Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas on September 23, 1971 · Page 14
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Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas · Page 14

Kerrville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1971
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

SfFtftKHef , fit (Bf (8 nt Lftte fwfi 25 IMA m., is Ufa i3t«, r, AMI. %, m, out 6f &tfv6y Me. 122?, fyi* fn» fty. Oo. Abst. Ke. $t, and >b««g patt ef iMatynk&de SnMviaton, See- Wen One, Kerr County, fern Coniifoental Hosts No. 211, 'tec., to M of (to Bills, 1/PB, $10.00 6tc., 6.8 ffletes out of Survey No. ISM,' R. C, Alexander, Survey No. 122?, fyfer Tap fty. Co. being part of Sife No. 1 of Marymead'e Subdivision, Section One, Kefir County, Texas. Walter C. Turner, ST., et tix to Morris E. West, et ux $ etc., pat* of Survey No. 118, •P. R, Oliver, Kerr County, Texas. T. Jasper MtfOre to Mtenie Nolte $10:00 etc., parts of Lots Nos. 20 and 21, Block l, Pierson Addition to the Town' of Ingram, Kerf County, Texas. James Bufus Hart, Jr., <* ux to Herman E. BiMtzer, et ux : Nos. if . , newry Seftmeftsr fi, Coffolt, et us tjots Nte, 10, ti a Blfteft N6, 8^, J, A. flvy tion te «te city MONDAY thru THURSDAY 9:30 — LADIES SPECIALS The Feminine Touch Shape Up With Shirlee ** 11:30 —FILM FEATURE 12:00 —NOON DEVOTIONAL 12:15 —NOON NEWS FEATURES 12:30 — COMMUNITY CALENDAR 12:35 — FILM FEATURE ** 5:00 — TRAVELOGUE 6:00 — EVENING NEWS ** FRIDAY EVENING 6:30 — THIS- IS THE LIFE 7:00 — SOUNp OF JOY 7:30 —THEATRE 2 ** SUNDAY AFTERNOON 4:00 —THE GUIDON 5:00 —SUNDAY SERENADE • Uninterupted Music & Weather Data A, L. Stefkey, Jf,, ei us te Dr. TnoirofS W* WlckiifSfhj w U* $irt,W etc., Let 4, Block 7, Saf- key Utera* SuijaMsieri No, I, KeW County, fejffts. fttrth Heto Ofjeper, et vif ft John W. Uflenr, et ux fl6.<fo etc,, Lot 14, Block 47, Westtefld Place Addition to the City of Kcfrvile, Texas. Frank .Nedy, et ux to f. E. Davis, et «tl, dtva, TWddfie tin- terprises $10.00 etc., 1(88.1 acres out of Survey No. 36, Robert Brown, Survey No. 3, B. S. and F. .and Survey No. A. S. Moorj, Kerr Couhiy Texas. Vemon J. Burns, et ux to KaHe Jf. McDonald $10,00 etc.. Lot 8, Mosel's Addition ta the Town of Ingram, Kerr County, Texas. John Joe Hyde, et ux to Dayton E. Itz, et ux $10.00 etc., Part of Lot 7, Block 1, L. A. Schrehier Valley View Subdivision, Kerr County, Texas. W. W. Ottfbin, et ux to D. Marshall Edwards $10.00 etc. part of Lots Nos., 8, 9 and 10, •Block No. 3, Buena Vista Addition to the City of Kenrffle, Texas. •Gordon L. Duncan, et ux to Betty L. Wdlto $10:00 etc., Lot 6, Block 2 and Block 3, West- tod Place Addition to the City of KerrviDe, Texas. Howard M. Hamilton, et ux to Chester Schwethelm, et ux $10.00 788.326 acres out of various Surveys in Gillcspie and Kerr County, Texas. Guy W. Dean, Jr., et ux to Man W. Heydman, et ux $10.00 etc., 10% acres more or less out of Survey No. 136, Abst. No. 264, J. E. Overland, Kerr County, Texas. The Great Texas Lumber Company to William J. Fritz, Jr., Lots Nos. 71, 72 and 73, Guadalupe Heights No. 3, Ken- County, Texas." D. K. Livingston to Texas Products Manufacturing, Inc., $10.00 etc., Lot No. 12, Block No. 9, RiOheson Subdivision No. 2, Kerr County, Texas. Amelia J. Edwards, et ail to M. Burwin Atkinson, et ux AUJ For Each Roll of Film We Process Prints only At least 75% of Exposures must be good. DRUGS CORNER JUNCTION HIGHWAY AND HARPER ROAD PROMPT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE , Ifltl Bfeutt&fft Sum On "Naw, Wilbur I didft't say you cheated—buf when you said, aw he's jisf a killer, I figured the kind you grind up fer dog food!" $10.00 etc., tract of land out of Survey No. 110, situated in Kerr County, Texas. Todd Thompson, et ux to Henry A. Knocke, et ux $10.00 etc., Lot No. 10 and part of Lot No. 11, Block No. 103, Westminster Annex Addition to City of Kerr- vH'le, Kerr County, Texas. L. A. Pearson, et ux to Edgar A. Gold, et ux $10.00 etc., Part of Lot No. 11, of Shady Grove Subdivision to City of Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas. George R. Bromley, et ux to Dolly Bowers $10.00 etc., 11 acres out of A. S. Moore Survey No. 4 and B. S. & F. R. R. Survey No. 3 in Kerr County. Texas. Texas Products Mfg., Inc., •to PhiHip J. Ryan, et ux $10.00 etc., Lot No. 12, Block No. 9, Richeson Subdivision- No. 2, in Kerr County, Texas. John B. Johnston, Jr., et ux to Barley B. Beck, et ux $10.00 etc., 1.08 acre out of Survey No. 146 in Royal Oaks Subdivision, in Kerr County, Texas. Hbwell Corporation to Sigmor Distributing Service, Inc., $10.00 etc., S. W. part of Lots. Nos. 1. 