The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1960 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1960
Page 18
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4-A»fono (la.) Upp«r Dw MolnW tueiday, May 17, i960 I [1 AWARD Fell of Walnut was awarded a 30-year Safe Drivers dWafd find pin recently by John C. Juhl, postmaster. Mr Fejl started as a substitute rural mail carrier in 1920. Mr Fell has worked for five postmasters, during his career as a substitute rural mail carrier. HONOREt) Dr. William Baddeley, minister Of the Methodist church in State Center \vas recently honored foi 55 years in the Ministry. Ooard Proceedings DOARD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR JANUARY SESSION 1960 EIGHTH DAY APRIL 1, 1960 the Board of Supervisors met pursuant fo adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, John Rode, Jens Sorensen, Charles Plathe and Charles Newel. Absent: None. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that taxes be suspended on Lots 7-3-9-10 Blk. 5 Cook's Add. to Swea City owned by Vera Anderson (Wohlers). A>es: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded • by John Rode that taxes be suspended on N. 56' Lot 1 and N. 56' of E 25' Blk. 2 Call's Add. to Algona Inc. owned 'by Mary E. Dahlhausef. Ayes: All. Nays: Nohe. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Charles Newel that bond be approved and Class "B" permit be granted Warner Wermarsen of LuVerne, (Galbraith). Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by ChaKes Plathe that 1st Quarter reports of A'jd;tor, Treasurer, Recorder a^id Sheriff be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. c.tcn carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Jens Sorensen that Justice, of th3 Peaco Report of N. J. Ncmmers be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that Robert Harvey. Swea City, be appointed as Kossuth County Weed Commissioner for the year 1960 at the same wages as 1959 [$1.15 an hour) and the Fieldmen's salary be set at $1.00 an hour. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that April 20, 1960 be set for (26 miles) a Grading Letting. Ayes: AlP. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by Jens Sorensen that Lot 18 Blk. 4 O. P. to Lone Rock Inc. be sold for $91.71 to Thomas Sharp and that the Chairman of the Board sign quit-claim-deed for same. ' Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that Cigarette Permit b3 aranted Star Lite Drive In Theatre and "their bond be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Charles Newel that appointment of Mary Eileen Kollasch as Clerk in the 'treasurer's Office be approved and become effective April 1st. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ' DISALLOWED BILLS Mrs. Mary Stainbrook, Care & Keep 45.00 It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the V persons listed immediately following bd ratified, allowed, and confirmed. COURT FUND C. H. Ost*mkle, J. P. Fee .. 