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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 16
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 16

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Bunnell Djcoi for Bant 12 MVItCII 27, 101." rat mi, Countty Homes rot Salt) 4 NICK PITK-30 ares, level. i;: In 'Aunts; mi ciinir 3 roful, ft from Ainella; CMA3 A. I RKKMVF.It. AMU.IA. O.

'i rooms and solarium; electric; furnace; large living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms on 1st floor; kitchen has metal cabinets, sink and cupboards: rolling land; 2-car garage; pool-try house; near Montgomery 23 miles out; lovely home; acre; 3 rooms, bath, and electric, elty water; shade; garden; garage; 12 miles out; (3. SCO. Tl KSim, Announcements Their Final Tribute HOENEMIER, Henry H. HILL, George W. HCIIO.NLBKIIO.

Marie BOWK, Charles -rjm Radel'i Service hai 22 1 AHSIHTA NT Must tyi 1 iiml mull 'laiuiid vi-iilving luvolcim, snd filing No ihertliin tn mnirli-d wollliin. Downtown locn 1 1011, Position Her. manent. 40-hour week. Write fully.

Box 109. Enquirer. Ass dl In I Klfll MTANT to advertising manager; aplrn I npportiinltv for ailvancpineni. Apply 'IK. HIIOKRN.

UAI.MIHV a -i, and Kim Nts. 1 ASSI E01 I A gol W. fiMlclien Ae." BA or KRV 8AI.KS (1IRI.S nlty 1 nunaay, nolldsv XtEL BAKLNU I ll Rare ell. 4923. BEAITY ini.ll.

opuor- nig hi assj" HAIR STOUE, 11. Haln RKA lit OI'tKATOIt IExlrbmaTattSiS five 1 -h a iiinii. nw sa 1 nun, RABEMJT? I I RIST Kxeefc i UTY OPERATOR Nora" SHOP, 10 iitn st. pa BEAI ITKIA.V AM) MANICf lent Evenings. Tn Riarri atiisamiisf turn Rtl.t.l OPERATOR OnTEP llott-l Mim CRANE BOARD OinlfietrvT' rlu xprienre npnMtrv.

v. hit- TON Ins. BOOKK EEPER vn.rtJ....j oown manent small vw Poiilioni For Womon OlVe AVn.Wn an Individual character. Thu ti and 1 qulrer salaw DDK 1 Mfl If offleo iiia ron 1 1 or eoil records. nqulrer.

Box 177, BOOKKE1 F.VWm Rea iii ner mnA -wa, 7 417- iriAIH P. IBiBRJI OO F.PFB A s.i.iei U-lJajgr xio, anquirer. naiif -wic. unniiiwn tiii firatlons and salary rxDorte-. JI96, Enquirer.

re. "WHW- Bl I euni V.y.b.,Twl.,tin!ear.:. BUS gTr 1 a 1 t- o-C M.7."".CJ1 iteany TAUR ANT. 3911 Reading Rd Bt' emu? ir-i "Pen WB si. tv uuiina rtMim mm mi.

8( 8 GIRI 4-oiored" Apply SHEVLtN'S; 27 E. 81 St. CAFETERIA COUNTER Jnftb twd pp' it 1 GENERAL OFFICE WORK- i 0 (lava fsweuk TUW ttr.nt..r vla wiumnu ur Jflrt table and CROFT INN. Phone Mllford lui? hu.0.iW.2HN 'oTowntown-oTffce- Y.lT' iiuura, K004J laiarV, VBeCeV Hon th DMT Annttr llii v4w- STe.CH XJflg, wOMEN-WTirte7fwnTn1r i eiemngeneespaf.

CH 7908. I WorK' bl'- 1 IIKVIOT -Modern 6-ronm. with newlng in. unit imlli, bunt' Humiiiiiii wliiUci. 'tin hi lu.ilsr; Im Mi) K.

IMS Ijkiii: 2-i'iKim U'l P'i Income $72. Ufirr v.uiinl. llf)7. i TPV Mulberry 'In'Tooms, ,1 (4.7.'m MA CITY- l-room 1 or (3,000, On Horsey St. Owner Jl'1 M.fi2- Richmond 81.

flats; rents (17: price (3,750. MA 1100. CUFTON MORRISON PLACE First time offered: attractive home, having 4 bedrooms, tile hath, ad; 1st floor ha long living room, sunroom, open terrace porch: garage. A real buy at only (8.950. UN 0130.



S.BOA VfFRYTON LANE A 2-itorv atone house with tile root ana oi superlatively fine construction. Contain! 3 bedrooms, mald'a room, sewing room, dressing room and 3 batha on 2d floor. Flint floor spacloui mid finished In aubitantlal ma Entrance hall, lavatory, breakfast room, screened porch, back etalrway; 2-car attached garage with electric door: lot 200x300 with mature treee and view. Mcryton is off Olenvlew Avenue at the top of Klrby Road. A quiet dead-end street.

made up oi weii-oum ana weii-ucsiKiicu house! on large wooded An expen sively bulltv house. Quotation, JJO.OOU. Your Interest and offer lollclted. John H. Garber.

MA 3045 Associate'. Mr. Matheri and Mr. Heald. 909 Mercantile LibraryBuHding COLLEGE HILL Large family home; colonial type; 4 bedrooms; attached garage for 2 cars; large grounds with trees; square to car; near schools: a real buy for Uic money.

BECKER. KI 26(10. HILL. NORTH 5-room Eng llsh brick, gas heat. 2-car garage; near scnoois ana transportation.

E. W. WILSON KI 4508 COLLEGE HILL, Near Parkview Heights; gorgeous 5-room, 1-floor plan: gal heat; perfect condition. Call KI 0733. COLLEGE HILL Five-room, ihlngle; In sulated: very clean: (3.500.

KI 1313. CORRYVILLE. HOME AND INVESTMENT THREE-8TORY BRICK 4 rooms 1st, 5 on 2d, 2 on 3d; hot-air heat: lot 75x185, fai Vv EASTERN HILLS REALTY. ME 3141. CORRYVILLE Lakewood 2-famlly: bath, furnace.

Call AL HU3E, UN 1231. COVINGTON Centrally located: 2-famlly brick; bullt-ln kitchen; furnace; 6 garages; lot 70x100. VA 7761 DAYTON. KY. 945 MAPLE.

tv vrvnmu hnth: new furnace: new San' ttna mnii 'inlaiH linoleum Oil hflth and 'kitchen: near schools; out of flood area; reasonable. DELHI 5636 Hillside 31 acres. 6-room house: electric; good water; 3 out buildings on 2 bus lines; 20-minute drive from Cincinnati: pneeq ngm tor quic sum, EASTERN AVE. Four-bedroom frame, Easily converted Into 2-famlly. stA 4038.

EASTWOOD Lovely 6-room colonial brick: large living room with fireplace, spaciout dining room, modern kitchen, 1st; master bedroom with 2 smaller bedrooms, all-t! bath: copper plumbing: finished basement; air-conditioned gas furnace; bullt-ln ga- Irage; large loL OHIO REALTY SERVICE WA 9234. Realtor. BR 1954 M. EVANSTON St. Louis: two furnaces: two garages.

Call John Mitchell, EA 2386 or MA 17S0. CpSfl'lf A IIIC. a i ww. 9 FT. MITCHELL.

KY. 210 Erigewood 4-beiroom brick; (17.000. hE 6732. FT. WRIGHT.

KY 5-room brick. 1-floor plan: excellent condition. CO 1588. GOLF MANOR New 5-room brick colonial; tile bath, gas heat: attached garage; concrete street; on transportation, and situated among fine homes: 19 250. EMMERICH REAL ESTATE.

RE GOSHEN Large brick building consisting of grocery store and (-room living quarters In the back; I flats above 1 4-room and 1 3-room. Large barn 60x80. Owner must sell on account of poor health. In- rnme I00 a month. Price (5.500.

C. W. BORING, Goshen, Ohio. Phone Kewtons- ville 2654. GROESBECK 6 rooms: 14 acres- harn on transportation; 19.000 KI HARTWELL 8335 BURNS.

Two-family brick, 3 rooms, bath and solarium on 1st floor: 4 rooms, tile bath on 2d: hardwood floors throughout: hot-water heat (stoker); 2-car brick garage. See make offer around (10.500. Shown by appointment, Mr. McCann, AV "030. JOHN D.

MASON, -R' HORACE SUDDUTH Leading colored real estate agency. 411 Finn. CH 67iu. HYDE PARK. OVER AN ACRE This house, with a seclusion and country aimosonere, is not isr irom car line.

Immediate possession can be given. Construction of brick, having 3 bedrooms, dressing room and servants' quarters. hot-water heat. For inspection and quotation call H. C.

Terrell. UN 1263. THE MYERS COOPER CO. Erie and Edwards, REALTOR. EA 2780.

HYDE PARK EAST BUNGALOW IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY FIVE-ROOM BRIcK Finished 2d floor; tile bath and kitchen; close to transporta tion; 2 101s; make uzlbr. MR. 8TEGMAN, Va 7918. of DOUGLASS G. HIGH, MA 984.

