Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1894
Page 3
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?•: .^.?" l iJl:^p^*S^»^?¥^^i Ings: well ^amtea. Paint-protects the house aiid saves repairs. "V cu sometime; want to sell—many a (rood i'.ousc has remained unsold for \vr.:ic of paint. The rule should be, t;iou;-.'>', "the best paint or no:v;." That means S 'tnctiy ure ead pr.:-"t a.T-rd to use z.. V > ' '-' w: ^S f - K ' [n S Strictly i' u! -= \ViMtc Uv<!, look at tue br'ii'i • ""••• of llic-je are safe: " '• "-" '; —X.-.tionnl Lend Co. '3 '--'.J TiiHi-S Color:, and t:-^ 1 --'''- : '• ••'' .\ \TI;'IA ,!. L:-:.M:> co., N-.V v,..-;:. !i- ; -..:rr-i r.r.-.M.:h. l J Vi:..!:ii-.i AvcilUC, T DINNER Tonne On!«n» Lettuco SOU!'. CWckfnGnmboalatoyal . Salmen and Trout, Fren.;h Tomiitops Shrimp Menier, dressed wltu Lettuce BOAST. Prime Boast or Be(>f, Natural Orftvy llsh Klba of Be^f, with Horsoradlsb Eoast Chicken, Cewell Dresslnn 1'le, Hunters' Style E-TTKIES. Veal Crociucttes a Id Sattel Strawberry Merloeue VF.OXTABLB MaaaeUIand Boiled Potatoes LI"* Beans Asparnpis and Clean DE3BHT. Wine Plant Flo Whipped Cr«m He Orange Ice Assorted Cake .Coflee Tea Milk Buttermilk DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK- VftiT fount?™ yo<\rs ot wlentitle stmlr of.N'i'sc, P.m. tended Tli* Floral ..Committee. The committees appointed to look after'the floral arranKoments for Dao- oration Day are as .follows, the ohalr* men of the representative wards being: First Ward- Mrs. Care*. Second Ward. -Mrs. Dr. J. W. Ballard. Third Ward—Mrs. Allen Lewis. Fourth Ward—Mrs. Stanton. Fifth Ward—Mlas Etta Toby. First Ward—Mosdjimes Schaefer, Dllllo. Cromer, Stoll.Mlnnlck, Sedam, Ida Furguson and Dolla Pelton, T. L. Rood, Barkua. Ed Leonard. Dr. Downey, Win Twelle, DoUerich, Eel Hankoo and Misses Mollle Munford, Lucy Mader, Ten a Miller, Lillio Harris, Bortha H»rt and Nora Gates. Second Ward—Misses Minnie Patterson, Alice Knowlton, June Hardy, Llz/iofVrueeEmeyor, Sadie Meflland, Minnie StiuilTar,MaymoSt8.nlov.HH,ttie McCuno. Mosdames D. W. Powlen, Goorso W. Hnisrh, Wils Berry. Sam Han, A. M- Chord, Join Hiploy, Louis May, Michael Moriarty, Fred Pablor. Will Hoppv, Annn, Herpes, Thos. Wilson, Dr. Clark, Walter Osmer. Harrr Purcoll. S T. McConnoll. Thomas Myers, Jap Booth, W. T. Wilson. Third Ward—Mesdamrs William Keisor, Parker Justice, Will GrintUo, Robert Mandors, John Hunter, Goo. Linton, Homer Tippett, Mcltln ney Jacob Black, Jarnos Hoolay, Cora Wandrie. Frank Hanoo. Joo Shepherd, Will Buti. David Kaylor, Joe Aman. Marion Flory, Nancy Wright, Jamof Stover, M. C. Wado, Samuel Wfttklns, J E Irwln, Eva Smith, Henry Keofc-r John Cantloy, Will Koontz, Wesley Buzzard. W. T. Stunkurd, Mlsee Lisotta Gelfror, Lizzie Kruf?. Sadie Grace, Ida Wagoner, Anna Shepherd Mamie Arnold, Susie Penny, Louisa Hartman, Lizzie G-rueenmeyor, Lydla Eldrldge, Minnie Byers. Fourth Ward—Misses Carrie Harey Lizzie Dunkle, Kate Booth, Grao Parker, Hottlo Donaldaon, Susie Rob inson Dottle Johnson. Gertie Mur dock, June Jenka, Daley Justice, Jull Tabor, Jessie Button, Lottie Shroyer Hettle Elliott, India Randall. Mes dames, George Funk N A. Irvln, Kir Fierce, James Chldoater, Ed Alexnn der, C. A. Clark, B. F. Kflesllofr, Job Coulaon. W. T. Glffe, Phil Shanks John Walters, J. F. Getty, L. H Burns, W. B. Enyart, Allle Chambers P W. Tomlinson, Geo. W. Walters W. D. Pratt, W. D. Owen. Fifth Ward—Mesdamcs William agonbiick I. Hlmme'.berger, William Hilton. Anna Sbado. Joseph Kreider. J. W. Fulrman, A. R Smith, L Frink Jane Cornwell. Charles Kidfl. M. M Gordon, James Walters, Jo'n Truman, Fred Sbul'.z, Wino- miller, S. Harley, H. W. Clnyton, Ponroao, R. Strain, Jno. Thompson, j