The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Page 11
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Elaine Maahs Is Whittemore Shower Honoree WhitJemorc — A misrclljinc-oiis ahmviT H-.-IS held M;iy 29 in St. I'.'iulV: LiilluMTin church in hon'>'• of Elaine M;i;ihs. daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward' Mrtahs. The afternoon was spent piny- ing 500. Mrs Ruth SHiuftz won liiuh in 500 and Mrs Gr-orgr> Bcsrh low. Mrs Wayno Oado won I hr door prizr. Mis Tcrrnnco Hchlmor of Ames was in charge of the gnesl hook. Tliosc in charge of the gifts' were Rldorn M;i;ilis, Kiln Rao M;i;ihs, Mrs Ralph Sellers ;md Janet I,eu. After the unwrapping of gifts lunch was served. Ma.-ths will lie married Sunday, June 10 in SI. Paul's Lutheran church to Richard Leu, son ol Mr and Mrs Louis Leu of Mnlvrrn. Mr Lon-wna pnirooTv ial school lencher here in SI, Paul's school before graduating •from Concordia Teachers college in Seward, Nebraska. Mrs Arthur Hoidemvilh, Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl and Kay Frances Kosondahl drove to Albert Lea, Minn. Sunday viftor- noon whore they visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Lloyd Walker and family. Mr aiftl Mrs Paul Schroder and daughters Rosemary and Knthy of Chicago visited at. the home of Mr and Mrs Waller Struecker over tin; weekend. Mr and Mrs Herbert Polratz and Mrs Ernie Meyer attended commencement exercises held in Pomeroy high school Wednesday evening. A relative. Mary Gerdes, daughter of Mr and Mrs Herman Oerdi s, was a graduate. MUSHROOM Terry Titus of Guthric Centei has proved you clon'l have to look far to find mushrooms in Guthrie county. He recently found a six-incher in an alley in Outline Center. We've got low-cost Butler Utility Shelters ...IN 3 WIDTHS! Get the utility shelter that really does fit your needs. Choose from three Butler widths—16', 24' and 32'! Standard 1010" sections can be assembled lo any length. All holes pre-punched for fast erection with simplest hand tools. Corrugated steel sections arc galvanized for longer life. One end is open, one closed. Easy to mount on skids or foundation, to fit every shelter need.. This is the lowest-cost way to put your equipment and supplies'under permanent, fire-safe cover. Drop in soon Jhd price them. HOG SHELTERS, TOO! Ideal for growing periods. Easy to keep clean and sanitary, easy to move around. Many degrees cooler inside. One end open, one closed, with lop ventilation. Low in pric*. Your full-line headquarters for ^J^t Buffer qualify farm equipment Atgona, Iowa CY 4-2421 How To Be Your Own Weather Forecaster Leaves Turn Up LEAVES SHOW BACKS BEFORE A STORM. LEAVES GROW ACCORDING TO PREVAILING WINDS.CHANGE IN WIND TURNS LEAVES UP. It's Always 'Good Weather 9 when you keep adding to your savings account here with steady, regular deposits. Those steady deposits are the •building blocks' to a secure future for your family — and will provide many of the things you want and need along the way, Besides, we add regular interest payments lo keep your account ever growing. Planned Dividend Rate Now In Effect 4% HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. ONE THING THE JUNE BRIDES will find out soon is that a married person has to become skilled as an interpreter. Both husbands and wives frequently say one thing and mean quite another. It's not exactly lying, for most of the time both spouses sincerely think they are not fooling when they make these remarks, but you don't have to be married very long before you learn that not all yruM- mate's pronouncements h;r\e to be taken absolutely literally. * * * • TO ILLUSTRATE THIS POINT, I have compiled a sort of glossary for the wedlocked. We have first, what we say and then, what we really mean. When he says: "I may have to work late tonight, honey." He means: He's anticipating a few hands of cribbage and/or some refieshments with the boys. * * * She says: "Is there enough lemon in the lemon meringue pie. dear?" She means: Compliment me on the dinner I slaved over all afternoon, you big lug! * * IS He says: "Where in Ihe world did you hide my green sporl shirl?" He means: He knows it's hanging in the closet where it usually is He just hasn't bothered to look there. 