HYDE PARK In an interesting neighborhood of fine homes, we ars offering a modern 3 -bed room. 2-bathroom house. large living room, attractive dining room, breakfast room, kitchen; lounging room, maid's quarters and bath, 2-car garage; lot nicely landscaped. Mrs. Scomidpp, EA 6533.

B.S.DIETZ EA 9006-8105 HYDB PARK (9.800. Attractive 2-itory green white trim; conveniently located on Erie 6 roomi, lunroom: bullt-ln garage; also largs screened norch on rear: well-keM place, one-owrer house; abundance shrubbery on lot afford! utmoit privacy. "Seen by appointment." riAKKY E. SIIMEMR CO. MA 301.

HYDE PARK Kilgour district; 7-room home, having 1 bedroom and lavatory on 1st, 2 and bath 2d. plus imall maid i room with bath; lot 50x150: garage; 2.Vu. ALSO an excellent 6-room home; tile kitchen; lst-floor lavatory; 3 large bedroomi, tile bath: hot-water heat: double garaae: (9.000. MARGUERITE 8. RULE.

BR 0528. HYDE PARK BRICK HOME Hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, ist; i rooms, nam, 2d: floored 11 floor: Insulated; garage: good-sised lot: con venient location; (9.500. CHAS. S. FAXON HYDE PARK-MT.

LOOKOUT A delightful home of recent construction; contains three bedrooms, two beths. maid's room and bath, oreakfast rm, lavarory. recreation room; near Kiigour School. For appointment call Mrs. Strong.

JE 0843. or STRONG-PRESTON JE 4170 HYDE PARK Near Withrow High, cheer- rui o-room home witn 2 finished 3d-fioor rooms: Ivory woodwork: level S0-ft. lot: 2-car garage; LOW taxei; 7 (VVi uy i Vuv MR. CLTNGMAN. BR 0819 J.


Bungalow; 5 roomi and lolirlum 1st; large finished room and storage 2d; 2-car garage. EA 6198. HYDE PARK-J-famiiy colonial, 5-6-3; only 4 years old; (18.500. PHIL NATHAN. UN 3643.

NEWPORT 4-room modern cottage, 000. 5)2 W. 10th Bt, KENWOOD SI 3.500 One of the better properties in splendid iuiiiuii among an line nomes. x-srge living room with log-burning fireplace, dining Mom, modern kitchen. 3 large bedrooms tile hath: fully Insulated: weather stripped; screened porch; attached garage; large lot.

100x400, well shrubbed: esuly financed: thli home Will ell quick; if interested call at once. MR. ACOMB. VA 5496-1440. ROBERT H.

WACHENDORF 1720 SECTION RD. ROSELAWN. (KENNEDY HEIGHTS; PRETTY AS A PICTURE I'd call this fine residence that') situated a Kit no Dy 200 fwt; includes solarium, ivine room, hlrrh mantel, dining room aitcnn, breakfast nook on 1st; 3 bed-n-o-ns. dressing room, tile bath on 2d; built-in garage; hot-air, gas-fired heat; bin at door. GEO.

B. PAINTER. JE 094. EN ED HEIGHTS On bus; 6 rooms'; screened norch: nice comer lot with garden- 912,000. Mr.

Meek. ME 6952. SCH-itPfEL, 6117 Ridge, RE 1360. KENWOOD RD. near Euclid; brick: 1 bedroom on 1st, 1 large bed room on 2d; hot-water neat; large naas ment, plenrv of room for rathskeller: ap proximately 114 acrsi: fruit trees and ber- res; very choice location: owner leavini cl'y Mr Edmonds.

RE O740. with THE WARREN t. RICHARD8 Realtor, MA Iiri84. MADISONVILLE Immediate Possession. Five large rooms, clean as a pin; 1 or 2 Houses For Sale I 4 on or 3 4 all 1 KKNNKIIY HKliillTH I.ovelv 4 hedronn ciitHlei swinmiinK pool, oain.

Lu 717 Mi ii; 2-fli lolly, "4-3: new fuiniice, t'cti'iiiiaii'il, ncwlv iniinte.l; monthly Ini-ome asking J.l.iiiO. Mrs. carter. VA ii-o. John D.

Mason, REALTOR. VA 63a3. MAD1SONV1LLE TWO-FAMILY. Whetacl Ave. 4 rooms, 1st; 3 rooms and hath 2d; floored 3d; 2-car garage; lot 47x131; en.

apartment vacant CHAS.S. FAXON MADISONV'iLLE-ERfE AVE. 3 rooms, lit; 3 rooms and bath, 2d: good furnace, water, heater, laundry travs- 2 blocks to cars. Only (4,900 CHAS. S.

FAXON SSaDLSONVITTF 8. finmer St 2-famJly irams; excellent condition; THE EVERS REALTT CO. PA 529S! PL 0275 BR 042 R. MAD1SONVILI Nlca 7-room home; 3 rooms, reception room. 1st: 4 bedrooms.

bath, 2d; 2 finished, 3d; stoker heat. Edna Burnes. BR 1270. MADISON VILLE Five-room ssmlbunga-low; 3. 1st; 2 and hath.

2d; close to school; J6.350. W. C. HARPER. MB 2415.

MIAM1VILLE A imall estate In the Country on 19 acres of ground; a largo brick home, featuring center hall. 30-ft. living room, fireplace, dining room, breakfast nook, streamlined kitchen; four bedrooms and all-tile bath; modern whits barn with water and electricity; chicken runs and modern chicken house, also tenant house: a real country home. For Information call; aars. rinwer.

t. twi, or 8TKO.NO-PRE8TON JK 4170. MOHAWK AND VICINITY Homes and Investments. WTLLWERTH CO. CH 3207.

Mf. AUBURN 4-room, 1 or 3 family rouse; (3,000. On Horsey St. Owner. JE 1452.

UT. AUBURN 2-family; rooms each. Call PA 4752 or JE 4540. MT. HEALTHY rooms.

2fe acres. S3. zoo: 7-room Douse, eloaa to (7.450. PETE WELEMIROW. KI 1744, JA 7678 MT.

WASHINGTON AREA WATCH HILL CEDAR BILLS WATCH POLNT AND CEDAR POINT DRIVES. New house on 4-acri tract. Contain! 4 master maid! room, 3 colored tile baths, tile kitchen, center ball, lavatory, powder room, and breakfast room. Elaborate playroom with bar. Well landscaped View of Ohio River Valley.

School bus tor cuuaren larougn mga scnooi. as fin as anything you will find in this part of the country. A very pleasant and social community. A very fair price. The next best thins to building a new postwar house.

John H. Garber. MA 3045 Associates. Mr. Mathers snd Mr Hald.

909 MERCANTILE LIBRARY BLDG. MT. WASHINGTON Wire-cut brick snd wide clapboard colonial, containing living room, dinette modern kitchen; 2 large bedrooms and all-tile bath on 2d: attached garage; large wooded lot 60x450 deep; 2 nice chicken houses with wired runs: located 3 squares from first stop light; priced (8.90. can wuiara tvopr. r.A 1421, an viui w.

KOPF at KOPF. MT. WASHINGTON 6a lem Pike; 2-itory; large living room, wood-burning fireplace; breakfast nook, lavatory, 4 hot-water heat; itoker. MA 0060. CLENEAY A NOURSE CO.

MT. WASHINGTON 1177 Avershlre: 5- room 1-floor brick: tils bath; flrepisce: (S.900; Immediate possession; must sett Owner. BE 8104 W. MT. WASHINGTON 4 roomi.

bath; solar ium, enclosed iront porch; detacned ga-rage: H-acre ground. Owner, BE 7424 W. NEWPORT 838 ANN: 6-ROOM. 2-FAMILY; 2-CAR GARAGE; (3,250. CO 8365.

NEWPORT. 8 SIX-ROOM FRAME; lot 50x100; (3,500. CO 4758. HE 5797. jNORTHSIDE 4 rooms and bath: garage: aide porch; hot -water heat: 2 squares to car: bargain.

(5.850. KI 3008. NORTHSIDE 2-family brick; everything KI 2537. separate: i garages; North Norwood $12,800 An excellent 2-family In very convenient location, with i large roomi and bath to each apartment; 2 garages; 2 furnsces; level lot; easily financed; thli property will sell quick. Call LESTER COOK.

JE 6433, VA 1440 ROBERT H. WACHENDORF 1720 SECTIOK ROSELAWN. NORWOOD Montgomery Rd. brick 8t. Louli.

two 5-room ansrtments. 4 rooms on 3d floor; large lot; priced to sell, $12,250. LOUIS C. TRIPPETT JE 9080. JE 2253.

NORWOOD, S. Brick 4-apartment; 3 yean old: 4 roomi each: equipped tile kitchens, baths, hot-water heat, gas fired: garages; Income (2.230; lot 50x240; on car line. H. D. 8AYRE, JE 4444.

NORWOOD. 8. Regent near Williams Ave. 8chool; 6-room frame; 2-car garage. Fine home for family; (7 250.


Four-room bungalow: nice condition: yard; near cars and bus. 5625 Homer. JE 08OO. NORWOOD BRICK 1927 Hudson; sulta- ror nome or rooming house. AV OAKLEY 2-family; 4 rooms, 1st: 5 on 2d; 2 on 3d: 2 baths: very good con dition.