3850 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Sheriff Fees 1.00 Koss. Co. Law Library; 1 '.Maintenance ;__ 600.00 Payroll. Fund, Court Payroll _. 1,103.33 (•'rank J. Burk, Marshal's Fees . t.22 Ralph W. Lindhorst,-Mileage __ t.jO Ralph W. Lindhorst, Sheriff'.* r^es - , _ 1.00 Ralph VV. Lindhorst, .Summoning' jury and MileaQO' ". 7.80 M. H. Fain, Jury £ee« 2.UO A-ilma Haupcrt, Jury Fees 2.00 Ja,e Laws, Jury Fees 2.00 Mrs. Keith Rowley, Jury Fees .. 2.00 Mrs. Warren Nelson, Jury FSts 2.00 Harold Lampright, Jury Fees .. .2.00 .Morn Mcviuire, Jury Fees .64 blame Hutchins, Jury r-ees ._ .IA Jim Natt, Jury Fees .78 AlDcri boekelman. Police .89 LIBRARY FUND The H. R. Hunlting Co., Inc., BOOKS 14.44 SOLDIER RELIEF FUND Hancofk Co. Memorial Hosp., Medical 100.00 T. J. Egan, M. D., Medical 24.25 St. Ann Hosp., Medical 7l.b'J Welp Drug Store, Medical 20.00 Iowa Pub. Scrv. Co., Elec. Service __ 13.94 LuVcrnc Pharmacy, Medical .. 7.00 Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medical 20.00 vjood Samaritan Home, Care & Keep 130.00 Thuente Pharmacy, Medical 116.65 noly Hamily Hosp.. Medical _. 155.80 Hugo A. Lindholm, Medical _. 54.00 ,00,1 N. Kenefick, M. D., Medical 21.50 Thermogas Co., Fuel 36.25 rionsbruch Drug, Medicine 44.62 n.ays Jack Sprat Store, Food .. 267.00 Bill's JacK. Sprat Store, Food . 84.00 Josiah G. Sfauffacher, Cash Allowance 6.00 PAYROLL FUND Joan Mueller, Assists Sheriff •__ 84.42 ,v\ary E. K-ollasch, Assists. Treas. 156.83 Mrs. Lola Holman, Co. Home .. /V.77 jv.r u ij riolman, Co. Home 79.77 ^rvin E. Harwood, Co. Home -- 132.02 ,*\rd. Harwood, Co. Home 142.12 cl.a Dau Herri, Labor 91.30 . ieicn A. Lamg, Assists Relief office .. 100.98 H. x. Beck, Probation Officer . 10b.03 .vaymonu ri. vvisnom Jr., Court Ktportor 30.52 L. C. Kovn, Probation Deputy . 106.2b Melfcri A. Laing, Assists Kelief UTfico 14.96 John H. Kode, Meetings and Mileage - 457.79 Charles Plathe, Meetings and Milegae 388.71 Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings and Mileage 351.30 A. M. Kohasch, Meetings and Mileage 464.22 Charles H. Newel, Meetings and Mileage 435.95 H. M. bmith, Engineer 624.20 john Fraser, Assists Engineer „ 445.45 Hazel AnliKer, Assists tngmeer 202.1 b Lyie G. baas, Labor 264.bc. co Blancharo, Laoor 274.31 Kaymond oaade, Labor 2/0.66 JIG* baade, Labor 284.31 Harold E. Bianchard, Labor 304.b5 j. vv, burnen, Labor 278.81 Alfred Daley, Labor M.V'2 c. t*. Downs, Labor 288.19 John Eller, Jr., Labor --- 189.95 i.arl Eller, Laoor ?57.38 Maurice Eischen, Labor 3j/.bl Alvin Ewing, Labor 258.31 Howard Esser, Labor 296.66 Donald L. Frideres, Labor 16-*.9'j> ujeorge Cade, Labor 262.19 Clarence Hentges, Labor 278.19 Clifford Holmes, Labor 280.66 Arnold Halnzinger, Labor 284.45 Da,e Helmers, Labor 270.66 Don Halnzinger, Labor 304.55 Gi-orge W. Kockler, Labor 293.55 Anfon Kardoes, Labor A. J. Kollasch, Labor Ben C. Merzger, Labor .. Ferdinand Meyer, Labor Roelf Miller, Labor Garry McDonald; Labor . . Ralph Markla, Labor ........ Herbert C. Nellis, Labor .. UrUin Neuroth, Labor .. E. C. Ohm, Labor ... Jerry Rowlet, Labor Edward Ricke, L.ibor ......