The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUMK XXXVI—NO. 277. — L—_ THE *»«**«* NEWSPAPER OF KOKTwL AWAM* .VcA™"™^ ^^ Aj ? ? O ™u\' ev m fi ? aily Kcws M'«*I<«l|J|»f Valley LeadrT Ulyiheville Courier lih'lluvl li> IIP,,,M AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKJ Roosevelt Denounces Russian Government As "Dictatorship" ID BE- : mo IT! , .0 Funds For Aid Of Finns Sought Here New President OrC..of C.. inlay Hint Soviet Kiis.siji is "« dictator- tc as any other didaiorxhip in the world" ni „-,,., u. h, sympathy is about M per cent with Mrilimd tier resistance against llussin ninanti Mr, Rcosevell made his stale-*' , , menl In an address lo lhe Amer- cnn .youth confess, witicli has been .shot with controversy concerning its refusal lo dencuiice I) Russian invasion of Finland ant charges of alleged Communistic influence in' ils councils. The president said (hat the united States desired to aid Pinland. He ridiculed suggestions Dial Russia might declare war on this country as a result of such aid .The president described to the youths galhereri In n drizzling rain outside the south p White House his party Interest in the Russian experiments and hl<- Jiopes-llmt it would lead lo lhe bcuernieni, of the Russia,, , mUon •That hope." he declared "Is today Cither shattered or put away In storage against a better day "The Soviet Union, as a matter of practical.r H et known to ycu and known to all l| 1Q world, is a dic- ,-:? p . ns '.'"solute as any other dictatorship in the world It has ••Hired itself with another dictator- snip and it 1ms Invaded a neighbor so small that it could not injure Uie Scviet union and seeks to live only nt peace as a democracy ana ns a liberal forward toothy democracy at that." * SINCil.R COPIES FIVE CEN'IS UJyllieyillo, Entir Prominent Planter Was Fire Victim; Wife's Con- ciilion Reporloc' '" ' rair OSCEOI.A. Ark.. l-Vb 10-Pil- nernl services will be held Sunday afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, at lhe First Baptist Church, for John Andrew Edrlnslon. prominent planter who died yesterday noon at lhe Mem. phis Baptist Hospital ot burns received in an explosion at his'farm house ii32r Oriceoln early Thursday He was 40. The HCV. H. 13. Tillmnn, pastor will conduct the riies Mtu UU |-,.' in Ermen cemetery. Active ptiltbearm will be- A 1 Sj;eise. !£d Wiseman. K. n. rj mns Harry Brooks, Mosco McDeiinnan' A. L. Boyce. A. F. Glascoe Rogers. i His wife, Mrs. Elsfc Edr|ngton, who was also seriously burned when she attempted to extinguish' the nanies which enveloped her 1ms- t«nd, was removed lo Memphis a tew .hours afler the disnstef so that n:s could he near Hfr. Edringlon but she was relurnc:! here yester- day'atternaon and is now nt the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. John w Edrlngton. Her condition today Is "fair" and no complications are expected to develop although she U seriously burned. The two sons. John Andrew. 8. Ihi- eroiind y lt>i.s ihnii Hianketcd By Snow Toda) '"^^i^ri^rr^rr *--ut sind, and c\vn those lirctlons "Mil have snow by nliiht. 'Mnli of this full riniBwi from i ""'iv tiiuv In some sections HI iwu or tlmv Inches. turned la S | f |.|, u,!