OWNER. JE 1464. OAKLEY Brick St. Louis; 4 and bath. 1st: 5.

bath and solarium. 2d: for oulck sale. (9.500. w. C.

HARPER. ME 215. OAKLEY Modern St Louis. 3-3: every-j Hung icjiKriie; ME VWTif. OAKLEY 4, 1st; 2.

bath, 2d: Al condi tion; garage. 8TAYT0N. JE 2630. PARK HILLS. KY.

6-room brick; lot SOx 150; (U.coo. co 1318. PLEASANT RIDGE. AMBERLEY VILLAGE Colonial home of unusual charm, situated 1 acre of level ground, in a community line nomes; center mil, large living room, picture window; 21-ft. prneled gsr-den room with wood-burning fireplace and 14-ft.

picture window: 8 large tile hatha; screened, tile porch; open terraces inviting outdoor living. LAURA J'-RGENSEN. REALTOR. Mrs. Hirtman.

JB 4400. ME 6003. PLEASANT RIDGE. ST. LOUIS $23,500 NEW ALL-BRICK COLONIAL All Urge roomi: on lit floor, 6 on 2d: 2 gas, air- eonditloned heating finest Ideation.

Mrs. Row. EA 4431. 6X17 KIDOE AVC RC 1360 PLEASANT RIDGE New Cape Cod: 21- n. living room, log nremace, nresgtasx mom, tils kitchen and bath, attached garage: 2 extra large 2d-floor bedrooms; 1O0-ft.

lot: near bus: (12.750. Mn. Roil. Ea 4431, RB 1360 PLEASANT RIDGE Beautiful 6-room home: sun porch: rewlv decorated; tile bsth; stoker heat: concrete basement; near schools and transportation. ME 8889.

Pleasant rTdge. near 3-room brick and breakfast nook for sals by owner; (16.500. JE 9027. PLEASANT RIDGE Near Nativity; 6-room brick: 22-ft. living room: modern bath; (11,500.

Mrs. Ron, EA 4431. 8117 Mldle. liW. PRICE HILL Near Elberon car; on one of the best streets; large ztt-itory oricx on 100-foot level lot; arranged as 4 income over $1,700 annually; ideal for rooming house; excellent investment opportunity: $12,600.

WA 6473. PRICE HILL Well-built brick. 2-famlly; 4 roomi and bath, receptlonal hall, 1st; roomi, bath, 2d 3 roomi, bath and attic, 3d; hardwood floors, tile bath, 1 furnacea, 2-car garagi; 50-ft. lot; (12,500. RAiitKMA.

kiami, naaitori. WA 4887. PRICE HILL NEAR WHITTTER BCTlOOL; BRICK, 4. BATH, lit; 3. BATH.

2d: 2 FINISHED ROOMS, 3d; STOKER -FIRED FURNACE; $6,750. DETERS. A 3373. RICE HILL GOOD INCOME, Triree-ramuy. Three garages.

SSI) Piircitl. For detail! call FRED LOWER, with HOWELL REALTORS. WO 3333. PRICE HILL A home with Income; 8 roomi, 2-famly frame; 2-car brick ga rage ana worxsnop; gooa conauioa OWNER, 1212 Elberon at Qltnway PRICE HILL St. Louis, frame.

4-4-2 full haemnt: s.Darate services: rare res and level lot; Insulated. Hate roof. Want offer. Call cvner. GR 1137.

PRICE HILL, NEAR 6-room frame, good condition; can be used as 1 or 2 family; large roomi: garages; (7,000, WA 6700. PRICE BILL Quebec, near Olenway: 2 0-room fiati; tne oatni, rumeces, ga rages laundry, narawooa. a avja PRICEHILL 1008 Pur-ell 3-Iamlly frame: furnace, can uu 11 J). PRICE HILL Coved ale new: 5 roomi; 1 floor; tile; modern, jiw. PRICE HILL -Coxy 5-room brick.


ROSELAWN BOND HILL Modern homes: open dally; 5, 6 and rooms. For VA 1440. ROBERT H. WACHENDORF Section and Reading Roselswn. ROSELAWN.

NE A F. Almost new 2amTTy brick; 6-room fiats; tin Dams, Venetian bllndi, gas automatic heat, hardwood floors; 2-car garage; good Income; (14,500. ME 6699. JE 6nH7. Mi ARTIN L.

HOLMAN. ROSELAWN 6-room stucco; 4 on 1st, 2 on 2d- Vltrollte bltrt ana snower on isi; Housti for Salt 1 SHAVVANllH THA IL- It-room colonial. In-luiulcil; hliilin ilootH ami PHnti, -Actliiiii itnpi'O'l; emliieil; slid doiililo sink ''ml alt.ncH; I7.2MI; no agents. KK 1 13H, I'. M.

and P. dJLVLKTON Hi locuiiiin; 2-lannly, 4 rooms and hath each apartment: double garage: 2 lota: completely furniatiod; on hua line; Income for quick sale, rtlone owner, naiavia TERRACE" "PARK Llnrery, HvTnn room, dining room, niodernlMd kitchen, down; 4 bedrooms, bath, up; stoker furnace, automatic hot-water heater; double garage; 2-story stable: chicken lot: fruit trees; garden: lot (12.600. Call K. Klrkpatrlck, MK 8U8, or E. W.

MONCE, EA 4300-O9HV WALNUTTflLLS -MODERNIZICV HOME. Attractive modernlied 0-room home: St. Jumes 1 square from school, 2 squares from cars, 3 squares from Peebles Corner; Venetian blinds throughout; very large closets; streamlined kitchen; automatic gas heat; (7.500. Call today. EA osuti-4 138.

TALBERT REALTY CO. WALNUT HILLS McMillan, near Peebles Corner; brick S-famny: Income Sl.iut) year: priced right. Call MK. ilUMCHiUta, VA 0347, of THUH. MC1UVA1IM, Builder.

VA 2675. Realtor. WALNUT HILLS Brick, four 3-room flats: Income 11.200 year; Al: 110.500. WO 7766-7777. WALNUT HILLS, EAST On car line; crick 12 rooms, 3 kitcnena, ouaiuess aone.

A. J. HOFF, WO 6240. WALNUT HILLS Kinney- 5 rooms; mod- ern; garage; M.300. WO 7786-7777.

WALNUT HILLS Brick; 2 3 rooms, one o-room apartment; stoger neat, wooizi. WALNUT HILLS Park, near McMillan; 2 5-room apartments. Brown. MA 0398. WEHTiOKN HILLS Can sell as fast as we get them Let us sell yours.

MO 4403 WESTWOOD-CHEVIOT Brick. 2-family; 5 full rooms each; completely separate: porches; double garage; newly painted and decorated; up to date; convenient location; (12,600. MO 1225-2168. WESTWOOD Mignon brick; 3 on 1st; 2 and bath. 2d; (9.800.

RAY HELWIQ. Realtor. MO 6900-5961. WESTWOOD 2-fairilly. all brick automatic heat: (14.500.

MO 2750. WINTON PLACE St. Louis. 2 4-room apartments, everything separate; hard wood; furnaces; garage; nice condition; (7.950. EDWARD C.

BACON. KI 2S66. WINTON PLACE 4-apartment, 15 rooms; good Investment: (9. 600. WM.

PARCHMAN. Realtor. KI 5805. WINTON PLACIC East Epworth Ave. family.

4-4: attic: on car. MO 5829 2 WYOMING English brick; screened porch; 2 garages; available April 1st; (12,225. OTHERS. MORTON BRUCE, 8466 Vine, VA 2222. 528 EAST 5th store, 10 rooms; rent (82: (9,000: lot 22x100.

MA 2729. WALLOON. INC. Residential Loans. In terest ratei at and 4t and FHA.

401-2-3 IngalU Building. MA 1462-1463. lu(int(( Property foi Sala 2 A. 1-FLOOR CONCRETE: 12,300 feet; industrial "A MA 3505. BRICK BUILDING Two stores.

2 flati (rented); for sale or rent. VA 09S4. CITY 1638-56 Central; factory, 53,000 square ieet; spnnmcr; iiw.tHKj. un 1464, FACTORY SITES In city; loned Indus trial In county, "ume free." One to 20 acres; (40 per foot up. On Penn aylvanla Railroad.

P. O. GRAVES. CH 2682. INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY with five-room house and lot; ft.

by 100 ft. build. Ing; can be used for garage or shop, 298 Sidney Camp Washington, KI 9116. PLEASANT RIDGE CORNER. STORES AND 9 APARTMENTS.

Modern brick building. 1005 occupancy. Now showing 7 net. JAMES F. BREEK.

ME 7321. WALNUT HILLS In the heart of Peebles Corner on McMillan, a rushing restaurant business; baa an amazing; income; all new fixtures and equipment; must be sold at once by owner because of Illness; may be purchased both ways. Including the real estate or business and stock only; price exceedingly low. If Interested in a good going business, call UN 2950. Invsitment Property For Sale 3 AN 18-APARTMENT of 2-room efficiencies; janitor's quarters; equipped itoker-flred furnace: Income in excess Of (S.000.

Call EA 8755 or CH 14 4uJ AVONDALE Dana, near Victory modern all-brick 5-apartment building; de luxe full-sized 5-room units: porches, garages; numerous rental features; excellent net return; icnilbly priced at consider 1 or 2 family as part payment. See today. Owner. WO 6632, EA 1101. BRICK, 6-5-L ST.

