors' Are you taking full advantage of all the financial services this bank has to offer? Do you desire advice on financial problems? That's what we're here for •— ready to serve you.with sound advice and assistance. Financial advice is just one of our many bank services. Come in any time. ' 4 SECURITY STATE BANK "The Friendly Bank" ALGONA, IOWA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. A PLEDGE This Pledge-From The Proud and Happy New Owners Of "Tfie BIG VOICE" Is A Valid Promise To The People Of North Central Iowa And Southwestern Minnesota That As Of This Date, KLGA Will Be Operated With- a willingness to become part of this community; to participate in community events; to broadcast the news of Community happenings, 1 and to contribute free time to community projects! an awareness of craftsmanship; the employment of specialized skills in producing radio programs that please and satisfy! ,, ' the same advertising rates available to all advertisers; No "double-billing"; no "under-the-counter" discounts! a philosophy of co-operation with advertisers: to give more than the letter of the contract and to make immediate and positive adjustments for anything that isn't just exactly right! If You Measure Your Local Radio Station By These Standards, We Believe You'll Be As Proud Of The New KLGA As We Are Proud To Be A Part Of This Community! KLGA-Always Happy to Serve in Emergencies: A bad snow storm .. . school busses can't go through . . . school will be closed! Call KLGA! A sick boy at the Hospital needs a rare type of blood quick. His life depends upon finding a donor with the right type of blood! Call KLGA! A purse has been lost ... the loser needs help quickly! Call KLGA! A little girl has strayed away from her home ... the Mother is anxious! Call KLGA! A farm home is on fire ... the owners are in town shopping ... the children's whereabouts is not known! Call K L G A I Your Club Meeting has been cancelled due to sickness among your membership! Call KLGA! Your organiiation needs help in raising its quota for Cancer Research! Call KLGA! There's • death in the family . . . a relative can't be located! Call K L G A I (Of course, there's no charge for these services. We're happy to serve you ANYTIME) ALGONA—K L G A—EMMETSBURG 1600 ON EVERY DIAL WITH 5,000 WATTS OF POWER Robert A. Wiltoi - QM. M|r. Phoie OYprsss «47e

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