Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 9, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
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-••.I. THE LOGANSPORT JOURNAL VOL- XXL LOGANSPORT INDIANA, WEDE^DAy:MORNIN(& ? SEPTEMBER 9.1896. NO- 216. By Persistent Effort. Is success achieved. No shutting off here. The public are always ready to buy if the prices are right. No month in. the round year holds as many Bargain Surprises for you as this month. Note offering's for the next few weeks and prove by investigation that we state facts. Muslin Underwear Today We offer choice of 100 muslin Gowns Empire effects, Embroidery fronts and sleeves, worth 76c for . . 49 c Lot 2 places before you muslin Gowns, button fronts, embroidery trimmed and well made, worth 98 cents for .... 63c Lot 3 is the Greatest Bargain we have yet offered. A cambric Gown, empire style, embroidery front and square neck, full sizes and well make worth $1.35 lor 69c The Steamer That brought Li Hung Chang; landed many Dress Goods Novelties for iks. We open today choice of 60 pieces All Wool Novelty Dress Goods for Fall and Winter All the most stylish effects 40 inches wide, worth 98c for 68c W1LER & WISE. EDITOE8 OF OHIO. The ^Republican Association! Assembles at Oanton, . Letter from Whitelaw Reid Read- Texas Republicans Hold Their . State Convention. Canton, 0., Sept. S.—The JJepoblican Editorial association, of Ohio, rnet;in. the Elks hall at 10:30 Tuesday morning.' The venerable John Hopley, of Bueyrus,' presided. Canton was flxfd upon for the,meeting. place of the association for th'e'.ireason that it is the home of'the presidential candidate, supported by ths editors ofitl^e association and in order that.aifortaal call might bo mada upon : : ' - 409 amUii Broadway. 306 Fourth 5+reel. OUR FALL WOOLENS ARRIVED. This Fall there are many new departures from the old run of patterns, and we have them all. We will show you this season the Largest, Host Stylish Most Attractive and EXCLUSIVE line of Woolens in the city. Early selections gives you the cream of the stock. : Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3H flarket Street. on Granite Ware. See Our Prices 4 QUART SAUCE PAN 6 QUART SAUCE PAN • • : • • • 8 QUART SAUCE PAN. 10 QUART SAUCE PAN 12 QUART SAUCE PAN • • 6 QUART MILK PAN 4 QUART COFFEE POT 5 PINT TEA POT NO. 28 WASH PAN • NO, 30 WASH PAN CUSPIDORS . 25c 35c 40c . 50c , 65c 15c BOc 85c 20c 25c 29» T.J. FLAN1GAN, 310 flarketStreet Logansport A Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Speciai-Low rates on heaters during the months of August and September. IBB6S: PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co.; The well-Knowa Sp^lalists oJ N«w TorK lave appointed D. A. H AUK as ageat tor their Wletmitea Spectacles and Eye 61asM», everj pair gnnrauteed, ' , D..A."HATjk his o>ra?let» aisjt:nuat aal.liivltanall Batlstyrtliemielves of the' groat superiority ot these goods over any Manbftiitnred, st the store of D^ A: HAWK, Bole agent for Loginspottlad. ' ' • -•••• /. "' N<OP«ddleM Supplied. hln:u- ; .i\:b6ut; two-thirds of the licanj.eSl-fors of Ohio were present, Amorig'.tlieVinore prominent on?s were Col. William S. Cappeller, of the Mansfield iSfetys: S. S. Knabenslnie, Toledo Blade;-"'.Ji H.- Babbits, of the Springfield 'TJmes-Eepublic; E. IS. Alderman,' of the. Marietta Register; Col. R. B. Brown, of Zanesville; J. M- Ickes, of the Xewaric Tribune; S. S. McCl'ire, of Columbus,' mid H. P. Boydcu, of Cincinnati.