no Trrmtman, B. C. D. Road, ChoDoy. Geo. Westorman A R Hillock Frank Wllllftmaon, H J Mc- Sheeby, Sol Brands, Win. Wimple, Harry Tucker, Charlos Stevenson, Michael Farrell. Chaa. Ramsey, M. W. Beach, Misses Marie Barnett, Nettle Hlmmolberger, Graoo Prescott. BCILT LIKE A FORT. V VI W I • » ^^ :—Aa erroneous eporti have gone forth that the re- ult of our late municipal election •as a defeat of the protiioitlonUts ud tacitly a, victory for democracy; erwlt me to say, that party politics vas not the issue in our late elec- ion, l>ut local questions, chiefly of moral charocter wa« the real issue, 'ho religious and temperance re- ormers of the various political par- ies wore arrayed upon th« one aide inder thr name of "Citizens Tiek«t," while all the opposing element jaclted by the saloon element and ts sympathizers were arrayed under he mune of "Voter* Ticket. 1 ' The only political tsigniflcancu in :lu. contest is the fact that the lead- >r." in opposition to the reform ele- "ni.nt (composed chielly »f church •f) wore once the loaders of wluu wns ouco known as the ilemo- crmic party of Boons township, whiuh is now extinct, and those cor- •upt loaders have got it into their beads that, the active working pro- libitionints hero aro responsible for the demise of tlmt party and its departed power in Booms and hence :heir exultation over a. fruitless victory and hoping its results tuny revive tho former prestige of their party. However in. this hope they will be K reatly disappointed, as the education of the higher moral sensibilities by religious and temperance reformers Till prevent them from following after snoh corrupt and hypocritical loaders. FiuliuK to see that their own acts have brought ruin and disaster to their party, they charge the responsibility upon prohibitionists and one Dr. J. J. Burton, who has been a life ibnf,' democrat and still claims to be one, but who bus had the sagacity and manhood to refuse the following of those corrupt lead- era and henco they attack his personal character, knowing full well that no public act of his in his official capacity connected with the municipal affairs can be condemned by a single citizens of the town. Every good citizen will admit that Dr J. J. Harton has ;nade greater personal sacrifices in his efforts for the growth and prosperity of the town than any other man would have done, and his unswerving loyalty to reform measures in every official act diii-ins bis administration should receive the highest commendation und gratitude from every true citizen, lie has done more for tho material arid moral welfare of Royal Center for the.past three years than these enemies or his will do for the town durins their natural lifo. Moving and House-Cleaning Difs are Upon Us--Comfo[ less and Crass, Tired Ouii Nervous Women, Van Tromp, with a broom at his maatheiid sailed up and down tho Thames In definoce. Brooms and dust rngs are now putting households every vvhoro into COD- fuslon, Tho traditional time for movlnp and house cleaning is upon us. Innumerable cases of weakened norvos, exhausted atrenffln and doDliUy dutu from those days of fcvorUh exertion, fret ;ind cold rooms. Every good housewife, however, fools bound to risk health and strength in ibis annual strupglo with dirt and dust, But as a preparation for £rc?it bodily !ind mental strain, hosts o) cartful women bui'd up their streiiRth with Maine's coiery compound the groat nerve and brain strougth- enor and restorer. * Physicians pre« scribe it for dyspepsia, kidney trouble, sick headacees, and all forms of nervous weakness, because it makes peo- plo well when other remedies can