The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1960 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1960
Page 13
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Seneca 4-H Club Has Annual Tour Of Pro|eds Seneca — beneca Progressive Farmers 4*H club held its annual club tour Jun6 13. James Bergum showed pigs, Donald Hanhlsch, sheep; ' Tim. Streucker, baby beef, Tom • Streucker, rabbits; Kenneth Beaver, baby beef; Ver- nort Wilberg, baby beef, and Lowell Mueller,'dairy, heifer. At' the Lyle Efigla'nd home, Marx exhibited/6' baby beef and Roger and ' Richard showed - sheep. Loren Menz showed a market litter'j ^ Craig Jensen had sheep; Rodney Jensen ,a baby beef as did Jamie, Jensen and Larry Johanhesen.. Following the. tour the group met at the Jamie Jensen home Where a picnic dinner was enjoyed. ' Accompaning the group were the' leaders, ( Raymond Bergums, and Roger Jensens, also The Charles Beavers,; Henry Wll- bergs, Roy Jensens and Bob Johnson,' County Youth Extension Associate. Vernon jWilberg and James Bergum were" dele> gates to the 4 1 H camp at Clear Lake. „ Mr. and ,Mrs. Carroll. Charlson and Gregory» of Gruver, Mrs. Max' Qtie'stad and boys were recent dinner guests at.'the Henry Wilbergg, Recent cajlers at the Charles Beavers included Mr. Beavers brother/and family, the Howard Beavers from Wallingford, and Mr. Edwin and Clarence Juhl from Estheryllle. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilberg Raymond, .Jerry and Bob attended a family gathering held at Fairmont. Lois Wilberg spent the weekend with her college roommate Sandra Schultz at Lester Prairie Minn. Visitors at the Charles Beaven this past week included a nep' hew and three daughters, Mr. and Mrs. David Pullen of Midway City, California. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beavers and Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. i * Virgil Gardner and'SOhrliJfc *hdifwfc e*Mt$ all of which tffe'tb Mrs. Clifford Httntley >Bftd 'MKbe paid out of the proceeds re' and Mrs> RUflSell , 'HOeift - BHlMfelVttl :f«rfft' the SaiWe, -and that 1 family of ftingated were -fsthferfif- any • ftlnds' reffisih -thttrtfter " iy dinnef guests ''at th%"'(JM?h6^SMB-~are to De'femHtea to eavers home at Eathei'Ville, • thfe above itemed heii*s*at-law nev. Stanley MaftSen df 'Rirtg'e^ally'and to share and 1 share sted was guest pastor at theslate,' filakjer Ltithefan chufeh, Stffi*. For 'further particulars, you day, June 28. • are, feferreH to 'the Application "Row Council 'lou^iTMttftjttt* . . . . . was aoorovcd ^he Chrlschlllos Shtte, tndsB ... D C pt PP waf 'authored to schd . SI|&f-ort.,Doda| Co,. "«P C I," " I RSWW-nMX CoTOretB « UW. LO., .89 7.95 Tuesday, June 28, 1960 Alaand (tt».) Upper be* MI , * •M ft' face Li Methodist Church At Swea City . The church proper- Underwent its annual cleaning this week. The Varnish dhd wax was removed from the, floor and new coats were applied. This would be a better if we had more wild life in, our forests and less in the big cities. IN THE DISTRICT ". \jf iuWrt, i KOSSUTW IN PrtOBAiE « NuiiUt; or 'jcit A vvuc A ; no w foitt ITY TO SELL REAL IN THE : MArrhrl . EbTA'^i; Of '••• IWJiX ; DECEASED. :6N ESiA'i'E THE , ., B; ; 'FERSTL THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL ;'• F*n»on, Iowa - -f- f ...... j- Experienced ' Embdlmers and Funeral Directors Ambulance Servle* Reliable 24 Hour Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence 'bone fENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 You'are" furthef notified that the ,heafihg"'dh .said Application will be had at the Court Room o! the Court House in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa on the 9th day, of Ju$, A.D., 1960, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, at Which