2 and 3, Block No. 24 of Westland Place Addition to City of Kerrvi'Ue, Ken- County, Texas. FILM Henderson Is President Of Hunt 4-H Club Billy Henderson was elected president of the Hunt 4-H Club at their September meeting, with Lewis Scherer as vice president. Juli R/agsdale is the secretary, Lynn Short the reporter and Bart Soherer as council delegate. Other club members include: Kim Wootton, Aubrey Raiford. Chris Troiber, Scott Carpenter. Tommy Henderson, Annette Wootton and Darrell Arhelger. Six out of every seven hi Kerr County read the Kerrville Mountain Sun. (Adv.) Dieter* Claim . . . Prospectors Have Busy Schedule Labor Day at the Dietert Claim was another "Labor of Love" day. Meals on Wheels were delivered as usual to elderly shut-ins through the efforts of Mmes. Ruth WIflson, J. F. Whithead, and Ha OuJwell. Others giving of hemselves in the Meals on Wheels project this week were: Mmes. Addie Keith, Martha Hairr..-. ' 0. Cunningham, W. T. Mayfield, Howard Jones, Viola Marsch, Estelle Wallace, Elizabeth Carmichael and Carolyn Mapes and Joe Morris, William Folsam and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McMillan. Mrs. Sam Junkin shopped for groceries. Misses Ethel Scott and Camilla Butterfield and Mmes. Jane Braswell and Eunice Baskin assisted in the salesroom. Doyle Nichols and Norman Luther and Mrs. Eloise Roe did some "shut' ter clicking" for the Claim. Congratulations to our Egg Carton Craft teacher, Mrs. EJlie Molter, who won six first place and two second place ribbons at the Kendall County Fair recently. Mmes Gertrude Ofe, Mary E. Hovel! Mildred Morrow, Kitty Caskey, Marie Lange and Bennie Godley made many Pressure Pads Tuesday while chatting with Mrs. Ida Shirley whose arm in a cast has curtailed her volunteer activities •for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Carl EHis and Fred Ma-goon gave hours working in an advisory capacity for the Kerr County Governor's Committee on Aging. Joe Dedok, Harry Dietert and Miss Camilla Butterfield worked in the Dietert Claim Instant Garden. Mrs. Edna Horn and Miss Ethel Scott created clever ptoceoards for a Volunteer Council luncheon. Mrs. Kitty Russell's Bridge Class took a Labor Day holiday. Mrs. Fred Tollman's Genealogy Re- search group met and selected a new meeting day. They will meet at 2 p.m. Wednesdays. Charles Larson was back at his "Old Post," teaching "42" Thursday afternoon. Six little ladies had a quilting bee on Wednesday, they were: Mmes. Albert Mann, Stella Lewis, Addie Keith, Lillie Hertel, Jimrnie Best and Charles Larsen. Mrs. Nell King's Decorative SCitohery Class sounds more like a party each week. Mrs. M.R. Gaddy played the piano for the children at the Dwyer Community Center. Mrs. Eloise Clements interpreted for the Salvation Army Clinic. Mmes. Mildred Duderstadt and Bette Herring did friendly visiting. Merrill Doyle conducted the Friday morning Art Class and will until the reg- freop 24, MM. Sherri Donand (M«. Vlfglftte Neely leader, met Mflnday In the (M Scout House, they «re planning to save motley for three years to go to ftngtend and Scotland. All of these 'girls tin lit the seventh grade end 'are in the first yew of Cadets. Today wo elected Patty Wirlkt, treasurer; Sue Hunter, secretary; Martha Mackey, safety manager and Janet Mackey, scribe. —Scribe: Janet Mackey, Troop 264, Mrs. Barbara Doan and Mrs, Dorothy Murphy, met Tuesday at Mrs. Murphy's home. This is our first day back in Girl Scouts, We didn't do much besides getting organized. For refreshments we had ico cream sticks. We got three new girls today. They were Jody Warren, Cynthte Cunningham and Carolyn Curtis. Our new patrol leader for the yellow group is Stephanie Menn