The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1960 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1960
Page 16
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T J*' ••-Alfona (fa.) Upper Des Molnes Tuesday, May 24, I960 Declare Rat War At Bancroft The Bancroft town council last Week agreed to have the rats exterminated at the city dump and lay additional water mains in the community. The council hired the Shur- Way company of Algona to ex- terminate rats at the dump. Also it was agreed to 'extend the water main from Harrison street along the east side of Auditor's Block One addition of the town of Bancroft.'..'.-.' STAPLES: Bostttch, Tatum Swingline, Hotchk.iss and Presto Upper Des Moines Pub. Co r , Al gona. Gems From Diamond's Lead, Zinc, and Tiianiam WHITF EXTERIOR PAINT 3 99 Gallon *eg. $5.50 Value 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY $18.88 Leader All-Purpose WHITE PAINT 39 Perfect for fences, out buUding,, or prime, 5 GALLON LOTS SYMPHONY IN COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT Truly a beautiful paint [ to work with &rtd see. Dries in minutest 00 3 99 Gallon SUPER BRIGHT RED OUTSIDE BARN PAINT 4 49 Gallon 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY $19.50 That's really making hay! You can do it, too, with easy-running, power-saving Chop-All.. . and Gehl's new PTO Forage Wagon. This rugged haymaking equipment can'save you as much as $1000 over competitive makes. Farmers who have watched the Gehl Hay Pick-Up work •ay they can't buy bigger capacity—but best of all, the Gehl is so easy to operate. Come in and see this Gehl team... see why mort farmers own Gehl than any other independent make! BRADLEY BROS. 116 So. Thorington ALGONA CY 4-2421 ENROLL AIR-COOLED & AIR- CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS New Classes Start JUNE 201 JULY 5 • Private Secretarial • Medical Secretarial • Receptionist Secretarial • Office Machines • Comptometer FREE EMPLOYMENT Our skilled instruction will speed you to a highly-paid business career. Complete or Refresher courses* e Business Administration e Accounting (C.P.A.) e Salesmanship arid Merchandising • Key Punch—IBM and Remington-Rand Automation SERVICE FOR OUR GRADUATES MINNEAPOLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE NICOUIT AT 10TH STREET. fEderal 2-4338 "**.*, NOW IS THE TIME, the beginning of days, When usually sane husbands develop a craze, And small boys and big boys, and lots more others, Even including a few grandmothers, The itch is upon them to head for the lake, -^ No matter, the unfinished work in their wake, And for-strange behavior they give as their reason, The long-dream of opening—the fishing'season! * * * NOW, IN IOWA, the Season's about the fifteenth of May, But hardley an angler can wait for this day. •;. . So he starts on the bullheads, his appetite to whet, •;' (There's no limit on these: you keep all you get.) So, he fishes, and fishes, drowning worms by the do/en, \nd brags on his prowess to his aunts and his cousins. But it's just the warm-up, they'll soon sally forth, For game fish, and big ones,—you find them up north. * * * NOW. I HAVE SOME WORDS for this year's June bride. I think I really should take you aside, If you're marrying a fisherman, you need some advice, He may seem loving and thoughtful and on the whole, nice, But fishing's a fault, and you might as well face it, Don't fight it, my dear, nor try to erase it, Though you're lovely and sweet and really a dish, There'll be times your worst rival's an old slimey fish! + * * YOU'RE NOT ALONE IN the problem you face, I'.'s long been coped with by your friend, Grace. Who married a fisherman, some twenty years ago, And found out some things she never did know. First, if he brings home fish to his dear loving wife, And you go and clean them,.you're doomed for your life. He'll conjole you and flatter you and say he is tired, But in "love and obey", cleaning fish's not required. * * « GO FISHING WITH HUBBY, if it runs to your taste, (Moments together are too good to waste) If you don't like to fish, at the trees take a look, Read, knit or wander or be supper cook, But I want to warn some trips are pure stag, So you stay home cheerfully then and don't nag. Clean house, or be lazy while you are alone, He'll be so glad to see you when your fisher comes home. * * * ADMIRE EXTRAVAGANTLY, the fisherman's catch, But try to remember the big one of the batch, Is always the huge one that swam clear away, It was almost landed, then 'twas off down the bay! The fish stretched out lengthwise from "here out to there", "He fought me for hours; he was strong as a bear". To the tales, give a listen; for the flubs shed a tear, Your guy expects better luck, fishing next year. * * * FILLED BRIM TOP WITH hope, is a fisherman's life, It's somewhat less fun for the fisherman's wife. . There's lots worse diversions and sports for a man, . .. .. (Like taking to hashish; hitting grandmothers right an the pan) Not so dangerous as hunting—the worst he can do, Is fall in the lake, or maybe wet a shoe. It's as costly as golf, but when they are able, Fishermen bring home food for the table. . * * * WHEN A FISHERMAN'S YEARS on this earth are through, His heaven's not the same as for me and for you. No Ivory palaces, nor streets paved with gold, No harp playing angels, or so I've been told, His heaven's got lakes and rivers and streams, Pike flash in the sun; the trout really gleams. • And each one he catches in heavnly rebirth, Is two times as large as the big ones on earth! * * * , . • OF COURSE, IT IS NOT only the men who are ardent fishers, because many women enjoy the sport also. At our house, we have a grandma who goes fishing at every opportunity. I always thought that when her husband was alive she went on a fishing trip merely to accompany him, but since Grandpa's been gone .