_..„ Lloyd Schaller, Labor . ,_ John Schueler, Jr., Labor Lem -Stockwcll, Labor . James Willis Schultz, Labor .. Charles Thompson, Labor .Erich Willrctt, Labor Orville Weiland, Labor _ George Wcnnga, Labor ._ James Walker, Labor C. E. Zaugg, Labor .. Henry Zweifel, Labor ...:.... W. A. HedricK, Labor Noble L. Crouch, Labor _.. COUNTY FUND Norfh Central Pub. Serv. Co., Gas ^Jorth Central Pub. Serv. Co., Gas ___.. Algona Mun. Util., Utilities A.gona Mun. Util., Utilities .. Post Office, Rent D ayroll Fund, Count/ Payroll _ 6 Payroll Fund, County Payroll .. 2 Criminal Research Products, Inc., Supplies . Williams Electronics, Repairs . _ Kaiph W. Lindhorst, Mileage, Meals^ Assistance Donald M. Wood, Mileage ,ialph W. Lindhorst, Board and Lodge of Prisoners ... Gordon L. Winkel, Commission on Fines _ United Variety Store, Supplies _ Culliyan Soft Water, Water Service Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medi- cai Honsbruch Drug, Supplies Jo,-ce Hayden, MHeage Rusk Drug, Medicine Dr. R. F. Snyder, Coroner's Fees E. J. Kollasch, Trustee John Onger, irustte oco. VVajner, Trustee ' Anton Ov.cKv.-r, Clem L,conard Dmmer, trustee .. rfalph Uiersteu, trusiec tiniuId Holmgren, trustee £. U. Woiiz, clerk r rou Plumb, trustee <^. A. iljustiom, trusiec ivfolvtn Alt. trustee .xenneth Sirayer, clcrK ooone BlanK book Co., supplies rfuizell's. supplies .\'. W. Bell lei., telepnone Cullcn Hawc., supplies ivorth Central Pub. Serv. Co., gas Koch Bros., supplies Jenklns-Fcrgcmann Co., supplies _ Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies Fidlar & Chambers Co., supplies Iowa State Bar Assn., supplies Matt Parrott & Sons, supplies Hutzell's, supplies fanama Caiuon Co., supplies Bancroft Register, board proceedings Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., ad Advance Pub. Co.. ad upper Des Moines Pub. Co., board proceedings Advance Pub. Co.. board proceedings Banci'oli Kegister, board proceedings Upper DKS Moines Pub. Co., supplies N. I. Directory Serv., supplies Bancroft Register, supplies .. i\o. Iowa Directory Serv., supplies Gordon L. Winkel, expenses — Kossuth Co. Treas.. bounty _. RETIREMENT FUND Social Security, 1st quarter -Social Security, 1st quarter _. IPERS, 1st quarter 290.76 309.92 300.86 274 35 284.45 305 37 293.?. c , 316.66 299.19 ?74 31 771 Oh 308 3<> 179.97 291 28 303.3.< 188.05 274.3a 293.35 3I3.-I'- 300.3.? 3lS..3i 349.44 293. SS 284.45 289.19 347.M7 74.43 25.03 159.5? 12.45 ,49d.6b ,357.89 4.81 3.90 149.29 45.73 96.10 /.20 6.00 3.00 1.4^ 49.84' 3.27 77.02 4.UO t.uO 4.00 -1.UO 4 .no 4.U) 4.uO b.uo 12.00 12.00 Iz.uU '1.08 l.bO 200.01! 12.41 340.32 16.SJH 13B.37 14.74 1D2.44 10.00 117.01 12.15 35.41 289.50 10.08 11.34 120.19 120.33 120.33 22.00 24.00 28.00 355.00 1U3.48 153.00 . 379.!)5 249.57 :!91.17 IPERS. 1st quarter 443.27 IPERS. 1st quarter __ -1,76202 Social Security, 1st quarter ,.. 4.43331 T. B. rufco iVeiiddl Ditswo-.tb, indemnity 4!>,V) BANGS FUMD Dr. t). L. Frit.'