Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1894
Page 7
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R. R. R. The most certain and safe Fain Remedy in the world that Instantly •topi the most excruciating pains. It IB truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN Uid has done more good than any known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OK BIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, * few applications rubbed on by the hand act like maglo causing the pain to Instantly stop. CURBS AND PBKTENT9, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, l»M«»tl»m, NeurnlKlm, Scl»«lc», Lnmb»*o, twilling of the Jolntu, Pi Inn In Bick, Cheat or Llrabn, Tue application of the READY BELIEF to the put or pfirta where dllaenlty or pain eilstd will iflord ease and comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CHAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHOEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, PAINTING SPELLS are relieved in- itantly and quickly cured by taking Internally a half to a teaspoonful of Ready Relief in halt teuspoonful of water. MALARIA. Chills ana Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. There IB Dot a remedial agent In the world that •111 core Fever and A<tueand all othpr SInlnrKras, Billons, end other Fevers, nlded by Kiidwar's Pills, «o gnlckly as Rudway's Heady Keller. Price 50c per bottle. Sold by druggists. PADWAY'f n PILLS, OL1I P1AY REVIVED CIROFLE-CIROFLA HAS LOST NONE OF ITS MIRTH- At»tln Ilrorotnn, tlie \\'«U«KnoTrn Critic ^Vrlten of tlto FKUQOUH Opcru as Produced Hy Lillian Rnarell and Hur Clever Playen. HE REVIVAL 0V "Girollo-Oirofla" in New York is proof that there is life in the old do? yet. There is ever a public for the best plays of yesterday, provided they bo properly produced. With Lillian Russell in the title role supported by Digby Bell, William Pruette and Marie Dressier the triumph is complete. Tho piece which delighted us in our youth had, as a rule, backbone. They were very different from the invertebrate concoctions of the present time. This is particularly true of the comic opera stage. Offenbach and Lococq have not been surpassed by ;icy of their followers, and the vitality of their worlc is such that there is always room for them whon they are adequately performed. But "there's the rub." A few weeks ago "The 1'rincess of Trebizonde," despite its melody, sank into failure in New York mainly because it did not receive its' fit representation. But to make amends we "See How it Sparkles," or tne second act, arc the gems of a brilliant impersonation. Next to Miss Russell, In point of honor, I should place Mr. William JPruette, for his fine manliness, his excellent voice, and his thoroughly artistic method, as the Chief of the Moors. His singing is altogether acl- mirabld'and his impersonation is bold and striking, but never vulpar. For the rest there is nothing but praise. Aurora has a clever impersonator; in Marie Dressier, who plays an exaggerated part with the proper touch of burlesque and without the vulgarity so often associated with those characters. Indeed, everything has been done that thought, taste and liberality could prompt to make this revival merit success. There is no loophole for complaint. Miss Russell has not merely depended on her popularity or tho plentitude of her power. She has wisely placed herself amid excellent surrounding's, with the result that the tuneful "Giroilc-Girofla" is,as a whole presented to the public in the best •possible manner. AUSTIN BKKURTON. RULES FOE BOXING. 4 NEW CODE DESIGNED TO MAKE THE SPORT MANLY. ccordiiiK to the Nmv I'lun Cllnchliiff During a Konnd 1* llrut,*!-- -Sl.rikniK". When Down Frolitblti-d— Viva OunciO Gloves. for the eui-e of all dlKOrdtn of the STO«ACH, LITEK, BOWELS, KJDNXTS, BLADDEK. REBTOES DISEASES, HEADACHE, CONST I PA. TION COSHT>:M!8S, 1SDKIKSTIOS, DTSPKP- U, BILIOUSNESS, FETEB, IJWLAJ1.TIAT1O!* OF THE BOWKL8, FILES, «nd >ll dor»nnp. of the Intorn&I VtMcera, rarely roffetuMe no mcrcnrj, nilntnli or 1>1LKTK- •IOF8 DBCflS. Price !i3 cents p«r Sot Sold br nil Druggists. RADW1Y & CO., 82 Warren St., N. Y. IVBe «nre and aak for RA.D WAY'S. 