The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1940
Page 6
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SIX. '••Today*? ' Sport Parade By MtUMOU - ARCADIA, Ca!., Feb. 3 <U1>) G:M lured Ihc humans • out here ""'—bat It won't lure, the horses Virtually Unknown Clial-'j," ' lenger Meets Heavy- sad .but u-wi, . ninck n.rnuty, sad .. ; I , r\ T • 1 . ' weight Uiamp lonigm . , . ., tort trtia, nnd the operator's of Ban •- •• ..... -• la Atiila t'ark verify every „-.„.,—— word'I've .-aid, For when (lie C'ul- Ypmc, F,jt>. 0. <U»i-For- Jfomla wlnu-r season ends exactly one . month from ' today, Santa Anita will luive spent more Umn Get ling briefly our .p,in-AiiierhMii good-neighbor policy, we stage lo- JJJShl (lie second battle between His JI25.000 lo pr~vi> thai goldi ' mean a thing If you muM' the el northern and .southern hwnlsp! for the world heavyweljht. crown, jyour racing : « E this cue betore tome 10,003 fans | -v.'liii-ihc doit r.t Madison Square Garden. hmd the Helmet In that sploU'h of darling lijht in the very heart ,of the "Iiou*o )' COURIRR NEWS T/ie Dope Bucket J. r. A! [-America Girl In Ills youiujer days l,| s . f' and associates called Him "RabW "ason: hu was as fa.M is ' ' Ti •'' ' /s - " i "ason: hu was Inree Of Clubs TakiW 6 '''f" »s»* n '»e .<»> I -n in i- i '' : ' llls l " ul co «-i'«l ;i tiu> wide TO -n in i- i '' : ' ls l " u co «-i'«l ;i wid lhan ID I-reshmrn ul territory ni Ihc hot cor YOHKI, , 1C e| 8hl arc ink- that nifk , biiili" our gr«u nort!i- ern nearo champion. Joe, Louis v'lll t.wiug ttucueh the iop;-s to dc'lem) his world title against the rou-yh- ;est, toughest man hs ever riier Arturo Oodoy, who halls. f'ro-n Chile, wen -oiitii 0 [ the equator Regardless of ihc «'i!im-r this •sahtn Anita ;' big "-" '•' ."' "'<- M'wiiiBr, cms nig wceausp cney Believe it lakes brawl between the Chilean indtaii, DIB wise oil' a they're .snvlii B $100,000 special. Die track coriiH«| Dauber and fan't wail dill develop here lv:o years ago, bill ihey were the exceptions. " Most Eastern breeders simply o|»»se winter rae- beeause they believe it takes s drawn irs for the! seldom lias ,,'ilL ^'^Imive'iy:,,^ lie St. I/nils ( Giants will - *f <^ i i ! P ' llu f ' 1 " llie:i ' v;hu , , °"° V ' ay « f m ',f ? l ? ar ' h ' W(i I5 ' T' , N ( WJ "" cy> C0 "" "^ 0 ' r *"" flllt ' " di " Cl °'' (or (hc betted out of press seats. who never rcud the book of rules'. . nnd Bomber Louis, one of the most devastating punchers pugilism ever knew should—while it lusts—approach the electrifying brutality attained in the historic Dem ( )sei'. Plrpo thriller nearly 17 years n-'o That Dcmpsey-Fitpo brawl—Hint melee between the "Mantissa Mauler" and the "Wild Bull of the Pampas"—«•« the first, nnd last batlie of the hemispheres for flsti- nun's most coveted trophy, Dem;)- scy won on a knockout In Ilie second round, but only after n heatt- conflict in' which he was the rln;; Into the Although Goiloy Is given little chance to win over Louis lonHlil. • the experts assure Hint he will last much longer than Pirpo did njaiml Dempsey. Tliey say this because Arttiro—brawny, black-haired, son of an Iquiqiie fisherman—fijhls in true beach comber fashion with hend-bults. elbows, back , hand.?, Slovc-hecls nnd thumbs. Moreover he fights out of a low crouch, with face almost sweeping the canvas as he bobs and weaves. He presents an elusive nnd dangerous target for n sharpshooter like Louis, who Is cautious about breaking his hands against n man who is all head nml elbows. Louis, whn shattered ring prcce- lor tin. circuit of (lie triple crown. So Santa