do no good. Mon and women who have the tired languid, feeling that indicates depleted blood and a feeble condition of the nervous system, need Palcu's celery compound, the remarkable discovery of Prof Edward E. Pbelps, M. D., LL. D., of Dartmouth medic* 1 .! school, tho one groat spring medicine proscribed by physicians of every school. Sleep is tho necessary condition of the system to restore its lost powers and retain its vigor. Paine's colery compound quickly repairs the wasted, worn out, nervous tissues. calms and equalizes nervous action and br'nfjs r»freshing sleep that mak*» recovery easy. There Is such a thing as too closely watching for signs of ill-health, but. on tho other hand, there is a W!M attention to signs of weakness and breakingdown. Painful sensations ard sudden weakness are nature's evidet>t bints. Constipation, with flatulency and nausea, in the early mornlnff, auprgests <?crio»s trouble. The dull, wearing; acho at side and back should make one pause to think. Bright'a disea^s and disorders ot the heart and liver may bo posltirriy and permanently cured by talclnff Paine's celery compound as soon M neuralgia, weakness, rheumatism, lack of appetite, and low spirts show tho beginnings of disease of some of thew important organs. K«Hl Kxiate TrsmniorH. List of tmusi'Brs ol real «tata In Cuss county reported by Fnitik H. Wl;ipormun iiusiructer ol tltlfts conveyiuieor and not.iry public. Insurance und loim (went, titles to real estate examined and defective tliles iwrl'ectcd. Money to Io;vn m lowest nites. Olllca 206 Foiircb street directly opposite Court House entranco. I.o«imsport, Ind. Kd Closson to E. K. Tboinas iot 32 John t. Jamison's ndd •••* H F Holm to Siimli A. Smith o it In <ilf> H ol.'t sec 18 Bet '!elipm tp.. . Furry M. Bell to Belinda A. Tracy loti 0 " und 7 Wilson's add to Lincoln........... Geo Cotton to Putrluk «rud> wi,a lot .13 Biirali M. Tlptmi'8 «dd ••••• Pimllnu Morjiui to J. B. McWllIlams lOil SPC Jl. .Iiicksim tp • Mattliew Webster t>> Siimucl Joglesjug t-l/i !\M sec'-'i Bi'tliloliwn tp ......... M A. Jordan to Kil-ln Dlehl Mxlt>. it at Wrlixht and latlisireot wm H. Kw'w to Kmlly B. K«l«y nvfia nulA sec 11, Deec Gf'ieU tp nS?yJ. M.HiiIeanfP W. .Moore to Wm Down nU> »Vj lot IS! o p city ••• Kite lirlSth to A. 0. and Lizzie D.-.vls lot C Gilflltn ndd to fialvMion juhi.nnuh Murpliyto J«renila!i biilllviin Wtolot27 Dykemiin's add ............... D. D.pyHemivn to Lizzie Noll lot 1 Dy!:e. Cliflstliin"rii'iiii)urK"ftt"!il to Mary A. McKInneynSS rt Iot44 Taberv ;le -.s-v: J c Wilson U) Oeo. H. Gates lot* 4S-« Heorgeiown •• Sixteen inortBagos Hied awivxuiiui, $1()0 Reward, H(>«. 70000 1DO 00 8K> 0» 2000 00 loiu to 3090 CO i NotlvCi The first payment on subscriptions ! of stock to tho Citizens' Natural Gas i Company of Lopnnsport, Ind., is now dun and should be paid at the company's ofilao, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock aro twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shHivs to A fire) to be paid as follows: April 20,1S54 * { Sj) Ma> i". 18U4 \ ffi .Tmift 20, !«)< ^XX July 20. 181)4 - £$ ....;,,..r-m ,KD4 - SJM i«,i a 00 1K " 8 00 S (H) 4 00 4 00 Nuvpinlwr'20.' 1S>4 Jaiml'i'ryVlki...'".' !5CO 09 1 00 200 00 10JO 00 „...,. S:.. 07bJ <o Sold everywhere. Miido «. Tbe Chas. E. Hires Co^Philad^. la. ft »""* ^" r l^'3' ulf ^ r . constitutional tratmont 11:11'.- u i r .1 Uin s tnkeii inwrniilly. iwtlns illr.-cUy on tl • ,o.xi , M.I,;. ,vi Knrr-itii"; ol Lht 1 wvstciii. Tbi-reliy a»r,iro..l.u • m IvtlTU 1 nilttlTi* til uOlil^ lt- s WOLK. 1 MW jnvi-'iiT- old by dragglsts. \'ou v/;;!i ri..-.!* ~. ^•;- ; '^-^•'.•/i-:::v•j:-; Just as soor, .