., inspection . ?:'.M Ji, iv 11. lli:*w, inspoeuon J. C'UiX.'i-StlS, inspection J. K. Hil!, Inspection n .1. Shoy. inspection J. H. \Vnlte. inspection ...i. 1 L. Vv .III,IMS. Ill.-pUl-UOn Dr A. J. C.'otiien, inspection . DRAINAGE FUND Jen." E. Jensen, Ur. Tlu'l 84 ill mltvay, l\cil.v. & r i IM< ui. Ui. Idh . Shumu.iy. kclly. Sc POOR FOND Edmund Frideres, h.iy .Visoiia l.ov-Aer.s. reni . Inermoga.s Co.. luel Culligan Son Walci. " soli wati-r ... Hcibarton Coop. Kl.-v. Co"." Voiii rftniKiaul Oil i'o.. fuel ........ CJreeiibiMX Auto Supply, N!' I W!"BV» TCI. Co.. tel. serv. .. Rusk Ding, mtdk-me .-"."".""" I hueliiL' t-u.'iiiruicv, inciiicmi; John M. Scluittur. M. U., medical H<in.-,brucli Drug, mcd'ical Vvnbui c. Knuclu, tiuukmj; Huaciy Mix Conciutc & l.Ulllbv.'! CO.. .SIIp|)IHJS Al^oiui Inipl. Co., par I a oivnie Uuiitan. suuscriptloii . Uavis Paint, supplies v'liu'L'iit f. Ks.SL-r, h.iir cms oiu.'i vvin-Wiliuini.-. 1'jinl •-.'UluMl rit.^c.. b'JppllCS _ Millar Lumber Co., supplies „ v_un.suiiH:is, lood .. Finn's BaKory, lood M. Sc J. H. Hakes, food ^oit.ii. Cooj"). crt'iiuiei > . V..HII.V pioducts ..'. Fareway Stores, food .-1UOUS. UllKI . j. C. Penney Co., cloihiiig L)IS. Shey & Coticn. vets iocs -_ itooiuson i^rouucx. 1 , u'cu .-.i., ii/u r iiiui. poor pn/toll R. F. Donovan, reru .1^,,.., i_. juii,iiint,^ii. runt Li. O. Bjuiiiuiu. leiu jjaie L.J ifct;.-). reni ^.. li. V.UJK, Iclll . . .. Marvel Immcrliill. milcaKJ iNu.ili Central Pub. Scrv. l_U., Drs. Cuualngton & Moods Super Vnlu, food illake Funeral Home, burial St.iu- of lo\\ui. .nil to ilepCMUlc-nt children .-•!,liC 01 lo.N'a. .1 f! in Diiiul fund IO..KI 5V .,u I :i5.00 SID.On si.00 Z,.'M 101 00 •13.80 tiOO fi.OO 270.00 12.00 •IU.V3 20.00 | 2H.3H , 2. 1 1. 59 I 20.03 i 17.85 8.55 21.HU . r !.75 15U.J/4 5.00 B.60 2.20 14.38 13.UO 32.04 0.14 «.23 5 I'M U4.W 132.55 172.32 5*0.16 5.J.5; 5.50 56.50 ol. iO 1.03(1.48 b.i.00 1 , .50 23. UU 00.00 2o.uO 01. HI low.i, -: iiu.iiu Oil t.iv. iLii-l .iliii-Ui'.-il he.'v. Co., luel v. . i;uli.'.s .Sflluiijci . illol . iio.:.t;atii v.onp. J'.levvuor (.'«.. luol 21.10 K. ix H. Coop. Oil Co.. furl hm.b.i i...u.n-isDui K .»uiniiirt iionii', i-are ^t keep 210.00 HOIIK- en (.jioou Snepiifiu. iaie & kfrp 65.00 I.ui ill-ran Homo Kuulins Line it KCs.'p .- 65.00 I!>.ni:iir .Nuisiug ilornj. ctirc & Keep .. 07.1)0 Dut.i H. ralvuy. cmc & Keep lu..uj i.o.. s & tin is Home, v.i 10 & t.ucp 84 .!M (iouit S,nn.u nan Huiuu, 1.1,0 v* Keep 100.00 Aih"i«~> v>(<uii daiuaiHi.ii liuiMf, c<ue vS: K..:t-p ... . -12.DO Al,,.MUl VJV.Oil .•.IMIII.II llilll lionit'. can; & KOU|) . . .. 77.I'O .'»!..•> itUMl tlilllSUII. V.CI1U vV lil!fp till.00 n.iiKUv.n >-U. rtlUiltOI, UK.-I and luod 10U.10 OiCUNDARY HOAtJ FUND Nurlli Ct-ntial t'ui). Si-iv. Co.. gas 17-1.58 AI B .-H" i>UIIHL-|p.ll UUtllll'S, 20.00 MlcWhffl Kennedy, .150.00 | rlKlit-of-wa.v Fiancis J. & Eva Sullivan. rifcht nf-way .... ... .. Clu-i:. & Botihih Dahl, - liRht-of-iv.iy R. .J. C.VTiplH'll. lii.s.iH i Joseph Kennedy, 1.804.91 .117.11 •2 1 A i ,i,uiiv.-» ti. Mv:i i.