- . ; When it was announced by Col. Brown that he had a letter from White]:! w JU-iil. of t-he New York Tribune, there was an outburst of cheers. The road"r was frequently interrupted by applause and at the close of the reading Uon.'J. M.. Ickes moved a vote of thanks, be given Mr, Ecid and it was unanimously carried. • ''" • In this letter, nfter greetings and :i comment on "having had the four years in clover, which our friends, tho enemy, promised us in 1SQ2," nnd a review.,of the present situation, Whitelaw Itied goes on Lo say that'"he hopes.thc'Ohio editors will deal with this matter in straightforward fashion mid call' u; spade n. spade." He follow.; with advice: ns to the'manner of conducting tbe etli- torinl work.during the campaign and. closes as follows: - - - • ' '• ' "And ret neither the editor:) r.or .the^ prcat orators of the party are making this • campaign. The plain pooplt !n their homes -arc thinking it out Cor themselves, liven tho best speeches are not those made'on ,, the stump. : They are •corning from the | porch of a little, ttvo-.-Uory wpoden oott.ifrc In Cantor.: and they make us as proud, In this crisis, of our leafier us- we are of our cause," Mr.H'.I'.Boyclen.a well-known Cincin »ati man, -read a carefully prepared address, the theme of which was tin- revolt against value, Inw, order aiu' civilization in the declarations of the Chicago piatform. He commenced by quoting from President I-inrrJeon the statement inade in 1SD2, that so high a degree'of prosperity and so general a diffusion of the comforts of life were never before, enjoyed by any people. He described the elements which make up our high state of civilization, quoted •Mulball's declaration- that the United States was supreme among the nations of the earth in wealth producing capacity, extolled the reign of law arid t he loyalty to order in this country and 'then.sho\yed>uw the Chicago platform 'anil its supporters propose to -attack the ideas o'f values, law and order which- are' at the base of our civilization* by proposing .to pack the supreme court, repudiate obligations, public and private, and by attacking President Cleveland for enforcing the laws. Mr. Boyden's remarks were heard with deep interest and he was frequently applauded. ' Letters of regret were received from Gov. Busbnell, Horace White, of JN T ew York, Robert P. Porter and C. L, Kurtz, chairman of the republican state committee and Ohio member of the republican national committee. The afternoon session was given over to the address of Charles Emory Smith. There was a large audience assembled in t£e: hall'. Mr. Smith was warmly "gramme: On tbe evening special trains *rlU. be run frbm.eye'ry city and town within, 300 miles. " ' i ' . • ; Gen. Hl»ok Decline* to Ran. Chicago, Sept. 8.—Gen. Black, who was nominated for governor by the gold :democrnts at the Battery "D" convention,' formally declined Tuesday. A committee of gold democrats composed of C. A.'Ewlng, state chairman: A, C. Babcouk, nominee for liotiteuiuit gov- eronr, and J. T. Hoblitt, of Lincoln, called on Gen. Black nt his office in the Monadnock and labored strenuously with him for an hour to induce him to accept, but to no purpose. : "Sound Money" DomocrntN Withdraw. -.-• Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. S.—.James M. Braden, of Washington, candidate for .coDgrefisman-at-large, and James Den, ton Hancock, candidate for elector-at- large, have filed notices of withdrawal at the office of the secretary of the common wealth. Tliey nre both active "sound inoney" democrats. Tho Election In Ark;inn:m. '' , Little" Kock,.Ark.; S.-pt. S.—According .'to'.the latest coui:i. Col. Dun W. Jones, .democrat, was elected governor by a majority .of ,15,000. This claim is disputed by the republicans who piace tha figure ill. "5,000; The ticket, elected waj as follows.: '•Q,6,vonior, Dan W. Jonea, I^ulaaki county; spcrut.vy. of state, Alex C. Hull, Boone; Rttorney-Koneral. F. B. Klr.sworthy, CKrka; auditor, "Clny Sioan, Lawrence: treasurer,. Ransom Gulley, iK.-ird; stats Iiind- commissioner. J. F. Rltt'ile, Juft'er- YELLOW FEVEE. Spanish Soldiers' Deadliest Foe in Cuba Getting in Its Work. Malignancy of the Disease creases and the Death List Grow* Larger, In- Washington, Sept. 8.