Aulla \vc:u to work In typical Hollywood fashion—the boys snlrt it in cash. Each yenr the tliree-yeiti-old program has been made richer and richer until It Is one of the Juiciest hi the nation. Last seasui the dlvlsionnl stakes totaled $80,000. This season more limn $125,000 was Inld on the'finish line us ball, and nil the fiol of honey caught was a lot of fly-by-nlglits. The Santa Anitn meeltjig Jioiv Oilers Ihc $60,000 derby, four $10,COO fMures-the Santa Susanii, the Santa Mailn. the San Vicente nnd the Stui Juan Caplslinno— nnd a henvy sailing of $2,000 and 51,500 weekday events. Yet mnny hovsemeu will tell you ihnt, Ihc $125,000 (he track laid cut. In purses would move than buy all the three-year-olds on the grounds,'s n linrsh opinion, but let's look at the horses. Rlghl now the top three candidates for the $50,000 derby arc O. S. Howard's Mlaland, Milky Way farm's 'roujh Hombrc nnd Nell MqCaruthy's Augury. The former came cut. of Oregon, n stale • wilh rl, while .! •>"" Plain Joe to a'"! Mc-w iknow '"I"'. H Is his chief each uk.e 10 to promote and supervise .e pervse a s Httsbiirgh nnd Boston each I«oBram in Mississippi Couulv ID/ 1 UJlliln Ilfyint,!.,^, \.-_. , illir I lui lf» ,,, __ II... . - *^ lo si<ii. -------- 'v UIIM uu.mjii I' imve nine, w )iile UroaWyn has o nly ">!.' l'i« '"a 1 "- »2 months' of "the'' lit Is in (ho i< i ."o"* iivrc /it- i.s HI [iie iiiluulL A roun<l-uj) of the prosjwl.'j wlih 'of the Amateur Basket ball ifa IK me chancfl follows: »n rjiuanlvatlon which Ins iiu-i rd Cincinnati: Pitcher ' ' Joe Ileggs. ! "'"! l«'u.s|>ercd under his r-tonncr Vanliee. Control of'|iiiV/.mig "" ll enthusiasm,' d'esiillc'some\i iu ^lowjier gre.itest asset. Given only jccoperiUfon from the weatherin n :'ldef' S.'i'fte McCormlck. Hit. '.'«tfd a bn.wball loopalong i!« . . . OntXl I-'",» ' mi>olls lnsl >'ear.' samc Outnelder Vlncc DIMm-glo. lilt. « '"'Be success from .290 »•»•»!, (,111, ill L &*• "»•" *-•••' 11 vi 1 1 JJUIJJ1L 154 games with Kansas 1 uncial, mid entertainment 1039. Belled -10 homers. I points. Declaim- 1 L-ity, Jin- i Sllillil- ! Drove in 130 St. Louis: PJlclW "Prencher" Roe. | / )l! >'» Stopped four hits in ' put inlo operntlon >c has more ideas Hen- Hitler. If ho c he Ims on paper and in his noodle tiiis! county would be revolutionize;! In i sports, nut, as usual, there ;s a' - - - fly in the olnlmenl. And this ob-' Earning 1500 athletic points in. stnc-le is (he (rifle mailer of I'm-' " • . ~ - — !•*>.» *Ulli fltl'l III 1930 exhibition. Pitched one-hitter with Rochester last season Pitcher Ernie White. Twirled no- hllter with Houston. Won 15 games Binned is letters In five Innings Brooklyn: Shortstop "l>ee-Wee" »">•> >»»> " Reese. American Association base-'"is project ,„,„.. „, „,, ?,in .,.""" ,' 1 " ee - b »B8er cham-l"l«=ts" remiire at least a little cash, pion while with Louisville. Com- ' He is trying to figure out n scheme pared with greatest base-runners U V which he can still ma nem n " " me - t i»lo oim-allon even without ihi 1 Pitcher Max Macan. Won ID In r ™ (1 )' flllh >' '"ere. And n «uy 1. Columbus mainstay in '37 w |ti t wlll > bis spirit niui determinate once. The WPA. unfortimalely losv.s him no money to c And some three years at Sacramento High -i School, Frances Wight,,18, cap- ii' (aincd girls' basketball team throughout, captained baseball and volley ball teams and . starred in badminton. wi / 21 victories. No. 1 playoff lnirler T llkc UlD lrlshm n" he ,isjcnn'i l>. for Newark lust year ' ^ Hit .340 lor Nashville. Chappie' Chapman, licked, and he'll find a'way. Joe has a long and colorful bac!c- v, Cooter Wins Pair Of Games From -_ — — _..