\ mnn, labor. management, equipment 2,042.50 Pa.. .uu v 1 uiiu, _.cvuiiv.aiy road payroll 16.531.75 W mil red M. \\ecks, ii a in-oi-i%dy 106.00 K.I.. iiioncl C. & Ellen iVi. ULMgum. ligiil-ol-w.iy —... 2(i2.00 ii.snt-(>i-\vay ' .... 1!)6.00 Clauuc Johnson, rifclti-ol-way — 1SU.OO Leo il. (Jucvuet, i ight-ol-way 3!)6.'JO Co.itn.'iv; Piuducts Corp.. supplies 234.03 Lai G. vv Lcola A. ilaille, riglit-of-way 1<)B.OO Auiiuite & is-e-nncih llolcomb, right-ol-vvay 1Q4.00 E. o. ua.vnor Lumucr Co.. p.ling .... .. Co., parts piling ... 1'U I ( V 'II ilSi. pf^iT-of • way 1 Pti.d 1 Trust, i ight-o[-ivay f'u i.v 'I i ust.' right-of-way Purely Trust,' rifthi-ol-wa.v __._. Iowa Puh. Serv. Co., flee, st'rv. . . L S. Muckcy. p:\r)s Farmers Coop. Sot-iply, conl West BiMitl Imp). Co.. parts '.. Loiu.' Rock Coop. Tel Co.. tel. f.erv. . . . • Charl.'on Hdwe.. supplies .. . I 1 . i.\. IiitiiR, parts .. Milton's Sup.-r Si'i v., MI*, oil. -'te . narclay Co.. supplies welding & repairs Co., supplies 1.047.30 •J8X.»7 1/J41.04 iiKiupfiiuuiu m_-uical auiyical f. J. i-^an. ivl. u., meuieal ._ Cailyle C. Moore, i.i. -J.. mauicai E. K. Vaubel, medical Houck Drug store, medical .. Ui. J^. B. Gutly & A. U. bnnth, meuical Mniei pharmacy, meaical Si. Ann Hobp., meuical KUSK urug, medical John M. achulter, in. L>., meuical Dan L. riray, M. D., meaical -Honsbruch Drug, meaical vuu ivGiiuan ijiug Co., medical Di. -\. r*.. tticharason.. meuical <^.v.-isi.eii i_uniu, meuical JUIlll IV. 1V-4110111.-K, iVi. u., meuieal Tliuc-me l-'hamiacy, meaical _. 1-iohp.. mcuicul Ui' nu=p., mouical Fareway Stores, iood riueway Si.ores. Iood German Valley Store, food hiunvn's Grocery, lood Brack's Super Valu, food Cowing Food Mart, lood Consumers, iood Council Oak, food 1.50 5.30 ' 32.00 225.00 10.0U B.tio 12.50 11.58 1.145.5H 145.3J 55.92 DCS Momos Steel i \\iiv.-eter Lumber. toward Kennedy iigni-oi-w.i.v- 108.00 Aiciiie \\hiuow, riglil-of-way --- 212.00 Ea.i V.. t'lt-aion, right-or-waV -- - :i'J2.00 \V. *.. L,.-y, rij.,ht-oi-ivay 19G.-JO U.j A. McGregor, ii s ht-ol-\vay IflG.OO Clnicnce J. Alenz, right-of-way 136.00 Everett & Iva \Vitham. right-of-way .... HI6.00 51.30 7.50 34 .yy 171.45 s'.is 22.00 20.00 75.00 31.89 55.00 140.00 VO.OO Congratulations and best wishes to the seniors of Ledyard high school Don Donna Kr«i»trem«WEu,ge«ie Rafatrroan Dai-re! JoWon. Shirley Sfm*k Bill 6»-«en. Shi.-i win-iVillinms llansen's Service, fuel ji.iiiuard Oil Co.. oil ..... r'riilun Coop. Kit-valor, eiial Tiupke Elee. Motor Seiv., parts vV repairs Standard Oil C'o.. fuel ... >,'rcn's Seiv. Station, welding Hilton's Super Serv., repairs .. T'crcival Motors, parts _ __ Miller Lumber Co.. supplies .. eo. K. Nelson, parts .. Gambles, supplies ... iiUite Hank of Lcdyartl,' tel. seiv for lo\v.i rural tel. ... Town of West Bend. elee. scrv Algona Imp). Co.. parts tiiaiulavd Oil Co.. dieEcl fuel CJiUbs-CooK Equipment Co., repairs & parts Kent Motor Co.. car & parts Sleg-Fort Dodge Co., parts _. Great Western L..:ijv>iii uru-s, supplies _. Curphy Autu Supply, piirts ._ Uavis Pnint, supplies .... ... v'ullcn HiiUi?.. supplies _ Rock Island Lumber, supplies Cent i al Iowa Tel. Co., I el. sol v .. Dukchnrl-UuKlios Tractor & Kriulp. C'o . parts Ken's l!6 Oil Co.. parts Herman M. Brown Co., parts ._ ...n)iv s i-Vi.ivlv.