—The malignancy of yellow fever in Cub:i is increasing" with the advance of tho season and the disease iu lunbst'.d'readfu! type is now playing havoc w-'ith'ffhe unacclimated Spanish troops, according" tf special reports received from the sanitary inspectors o£ the United States marine hospital service. Thesc-show 71 deaths in Havana for the week ending August 27, 51 o£ these being" in the military hospital, at vyhich 122 new cases were under treatment, 22 in Matfinxas, the same number in Santiago, 25 at Sngua la Grande, with JOO'new cases and similar conditions in all othqr.sections where the Spanish forces are massed. The inspector at.Havana, in a special report, says the fever'is badly epidemic and is increasing" among civilians there. At Santiago, Col.' .-Yallerpin, of the Spanish engineers, died'August 23. after an illness of only -IS hours, which thrf United Slates inspecior declares very HVDIANA NEWS. Told In Briof by Dlspatohas from Various Localities. d- commissioner. J. 1 F. Rlti'ile, Juffer- „„..,...,,i ;., v pllou- fruw Thp disease f superintendent of education, .Tvmius «»«*«•» '<i >« ' ou »'«• ine Oisease . _ .,.. _ . , . ,, , hno'iTonitiii'.iii.lfrttnd (• ?r*ttttf> '•* i c' !~i rt <\ f\r null,, c,u]>t:l IJILUIIUI 11L WL I. u utJiLllut Ji oulllu.T Jordan, Jenlersoiv; commissioncii- o( agri- 'cii-lt-iire, W. 3. Vlncnhcllcr, Washington; .chief Justice', H: G. Burn, Ou'ichita: a». spcjiUe justice, S, I'. Hughes, Pujaski. ..'All stiite, district, coun-ty and township, officers -were voted for, iu-.-luding onerhalf of the state senators :;nd 100 members of the popular brunch of the .legislature. This legislature will elect •a ; successor' to Senator James K. Jones wbo.-will have no opposition in his party. White county, the birthplace of the :populists, has gone democratic, while Newton, .Searcy and Madison hav* rolled up their .usual republican majorities )"or legislative nnd erninty 'offices. ...In Little Rock'the license qncstio'n was the .ch.ief question :.nnd- tbe. liquor jjien won •thp.;Cigy..bj:a- large majority. Debs Sj)eak«-ttt I«rjo Hn.utc. ' greeted. 1 •;• i.., Republicans ot Texa«. FoVi/Wpfaii, Tex., Sept. 8.—The republic/in ifl-ate convention was called to order^ ,'a ; t i$i>n. It is the largest state convent$n)i( l ihe republicans have ever held iii'TesaJB. The indications are that' there wlH^be'a fight overtfoe temporary offlcers'Of ithc convention between John Grant, ST.'< W. Cuney, C, M. Ferguson and others,'."Gin--.'the-matter of fusion with populists the sentiment is overwhelm- 1 ' ingly in -favor of it if a fair deal can be : had. The convention will be in session 1 two days.' A state ticket will probably' not be'nominated. - 1 '; 1 Republican League Convention. Eri£J£a., Sept. 8.—Beautiful'autuinn; weather-marked the first day of-''the republican league convention proceedings. The delegations; are. coming in from all parts of tie state. -.", ... ....;.:. Manloy XlffOru on Maine. ,' ^ v Atigusta,.Me. 1 , 'Sept) 8, r ^TheVep 1 ljbiJ'c 1 - nii/slate" committee has completed its third canvass, of the state! anil Chair- mah Manley.haB"g*lven' a'su'nj'inary'o'f the.reault to a reporter.. :He soya :•-,;-" ; •"We-wlll get from 78;000 to 80,000 votes of the republican party. We do not count on B "total,vote of. more than 140,000, .which would be about 7,000 less than the riutnbilr; thrown In the :preat -greenback 'year, of 1880. We count tho combined opposition to tlio v republican ticket at'60,000; that is, we say tho democratic vote may be'60.000, thiis allowing ourselves a sate margin of from 18,000'to 20,090 votes as the'numbcr by which wa shall-win." ' ' '•• '. .... -. Mr. Motley said-he-dW not figure 6a"j the gold democrats and that it was impossible to tell how they would vote.... Palmer- Bnokner Notification.', . Louisville, Ey., Sept. S.