-is you will finrtsaclulisca-..* as Fits, St. Vitus D^icc, Epilepsy, ±.l^\> Icasnessand Nervous Prostration thnv.n,, where strong, h«ilthy tiervc-s :irc a , just as darkness is dnven outai d the m. Sweetened and purified by the- wh.U light oftht sun, so Or. WHEELER'S NERVE V1TALIZER drives out diseases and puts new lift in*. Scnerves which have been preyc. U! x|.: This, is why M". G. K.Wattsoi linu: !> wriiic Va,, s:iiil -I 'sleep .IdightfuUy and n>y »•:';-• are wonderfully strengthened— never .,.'.•: anvthinc do niy ntrvesso much KOO-I. You don't need this if well .m<l suo.,; but if weak :d nervous, you do, PRICE $1 -00 A BOTTLE I We offer $500 iinnnypliyslclunor chenibt wh" <:<"' free advice to any disease HufTc-ri-rs. Ai welcome. The J.W. Brant Co ALBION. MICH. And 49 Oft *«•• Now Vorl Sold by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. I The Burlington Saloon Man lIlniMc-lf Asalnst ine Dnianiltcr». The Kokoroo Tribune says tbr.t the Burlington saloon which Is blown up with dymimlto about every new moon, ia bolnp rebuilt on a plan calculated to foil thu fanatic villagers in their next attempt which cannot bo far away. In rebuilding the house destroyed three weeks ago, Bert Wills, the pro- prioi or has constructed it on the plan of a fort, witn n solid oak and iron front, without any door. Tbo only opening to the placo ia a small door In tho rear and this is carefully guarded, no one being allowed to onior except the regular patrons of the place. Tho villagers are looking quietly and complacently on and no doubt will have a plan formulated in a few days to blow up tho place again. Th* Burlington people have issued tho edict that no saloon will be- permitted to operate In Burlington. Another dynamiting in tbe near future would occasion no surprise. Base H»H Item. The Cigar Makers union has accepted the challenge of the Bar Tenders Union to cross bats with the latter union and a game of ball will be ..pulled 08" at the West S'de grounds next Sunday at 2:30 o'clock. The Clga' 1 Makers club is made up as follows: pKch—C. VipuS. Catch—Ottn Voi»8.. lat base—I Johnston. 2d b« Be—J. Klein. 3d base—C. Kupbrat. a. e._J. R. Courtney. C. F._Ed Burk. K, F._W H. Sohrader. L. F.—J- Courtney. The Hlekorr Gain* Another Vlotory Miss Shlnn's iti'oyole that was run over by one of O'Donr ell's heavy load ed omnibuses, was a Hickory, and it CLUMSY GIRLS_ON WHEELS. I,ato nt Nlsl.t Th«y Sto-il On* on .Quiet Streets to I.«lini to t!« Ul.'J'elorn. Miss Frances Willavd tails the En- Irtish that she spent twenty-six hours learning to ride the bicycle in odd ten- minute turns. She had to ho very cautious, for when persous of her aj?e f-i.ll it m:iy "be a serious business. In the quiet asphaltum paved streets of Brooklyn the people see what^ Miss. Wllard means hy bcinff very cautions. After ten o'clock, when the parlor lijruts fro out and the streets are all but clear of pedestrians, tho well-to-do voun" women practice at learning to ride the fly in? wheels. Athletic men fro'-n the pynasiums, ridinsr schools and athletic clubs are hired to keep them from fa-llins- Thu yo'™S women mount the machines and waliblo along with a man on each side .lodging aftw the bicycle to be ready if the women fall After a few nights the women are able to mako long, st.rniffht-a.head clashes, but they arc never certain that tliev will not lose their "nervo" at any moment and dash into the curb or pitch oiT on their heads. That is tho period when tho hired attendants earn their money, for they have to race liko horses to keep up with the bicycles. Now and then, if the practicing is done at too early an hour, a gang of little street arabs will spy one