LOUIS. LOOKS LIKE A SINGLE! You'll like this attractive English. Iti artistic design, its lound construction and many special features are definitely appealing: 5 rooms each floor, bath and storage 00 3d: 2 automatic hot-water heating units; garages: screened porches, with Country Club view; large lot; trees; shrubbery. STANLEY L. CLARK.

BR 0146. COULD CO 20TH YEAR. ME 6888. COLERAIN AVE 3 can Fe bought for (1.510 lew than the tax value. KI 4604-6566.

COLERAIN AVE. 3 building! can be bought for (1,500 less than the tax value. Kt 4604-6566. HYDE PARK Consult ui for local investments; we know Hyde Park property. CARPENTER.

JE 5242. HYDE PARK Brick. 3-famlly; retumi 10.6 net; must sell on account of being transferred. Owner. EA 0108.

MT. AUBURN 6 APARTMENTS Near Christ Hospital; Income 12,790 per year; new listing; to sell at $15,000. Thli won't lait, UN MT. AUBURN TWENTY APARTMENTS. 14 garages, 3 stores: wire-cut brick: equipped kitchens.

Only (70.000. CH 2050. NORTH AVONDALE 5-efflclency apart ment; newly equipped kitchens; tile iiuabi-iiiwi, euv-nnin tm Ernunni line investment: income u.ouu asking pries UhT 6156, PLEASANT RIDGE. A MOST DESIRABLE LOCATION Combination of two fireproof apartment buildings; brick, steel and concrete construction; 4 high-class apartments to each building, 4 fireproof built-in garages to each: all modern equipped kitchens, gas hot-water heat; yearly Income priced low at $48,500. An inspection will bear out our judgment Call ELMER COOK.

VA 6560-1440. ROBERT H. WACHENDORF 1720 Section Rosclawn. ROSELAWN 4-apartment brick; gas heat; equipped kitchens: annual income (2.H40. Je" W44 Sfnte AMMONS.


KI 7980. SPLENDID EASTERN AVE. BUSINESS CORNER Modern brick of finest construction, containing 2 Urge stores each with fu) cement basement; both leased to good Rent per year, (2,680. J. r.

O'E'RIEN A COMPANY, YOUR AGENT. CH 6717. Provident Bank Bldg, HI 1270. XB 4 Decide, call JOHN E. MANTHEI Tour Realtor.

JE 0846-3336. 10-APARTMENT BRICK Modern 2 and 1 room efficiencies: wire-cut brick; built in 1929; steam heat: itoker; exceptional value. BR 3248, CH 4470. farmi, Country Homei Fei Sale) i A 327-ACRE CLINTON COUNTY Farm, north of Clarksvllls on 3C Highway. for only (21.600.

Two sets of buildings and war exempt tenants stay with new owner, nnown exclusivity ny Morrow, Ohio. Phone 105. AN Indiana farm for sale off old 46; 2 eti buildings: good tons coo land, fruit, post and fusl timber; $1,500, Myles Ruts. Harrison R. n.

3. CASH FOR YOUR FARM tviMrrn vi vra rnrnvPttW unura VILLAGE PROPERTY. Have many on hand. What nave you to offer? Write, give Description, price, location. D.

W. BEELER CIN'TTi LEADING FARM REALTOR. 206 E. Fiftn Uln'tl 2, O. PA 3224.

fAt'MTOf UnU X.nAm maJm WmiTjT 0 acres, 3 tillable, IM, woods; priced ror quica saie, at.nuu, minora v3 EXCELLENT farm of 54 acres, with a lovely 6-ronra colonial house: good barn: only 17 miles from Fountain Square, Owner In service Priced to sell. Mre. Benjamin. AV 8170. M.

E. GARRISON BR or. 88. CaDM KC. hopkinb.


BLANCHESTER, OHIO. FISHING LAKE Plcnlo grove; modern home; oner puimirgi; aoacrei. gu nai FOR SALE OR TRADE FARM, 62 acres, Rout. 42, 3 miles north of Bharonville; 7-room modern house: barn and other all In good condition. Write Geo, Yarbrough, Bharon ville.

Ohio, Route 1. ACRKS On Route 50. near Owens- vllle; strictly modern 13-room house, also nice 4-room hcuse: fine neighborhood, close in; prlco to I'll quirx. W. J.

MILLE R. Goshen, O. Phone 20 LLOYD E. McNAIR FARMS AND COUNTRY HOMES. Williamsburg, Ohio.

none 331 or 3053, llojisi foi Salt CITY Dili! Main, near Court. House; B.floo Mb Hour. Mr. Euu i. A 83til).

INS i'ON 2 rim liH, flnnr; hirdwood ilooia, Ruth, Iter 1'. M. LOeT Downtown area, 25x120; heat and envator service. 2iki, NICK "OFFICE AND STORAGE, ground 1 1 MA Ollici-Deik Room Foi Bent 13 AN ATTRACTIVE. 2D FLOOR SUITE rmnl office, 900 q.

opposite Post office. Hlymyer Building, 614 Main. ATTRACTIVE OFFICES Various sixes ressonable. Neave Building. MA 1H71.


MR. 81FGROTH, OFFICES with Unlimited telephone service, 825 per month and ap. Including Cleaning, light and telephone, arretitrifil service. STENOGRAPHIC HERV1CE8 AVAILABLE The Building Industrie! 626 Broadway. ('II 2440.

I'M ATE office wTfh stenographic aery- ice. Apply iio Traction mag. Moving, Trucking, Stongi IS pit 7Crtf. Loeej nd long dlstancs mov-til I OUJ Ing; storage; estimates free. Wanlid To Bint II A Horrnc 4 bedrooms, baths, maid's room sum Data, me 87vz after a.m A 4 OR 5 ROOM APARTMENT OR HOUSE Equlppet kitchen; good residential section- 2 adulti excellent reference! ii needed.

VA 6326, after 5. A HOTTER AND GAMBLE EXECUTIVE. permanently located la lnelnnall, want io rem J-Dedroom house or apartment, Hyde Park or vicinity; will guarantee Al or propeny. ssa A TWO-FAMILY HOUSE Walnut Hills. Oaklev vicinity: sood references.

Box 61, Enquirer. COLLEGE HILL 5-room house or apart- ment oerore May 2 aduus. ki vodz, EASTERN SECTION Government officer. wife and 2 children, desire 6 or 7 room uniunusned house; permanent assignment; excellent references. Call MA 5495, EA 7462.

0.A EMPLOYED COUPLE- want 3-room unfur- nisiied apartment, bath, with or without equipped Kitcnen, in walnut Him, mi. au-bum or Norwood; near car line. RE 191.1 EXSERVICEMAN and wife desire 3-room modern apartment in Clifton, Avondale, Bond Hill or Roselawn. UN 2515. FARMER wants to rent a good farm- will pay caen.

rent, py year, jn omi. FOUR, five or six room house or apartment: nice location; adults; references If required. JE 8480. MODERN 2-bedroom apartment in deairable neighborhood, by executive and wife with no cnnoren or pets, wo moo. PERMANENT House or apartment to (85; suburban; couple, one child.

Csll Mrs. Scott Alexander, Marlemont Inn. BR 2100. SOLDIER AND WIFE, permanently stationed at Ft, Thomai, wants small bouse or apartment with yard privileges, furnished or with kitchen equipment. In Kentucky orCctnnatl.

Itox 'Y17'JEnqu1rer. SOLDIER: 2i year old child wants 3-rooms: yard: can pay rent. Call CH 6649 THREE OR FOUR ROOM APARTMENT First floor, by April 20- one daughter, 8 years. Box 90, Enquirer. 1 VTCn 1 3 equipped kitchen, by May 1st: woman WANTED Warehouse space; 50,000 square 11., lor immraiaie occupancy.

v.n izuu. WANTED One or two room apartment, furnished. Call MA 2946. WIDOW wants 2 unfurnished rooms. wltS conveniences; first or second floor: city or Fairvlew.

or Mt. Auburn. PA 6096. YOUNG COUPLE with 2 youngsters neeas 2 or 3 bedroom modern house, or St. Louis, wlt.n nice yard In good suburban neighborhood: quiet street; references Rent $65 to $90; permanent.

BR 2245 J. 4 OR 5 ROOM APARTMENT or house. In or around Bond Hill. Roselawn. college Hill, wantel by a tool engineer In an essen tial Industry.

VA 7540. Mr. Paul Eltmant 5 OR 6 ROOMS Unfurnished house or apartment: adults; reference! furnished. Call ME 2275. 2 LARGE OR 3 SMALL ROOMS IN FT.

THOMAS: ADULTS. CO 9869. Bent Booms and Board 17 AUE-URN INN Pleasant room for 2 people: twin beds, shower: psrklng; excellent food. AV 9630. HYDE PARK Elderly lady, care if needed, in private nome of nurse, EA BOB).

LARGE FRONT ROOM with tower: 2 meals. WO 6159. 2339 Oreenview Ave. SMALL COTTAOE or 4-room lower St. Louis: 2 adults and infant; excellent BR 2359 M.

