The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1940, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS First Baby Of Cabinet Mother Calls Off Great Danes To Admit Reporter BV GKKKV DICK NliA Service Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. — Going to call on a cabinet, wife is one (lilns. Going lo call en a cabinet wife's small son Is another . . . especially when that son is youthful ifarold Jokes. Jr., son ol the .secretary of the Interior and Mrs. Ickes, nml n strong-minded lad in his own right, Maybe his distinguished father's distrust of the press has been Inherited. Anyway, when I started up the sloping lawn of the Ickes 1 Maryland hcme ,two great Dimes came bounding down (o meet me. They did not look In the least cordial. I had been invited for lunch, but the Danes seemed lo Ihink I was going to be the entree. 1 got hack to the coupe two steps ahead of them, and had the do:r locked and the motor started when Mrs. Jckes came to the front door, subdued the reception committee, and invited me in. MASTER HAROLD CHANGKS FOR INTEKVIKW After luncheon, my card was taken in to Master Harold. His nurse came down to report that he would see me as scon us he liad changed. Like his mother, the young man lias bright blue eyes. Like his lather, he looks like a born scrapper. He .settled his broad shoulders comfortably and clenched his lists as (he interview began. Since lie was born on Labor Day, five months ago, I wanted to know hew lie felt, about unions. He would say nothing for publication, but he made an unpleasant gurgling noise which may have indicate! annoyance at the mention of company unions. I pointed out that his own nurse is on duty day and night, but he dismissed this inconsistency by locking hard at the ceiling and loftily blowing a bubble. PUTS THE luKUS EMPHASIS ON STATEMENTS — Maybe I looked like part of the Jliiemployment problem, in search of'a solution; at any rate, he begun hurling stuffed animals out of his cri!> and Jeering us I picked them up. This went on until 1 yol winded. Throughcut. the interview he clutched-a noiscmaker in his list and-waved it furiously to emphasize Ills points. Feeling, at last, that, [lie interview was not wholly a success, and being a trille tired of bending for those animnls, I went to lincl my hostess. MRS. ICKES AT TARGET RANGE Mrs. fckcs is an ardent sportswoman, particularly fond of riding and shocting, and she was on Hie target range baek of the house at tile moment. She smacked a bullet into the black bull's-eye of the target, ns easily as a conductor punching transfers, and then put up her rifle and asked how the interview had gone. When I told her she smiled and said she. could add little to what youthful Mr. Ickes had snit). She did hope, though, that her son might be more friendly; for a few days before she had found, him ripping some of the more vitriolic pages out of a copy of his father's book about the press. Harold Itkrs, Jr., jives his fir*! inlrrvlc Hayli Society—Personal of Mrs. Lee Phillips with Mrs. J. | W. Golden and Mrs. Pearl Sanders ' as hostesses. - Mrs. Wolf Khoiirie, daughters Edna and Anna Mae and son Edward returned hcme Saturday evening from a three weeks vacation spent in Oklahoma. They visited Mrs. Khouric's sisler. Mrs. T. J. Salamy and her brother, Ed Ja- fcour of Aiiadftrko, Okla., another brother, Sam jabour at Uivdon, Okln., Mrs. A. Kouri and family at. Henryettii and with relatives and friends at, Oklahoma city and Tulsa. At Tulsa Ihey visited H. M. Dcvyeosi, who recently moved there from Hayti and Billy Finnegan a fcnner Hayttan. Mrs. Glen Sullivan and children and her mother ol Mississippi left Wednesday evening for Chicago, ill., where they will visit relatives. Charley Gilbo of Memphis is here tliis week visiting his family. Mrs. Opal Brown spent the weekend with relatives at Stecle. Mrs. Sherman Hill of Pascola spent the week end here with Mrs. Opie Shephard. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Randolph i arc the proud parents of a baby boy born Feb. 1 tipping the scale at 8!» pounds and has been christened Forrest Franklin. Tiii.s is the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs Randolph's parents. Bob Reed, who has been working with the Slate Highway department lias Rone lo Poplar Bluff to work. Mrs. Wolf Kliourie and children attended the reception given for Mr. and Mrs. John Shibley at Portageville Sunday, Mrs. Sh'ibley was before her recent marriage I Miss Sallte llamra. Miss Anna Mac Khouric and i William Khouric aiid a party of i friends from Caruthersvillc are attending the Mardi Gras this week. Odis Fowler of Ccotcr was here Tuesday visiting Mrs. Ople Shepherd. Eddie Hodge of Mereiicn, Micli., was here Thursday and Friday visiting William Khoiirie. Mr, and Mrs. Ray Dodson ol Caruthersvillc were here Sunday visiting friends. Miss Virginia Pcndorgrass was able to rclum to school this week after three weeks illness of flu. Average Age Reported Rising for Criminals FORT WORTH, Tex. I UP)--Edward E. Conroy, special agent tor the Federal Bureau ot Investigation in Dallas, told a Fort Worth civic club that the average »<•? of criminals in the United Stales is rising. The F.B.I. agent found it, gratifying that -he can no longer pin ' most of the crimes on youth" Since 1930, lie said, the average age of desperate criminals lias risen from 18 to 22 years. EWE'S FUR BUBSERtER Hoover War Lib r a ri<ui Reports No Light In 23 Lands I'ALO AI TO. Oil.. I'"!,. 0 fiM".~ Dr. Hal,,), u, i M , it (llm . (<) ,. of ,,,„ Hoover War Library, just. bai* fi m a visit to n European roiin- I'les. paints ;\ uUmmy picture of tiiropo as a whole, 'In December," he said, "I was m Hiily—mi Italy tremendously com-niicd ivilli (he possibility of future trouble. 'Not until [ «.„,, there did I ifiiHze how iiw t .j, die Spanish campaign (not ihc Ethiopian) luid eosl (he Itiiljnn Empire. I was forced to dcubt If It, is i™ that Italy 'wants lo jump lo the winning side." 'The shiikeiin li, die Kiillim ministry has ,, ol mcim( 1( ,. om . Plele dlsnppenrimre or the Axis Italy is principally concerned Mlh Russia's threat to u, 0 uai- kans, and almost cmmlly will, Turkeys alliance will, the western pow-ei-s." . As retards Spain, »r lie found it a country pieces by civil war, War's Ucvaslalioi, Kvwywl<wc i lie moment y 01 , C1TOS Ul[! ,,„„ slllcl ton, (o [lonllei you sco dynamited VildBCS," "In Madrid 1 saw the ruins ol u flu.COO.OOO educational plnill, tho university ,,r Madrid. Standing to- "ny nro only the outer wnlla and it in- Inner partitions. Over the hill.s i , S1UV pillboxes iiiid the vmvkajjc- cf liinks; lit, ™ m "i' die ground were giuis, shells am) (jrcmido.s. "The itirut situation in Spain Is imimps than in any tottii- "'.v 01 ren(rni or southeastern K\\- Hint' Is iljU „ Jl,, rce fpelln;; of eMiitmt'iu inn] revenge 1 iiutililst >"(• ili'lYuled purly—IlMij Is Iho }'W they won't forget. ' (imiiiiny has reunited WAHCO; .is m 19H, II,,, cimnafi menace nas ijuwijlit about the sacred un- i a which only Frenchmen seem in',', '" ""''""'I! I" limes of HIM I CSS. "lii Ktt-ii/oi-laiid, 1 .snw men Mini ing dyimmlie 1m,, vtvM i w |^ " l;| iv,i- stone bridges. "Muiisury i s appieheiislve-neu- Iriillty is perhaps Us principal uol- I(!J'. "ViisoslKvm is (ryl,, B io kcci , "I, but Km-y hfltel seethes with •'oiioinlr dcli'iiiitloiis from l-'mwu. 'ciiuanv. Italy „„,) Bngi,,,,,). jf one iiiipmuehus a table, nil cc.n- M'^aiuin censes." I'iiiuuui;i "K.\iu>ct K Worst" "''• I'M/, runnel n( Biidmiesl, IMI liiiuiHUtii expecU the woisi. 1 mis (oiii i,y various Bovlrl !Jl " ,i ,|,, "'I'lic uttenipi ol the Iron Guiml 10 wi/e control presents a serious in™, " '" "" y co " llllou sovcrii- liunuiiilii Jot of Iron dmmlsmeit-tjiey hnii ,o»ly shot 2,009." Dr. l-ulz went fixiiii Swollen lo Hnland on Ocl, 11, on tho )ntl boat before the Uulf of Uullinln was rlcwd. '"Mint (lay mid Hie duy before" lie Mild. "Helsinki \viis lu'lng c>vuc- iiiilcd. Tlic old men, women und children were nlmniy none "1 <lkt jiul ccf a sinijle person smile—innn, woman or eliltrl "Finnish defense lli K . K llre , M bulll like the Magluol Hue, bin ure constmeled willi siipremu regard for the Held of fire, In i.lliiaUmis where «m-li lire glvos u pcrfoul de- li'tisf. with ceitHln iiHiterliil obstacles used by (he MI,,,., f or (1 ef(ii- slvu puvposi's. "1 wiis tcld nioinji, to xiwn- (Hat the secret, diplomary of Uil.s war exceeds lentold tiic .seeret illplo- nmcy lux'ccdlnii 1UH. "There has boil loo nuti'li wishful thinking abmit. Clermany. hliDuld sreivt liegottallnns full ami Hie wn»' go )IK/I (he hands of the strategists In tin- spring, we inity espret » long in,,) jimn-flBliiijiy bitter war." Head Courier News wain n us. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry imd Cleaning Service PAGE KJVfc Tho worlds' most Utooed man probably ««$ Cpnstuntlnc, the Bard's Town *« IDONT KNOW WHETHER I fi£r MOM PUASU OUT OF SERVING FROM THE FAMOUS OLD fiddle Bottle.,. OR FROM WATCHINC FOLKS ENJOV THE RARE FLAVOR OF THE WHISKY • \ We don'i aim to make much Whisky each year,.. »>)• il'« he» mi^t on OBI lite for I ID y<4is.,. illll dr«T limcilonc wild liom n!4 Uumhon Srri«(!s. ilick to our M iotr-miil, lornmU. Wt fieftr lo lutour »hi>Vy leisurely, In the c!c« nr m wirin IUB of ttie Mill ol our Ntlion Count)-. Tim Ilk" |i|nc...costi cvln money .. . Ml ItC do H| I Ifliiily , f i(|, , |l, vo , no b 0 J, fvir (oijdi. Ity it loliy. J«»l jik ror the. "rjildln llolllo" <: ( miiii|ssl(>n 0(1., llelfna, Ark. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First rhoiic 141 Wert Optometrist "HK MAKKS 'KAJ SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 5-10 Ann Cnllicrtaifi Class Meets Tlif Ann Culbcrtson Sunday School Claw; of (lie, <'lmrcb met. yvilli Mis. j. o. Mallory Tuesday evening. jvj rs . Angela Mn- limilt.s had cli»rgi< ol the tlcvo- liniril program nml the prcsidcnl. Mrs. l'cni-1 Sanclcr.s presided over IIii! business session, at which time Ili'-y drew names for (lie Dig Sister Chili. The class lins decided to liavc »lrs. s. -White for a 'Big Sister', tacli week Hie members oftlicclaw nie lo do something for lie-- The ' next, meeting win be at the 'home I SPEND VOUIt GASOUNE HOLLAR WISELY SAVE ;ic (o -lc I'er Gallon ON GASOLINE Valuable Coupons Wild Kadi Purchase GASOLINE—MOTOR O1J. KEKOSENK Wmlesalc & Retail illADK WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Independent Ile.iltr TANK CAK TO VOUK l',M\ Higlinuy Gl, iS'uilli, liljihevillc »'c Deliver J'liuac J33 MULE AUCTION SALE JO-i East Third SI. Caruthersoille Mo. CRYSLER-MATTHEWS Beginning at I P. M., Closing When Stock Is Disposed of mm, FI Vifly hcntl nf jjoori work mules to choose from. ,>r;ic- lically all si/.ps anil a.s;c.s, .some niiilclicil li'jim.s, SOIMC single; all •gtwrantccil ;icrlim;i(cil, in RIK«| ne.sli and rt-iirly lo lie pui inio service at once. All made crons in I'cnii.srol County last year. AUCTION RAW OR SHINU !<.\t,ii WILL isi; HUM) i,v orn i,'.\iiiii; I.MI'>,I..^ICM luriLDixG. risoTixi i;i> I-KOM coi,t> on \vivi VVKA- TIIKK. l'Ol= JIAV COAIK TO Tltl^ S.M.Ii WITH ,\KYOU WIM, UK (;(>MK)lt TAIH.i;. es nia.v be iilsiicciod any fifnc finni 0 o'cluili HI! sale ijt'i'in.s. AJnkc your selections ami lie ready lo bill. All Sales Final. Liberal Terms l Deeds Under $50 Cash CRYSLER- 101 1C. Third St. I'hone :J5;i Caruiliei.svillc, We made this statement on the Air now we repeat it in print U A GOOD MANY confusing things can be fact sometimes are said...about g^so- line. The important thing, however, for you to remember always is to buy the product of a cotnpany in which you have the utmost confidence ... a company whose avowed policy is to manufacture and sell only the finest products that skill, science, and great resources make possible. "This is the policy of Gulf. Its gasolines, Good Gulf and No-Nox, arc today greatly im- proved over what they were even six months ago ... just as six months ago they were even better products than they were the year before. All this is done as a matter of course, and it is the result of forever keeping pace with every known means of product improvement. "With Gulf the policy of constantly ini- proving the quality of its products is a pledge ... a pledge that you motorists will find maintained whenever you stop at the Sign of tho Gulf Orange Disc. Now .,, new ,.. improved THAT GOOD . . . « regular-priced motor fuel dial compares favorably with many higher-priced gaspljnea. Because it's refined to meet tho specific needs of llio locality in which'it is sold, That Good Gulf Gasoline gives complete satisfaction in power, mileage, and smooth, all-around performance. GULF NQ.NQX ... a super-line fuel that no regular- grade gasoline-^-rcgurtlless of the claims made for il—can touch for anti-khock value. No-Nox gives lightning-like starts ... permits more rapid acceleration... delivers smooth, knpckproof power under all normal driving conditions. GULF REFINING COMPANY

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