time you may 'The Meuiodist church lh SweaWfar and show caiise if any City received a face lifting in recent weeks. The process began afterSfour .0 five feet of water Went down. A group oi 20 members of the Woman's ''Society of Christian Service gave the church basement a complete scrubbing''and cleaning. This week severa) jroups have painted' the , w.alls and floors of the parlors to brighten it 'up. - • g ftta may have,.why an Ordet hould not be entered as prayed n said Application. """""(S)' Gordon L.'Winkel Administrator of the Estate of Max tferstl, Deceased. 26 .- OfllOWAL NOTICE M THE DISTIUCT COURT OF IOWA, 1JW AtfD TOR K68SOTH COUNTY flOUEH H, SLAGLE, PLAINT1PJF, /-VS, ELI^ASETtt ANN-SLAOLB, DEFENDANT. ' NO.' 18768 EQUITY . ' ORIGINAL NO'flCE TO THE AriOVfl NAMED DEFENDANT: ' , YOU ABE HEREBY 'NOTIFIED that a Petition of the above named plaintiff is now on file ,ln the office ot tne Clertt of the above named Court, and wMch -Petition prays for an absolute aivorce for the plaintiff and against y6u as defendant dh, the grounds ol cruel and inhuman treatment, and custody of two'rrtinor children to-wit: Aari Vaughn, Sla^le and jrtoger Sherman Sla«ie and ibr such o^ner and iUrtner equitiable relief as may seem just to "the :Court, and for the costs ot aus action. r . For further particulars see Petition on file.:-~> ' *oli are also notified to appear before said Court at Algona, in Kossuih County, lowa, on or before the 25th u'ay 01 JUiy, i«bO, and tliai unless you M 'uppsar ^our aeiault' will -be entered aha ^augment' or ifetsTee will be uiuer- eo ai,aihsi yOii for ihe reliet demanaec in ins iroiiuon, subject xo oecvion ui -aie ir "' - '- into th6 sSnlfifV iewei' Imft. • Maved and setended that th* ilty a portabte foBfliHS rrla(:rllfie,. - . Group Ihi, for tlty employee* vw* dli CU M6Ved and ie'cohded that the tf Att6fh4y draw Ob an amendment to t St6rm 'Se*ef problem on west Colle was discussed. , Mr. 'Bakef was gfanted permission . oMfats an Ice cream.vendirtg machine. M6ved ami seconded that the rad!6 units be purchased. Resolution approving contract with (Slellefald Assoc., Inc. was adopted. • Resolution to sell bonds for the 1960 sewer project was adopted. Moved and seconded that easements or 1960 sewer protect bn accented. City Attorney 'was authored to pay he condemnation fee on property involv- d In the I960 sewer proiect. • . • Moved and seconded that' the sanlWy/ ewer be extended one block 6ri east l-ufi/i!, Gutter around G. McVay's pro 44.80 AS A;RiJ< 'L. JoriN Jf' HEIRS- AT- ABO V iO W AiViED > DECE- UENT, AND' I'D . A-.L.L : PERSONS UKTERESTED "IN •THE ESTATE OF' MAX FERSTL, DECEASEDi ; '.' You anil eabn ot yc5u are h*ere- by notified that there is -now on file in the office of the Clefk of the District Court of Kossuth County, low a, the Applicaiipn of Gordon ' L. WmKe'l, as Administrator of the estate of Max Ferstl, Deceased, asking that he, ^e fei^SjFSutfi&rify'ahd dlrecfibns to BY HAAubUA TJiJSTER UJ. Uaviason Bldg. Sioux Ciiy 1, Iowa .Publishea in tne Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 21 and if and July 5. iflOO... .^^ NOTICE OF .BOND SALE Sealed bids willbe received at the jffice of the City Clerk of Algona, owa, until 3:00 .o'clock P. M. on^ the Uh day of JUly, 1900, for 'the bonds hereinafter described. At the hour above named all sealed bids which lave ; been received will .be ' referred o"the.City Council at a-meeting then o be held in the City Hall on that date, and after receipt of which open )ids will be. received and thereafter .he sealed bids will be opened and i£e bonds^Wm^ then, t be sold to the BONDS, . sell the real 'estate described as an undivided two-thirds interest in and to: Lots Thirteen (13) and Fourteen (14) and the South '40 feet of Lot Fifteen (15), in