'Indapo CUiroli .. BU'inorji - Emit- ondllio ,orot . elt ...., 'Ith A I»rnt« to ore or manor »«fii»d<jd. Don't • ,_._.. -._ ,..* -te7l/yoa any kind q/ • ••'* "lor. It 'OCtilpt ou« Dlioows, lamnff I il>. BtoeplwiHwn, SlgM\7 i, tic.. cAiiflou by PRU aouai runkon orgtaf, and quUikl MftHboed In old or younif. •t. PrIc«»I.OO»p«l<»BO _J«l»ll»rm«t«etocia»orn_ . •nr onprinclploil ilniKtrmt Key/Ton ""n. £ __»iif3oi«. InnlKtonhKYlnKlJfnAHo-noneoth tfiu not trot It, wo will ri>nd It by mall upon n . if Brio*. P«mphlet In »o«l«d onrnlopo rrco. KintalMc4fo«l«1«..Pnpk,UI«i«. in., or.nr.icoli. SOLD br ^-'- tlitat, Wholosalc DruRglat, y Toartb St., oolc Agent (or ula o< U1DAPO ' I •LOGANSPOKiXND. Catarrh AND COLD IN THE HEAD relieved Instantly bv one application ol *'* Catarrh Powder G) S MISS HUSSET.I. AND WILLIAM PnUETTE. have "Girofle-Girofla," one of tho very brightest and best productions of tho opera bouiTo stage, restoring tho old time fortune of the out -of -date Casinoi This result is very largely due to the personal popularity of Miss Lillian Eussell and to her marvellous g-ift of voice. Hut even Miss Russell must have her surroundings if she is to secure complete success, and she finds them in the piece itaolf and in the production of it. Such music is not written nowadays. It is full, from beginning to end, of joyousness. There is not a dull or a melancholy moment in it It ripples along in lightness and merriment. It is not mere jinple. Its melodies remain in tho memory because of their pure melody. They are not the flaring jingle of the music hall which, in the majority of so-called comic operas of to-day, are made to do duty for music. And, best of all, time has not detracted from the beauty of it all. This music is as fresh and delightful now as ever, and it imparts the same impression of gladness to the spectator. The genius of Lecocq survives In "Qirofle-Girofla," but tho music has not been left to take care of Itself. Ample justice is done to it, and to the piece generally, in tho Casino presentation. The scenery is bright and handsome, and, better still, it pays some attention to artistic proprieties. It is graceful and pretty. There is nothing about it of the garishncss which is so often found in productions of the comic opera stage. Tho dresses are, one and all, handsome, some of them — those of the first net especially—being particularly beautiful So far as th.eso necessary adjuncts are concerned, Giroile-Girolla" has not been better done than in this revival. As a spectacle alone, it is well worth going to •ee. But, with all its decoration, its A YOUNG BASSO. Engoue Cow leu Forsook ft Bunk to Co on tho Operatic Staga. Eugono Cowles, the young 1 basso oantante of the Bostonians, was born at Stanstead, Province of Quebec, Canada. His father is a prominent physician ofothat place, having practiced there for over two score years. The young singer's musical talent and tasto came to him by inheritance, and are shared by many members of his family, both vocal and instrumental musical ability being- a common therit- »go, Mr. Coles himself being a master of several instruments. When but a lad he went to Chicago, where he obr taiued a clerical position in the First National bank. He was employed by that institution for several years, making an honorable record and winning many successive advancements. While thus engaged in business pursuits he devoted all of his leisure time to the study of singiag. He was in turn a member of several church choii's and acquired considerable local reputation. Two of the proprietors of Bostonians having heard him sing at a social gathering, an offer to join thut company was made by them and accepted. He becameja member of the Bostonians, during tho season of 16S8-S9, but did not at first fill the prominent position he now enjoys in the company. During that season, however, his opportunity came whereby he was required to fill the role of Squiro Bantam, in "Dorothy," which he did with marked success. Following this he assumed during the same season the principle basso