-; mojiiiiiK followed by n heavy snow tll«l i'Oh- linued to fall steadily at noon. heavy blanket of snow lo a depth [|, r ,. e inches, Qf At Least Eight Dead \ ; Over 400 Hurt In ; IIIS Albany, Gal Storm ; ! Fort Smith llw mi'llliij; condition (f llif snow and ubsoiicp or k-e'mndc (irlv- Wero murk. i low Indiana Relieved To Have Tied Up At ColtoiuTOod Point HJI'>—Residents of (last nltl cvoiy i According covered with jnml snow A, i Ark. a|,« line irn'rcuiy dropped IN'Wni! nn euil lo sev- o( wnrm „ „ to the weather bureau the 2«d Charles. 5, escaped possible James Terry, above. Is the newly -• -• .-,.v.v- tjv.i-iiijit; death because the negro cook, La- •' • ""'•' ' *-i 'J ".UC IILWIV i •* elected president or the Blythcvllle ' h lllftllthCf nf rViwinn...^ ' C-. of Commerce. Mrs. w: B. Eurkclt, of Bassett £/!S..'.>,9?tti appointed Mississippi county .chairman of .lhe Finnish Relief- Drive, (whloh .will be - qan- rmctfd-irf Hhis county slml)ar~ :; tt>— other drives belfiK held throughout the nation. The 'drive opened yesterday and. will continue through "Frlelny, Feb.' benefit sales, dances, parties and other .affairs to be- held In loci'l communities. .In making the aniicimcempiil Mrs. Burkelt staled that'civic, so- /™, Q clal. church, historical and pati i-' Tt; otic organizations will be .asked to r ^f,™ r ' V< f, TON ' Feb - la - ie)p -We want the participant,,. ^l?^ .^ e . veU -. ^ay pro wholehearted, simple and Jackson, who awakened bv niter having lhe explosion, rushed through lhe burning house to their bedroom nnd carried them to safely as the roof collapsed. Kerosene poured into a heater narcd.out at Mr.'Edrlngton and a simultaneoiis.. explosion fired - the modern lesiden-e. LosT 1<T estimated at. SOOOO. ' Mr. Edrlngton, widely known for Some Left In Chattanooga Where Thief Is Accused Of Murder Recovery of six of the seven guns and some of the other 'iiill- clcs stolen from tin 0. n. wood Jr., ic H. S. D«vl5- resldenci', 1024 West Ash street, Dec. IB, ,,,,„ „„- nounceU today by chief Deputy Sheriff John P. Hclnmlllcr and Police Chief E. A. nice upon tlictr return from Chnllanooesi, Tenn,, where ihey assisted officers Ihcre ng Jnnit _ ....Jliilf P(! Ill tag and some of°thc' meiVs'cipi'ji- his success ns a moiein farmer was winner of the MidStmth sweep- ...J-| S U(l(V »Tn fnvp 1A ' nelnt <=r of a pioneer MissFs- '. Ul ^ J V .slPHl. County family, he was the Information houaht Upn of Mr. and Mrs. Sum Edilns- Projcdilcs Unloaded Over Island of Sylt, Danes Report TOENDER, uc-immrk, l-'eb. 10 <UI'l—A BrIIMi airplane loda\' bombed thc German North Sen air base on the Island of Sylt off the coast of thc ocnnan Djnlsh border German planes attacked the raider and heavy antl-nhcrnft fire was lienrd . The pinna appeared shortly after .---, —....v.. uiin,i,-is un:*i:j anti-nlrcrail fire be/an inn'ii »i in questioning Jnnies Charleston,! Sylt about 10-30 am who admitted the (heft. Two bombs were dropped by the funs, a 'trnvoljnj I British -plane nl UOeriium nn:l two were dropped (it Randum. ncs took off from Inn.i oil more .. were brought home but three Six Gorman; glsns were Chatlnnooja, ; fpr the Sylt base •evidence- In tlm trial of' OhSrlifc-! •<<•'*••'•• •<" Ion wlio is charged ivltli murder of Detective Shipley which took place several days v alter'• Charles ton and ' his companion,' Joseph Evwln, 20, broke Into the Blylhe- vlile. residence. He is also charged with automobile theft -and carry-, iny concealed wenpons. ] , ^,,,u-- Ere-lii was killed by cha'ttnnoojn' '1" wl !