Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 8, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1896
Page 8
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RAILROAD NIGHT That comes with each season's change of weather is yery apparent in-;the amount of activity displayed among the various departments in our store. All are engaged in re. ceiving their new full assortments. Goods were never handsomer .jthan this season. Prices were never 39 low for new goods. ' ^,, New Dress Goods Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant Novelties both in black goods and colored effects have never fore been shown in any store at such popular prices; Wednesday, September 16 Will ^ ",' See a Grand Outpouring. 5 WILL SPEAK . . . Sound Money Railway Hen's Club noving--Committee Named. Double width plaids and cheviots at 32K and 15 cents per yard. iVcry cheap and very desirable for school dresses. Mohair bouehc novelties and Vigor- onr Figures at 30 cents a yard. Beautiful color combinations 38 and 40 Inches wide at 4S and 75 cents. New brocaded novelties, Crcpous, French -and English Serges, Crepe aiul Vrilll novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc., wprlh' imicli more. • • •Black dress silks and colored.;fancy colored silks are very pretty in .design and coloring, and this season, can-be bought very cheap. . ....-,• .-,i,, ; Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and many anore that are not mentioned. THE GOLDEN RULE. Are You doing to Spend Any Honey a or Winter Wor Wall Suit. If you are, don't fail to see our superb assortment of Stylish, Nobby and Up-to-Date Garments. Our stock includes duplicates of all the styles shown by the latest merchant tailoring fashion plates at prices ranging from $3.00 up to $1500 Remember our stock is entire y new, no old chestnuts. All we ask is your inspection, All our goods are marked in plain figures and strictly one price. THEY WERE DEMOCRATS. Tliu night of Wednesday, September be'long remembered i'l T.O- by the enemies of sound ll.io'railway men take iiold of there is -a moving all up the But They Believe a Republican Triumph Will Mean ' Prosperity. In conclusion we wish to state our furnishing and hat department^embraces all the latest novelties and styles. Coma to our store and examine our stock and if what we say in print is not proven we will relinquish all future Slope of your favor or trade; THE GLOBE. Northeast Corner Fourth and Market Streets. $2O.OO Will Buy a good Winter Suit A THOUSAND THERE. German Shopmen Have, a Jolly .y.^Vv v«,:Tiirte at Their Annual Picnic. OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. Fresh oysters in bulk dally at Roth- •wmel's. Xotural gas bills for the month of September are now due. Talk about handsome dress goods. Ask to see ttioso new weaves at the Trade Palace. New Plaid Belts. The swell belt is tue plaid belt with harness buckle. A 10.lt line jnst received at the Golden Zoic. S. S. Gragan has five pear trees at 3ils= home In, Washington township that are growing the second crop. .IJftless frost kills them before they are matured, the crop will be larger than tbe first one. A children's entertainment will be gircn at the residence of Mrs. Van Horn, 3115 Market street, Tuesday, Sept. 8th, at 8 o'clock. Benefit of Trinity Episcopal Sunday school. Adr atisslou 10 cents. Ice cream and cake. "Wtile the Military band was parading- on Pearl street recently, a horse •wiilch had been left in charge of a lit- ilo»oy, became frightened and started to'rtra away. It started upon tlie side• -waiH"' when it was caught by Mrs. Susie,Dunham, who held the animal •nntll" relieved by a passing gentleman succeeded in quieting It. »There were fully a thousand -people presfent at the picnic given by the Germans' of the night force of tlie Pan- .handle shops yesterday and a general good time was had. The fact that'the citizens of German descent are all for sound money seems to have greatly enraged the Pharos, and tnere was no end to its misrepresentation of the 6c casilon, but the picnic went on just as usual, and everybody had a good t||ic just as if the Pharos never existed. Candidates on both tickets mingled with the crowd and shooK hands. TL'he night men are for McKlnley this year, and the committee In charge showed their enthusiasm by adorning the stand with McKlnley and Hobart pictures, and calling on M. P. FornofC and Rudolph Berudt. for speeches. Both responded in solid argument and sound reasoning, and were frequently applauded. The committee asks The Journal to thank the business men who so liberally contributed to make the occasion a pleasant one, assisting them In their enjoyable celebration of Labor Day. LADIES' AID SOCIETY. The Ladles' Aid have had a number of calls for clothing suitable for school children. Donations will be thankfully received by the following: Mrs-.J. M. Booth, 415 North street; Mrs. Graffis, CIO Linden avenue, West side; Mrs. E. E. Wilson, 202 Broadway; Mrs. Halgh, Sycamore street, West- •fiiab; .Mrs. B. Z. Lewis, 1100 Market Street; Mrs. Webb, '1106.'