—The notification of Palmer aud"Buckner'will take- place at the Auditorium'at 7:30 o'clock Saturday night. The committee on arrangements is now at work on the nro- day. celebration bere..was fhe'lnrgesr, 1 botli in'"ihe;'par'adc-'and_-tin 1 'attendance. at ttie fanvgrauhds, on record.. President t>ebs v ."of'"the Anierican-'R.i'ihray unjon,! presided at the meeting ah< spoke briefly to an audience which re ceived biin-with grentappln-jse.. Thorn as J. Morgan, of Chicago, was fbespenk ( [,. nl j \vimi er of the day and spoke at length along ^Ljodored the lines of socialism. '''•;•: . • • " '• • , • ^ Senator Toller Tailed at Morrlnon, 111. i.Ill., Sept. S. —Senator Henrj , ., . . J[. Teller.delivercd his first speech of the campaign,;-in. this place Monday in tho city courthouse yqrd from n platform erexsteclijYbr the" pin"'poKD',""-'Hc., had an nbpnt S.tiOO. Ipersons. Hi y.;davotnd- : tp if j .marKP, ; w«re.'yniciiy.uuvon:u-;iu ur^iiij the.pl^iJnB.of'.fr.ee. coinage, nnS ndvisin; his lienrers to vote for Brynn, The sena tor is'to speak in Grand Rapids. Mich, '.tomorrow. LITTLE BOY KILLED. Shot Dead In • Chicago . by a Follccmun't Ballot Intended for u "Tough." .Chicago, Sept. S.—Jarces Linebart, _ little boy five years old, was killed Monday afternoon in front of his home by h.'bullet'fired by Officer John Maloney 150 feet away. Maloney had arrested a couple of tough* for disorderly conduct. Companions of the prisoners attempted to .liberate them and handled the officer roughly. It was during the flght.that the shooting occurred, and a bullet intended for a man named Eugene Sullivan went wild of its mark and killed the little fellow playing on the sidewalk inany .yards away. Senator Voorheen 1 .' Health Restored. ', Washington, Sept. S.—James Paxton VobrlVees, a son of Senator Voorhees, of Indiana,'said Tuesday that the reports fro'm' Terre. Haute .that-the senator's health WB& rapidly failing are without foundation.,. His physician is authority for the statement from Mackinac, where the senator has been sumjneriDg, that the senator is now restored and is prepared to take an active part in the campaign J7i Indiana. ••;.-•;i ; Himirlnj{ In Novo : Scotl». , '.Djgby', 1 N. S'.,'Sept. S.—Peter D. Wheelr er. was banged here at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday jnorning. Wheeler's crime \vas one of themost horrible murders ever perpetrated in Xoya Scotia.. He confessed that'ilui killed 'Annie Kempton between e'levEii: and one .'o'clock at night, after she'^iad made a'desperate ntteinpt to save --hrerself from assault. • ia;.-Failure' »V Ferrysoariri O. Clevciabdi : 0:;'Sept..S.—A'-Special .'to the. jjress Jroto' BowlingGreen, D:, says: • 1 '-'-- 1 —- " ' Schleck.,j;dea ; ler jiiv agricultuv al J'lnplements at Perrysburg, made un assigjiajient.Tuesday morning. The li 1 abil iticsj'. will; exeeed'|he; assets .bj; abo u t '•$3,000. ;.;A credit business'is'the cause. ; . L To'ijiodb Boat to Bo LttunchoU. .. 'u, 1 Se'pt-e.'^Tiie 1 .navy. dc-. s been iiotifiedthat'torpcdo 1 . 1 will be launched nt Herre- 'yards :Wednesday. The vessel: WilTt'e'mporari.ly bear.nc name, bat will, •b« JcriSivn as No. C uutu Secretary Her- i - : bert''rQt'urjis^ from abroad. . ... ,. ; ^aiilttn Troops Oidcf»a to Botrent, Rome.«Sept. S.^Geii. Baldiszera, com-' .the'](Dalian, forces, in.' Africa, ordered to.re turn toMassowah, at'pnce : ''.iii':cdnSfiquence of the'activity, of ^fngMen'elek', who with a large army' A'Wssinians is resuming warlike "operates..., has ;ilso spread to the Fi-onch island of Martinique, according to ^ consular report. The consular agent at MaKnnillo, Cuba, reports yellow fever tin-re, but says disease statistics are neither published norrecorded in office there, since the revolution broke out. A FATHER'S REVENGE. Atect* HU Invalid DAu$hter'.i Uotrayer x.n<l Kill* Him. Richmond, \'a., .Sepl. JJ.~A terrible Imgedy was enacted eurly Monday night on I'road street, the principal re- inil business thoroughfare of tbe city, .lames 1C; \Vinimer;'-«ged 4C, a native of \Vythe county, aud a blncUsmith working at th'e Uichmoud locomotive works, stabbed and NiHed'S. l<. 'I'hafhcimer, SOD of Charles Thalheimer. :i well-known 'licjunr ineix-haot. 'The cnuse of the homicide w.iSi the .alleged betrayal of Wimmer's parti:ill>".psrajyzeddaughter' by young Thalheinifer. Wimmer, who uiis -hunting for Thalln'.imer, ^ame up with.lii.m on the -sii-eei,.caught hold! of" him.'.-ind aftijr'stabbing him.'i'n. three' [.