„„.., „ .,„,, v -_._ .„. .,.^...,., lt -, groun dtd carry him on.- He learu- H'hlch never has produced a really! Chicago: Pitcher Julio Honeltl ctl llls sports, nt. the Colle-e of good horse, Tough Ilombre did Won 20, tost five on west coast' """" " nothing as 11 two-year-old lo war-. Gave up only 24 walks in ^a i,,' rant him more than grade C rat-1" 1 ' .How long will Godoy last? Promoter -Mike Jacobs assures ihflt fans will pay close, lo §110,000 to see . these questions' answered Jacobs may be , right . became In Bomber Joe's four previous Ciarricn appearances he': drew $129,000 ;wilh Paulino Uzcudini,.Slli,ooo w^th Bob Pastor,t$iri,fl(io V(th Nnlhnn and -$102,000' with. Jolin Henry ' ' '• ' = . . . . , Will the fnns, who pay' more than a hundred -grand, see Louis on the canvas tonight}.. 'Can Oodoy sprawl (tie bomber ns dld'Schincllrigf. Bra'd- do;k and Tony Galenic? Mast experts doubt t),at 'Oodd'yli left hook lethal ns Die rights of _, . ••-' »'"- iigiiui ui Schmelliig apd Drnddoc):, whether it's as' : Jia)d,as Oalen^oX left hooi- no one knows. 'BUI nil ngr ee liul Us shorter and faslcr than Tony's port-side flipper. Arturo. tayoed 32 ol CD opponenls. How lon» can the Chilean challenger last? Well-rugged Arluro never has been kayoeil or stopped m C5 professional fights. In fact no opponent ever hart him on Hie , caims. •• D!lrlng , l[s last jUnjtC(t Stales campaign he oiil-rou 2 lied Galenlo Tor two decisions m 1937 He weathered the Oalento left hook for 10 rounds at New York and (or six heats at Chicago. Yet Oalento's southpaw sock almost kayoert Louis n the first round end had him on the floor in the thir.l lost simimer Most dwellers in Resin Ifciviir believe Goday will go eight or nine rounds with the champ. Joe Jacobs, who manages Schmeling and Galenlo, insists Arturo will go ihc •full 15 rounds and possibly win the decision. H. Oodoy wins, he will remain in the United states and give Louis a return title shot lor a mllllon- oollar gate in June. If Louis retains the title tonight, he will make his 10th crown defense against Johnny Paychek of ixs Moincs at the Oar- den In April. AS usual, ihc champ Is Betting 3T,(, p cr cenl 0 , Ule ^ gate. Godoy receives nu If 27-year-old Arturo "wins over 20-year-old Louis, he will be the first South American ever la hold the heavy crown. Also his victory •will mark the first time n, e mie has changed -hands indoors since June 9 1899, w hen Jim j orrri(!5 knocked out Bob Fitalmmons in 11 rounds at Coney Island. Weights will be unimportant anti 'hat solves the public racing worries, so if you'll pardon me I'll BO back to my.torm charts and omja board and solve one or iwo Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces the removal of his office from the Injram Kuilillnj lo his home. 124 E. Kentucky Phone 410 Ing. Augury, was bought for an even $1,000 at the Saratoga year- Won Knocks, and he well. Born June 24, 1895, al Arc, he nursed a burning i^ouis, wnn snatlered ring prcce- c>e " * 1 . 1I0 0 at the Saratoga year- won Pacific Coast battlnst dent by knocking out seven of his ' ! "B sales, cr for 30 per cent' less ''"st year with 3G8 highest eight previous lllle challengers, nat- " lli11 the average price tor some 'MS. ' ' ' ' urally Is tavorcd to win nt otlds ! " m hn "'' "'"' """" ' of.8-to-l over the first 15-nW route thnl the challenger ever attempted to travel. But the two big questions abou this Initial international honyy- •-- .• •™.