and her assistant, Shari Pfrimer. For the Javendar gncaip Jody Warren and her assistant, Gayle Murphy. The treasurer is Beth Mackley. —Scribe: Donna Juenke. $• •» ^ Troop 85, Mrs. Vivian Kneip and Mrs. Betty Crick, leaders have prepared a camping trip for the girls at Camp Mirosal. We will leave Friday afternoon arid come back Saturday night. We usually 'have our meetings Tuesday an Leland Street. Scribe: Stacey Temple Gay. lifer returns. ¥ you don't like music or singing or fun you won't want to attend B. C. Mapes Fun With Music Fridays at 3 p.m. Keep in mine Mrs. Zelma Hardy's Good Books Discussion Group at 10 a.m. Mon days: Mrs. Bette Herring' "Girth Control" at 10:30 Wednes days; Mrs. Betty Mann's Conver national Spanish at 10 a.m. Fri day mornings. For fable games and refreshments Tuesday nights it's the Senior Citizen's Club am Friday evenings, the Golden A«' Club. Remember, if you are over 5 and giving of yourself anywher to the betterment of the comrmin :ity you are welcome to attend an or all of the activities at th Dietert Claim. Td Oryihrf Crfy Congressman 0., C. Ftefier, pPGSGntiflf5 ITO 21st district l'iod flttonWfyti to n rwcflt grant of $602,413 to ffifi Crystal tity sdiool system by the 0. E. 0, ttis Idler continues: "A number of people havn written me about it, tasWng t guidelines for the expend!lure are fuzzy, that <t obvimis- ly d'teerimhwites against other schools which are equally as well qualified. Others, well ac- qtraintod with the political situation at Crystal City, question the competence of local officials to spend <Jils vast outpouring of tax money. "Among odJher things, the big donation is to be used as handouts for 100 sophomore and junior level students. Fifty of them are to receive a gift and all 100 of Hhose chosen are to have at. least $1,200 per year each for two years, to 'help pay their college expenses. "In addtion, according to the announcement, the Crystal Cify dii'Strict has been 'awarded a $162,00 federal grant for a bi- lingtM program for the next year, and a $25,000 federal planning grant 'to write a proposal for staff development under federal government's Urban - Renewal program.' "But that's not -all. Some of this te money IB to pay the •salary of an assistant superintendent, a curriculum writer, two counselors (one for students and one for their families), and five teachers who are supposed to be specialists in their field — as if all teachers are not specialists in their respective fields! "When tills very questionable outlay was catietf to my tion, I called upon 0. E, 0, fi> plaitt why tod aitntents at crystal Cfty m $2,400 for college and why thousands of equally qualified indents are not entitled to the asm tteaf- mont. I have not yet received a reply, Any such scholarships arc completely out of order. "In addition, I am eaMfog this bureaucratic use of tax money to the attention of both the House Committee on Labor and Education (which handles 0. E. 0. legislation) and the Appropriations Committee. I am urging that this strange fettfi of expenditure be thoroughly ih« vestigaied, and that 0. E. 0. be strictly accountable for its action. A. Kerrville Public School Menus Week of Sept. 27 - Oct. 1 Monday: Barbecue on bun, green lima beans, pickle circles, carrot sticks, kins, milk and fruit cobbler. Tuesday: Sliced roast beef, whipped potatoes and gravy, green beans, apple sauce, hot rolls and butter, milk and cake. Wednesday: Chii and tacos, pinto beans, sliced pineapple, con-nbrcad and butter, milk and pudding. Thursday: Pizza pie, buttered corn, cabbage sailad, buttered sliced bread, milk, and congealed dessert and cream. Friday: Combination sandwiches, potato sailad, green peas, peach half, bread and milk and cookies. KERRVILLE MOUNTAIN SUN MRS. W. A. SALTER — FORREST SALTER Editors and Publishers PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AT KERRVILLE, TEXAS Post Office Box 1249, Kerrvtile, Texas 78028 Office Phone CL 7-3300 Second Class postage paid at Kerrville, Texas SUBSCRIPTIONS: $4.00 per year for residents of Kerr and adjoining counties; $4.50 per year outside trade territory. 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