The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1960 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1960
Page 10
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««*i (I*) Uri»*h1tt«m ANdtHlft "ALLY" LUY" Dtl"tfc;i9 >* ;.;v--*., - "r~.. -, • . - f , u -jawMi^SBISSSS ; n * lidel4*l6ppln9,A6nywtlpn, but (ludcjtng from this, niw»-Sports) _the inclu ged In considerable self-imposed wcjs thought-provoking/ to say the dis- which field/ And despite the modernism which has pre .valWin educational outlook and application In , i , !«.Ji^*44Ari trirtTlTrleV to a the . make the trip, hdve it flOW iiIWI*.MI**«» • •• — — , r , y, at the request of the Japanese government ftself, was a necessary decision. By the XSnls appear, in print, the existing government of last week mqX.bfe^uperseded^by a new one. would do e no harm. To this'we say Amen. A willingness to "look in the mirror on the minatloh for the rea%t D; in JNOVemuei-<uu wre ,»i»»««i"~" ' ticket. Mrs Walkef lost the. minatibn by a mere 31 votes and trmifflbBT'Of Democrats and »- .4ublic«ns.n'ad61f|r e dth6f- i i *Atfti Ittil, the'tefter-al; \elec e Has Chan Editor; recorder for - ' *• , ,. . Siill on ff - bath': * 1 t r »« *• .. J >. »? ws s« n 'Janiiary 1. gone far enoufh. , ^J the farm of' course meaVJie. tota political Blfciri AVfls an * on u*^"****——- mitiswon o HOW best our government B ENSON *«»°L£",;•. H a just and adequate SIST ED, WITHOU? A ,_,. it.* AiviBHrt&n "AT i gY EITHER •> ,, eli- IN- IS AND OF THE a set __ ; possible ' draft a coroner and coroner and a candidate ior -^ - he , tQok io j fflce> 'County supervisor in the second sition has been V" district. If no candidates were *• & ^ president •'drafted * i the Republican ticKet ° 'would"fee wi&i6Ut;-a»,n6,mi^f.or, 2 either'p6st ;in-November., ' •' £| after he 'took •oifflce.L^ms »m "believes that sucn position has been very ^W* carried oiitj would stated by President EiSenhpWer ^ ban kr U ptcy i in his several veto messages on peop i ei And this it. ~ r — - ; fa* ; support .measures. As a admitted! efficiency <-of ,our farm St .tfe'tarmer's position has ;° le f bein g by. far the greatest in any Who's Speeding? eze ce to a mow'e'r and planned to some trimming around t place. The Wanders had gone u « lY - lotiiBT r i u 11 *»« / **••*• O --«*-- • seem to hdVe' lost them all. . '^Government upheaval* in-South America GentHal America, Cuba, Africa the Middle. East, including Turkey, and now Asia, have put into power either direct enemies or q««*' o ™ b ' e / Lends..And an their soil arejocated some of our strongest military and air bases. ' " 'Our entire foreign policy and our policy Of overseas aid 'needs an immediate reappraisal, 'th'e;, billions we have 'expended ;! jin, we. l;in|en^ . f^nds^ and our diplomatic, approaches seem to have ^nimefdjl long, seprching and honest reappraisal of wrieYe we stand in, the world, and what are we a>)ng to do about jit? A LOGICALXHOICE The decision'of Fred Maytag II not to be^a candidate for-id draft by Iowa republicans for Se office of .United States .senator is a most loqical and fair-minded one. Six member?uof the party tko nomination, and although; ..-••- --~, ....-.•.. IE- r««:^ follow the lead of the ates for/ president. . . , The newspapers could agree to that, and i, still would not be an asset to a democratic candidate. "Eq ! Jb| space" could-be used either favorably or in a derogatory manner. . , The Young Democrats .observed that "ninety : percent of American newspapers .either fly .the G O, P. symbol or otherwise toady to party." That percentage is probably auite close to being correct. And they might nave added that 100 percent of the national news mag'azines fall into .the same category. , . The American public may be so conditioned by now, however, to this one-sided phenomena that they, consider the source, and politics, as they read. ^ ^ NO DOUBT ... WE ASKED FOR IT Orionville (Minn.) Independent. -. The cold war is hotter today than at any time since the end "of World War II, and the start of another world 01 7;K- _-„.. !,„„„ teen closer than we will ever A Weekly ora y nTmer^nViloted plane over the heart of i' from which all the ser- * fortunately, is ?? gn T.;. u " 1 ' (! <£ coSd drawls needs. But compar,ing,\heir lot With our^ do "has been:able. to put this, we havej^ap^^ vices. >, The Army need of parts for a radio communication ^^>, «..