The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1960 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1960
Page 2
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5 Wedding Cars Involvea A g Scnfeca -i* Mr arid Mfs Kenneth Andre and children .attend-' 'ed ;the ^ weddirig of $£e4, Andre s ^i^ter, Maxine La'nime^s 'Glen Johnson at GraefU^ 'June 19. Four of the guests at the wedding were hospitalized as the result.Of a 5 car accident, 3% "miles south of Wallingford about B p.m. that afternoon immediately following, the reception , as 'th| newly-weds i were .leaving g, trip., on , ., 'As usual, friends were giving .th'om the 'traditional Eiettd qff by following &em iJarbof the way. ,The lead car driven ty the new' ' ' , lywedk.'-: Glenn^liow'ard 'Johnson and his new bride, attempted to 'make a U turn and pulled off , to ttie slde.>o£ the road and stopped. 1 A second car driven by Dar- •vin Schnell, Graettinger, pullec up~ behind the Johnson car and stopped. A third car driven by Gruce Gjerde, Graettinger, with passengers Larry Masters and Kay Carter, both of Graettinger, pulled to the left to avoid hitting the first two cars hway 'Merril, SfefeMng, Albert .City, ing ^o-'mfts the cars. „ With "R<8n1dng were Ldr«n 'Jbhn- son, Janet 'Johnson, both of Graettinger, and Mary Ann Egeland of Wallingford. The rear -of the. Retaking car struck the JohrtSdri.cW on the right tear. 'mti,-. £r«*i. '*-ifti» lr\trAHtPrt in t The freak accident was in the driven by II can. auv.ji«»-**»' •* — -V . Marvin Egeland also , of Graettinger, who with Alice Johnson of Graettinger pulled to the left of «• the road and hit the Gjerde car in the rear. ' , ,. Four of the twelve people involved were'hospitalized. They were. Lore'n Johnson, J.anet Johnson, Alice Johnson all ot Graettinger and Mary Ann Egeland of Wallingford. , An estimated $2,700 damage Was done to the five cars involved. It's the rich man Who doesn't hesitate to ask the store clerk to show him something cheaper. ide Honored Wit Recent Shower the LuVerne Evangelical United Brethren church -with 30 scaring the- ; c6urtesy, i -, ; ; - >^.,- '• -\ &.. HfisiesSe's Were Mti,, Curtis ' MoVga'n ,, 'AlMrt tte'fti. rn rr BOWL IN IE fOURTH WITH 'MOONLilE BOWl . X AT 'START JULY "3 AT IO^P.M. AND ! B6wL ! i»NTiL AAORNING. PICK V60R .flME'AND CAll FOR RESERVATIONS , PHONE CY 4-2525 Lead, Zinc, and Tiiahiam WHITF EXTERIOR PAINT 99 Reg. $5.50 Value s GALLON; PAH ONLY $18.88 WHITE PAINT Perfect for fences, out buildings, or primer coat. fiS . Arnelftl Jerry Hat wo week -visit -with "his' dr. end Mrs, Robert, '- -'i Margo Stampka went to ForV Dodge Monday whefe she sed* and Mrs. MlH6n - Wilhelm girls of LiiVerner, ? Mr. aria W6<\* of Cedar Rdpws attend the Kubly :;J "Sunday. They wei unuy scnooi. j,j » £,, iJt v yM Mr. arid Mrs. LToyd ^tdMaH Games were played .and a read* ing giv&.h^M^BteW I'?** Marshall- Clahey, ftflrdy was in charge. ' . Hospilalizfe$ ...,».. ... ,-.•'• .... -, ,, Theodore^ "Johnson underwent surgery at the Lutheran hospital Fort Dodge. He entered June 15 and is expected, to ,be released June 23. His condition is satisfactory. Word received that Mrs. Bar- bar'a Terriplih underwent major surgery in a Gruridy Center hps pital Thursday, ^tie is .the da'ugh' ter'of Mr. and Mrs. Sobert Hard copf, Sr., LuVerne. , I Frarikie .(Toby) Moeding is * medical patient in a Fort Dodge lospital since Tuesday. Tevr Arrival ; ; , Word has :been ;Veceiyed of th irth 'of a i daughter to 'Mr... am rs.^ James Roberts at Boulder 1 Colorado -June 19. Mrs. Roberts, ormeru Marilyn. ;Hefti, is the daughter of Mr. 'and Mrs. Walter L. Hefti'of Britt, formerly of Lu- Verne. Mrs. Hefti is {With her daughter and family. 1 , Elected Officer . ' { j , , : "Mrs. William Goetsch 'attended he North Iowa Arinuat Conference the past week "in Msfrshall- town as the lay delegate' Jf torn the LuVerhe-Livermore Mejhcki- ist charge. 'She was acporhparuefl by Mrs. Robert, McGowan? <4 Renwick president ,of the? ^SCS of North Iowa., On Tuesday evening the. Rural Fellowship Banquet was held in .the . Friends church with 250 attending.. Mrd. etschi'|wdS'-i elected secretary the i.jviethodiiti Rural Fellowship r fpr .. th^ **&& four, years On Thursday 'she* was elected to served on ifhe.JTo'wn and Country CorrimissibnVfor the nexUcJua; .- '*' and girls Visited his mother 1 Mr|.. flarie Stoddard Sunday. ..»,'/ Father's Day guests in, the'" and Mrs. Albert Jftjftfeltt ' were sdme of th|ir, TsKj, Kenneth 'and Rdriald -wl at home. Mr. and,Mrs. .Richard,, Larson, Mr, and Mrs. Eoger.Day^ Sharon Wilhelm, ; Humb'Oldt, 4lf. ,,*™.