The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1960 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1960
Page 11
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f Tidbits by Evelyn 1 have been rather "old clothes" conscious the pnsl few weeks haying a sack of' them here and a little .bonnet-too, borrowed for a class play and the 'iprom" theme. The garments are not mine. I merely contacted persons whom 1 thoViRht niipht have , somcthinR .suitable and really hit. Then Mrs Oilier; the "jack pot." told me about her decision to Fend an heirloom to a relative in the southern part of Instate. A relative who will ti ear-lire it a? much as Mrs Gilles .has. Tt is a brown and while gingham frock with matching sun bonnet which belonged to lu-r grnndmolher The garmentr. are over 100 years old and were made of brown nnrl while piriKliam. They were in A — number one condition. I don't believe ginj'.ham could he found on the shelves of stores now, could it? And calico is n niaterinl. And does any.- one remember chambray? I don't think I ever did learn to distinguish c'mgluim from calico. Now we hear clncron, orlan, and rayon. Fairy Kuhn received a Mothers' Dny card which she holds dear and it will be tucked away among her "souvenirs". It is Bret-tings for the day by her granddaughter, Mindy Kuhn. 9, daughter of Mr and Mrs Bob Kuhn of DC.-S Moines. G is for Grama, you all will agree, there is no other as lovely as she. R is for the raisin cookies she bakes. A for the wonderful apple pic she bakes. M for mother sho is to my dad A for the best grama anyone- had. While it lacks perfect poetic rythm, it. .is quite an achievement for a nine year old, and surely full of love. Love is what counts. * * « The only picture of the Algona Brownies in existence in this vicinity, probably, is owned by C B. Murtagh. I will list the names and you older baseball fans will perhaps recall some of them:' Barton, right field, Horn -SIOUX- STEEL BUILDINGS AMERICA'S FINEST LINE OF FIRST QUALITY STEEL BUILDINGS • Strength To Last A Lifetime! • Flexibility to Fit Every Need! • Low square-foot cost for machine storage, livestock shelter, grain storage . . . Sales room, office, warehouse, and many other commercial uses. N -SIOUX 1M II f »OOUCM 4IOUX- OffM ftota wnuMfM FOR DETAILS And A SQUARE DEAL E. E. (Bud) Robinson General Contractor 1001 No. Main St. . Algona CY 4-3374 ipiH [CORH High Yields, Safer Maturity Gef Boih with PIONEER 5 Corn Plant Pioneer hybrids for safer-maturing corn next fall ... and yields you'd normally expect from ' much later corn. Look at official yield testa for proof... ask custom shelters, government sealery elevator men. Pioneer corn is generally ready for cribbing sooner than other hybrids grown in the game area ... yet you still get high yields of easy-picking corn. Order your Pioneer corn now. SEE pr CALL Your Local Pioneer Salesmen: R. I. Mawdsley Algona Aaron Steussy Algona Ted Hoover, Sr Algona Henry Schroeder Lone Rock Eugene Kollasch Bode Walter Vaudt ------- Whittemore Robinson Produce ------- Wesley Jack Dethmerf — Garner Diftrict Sales Mgr. ftgitttrtd trwfe mark of Plomtt pitcher, n. Jones, pitcher, Moore,, outfield, Johnson, catcher, Robinson, first base, Holland, pitcher. Richardson, second base, Talbort thirfl base, Toney, short" stop, Davis, pitcher, W. Jones, left field. * * * Mrs Don Christensen had a nice Mothers Day gift, a phone call from her daughter, Mrs Bob Fandel, Snn Diego, Cal. * * * The nurses join me now and then to watch (he chickadees and robins that congregate under my window to eat the food I toss out for them. Gobble is a better word. They like bread and milk and boiled potato from the stew we had the other day. * * * John Prew owned up to being a little past 21 May 12. Like the rest of us, I'll bet he wishes In. was back at that age. He rer ceived three lovely cakes, one from his daughter, Mrs Ewald Voigt, one from Sandra Skilling and one from Mrs Froeling ot Emmetsburg. * • • Mrs Frank ' Buits said they spent a quiet Mothers Day. Had the Warren Nelsons for dinner, which involved no extra work. Mrs Butts was slightly "shook up" following a fall in her home and was willing to be comparatively inactive a few days. * * • Some men are pretty