— ,-~ .».*.. b «~— i~~ 7 A. nn A - to soend $77 million to .penditures about $78.4 oimun. ~ The Air Fdrce is hold-.President Eisenhower is correct ine $11 million of the same : ,i n his prediction we'll have a uipment for which it has had 5 $4.2 .billion surplus next year. usT shice 1958, • A/Navy air- *And if sound minds prevail we d nm'ft carrier left trie West Coast Bbe . smart-to apply this to that recently with far less communi- Jta'rferiiig $285' billion Federal »S equipment thanvit requir-*debt. simply .because ther.e was* Russia last week. bit t ,r ones to be ,„,, choice eventually. live in hope. Someday Algona will move YOU ARE HEREBY Aucust Busch, Deceased, uaip" - v *'xr 15, tB47/ Waving been tffls'day liica, opened and read. Tuesday the ,5th day of July, 1860, is fixed fdr hearing proof _ p •._«,. n* tlto f^i-nirt T-Tr»tl«iF» in AlffonH. Patterson! of July, luou, is rixca 101 uuctmiK M*WWI. or same at the Court House in Algona, ed Simply Because u^,-^7-,« - iowa™efore the District Court of said none in Navy inventory. How-' SHOP TALK — io neip •»..._. «,„ m.^i, *t Ba iri r - '• __. 1 l*«n«<iV>tMr ™ , 'HOW-' SHOP TALK - TO n^P t^nty? or the Clerk „ 'nearby* foreign business men who come ,and_at jgn.o'ctook/A.^ l»rt ^ror*ir . . * •. '_ i_.r *•*-» ^rtr\riiir*T ill 1S1~ for too much? town at that. Are we ,«t Upper ^ce |Eo*mca E. Call Strcct-Ph. CY 4-3535-Aleona. Iowa 'March 3. 1879. r« E R. B. WALLER, Editor DON SMITH. News Editor DAKLENE KINSEY, Advertising Mgr. : ' MHllons oi woiua, UJ..I.*.. « - .• . "-•«-. — °" d ZX^^&.#~*y w de open to criticism and damnation from prac- tTcally every nation in the world, even our•closest of allies and from right within our own, borders And we undoubtedly haven't heard the last of it, by Thi™ time we can't pass the buck or come up with any excuses, and it's obvious we are not pretending to do so, as out-government has admitted the plane was on an intelligence-collecting mission over the skies of Russia when shbt down So whatever the ultimate consequence might bc from this incident, the world, as weft as ourselves, can rightly say nothing more than. We asked for it." * '*. . NIXON'S DILEMMA IS REAL Iowa Falls Citizen - The next six months are ri ,in« to be alive with political excitement. But no where will the spectacle be more .interesting to study than in the case of vice-president Nixon and his dilemma insofar as a. farm program is con- ever, at an Army oasewaruy );forei g n ousmess men «"v t""^ , a P aual t ^" t ^ned w " a ii''''persons"""inre7- thlre were 1,438 sets of. the very to theis cou htry to conduct busi- ^. B ™%^J&^^JS£d _i __~j,,j *^ tho ii-_ T-»««n^tivior»t of uom- to anoear, and show cause, if any tliGrC WUIC ±i^«u avuJ «*- ••"- .- - v i,u 1,1110 \,V»M»-V-.^ -— — same equipment needed for the ness the Department Of Corn- carrier And half of the Army merce has prepared a handbook carrier And half of the Army merce has prepared a nanauuy* sets were simply gathering dust. wilh abo ut. a hundred marketing Discouraging, isn't it? terms translated from English into several foreign languages, tne Dated 'at Algona,, Iowa, June 16, _o_ into several foreign languages,, lfl -» THE TRAVEL BUG - A'mer- for, instance, in Italy they say leans are fanning out to the four; "stazione di controllo; Ini bwe WeJ Attorney ^S^ mean the self-service checkout stand that you see at any supermarket. , co. M'.' I Y N $?] : M ty m WA NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. '404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. - — SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. •» — £4 00 One Year, in advance - -» • Both Algona papers In combination^ one year .—$6.00 OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER Display Advertising, per inch r -^— 6Je ADVERTISING RATES n the one 'hand Nixon must run on «* Eisen- program. He ,tias said as mtich and to dO 01 would be foolhardy.'Yet Nixon dare n6t embrace that part of the Eisennower progi-am related to agriculture if he 'expects any feeling of ccuri y and support in many •strictly rural areas. As a mutter of fact he Will have 'difficulty in some cf these areas With anything short oi an outright denoucemerA 'of fffo Bfnson WW t,, do so is to virtually join 'the ranks of who have been clanioj-iog far Benson's-ouster for several yenrs.