of these experimenters on tha wheel and, catch- in£ tho spirit of the scene, will r»ce after the wheel with hoots and howls. It needs but little to disconcert a learner, and at such times tho young women's nerves give dean out, and they dismount, hand tho machines to the men and walk home. When a Brooklyn girl is not rich enough to hire imilc attendants her sisters and friends steal out with her late at night, intending to be very quiet Instead of bein"- so, they never fail to make a larire steed row that brings all the neighbors to the windows. The machine is so unruly with a beginner. It plunges so eccentrically, it shows such persistence in falling'sidewise, and it demands so much more strength than the girls have potto keep it up- nil full to screaming and An Succcus. did not eTen break » spoke. For sale HKNBT TUCKBB Tho Boad of Directors of the Citi/,, ns'Natural Gas Co. are ready to do all in their power to put in operation In the city of Logansport a citizens' catural gas plant in every sense of tbe word. It is their desire to furnish choap gsa and plenty of it to subscribers. While tho Board and officers will put forth every effort to make this a success, a great deal depends upon the prompt payment of tho sub. scriptions, and with this prompt payment tbe Citizens' plant is assured. All wo ask is the co-oporation of subscribers and citizens who aro urged to become subscribers. Tun CITI/.BSS NVIOUM. GAS Co. M. A. JORDAN, Pros. C. W. GrKAVKS, Seo'y- VaiiiliUla. Wno. $1.55 to Indianapolis and return, tickets good going May 16, and to return including May 17; account o' I. 0. 0 F. Grand Lodge of Indiana For. particulars apply to J. C. KDGBWOETH. Ag't. Mrs. Lucy C. Miller, Blngbam Mich., writes makers of Dr. SVhoeler's Nerve Vitalize!': "I needed help if any poor mortal ever needed It." Many others need help for their nerves. Cull on Bon Fisher. WONDERFULI Tlie Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street Commissioner. I bad an attack of La Grippe tie IMS of December, complicated with tonsllltls; was conllnod to my bed one w<*k. Tlw physicians S»'e me np SO breathing was very labored; had a nmotbered seflmtlon at times; my chest and lungs were verj Ifour C" remedy helped me the ratio ,lbnsr GRAY, President. C. W. GUAVES. Secretary. A Polmor for Traveler*, While Mr. T. J. Richey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling In Kansaa.be was taien violently ill with cholera mor bus. He called at a drug store to get sorno med icine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera «nd Diarrhoea Remedy so highly he concluded to try it. The result was immediate relief, and s. few doses cured Him completely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It ever fails. For said by B. F. Hces- ing Druggist. ^ Thfi usual treatment of catarrh is 'ery unsatisfactory, &s thousands can eslify. Proper local croatmont is )OsHivoly necessary to success, but nany, if not most, of the remedies in peneral use afford but temporary -elief. A cure certainly cannot bo expected from enuffs, powders, douches ind washes. Ely's Cream Balm, which is so highly commended, ia a remedy whlcn combines the important requisites of quick action, specific curative power, with perfect safety and pleas, antaess to tho patient. The druggists all sell It. _ Nature* sxisnnl*. Pale lips, flushed cheek's—natures signal for worms In children—that tho mother may seo the danger and provide tho remedy. The only known thorough cure is Elnehart's Worm Lozenges—they remove all kinds of worms and tbe worm nest. Pleasant to tako. need no cathartic and are a safe and certain cure. For sale by B. F. Koeallng and Keystone drug store. A Wlno Conclusion. WEST COKINTH, Maine.