good housekeepers and many are good chefs, especially around a camp fire or grill. Mrs, Charles Clement and 1 compared notes and she told me her husband keeps to the minimum of dishes when he "batches", but the dish cloths have to be thrown away. Like the man whose wife discovered him cooking and six cups lined up on the work table. "Why the six cups," she asked. "Oh, it called for six cups of flour." * ' * * "The big one that got away" is practically true in Leroy Crapser's case. Only this time it was the big catch that got away. Leroy and guest Royal Wilson, Rockford, were at Iowa Lake and had. about 40 fine bullheads in a net container fastened to the boat. Somehow it came loose when the men didn't see it. You can imagine their red faces when they discovered the fish gone. Wouldn't that be a stupendous aggravation? Or can you think of a better expression. "Preacher swear" fer instance. * * » Amy Geering is carefully nurturing a gardenia plant which had four small buds when she bought it. One burst into full bloom May 13, Friday. Not an unlucky day after all, at least for Amy's hopes. I once had a beautiful gardenia corsage given me by a florist in Hollywood, Calif. * * * More items of, May. 1924 — Five hundred bankers held convention in Algona — R. E. Vincent appointed mail messenger (Carriedtmail between post office and trains) — Switchboard for the new telephone exchange arrived — Forty eight boys and girls graduated from Algona high school. * * * From one of my windows a blue egg could be seen lying on the ground. Investigation was started at once. It was an empty shell, the little birdie had made his way out and we hope is safe with his parents. * * * Ever hear anyone like this? "His talk was all wool-gathering and a yard wide of the mark." * * » There has been a blessed event here at G.S, Born to Mr and Mrs Cock Robin, a wee birdlet at their home under the eaves May 12. Others to follow, probably May 13, and May 14. Frank Ryerson', Burt, is considering getting a picture if the light is right. » * * And while we are on the subject of birds, let's talk about the golden pheasants Elton Pratt has. He' has other kinds, too. Some day I'll try and get over to see. his flock. A golden pheasant must be beautiful. Some folks object to having flocks nearby, but it seems to me it would be interesting. Often they can be tamed and there's nothing cuter than little chickens. Years ago we had a few chickens. In fact it seemed as though everyone had a small flock. We made such pets of ours it was awful hearing that thud when we knew the axe had fallen on a chosen fowl for the kettle. Dad was the butcher, but he did it reluctantly. Then too, we might discuss Dick Post's birds. His number in the hundreds and have been visited by many children as well as grown ups who love birds. * * * I think the old laying it "many hands make light work" That being the case, the spring house cleaning at the John Gerbers will be play, for the daughters, Mrs John Scuffham and Mrs Geo. Bruellman and the daughter-in- law, Mrs Ervin Gerber pitched in and did the house up all spic and span. Mrs Gerber has had a touch of arthritis and having that is a deterrent to heavier housework. * * * Mrs Vincent Esser hai had • very busy month. May 8 the daughter Patricia received her first Holy Communion, May 17 "Pat" appeared in her first piano recital, and that is a big event too. She is eight years old and- in second grade at the academy. Then later in the month the son Harold will be graduated. So with family dinners and new garments for the various activities, Mis Esscr has really "had it" this May, * * * When Mr and Mrs Willard Salisbury were here recently from Waukegan, III., Willard had just signed up for six more years of service in the navy. For a t\me it was thought he would be sent to Spain for a 'three year tevm and both he and his wife Ruth were not too keen about it. So far away for so long, but. now they can breathe easily. He will continue to be in service at the Great Lakes station. * * * Among the callers at G. S. Sunday afternoon were Mr and Mrs Burl Watson (Helen). Burl is employed with a construction company at Mrs Watson. a nurse, is doing private duty at St. Benedict until her husband changes