.Market. street;-.Mrs. Allen. Lewis, 210. Burlington avenue, Southslde. ". Feather Bons, ju'stthe style and just the.,thing for this kind of weather. lArn .immense line just received at'art pi-Ices at the Golden Rule. , / Mr. S. E. Howe is iu receipt of a letter from Tlobson & Co.. of New York, the members of which lirm have always been strong Democrats. Th,eir letter indicates a decided change of faith. It. .reads as follows: ..,. . • • New York, Sept., 2ud, 1SOG. : Mr. S. B. Howe. Lopransport, I"d. - '. Dear Sir: Answering your favor of. the 31st, wo have not done anything: about the dimension oak, and cannot give you a definite answer iu regard to' it at.the present writing. . . -.; ,' Wo cannot afford to take any interest in the Free Silver notion, and any per-j sou who does business in this market! where we depend, in dealing. wi,th> foreign lands, on the solidity, of our! currency would be very foolish to entertain anything but the strongest reliance au Gold as a basis now, as it has been for some years. We believe if the Republican nominee is elected in November, that business will-at once become good with everybody who lias, anything to sell. -,.- , ; -i<"[ I Yours truly, ••,''; HOBSON & CO, i LI AND BILLY. . j By accident Li Hung Chang and Bilj ly Bryan met. j "What is your agfc?" asked Li. . I "I am ton years old." . •. • -. : '"Where do you live?" •• ; •••• ] "In Nebraska." . . .• •- j "What do you do for a living'.'", „••,,• • "I am an orator." -. ,.;• • '•What is your salary?" .' '••• \ "I get $0,000 a year, that Is—well, I make that out of my profession." - "• "Pretty good salary for a kid.; arci you married?" . .;,.': "Oh, yes, this is my wife here.; 1 /,. . ,! "Does she travel with you.?". ... ;; •' "Oh, yes, she never leaves ine.'V M- • "What are you doing here?" ...•• ! "Running for president." ••'•'• [ "Of what?" .. >. [ "The United States." .;;. ,•.'. j "Well, well, who'd a thunk: it! .On what ticket?" .. • •• • '•'. i "On both tickets—well, I don't .mean that. On the Populist—well,- not «x-> actly. You see I am sort-a running at large." •'••,.• ..-• J "We don't let anything run at ;larga in China. Don't you have pounds in this country?". • • ::.-,.:< "Yes, we have pounds." . • > i "What are your views,on thC'Silyeif question?" . : :;' [ "I am for free coinage." ' '•.•'•:' "At what ratio?" . • ,-.'.- .;•>•.:\ "Sixteen to one." .••••• •.;.". ; "You can't make it work. -It won't do. Silver Is worth only 32 to •!•;• How are you-'gMug to bring it about?":. '•• ' "The-United States will say so." : , "Thjit-*w6n't work. . No .nation:.can udd 47 cents to a dollar, by legislation, imd if it could it would give 47-cents to every man having.an ounce of .sil^ ver. Then If it had to redeem r-lhis money it would pay a full dollar-, for every dollar It made out. of 53 cents r Don't try it. It's nonsense. You don'I: expect to be elected on this?" •:.•:.. '•<. j "Wel!-I thought I would.". ;• '• r.-.'. I "Don't think so. As, far as I have seen there arc few people in this coun; :ry likely to be misled by, such a tiling." ;. '. •-. ,' .!'/; Just then. Dr. Mark brought In Li Hung Chang's bowl of milk', 1 .and >tT)e nterview was at an .end. •...."' , R. LADIES' AUXILIARY B. Y. M. C.'A. •.. :.'.;. Tbe Ladies' Auxiliary of'tlie R. R ! ^ Y. Mi c: A!' ••will meet Tuesday, afteri noon, at 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. Jibhn Truman, 1312 East Spear .street... All adios Interested in this, work are. in- •ited.' • • •- 'i'.'.-'':.'-.; 1 '. friinyUiing could make tlie clijc.iples o'f'-friie silver sicker than they were at t'.ie organization of tlie club of patriotic ruihvay men, the event for whidi tha members of the club are IiusUin> wit!) ei.!l:ii!-!asm will do it. J''ur some time the plan of hav'ng a fty.iiiicaiiitrjitton lias been under discussion, and last, night mutters were lirou.i.'ht to a head. Word wns received several Oays .'ijro. in response to a. request from the J.o- iransport dull, Hint ,T. T. Broolcs. second vice president of the Pennsylvania lines West of Pittsburg. would bo able to''speak'here the night of September 17t:li. It was-fonnd that the'rink would then be occupied by the hospital ba- jiliiar,.which liolds .several days. The p[-'(!i-ii house couM nnt be SUCIKIM'I. :i« Carl Gardner is the .