° im ' e ion 3 " v ed In dsccola offlcers when he ntleinpled lo ts- where he was burn. After attending Ci ?P e "'hcti coiiisred In a tourist Os;eola schools, he was n ! student '° nl P - cabin,. ntar thnt-ctty after the uavtlrinntlim '' resluellt • Hoosevelt today nro ^r A ";. n " sriS Et:ltc College, -Jones- phurleslon had fired upon DelM- 'rlel' shnile -in Clalmea ll lhe dllt V of every pe?Jo n ^r' ^ Ut ,- C |! IU , tei1 ln lhc m <"? Uve Shlplcy wll ^'he unlered the .lui, simple and „„„ ,,,,,. .... J _,. VL1 > .l":^ 0 " i wMen the Dulled Stales entered thc Cabin.- A- woman . companion was Inexpensive" ^lrV""Burkctt < " ''airi'• °, ver 1B to Bnsw cr all questions In',,.,;. i,,,,)" -—— —"- a "bin" we ,vlsh each eCt 'to-ifa™' !f rl , "T" m ^ «'»>«:-'be»ln B lnJ I "%X "t S °JnTh, >^ a patriotic touch and a "good /M>r " ' a " u K""e nssuranc-j thnl I'--"-'- -- J ™ i - s!lue llc too ' t neighbor tone.'" , census jnformallon would be held up Short Period License For Marriage Asked In confidence. The proclamation was In effecH I ' * "—*•" j.«iL^ i iv t-wujt ini fanning, he had spent much.time ft reply to . by tlso seriously Injured In the exchange, of bullets. .'•;.' ... - — ™,.v.. t 4 ,,i.v,n DJIJL- Charltstcn. whoso' hpine is in iti^ the ^tudy^oi diversification and Minneapolis, Minn., and who bus mnjcr elefcais inflicted on lied ? been studied by « six-year record of many kinds j Army forces bv Finnish troops wore •ts throughout the cf larceny Including stolen auto- reported In 'nn official Finnish .Vlltnnl/* rtf ttntrr . tn TurthH/if Ir,},) tl,^, ^,/yj--^. ii.- - K— ! s>rtiTir»i.,,!„,._ But Finns Continue To Report Reverses. Suffered By Russians . HELSINKI, Pell. 10 (Up)— n«tnr ™,h naor country tlmt S nrou 3out the c arceny Includtnj stolen auto- [ reported In nn official Finnis nn example of how- to mobiles, told the officers that he communique (oday a<> rtusshn I, on a farm nnrl nt. ti.r. nnri Unvin o«,,,n !„.„ m..«,...iii n nH«^bi,,,,tK. »,.' ) -. ?„,... Ul "." man entered (lie office of Clerk of! the Pence living Craig and asked an aide, Seth M. Long, for n marriage license. "All right." said Long. "I want, it for three months " lhe visitor explained. The man left without lite license when Long explained thnl permits f-:r short-term nuptials were not legal. New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close . 1102 H03 HOI H03 U02 1074 1076 1072 1074 107fi 1036 IQiO 104] 1C36 D72 9S1 9(H 955 953 LU1 970 972 859 955 974 964 958 S75 9G1 951 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec, Jan. open high 1112 1035 1052 973 930 955 1.1 H IOCS 1052 978 9S1 959 low close 1111 1114 1033 1084 1041 1043 973 97C 959 931 955 953 prcv. close 1112 1085 1D57 976 933 953 Stock Prices AT&T ... I Am Tobacco -Anaconda Copper Beth £i=tl Chrysler 172 90 27 5-3 77 1-4 £5 7-3 to obtain brothers Sam Edr noioii five ers am Edr noioi Jr nf iutelllser.tly m the. Swlit Filnsrnl Home Is'ln olinrge. difficult decade lo guide us future." "No person _, iitvi any way by /iinilshln ff "t'ii'e"lnfor- bones and Icelh of the inatlcn required.