The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY. 9,, 1040 the switch on but the machine re- For "Sale 280. Nine foot Filgldniie. Good condl- t jlon. A baigain Mrs. Russell Anderson, Steele, Phone 47. S-pk-13 IP highly bred Jer.sey heifers with caUes. Bought from ller- l-ck-tf. Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street. Csill fi71 or 197. 1-cfc-tf R^hell Smart herd. Inquire Gaines Market 8-ck-:i-8 Adding Machine 540. Ofncc Safe i$40 See Thomas Land Co. 5ckl2 Vfell established restaurant with ;6<x>d business. Other buslnes.s iu- leresUi necessitates me leaving town. Good proposition for right nnjn. Write box "B", Courier News. (jpod wood and coal. A. P. Bm-ks, 'Ghickasnwba and n. n. Phone 9f7. 31-ck-2-20 Dry/Cypress wood. Sl.tio per Rick *"At Walker and Harris Sawmill. East Maiii St. Io-pk2-13 y Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AFiB RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. 35 ^ Lost Five Montlw Old Female Sollor White with slight lemon marked head. Notify Prank WhiUvorth. Re« a «l 8-yl;-15 Wante'd To Buy Wanted to buy Government Cot- Salesnm.. ton Ixmnsi :' Giu Co. For Rent Mndeih ;i room unturnlshed airarl- imnl. Private bath. ir#i W. Ash. j 9-ck-lul Furnished apartment or bedroom! for couple or gentlemen. 1415 W. Main, ['lionc 125 or 540. 8-uk-lf>! ) -" CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ^INFORMATION i DaiJy rate per line for consecii- fcve insertions: One, lime per line lOo Vtfo times per line per Uny 08c fhree times-per line per day...tide Bix limes per jine per day (ttc Month rate per line., 60c Wrds of Tlianks 50c & '(5c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for ihree or six - -. — u;nes and stopped licfore expirn- 3 loom furiik.lied apartment. tlon will be charged for the iium- - - tofr ot times the add appeared and tdjustment of hill made. "All Classified Advertising copy Vibmitled by persons residing out- tils of the ciiy must • be uccom- fanied by cash Rates may be easily, computed from above table. , -Advertising ordered for Irregular .insertions takes the one time nuc. No responsibility will be taken for more tlmn one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business "Directory *- FULLER~BRUSHES~ : ~ 'Call Dan Mctaari, I'lione IQ.TO Mid-February USED CAR SPECIALS Farm Loans WELDING 'three room furnished apArtmeiu, '('ul(C itdviinlngc of this J>ri v/itii privatf bath, \'Xi K. ASH. j spring - Ck'uriince. \Ve hiivc car you want, at itorc ijuitclln;;. 309 No. "miiHl'ii.! l"'' cc .VOH w:illl (» pay. Phone 951-J. 1-^)k-l2' ,,„ „„ , „, , ' 'M Toril Tudor. \Vw tires, illy driven. 5,eulis and rims like new ' ( Large or Small j At Low Interest Hates. We arc equipped to handle large X. Af'ir'rvt nxii. or snm11 llla!1K ™ all y m™<l li'^ct <v j\\,i,i i MV-M' O f i arm IM,^ A i Iow co ,. t( anti al ;=SV:C I "''TERRY'ASrRACT& ^ S'«;;r s ;=,,7-:US2: C X^» Icimrlcs lleain. Mrs. C. II. W)«:elcr. 7ckH Moili'in 5 room liplisc v.'ilh until.; ! D. W. CRANFORD (:l»>\'. Cuadi;- 'City drive)). Call am. ,, , a-di-llil Ilraltr • Hjulpped. Clean — _—LJ— _ throughout ,. room furnlstird apartment. Moil- ' em. 1315 VV. Main'. 3-t:(:-tl; >37 ! : Nicely furnished 4 room hoii^c. 1113 W. Main St. = S-ck-lO Slciiin healed bcdruoin. All convo;i- Ifuees. K18 W. Wiilnul. 3-ck-ll for employctl wnimin. lOaa W. Main. I'hone 239. a-cV.-tl Nice bedroom with Iwlh. 0110 W. Walnut. Plionc CH7-J. -i-ck-ia (M) . Tiid,c . Molor. ( lVi' (itiililtun. Cleaii . Color '... s:m '3<S C'liev. Master Co.ii-li. !)