The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1960 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Page 14
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i \*V,''' *~A>fcn« (to.) Upper Des Meine» Tuesday, June 7, 1960 \- 1 ] i Tidbits by Evelyn Memorial Day is a time for family get-togethers and picnics With friends. The J. B. Asas and Max Millers picnicked with the Clinton Lighters that day. I'd like to go back to the days when Frank and Mary Henderson. Melvin and Wanda, grandma Henderson and Lute, mother. dad and I got together for picnics and dinners. What pounds and pounds of food we consumed piTSviii HAMMER ITS- GOTOAl HARDV^JTg FOR PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE CslUs Do you know what a floating washer or • street elbow it? They are small, inexpensive item used m plumbing work ... such as wt employ in miking time* ly repairs that can prevent costly work later. We are just M Interested in handling a leaky faucet or clogged sink drain for you as a major job Our quick, efficient service will show you. We invite your: call. P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING 112 E. McGregor Algona CY 4-3640 over the years. « * * ! Of the group mentioned above, Melvin and I are the. only ones left. He. too, holds these memories dear and we do a lot of reminiscing. When he and his family were here last fall they fell in love with the town and a recent letter from Melvin says they'd like to spend several months here eacli year when they reach retirement age. * * * Melvin also sent a clipping from the Los Angeles Times, taken from the personal section and sent by Rose Miller of Algona. It is a coincidence they should read the personals and to run on to one from here. I am quite a private eye and began to trail Rose Miller. All at once it dawned on me — she roomed at the John Briggs years agg and was employed by Mr and Mrs Robinault in the Silver Gray cafe. I talked with her and she told me the ad was to get in touch with children of her deceased sister. The ad was answered after one run and a wire from the Californians has put the family in touch after 30 years of silence. Certainly prompt action all around. * * * A note from Frances Wiese says her husband Art likes it in Greenland where he is working for the government but is getting a little homesick and will be glad Now you Know! The answer to everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon QUESTION: Is it a good idea to insure an engagement ring and if so, who should be Ihe insured person? ANSWER: If Ihe ring is valuable, it is a good idea lo insure it, and either or both the engaged people may be named in the insurance policy. * if you'll address your own insurance questions to this office, we'll try to give you the correct answers and there will be no charge or obligation of any kind. L S. BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge CY 4-4443 Summertime is the best time to REM ,|Dbisimidtoro«tyo» VM 00* W00HG fQflWf QHv food old tummertiin*, M» 1 •oMaf fcow targt or •BMN your pfO|ooi tt> wa* 'would tte to toft w* y«« I NO DOWN PAYMENT •iL^aV ft M JblL^am thft^a^M ^ * f •wm •• *» Vff^aw BW18J87 W tTlHIf18JIJ fob wUh a* aosb down. Oa big STOP for homi Improvtmenf help KELLEY LUMBER CO "Ovr lu»ine«s U Building" SIX?ON - OTTOSIN - AlOONA to come home in September. As I understand it, after a vacation at home, he can sign up again for another period of time, six months I think. Art has met a man from Texas who lives about a black from Bob Geigel. That would be in Amarillo. I believe. t * * Isn't this cute? Teacher in arithmetic class, "If you take three from seven, what's the difference Johnnie?" Johnnie — "That's just it — who. cares." * * * Mrs Nick Fisch and Beulah Richardson are African violet fanciers and were recently at Des Moines to see new varieties and do. some purchasing. While there they saw Pearl McGuire. former Algonan. My violet has gone into a sort of decline so Mrs Fisch is coming over to repot it and add one to the planter, an oblong affair what will hold a pair nicely. I think my plant got lonesome and needs companionship. My pepper plant, a Christmas gift, stays hale and hearty and has never been without blossoms and peppers. * * * When I read of rescue activities for mountain climbers, I get riled. Unless the climbing is for some definite project for research, and necessary things, why not say," get down the best way you can", for so many times it is merely clone as a hobby and to set a record of some sort. Who cares about such records. Why jeopardize lives of rescuers just to get silly men- out of a jam they needn't have gotten into. * * * One of my pel peeves — why do people say "free gratis." Gratis means free and the free with it is entirely . superfluous. Either say — "It was gratis", or "it was free." * * * Another ever greater peeve is against the persons who take flowers from graves, and it is being done all loo frequently. Anyone who does such an act is lower than a worm. I have had experience with flower robbers and have had plants "slipped" till all I had left was stalks. This year I have again heard of a couple who placed flowers in the cemetery. Sunday evening only to, find the graves undecorated the following morning and they had to do it all over again. There is •nothing more contemptuous than such robbers. It makes my blood pressure rise. * » * Here's a new game — or whalev6r you want to call it. I wonder if any Algonan has fallen under the spell. Trampolines^those frames on which youngsters and teenagers jump and are tossed in the air. We watched a group perform on the four placed in an enclosure at Moline the Sunday we were on vacation. The fee was 40 cents. * * * Speaking of the vacation — Parking is a problem everywhere and I don't believe I mentioned the brick buildings which are being torn down in Davenport not far from the levee to make parking space. The downtown business men have keen competition in the shopping centers with their adequate space, and are trying to find areas for the