Block 'Eleven (11), St. Bcne- ' diet, Kossuth County, Iowa, belonging to said estate, at private sale, or as otherwise directed by the Court, and for cash in full payment at the time title is acceptable to the buyer. >You are further notified that said Application states that it is necessary to sell the above .described real estate for the purpose of paying claims against this estate and delinquent taxes anc costs of administration, as wel as the expense of the sale of said UC u thit th6 -.., IS58 a thermo'fax with trW Ut(IIH)n s 3 the cost and use, Movad and iecdrirfed that »H»-I -..,id bids to. fee apencd Jurie 22. 1960, Jnt out for bids on a front end Matter it 7:30 P.M. & GENERAL ilerk, salary „._ —-* 'I2.SO fanson, salary —. i .'^—'» , 232.S1 wa State Bank, wlthholdino . tax i ,... i u---»»*..'..i.t.-v. ;ity CicrK, advtnce cash .,-..--- !owat-Murrav r Enolrie'eYS,' faboT. «- Itutzell's, mdse. ....'.-'i.'»i-i- Dr. Shierk, expense- .. ti --i.<.- TMgona Upper Des Moines Publ. .Co, puDiicatibhs .Advance Publ. Co., publications Wilbur Courtney, refund *—- w. Shierk, court,cost —a \alph Lindhbrst, 'Service Auditor of State, city audit ..— Tom's Radio 8, TV, radio unit — SfREET LashbrOok, salary Pcrgandc, salary --| Burtls, salary , Metzen, Jr., salary —. Prew, salary ... <.*- Skilhng, salary » . 200 18 ' 40 25.00 80.00 ' i.47 749.50 277>92 I Cities Service Oil Co., gas „. .. 104.30 farm Service Co., spray ... i -- fwSeriek Hard«»«s ( _Ji«e. ..... 'ereehberg AUt6 SuSfly, Wtts ., Arnold Mol6r Supply, Mrtl -— Botsford Lbr. Co., material --. ''- I T6wel Servlte, service - bk Equipment Co., parts ..„, Products Co., premlK — Masop CHy.filUe Prlht Service, u », 1ne"lib6r ... M. Brewn Co., heater .. my Co., luppllss .. * sr Dole, Oravel ., i's'Radio & TV, radio unit -PUBLIC SAPETY %oekelrrtan, salary Hutchison, salary Jorsemon, salary — MeBrlde, salary _ —- Sthwarienbach, salary Bulten, salary .- Volgt, salary , Kohl, salary --- lowa State Bank, tax ~ Trust & Agency Fund, pension Kohl, mdse. - Bbekelman, expense --, Tom's Radio i TV, service Perelval Motors, service Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., mdse. ..-- --— National Recorders, Inc., tape „ Cities Service Oil Co., gas *... City Clerk, advance cash .-. Kenneth fox, labor The Seagrave Corp., parts -.*- if P Ha- 76.48 269.47 235.40 178.25 187.09 153.27 166.90 181.50 166.21 20.00 148.50 14.71 27.50 30.80 6.20 20.10 20.00 7.95 85.02 3.70 35.00 . 39.50 John Chalgren, service Fire Engineering, subsc. Arnold Motor Supply, parts Cook's Welder's Supply, service < Kossuth Motor Co., repairs -..Hilton's Super Service, gas Algeria Fir* Depart., fire'call* . Sfouffer Fire Equipment, Co., parts Tom's Radio & TV, radio unit ... SANITATION Johnson, salary Iowa State Bank, tax City Clerk, advance cash Sheriff of Farlbault Co., Minn., service .* — Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., publ. Miller Lbr. Co., material M. T, McGuiro, casement R. Buchanan, easement Ready-Mix Lbr. Co., labor & ma- terjal — Rlener Helmers. labor i material East End Foundry, Inc., Intakes . North Central Public Service Co., L. S. Mucitey, Plumbing, labor . Elmer Dole, screens .. RECREATION Stephens6n, salary Herbst, salary ---Kraft, salary . ...*--. Garry, salary <Cowan, salary ... DuVall, salary Iowa State Bank, tax John Volk, palnfina S. DeGroole, labor .C. Vander Waal, labor ..-.^-_.- 8.35 6.00 821 8.70 13.66 5.98 492.00 47.80 271198 182.75 35.50 4.25 "om's Radio & TV, repairs L. S. Muckcy, Plumbing, repairs filler Lbr. Co.,- material letlmg's David Paint, paint Arthur Gl.iscr, painting _-- ncrlol Co., Inc., paint !, supplies ...„ .