<•- 1 rcoin finiilshed npartinenl. I'rlv- nle bath. Desirable location. Call Rooms or apartment. Chlcknsawbn near School. Phone nu. 30pk2-2Q I room furnished npariment nnd hath. Modern and clean. Corner Main and 2nd. P. Simon, phone 76-f.. •25-ck-lt Nice bedroom convenient to hath Steam heat. Phone 2HO. 21cktt For Srslc or Trade Forty ncre farm two miles from neete, Arkimsiis. Good level land. Bccbc lias two Creamery Markets, Poultry Market, Strawberry Association. Two Year College. -Wllfcliis. Dt-iijT Co, Arkansas. Luxmit, 8-|>k-12 MULES Will trade for Mules, Cows, llos*, Cattle, Corn, Hay anil Lumber. Delia. Implements, Inc. Sec I'loyd Simpson 8-ck-tl Found lse lectli, upper plnte. pomul In P. M, Hurst's yard. North lOlh. Owner may have, same by paying cost of this nd. Courier News Of lice. . luxe. Neil' |::ilm erccn tol- «f. N«w ujilinl.strry. Molar iivn hauled. A real liargahi '37 Chev. .S|Joii Krdjii. Kqiiiii- lietl with luiiier, railio uml \Vhllr Siile Walls.. Clean ear nt a li;ii»aln iirk't.... $'',W Sl'BCIAL BARGAINS I'OR , SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ".H Cliev. -Coupe. , With 1040 License 5 87 ! Fonl Deluxe Tudor 5105 i Chtv. Coach. With 1940 Lieensc S'^lfi ".K Slndeliaker Co.-icli ?22<1 TltUCKS AT UAKCA1N 1'UIOUS I t'licv. !}{• Ton. 8:25 Dual rears. 1:20 Front. Only.. S'i'l'l '30 Ford I'/, Tun, Only ...... $219 Highest prices paid for all kinds of _. p "" Ul '>; F'slici' and worthy Slecle. Mo. : l2-pk-2-l 1 ' 1 Baby Chicks Custom Hali-hing Marilyn Hatchery Ulyllicvllle Itiwy. Cl Nortl, 12-pk-2-12 '37 Ford rick-up '38 1'ancl '37 O. M. C. I'ick-'Up ...;..; PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. SVW . S285 f'lh & Walnut I'hone 81V Personal Arouse Sliifclsh Liver, work oil the bile to rid yourself. of constipation,, gns pnlns, and that sour, punk feeling.'Tnkft one box of • KIKUY'S r ACTIVE fclVER PILLS 25c nt all Klrby Stores Lndics belt of green fabric. Found Thursday morning, on Main St. nt. God Hotel. Owner Ifmay Imvc' MISSOURI belt by paying cost of this ,«| MISS>OLR1 Courier News' orncc.- Land For Sale Key to Willys Overhaul aitlotno bite. Owner umy Imve snme W paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. Salesmen Wauled 101 E. Mmt MARINE SHELLFISH Pictuied Marine i shellfish. 7 It belongs to the genus [13 Jewel. [34 Grinding ;• .tooth. ;1G Climbing t Plant. •ITCenlury plant i fiber. l« To rectify. Answer to Previous Puiile 35 Italian river. f knots. 35 Mortar tray. 3.1 To erect. 31 Whirlwind. .22 To permit 36 To undermine ;23 Grazed. 41 Point. &4 Wolframite. 43 Fuel. i< ' ' 125 Spike of corn. 45 Pottage. \ •27.To rot flax. « Layer of a ' :?$ Wholly. scries ;30Limb. T'I 49 Foray. ^32 Separate 50 Kile end. v_l incident. 52 Bones. •34 Asterialea 53 Irish, •i : stone. 54It'has enormous — or pincers, 55 Founded. 10 Jockey. i 11 To combine. ' 12 To render stiff 15 Romanian i coins. 23 It ^— on . ; animals. ^ £ '. 24 Sounds of •' popping corks. 26 Witty reply. 28 It is caught in , or pots. 29 Venomous snake. 31 Driving ' command. . " 33 Exclamation. 34 Advertisement 39 To embarrass. 40 To force. 42 Stretched tight. 43 Cogwheels. 44 To ascend. 4SLand right. Friday & Saturday SPECIALS VERTICAL 1 To cut off. 2 To deem. 3 Diminished. 4 Blow. 5 Green gem. —„ 6 6 Braided quirt. 48 Virginia 7 Trading guild. Willow 8 Trying 49 Huge mythical . experiences.. bird. 9 Grandparental 51 Conducted. [,AND—80 acres cut over nn Highway 60, $1 per nrrc cash, balance over period of six ar.s. Conway & Houchins Hlyih.cvlHc, Ark. 12-ck-tf Male Ilelj) Wanted ARE YOU OUT OP A JOn7Tf you nie not ree\dnily employed, or not earning enough !o satisfy yourself,- write for particulars. Yoii can earn $5.00 or more a day on n Walking route now vacant. Must lave car mid .he under 5S. Write R M. Lewis, c/o TUB 'J. R- WATKINS COMPANV, Memphis, Tpn- icssee. GARAGE l)oH, Ark. WeMing . led Mnio Mule, wcl-jht 1UCO Ibs. 1 Kay Marc Mule woiuht 1000 UK M-:\vain. Wilson Co., Afiiio- iel, Ark. 7-Ok-H AND /:CKTYl,KNK WFLDING I) r a K 1 1 n ( ami