>u ui nurac iuu nii-uiaKcr in ininrn weight title lilt, ever staged'lit Hie ai ' e "ti Santa Anitji now,, camp ' • Hinuuional len are these: in Will Gocioy Vl 'i:«)f. Liberty Pram;, Fnlry Oianl, have Louis on the floor?'and ,<2) ' "'J'niollor, Big lien, Oanncnllii'' •o.i and three wild pilchc.s. .1.^, nv. dmau-u ii uuiiung tii'.^iii: Onlncldcr Dominic Dallesandro ' lo 111ay ljnsol)[l11 " ll during his pic-p >n Pacific Coast batting crown <lnys ' So il wn . s llol> snriirlsing cxperlmcntnl handicap Shortstop Mel witek , ,„ ro „ part the better colts'niid Allies -,irc I ' - '' • ° iU ' Cixl -' jesting Vtheu-'tari;; 11 ™;;;;^ u^^^^^''^',^; won SSW&^.-'-n,^,-"^'--"''S- - te ' lue If money can'l line the • horse's ' n f osl '*I"i. 1>ltcl 'er :"t'ie" Plechotn. then ivhia cnn?. ; . Nclhlng, mui ^"F °>- "P 1 f've In American- As- Sn.nn Anita might ns , well stm, *™™ (l °": fnsl '*™ f - -Twirled a no- i> n ..i... • i.. . Illl ll I Ajtierlca's No I •Kfiitiicky ', Derby ' Is • ww j UIM linrsc 1 race nnd neither .the US '* with Kansas Cilv. H ff\30G n . sv l»« ami .323 4e.«.$oi>, ., . , , , nBflc)phla: " "' '"' . Outfielder Stan ' ..._t. 1LJIII ILL'LlLlt.1 .lilt! U O - -".... -0-J 111 II mint nor .iT counterfeiting machine' B!lmes wit!l Boston at end of last can- cliiinjje It. Instead of• trylnc'to''"'"""" change it, let Santa Anila concentrate on,, the- $100.000 liaiidtcap -""""""'"• "n .:«3 in, 135 gnincs which Already has proven Itself' , ' chll t(anoogfi nnd slole and on •western bred horses Lei £?• '• ' California encourage the home-' Plt e''tr Ray Clark. Won. 20 games bmls and In 10 years the state " won't need to worry about horses It- will have pll it enough left over lo ensi as .well. uiiiiornla encourage the home-!, " le " Cr Ra .v Clark. Won 20 games bi-ctls and In 10 years the state' "- 4 - 1 I W earni >«vi for Porlsmouth won't need to worry about horses !n ' 193 9- •• - " • ; • Green's Dairy, East Arkansas Builders Win needs Invade and ih, my the same . Jolting _Knrl Green's d nfry noscd Oll , Klrby Ding Co. Thursday '•night h, their fh-st start in H-oniMiV league competition, Mrs. "n c d" Dicker- The main bout, scheduled 10 p.m. iE5T), supported Whittle of preen's and May" olill . for ! «i|> of Kirby's luid 'the highest four by an all-heavyweight cftr d. There arc four six-round bouts and an game averages, 105 an<i lix lively. ' In last night's game" Enst . , '"'is Lumber Co. won over Vnv- l» lr j J"""")'Tucker, New! Oairy by a Comfortabl" nuuz'm" York. vs. Buddy Scott. Texas; Jack I Captain ••-'"•" --•' margin. Marshall, Texas, is. Bill Poland ' New York: Leroy Evans, Buffalo', N. Y.. vs. Jnrl Johnson. Norway, and Jimmy Smith, New York, vs'Jimmy Webb. St. Louis, me lour-round opener pairs Henry Moroz. Scranton, Pn., nnd Joa Jfatisl ton, N. Y. he launched oul into the professional game Just ns soon us lie nnlshed high school and eoni-inc^l 'nls father, n stock breeder, that. it was his idea of a career. After knocking ' around with semi-pro teams at DCS Arc ami Augusta he signed with Mobi! 1 ; in the Southern Association. In .the middle of his .second stuson lie 'injured « hip while 'jilitllng' nnd 11 cost him hall a year, lie was peddled to the Spokane, Wash., iliii) In Ihc old 'Northwest ' In jilaycd two years. Bill lie never fully recovered from thnt hip. hi- 1 ' COOTER. Mo.