-'.ttraction on tha: occasion :it the piny house. Mr. I.'rooks was asked to cli'inn 1 .;- tiic '<l.V.r, ;:i)d wnrd VMS received yiw.'rday t!::il liv could con net-;, with the Lo£:aus- p'ui'l sound moueyhes the night uf. tin 1 TGch. Thu opera house was at once seem-ed for that evening, and though' tlie prospects are that it will not hold tlie people who go to listen to tlie Demcr.itif: exponent of sound money, it w:is the best that could be had. 3. T. B ook's, the speik'er secured, is a'lawyer. He is at the head of the legnl department of the Pennsylvania linos west of Pittsburg. He is a resident of Pittsburgh and was one of the Democratic electors recently chosen for Pennsylvania. He is Hie gentleman who caused a sensation sometime ago by resigning this honor. He Is a speaker of much eloquence and logic. His coming is awaited with confidence by tlie local champions of national integrity. The night before Iiis. visit here lie will address the Railway Men's club nt Columbus, Ohio, which now •has more than'eighteen hundred members. Mr. Brooks will also speak .it RiHunond Thursday night, September 17th.- At the business meeting of tlie Railway Men's Sound Money club last 'night at the rink., there were about three hundred members present. The plans were nuulo, :iud the preliminary work begun by tlie appointment of excellent committees, which will- work in conjunction with tlie officers of the organization, and report progress at the rink Saturday night, September 12th. By that time, the affair will bo well in hand.' The committees are as follows: ' -Invitation and Reception—T. R. Sewall, chairman,- R, C. Barnard, W. H.. Gifford, L. M. Dooley, B. B. iiie. Street Parade—Wm. Cha-se, Jr., eua.ir- nian,-W-. H. Green, E. N. Taylor, S. P. Anderson; H. K! Orr. Music and Fireworks—Charles E. Klinck, chairman, Lew King, Geo. L. Buell, A. B. Zimmerman, William Brewer'.'- • .-...: Decorations—,T. J. Hanuon, chair- :.mnu, Wm. H. Leg?, Geo. E. Suyder, .-jr., T. E.. Armstrong, H. H. Knowlton. Finance—C: S, Jones, chairman, T, R. Sowall, C. R. Green,'E. W. Alexander, -.7; H. Williams. ' '•. These committees were - named to act, and at once met with their chairmen and much 1 of the laDor . .was .planned last night. If enthusiasm and push will accomplish the desired end, "the big night meeting of September IGth will be a red event in the campaign of 1S9C for this section of Indiana. The commit- /te'o on invitations will see that the •friends of the movement in neighboring cities are not neglected, and delegations may be In to join the big pro- :cesBlon r that will -take its way over the. ^principal'streets with an accompaniment of fire works. The committees have.full powers, and liberal Instructions,'and : they will take their instructions literally. • -Though the effort to secure additional names to.the roll of membership of the Railway Men's Sourid Bfoney club has not been pushed, the list now shows 'almost 700, and It is the intention' to run" it up considerably before the .big rally. !. The club will -hold : a date open for Hon.v W/.D. Bynum,' chairman of the' National.committee:of the:^National Democratic party. The latter -was 'in the city-yesterday on 'Els-Way to Chicago from Indianapolis, and expressed a .wish that he might l>e given a date in .Logansport. ".The occasion, of the visit of Mr. Bynum will be made prom-' Wai For Announcement of Grand Opening. ALL NEW GOODS. Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK 'To Be Sure. of Sound Money Democrats,-and made one of the strong speeches in the convention, was here yesterday and congratulated the Railway Men's club on its course iu the campaign, through the president, Mr. E. F. Kearney. He was on his way home from the convention. big KATE FIELD'S WILL. She Orders That Her Body be Cremated. The last will and testament of Mis Kate Field, who died some time ag at Honolulu, has been found In Wash 'iugton and filed for probate. 