-the proclBmatlon they swallow. cnn be liarmed in Snakes arc able lo digest the animals The bluest sea In (he world ! the Mediterranean. Opportunities on Farm Higbr for Bride' Union President Faces U. S. Trio; INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. you tt-anl opportunities IUP>— If marry a farm youth. Mrs. Charles W a'cw- cll, administrative director of 'the Associated Women of the American Farm Bureau Federation advises girls in a matrimonial mood •'Opp:rtunitics are greater ' on the farm limn in a small city apartment," she contends "Individual effort counts a lot more there." ; A farmer's wife, she says has advantages that a. professional man s mate docs uol have 25 3-8 3 1-4 30 1-1 5 3-4 20 7-8 Oe.-.eral Electric.".'.!."'.'." 39 tlo General Motors Int Harvester „„ ..,, Montgomery Ward 53 7-8, N Y Central •- ! North Am Aviation . Packard PIVIiips Radio Republic Sleel Socony Vacuum Studebaker .' Etindard Oil N 'J ... Texas Corp U~S Steel '..... Baldness Is Hereditary, Says University Doctor MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. <up>_if s hereditary-lf your falhcr ha-, o b.ild head so will you. according lo n professor. "Most bald men some exceptions, O f bald fathers," he 53 "If your dad losl early n 3 e. chances u .. ,„„ anuirc a shiny pa tc a t an "Men vvoi'iie;! today, course. with had hair at an onci Knvln ca;ne Into Blythevllle| nltacfctajj the Mnnnerlieltn line for late on the afternoon of Dec. 18 the loth successive day, brojdened In a 1840 Buick car stolen in Mis- l"elr offensive. ElsEippl and that tiicy burzlnrlzcd' Northeast of Lake Ladoga thc die first house tliey found 1 dark Finns yesterday inflicted conslder- at 7 o'clock In on effort to find nWo lasses on lhe Russians, the 'fJiK- and n some clothes because theirs w«o conuniinlque salil. About uu muddy after Ihey had driven nn- si »«s were reported killed nn,| |h ( , 'i „,„ .,,,, ![„„„.,. (l ,, llu . |r l,, Kor l-uulhs- IMI,,!, „,,„„, s soylh (f <;«ni||ir,.., v |)|,,. '«ms line ™l,| l,, | hl , v <u ItriMk « ,| mm ,,,| „,,„,. «'""« Hif slilc of lhe The ion til Doflth's ,, 0 | nt 011 ,, 1L , If.." 1 ! 1 , J' 1 ? 1 ' nl)cllt *'" °'- «v<-'ii nlie» south of C'mullinsvllb which ALHANY, n H Y Ln " Ilt;l) - 10- {UI')_lSi ff ],L kill- I'A'-Sluve, Pwalyml. Succumbs AI 101. hlc yenrs. "Dude" .lOl)]) Ihc iv h(s clltlrc "euro wns m> w ,,blc> to work hut * llio city's one hos'pl|nl h.wl treated 30u cases by n a, m -frill Physicians snld 250 wfre Imrt-s- ilcillsly, , „,.. I'our first aid emergency slnlio'ns were set up to cnrc for oilier Injured. ' . ;•;;. licllcf pfllclals'snld 15 per fell of lhe business district was Mil .shambles. ' .;.,;. ho lornado swirled out of tiie soulhwesl and. in two' inlnukw' : ihb' . wind wrecked nl least live blocks f 'Hie storm was preceded and [t-l- loived by a lieavy downpour. •;:• . Hiindreils. of liijtired were -t'e- movcd from nmignuii homes, .the "utnr ••' • • • Ilia C,, that . . Mctl ""' l »l . hpspltol : re=cl've;l iid blocked ihc chnnnol U here in Imve cnwcil (lie Hcinwood I'olnl M-ry. r rad from her position nl Butler's Landing seveinl Mays i(K o when the channel was clcnrcd of Ice for lhe lime in iibout two wcM:s. the Indiana made he,- wny „„,„ „„„ „-„., nlw . v ipslieam yesterday with 13 freight, his "white folks'" '^."oor for the cveillow tai'Bca nnd was lo Imve made nj Cotnlivj to ij'lythovlllc In inin' ' ll>cro w «s no accuialc check ot einpcntry nioorlnir at, Collonwood from Mlnbr city Miss wilh IT " 1C <lnui1 ' Poll<;e ^tlmnlcd n least '"«"' If iho chnnnel wits found. ntlvcs who were broi.'.ihl. hm'n lw c Bhl I' 0 ™" hnd been killed ilmiavlBabb. c. N. Welch \vlun he moved o !! lul - w "«'^bili was cleaied "' 1 -« «f the U. s, cnglnem 1 Armoicl, "Uncle" John !"