Famished Booms for Bent IS A WELL-FURNISHED front room; nice home: on car; parking. AV 681. ANDERSON HOTEL Transient. $1.25 and up; special weekly rates. CH 9sl6.

ATTRACTIVE ROOM Private home; for employed lady. EA 4545. AVONDALE 610 Maple, off Reading Rd. near Rockdale: 8 minutes city; lovely oulet home, room with bath, radio. Adults only.

AV 4433. AVONDALE Sleeping roomi now available at Dana Hall. 994 Dana by day or week. KI 9586, AV 9527. AVONDALE 1 sleeping room, on Prospect Place, near transportation, ens.

CLIFTON Comfortable, large front room with adjol-ilng, private bath; garage; on car line; gentleman. Call PA 4757. CLIFTON Marburg Hotel, 160 Ludlow; reasonable rates, AV 9297. CLIFTON Available room, "private home; convenient car, bus. AV 4708.

EVANSTON Sleeping room: business girl; private home; nesr ear, busies. WO 0435, an day eunnay ana evenings. PARK HILLS. KY. Furniihed room; gen tleman; 10 mir.utcs to cinti.

mm. MT. AUBURN 1800 Josephine, on 53 line- 6 minutes city: 1. 2 and 4 room apartments for housekeeping; park ing. AV 44.13.

MT. AUBURN Beautiful room; near Conservatory; modern; near tath. UN 6550 after 6. NEW KOCH HOUSE 313 SYCAMORE 300 ROOMS 50c per night: $3 week np. PA 8664.

One of the Cleanest Hotel! in Town. rtr.w r-i-AA THIRD AND CENTRAL. New management. Newly too rated. Room with bath.

(1.60 up. PARK LANE HOTEL 108 Garfield PL Ratee $2 to $3.50 oally. CH 3570. WALNUT HILLS 1562 Ruth; bice, light housekeeping room, av ho. Onfumi.hed Booms For Bent IS CITY 848 CLARK BT.

Three moral and bath; $12t per month; CENTRAL TRUST CO. MA 4900. CITY Liberty and Freeman; 2-room apart-ment; white adulti only; no pets; $10 month. MK 6307. CH 3496.

WESTWOOD Large sleeping room for coume; car or bus. nomao. HU 5S31 J. Vacation Heeds, Besorts, Cottages 28 CAMP FOR BALE Big Miami River, near Ft. Scott.

UN 2690. Positions Foi Woata 22 an srvisai tc nnUKKMS mini ply with WHO reiulatlous. For detailed infonnntlon, report la enr leeal V. 8. t.iuplu)Uieui Bervloe.

ACCOUNTANT-BOOKKEEPER Capable .1.,. OI pjwinrni Icditer, accounts payable, pay roll: In noa-1. 1 i.t..., Haw ISM. KnnnlFffy. ACCOUNTANT-BOOKKEEPER Able to laxe complete enarge vim, clmlinr rhecklne of errdltsi wholesale knit goods firm; good MA4135.

AIHKHTIS1.NO DEPARTMENT Mtenogra-pher-Edluhnne operator! varied dictation: Interesting work! general offices; national company 1 80 years old. Box 175, En quirer, lUrfifc A si TCI.FPHtlNE AND TELE. ORACH CO. elfere opportunities for young women la He long-awanoe aepan-nienti serve la a vital war Job and learn a valuable peacetime skill; fascinating wora, clean eurronnamae, cousvmni mmwv dales 1 downtown location 1 opportunities for Mvanrementl new higher rales nt pay now efteetlvei three Increasee In firs mouths; also liberal extra payments vaca tion wna nay. nppiy in to P.

Mondsy thiuiigh SaUirday Room 905, 209 W. Seventh Kt, itm enaMi ll-rtt alean ing, no laundry; small family; excellent wages to ngm pari. UN 6fl18. A. P.

FOSTER CO. Dae an ePenlng for a practical nurse and Ability, to type and do general office duties ita.lrenie. Apply personnel oiure, vtioioms ais. Lockland 18. Ohio.

A. P. FOSTER CO, Tiai an opening for a typist; ability to do filing and typing. Apply personnel office, 711 Wyoming orxiiinfl wnm. AN EFFICIENT maid; apartment; 1 In lamiiyi liuerai wages; iwf.

is ARE YOU a eerviceman's wife who can drive and would enjoy lira on country estate for duration? Light housework, pies sent room, excellent wages, ms 34411 Tn work on small electrical unllsi apeeial evening shift, 1 In 0 P. M. also day shift 1 important war work. Apply employment office, KPERTI, IX R.Kikwood Division, tar 49 to top 01 incline. Announcement! A Radel SeiMici UNTLR MRV OK AT.

HAI1IUKA CARNEY, Anna V. COURTNEY, Sidney Copyright 194B experience and facilities. RADEL, Pres. Funeral Homes cKftSft 1 If FUNERAL HOME 8412 Clifton Air. AVon 4543 BamberFuneralHome.lnc.

JOHN W. BAMBFR ROBERT BAMBER. 3011 Woodburn Ave. WO 1440. Gordon llril FUNERAL WEIL HOME TREDWAY Funeral Home Established 1892.

2131 Cameron Ave. Norwood. Ohio. MK 0311. Journey'! End ROBINSON Francis E.

Robinson, beloved father of Mrs. Walter Flitch. Sunday, March 2a, 1915; resilience, 3 Drake Newtown. Ohio. Remains at the Thomas llln.Pal A A 1 ti vllle.

Service, Wednetday, March 28, at -m p. m. SCHATTIXtiKR Richard L. Schattingr, beloved husband of Emma frame Schatt-Inger, father of Marion Clements and Vincent Schattinger, Monday, March 26, 1945. Due notice of funeral.

STRIDSBERG Edith Farley Strldi- oerg, Detovea wire or tne nev. can a. H. Stridsberg; residence. 232 Wyoming vtyoming, unio, Aionnay, Aiarcn o.

i l4o. Friends may call at the residence Tuesday afternoon and evening. Services at the Church of Ascension on Wednesday, March 2S. at 3 p. in.

VEITH Albert Veith. beloved husband of Stella Veith (nee Hugheyl. at his home, E. Henry Clay South Hills, Covington, Saturday. March 24, 1945.

Funeral Wednesday, March 28. at Hugen-berg Ollndmeyer funeral home, 40 W. 8th Covington, at 2 p. m. Interment Highland Cemetery.

yr Voorhis, devoted father of Capt. Ralph Voorhis, Seaman 2 Alvln Voorhis, Mrs. Mary Baumann. Miss Helen and Jean Voorhis, Monday, March 26, 19(5. at his residence.

Mason. Ohio. Services from the Mason Methodist Church, Thursday. March z. at p.

m. mends may call wednes- day afternoon and evening at the residence UCB- In Mason. Interment Rose Hill Cemetery, tery, naason. WAGNER Richard Charles Wagner, aged 14 years, dearly beloved son of Ben S. land Lois Wagner (nee Strohm), al his residence.

14 Military Park. Ft. Thomas, Ky. Funeral Wednesday. March 28.

1945, from the Dobbling funeral home. 106 8. Ft. Thomas 10:30 m. Interment Evergreen Cemetery.

WIRZ Rose Win (nee Fail), beloved wife of the late Julius Win and beloved mother of Anna Knapn Wendelsteln. beloved grandmother of George anl Matllde Knapn and beioved erreat grandmother of jeorge tuiapp Saturday, March 24, 1945. in her 84tn year, at her residence 3231 Wardel! ave. Funeral from the Vitt Stermer Western Hills funeral home, 3425 Harrison Cheviot. Wednesday.

March 28. at 8:30 a. m. Reoufem high mass at Our Lady of Lourdei Church, at a. m.

World War 11 Veteran. Miscellanioui Hotice. BECKER CLOTHES BPRINO STYLE SUITS AND TOPCOATS prices. 114-118 W. Fifth corner Vine at Eighth.

BECKER ELECTRIC CO. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 1800 WALNUT CORNFH LIBERTY OHIO "PEP" FUEL OIL KEEN AN OIL A FUEL CO WO 1250. ON AND AFTER ruts mrt 1 11 be responsible for any debts contracted for by any other person than mvsetf -arryJ- Pryor. Box 26. Barnet Woods o.a., unnon.

Cincinnati, npo loit and Found BOAT LOST From Jordan Harbor. Ad- cm. jij. Ohio. EA LOST Tan leather billfold, vicinity Sinton Lobby and 5th and Walnut; 7:15, 7:45 P.

M. Saturday, containing two weeki salary and personals. eg aaoa 5:30: reward. LOST Laays Elgin wriit watch, gold case at Hotel Gibson, Sunday. Reward.

"A 3715. LOST Large tan Boxer dog Monday evening near Clinton flnrinn with h.jK collar. Call AV 8140. LOST Black and white cocker iirimir r-ortsmoutn Ave. Reward.

EA 8937. LOsT Billfold, containing and A gas coupons with Indianapolis address. Jeffries. UN 4S49. Reward.

U) wrist watch, "Grveine," olnk gold with black face, I'nioa Terminal: reward. VA 1120 LOST Downtown, Saturday, man's ipec- 0 muwu case. fc.ASt QN.i J. OT goid locket; In Avpn- uie. newarq.