ever-increasing number of cars. * * • And while we are on ihe subject of projects, I too am in favor of a park where the dump is. I am also in favor of a dam to give us a nice river like the one at Oelwein. We used to have a picturesque spot where the old mill stood and I am reminded again of the little steamer "Lady Norwood." Andrew Norwood has been here from Tacoma, Wash., and called on me the other morning. Friends of ihe Harold Jergenson family who now live at Aur- oVa, Colo, will be interested in learning that the daughter Janet was recently graduated. The pleasure of having a lovely class ring, the gifts accompanying graduation, has been slightly dimmed by the loss of a new coat. I was not told the details on it but hope by this time it has been recovered. It has joined a slip of mine, I guess. Silly to lose an undergarment but rather serious losing a coat. * * * It made a mouths water when Lizzie Post told us of the luscious chocolates which were thrown away after six years of unsuccessful negotiations to be rid of many, many pounds of candy. After six years of technicalities which couldn't be ironed out, the sweets found their way to the dump. * * * Frank Ostrum phoned me to tell me he had read with interest my accounts of the Algona Brownies baseball team. He knew them well through having played in the band at every game along with my uncle "Pat" Cady. * * » The Bob Harrington family is back in Des Moines after about 18 months in the Phillippines. The children Tim and Betty and Mr Harrington made the trip via plane to Des Moines. where they found a house. Mrs Harrington followed a week or so later, also via plane and they are again established as residents of the good old state, Iowa. * * • Mrs Carrie St. John ha* also had a plane trip. She has been in Columbus, Ohio with her son- in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs William Kinsey, to whom a seven and a half pound daughter was recently born. The infant was named Lisa Marie. Mrs St. John had a traveling companion, Mrs Carrie Bourne, who had been visiting her daughter Julia in Cleveland, Ohio. She too had made" the trip both ways via plane. * • • If you are caught somewhere sans bucket for necessary water, and should you be lucky enough to have a raincoat with a hood with you, use the hood to carry water. Yes, it was done by a friend of mine. It might take several trips to get enough water for a vase or plant, but it can be done. * * • I was glad to have as caller:) Memorial Day Mrs Lolla Ladendorff, whom I have known since childhood, and her friend's, Rfes-., Elsie Reibsamen Hart ' l of Williston, N. D., and-her Brother Glen Reibsamen, Marshalltown. The Reibsamens lived at Bancroft at one time and Mrs Hart took oil and china painting of my aunt Eva Cady Goddard. A family reunion had been held here Monday on which I will report later. * • • The little birds have formed a great liking for the "Cady Cafe" just outside my window. I watched the parents bird feed a little one the other day. Junior was almost a big as his parent but was a lazy little lad. H?d open his mouth almost wide enough to swallow himself while food was poked down his glut- tonish mouth. But bless him. Occasionally a squirrel joins them, but not often. * • • The tragic fire brings to memory facts I've been told about the hotel, known years ago as the Thorington. It was built near the Milwaukee depot when it was thought the town would grow there. When it was seen this would never be, the hotel was moved to its present site, replacing the Russell House. My grandfather, Thomas Henderson, whose business was moving buildings and building bridges, moved this hotel, and it must have been quite a project. Rollers have since been replaced by wheels and motors. What a long time it must have taken, too. When Andrew Norwood called on me, I asked him how many horses were required. I had vi?ioned two or three teams at least. He said ONE horse. Seems unbelievable, but he recalls watching it when he was a lad about eight years old and I am sure he must be correct. That would be about 72 years ago. Mr Norwood said my grandfather was assisted by a Mr Sampson, probably Claude's father. Now that we have gone back 72 years, let's go back 36 to 1024. Senator Brookhart carried Kos- sufh county by 1600 and state by 30,000 in primary. Sexton Savings bank absorbed by neighboring banks. Paul Kenefick killed a four foot rattlesnake in Union township. Algona Rotarians entertained 60 Fort Dodge Rotarians and Rotary Annes. Kiwanis organized in Algona with 35 members. Olga Carlson wedded to John Jordan of Mason City. RETIRES Clarence Waidelich of Sabula recently retired from the railroad after serving 43 years as clerk at the Burlington yard office in Savanna. Mr and Mrs Waidelich have spent all of their married life in Sabula. Gems From Diamond's Lead, Zinc, and Titaniam WHITF EXTERIOR PAINT leg. $5.50 Value 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY $18.81 Leader AU-Purpose WHITE PAINT a 39 Gallon Perfect for fences, out buildings, or primei coat. GALLON LOTS $11, SYMPHONY IN COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT Truly a beautiful paint to work with and seo. Dries in minute*. Conwaro mt 3 99 Gallon SUPER BRIGHT RED OUTSIDE BARN PAINT 4 49 Gallon i GALLON PAIL OHLY III. •••••• Stake funeral Homes Homes At LuVERNE WESLEY RENWICK TITONKA AMBULANCE SERVICE ' Oxygen Equipped -:- Radio Controlled " mm^t^mm WE ARE THIS AREA'S OLDEST AND MOST RELIABLE NAME IN THE WELL DRILLING BUSINESS! -SIOUX STEEL BUILDINGS AMERICA'S FINESt LINE OF FIRST QUALITY STEEL BUILDINGS • Strength'To Last A Life- timel • Flexibility To Fit Every Needl • Low square-foot cost for machine storage, livestock shelter, grain storage . . . Sales room, office, warehouse, and many other commercial uses. FOR DETAILS And A SQUARE DEAL E. E. (Bud) Robinson General Contractor 1001 No. Main St. Algona CY 4-3374 0 « ! « ! For: • WELL DRILLING • JEEP DITCHING • PUMP REPAIR PHONE CY 4-3848 - ALGONA Elbert Well Company

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