-she goes fishing anyway. She buddies up with some other grandmas — Hazel Lusby, Hazel Vera and Lizzie Post and they have a whee of a time.'Our Grandma is scared of worms, but Lizzie can't drive, so Grandma Rose does that, so it evens things up. * * • . FRANCES ODOR likes to fish, also, but she is beginning to' think her husband, Gordon pays more attention to the fish than he does to her. She sent him to buy her a fishing license a year ago, and when she looked a;t the information he gave, found'he had listed her height as 5 feet 10 inches! Frances is about 5 feet. 4. Gordon made-up for it somewhat, by listing Frances' age three years younger than she was then. This year, he did better on the height — 5 foot 6, but he listed her as atyear older 'than she is-now. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for a new way I discovered to cook bullheads. By popular demand, the cook is always supposed to "fry them crisp". I got a little sick of hearing this at a .recent gathering so I figured out a way to crisp them without frying them. It's adapted from a way to fix oven chicken. Dip good sized bullheads in salad oil or melt shortening, then in rice crispy crumbs. (Be sure the fish are dry or the oil won't stick. You can buy the cereal already crumbed but it's easy to roll your own). Place on an .aluminum foil covered cookie sheet and bake in a 375 degree oven for about Vfe hour. You don't need to turn them. We thought they were very good this way. Try it and see. — GRACE. Pick 2 Lokotans For Camp Honors Maxine Clayton and John Cordes, juniors at Lakota high school, have been selected by the Lakota American Legion and auxiliary to attend girls state and boys state at Camp Dodge the week of June 5. Maxine, 16, Is the daughter ot Mr and Mrs Max Clayton of rural Elmore and John is the son of Mr and Mrs John Cordes of rural Lakota. FILING PROBLEMS? For bet ter record-keeping, a filing cabinet* is the answer. From $24.50 and up. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. YILLOW PMfflg of your phot* boot Chevy buns through Chicago traffic to the tone of 21 mites tothegakn! Working lor Bumper end Auto of 1ft. noii, Inc., ten I960 Chevrolet pickup* battle Chicago traffic day after dtp. Each truck averages about 2,000 mtet a month m this wearing stop-fnd'ttart delivery service. Mr. Hurry Hatter, General Manager of S if H Truck Leasing, who lease* the tnicki to tha bumper firm, report* ~W* provide jutt maintenance on the trucks-gat, oil and everything else—to It , to know fust where we Hand on tost*. And our record* show that the '90 Chevies are giving us « much a» il milei per gotten . . . with an iiiemji of better than 17 miles per ifUon. Mister, thete are am ktnd of InieftiT Truck owners have good thinp t» toy about aO Chevy engines. And w»ea they're not talking •bout Ctevrofct performance and economy, they've ttsV ing you how great that new ToniQ*- Spring Ride is. How it soalo «p feed shock and vibration. Protects frejtte loads. Lets you run at faster, safe SPfidji to get more work done in • day* Dfcivsj a torsion-spring Chevy soon. Wei •** our case on that one rid* The engim is Chevy's famous Thrittmastsr 61 WORTH MORE BECAUSE THEY WORK MORE! CHEVROLET STURDI BI1ITHUCB Sow— right now— during the Spring Fever Setting Spree at your local authorized ChariUt •toaVf ' • KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA , IOWA CY 4-3554 ' (1) In The U.S.A. There Are 4,392,000 Babies Born Each Year ! THIS BREAKS DOWN TO: • 366,000 babies per month • 12,200 babies per day • 508 babies per hour • Over 8 Vabi*s per minute (2) Babies Wear Diapers For At Least Two Years -'•'•''.• • The average child uses approximately 3,100 during this time • Someone Has To Wash Thertil : '< ' "' (3) Now, Mother . . . Who's Going To Wash These Diapers ? * ***' • ' ', • '" /"- ' •' ; . W^, 'T,;? '-i V -•'. • DIAPER SERVICE A 50 million dollar industry, does an excellent job. BUT diaper service costs money .... an average at about $3.00 weekly. OTHER LAUNDRY SERVICES such as Coin-Op and Commercial Laundries. Again, such services cost money. Also may mean inconvenience and generally require pro- soaking by Mother. HAND WASHING or using wringer-type w£slte>s for diapers, ore bcKk^rokiitg fobs, at their very b««t. . ? "'' ^ WE HAVE THE ANSWER, MOTHER! NEW FRIGIDAIRE BABY CARE WASHER • Your Own Diaper Service At Home For Only $229 Per Week After Down- Payment Only FRIGIDAIRE Has It... AUTOMATIC SOAK CYCLE In A Low-Prk«d Wattw I MODEL, wo-SB The new Frigldqire "Baby Car*" washer lets you give diapers that needed pre-soak that assures absolutely clean, sanitary washing. If s the treatment all h«avily.|tM work and play clothes really neod. Only Frigidaire gives you • true automatic soak in a truly low* priced automatic washed BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE CY 4-3*13 "The Wildest Trador In Kawuth County" tf iik

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