'Mis Field had left a small package wit! J. T. Deviue, proprietor of the Shore ham Hotel. George Riddle of Bostoi a .cousin of Miss Field, was appointee by the courts of Massachusetts as co' Icctoror administrator until a will wa. found. Upon his arrival at Washing ton yesterday Mr. Riddle mentioned his errand to Mr. Dcvlue, who produced the package left in his care b; Miss Field. The package, was opened in the presence of .the register of'wills and the paper was found, duly exe cuted. Under its provisions EC. H. Kohlsaat of Chicago, and T. Standford Beatty private secretary to Senator Brlce, are named as executors. The- value of the estate is not named in the will.. Miss Field directs that her body be brougb. to this country andi-creinated, the ashes to be deposited at Mount Auburn Cambridge, Mass. TWs will probably put an end to the scheme which took shape.shortly aftei Miss Field's death, to imove her body from its resting place and inter it near the monument erected to Johu Brown in the Adirondacks. The John Brown reservation and monument owe their existence to Miss Field's patriotism; and It was thought By tier 'frlenOfe-iliat her burial in that hallowed spot would be a fitting tribute to the dead writer. Last July, when the reservation .was formally turned over to the State, an effort was made to raise money for this purpose. Mr. Kohlsnat was reported to be Interested in the enterprise. ' ' . . .tnent; .,.-;. •. • . . •.i'Mr; John P. Irish, wuo came from California to' the National convention WALLRATH ONLY. A TOFOCRAT. .Peru Republican: Peter .Wallrath, the candidate for joint representative on the Popocratic tlc'kctv was an uounced at the time of His nomination a sound money Democrat. His speech published in the Logansport Pharos shows him to be a full-fledged Bryan ite in thorough accord with .Dave HnJfloy and all the other blatherskites that live by working their jaws for free coinage of sllvev on-private account for the benefit of a. few bullion owners. Wnllrath claims to be a bimctallist. but favors the Mexican plan. Mexico has free coinage of bpthvsilver and gold, but all the gold goes "to other countries to pay balances and leaves poor Mexico with nothing but silver dollars worth at home only fifty cents in gold. This is the' kind of -bimetallism .Mi-. Wallrath would give, us and this is the kind of a Senator Mr. Wallrath would-choose if be should go to 'the legislature this winter. Mr. Wallrath 'says in his speech that "free coinage will be a benefit'to the mine owners, but it only gives back to them what was taken Troiri them in 1S73." So the silver mine owners are a privileged class that'tlie'government is compelled to favor whether the I country is ruined by It or not. This Is a Popocratic doctrine. The silver mine owners have a propaganda that lias been distributing such doctrines all over the country for the last ten years. A few years ago the Populists took up the cause of the silver syndicate and became its champion: but not until this year did'the party calling itself Democratic abase itself la the dust and become hewers of wood and drawers of water for the bullion owners of the Rocky mountains. Mr. Wallrath had better kept his Popolistie money ideas to himself. There are six hundred sound money Democrats In Miami comity wno will not touch him with a ten foot pole. Wiilliam T. Wilson of Logansport, his competitor for joint representative, for MiamiTJud Cass is a sound money man and is making a gallant fight for Eon- est money. - , . THE APPOINtnENTS. Conference of the U. B. Church % Last Week. The annual session held last week, at LaGrange was one of general interest, but not so largely attended as former ones. Geo. Lickafoose, P. Thomas, 0. E. Bell and R. P. Burton were elected presiding elders, the latter being stationed in this district Tf. N. 'BoT^e, pastor here last year gives his time this year to college work In Michael's University, G. W. Lambert, pastor last year on the Deer Creek circuit, is appointed to Logansport, C. A. Spitler returns to Fulton, F. P. Ovcnneyer retains his pastorate at Galveston, <3. A; Brigham is the new pastor oa Deer Creek circuit, A. Cloud, formerly pastor 'on the Soutlaside Is returned to Wooster circuit near Warsaw, H. E.'Butler, a former pastor here is re- appointeiJ to Albion, K. J. Parrett, bur last year's presiding elder, IS pastor at Frankfort, H. Clark the minister wlio organized the Southslde church' is assigned to Adamsville circuit in Michigan. I. O. G. T. RECEPTION. Logansport lodge, I. O. G. T. will give a reception at their new quarters, corner Seventh* and Market streets, this evening. Refreshments will be served free. Everybody is invited to attend. Grand apron sale of embroidereJ aprons.—Trade Palace. Pilling Shoe House 412 Broad way. The* Cheapest and Best Place to Buy the Latest Style Foot Wear.

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