--:•-• wrson'ii, brush Hutzpil's, supplies , - S.indy Stebritz, l.ibor DtBT SERVICE iuaranty Bnnk & Trust Co., Interest '5.90 71.12 25.00 10.00 214.40 527.27 456.00 7.40 1.50 45.00 113.15 75.90 68.00 52.20 60.10 59.50 19.25 40.81 3J.35 41.45 45.48 19.20 67.94 250.25 31.98 1.00 29.88 18.00 Valley Bank" & "f rust Co., interest owa-Ocs Moines Notional Bank, interest -~ SEWER RENTAL Sronb.ich, sfll.iry Iowa Slate Bank, Inx -.- l-redenck Hnrdworc, mdse. Pr.1t) Electric Co., mdse — Tom's Radio & TV, radio unit -PARKING METER Groeo, salary »Sands, salary --. Iowa Slate Bank, tax -Trust & Agency Fwncl, pension -Pratt Electric Gonstr. Co., labor 4 material --- * Pcreival Motors, labor '— Parking Meter Repair Service Center, 31.00 77.50 200.00 163.02 118.10 17.60 11.11 5.37 269.47 205.63 76.13 33.50. 2.76 141.05 4.30 20.3* Viola Meland, Guardian for Dennis C6unley pension —.. Viola Mclnnd, Guardian for Linda Counley pension Berlh-i Egli, pension - ?0.00 20.00 75.00 . 1960, in the denomination of , n $1,000,00 each, tend ..ttj^inature 1»W *• -,10,000.00 $15,000.00 £16,000.00 Sl5.OBO.00 $15,000.00 I il5.000.00 15,000.00 115,000,00 115,000.00 ,15,000.00 115,000.00 15,000.00 oh on on on on on on on on on on on November November November November November November November November November November November November 1981 1902 1063 1064 1905 1966 1867 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 liiD.UUU.UU UII iivvt.iw-* * . 3Ids for the above mentioned bonds ihall specify the rate- or rates of inter- st at which the bidder wiU take the oi'i« at par -plus necrued interest. Said bonds will be sold subject,to the op mon as to their legality of Bannister Carpenter, Ahlers & Cooney, At- orneys, of Des Moines, Iowa, which opinion together with the printed, bonds will be delivered to the pur- < " t Thc r City reserves the right to waive Informalities arid to reject any or all bids. \ By order of the City Council, pity Clerk V of Algona. Iowa FINAL CLOSE-OUT 0»N BALANCE 'OF ALL Sporting Goods 50% to YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE I Tops In Brand Nam? I FISHINO TACKll Phluger U?y Ike South Bend Spay Wing .NstbgH Equipment Figyrt JSkates Save On This Outstanding Collation I BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE Irt "Tswn" Bugs jfcj. jftS&£S&*. ' ^HH^^ ^tfufi^ Tire You Name It.. .We've Got It... qt Jhejayiiigesf T^ in Town! GUARANTEED NEW TREADS Applied on sound tire bodies or on your own tires \ 'V V ^ -^ ~W V^ -^ ^ ^ ~^ CHAMPION > Full-sized for full value! Original equipment tread depth. • Exclusive S/F, Safety-Fortified cord body for. estra strength. • Made with Firestone Rubber-X for longer mileage, • We guarantee our New Treads, bearing the Firestone Quality Tread Medallion and our shop code mark, to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. If examination by us or any Firestone dealer or store discloses a defect in the tread or cord body, it will be repaired or an adjustment made on the cost of another New Tread, prorated on tread wear and based on the Hat price current at the time of adjustment. Plui tax and retappobl* (to • Same tread design • Same'tread depth . • Same tread width ... as the Firestone tires on new I960 cars. 6.70-15 il Black, Rayra J Tubs-Typ. Plus tax and rtcappable tlr» CHAMPION ALL SIZES SALE PRICED sizt 6.OO-1S 6.70-1S 7.1O-15 7.60-1 S BLACK* 1O.SO 11.95 13.OB 1B.8B WHITE* __...« 14.0B 17.9S 1B.9B ,*Plut tax and rccappable n>« 4fV •!„-,•---rg^"—-- 1& .-gp—-.^ jsr • a j*j ** -*""• r* |j|V Terrific Savings Safety Champions & The tires with the same tread design as the Firestone tires vsed on new I960 cars 4.70-15 Black Tub*-Typ* Plui tax and ncappaW* TUBE-TYPE NYLON SIZE 6.OO~1 6 6.7O-15 7.1O- 15 7.6O-15 BLACK* 12.96 12.95 14.95 16.95 WHITE* 16. BO 16.5O 18. OS 2O.9B ff AH the top quality Champion features PLUS the rugged . strength of NYLON! 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