•laces, 'threw h'irh' 1 'off.' Tlialbeimer wivlkrd about haifli'bloc'k aii'd then fell Wimmer sought a policeman and ;(':;..* Hob FlRht at Andi'ruon. Anderson, Ind., Sept. 8.—The state celebration of Labor day in this city closed Monday night with a mob fight that looked most threatening for a time. One thousand infuriateii'men on one side and seven officers ou the other were the odds. Jack Flority, a Muncie glass worker, became intoxicated and looked for trouble. He broke in several windows on tbe east side of the square. Patrolmen Parish and Pritehard attempted to arrest him, but he knocked both of them down and held them captives. Capt. Coburn nnd two more officers cnnie up to make the arresf, but a mob "o£ 1,000 men closed around fhem and jnado nil kinds of demons:rations, threats going so far as to directly use force. The situation was gettingalarm- ing!y serious "when Sheriff Sturr and another officer arrived. TI3 pushed hia way in. ordered the officers to form a hollow square and draw weapons. They did as ordered nnd holding the mob they at last got their man behind the bars. The mob followed to the jail, and made all r;ortsof threats, bnL finally dispersed. Warner Murder Trial Culled. La Porte, Ind., Sept. S.—The trial of Edward Waruer for killing- bis brother- in-law, Ulysses K. I3adger, aud attempting lo kill Charles K. Badger began to-day in the Whitley circuit court. Twelve years ago Warner married Misa Kieauor Badger. Five years ago Wa^ n er went to California. Iri time bis wito married again. Two years ;igo Mrs. Warner's father died, and when the will was probated it was found that the . daughter's share had been left to'the children of the second marriage, those of the first having been disinherited. 'VVaruer heard of this discrimination, against his children and returned. Ulysses nud Charles Badger were at work .in a field adjoining a heavy forest, in which Warner concealed himself, and nt an opportune time he opened'fire on the brothers. ' ' • The plea of the defense is insanity, nnd there is a strong array of legal talent on both s-iles. ' ' Cznr V.'tC'iaenrtc'n'H Vhnni liattle." Berlin'. S'opt.'S.—Tlie'enipuror nnd the - royOl'gueSfs left Goerl'itz at 7':30 o'clock Tuesday morning. ; Thc^ party were driven in carring*S"to'.;Ra<JJj)enTJS, north of Loban, where (.he ; y.'mounted horses, unrl tlic emperor,, with Lord Beresford oa one side 61 him and I.ord LoDsdale 'on "th'e other, witnessed" the military maneuvers jnd mock battle'from'the Kittlitz' heights. The first coming to- gether'of the, opposing forces was the 'advance of the Saxon -cavalry, division, which was brought to a standstill at unon by.the Prussian cavalry, supported by the Fifth Army corps, under Gen.. Coun' Von Wahid-see,' whose headquarters were located at Weissenberg. 1 '" Shot Dunne .». Urwnkeu Nashville, Tcnh., Sept. S,—Tom Cox a .young white man.was shot-and totally wounded by Poljccnuin T. M. Krwin on 1 tbe bridge near'.the square Monday evening. Cox .and three others were driving across the bridge when one o' them fell ont. They were'intoxicated and the ofticer picked the man up and assisted him into^ine vehicle. He attempted to lead f>jie.'. bo'rso across the bridge when tbfinifiifc objected.' A free fight ensued.-in the'.'cQiirse of .which the policeman s-iiot Cox. ; , jjle hims>'lf-was shot in the leg and severely beaten with stick's, but will recover.' Old Firm Forced to AaMffn. Philadelphia, Sept. 8.—After occupying a-high position among the lenders of the trade"'for nearly -10"years, the Lock-wood Manufacturing company manufacturer* ot'foldiiig boxes, enve lopes.and lags, haii/made an assignment The liabilities and assets are not yet tabulated, Thu company is incorporated with $100,000 capital, and it was regarded as a close corporation. In the past it has done a' very.large business, but of late collections-have been dull and business has' 'fallen/off. DnprcHiion Cftji«™ a Failure. Holidaysbuvg. Pa., Sept. S, —JohnA. Canan.'