11: * * She says: "Wear your green shirl, dear. It looks so much beiler on you than tin.' blue one does." She means: She hasn't sewed the missing button back on the blue one yet. * * # He says: "The grocery bill is sky high, nobody bolhors to turn off lights or shut doors around here and you kids must think I'm made of money." He means: He's just indulged himself in some new fishing equipment or some other personal extravagance. She says: "I was downtown loday and bought you a whole new supply of socks, undershirts and handkerchiefs." She means: She also bought herself a new dress, hat, shoes and handbag. * * * He says: "Some of the most intelligent men of our limes are bald." He means: Thai new haid restorer isn'r working verv well * * * She says: "Mary Jones is just about my age." She means: Mary Jones is a good ten years younger. * * * He says: "You sure were Ihe gay one at the party lonighl." He means: I hope she didn't notice all the time 1 spent over in the corner with That Blonde. * * * She says: "You aren't peeved at me are you, honey?" She means: She knows blamed well he loves her. She wants to hear him say it once in a while. * * * He says: "Things sure are in a mess around here. If I ran my business the way you run this house—". He means: He's got troubles downtown—slow collections, taxes, unpaid bills, employee friction, arguments with the boss, etc. ' * * « She says: "I think it's belter for a child to be nice and normal in his interests like our Junior instead of a little bookworm like Sammy Smith." She means: Sammy Smith got all As and Bs on his Junior received Cs and one D. report card. son. Muriel Ackerm-nn, Arlenr Chafce, Florence Gielenfeld, and Ha/el Mann.- Miss Larson was also honored at a shower at the portland Community Hall recently. New Garage Glenn Smith, formerly of Whit- lernnre, has opened a garage and filling si;.lion in Ihe former K & II building on the west end of Burl's main sti • •<•!. Mr Smith has spent most of his life in this aiea, having been born on ;i farm .six miles east of town and graduating from Algona high school. Mrs Carmody, 90 Mrs Sue Carmody, who makes her home at Wilfair Rest Haven in Hurl, observed her 90t.h birthday anniveiraiy May 2fJ. She was h(,-norcd at a pai ty with the residents as guests. Bir'hday Surprise Gary Xwiel'el was pleasantly surprised on his birthday Sunday when the following relatives and Inends dropped in: Mr and Mrs Glum Zwii'fel, Brian and Patsy, Mi and Mrs Meinderl Ullmann and lamily, Titonka, Mr and Mrs Frank Ullman, Woden, Mr and Mrs Merrill Zwicfel, Mr and Mrs VViliis Jones and girls, Wesley, Mr and Mrs Cletus Zwief'el and family, Woden and Mr and Mrs Jake Smith, Burl. Bombers Met The members of the Burl Bombers 4-11 club met at the Julian Cherland home recently. The group voted to hold their annual club tour June 13 with a picnic dinner following at Iowa Lake. A demonstration was given bv Hogcr Cherland. He says: "Channel 10 is coming in better than channel 3 tonight." He means: He,wants to watch the boxing match over channel 10. The rest of the family prefers, "Father Knows Best". * * * She says: "I'd rather have a good clolh coat than a cheap fur one." She means: Her best girl friend just got a new moulon lamb and is 1 she ever green-eyed about it. * * * , He says: "I'll be home in exaclly twenty minutes." He means: Put his food back into the refrigerator. He won't be home for hours. * * * HomemakersAt Swea • Eagle Name Officers Swea & Eagle — Eagle Homemakers met at the home of Mrs Arnold Duer recently with Mrs Virgil Tokheim assisting hostess. Mrs Duer had devotions ancl Mrs Tokheim gave a reading. The next order of business was election of officers, with Mr? Kenneth Brones succeeding Mrs Lloyd Thorson as president and Mrs Walter Goraczkowski succeeding Mrs Harvey C. Larsen. secretary. The lesson was a panel discussion. There will be an Eagle township picnic Sunday, June 26 at Reynolds Park in Swea City. Mr and Mrs Harold Roalson entertained at their home after baccalaureate services at Arm- I strong, in honor of their ler, Patricia. Mr and Mrs Raymond Picht entertained al homo in honor of daughter, Alice, after Baccalaureate at Armstrong. Dinner guests at, the Floyr 1 Oilman home recently were Miami Mrs Lloyd Thorson and family, Mr and Mrs Everett Thorson and Linda, Mrs Hilda Anderson, Mr and Mrs Norman Oilman and Debbie; Mr and Mrs: Wiirrrn Whitman and family and Mrs Augusta Whitman of East Chain; Mr and Mrs Andrew Hanson and Sandy Slaba of Armstrong. Tho group observed tho first birthday of Debhie. Friends and relatives came In Ihe Andrew Larson home reccnl- ly lo congratulate him on hi:; 81st birthday. Kelvin Thorson had two weeks leave after basic training. Ho left Sunday for Huntsville, Ala. Mr and Mrs Koberl Ilime. 1 will be moving from Trner lo New Mexico where he has ac- eepled a teaching position for Hie coming school year. Mrs former Sheryl Tor- of Ihe Francis Tor- Tuesday, June 7, 1960 Atgona (la.) Upp«r De* Moln«i-3 called on a former classmate, Mrs Harold Jones recently. The two attended Hi" Algona schools in their girlhood. Mrs Earl Rer& and Mrs Kenneth Brones al tended the Oth District, meeting of VFW Post-; and Auxiliaries Sunday at. 1 For) Dodge, as delegate and alternate from the Swea City. Repu- senting the post, were Enrl I'.err and Kennel h Brones. C. L Hapidn prumrl SURPRISE . "Shorty" Burke of Crdnr recently displayed n 17- tiurthe.m lie honker) in tho Mariii'ikeifi river below the Ham al l)i Ihi. The frh is jus! over 40 inches in length. He vvns us- ; ng a l:ng- h-ink nnd !) Ib. test line. Himes is the ine, daughlcr ines. Mrs Cecil Arnold oj" Sealtle Did You Know? that on the average, a new compound or medicinal weapon to fight disease has been placed on the market every day since 1947, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST ... HIS KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO HEALTH RUSK DRUG Phone CY 4-2349 Algona. Iowa DAD? « GRAD? oreic WITH ROTARY BLADES AC/DC 'fUt Gray and While with Handsome traveling Case Whether he's a Dad or a Grad...or just has a birthday coming up soon...he'll be one mighty pleased male when you hand him a handsome Speedshaver. That means many mornings of smooth, comfortable shaving... with no more pinch, pull, cuts or irritated skin. You're giving him the world's largest-selling, largest-pleasing're giving him the best (and you'll agree he deserves the best). . Ask your dealer to show you Norelco's famous Rotary Blades! Other shavers use clipping action. Back and forth.-^ZT±L Often pinch, irritate. But Speedshaver's self-sharpening rotary blades go round and round j*~5 1^"^ under stationary whisker combs. Smo-o-o-ooth! And the Speedshaver is so easy to clean with its exclusive "Flip-Top" shaving head. She says: "I'll be ready to go in exactly iwenty minutes." She means: She still has to take a bath, fix her nails, c hair and apply her lipstick. comb her He says: "I have my Christmas shopping all done." He means: He's going to have one of Ihe girls al Ihe office select some-thing for his wife lale on the aflernoon of December 24. * * * She says: "Oh, you shouldn't have! I just love Ihe present but we could have pul the mi'ney inlo our savings accounl." She means: Brother, it's a good Ihing you remembered lo vcome through wilh a gift. Maybe I can trade it in and gel thai'little blue number in Ihe store window with the hat lo ma\ch * * * REV. NEWTON COUGHENOUR OF TKE METHODIST church spoke on the "Sins of the Saints" recently. The following exerpli from the sermon appeared in the church's midweek V. I. M. The seven deadly sins: pride, envy, anger, covetousness, gluttony, lust mental depression of ».. .w.. ^.