The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1960 · Page 33
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 33

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1960
Page 33
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(la.) Upper DM Molnei Tuesday, May 17,;, 1966 Tidbits by Evelyn Abne* Long of Davenport hav ing had time to think about the Algona Brownies baseball team and player Doggie Woods, agrees thatihe was NOT with the Brownlea, as Don Smith maintained. And Don was also correct in say ing there was another team on •which'Doggie played that had another colored member, two Indian players and some locals Ab recalls thqt Don liyed only lour blocks from the fairgrounds and was there all the time when he was not weeding at the Ken nedy gardens. Ab's gang consist ed of Al Spongberg,' Jake anc Frank Button, and in true young : lad baseball fans fashion, saw t v it that a convenient "knot hole waSffound in the high boar fence. Don's gang was made up of younger 'lads but. they'to walked around to the east side where that board was. Often they would climb the trees on the west side, which afforded a good view of the diamond. Doggy, Abner recalls,' was a Wallace Beery type of man (the Wallace Berry of movie fame) He was a good provider of groceries and whoever the delivery boy was, he loved to go to Doggy's hqme with the order. Mrs Woods was a Marilyn Monroe type. .After two years, J. W. Sullivan thought Al : gona should have an all colored team and was stirred from .his usual calm into a fervor over this wonder team of Brownies. Sarah Long, Abner's wife, then Sarah Jackson, was stenographer for the Sullivan and .McMahon law firm at that time.. * . * * Other details Abner recalls are that Doggie and catcher Burns were not compatible aS Doggie got to liking "fire water" too well. The only pitcher he remembers was, Horn — a six and a half foot, pole like man, very slender. V Doggy was very proud of his little girl and Abner said • he'd wheel the infant around in a buggy Glen and Mayme Brunson had given the Woods. *' » * Don, Abner says, became 'a real judge of good horse racing by the time he was 21, for from the time he was about 12 years old, he haunted the fairgrounds when there were races. He'd slip through the fence, get up in the judges stand and stay the whole afternoon. Well, boys will be boys and they arep't much different in 1960 than they were back in 1902-06 and on. Bernadine Allen had a happy birthday Wednesday. Her son Jack called her from 'Sherman Oaks, Cal., to wish her many happy returns of the day and in the evening she was honor guest of her birthday club. Let me see, you are 39 "Beanie"? • » • » The Warren Andreasens are building a new house out on east Lucas street. Mrs Andreasen calls it a "do it yourself" place as they are actually doing much of the labor and having a lot of fun doing it. What loving care goes into a home. * » * Leave it to Lizzie Post to be doing the unusual. Tatting trim- mud stationery. I haven't seen it yet but am told it is as lovely cs it is different. * * * Mrs Al Agena's name is Eldora. My mother's name was Elsie Eldora. Until I learned about Mrs Agena, I had never heard Eldora before. I wonder if Opal Bourne has read "Soyanara." If not, I'd recommend her doing so, since she has been in Japan, the locale of the story. She may have even seen some of the places. I was (jjlad the plot did not present the same complications of "Poor Butterfly". You'll know the story I mean, which ever title. * » • Much pleasure as well as knowledge is being derived from the- Bible study classes held once a week here at G.S. Unfortunately the meetings are on second floor, too difficult for me to attempt. « • t Mrs John Helmers had a fall on the cellar steps at her home recently which left a cut from nails as well as bruises on her thigh. However it hasn't kept here from her work. * » • The wonderful new ramp was used the other day to get the men out doors and in the sun. How different from the old runway. And I walked down it the other day when I went up town. Hurrah! * * * I have difficulty in convincing callers my tulips are real. They are different and lovely, double blooms, one might say, which gives them a sort of water lily look. I guess that's a poor description, but I assure you they are beautiful. Donor, Ruth Raney and grown in their own gardens. The Duke and Duchess ot Windsor must be sinking into oblivion. So far I haven't read a thing about their being omitted from the guest list of the Margaret - Tony Jones nuptials. Or perhaps an invitation that wasn't mentioned. Remember when Elizabeth was crowfied, much; was said about the Duke ,and his wife not being."among those present." It would seen to me, with Tony's father 'divorced and re-married and undoubtedly very much "among those present,)' the Duke and Duchess are', on an equality, matrimonially speaking. , * * * Mr arid Mrs J. D. Burns lefi May. 1 for Magnolia, Ark,, to spend a couple of weeks with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs James Burns and family. Magnolia —.doesn't that sound like a quaint,', sleepy, nice little towh? . * * * Here's an item of interest too and magnolia made me think of it at this moment. There are trees irt Davenport, magnolia and tulip. I don't.'