^ ^^^ ^^ ..^ vic finds no more troubling department in.his laid plans to gain the presidency, ttan tha : which rrt 1* tory. The Passport Office at the State Department is woVkmg overtime clearing the way for Americans headed abroad. H would be hard to find a place some American isn't headed. Fidel Castro's Cuba will get a few American tourists but nothing like before Even the current dispute with . Russia isn t discouraging travel to that count,. y — a Tccord 20,000 Americans are set to' vjsit the Soviet. A major portion of foreign travel, however, will be fight in our own hemisphere. An estimated 5 million Americans will journey to Canada, a half million to,Mexico, and another Bullion wm fan ut over Latin America. • Alma PearSqn Clerk of the District Court. ORIGINAL 'NOTICE 20YEBB5 AGO IN TH6 gress confronts him as he gazes put across the 1 of these United States, Adroit as he »s Nixon will have a plan for dea^rng wjth tion. And it will be. interesting to Vatch 1t i . Actually this may be about the on^f.thing£ interest that may develop <W the BepwtoHiean of the fence before primary time. * * * , Some minds are like concr«t« -i;*« ttUt*d «» and permanently set. (Ready-Mix. ple»se Aote). . NO. 18788 EQUITY TO THE°ABOVE^ I NAMED DEFENDANT: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition of the nbove named plaintiff i" now on file In the office of the Clerk of the above named Court, and which Petition prays for an absolute divorce for the plaintiff and against you as defendant on the grounds of pruel and Inhuman treatment, and custody of two minor qhlldren to-wit: Karl Vaughn Slagle and Roger Sherman Slagle and for such other and further' equitable relief as may seem just to the Court and for the costs of this action. _ For further particulars see Petition on file. tNSURANCE. A. 'J. J (j&nie). HicSklefs , Hospitalizatlpn. Health '& Accident Life — Autpr— Fire —.Hail Personal Claim Service. 2 E,' State _v .' CY 4- ALGONA INSURANCE ,». AGENCY '. J. R, (Jlin) KOLP , Surety Bonds — All Lines of insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3178 . BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance , Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 "UbSANNON INSURAHCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-444!> Home - Automobile - Farm' Polip Insurance QINTISTS o«. iK-ani*. n. HOFFMAN t-Office in Honje Federal Bldg. Onice phone CY 4-(434x DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. Dentist New Location On Corner Phone CY 4-23IU At 622 E. State BAD APPtES — Conis getting a bl«ck eye 'because of the way some members s nto'ney 'on over It is unfortunate rnwm THE FILES OF THE ALOONA UPPER PES MOINES JUNE 25. 1940 on ,„,.. WaV,n weather combined with ^^.F^^sS^ several fine rains during the week, indicated Kossuth s small grain and corn would be from average CABLES A PAXSON Dwelling, Autp, Liability, Ljfe, -General a Phone CY 4-4312 past Said Court at Algona, i|i '>«=-""' County. Iowa, on or buiore the ZStn dav of July, 1080, and that unless you Eo y appea" your default will be entered and Judgment or Decree will be. enter*- c that to better than average for 1940. of the trips It is unfortunate that to better tnan ayera^ »» *"". honest lawmakers - and most of In tec t, practically every fei m- them 'are — have to receive a e r in the area was "P 1 "™?" 0 Jl~%, "„„ V,»' M ,,«P nf the actions a ho* brospects at harvest time. them 'are — have to receive a e r in V«e area waa u^....-.... black eye be'cause of the actions a bo\Jt prospects at harvest time, of a few. This wouldn't happen. Sufc-spil moistUre seemed to be ^ :„„ « ™A^Kurc nf pnii'Brpss «t tKr> highest level in several — 222 DavTdson Bldg, Sioux City 1, lov/s .KOSiSUTH MOTUM, 7 INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,0(}0,000 worth of in' surance in force. A honie combany. Safe, secure, » mone CY 4^-3756 Lola Scuffham- DOCTQRS MELV'N G. BOURNE, M. D. -Physician & Surgeon 1 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2343 Resident nliqne GY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician to Surgeon , 218 w. State: Street Office phone CY 4i2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 'CAROL L .