AV 7114. Housei for Sale 1 COMPLETE REAI, ESTATE SERVICE yj Residential and apartment buildings -v for sale Rental service r.i estate loam at 4V rates, PA 1046. Title Guarantee Trust Co. AVONDALE Pictured above in Zone Residence convenient locatloa. Thli 4-bedroom house with two tile baths ii modern in every respect Reconditioned and remodeled at con-Iderable expenie bv the owner a few yeari ago.

Automatic heat; 3-car garage. We In-yite your Inspection today by calling Mr. The Myers Y. Cooper Co. J-tiwarai, rtrJALTOR.

EA 2780. AVONDALE Fine of the older type; 4 family bedrooms; also 4 rooms and bath on 3d; exclusive location; gas-flred heat. Robert J. Kramer Co. EA 4665 AVONDALE.

Compact 4-bedroom house, Mitchell Ave." priced to sell. MA 1300 or MA 0700. AVONDALE, N. Edge; 3 bed- and HI' kitchen and bath. PA 3063, AVON dale Brick, 2-famlly, 5-5-3; has a potential rental of (150 a month; only lil'Lj JgJSlLjy- 7215.

AVONDALE Rldgeway Ave. (colored); 6-room house: all modern conveniences; owner leaving city. Tt'KF. A80N. MA 2729 AVONDALE 911 Lexington.

3-T-2 mod- Avrni7n'be'1room: 2'r'" 7'9W- AVCNDALE Mitchell St. Louis, two u-rwin sparimenis. wu AVONDAI: Heam. AvT: 3-bedrwm brick- (7,250, ROTHSCHILD. Ma 652s.

BELT.EVLE Deluxe; one owner: wire-rat brick: 5 rooms: gas heat; hardwoM; storm doon and winnows; Venetian bilnds garage. W. L. Johns, CO 19 Oi BELLEVL'E. KY.

DOUBLE HO''BE- 5 CO 2r)7. BOND HILL 2-famlfy. 4 r-oms" so- larlum to each apartment- location; 2279, VA 7215. BOND HILL Modern -rwm73bedroolrui 2 complete baths breakfset toom. screen porch; doiihle gsragv (i3.oro.

JE CAWKmiNCjTrttrTnit-HoppiT Bt bnck. l-ramily: (4.500, Huelsman'i Realty fH 47 A.M,r. 4-3-1; modern; garages; rhean. AV 2aoo CAMPJV HilWrjT6N-firlck; apartments; good location, excellent eon-dltlon. AV CAMP WASHINGTON-! orTfamilTbTici" i.Toiinmr, Rj afHn.

Cam 1 no 0 rw: ip 3 i 3-4; hiths; stok'r. M.K). UN CHEVIOT. NEAR-5-rwimT-fioar frame" unowall batn: modern kltrhen: bull anngi.; ai camiuion: (7 8 MARY L.

YOLLER CHEVIOT block ear; brl. k8tLouii' tiie result of harmonizing our HENRY J. Four Convenient lllllilll ilillilllillUHiilllU 77jcJ. Johnson IbUZLLAN nd UPLAND PLAC1 AYOodburn 0474-0475 iiiraitsiiiiriiiiciBiiiiiiiiiwmifflKiiiiimro J.J. SULLIVAN CO.

Bradford J. Bulllvan. Director. irn e. McMillan at bell pl woom Hodapp Funeral Homes Hamilton at Elktoa.

Kliby 1040. Own Thou mine erei, that I nay behold nondrout thingt out of Thy law. 1945, John Howard Harris. DotRft Carrie Wessllng Doerr. widow of the late Fred Doerr mother of Mrs.

Alice W'acker. Mrs. Clara Reeves, Mrs. Florence Hackmaan. William, Fred.

Frank. Clarence and Walter Doerr, Monday. March 26, 1945; residence. 7408 Dawson Madeira, Ohio. Remains at Thomas homa A41S Whetael Madison- vllle.

Service! Thuriday, March 29, at 2:30 uk v. sriMENSMITH Louis C. Elsensmlth, be loved husband of Emma W. Eisensmlth, Monday, March 26. 1945.

aged 89 years, at residence, 22 Tayior Ft. Thomas. Services at Erschell funeral home, 153 N. Ft. Thomas Wednesday.

March 28, at 2 p. m. Burial Highland Cemetery. FOSTER Ruth W. Foster (nee Peters).

beloved wife of Herbert P. Foster and beloved motner of Warren Foster, suddenly, Saturday, March 2-1. 1945. at residence. 837 Ftnd'ay ajted 64 vears.

Funeral from h. Rhk, a- Roremann Co. Parkway fu neral home. Central Parkway and Clifton Hills lane, Wednesday. March is, at 11 a.

m. CEIC.ES Emily M. Gelgei (nee Goefft). beloved wife of George C. Gelgei and teloved mother of Mrs.

Milared Monman and Mrs. Lucille Bauer and 8gt. George Oelges, Sunday March 21. 1945; aged 6 years, at residence. 3073 N.

Hegry circle. Funeral from the Busse A Borgmann Co. Parkway fun-ral home. Central Parkway and Clifton Hill! lane. Wednesday.

March 28, at 8:30 a. m. Solemn requiem high mass at St. Plus Church, at 9 a. m.

HAGER William Wagner Hager. agid 2H years, beloved son or Mr. ana airs, jonn Franklln Hager III. brother of Franklin Hager IV and Cassandra Bouthwtck Hager. Of 815 congress uiennaie.

suuueuiv. In Fort Lauderdale, Fla Friday, March 23, 1945; also survived by four Mr. and Mm. Eirl William Wag-ner and Mr. and Mrs.

Richard B. Hager. three aunts. Mrs. Jamei Cooper Crlttendon, Miss Janet MacLellan Wagner and Mrs.

Charles Croweli. Funeral services at the Behaefer Busby chapel (formerly Wllt-eee). 24 W. Ninth Wednesday, March 28. 2 p.

m. Interment Spring Grove Cemetery. HA BIG 2nd LL Charlei J. Hablg belli loved ion of Mn. Charles Rabensteln (nee Wehmeyer) and Charlei J.

Hablg Wednesday, March 21. 1945, at Chlco. Calif residence. Arrow Monfort Friend! may call Tuesday at the Wain A. Bolton funeral home.

3042 Harrison Weitwood. Services Wednesday, March 28. at 10 a. m. Schwab Post No.

425. American Legion, will hold services Tuesday at p. m. niMsEL Emma Htmsel (nee Beheld), beloved wife cf Joseph Himsel and mother of Elsll Himsel. at her residence, 920 Elberon Sunday, March 25, 1945.

Funeral from W. J. Wlrmel A Bom funeral home, 3118 Colerain at Ethan Tuesday, March 27. at 2 p. m.

HOLDERFIELD Mathilda B. Holderfield (nee McClanahan), widow of the late John W. Holderf'eld and beloved mother of the late Mn Enola Bhaln and John E. Holderfield of Morrow, Ohio; J. William Holderfield of Detroit.

Friday. March 23. 1945. at Detroit. formerly from 2207 Kemper lane.

Service! at Harold B. Barrere funeral home. 3734 Eistern Tuesday. March 27, at 2 p. m.

Interment at Spring Grovi Cemetery. KALFRAT John Kalfrat, beloved husband of Ann Kalfrat (nee Muehlenkamp) reildenci, 738 Columbia Newport, Monday. March 26. 1945. Funeral from the Muehlenkamp.

Coitlgan Roll funeral home. 835 York Newport. WedneiJay, at 9:30 a. m. Requiem high mass at Church of Immaculate Conception, at 10 a.

m. KAKN8 Anna Ka-ES (nee Burkhardt). wife of the late D. W. Kama, inter of Adolph W.

Burkhardt. at her residence, 8741 Whitney Madieonville, Sunday, March 25. 1945. Services at T. P.

White A Sons Mt. Washington funeral home, 200 Beechmont Wednesday March 28. 2 p. m. Friends may call Tuesday after 4 p.

m. LANGDALE Dr. Rupert H. Langdale, beloved husband of Mayme Willis Lang-dale and brother of Mrs. Viola Chew of Clinton, and Dr.

C. A. Langdale of Miami, suddenly. Sunday. March 25.

1945, at residence, 4202 Hamilton ave. Friends may call at the Chaa. A. Miller Sons funeral home, Hamilton ave. at Knowlton Northslde, Tueiday.

from 3 to 10 p. m. Funeral lervlcea Wednesday. March 28, at 2 p. m.

LrECRE Lydia Luecke, daughter of the late Frederick and Eleanor Luecke, sister of Mrs. Matilda Seaman, Sunday, March 25, 1945; residence, 3527 Middleton Clifton. Friends may call nt the Wrass-mann Barfknecht funeral home, 2625 Gilbert north of Taft Tuesday, after 4 p. m. Funeral service! Wednesday, March 28, at 10:30 a.

m. MAKrT.O Alphonso F. Maffeo. beloved husband of Anna Young Maffeo, Sunday, March 25, 1943; residence. 961 Summit Olendale, Ohio.

Friends may call at the Vorhls funeral home. 310 Dunn Lockland. Tuesday. 8 to 10 p. m.