-is Supply, .supplies Paper Calmenson & Co., parts .SD.-ion Miehiiv:-, p:irls .. Arnold Motor Supply, parts ._ Titonka Tel. Co., inft.oo 138.00 31)200 leo.oo 108.00 IBfl.OO no.oo 12B.OO •fie .00 5.00 1.116 75.45 6.03 14.M 7.09 20.38 17S1.05 7IH.09 6.78 58.66 2.50 137.50 71.40 16.00 till.50 3.98 8.24 13.50 44.60 :J.47 10.00 17.35 1.25 13.05 ... 1,237..'IB ... 1)59.82 ... 2,073.35 -. 205.82 46.22 22.95 tel. serv. .. ... __ Hnnsf-n's Standard Serv., supplies ..• _. Hoot Huwe., supplies _. l,i. Klr-e. Light St. I'-wr. Co., .Ms rtipur Shop, rt-pntrs .... 1,i. Sll... rtUlO L.O., pSIiJi . -..-- r:.uiK u fisher, pans Cr.'iinblfH, supplies - . ^ v .. uj.;;-vi i n iVii.i.11.. fiiiris . i\Spl1.1u t'l Uuvlv:i;s Cu , Oil .. ..,*i. M . tJell i'i-l. Co.. tt.l. SIM v - — ... - Alfcimii iviaehmo Shop, pails .. .iK,,l.,.Uil Oil C'O., K.el F»o.ssu;h Co. Tita.-i, litiglu ._ Joivn State InUUMines, supplies DOC Winiainh, paint sprayer .v..iM)ii LH.V ijitie Flint Sii.iv., supplies I no "litumn.i L.O., pans rtt-hl loua Tel. Co,, lei. seiv. vliv,-iow.i Industrial supply, signs .-— jpp^.1 ujs i.iomes Hub; V.O., SUppllL-S . .. . XiLuvwi-ivi. repairs ... vuviiavl lovia vv: v_o., supplies .. .ne .iioux i_ny nun Co., p,n Is <eavl.i-iVux. supplies , _*.v.-v.iiu,..(j Aiuo ouppiy, (ufis JOllS Oil LiUliriCillU t.O., Oil -- jwa.'iuy Oil <5£ u-quip. Co., lope ni.du Dii inoiiun iu.j.iui iniivjiit was laKon uiiH April 20, 1.101). v I I Ea i : .H.IIV. inooie. Kossuth County Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, boa, II Ol oupel VioO.a BOARD PROCEEDINGS NINTH oAY APRIL 20, 1960 Sfi-ClAL APRIL SLSSiOi* litdO • The lio.iivl of t-upv-i VIMII'S met, pur- uani to iivijuurniiiviu. 'liio^e present .viio A. M. i-.ollasv:ii, Cnniimnn. and jonu Koao. Jens Sorensen, Charles .sewel and Chiules Plalhc. Alx.ent: .sone Motion bv Charles Newel and sc- £4.15 .158.1(1 (iO.H 85.08 3,557.28 •51.01 lil.78 27.B5 1.60 Ifl.Oi* 10.51 11.50 7 U.'i lil.'iO ^.l> : l '.lii.lll 21.05 7.00 77.15 7.18 128.00 li.ii.'.-Ht 10.07 S.lii) 1.50 23H.UO 21.73 u.b^ l.Bi condr-rl by John Rode thnt nn hp placed on all nccondnry ronds off Kossuth County, limiting the load* to he hauled by any menns of transput* tatii.ii) to -lono load. Ayes: all Nny»: novip Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorcnson nnd fle- eoiidod by John Rode thai Mny IB, infill, be set for the black-top letting. Aje.;: all Nnvs: none Motion carried. Motion' by Charles Newel and Be* coiiilnd by John Rode thnt the Boflrfl of f.upervi.sors of Kossuth County rr- lense State Institution Lion on the SW 'j Sec. 4-97-30 because of the paV- ment on the net-mint- of Carroll Jcntz. Aves: nil Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel nnd seconded by John Rode that the minutes be approved as read. Ayes: nil Nays: none Motion rnrrie'i. Motion by Chnrlcs Newel and seconded by John Rode thai extra help of Maintenance men be paid $1.18 per now j'or itiiH). Ayes: all Nnys: none Motion carried. Motion by Chnrlcs Newel nnd seconded by John Rode that Ouy D. Mn, be given a commission to redraw nnd make pint of the town of Lakoto. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel mid seconded by Jens Sorensen that Mny 15. sitii) be set for the Weed Commissioners ;o start to work. Ayes: all Nays: none Minion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and se- oiK.t-o. by Chailes Newel thnt Project Division I be awarded to M. T. MoGulre and Co., Algona. Ayes: nil Nnys: none Mo'ion rnrricd. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Chnrlcs Newel that Project Division II be nwnrded Fnber Const. Co., Algona. Ayes: nil Nnys: none Motion v,iii'led. On motion adjournment was taken until May 2, I960'. ATI KS'i ; Marc Moore, Kossuth Co. Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, Board of Supervisors Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Colin Bros. Inc., pans ________ N. W. Bell Tel. Co., 13.55 121. u!) («Hi Vi.rk. N. V. (Spfrli.ll _ F O T the first tiflie science hns fntmil n new healing suhstam:c with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, atop itching, nml relieve pnln - without surtrery. In case rtfff rnsu. while (jcntly relieving pain, act t'.a! reduction (shrinkage) tool; p'.iico. Most aninzitit!' of all--re5ults vrr^ •a thorough Uiat nulToriTx mmln statements like "Pili tmve ceased to be » problem!" The secret Is • now hunting iut»- Btnnce ( Uio-Dync*)—discovery «f • world-famous research institute. Thus substance in now nvallabU In mippnfitory or ointment form umler the nnmc /'repartition H,* At your (IruKftist. Honey jbaek ••«•. tl.»X Pal Oil PRESENTING WHITTEMORE HIGH SENIORS && • •:*?.'• \ «:< Hariv \ ^ McSregtor J?o»ald Ri'ckter Sandra Fenh«w»a Jean KraBi«r«n«i'«r Paula Nt'tz. Ann ft; *• . , ._ . . . _ •ii_njnuaiii<«iL- * r^jatffe^^ ^,,^ I: THESE PICTURES ARE SPONSORED BY THESE PUBLIC SPIRITED LEDYARD FIRMS: ROCK ISLAND LUMBER LEDYARD EGESDAL GROCERY LEDYARD FARMERS CO-OP CO. LEDYARD FARMERS CREAMERY & LOCKER CO.-Ledyard STATE BANK of LEDYARD- (Photos Courtesy Guckeen Studio, Fairmont, Minn.) %. ^ SlX l_E6 F, MOfcMMM SU^ERINTENOCNT • V -•••>^ff^;i • '-. t * /'«U* i< "M *. . f • ..-.-Af-jt^^ . &} V PRSSENTED BY THE FOLLOWING PUBLSC-SPiRITED FIRMS BANK OF WHITTEMORS A GOOD BANK - IN A GOOD TOWN - IN A GOOD COUNTY DRYING ASS'N A BOOSTER FOR THE AREA WE SERVE CONSOLIDATED CO-OP CREAMERIES NOBODY EVER WENT WRONG ON DAIRY PRODUCTS WHITTEMORE CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO THE CLASS OF I960 WHITTEMORE fMPLIMENT CO. YCUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIAWD WHITTEMORE HATCHERY A GOOD PLACE TO DO BUSINESS ZUMACH'S A-G FOOD STORE WE ARE PROUD OF OUR I960 GRADUATES SCHUMACHER RADIO and T-V CAU 1*3942 A WHITTIMORE IOOSTUI

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