„! been family \\ns so befriended by .»c,. ,''i '• -••"• ) t'* i -« j i H.--L-I>E.-LI Cox ftunliy of Jonestown » ;,,, J , lnj " c , d ,. niui «|ioi-led tlml ad- He had lo be bmi,.],t when' ' ""J 1 ); lctlll » welc ^'I»B ntlmlt- ollicr members of hid fnmliy wc ,,-c -, , y " ll! • worl! '' An h «ls were fold and wns nlwnys cared for hv , r ' lul I" 11 "!' »<>'« "isilc on tiie lilv "ii' r»n "'.llOOr for tllQ cunillnu '" nnd . , . nce John ., yc.,terdny S1 ,,d ihnl Uic water ubovo cared for since that tlm by 'I 1 ° i " t , VV " S '' lslni! Rlul Uie IUI)bcw ' To '»""e- "«"cs and issippi ,,t onruthcrsvlllc was wife, Mary, who lived n o 111 v iryc fr,t hl,.hn than •nmrs.lay, ', l^.ital alley. " ^ ndcnthvf the Ice had stuick llio . Their house wns it mecca ' (m bottom of the channel ,,t Booth's' ninny netirccH oi this scctta, who Vh, ,r, ,7' Tr"!l ' 5 rMl ' lhto "-: wm "" «'">!» '» l« »car talc, "f e Vlicl i l- the ,a nfail In IHK see- |,,c-war days as lokl by the old 01, " i - o y e o W I,1 S IH h.u! any effect o.i negro who could i-cclte ihrlllh" condition of the Ice nt Booth'h IhcUlwils of. the slave days tw undoubtedly bo I'Mnernl scrvlccu will bu lield lo- if ii,,. i,,,n»,,;".,r,;;»;,^'m-,:i'-™"" 1 ' ll / s c " (ll ' fl i«i.<iti c hmi Point, slic viiu uiiu'jumL'uiy uo ~ ••-'•• ~~ - •---•• •••!• «u. HVIM m- forced lo lie up nl Cairo since (he ' rn -? r ,'' ow n 'l<»™>oii, 2 o'clock nl'lhe Ohio river Is sllll blocked. Thc Lutl ° Indlaiin Is bound for Cincinnati. ncpoil.-i loday" Trc'in said thc steamer Mtnncsotii wns due to clear with n cnnjo for 1 Cairo nnd if this Is true-Hits beat nlso 'nccs (hi prospect of a tie-up at Cottonwood. 1 ..•'•• '."I no- lllt, Til -,...- litlhcl Methotllsl clnifch I wllh burial In Button Spur ccnvc- tcry. Mone Will Accept Post As City's Dog Catcher _ COEOR D 1 ALENE. Idn. (Ui')~ j. J. Smilh FaiTOCr, SlIC- """ ....... ""' ' ' cumbs .Suddenly While On Way To City IICKI-O dlslilcl lhe lli>l would bo IcXrnbly higher hh i '^" clors n "J muses fiom noaiby " la levins wre ititnmoncd rowr o'm- |ianje.i oi national aunrdsjnen ucfo Drought Into the town lo present order, c.c C workus were arrlv- '»B lo help clear wicckase nnd «««roll foi bodies ',Hctl L'j-OjS \iukcrs ?cl tip relict slhtloi^' U eaie toi lhe homelus't •nis'c.My \ms without povei, lights or wn,|er. Orly one tciepliono line piovl<|e<| cuimnj, lealiun with the 0111 f * v^e/t v svrlrtfj was sevLrel} . .w C'iub building, rto<en Ucijj dsparimenl stoic, St Nicholas hoed, Western Onfon ofilce iue- mnn's business c Jlegc, Sdnrs Hoc buck bliiiding nnrl h any oilier suucturcs \.ci-c wicckd Tne curt o'i'the cltj hall was lo.',ii nwny. 1'i'elijlit vieds nt lh» rnllrond -itus v;erc linttencd. Streets were blocked nltli roofs loin from buildups and :homes Uty oincinis said tht> c-sualty tidulcl Have oceii much hlgnei nad tne slvrm hit' inter '.In uie uny. Most cf the cla s IStOD Merc ..Ml wncn It sirtct at 4 10 a m A check ol hearoj towns Indicated that ihc lo'rmuio bbw itself out Hayor J. K. C:le Bcarehwl In Vain odny for a dog-catcher mid pound- nasler. The jobless preferred to remain tncmployed ratlier ihnn chase tray canine and exterminate them. Mayor 0^1 i 1.1 , Cwllh ft "™ rl altack ut- Aloany no aiunige was re- -ihc aojoijnrig com- poi-ieu iram luuinilcs. TeL'uiaph polca oul-idc the cily, however, were . co.vled over like uai.cii slices and blocked riads. Uov. fc. D. hivers was e/iiouto bile, Ala., lo escape arrest when, Clmsed by officers. j After leaving Blythevflle they ""nt lo MiDneapolls, to Sn'e-H-l water, Ky., where Ihey pcrpelratcri a "stick-up" job, and men to Chattanooga where they made other hauls before going to the tour-, 1st camp. Charleston admitted. Shov.ln-? .one of Uie pistols lo an employe and an attempt to exchange silver money for bills led ispicfons and officers, were 113- of miist do something destroyed in so™ lutn ash barrels.' 8:'JO o'clock Ihl5 moriiinj soon af- ler lie fell lo thc ground while walking alotvj the road with n son. The ivo had left Ihelr home a mill! and a half wxith of Blythc- .[-,.„ _,.„ . , mire nira a Jiair wxiin of Blythc- -4 fo, cms , ' Cd W , ," 1 SUC ' 1 " rc °" nl ^'"y ei to ™'V I" '-.V, [01 VCaiS lO imp n In'-ol nnrcr\i\ „....,. ...,.._ ... work. Hcd l^rois dbasier i roin blrmlnshini, Macon aiici wiiHlilrigion finei Wursis luij aoctors were recruited from uotdell of lhe hardest flsjhtlng of tim war Russian pressure continued (o iiinvj HI trio oUiiini^ jscctor of e * — - : --u ...... U . 4V .mx.- vn c QJJ lusiiwnv 01 to roi/i" lo r ~ — -.---. ^ u ..^, 1V ,, & inum ^^^^T,^^^^^^^"^^^ Blyl " ov " h ^ hud °" ly « ora - ." lu?sw Rml otllcr near tempi to brca"fc through tlm Vhi- tified. Thc Biylhcvillc officers went lo Chattanooga Thursday nturncqii. Heart Attack^Fatal To Young Farm Wife The victim of a Mrs. Zcim Lucllc ° f heart attack, Bradford, 2'i- ccmmtlniquc The comn: ° ISC,?. ;il Army nltf.cks In t!)e sector were repulsed nml ks-wcrc deslroye;!, the said...;,,.: unique" added that (lie 1 broadened tlielr of"S the Finns at four despite heavy losses bci.Tj rcpuiuul for 10 (he (ioft-catchlng job. The reindeer North Pole arc world. found nearest the the largest In the nbcut 3'0 yards when thij In'thcr | wfis slrlckin. ' Piiicnil iirrnngeincnU or= In- '-nnMcle pending arrlvr.i of iiMa- livcs. t-y towns. Inn siiite highway patrol broadcast an Kfipcai to moioi-lsis to stay Ml ronds leading to Albany w> tn'at relief workers and count ' brought into Ihls smckcn cuy. Uncomfortable suflered In straight day.?. Finnish officers snld Ihnt tlierc was no basis for rcpoits abroad that the Finns Ind resorted to the 7 - of bayonets and knives hand to hand fighting '•"•their In running low. ammunilio.i .supplies were . Since the start of the war. they . focks ouglil wall for Ihe about to icir easv Las> •H . « 3-8 In Samoa, babies otlen learn lo S3 3-4 swim before liiey arc abic'io walk. Joseph P. Ryan, president, International Longshoremen's As sociatmn is shown ,n fc ' dei . a , court. New Yorn. where he was arraigned with 10 other* on charges of violating Icderai anti- li-ust laws All w ere released on bond of ° William ..... ,- -j " - 111 - ^"ii i. UL lut; \s;u, UIC 1 Mdderily late yesterday ; said, there has been some hand-la it he home south of Dell. In up- hand bayonet fi ? htU^ In patrol nrent excellent health, Mrs. Bia^ I clashes ami. the Hm.s saH they ford wi-s scp.ted in a chair wlicnihnvc al limes bee:, emtarrjsscd by lie slumped ever'in thc licor nnd shortage of airplanes an-i amimi- c,icd within a fc«- mltmtcs. nttlon for antl-alrcralt guns but The rem.ihis. accompanied ty, tlicy itt ld the Finnish siiccc.wcs membcis cf her family, went to reported in official