—The Cooler Wildcats won a double header over the Warden teams on the local court when the Cooter girls won by a s-^ore of 1G-20 and the boys by a score'of 22-20. A( end of t'he first half of the girls g.imc the score was a tie G-G and at cud ot the jury and asked for release which was granted, He traded his diamond uniform for Uncle Sam's toggery at Jln culbreak of the war. He retiifiictlj home and inannged several «m'i-' pro khms at Aiijnstn and 1'aikin' during 1920. Ife did so well .it his old post nt third base .that, he decided to return to organized ball, signing with Reno, Nov., tor ,1 dye. year, stretch, But Father Time, helped by the bimi hip, agiilii cut- him doivn.' So he came back loiilh, this lime 10 Little Rock where he bam|]«l sev- erul clubs in the fast city tcaaue. Outside of baseball his biggest sjjoris are hunting and fishing. And lie Is quite pioilciciu In bolii. the nljlit, 2-15. nnd also compiled the highest four game average, ISO. Mollic McGhee led Green's with an average of 104. Read Cairier News want .ids. TL GUARD ~ Ontoroetrisl Only Graduate Optometrist in Rlythcwllc. Glasses Fitted Correctly Sii/BKIL\ACEL & COMPANY Little Uoi-k - 1'lne Blud - Fort <• Smith Read CiUrlcr News \\ant ads. H APPY GRO.& H OUR i IMKT. ITLEX DBUVEXT M» W. Mi In st, Phone IS IHOHE HOW « COAL « t « I EVIBV ROOM THE JAMt UNIFORM ItMPIRMURt Wefitollied • TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS GOAL HEAT j$7 GftY & BILLIKGS, Jn7 M '_ ' Phow 76 «PI ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS — LONG TERMS Fastest clnsing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this slate, FLORIDA BROS. & CO, Li(e Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. first linlf of boys gamp the score was nlso a lie, )3-)3. .... Clhl-i Coo'cr 1'os. V/ardell H. Fil/maurlcc 0 P Hilda Yoim" 3 llrov/tt 2 F i] e | en young ij I'* (iolclen I'ortej'lleid 5 M. PiUmaurk'c Wrljjlit '1'homason f' Hanrial Ci lllankr-nshlp Substitutions: Cooler—Winaflehl 4 Perry. Waixicll—Daluy.' Hoys 1'os. be demonslralcd nt tho Leipzig Milr- this spring. Tim instrumenls are exceedingly light and are mad:' -- gloss icoptci-.s differ from nnto- in thut 'power is applied di- rectly to the canopy of whir blade,, tlmt< lift the machine. Ai alro blades are, authoritative • •the machine Is driven through air by a conventional propeller. Rend ciurlcr News want ads. Cooler Jones 11 Hums 'J Barger 2 Threet 2 Vaughn 4 P C a c. Wardeli ! .Sellers « ' Weathers 2 ICeath 11 V/i)banks i Clark Violins Made uf Class LEIPZIG (Ufj _ violins made itlrely of irJass, which arc said j to have excellent toiuil quality, will GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON • • I'hnno or Write Us Now Gen. II. McFaddcn E,C. PATTON, Agent x 218 Grand Leader I'liltf. i>ho i>honc MX ?KE,HOUSE. OF MEAD jsssssi Two Majoi Groups In Mead's Semi-Annual Our entire remaining stock o/ MANSFIELD Substantially r&duced to 75 '$ ' These (wo major quality grouns of Mansfield suits will soon be value his oryl With woolen prices having soared . . . and with the immc- diiite prospect (hey will K - 0 even higher! ... W c urge you to be inrilty and supply your clothit:-? needs immediately for these suits can't last long at such low prices. There are plenty of sizes"for so- called 'hard-to-ftt" men in shorts, longs, pocllys, 'stouts, itnc) stouts. Our entire remaining stock of HART SGHAFFNER & MARX S IT T VJ A TOPCOATS At a final reduction to A marvelous collection of famed Hart SchatTner & Marx suits and topcoats awaits your selection.- Ali have been substantially reduced from their Fall 1039 "!c\vs". Choose from the very same fabrics and models you have seen advertised nationally by "Hart Schaffner & Marx, in our own newspaper advertising and in our windows. Ou r fitting specialists are ready ( 0 serve you promptly, carefully, correctly. As Usual the Best Is Always at 315 MAIN

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