. think I ever get them straightened out to know which is what. The mam fact is that the Three Muskateers are heading^that way again May 20 To visit the Abner Longs, for the time to arrive. It. is such, fun. being with them' ,arid 4 so beautiful all along the way — jso many lovely places tp gd whert we get there. • ,' * * * Mr and Mrs Don t»dli«* had Mr and Mrs Levi Erickson, Ode* bolt, as Mothers Day weekend guests The families bdcame ac* quainted when the Potters lived next door to them at, Odeboldt. They were prox'y grandparents to Cindy and Kathy and a great fondness grew between them. «. • * r Tnhn Lenlsch comes here twice' a wtkake care of the ton- •serial needs. We usually'have a little chat as he passes my door, fihd he mentioned that he was going home Sunday to ft.smelt dinner. As I write this, I haven't had a chance to ask him about them so I'll add a paragraph after I've talked with him tomorrow morning. (He reported it was so good he ate more than he Should. He describes it as a "rich fish with a different flavor.") « » • Luke Linnan was here ort business of some sort and dropped in to mention the meeting of the Historical Society in which I am interested. I won't be able ttmts t <n t be interested in, the proceedings. As'l mentioned before, I have some things 1 will be glad to give when we have a building to house them. 1 would like to see a nice building 'on the lot ott Thorington and North streets, the site of the Asa Call home. , * * * Back iA 1924, youth was irou- blesome at times the same as now _ "Miscreants broke into high school and did much dam* age" (At least we assume it was young folk). Daughters of the Revolution organized in Algona. Mrs J. O/PaxSori elected presi Northwestern Railway ser- bee sung) High school tort presented "Corhe Out of the Kitchen", to crowded house. J. F Nicoulin died 'in Hollywood, Calif. (Mr Nicoulin was a photographer here many years ago) here No man will admit It . "Many a man is enough of a dope to be easily cleaned by the use of soft soap. son of Mr and September at be sent back tfi phone call re parents a part via ice cutter. . the trip ,tf 11 be Well, if the va ce . weather ever gets hot here, wo can think of him as being cool and comfortable, 'for Greenland to me represents, chilly, days. • Four dairy cattle wete eleo trocuted recently at -the John Elzenga farm northeast of Rack when a live wire fell Tfnrtis we ern during the night, killing' Mrs Earl- Bowman, has been sta tioned in Boston, Mass., but was GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW " , -• - * * Around The Town and Country milling " Bradley Bros. South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery - Trucks - Tires New laea - Oliver Mauey-Harzl* AllU-Chalmer* OMC Truck* Flzeiion* Tire* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona t** YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR •^•V^^N^S 1 ,'r* nEWJfw:' 7 ' !•«, V> &, - •' ""*,4 Bronson Building Service , "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber - Elliott Paints MILL WORK 1 Builders' Hardware = Tools = SIOUX Tanks 8s jj Cribs " j| N. of Jet. Hwys. 1 18 & 169 1 Algona - CY 4-4369 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIUIIIIUIIIIIHIIII^ Kelley Lumber Co. "Our Business Is Building" • LUMBER • PAINT • CEMEMT Wo Aim Jo Ple»«« Near Milwaukee Depot - AlgonB, Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete Line Of H-dware Ernie Williams Fai«. Machinery & Fine Automobile* John Deere Store - Pontiac - Cadillac John Deere Store on Diagonal St. at CNW Track* — Phone CY 4-35S1 Pontiac - Cadillac Garage fc Showroom on Welt State Phone CY 4-4681 THf AL60NA BUSINESS 1 "' Watch For Details - Know Your Algona Business Places HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT? - WHERE IS IT LOCATED? . What Is The Slogan Used By This Place of • Housewaret' • Tools • Bldg. Supplies Phone CY 4-4630 ALGONA . What Brands of Merchandise Axe Handled Here? Business? . What Type of Ser^ce Is Featured and Performed Al t This Al g °£ •* piace Which Direction Does the Business Face? muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiini^ Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service For the Farmei Sazgent Feed* Fertilizer, New Holland Baler* NEIGHBOR Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service n H RCA Free«er* fc Air-Conditioner* Phone CY 4-3501 Algona ^IIIUIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ U1I1IU!HIII11I| Algona Refrigeration REFRIGERATION - TELEVISION Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - rCelly-Ryan - Papec Sale* Service •""Si Friendly 8c Courteou* Alway* PHILCQ Refrigerator* Freezer* Television Range* Radio* Alr-Condltlonlng * Commercial Refrigeration Phone CY 4-2693 Algona IIUBIUIHMIHIIIIIIUIIIIIIII THIS KOSSUTH FARM IIUIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUHIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Taylor Implement Co. j and Taylor MERCURY WHO FARMS ON THIS PLACE? - WHERE IS IT The aerial photograph shown above W as taken by a pilot and photographer wrthout *•« know ing whose farm it is. Moines newspaper office this week, we will If the farm owne* or tenant will call at *J» £g£'hrf his place, as shown above, give him FREE a handsome glossy mounted photograph ot ms piac«. Two weeks from today, in this newspaper, we w »11 tell you whose term u Watch For Details - Know Your Kossuth County Farms Fin* Car* and a lull line of New and Utedfartn Machinery J. I, Cate-Mercury Kewanee Phone CY 4-2467 Algona g llllllllHIUIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltHwi Neighborliness Is The Backbone of Good Business In Rural And Urban Areas, Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To S«v« You Completely" Plumbing - Heating Sheet Met*) Cu or Oil Unit* Pumpt Water SytUni* Complei* Fixture* Phone CY 4-»0« Beecher Lane Appliances In TELEVISJOM •, Sylvanla Algona And Kossuth County neighbors Work Together For A Better life,

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