<fc" Co.. of Altdona, the largest lumber ni«3 builders' supplies firm in central-Pennsylvania, assigned to M. H.- Canan,-for-the benefit of creditors, Tuesday Jiiorning. .Executions for.$2<V 000 were' issued "by the sherirt.' The lio- bilities'of record' aggregate$50,000. 'The existing business depressiob caused the failure.' '"'. <'• .''.''.' •' jeklonny Cou»e« » Crime, Eureka, 'Kan., Sept.'S.—Harry Webster; son of 'a prominent merchant at Severy, during a At, of jealousy Monday night shot and fatally -wounded a Misa Roberts, of that .place, with whom he liad been keeping company. Miss Boberts' condition is 'considPred serious. Officers are searching for Webster. Threaten to Burn a Town. Springfield,' .Ky. v |ept. S.—The citi- : _jn's of this place a^e'-badly frightennd over the' threat of li'mbb to burn the;own i£ .in^^^ftenipts-to arrest them. Two buildings h'av.e.bjj.en. burned. B^iei- ness is practically suspended and armed men are patrollinx.the streets. Can Hotter Than n Knife. Princeton, hid.. Sept, S.—A few nights ago thieves entered tb<? store of .T. Cameron Mnrtin at Somcrville. this county. and carried away :i lot of goods. Mar tin finally landed the guilty parties in ., jail. John Kirkpotrick. s?id to be a 'friend of tb'e alleged thieves, met-Martia on his 1 return home from this;cit,v:-and, • it-is said.,started for him with'a.krjife. Martin drew a revolver and sent-a bullet through his body. ICirkpatfirrk will probably die. Martin came here to surrender, but as there has been no warrant issued he has not yet been arrested; Race Prejndlce. Muncie, Ind., Sept. S.—Bishop Arnett, of Wilberforce university, was a very angry man after tbe receipt of a telegram here from Galveston. Tex., to the effect that his .daughter, the wife of Prof. W. J. Mason, of Galveston, had been ejected from a Pullman car en the Iron Mountain railroad Saturday while en route home to visit her father at Xeni'a. 0. The bishop says he purchased her an interstate ticket and lis will prosecute the company. Tbe cause was color prejudice.- I>l«d at Her Mother** Funeral. Anderson, Ind., Sept. 8.—Mrs. Margaret Catber, one of the oldest ladies in this county, died last Friday while shopping. , At her funeral Monday Mrs. Bel! Gather Elliot, of Winamac, one of her daughters, rode in a closed cab_to nnd from the graveyard. As she -was leaving the cab, after returning home. Flic dropped from the step and before she could be tnken into the house was dead... Altart Despoiled Dy Thlevei.- Vincennes, Ind., Sept. S.—Burglar* entered the St. Xavier cathedral and tha St. John's German Catholic church, carried off the silver challices and Other sacred property from the altar, broke open the contribution boxes and carried nwav the contents, the value of which i» not known. Diphtheria Reported Epidemic. Portland, Tnd., Sept. 8.—Diphtheria is epidemic at IJedkey, this couury. there being 40 cases of'the dread disease and BIX deaths already. Dr. Jay, secretary 01" the county board of health, has tele- gr.-inhcrl Prof. Hurley, secretary of the state board. • . Mantle Wln« tho Prize. -- And«son. Ind,. Sept. S.—At the annual meeting of the Indiana State-Labor dn.v officers Monday, night Muncie, was 'seiectei! '.as I he place for next year'3 celebration. Final vote: Indianapolis, 31; Muncie, 34; Elwood dropped out. . Charged with Counterfeiting. Princeton, Ind., Sept. S.—Gabriel Mouser. of East- Mount Carmel, Ind., was brought to this city Monday evening, under arrest on the charge ot counterfeiting silver dollars. It is claimed he lins done .1 thriving business. Merchant*. 1 La Porte, Ind,. Sept. S.— Clossef Bros., general merchants at Kiogsburj-, this county, assigned to J, Vene Dorland. The assets are ?2,SOp; liabilities, $3,500. Inability to'oollttct^accaunts is. said...to 'hnveicrtirsed the trouble. Sl> • ;'. Washington. 'Sept. S.— Attorney Gen^ eral'.IIarinon has rc-turnefl from hisr«.« cation' and resumed his dut.'es at thedir> partment oi justice.

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