™ of Her tmcle the Lattice Miller .family. lorne parents Mf. — .„.„.. t^on,, ^ortj Dennis ,gknd • Mr. and Mrs. Vernon and boys ,of Rplfe, Mr., and Mrs. .Milford McPea'k and children of jienwick, Sandra and,,Fatti Pat- Serson tod,friend .Botfert He^s'bh, 1-_ . <tf»_/.,u.i. rnlk Jk *Vt+.llJiH+*i++ff "rklort iDes MofnfeS. Shonor'ed,' 'tHe . t^VWWUa. * *»»^. w»j fathering also of.Van- , ---------- ,essa and Jeffrey Hanson. Father's t Dayndinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'William .Goetsch I" 1 ^ ',' Afl'n $tev] ___________ TO/L6he Rock to ?isit,theiif fiffd daughtef Mf, and Mfs. Struthettrfatriilyv -suftday even" ing VlSitbi'S.fti the -QoetSch. home Mr.-Shtl M«.' ViMbf SWeen, . . Art 'Sftd-- Vickitf of . Mr, and 'Mrs. Elmfef • Wagnef. ,of Webster City ' ' They wtyl .,«-.,,«-...— .-„ -— sisters, -Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Satre and boys, and Miss Hulda Fritzemeier; ot.Rockford,,Jll. for a reu*n'ibft Sun'day-a't 'Clear -Lake. Sur'e 'is i' 'difference between good, sound reasons ana reasons that • sd'un'd 5 good. - , - ol-the Hurt Ifeek-Efife H»tt clUB was held at the home of Linda, Gardner, A discussion on the ,Sr ogram - o lonstraffoft 4®V**^«*HE&fc j¥ ^- "'m^SeMflfeeter, Kto^u^a •Mrs. Gafdrie*. ***»» , ...' - 39 Gallon 5 GALLON LOTS — - $11.88] SYMPHONY IN COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT Truly a beautiful paint io work with add see. Dries in minutes. Compare a» S6.QQ 3 99 Gallon SUPER BRIGHT RED OUTSIDE BARN PAINT 1 49 Gallon GALLON PAIL ONLY $19,50] C. ^_. _ fparty jrirthday, Monday '' vi ? T- , >of her neighbor, .$/!$§, ~w~- Hof. She was 'given. hanaerchiefs by. the guests,;, M>s.mot Mrs .Earl Neal, Mrs.. Albert ;Genrich Mrs. Wayne, Sanfbrd, Mrs. Phi C, Lichty. and Mrs,. Bertie......9 Ramus. Mrs. ; Sanford brougri .the birthday cake for the refreshments. Karen Headinger of Dfecorah yisite,d .the. past. week:.with her' aunt the Bertie C. Ramus family. Mr. -and Mrs, .George Studer were gue.sfs Sunday of. his mother 'Mrs. Helen Studer at Corwith and celebrated George s birthday. Other guests, were his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. George Gengler of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Pech, .son Junior of Atlanta, 111., , arrived Monday to visit his sister Mr and Mrs. Max Block. Fathers Day guests in the Earl John home to honor their father Fred Hinz were Mr. and Mrs. George Studer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nielson, Mr. and Mi's. Dean Bowmann, LuVerne, Merna Larimer, Algona, and Dale Larimer, Cedar Rapids. I Dinner guests Saturday of Mrs. Jessie Stripling were her cousins Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clement, Hcf- tjngcr, North Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clement, Silvertown, Oregon, and Mrs. Claude Whitehijl of Algona.. ( Caller? Sunday afternoon with Mrs, Minnie. Hagjist were Wilbijr Amspoker and sister Mrs. Ethel Emerie of Humboldt. SelMt P bit of of *um- nwiwt», * i 0H ( o» on* » in Y * ole price. i^ , Bureau Was, he d and plans matte for a <56Sk out. giveniby JeanMeseher^ffnd joined by her < 61ff fee' CY 4-33/3 fo' ' * ALOONA All- Year kerns To Have All The Answers : Says Leonai'd Olson, bWner/blsori'i Variety, Algona • A.*.-- Bc/^'A-3.^ia&3jrfs^S®,alsi . , .."JH HAS NEVER BEFORE BEEN :SOfLEASANT, AND WITH THE UNSETTLED WEATHER WE'VE 'BEEKl «PERIENaNG, THE feAS ALL-YEAR^IR CONDITIONER IS THE PERftcT ANSWER TO OUR HEATING *ND COOLING PROBLEMS." YES SIR, MR, OlisON, WHO HAD THE ABOVE PICTURED A'RKtA- SERVEL UNJT INSTALLED IN HIS STORE HERE RECENTLY, IS REALLY IMPRESSED BY ITS PERFORMANCE; SHOWN WITH MR. OLSON, LEFT, IS 'CECIL McG.NN IS OF VtoHH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE 'COMPANY. ONE SIMPLE UNIT PROVIDES THE FUNCTIONS OF ALL-YEAR AIR CONDITIONING. IN WINTER, IT AUTOMATICALLY CLEANS AND CIRCULATES THE AIR AND MAINTAINS A PRE-SELECTED TEMPER- ATURE Li4. DURING THE WARM MONTHS (MSUALLV MAY TO SEPTEMBER), IT AUTOMATICALLY COOLS, DEHMMIDIFIES, CLEANS AND CIRCULATES THE AIR AND MAINTAINS A CONTROLLED TEMPER- ATURE. WHEN NOT NEEDED TO HEAT OR COOL TH E BUILDING, THE UNIT CAN BE USED TO CLEAN AND CIRCULATE-AIR. v.;,, • • • •• :.••-••-^m Let 6AS Serve You All Ways> Efficiently Speml CAS Air Conditioning See Us For Rale — ete Money- NORTH T 109So.Harlan [UIUUIIIIIIIIII!

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