location, at which time she will accompany him. * * * Margaret Seefeld also called on many here. And John Prew was visited by Mr and Mrs Eldo Braunschweig, Hartley, Mr and Mrs George Hesebach, Sheldon, and Mr and Mrs Wall Liuht of Clair. Casper Thilges was taken for a ride. Likewise Henry Frohling. Many of the residents spent the afternoon,on the lawn, thanks to the new ramp which makes transportation easy. Mrs Gilles went to Emmetsburg, a pro-Memorial Day visit. And Mrs Mattie McWhorter was taken to Rivcrview cemetery b;.' Mrs Kathrinc McMurruy for the same purpose. Memorial Day is not far off and after a long winter, flowers beds may need attention. I hope my peonies at my home are thriving for use that clay. » * * I have frequently coveted Aly Kahn's charmed life, his money and his travels, I mean. Horses don't interest me, nor racing cars. My envy is no more. I'm the luckier. I've lived longer, if not so excitingly. * * Hi Um-m-m My room smells so sweet. Tillie Stcinman brought lilacs from her home and left a bouquet with me. I love them. May is the lovlicst month of the year. Over in Mrs Isabella Dahl's yard is a beautiful tree, red-bud, some call it — crab I'd say, but beautiful whatever the name. And" another bush intrigues me. After a luncheon Friday, we drove around in the cast part of town. This bush was' at the corner house on east McGYegor street, north of Mergens. I don't know who lives there but I believe it is the former C. B. Hutchins property. I think back to the time when all that area was grassland and circus grounds. What a wonderful change. . * ' * * Mrs Hortense Ferguson and I 1WHEN YOU WANT A NEW CARl '••». .:tf2 AUTO DEALER »i^^ had a fine dint nbonl (ho state r>f is wns find could hnvo r.rrn ii the nation the other clay. We couldn't got up an argument because wt- saw eye to eye. She spoke of the convoy going past. I should liked to have seen it. I heard it but had no idea what FOR PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE CaH Us What is the most used drain in your home? It's the one in the kitchen sink. To protect it and keep it open, prevent grease and food particles from going down it as much as possible. Flush it good daily with hot water. But if your kitchen sink drain still goes haywire, you'll probably want a good plumber. That's us. We handle every type of plumbing and heating job, from the smallest to the largest. P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING 112 f. McOro«or CV 4-3*40 from my window. GOLF Hub Andrews of Nevada recently made a hole-in-one on a LAST CALL ON Rose Bushes BUY ONE - GET SECOND AT HALF PRICE - MOST ALL VARIETIES LEFT IN STOCK Peony Bushes ea. 50c WHILE THEY LAST Algona Flour & Feed S. Phillips St. CY 4-2701 Algena Tuesday, May 24, 1960 Algona (la.) Upper DM Mo!n««-3 200 yard drive on the number two scored on the course since con- at the Indian Cn-rk Country Club. It wns the first nco vrrk'd to prass Rrrens n decode i\K». DO YOU NEED MACHINERY OR GRAIN STORAGE? Behlen Now Has S New Steel Buildings to sell you - in every size! BEHLEN HAS EVERY STZE prain tank or corn crib to fit your needs. Buy early for guaranteed erection for your farm— 2—New Behlen Buildings have just been finished: (1) Ostermann Bros., Titonka, 40x60' Curvet; (2) Farmers Elevator, Algona, 40'x80' Storage sidewall. (3) We are starting a new 40'x60' Curvet on the Leo Woods farm north of Whittemore now. See Taylor's for the new Steal Building of your choice ... you'll like our prices. Taylor Implement •^ w ALGONA MR. FARMER! MR. LANDOWNER! What Would You Say To An Offer Like This? FOR SALE No. 2 Corn 27c Bu. Fall Delivery BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WITH MOR-GRO STANDARD OIL QUALITY AMMONIA, AND SUB-SOIL MOISTURE SUCH AS WE HAVE NOT HAD FOR 5 YEARS, EACH 3 LBS. 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Or For A Nominal Charge We Do Everything. Get Busy ! Arrange For Your 27c Corn This Fall ! PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR STANDARD OIL QUALITY AMMONIA. MOR-GRO Inc. Plant At Irvington, Iowa Phone CY 4-3548 or CY 4-4026 DEALERS — Krantz & Kitzinger, Titonka; Murray Elevator, Bancroft; Perkins Bottle Gas, Rodman.

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