comtmiiilques Kt\ bcrn. Tenn., today fu- belle any lack of ammiinllloi) In icial rites will bo conducted Sun- other prnses of flghtlcg .'ny iiftcrnoon. | . ; '._ Born In that clly. Mrs. Bradford' erM years'" 11 '' "^^ '" ™~ Wcrl «*s' Last HoiItS She Is survived by her husband; two children, Bobbia Franklyn. age three, ond Marie Ann. ngo nine, 1 GRAND COULEE DAM Wesli; hfr parents, Mr. and M s. (UP>_Tnc hour Just before quit William Ecotery of Newbtrn; lour t ing tlmc |s » heJmwt ^^ ^!,"" s :, fj '.. Ari -. 0 ' . Jam '- s . ""? .'? workers on Uic mammolh Most Perilous on Dam , . . • , , • • •- "wir.tfi.1 UH uiu niaiiimoin — f.cobty ot Nev.torn, and one Giand Coulee dam, a reclamation Mrs. Howard Oiasscoe. cf bureau accident survey reveals. Teiin, . More accidents occurred between Ted Williams, prize recruit ot wore a necktie tor lirsl -*wtt «vi.iut.ins wcurrca ceiweeil liolt Funeral Home Is In charge. J and 4 P, M . than at any other time'when" h^ jomc'dRcdSoTa "me of the day. the hoiir before year ago. This is how the young There moon. • C ro P. M. dinner. I Bon In MKs-||:pl. Mr. Smith j Aliwny, lhe sett of Uougheriy , hnM lived In tills Eccllon for, is iw) milts south of At- [cinl ycnrs. , iiinia. II h in Hat counlry arid 1 He Is rnrvlved by his wife, Mrs. <llCrc I \' l1s ll ' lle proiecliou from tiie Vlrcic Emith; six sens. Albert, j "evaslatir.g wind. -.,. John nnd Carl Smith of Bl.vthe-l — '"' illc. Byron SmiUi of Memphis,' lonnle Smith irlio is In the United States Army now stationed nt "•'ort Ernnhii!, cm., and Rex Smith who IK In thc United States Army :'. r .vi stal'onr.d In t!ic Hawaiian Islands. RJK! three dniighters. Mrs. Lticll<! Purcivai of Ulythcvllle, Mrs. [crrnlr.c Bell of Kaytl, and Mrs. Jlmiule Thcmas of Memphis. Kanna uncral ifcmc Is In charg Wealthy Town Discovers Past Was Threadbare BnOOKLINE. Mass. (UP)—Now considered Ihc nation's wcnlthlcsl ICwn, Brookllne nsktd to be cx- nise(l In 11U from sending n representative to Uie stale legislature because of Insufficient funds. Records forn.1 by Ihc WPA Historical- Survey sho-.v thnl Uie town made the request "upon the ac- mi of Ihelr building n Meeting House and lhe great charges hereof for such n Poor Little Town." Intoxicated Drivers Go ^ 'io Jail on Sundays TA.\f?A. F.'a. (DP)-Wrtatti traffic vicliitors, Including Intoxicated -rivers, will spend .Sundays'-'-in' jail l.erc, which will allow tne of- teiidcis lo keep- their jois anS iio,fd= for liieir families. '.:'.\ Thc Sunday sentence plan has been monuncnded by tne police committee of thc bonrd of mcn r.nd submitted lo City City le^al officials said there was nothing In the city cjde proiilbit- ing such sentences, to be Impos&l ay trie Jucige or by the pol!:e -cmmiltce nt their discretion. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, not cold :in A littJe town in the province of Umburg, Holland, Is cjltol America. The moon nor air. . , 1185 neither water west and central portions tonight; itrnlay fair and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Gcnsraliy .'air tonight a^.id Sniday, colder lo- nlS'nt, lowest temperature 30 to 54; rising tsmperature Sunday. • The maximum temperature here yesterday \vas 51, minimum 37. cloudy, with ..42 ql ari'lncu ralivIaU last night,- ao;brdiii(j lo Samuel P. Noirls,' cfflcfal «:«ayier observor.

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