^uvi..> oi«ia. (J i itit, v.niv.y, cUl{4Ul, UIIVIMDUSIIL'SS, glUUOll.V sloth. The seven deadly virtues: respectability, childishness, 'i timidily, dullness, sentimentality, eensoriousness, depress! spirits. * * * JUNE 4 HAS ALWAYS BEEN a bic day in the Vernon Burns family. On June 4, 1901, Mr and Mrs Patrick Burns of Austin Minn were married. On June 4, 1925, the Vernon Burns were married. On June 4, 1949, Jean Burns and Ed Shilling were married. Now, the only son of the family, Fr. Aurelius John Burns is about to be ordained a Roman Catholic priest. Coincidenlully, Ihe day sel for the oi'dination is June 4! * + * THE STRAWBERRY SEASON IS upon us. There is probably no better jam than just plain strawberry, but if ycu want something a little different you might try this Strawberry-Apple Jelly Jam"! The recipe came from Mrs Ethel E. Farrell of \Vhiitomore. 2 cups halved strawberries 2 cups canned or bottled apple juice 3 tablespoons strained lemon juice 1 pkg. (2M; 02.) powdered fruit pectin 4 cups granulated sugar. Wash, hull and halve strawberries. Combine drained berries and juice in kettle. Add pectin and mix well. Bring to a rolling boil over high heal, stirring constantly. Blend in sugar, continuing to stir as mixture is brought back to a rolling boil. Boil one or two minutes. Remove from heat, skim, ancl pour into hot sterilised glasses. Paraffin at once. Makes about 5, 8 «/.. glasses. — GRACE. Honored At Burl Shower Bur! — Over 150 lad IPS gathered at tho Hurt Methodist church Monday evening to honor Beverly Larson at a pre-nuptial miscellaneous shower. Mrs Dale Dundas registered the guests and Joan Gifford ' had charge of the gifts. Mrs Dean Andrews was in charge of the program: vocal duet, Carilyn andv Marilyn Hinckley, acpompanied by JoAnn Johnson; reading by Mrs Raymond Lovstad, and a reading by Mrs Dean Andrews. Beverly was assisted in opening her many gifts by Helen and Alvina Harms, Julie Thompson and Linda Larson. Miss Larson, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Edmund Larson, will become the bride of John Thompson, son of Mr and Mrs Russell Thompson, Burl, at the Methodist church Sunday, June 2G. Hostesses at Monday's shower wore Beulah Dundas, Joan Gifford, Charlotte Habegur, Marie Parsons, Marion Westling, Magdaline Ortman, Georgia Holding, Lydia Manus, Ruby Hinckley, Blanche Long, Aria McFarland, Benita Mitchell, Francis Smilh, Helen Johnson, Mary Jean'Andrews, Agnes Arend, Wantalee Hawcott, Harriet Black, Isabel Sabin, Viola Cunningham, Josephine Arend, Ruth Carman, Mary Jean Carlson, Ethel Smith, Loretta Lichter, Jenny Riedhoff, Dorothy Peter- ONLV CAR WITH WIDE-TRACK WHEELS Wide-Track widens the stance, not tht car. With the widest (rack of any car, Pontiac gives you better stability, accuralt control, lost Ivan and sway. JOIN TIM CI*Ct« Or •AMTV...CHKUC VMM CMlMlGNKK VWM OMVUM.l.CHKK [Nothing straightens S-curves like a Wide-Track Pontiae. You come out of a curve scarcely aware you've been in one. You wind your way with feather-touch control. You feel a reassuring absence of lean and sway, better balance and stability. Narrow trackfcars can't compare. I I \ M ' \ \ I 1 ' . \ S I i I v' I • A W TK A( 'K 1 ) I ' I \ SEE YOUR IOCAI AUTHORED PONTIAC DEALER , , . V»(HO ALSO SELLS GOODWILL USED CARS WITH MOgE BARGAIN MILES WR DOILAI ERNIE WILLIAMS PONTIAC-CADILLAC 1Q9 W. STATE ST. ALQONA, IOWA

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