Services Wednesday, March 28, at 1:30 p. m. MAHANEY Dantel Mahaney. brother of the lata Belle Mahaney Saturday. March 25.

1915. formerly o( 1628 Carll st. Funeral from Rebold funeral home. 1712 Queen City ave. at Shsdwell, Wednesday, March 28, at 11 a.

m. MEYER Clara Meyer, beloved sliter of Rose Mever and Mrs. Anna Bosko. at her home. 1707 Scott Covington.

Sunday, March 25. 1945. Funeral Wednesday, March 28, from the above realdence, at 8:30 a. m. Requiem high mass at St.

Benedict Church, at 9 a. m. Interment in Mother of God Cemetery. MCHOLAS Laura Dunham Nicholas, beloved wife of Dr. Louil A.

Nlchnlai, mother of Loulie Nlcholai, of n510 Hamilton Monday. March 26. 1945. Sorv-lcei it the ick Johnson funeral home, McMillan at Upland Wednesday, March 28, at 10:30 a. m.

yrMKAMP Louil R. Pulskump. beloved husband of Emma Pulskamp (nee Schoen-baschler) and father of Mary Louise. Louise, 2c Eugene and Dolores Pulskamp, Saturday. March 24.

1945. of 8 Fox Funeral Wednesday, March 28. from Nurre Bros, funeral service. 345 W. McMillan t.

Requiem high mail at the Cathedral of Bt. Mnnlca, at a. m. ADER Anna 8. Rader (nee RchrlverV beloved wife of Alfred W.

Rader, mother Ot in, saartna Koeiter and sister of Mrs. O. T. Jackson and Mrs. Oliver Hunter, Monday, March 26, 1945.

aged 55 years. at Christ Hospital Services at residence or ner lister, Henry tt. Thomai, Wsdneiday. March 28, at 3 p. m.

ECHENBACH Michael M. Rerhenhsen husband of the late Daisy C'ntttngham Bechenbaeh, beloved father of Nellie and Charles Rech.uibach, Monday. March 26. 1945. Funeral services at the Jsckm.m A puiiock lunerai njm.

Harrison, O'Ho, Wednesday. March it. at 10 a. Interment, Bright. Ind.

MED Robert T. Reed, beloved husband of Rose K. Reed (nee Smlthi, father of Cressle Reed and Stuart E. Reed, grandfather of Ethelda and Bhamn Reed. Bun-day, March 25.

1945. Remains may he en at Thomas funeral home, 4118 WhstMl Madisonville, Tuesday afternoon and evening. Iriterment Phllllnl. W. Va.

(Indianapolli (Ind.) papers please copy -Hill 1 Ob' -r; sui vine VA OHIO, r.isrnsraun um Foster Nicholas A Pulskamn I, I Hager IM I Himsel Robinson I Holderfield Srhatttnger fl Kami Ntriritberg I Kalfrat elth Luecke Voorhis I.angaale jUflee f-wa. j' I 4 9 Pliny A. J. B. Johnston.

SY 7427. 6 ACRliS Good brick house: barn; ground extra cow, cnicKeni inciuaea; (3,500: easy terms. 2 ACRE Good improvements nice poul try farm- 500. 50 ACRES House. I barni.

large poultry houxe; creek, 3 acre! in woods; (3,600. A Real Buy! 130 ACRES 2 housee. 2 bams, large poul try house; fences good; plenty water; (5,500. MACK HAYS, Blanchester, Ohio, Phone 3788. 52-ACRE FARM OFFERED at auction Wednesday, March 28th, at 1:30 P.

2 miles north of Red Lion. 2 miles south of Sprtngboro on Route 741; also offered In two plots, buildings under construction In woods. Electric, phone, water under pressure, very rich level soil; 15 acres of 36 miles from Cincinnati, 18 to Davton, 6 to Franklin. Farm tooli offered lame day. Grace Fry Farm, Ivan Alderton.

Franklin. Ohio 243 ACRES One hour's drive Cincinnati good location, near highway; 130 acres level tractor land, balance in bluegmss, with running water: 6-room residence, electric; 2 good, largs bams; many other buildings: good tenant on farm: to settle estate: per n-re: terms, u. RATLitr, Leba ton. Ohio. Phone 393 R.

S9 ACRES On stats highway, one mile off U. 8. No. 50; 7-room frame house. In good repair; bam; acres of woods, Balance tillable.

This farm is owned by a widow and ihi baa Instructed ni to sell at (0,750 VERKR ti wibaJAMH, Realtor. 133 Main Mllford. O. Phone 5433. 13 ACRES 16 mllei out; modern 6-room Cape Cod: large living room.

3 bedrooms. drresii room, 2 baths: automatic oil heat; Immediate possession; THE FRANK MAUCK CO. MA 40SI. 10 ACRES 5-room cottage; electric, barn, hlMlr-n aM.

r.OO It acres 4-room gas. electric. turn tdentv water- tA.OOO. H. HANPLEY, Realtor.

VA 23 ACRES: no biilfdlngs; on good" paved road; nice location: a buy, (1,400. rUnC WCICCMAWW Morrow.Ohlo hi mo. iiLitfjiiiniiii Phone 35-11. 50 ACRES 6-roora brick- 2-car garage: good location for subdivision; city water; only (35. OOP.

VA 4228. 94 ACRES Good land and buildings; an ideal investment for (14,000. can VIRGIL MADDOX. Phone Bethany 2333. loti ad Acreage Tor Sals ACREAGE Close in: woods; rolling: view; itilted for leveral country home-sites.

A good Investment for future building. Closterman-Fast. Realtor. PA 7243. BOND HILL Beautiful level homesltes; restricted section among fine homes; no as sessments: (1,750.

Mr. Gunning. ME 4548. MT. WASHINGTON 12 acres: excellent subdivision; surveyed and platted: a real buy at (7,000 H.

P. WADDELL. BE 7300. WESTWOOD WardelH near Boudinot. 60x125; 4-apartment site.

MO 5818. WYOMING Fine lot- 72x208; new section; no assessments; $1,950. JA 7123. Heal Estate For Exchange TRADH YOURS FOR WHAT YOU WANT. McCLURE, REALTOR.

JE 7321-6516. Wanted Beal Estate A Bl'NGALOW or J-tory modern bom In Bond Hill, Roselawn, Golf Manor or Pleasant Ridge, lash. VA 6960. A CASH BUYER FOR ANY Property PRICED TO SELL. DMZELLM A N.

4 W. Sevcntn. MA 6642, A CASH OFFER for your home or apartment. Cash In 10 days. For quick results.

RAY SHARP CO. JE 1455-4663. A NICE TWO-FAMILY OR ST. LOUI8 In eastern section of city. Box 192, Enquirer.

A APPRAISAL AND CASH BUYER For Any Type Property. IRWIN FRIEMAN. AV 2882. ABSOLUTE BUYfcR for 5 or 6 room house; must be reasonably close to transportation for employee working at Cincinnati Milling Machine. Box 188.

Er.quirer. ALL CASH FOR TOUR PROPERTY AT ONCE. Mr. Glaab. UN 5522, PL 0749, UN 0158.

BUYERS for one and two family homes; also 4-apartment buildings, E. M. COSTELLO SON REALTORS. MA 0312. CASH BUYER for and 6 room home, with large lot or acreage.

UN 8537. CASH E4JYER for 4 or 6 apartment, any good suburb. MO 2S41-6164 R. DOCTOR Want. or 6 room house; $11,000 to (14.000; In Clifton.

Hyde Park or Pleasant Ridge: will pay cash; immediate occupancy rot essential, Mr. Stegmann, VA 7918 or MA 6984. DOUGLASS O. HIGH, INC. FAST ACTION TOP PRICES.

Let Us Sell Your Home. COLONIAL REALTY CO. Residential Sreclalliti. CH 2459. FOUR-FAMILY Have client with cash wanting 4-famlly In Clifton, Bond Hill.

Hyde Park or Pleasant Ridge. Call Mr. Whltmlre. DOUGLASS G. HIGH, MA 6984.

HAVE CASH BUYER8 for property in Pleasant Ridge, Kennedy Hlghti, Kenwood, Norwood. Hvde Park, Bond Hill. R. C. LEININOER CO.

ME 7385. IF YOU HAVE A 5 OR 6 ROOM HOME and can give possession promntlv. nlease phone VA 0347. INDUSTRIAL real estate for rent, lease or sale. HANDEL.

Cincinnati 6, Ohio. MT. WASHINGTON For" "quick sale of your property call BOGART, BE 7365. NOW IS THE TIME To icll your bom or apartment building, tsrni hssttai 4k at rtm nnn wtV4. srn Km 1 11 In Bond Hill, Roselswn, Pleasant Ridge, Golf Manor or vicinity, call us at once.

We have orders to purchase 16 homes for clients. ROBERT H. WACHENDORF VA 1440. Evenings. VA 135L Realtor and Developer.

1720 Section Rossiawn. "NEED AT ONCE" 1 OR 2 FAMILY FOR CASH. ME 4106 ONF. OR TVVOAMILYashTwTUoTt jfmi Mt Auburn. Corryvllle.


WM. B. POLAND A CO. MA 1835. WANT OR 6 ROOM HOUBE Northern or eastern section.