roles in "Fatinitza," "Tho Poachers," "Mignon," "Tho Bohemian Girl" and "Fra Diavalo." lie has con- HOSK LOVERS OF scientific boxing as opposed to slugging', and conse- qcnt brutality, arc stirring themsi'lvcs to perfect a system of rules that will provide against the evils they fear have crept io to the game. _ Boxing, pure and simple,lias but few, if any. objectionable features, and it 's only when the contestants throw icience to the winds and sail into each 9ther like they were chopping cord wood that any brutality is exhibited. A set of rules have been prepared by Dave IHanchard that, so their sponsor lays, will make boxing- a sport that will not oll'end the souses of the most sxacting of ladies. These rules are fifteen in number. The first and second provide for the appointment of referee and timekeeper. The third provides for the regulation ring, with padded posts and mat-covered floor, and also a live-foot A Case lilt. (Dedicated to tbe Woman's Professional League ) Ho wus n Princeton Sophomore, And slio liis Vns--nr Ilii'ne; They snt upon the i-ani;ius Rrcen And wntcbed a bx,e bull game. Tho Suph was nil dovotl"n, And exi'luincd the hnv nnd why 01 bnso hit*—a ml tho diirercace Between a foul and lly. Tlie inaid was all attention, In truth, so ileop enRro-ped, The fond words that ho whii-pered In her shell-like ear.-; were lout. "Why so pensive? 1 ' nskcd the Sopbyj (Blissful hope! oh, <'ixn it be That ,1 am the attraction And her fancy dwells on me?) "I'm thinking of the time," she sighed, "When we, as veil as you, May wear the now divided skirt, And run the bases, tool' 1 5 Covered with a Tas'.thc-; ii E;I;;:i!c Coai.'i-. 1 a!l drii/jrlujM. I'r.,-" "n <joni^ a. b«.L. ',',•* Y.,r-t: IJi-pd'.. ;tO"» <"anril *i.. "HANNELE. 1 tinuously remained a member of this company, and has won much fame by his excellent rendition of his two songs in "Robin Hood," "Tho Old Cross Bow" and the "Armorer's Song," the latter of which was written especially for him by Reginald de Koven, the composer of the opera. Mr. Cowles is of finn physique, and possesses a strong-, resonant voice of good range and excellent musical quality. BKV. FATHKii-Cr.ArtK K. MM;'/ to tiio IU, Rev. Dlsbnp of Columbus. Ohio, writes; 0«nlMI»:-lc«"not«.y ™»i«h for ,c.nr Pwln. It I™ mnd m« ol .1. .(remv(it«<l AlUiolc of c.t.rch wh.n nnthnw «I" .«ld help IP«, An, rt.lilhted wilh it. Alln,- fn«nrt. t., wlimi l«lmlnl.l.r«l.»n,pl«. .r. <(«». .r,lh.i.l«.tlo »»' if- T • i»t ilnKll w«»k mo.t «n»our««lni;i)r of thuruww"" lll ° SomltM »nil.r th.it c«r<l. 1 will Jo .nrthliiB l« •I'"" • H"" w«id for 111" MOicJy to h«lp "lliers wlio «r« »iifforliiK. H. E. FKKnraoN, Custodian U. 8. Apprulsor's Stores, Oon£««»:-D«iiJK «liiii»t •nllrcly &if for • nurnlur ol ton put »nH mttliln no rrli«f fruin M"Hy .o-mllrclpurra whUh I trl«l, »«. liiiliicrfbr* Mrnrt to Irr Or. lnriirj.C.- . •nttnlT. 10 Ihnt t .nn n..wh«»r a «<uh tick plainly. II h»lnl Mid 18 iMhM from my o»r 1 look upon It O! n i»«lt!ve ou« ford«fiin»inil tarn rewmmemliid IU uneto, ninny olnij fH*nd» »nrt c4n lay I havu never howd of « c.«e wh«ro It naa h!!«ltortl!>v». TULLSIZK 1>off.lo or powdor Rfl/> and blower COnPLETE,poJ-'P«W. O vrl*« Birney Catar f hal Powder Co. 1208 MA30NIO TEMFLE, CHICAGO. n»li OTerywhero bf drnggUts or dlroct by us. Sold to B. F. KeosUnK, J. L. Hanson and B»n fUber, Lo^anaport, Ind. WANTE&. A BINTS make 15.00 a day. Greatest kltohen nteiull over Invented. Retails 36c. Ii to 6 •old'In «rery houM. Sample, postn«ep»W, ttm- i'OHssxM * MoMAKUt, Cincinnati!, O. P OLLARD T«. Bieckenrldge celebrated breonh of promlte owe; Agents Wanted; book rendr, htotoir «f lltlxanu; Illustrated; MO.OTO will be jWldiMKWWiim nun. W, H. >ER6USON CO., ClMlDBtttl, O. .j oiden to mnplei I«l«rr«rSli>wJ."» MAP.IK DKKRST.RR AND DJGBV B.SLL, real worth has not been forgotten. The music, aft^r all, is its chief attraction, and Miss Russell and her companions interpret it admirably. I have never heard the music of tho title role rendered so well as by Miss Russell, whose voice ia in the fullness of Its purity and strength. The singer is » host in herself. She is the Idol : of her andienco and can do as she. likes with her admirers. Her rendering of well-known !'D»«f\P»p*'':o*>hii: of EUGKNK COWLES. His stage presence is remarkably R-ood, and he attracts all by that charm of manner which displays virile manliness allied to good nature und gentleness. THE DIAMOND. The first three men of the Milwaukee,club to be released arc pitcher Starring and catchers Bales and Gibner. Duffy and McCarthy of tho Bostons think that Dan Brouthers is the greatest batsman in the League to-day. Harry Vonderhorst has furnished all of the Baltimore players with new hats for their victories over New York. Tebeau says that tho championship will bo a cinch for Cleveland if John Clarkson should second Young as a winning pitcher. The St. Louis club gave Perry Wer- dcn his unconditional release. Catcher Peitz will play first base permanently. It is more than likely that President Frank H. Robison of the Cleveland club will run against Tom Johnson for congress. It is the general opinion that Ad Gumbert is goirig to be a winning pitcher this season. The New Yorks were the first League team to complain of unfair umpiring, and Lynch was tho object of their complaint. Boston and Cincinnati were the first teams to apply the whitewash brush, while Brooklyn and Chicago were companions in misery. DAVE III.AKCHARD. circle in the middle, whero the boxers must meet at the beginning of every round. The fifth rule is as follon-s: "Positively no wrestling, clinching, hugging, butting or anything done to injure an opponent, except by fair and manly boxing, shall be allowed. If a contestant should resort to clinching his opponent may continue hitting as long as ho does not clinch himself. A contestant shall not go to the Uoor to avoid his opponent or to obtain rest; but should either contestant accidentally fall, his opponent shall .step back and allow the fallen man time to get on his feet so as to defend himself before proceeding with the round; nor shall he strike his opponent when down, or on one or both knees, or while rising, nor be allowed to strike below tho belt or waist-" It will be notieoil that this rule does away with clinching—a very bad feature of the ordinary bouts under present rules—and by coming to the assistance of a fallen man, helps to do away with one brutal feature. The sixth rule limits the rounds to three minutes, the rest to one minute, and the weight of gloves to fiye ounces, The Seventh provides for new gloves in case of breakage, and •the eighth allows ten seconds for a (alien man to recover. Rule 0 provides that in case either principal should become exhausted it shall bo the duty of the referee to stop the combat and award the bout to the deserving man. This does away with unnecsssary punishment. The next four rules limit the power of the seconds and give the referee power to prevent the bouts from lagging by reason of the contestants purposely "soldiering-." The last rule gives the referee authority to remove objectionable spectators. On the whole, the rules possess some good points, the provisions against j butting and clinching being especially worthy oi' adoption; but, then, it most difficult to n.pply such g-ood things to regulate tlie actions of acou- ple-of boxers in the full heat of a great fight The Latoit l-:nioiloii»l Flay Founded on Strikingly Original Idem. It has beeu said that "Ilannele" is blasphemous and that Christ is impersonated in the play. This is false, Christ does n^t appear in the play. This report has arisen from the fact that tlie child Hannele, when dying, fancies she beholds the Savior in the person of the good teacher Goltwuld. Gottwald is a simple village schoolmaster. He is kind to the little girl, when every one else ill-treats her, and, naturally, the child holds him to be a .different kind of man to the others which surround her. He is her ideal of Christ, lie is called "Dcr Fremde." That is The Stanger. But to say that Jesus Christ is represented at all in the play is ridiculous to all familiar with the work. It is not likely, if the play were really blasphemous, that it would have been produced at the Court