heavy welding a specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'lione 19 or Rts. 1019 Poultry Repairing Expert gun repairing. Scr E ~M Damon nt the Blylhevlllc Armory on Wednesdays mid Thursdays Position VontiH lady, now employed, desires belter position. Uxcellent slPnoz- I'fijdier — capable shortlmnd and rapid typing. Bookkeeping expon- i-Mt: nest of rofwfiu-fti from j«e- virms nnployers. Write liox "20" Coiii'ii-t' News. 3-U11 Will pay cash for 20 or 30 ncres a few miles out of the city lic- scrllie fully. Write "II. c. v c/o Courier News. 9-ck-13 Seal Ifuuf Cancctleil CAPETOWN. Boiitli Africa <(JP) —Cliiinging fashions In fiir conli have resnUed in the cancellation of the Union Government's animal official seal hunt nil's season. The demand for sealskins on South African nnd foreign markets is i :tnnn this year. Kamlly Washing Dclayeil YORK, Pa, (UP) — MI'.,, jama, Mnrtin put the family clothes in the washing machine and snapped fused to run. A hastily summoned REMEMBRR LEFTY'S i Station for Magnolia : Mobitoil : Managed by aller Cox, Jr «f B. M. Murray S4 Us For Anti-Freezej electrician found tlic motor mbs- charged with FOR SALE! Store Equipment One used 8 foot, KOCH ne- riroior Meat. Case with Compressor. Tttrr-u Jlgl)t«l (lispliiy front with pure for excc-ss sutraus «n<l .cold drinks. Will install and ijUiiranUie; Mr-t'tric Ji K luc-il Standard G'arn- PUtfng. Scaleij; Accurate weight and pi Ice at a glance. Orcat oiscount over original price One Ijf-avy duty ei ,!a paper tape machine and counter equip, mem. • , - . Alwye t-flulpment like new Pi'iopil-r lor quick, sale. Cash, Terms, or trade for livestock K. £. WRIGHT H. W. Cl, One Mile .So. v-'' 1 '• •• I'lione 481-J larceny. Head C'.urler New.s want ads. Now Looted at J01 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU „., . MikM of Rebuilt Typewrite^,- BAD COLDS, FLU, SINUSITIS by DRS. NIES & NIES Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe motoring Is the aim of every d.-iver. Then, why not assure yourself of this safety as far ns your automobile Is concerned. Drive In and let our mechanics put your car in glmpe for any driving. The cost is reasonable mid (he trork guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Wanted lo Rent i or 3 room furnished apartment. Close In. Call 5G4. > : 9-ck-l6 Sedan. 939 Chevrolet Town Special I'lymoulh Town Seilan. Deluxe Model , ........... $59,i S3D Fcrd V-S Tourin K Sedan. Low Mileage : ....... . .. S595 938 Chevrolet Sport Sedan. Motor overhauled ...... $l>5 938 Chevrolet Coupe. A. bcau- '->•• Only ............... SIS3 937 Chevrolet Town Sedan. Kol buy ............... S3G5 937 Dodsc Sfilau. Ituus like 1931 J'onlbc Coupe. Ntir Only 93C Ford V-S Tudor 036 Uodse Coach Many Cars Under S100 Ml .Makes anil Model Trucks ready for Sen-fee. We Trailc Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone G33 And Look I'lciisanl BY FRED HAKiMAN VOKERE1 SAvO A r-v\ivl HOSS&S AWT \M Tri HASlTOFRUMrOlM z \_OOK ™ YOUR HWR. Thc Fat's in the Fire RY V. T. HAML1IS IT LOOKS ^siFMy OMW COURSE IS A CHOICE OP PCOMS.... SO I'M GOING TO BEACH THIS TUB SSFORE ft SINKS UNDER ME ' POURIWG IWTO THIS -VT.-THE REST OF SOOM WILL BE ' I'LL TAKE HOT MUSIC . AHEAD OF COUD WATER- AMY Tl(vAE' LEAP MEM 70 THEIR; DOOM, POC AND ALLEV IE ALRGADV UOOTS AND HER HUDDIES Boots' Own Ideu RY ROGAR MARTIN WASH TUBBS HY ROY CRANK , SHOULD HAVE WEM Off MS BOOTS-BUTDOM'T WORRY. WE'RE AIMOST THERE ( HEVIWHWTHEBLAIESITHE \cuggansswEpm6 us OUT ^z- _ WE'RE FARTHER f TOW -SHORE HOW - POfF PDfF VOULL NEVER ....... IT WITH SUCH A BURDENJ THERE'S WO SENSE IN BOTH OF US HMWNIMG, WU ML«T LEAVE FRECKLES AND HIS I-IUKNHS The AVoret Has Happened HY MERRILL BLOSSEK BE READY WH6M WOULD BE ONE /

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