—I doctored for years for bilousnets, but nothing over helped me like Simmons' Liver Regulator. I shall take nothing else hereafter.—N. M.' Oakman. Your druggist sells it In pewder or liquid. The powder is to bo taken dry or made into a tea. Home Seeker'* E«ur»ton». May 8 and 29. 1801, the Wabash Railroad Company will sell round trip tickets at greatly reduced rates to principal points in the Northwest, West,' Southwest and South. For particulars of which please call on or address C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Logansport, Ind A Dairyman's Opluton. There is nothing I have ever twed. for muscular rheumatism that glvM mo as much relief as ChaimberUin'i Pain lialm does. I have been urfnf it for about two years—four toottlet la all—as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it in my home. I believe I know a good thinff when I get hold of U, and Pain Balm ia th» best liniment I have ever met with. . B. Denny, dairyman, New Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottlea tor Ml* by B. F. Keeallng, Druggist. • A Popular Remedy. Tbe promptness and certainty Of Its cure have made Chamberltln'i Cough Remedy famoua. It Is Intended especially for coughs, colds, croup ud whooping cough, and is the most effectual remedy known for these dto- eases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union Cltf. Pa., says: "I have a great sale Oft halmberlaln's Cough Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have nerer heard of one failing to give entire satisfaction." 50 cent bottlea for Skis by B. F. Keeslinp. Druggist. Quaker headache capsuls glvero lief in ten minutes. 5O DOZEN Of these Beaiitifal Waists nle"on the block wonder what bedlam h BS broken loose. Many a girl would c-ivo up trying to learn were it riot that on the next bright day she socs Bed- .livo with whceJfolk, happy girls fly- .-K. Y. _-iflmployer^-"\V&y wero yon dig- missed from your last pluoe?" Servant | —"Because just once I got drunk," Em P lo.yer-"Hovv long were yon employed there?" Servant- "One dayl"— BlatUr. stunuvj n ». «= three days. Tne due Mr PUeiw In simple Justice to this wonder^medicine. P. H. FUANEY, .Street Commissioner Arkansas City, December 30th, 1891. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Branching, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsllltls. In composition Itts DIFFERENT, It MOttK rowiRFULand ACTITB „ fast uas DETERRENT from <"" otner lan « remedy as molasses Is different from vinegar, R IsaBEVKLATION. BEST OP ALL TOO TAXI N8 RISK. T&e«ss«n<» of the contract in. Font "C' MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or moneJlrefuadaJ w BEN FISHER. 81.55 Round Trip to IndlanapoJl* Tl. Ptnniiylvaula klueti. Wednesday, May 16, for all re K ular trains of that day account I. O. O, F. Encampment. Returning- trains leave Indianapolis 11:15 a. M and 11:20 p. m., and return coupon valid until May 17, inclusive. ___ Dont Tobcco Spit or Smoke Tonr Life lad. If your child is weak and sickly give Blnehart's Worm Lozenges. Fo sale by B. F. Keerilnff and Keyitone drug store. FINANCIAL. WALL STREET! ..t send for "Prosppctuganil , _ ^manedfree. nU«« ReJerenoo. record'up to tints per rent 83 per tent. p±^ 1 ;r^^^sr,^! t « L>- It CO., Stocks, Grain and Pi No. 41 Broaa«a<r, New York City. In Blue. Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black, ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, . 09-411 Broadway. V. H. LOCKWOODi! PATENT LAWYER, 60 B. Market Steeeet, Indl all «oor», p Pnw* htjim»n tn the offlce. WtltetorlntMmitton.

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