^LOTT, M.D. Up N. Mo'ofe Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office . ..CYpreps 4-433^ Residence JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon Moore " CY 4-2224 e CY 4-2232 OlOUX VJlty *» Auyyw , "DiaCK ey« yctuuac wi v«.^- «wv.-..- c»My**v f-T-fT""," «j *„ V»o Piihlished m the AlgOfift Upper PCS of a few. This wouldn't happen. Sub-spil moisture seemed to be P^M«f» a »]g w .» Jfflia j^awi » of course, if members of Congress a t th'e highest level in several alld Ju i y 5 , 1DB0 . (ju-ja-??) ?_.:" j 4 ' „«=« a \\ thPir .financial vriipa. also a favorable angle ._——LflZlt" INS', JFdr Auto, House, e, mem to open all their .financial IU UUBII »• /. i*ccords f Qi" ^u i j n> ^c w j* »* M * * v ...portion. For some strange reason even the honest lawmakers are reluctant to do this. And so 'dUs't suffer th'e fcbnsequence ft by association. Th'e ed a a favorable angle, farmers proved , "coming along Algona area receiv- f 2.12 inches of rain NOTICE Of 80NP BALE Sealed bids will be received at the office of the City Clerk o.f. Algona. Ted S, HMtai which fojfewed a high ..—..---. ture Veading of 94 degrees earlier • the Week. l<ow mark was 53 "l. And the forc- icH P. M- 90, for thi on. b een d" wifl. lo ien ANDY General Agent a Farm Mutual, ,1m, be i-eceiyi OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT The finest in office equipment is handled by tfti* firVn . . . INVINCIBLE pnd ART METAL steel products . . • Srnith- Coronq, Reminflton, Victor, R. C. Allen business mcwhmes fireproof equipment, complete filing supplies - Stop in! THE ALGONA UPPfi 915 M©iN!$ By Over 5,400 FumiWoi l^h l*su» IT'S GOOO WSfNISS TO DO BUSINESS AT L " pf With ijok at tte population picture faiy 'and warmer, over a ttuch wider range of one's pl.eagure. years.. |h 1630, for instance, tho ' * world population W%$ in esti- ysul Er4«»J8n matecl 800 million. During the spe a«l love for nnvt'*)h'6 Vears this population after 'a recent 'expjeviencg W J 11 J nft'^nSWSpW Caching £. He w^ repairing the ro« 2689000,000 (billion) in 1950. on the post office at Wesley one Some experts believe this will day last week when some bees S a SertnB | billion by Jf ac ked him. He was Stung on tte ytar, IfliO, Eyery ?4 hours t hfe forehead and as a result had the world population increases ijadly sWpljleri eyes. pre than 1?0,000. This means * * inai in just four years the world population will increase by about 175 millipn. the approximate equivalent of the United population today. :eived and, ,tfisKea| will pc opened ana then pe iold to tjie ,, "the "principal "'ainount of. lit&m00. to be. dated.;.July I. HAROLD , Representing farm the P» and November November November November November November November **« W 1 wrj««|i»»» > . Representative., The Equitable Life Ajisur&nce . Society Of Thlp United States Hurt, IBW&, Phone world . fc rft*MT .W «¥!. J»«EE IffinSr tte.bSvi SSSL™ , about "RfesoiVed: Th s t Marjried Wompp ^» gpe city the rate WWtw e| Ornate S ,houW Not Work Qutegq >Vte |j ^^S^Sg^S ^ Status Home" was sure to result JP i^*^tfwMte^8i -, A f J IMA. i«ati»iV» /HIlflTI ft M fl*~ Ti_ — ..t.' in thnlr If'QalltV plenty P* Chiropractor WBERE THgRB l§ NEED -, The words "u n d e r d e vteloptd 'co'uatry" appears l^Jofe anq more : - news storisi .M^*X^* Amer• :s aSd. Wlfiat doci For one thing, it is ith n ntr caoita an- (l ^UUiikiJ' ¥»iH* W i* Vi Vl*£**fc*» »*.. j.^ ^ „ _.. _ nual income oi leii tlian $^UO. It the pwst ogether with Ue «*«,* -t.> > ffh Bertha Heerdt, slated to Sarchet and Audrey chasers^ reserveg t h a rlairt w w«Jve while negatives were i ntorro aHties and tg reject any or w the b^amf!. City Clerk of Alsona JOHN M. Physici 220 No, Qffice p.,-.^,,.^. Resident p%^jC ER, M4> urgeon AlBona 4-8338 OPTOMETRISTS Closed Saturd Br». 8AWYEB. r .,Eyes E^toW) Contact — Hearing A 9 East "' Algon Phone QY •Hours; 9:00 a Closed Sat -2196 :00 p.m. ternoons Visual Ana! 108 "

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