Box 185, Enquirer. WANT TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY? For quick, efficient service call CHAS H. WILLIAMS. ME 9033. WANTED Brick St.

Louli or 1-floor plan; any mourn tor casn. MR. DANIEL, ME 2862. WE ARE continuouily looking for proper-tiei for tale. If you are thinking of selling we will have our representative advise you on the advantages of selling.

THEODORE MAYER A BRO. ME 0921. WILT. PAY CASH for any kind of note, secured or unsecured. Write today.

Box 62, Enquirer. OR 8 ROOM HOUSE Bond Hill or vi cinity; from owner. Cash. Call XI 5523 Or Jli DB94. 3 AND 2 or imall house near can; state price, etc.

box 03, i nquirer. Firniihed Upartmentg For Best i CORRYVILLE 138 W. University 3 rooms; married couple; reference. HARTWELL Efficiency 2-room apartment xurnisnea; iioor, newiy oecoratea; anuus oniy. va xnuo.

HYDE PARK 4 rooms (2 bedrooms), 3d iiour; sauna; no peis. S.A uiuo, PRICE HILL Nicely furniihed 2-room apartment; remgerator, wa aanB. WALNUT HILLS 2S57 ST. JAMES AVE. exclusive efficiency: 1, 1 or 3 rooms: modern In evsry detail, including heat, hot water, refrigerator, Janitor service.

Near Peebiee Corner. WO 9669. Apartments, Unfurniihed For Bent IS BHARONVILLK 125 Sharon; modern ff rooms, bath: garage; gas. slectrio and heat furnished: (to month; first floor. Call Glendele 6319 R.

Business Places For Bent 12 For Light Manufacturing 3 floors; 3,600 feet per floor: light on 4 aidee; sprinkler lyetsm; elevator. EUGENEBERNINGHAUSCO. 1904 Western Ave. A LARGE LOFT In modern. Binding, wholesale dlitrlct, 80x90, Plenty of natural light, heat, freight end passenger elevator; iprlnkler lyitera: loading I rom alley.

eiu-is-A aim i.o. CITY flottlhweet corner Ninth and Raoe; itoreroom and basement: heat and hot watir furnished. Real Estate Department, The Provident Saving! Bank Truit Co. CHerry 6111. city 734 W.

Fourth trucking terml nc excellent facilities, with loading dock, storigi space, office; will lease. AV 691 ICHTY 22 E. Thlrte.tith; large store With roomi food location $24. Oi 542J. "ill "P'ns rrquireo! op- advancement! excellent work- I Bd? LlFE 200 BeaiVl Inm inA 1 pieasant worg- I mg conditions; area Nnrwrwi KLOH8.

MB 319- AU tor MR- CLr.RKrot hilling department. In pleas- ui r.t.lf ITr CI.F.RK-T VPI8T needed at once "for oinn, anie fa type: 44- nnar weeg. MIKXfg IXC. llllJ 1128 Yerk lnelnfi.ll CLERK Wh te woman for work in room: exDer.enr ...11 stors 1 iM-iiiianrni worn. 2139 Auburn Ave.

Apply Christ CLKRK For g-neral office work: beginner or rxwrirnred; pieaaant Working eon-dltlons. phone Miss BI RDSAI. ivi Mai CLERK-TYPIST Some experience In office work oreferrert lit tint ntsa. chanc for promotion: -10-hour week: permanent. Box 184.

Enquirer. UJjRKS. TVPWTS. Hlfb Mhool and cummerrlAi tcbool rd- ltaf Lnoal iaunHi a cviiiiiaiij; IiNJU WOrv in eondltlont; eellent opmirtiinitr lor asl I'd naenieni mm CLEKK-TYPIST-Young glr1: will train; excellent opportunity for girl willing to 1sa ti si An T7t i 9 COAT 8H0P WORKER As hand finisher on coats in modern tailoring shop. Appb THE P.

H. DAVIS TAILORING 23iT f-uone uiee. "Pesses and hat laleswom en ior dim-ment department. Apply ALMS DObPKK tersonnrt Dent. COLORED For cafeteria work; must be neat and clean; age up to 55; good t'a, aoi P'er lMnJC n' York and Western.

Phone BR 1912 between ana f. M. COLORED GIRLS For general laundry DRY. BR 2000 LAUN COLORED Bt'S GIRL) AND DI8H-WASHERS Full-time work; meals, uniforms and laundry furnished without cost. Apply rear entrance, MILLS RESTAURANT.

31 E. Fnnrth Bt. COLORED GIRLS Experienced shirt press- DRY. COLORED WOMEN For washing buckets. inc.

LuniiniRlAL BARREL DRUM CO 170i John Bt COMPTOMETER OPERATOR A Job th una cnanrei ror ati-vancement: this In nnr nsv roil department. THE ANDREW JtRUENS Spring Giove and Alfred SI. I'A 3970. COMPTOMETER OPERATOR for THE ALMS A DOKPKF. will enn.ln.

beginners. Apply Personnel Department, third floor. COMPTOMETER" OPERATOR enccn; to wore in eosi aepartment; downtown location; attractive working conditions. ttox 180. Enquirer.

COMPTOMETER OPERATORS Part-time evening hours; work consisting mainly of addition; temporary work from 4 to 6 weeas. rt, fULK 400 Pike Bt. COMPTOMETER OPERATOR, bill clerk. V. 8.

PLAYINO CARD Beech aad Park Norwood. COMPTOMETER OPERATOR Must be experienced; (Vx-da week; monthly salary plus overtime. 199, Enquirer. COOK White, for position in small" family of adults tn Ml. Washington area; ideal conditions made It possible to stay experience, phoae BAl DE.

PA 3570. COOK Experienced white maid, belt refer ences; 1 person; splendid hnmi and treat-ment; high wages. BoxZ 183. Enquirer. COOK WHITE; ElPLlUENtEU; STAV.

IVTVi COOK AND tlPS TAX RS MAlD lo cur: mnnA aalnrv V7l Kl9A nVhlte; experienced. MRS. ALFRED -noom 4 a. nip otaincy. r.j.

noo. COOKING Plain conking and downstairs worn mast De experienced; good wageel steady; go or stay; references. 4039 Rose hill. I 7986. COOKING AND DOWNSTAIRS For lady.

nana ana rnna- nurse; on ear nnei bf.fMlta n. r.n.J immm a. paidJoMntervleWjki 033. 3011 Erin Ave. COoKINO Light housework white; apart- mrnii in family; nn laundry wom Own room, bath; reference.

AV 3548. COOKINO and" downstairs, white eJrT; small family; summer in Michigan; good wipi. box isa, n-nquirer. CRANE A BREED want! typist to leara r.iuou-Kiiner Dining macnini; tinoti-Flsher hilling machine operator; and operator small switchboard and clerical work. 1231 W.

Eighth St. CUTTER HAND On light material, CRANE BREED CASKET M3t rv. mn st, ASSIST AN onllj Call MA 6308. iTiCTAPHONE OPERATOR PROCTER AMBLE downtown officii. Aa opening for typist to be trained ai dictaphone operator; should be fast and accurate In lining; is to 13 yeare of age; high school graduate.

Apply 8th floor, Gwynna Sixth and Main for an interview. DICTAPHONE OPTeRATOIVTYPIST Ex. eellent working -conditions. EMERY IN. Dt'NTKIES.

4300 Carew Tower, DlB'TJClTcTiEN HEEp-White or Apply fiosiesi uifice, uciwecn ana inr the aftirnoon. Betheida Hospital, Two; excellent salary) steady work.'s Avondals Restaurant. 3911 Reading Rd. DRAPERY "HANOER Experienced In all branches nf drapery hanging: only thoroughly competent woman will be considered.

Aply THE JOHN 8HILLITO Employment Office, Seventh and Elm Hte. UKFfssMAKER Pleasant work. CRANE i BREED CASKET 1231 W. 8th Bt. DRl'OSTORE Salesgirl for selling ens metles and elgars In a qnallty store; salary and commission.

8HAPER0 DRUG- I STORE, Fifth and Race. ELEVATOR OPERATOR For downtown, office building; sirs 12: permanent: vaK cation with pay, good salary and hoti-s, copgenlal surround'ngi. Apply 1121 Kiltn LEVATOR OPERATOR Colored, under 35, tor 48-hour week Job: meal, and uniform, furnished. Apply CHRIST HOB- niAu 's Auourn Ave. EMERY INDUSTRIES, INC.

are In need of a woman to train as a ehiralcal process operator. Clean light work requiring anility to assume responsibility, and better than average Intelligence. You will work 2 week! at a time on 3-shlft rotation P'an. Extra nay for the 2 nlcht hlft Car pool plan in operation. Women are now employed at the sums work nn the same shift.

Regular mala starting rate paid tnlnees. valley bos or Cum-mlnsvllle-Oaklev bus to June 8t St. Ber- nard, Ohio, KI 3773, EMPLOYED WOMEN Housewives us spars time and evenings showing exv elusive hosiery and apparel. Phone EAat 6080, evcnlriBt: MAIn 4967, dsvs. EXPERIENCED BfENOoTUPHERT- FOX 3100 Bee an family.

MAKE OFFER. GOLDIE H. SPANG. rathskeller, bar: z-car garagi; eu.avv. JE 6567.


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