theater, Jierlii), and the Burg theater, Vienna, two subsidized theaters. Alice Pierce, the young actress who plays the title role in "llannelc," in this country, is a young Boston girl. Her acting is said to be remarkable, and sh« has always created a profound impression wherever she has appeared. IShe is prettv of face, pleasing in manner and sweet- voiced; just the sort of a girl, with her unaffected ways to win the hearts of audiences. Those who have seen her act have been bimplyiamazcd with her naturalness, ease and grace. In the role of Hannele is seen what wonderful emotional powers she has. When she made her debut in Boston all the critics declared her to be a young actress of wonderful promise. She is a mimic by nature and never fails to bring a tear or a laugh at the right time. She showed great talent' for mimicry and acting- at a very early nge, and when she went to the theater and saw any actor or actress of note she would imitate them immediately on returning home. Her imitations of Irving, Booth and Duse were remarkable. HA!RGi§WER Absolntely Pure. A Perfect Stimulant for Medicinal Purposes, FR"E FROM FUSEL OIL, ASTIFICtSL FL»VO» ANO ARTIFICIAL CCLOFMNO MATTIR. Prof. John .X. Hiirty, analytical chemist, «iy.< oi'.this " OM Proc-jss " \Viiislicy : " It Kn«itvfrs ovrry (<*xt of tlio C. N. Plinrmnropcrin. Tin- purity nnU excplloi:* 1 *' of llii* ttfiislipy rccom- IIICIH! it for .'ill m<>:!i<'ilial lists." This whlfkoy 1m* boc'ii wnrmly cn- dorsi'd by :i l;irjrc ninnU-r of Physicians who have li.-ud ii in ilieir practice. Mad* an InttftutftOeon* nit, Only six weeks on the stage, but prima donna in one of the most in- htant of recent comic opera successes Such is the unusual story of Misi Eleanore Mayo, the charming and T HE STRONG POINT about the cure* by Hood's Straaparilia U: that they iii pen»tn«nt.iThsjr start ftxj^i ELKA.VOIW! MAYO. youthful Princess Bonnie in Willwd Spenser's latest musical effort of that name. A record of such immediate triumph seldom falls to the lot of oh* who enters the profession a novice to »11 staffs methods, and whose life the inlti»|bow to the publjo AtlCK PIlfRCK IX IIAXXELE. The play is on the theme of heavenly pity. A child—Hannele—beaten and abused by her brutal step-father, tries to drown herself. She is rescued and brought to the poorhouse by tho village schoolmaster. Placed in bed, in the care of a lay sister, she drifts into dreams of tho other world, a.nd passes away when her visions reach the heavenly city. It is supremely touching. Can we appreciate such a dream of God's pity for tho poor and forlorn? Standing of tlie CJnbi May 71 Carries Clnbs. Played. Won. Lost. Clcvrlaads 11 9 2 Bostons i:t 9 4 B:ilumorcs IS 9 4 PittHlmre IS 84 Fliil^dclphlus Ii 8 0 St. Louis 1^ 6 6 New Yorlis IS 6 " Clnclnnatls 10 4 6 Broolil.rns 1.1 5 8 Loulsvllles II 4 7 Wasbinglona .,14 3 It Chicanes 10 2 S WESTERN LEAGUE. Games played. Won. Lost Sioux Cltys 972 Tolcdoes 12 8 4 Kansas Cit.yH 10 6 4 Grnud Rapids....12 7 fi Indianapolis 10 4 « Dotrolts 10 4 6 The "R. Cumiiiins £ Co. OI_d Process Sour Mush Whiskey "'is sold by nil rqiuwUlc retail druggists. " It is put n;> in bottles bearing our lithographic label. PSICE, PEE GUABT, $1.25. A. Kicfc-r A Co., Indianapolis, Wholesale Druggists, niui Pole Distributors, LCRETTO, KENTUCKY. For sale by \V H PORTER 400 385 304 214 :oo Milwaukee!) 7 2 !> Mlnccipolls 6 - "> WESTERN ASSOCIATION. Clubs. Lincoln St. Joseph Jacksonville- Omahi Peorla Rock Island Qulncy A ' AVon. . . 3 ,. 3 Lost, 0 0 1 1 3 2 3 Per ccni. .778 .««7 .DOO .583 .400 .•tmi .28R .'.TiO Pc't. 1,000 1,000 .887 .se: .ooc .KB .oon TRAINS OF THE iissuri,Kansas&TexasRy NOW KUX SOWD BETWEEN ST. LOUIS «< HOUSTON, GALVESTON ^ SAN ANTONIO' racing raacinne witu ;)4-inoh wheels is being built for a California racincr fnau who is 6 feet 3 inches in height A man may have speed and amateurism at the same time, but it isn't amateurism that is going' to suffer in the end. , J>r»m»iut itt»»iry. (mine* on •Uf«0-' Th « »hlp !• WAGNER SL^£ and CHAIR CARS FROM CHICAGO TO All FBUICIPJll POI8W IX

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